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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  March 6, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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i hope she addresses some of the issues she experienced. >> thank you so much. it is emotional to watch that footage. follow me on facebook and twitter. our coverage continues right now. thanks for watching. appreciate it. we are following breaking news. i'm wolf blitzer. we are standing by for michael cohen to immerge from an hour's long closed door house intelligence committee hering. cohen provided new documents showing edits to the false statement he delivered back in 2017 about the trump tower moscow project. he claims another trump lawyer made the clanhanges to that statement. we are outside this closed door
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hearing. mike cohen provided with this new investigation. what are you learning about the changes that were revealed in these documents? >> we'll hear from him momentarily. his attorneys just left this closed door session. we expected to make comments. we'll see how much detail he provides. we learned from multiple sources that cohen provided this committee with documents showing that the statement made back in 2017 had that and it came after he alleged in a public setting last week that the president's attorneys had changed his statements that he made to congress that turned out to be false. he pleaded guilty to lying about the pursuit back there 2017. he said that at the time that the discussion ended in january 2016 and that he made them knowledge to june 2016 that
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candidate trump made a larger role. we have been told these documents give further explanation about why he made the allegation. we don't know what they say and all we are hearing from trump lawyers were still pushing back at cohen's testimony. they contended it was a false statement made by michael cohen, that they edited the time frame that they discussed the trump tower moscow project. they are still standing by the denial. they have been a source of discussion. if he decides to discuss anything he said privately. we'll see if the house intelligence committee chairman will not excellent. we'll see if they say anything about where they stand right now before this very committee and the fourth time he has been on
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capitol hill. >> do you believe that cohen faced questions behind closed doors about whether he actually discussed a possible pardon with the president's lawyers? >> i have been told that had been the subject of conversation through the course of today. the extent to which there were discusses about pardons after cohen's properties were raided back there 2017. at that time it was unclear whether or not michael cohen was going to cooperate with investigators or still standby this president. the question that democrats have in particular is whether the president moved in any way to essentially convince plimichael cohen not to cooperate but suggesting whether there was attorneys to have those about a possible pardon. republicans we have raised concerns that michael cohen may not have been truthful in his
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house oversight committee when he said there had been reports about discussing pardons with other presidents attorneys. it has been a line of questioning. we'll see how much more light he sheds on that. those two topics pursuit as well as discussions the president spla had with michael cohen after the raid all subjectsover conversations behind closed doors. >> we expect him to make a statement once he immerges from that room and we expect the committee clarm hairman to make statement as well. i want to bring in our senior justice correspondent. cohen lied to the committee before he is about to begin two months from today a three-year prison sentence in part for lying under oath before congress. what evidence did he bring today that could back up his assertions? >> according to the reporting on
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capitol hill he brought the documents and the documents he says show the edits that were made by particular lawyers. now, if you listen to the president's lawyers they say that there were obviously conversations between the lawyers, michael cohen's lawyers discussing his testimony. if you remember the president's lawyers said that the only thing they had records of were the moscow tower project through january of 2016. it immerged later on they extended much later. the question is then who made those edits? were they substantial edits? we know michael cohen talked a little bit about this. i think we have that sound bite. we can play that night. >> they reviewed and edited
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about the timing of moscow negotiations. >> he made clear to me through personal statements to me that we both knew to be false and through his lies to the country that he wanted me to lie. and he made it clear to me because his personal attorneys reviewed my statement before i gave it to congress. >> and wolf, we obviously talked to the lawyer who is one of the lawyers that michael cohen talked about in his testimony last week. he said in a statement last week they say they standby the statement. they say the testimony about michael cohen that it changed his statement to alter the duration is completely false. again, they are sticking by this previous statement. so it will be a test to see whether or not members of congress believe michael cohen today and whatever documents he is producing to show those edits
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and whether or not they believe those changes were substantial and helped michael cohen tell a lie to congress which michael cohen has admitted to. >> he says he knew it was a lie when he made those statements. he was honoring his kplicommitm to donald trump. he keeps talking about lawyers. he keeps mentioning lawyers. could they be in trouble if they knew what they were editing and changing was false? >> yeah. if you know someone is lying and you helped them -- knowingly helped them tell that lie to congress then you could be in trouble. i think this is where it is going to fall, whether or not you believe michael cohen, whether or not there's any way to prove who made the clanhangeo the documents. i assume they have documentation to show who play have made the
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clangs clan changes to the documents. in this case who was part of this conversation and who allegedly made some of these changes, whether they end up being in trouble i think will be up to the democrats to see whether they want to hear from these people in the coming weeks. >> the whole notion of whether or not a pardon was discussed between cohen's lawyers and the president's lawyers at a time when michael cohen, his hotel room, his home had been raided f by the fbi. there were conversations about a possible pardon. >> i think it is a fas flcinati part of this investigation. the question is there someone who broke the law here. did the president or his attorneys or anyone else break the law by having this discussion? what we flow is that the president obviously has primary
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power over pardons. that's his power. what is unusual here is the investigation. that's not usually part of the discussion. so talking to the president's lawyers and people around him they say there's nothing wrong for the president to be having a discussion about a potential pardon and this is just the democrats trying to create a crime where there isn't one. we don't flow where prosecutors in new york are on this. cohen seems to be suggesting there is an investigation that is looking into this. we know democrats are very interested. it is inappropriate for them to have a conversation liegs this. it is very much up in the air. we'll have to see whether there are more facts that are brought out that show the president violated any kind of law here. >> i want to go back standing by waiting to see michael cohen immerge from the closed door
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hearing with house intelligence committee and adam schiff is expected to answer some questions. all of this happening as the new york times is reporting on six checks the president signed while president of the united states were showing those six checks right there. tell us why there is significant. zb >> yeah. you'll recall last week michael cohen provided one of those signed checks from august of 2017. after the president was sworn in when he has been present for several months showing that the president and michael cohen's words was engaged in this conspiracy involving this hush money payments keeping quiet the allegations of affairs that were about to come out. he signed one of those checks from his own personal bank
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accounts. it is six checks showing that the president was more deeply involved than he has certainly lead on personally and that essentially backs up what cohen had been alleging in his testimony. this is going to be one big focus of perhaps not this committee that's meeting right now and finishing up the discussion of house intelligence committee but i can tell you the house judiciary committee, both of those panels want to make it one key aspect of their investigation going forward as earlier this week he sent letters through to 81 people connected to the trump world. he also was focused on trying to get information about these hush money payments that were going on including from david pecker who was the parent, the head of the parent company of national inquirer. it was engaged in the so called catch to kill scheme. it was involving the president
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and his alleged affair with karen mcdougal. we'll see how much they discuss of that here. they had their hands full. the questions still bound to consume what democrats want to look for going ahead. we'll see how much cooperation they get getting any new documents they have been asking for in particular for some of those involved in these hush money payments. the eldest son, his name was signed on one of those check. >> i'll have you standby. we are waiting to see the witness in this particular case michael cohen immerge from the closed door hearing. joining us is thanks for joining
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us. >> thank you. >> if i interrupt i'm sure you'll understand. let's talk about michael cohen. he claims the president made it clear he was expected to lie under oath to congress about that moscow trump tower deal and his legal team reviewed and edited the statement ahead of time. do you expect the documents to support that claim? >> they are expected to support it. michael cohen has problems with his own credibility having lied to congress. now he is explaining that lie and involving not only the president's lawyers but the president himself in his contention that the president by code by implicit encouragement lead him to lie and the important point here is we are reaching a moment of reckoning for the lawyers if there's a fraud or a federal felony that
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privilege goes out the window. they going to have answers now. they will have to give to congressional committees and to grand juries. >> what should congress do with this information? >> congress has to hear from those lawyers. it has to review the documents because they provide essential cooberation. there have others that have been produced, the statement about the timing while donald trump was actually in the oval office as president of the united states. could this be used in an impeachme impeachment hearing? >> it could be used in impeachment proceeding, in any
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proceeding where it can be offered with a chain of custody and other legal conditions and requirements that have to be imposed it is usable in any lead proceeding. >> how do you think they are handling this evidence? >> mueller knows everything that michael cohen is telling to congress because he has very very comprehensively had michael cohen answer questions and so he is handling this evidence giving it the reliability it deserves with great care, clos attention and using it. >> it is a serious potential
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crime. from the legal per specific ifr does it matter that these edits were allegedly made by the president's lawyers and not the president himself? >> what needs to be established is what the president flew and when he knew it and what conversations took place between the president and his lawyers. remember, wolf, it's not only et d edits or changes it's the review of testimony with knowledge that it is false. in other words if they let michael cohen go ahead or encouraged him to give this testimony knowing it was false they can be held responsible legally. it's not the conversations with the president. the president may be directly implicated if he knew that his lawyers were going to do it. >> do you think members of the president's legal team as a result could be in legal jeopardy? >> they definitely could be in legal jeopardy because there's
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no defense for a lawyer to say he was simply representing someone if he or she is perjury. there's no attorney-client privilege, no executive privilege, no privilege whatsoever. nobody is above the law. >> what about these checks that donald trump -- president trump reportedly signed to michael cohen. he did so while he was president. what's your analysis and your reaction when you see these six checks? >> the analysis has to be these checks are very very powerful. that is support circumstantial evidence that donald trump knew about the payment of hush money that he was involved in the potential fraud. obviously michael cohen's testimony opened a pandora's box for mr. trump. it implicated him in insurance
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fraud in new york. those matters under investigation by new york authorities and by potentially the southern district of new york grand jury. those checks further bolster michael cohen at a time when republicans have no defense. they offered none except the potential lack of credibility for mike cohen. overall they fit into this mosaic pieces of a picture that coming together show that the walls are closing in on president trump. >> as we await michael cohen to immerge from that room we see a capitol hill police officer immerging. i want to quickly get to other important news we are following. we learned president trump pressured white house staff to grant his daughter security clearance over career professionals. what concerns does it rain for you? >> for me that story is of equal
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concern to the michael cohen testimony because it is deeply dangerous and wrong for the president to overrule the security clearance professionals and intelligence community that said ivanka trump cannot be trusted. there's a system in place that is there for a reason, to protect the nation's security. i actually raised these concerns. i asked that kushner's security clearance be be reviewed? i asked that it be suspended because of his contacts with russians, his fanl dealings with others, his financial debt, a number of red flags public even then. the president personally overruled his security clearance
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with respect to both jared kushner and ivanka trump. i think that's lesson here which is the president apparently vast authority over security clearance needs to be constrained. there needs to be legal con strants on the president's security clearance powers to overrule his professionals. >> he has the legal right to give anyone top secret security clearance if he so deems. >> good point. that's the reason congress needs to begin an investigation of what happened here and what can be done to prevent these kinds of dangers to our national security. the secrets that they gather including their sources and methods are of tremendous value to our enemies and adversaries.
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simply talking about them in the wrong place at the wrong time can impair our nation's security or political tear men and women in harm's way or others gathering that intelligence. so there are sweeping ramifications to overrecalliuli intelligence committee when it says security clearance cannot be granted. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. i want to bring there our legal and political experts. we are waiting for michael cohen to immerge from the closed door hearing. he has been there since this morning. the fourth time he appeared before a correct me if i before a congressional committee. how significant is the new documentary evidence that he brought to the committee today? >> i think it is quite significant because he isn't somebody with a lot of personality credibility. he has significant allegations that the president was aware he
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was going to submit false testimony and he encouraged him to do so but by having him then send it to congress i think that it's significant he is now proving, you know, look, these lawyers edited it in a particular way. i can demonstrate presaysly what they said and did. we would need to flow thknow th president was aware. we need to flow by returning those edits the lawyers intended to encourage. sit a bomb shell story. >> is that what we are talking about? >> yeah. it is obstruction of justice. he said that the president did not directly say i want you to lie to congress.
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perjury, it doesn't require that direct kplacommand, right? if he was aware he was preparing a falts statement and if he did anything to submit that to congress that is perjury and precisely the type of obstruction of justice. >> i have to assume that robert mueller, the special counsel on this team, they know everything that's going on right now behind closed doors. >> yes. there's a couple basic questions you have here that i wish i knew that they flow already. we are trying to judge what's going ochblt let me give you one. we have multiple checks here signed by the president of the united states. he didn't cult those checks. i assume it is the cfo cut those checks. if you're doing an investigation let me give you one question. why are there repeated checks for $35,000? he will tell you, those checks are or are not to pay off a porn star to keep her quiet. we can speculate about this.
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special counsel knows this already. let me give you another specific example. he allegedly interfered with the statement made by michael cohen. it is an interview with special counsel. he says i never had anything to do with statements made by michael cohen. now you find out there's an edited version of a document that suggests that he lied? that's a problem. i say the special counsel has a lot of evidence that takes us one way or another. >> and special counsel knowing it and having it is one thing. the new house majority which may or may not be building a case towards impeachment, that would be the most extreme decision they make and in the shorter term building a term what they consider basic oversight that has been lacking is something quite different. the other thing is that it's still unclear even if mueller
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has this information congress would deget it. it is not sure what is going to happen from the public schooler report with regard to how it is written but also all of the materials that went into it. they believed it is not just their right but obligation. >> mueller would submit the report to the new attorney general and it's up to bill bar to decide what to make public from that report. >> the difference between the impeachment lane and the mueller lane is very important because the white house and the president's lawyers have been making an argument that the president didn't break the law technically. he didn't do anything wrong according to the sort of ink on the paper, the letter of the law. that may or may not be true. i think that's not going to be adjudicated in congress. what is whether the president is believable. i think there's a lot of evidence that he is not and that even if people don't flow
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whether or not he actually broke the law by encouraging michael cohen to lie to congress or doing any other thing there could be this perception that is put out there by all of these questions being raised that the president is involved in an elaborate scheme of sdeception. i think it is gris p for that process as it goes forward in the next few years. >> the justice department guidelines are that you can't indict a sitting president but there's no such guidelines for the house of representatives to begin impeachment proceedings. you could begin for a sitting president. >> right. exactly. the flame of tname of the game congress doesn't unless they believe and they try to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. they are trying to determine
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whether or not the law was broken. i think what we are going to see with this new house is sort of more muscular over itsight. they are saying michael cohen, we deny we edited this statement to clahange the duration. that's not what pliek l cohen accused him of. so any kind of involvement, the mere fact that they were aware that the president's former attorney had drafted a false statement that he intended to submit under oath. that involvement is enough to meet i think the, you know, the common sense sort of threshold congress will be deciding whether or not they think it could be proven in a court of
2:28 pm
law. >> there is michael cohen. >> let's listen to see if he stops. >> the hearings went very very well. i believe that all of the members were satisfied with the statements and the responses that i gave to them. i told them that any additional information they would want they should feel comfortable to reach out to my counsel and i could continue to cooperate. thank you very much for being here. thanks so much. >> he is supposed to begin a three year prison sentence. >> and what he said there is a reminder that what happened last week with his initial testimony behind closed doors and more
2:29 pm
importantly for the public gris p, the public hearing, that he sent congress out on so many different threats to go down what he endured the whole time from republicans was wait a minute, you're not credible. you know, they have a point in that he is going to jail there part because he lied to congress. >> thank you so much for coming. >> he is still talking. >> everything went very well. i believe they happy with my responses. it has ban long day. it has been a long couple of days. again, i believe they are happy and i have given them my assurance that any additional information that they need i'm here to cooperate and will continue to cooperate. thank you all very much. >> there is michael cohen followed by his lawyer immerging
2:30 pm
a second ago. >> at first he said the lawmakers were satisfied. now he says they are happy. this is an extensive process everyone will be going through right now especially white house officials. >> i noticed he said everything was satisfied. i doubt everyone was satisfied. there are republicans on that committee who are not particularly happy. the white house is going to be not only scrutinizing what he said last week but talking to the members about what they need to be aware of going forward. it's been interesting to see the white house not really getting into the details on this. they are not disputing the facts of what happened or what might not have happened. that's very telling. they are going after michael cohen as the person. they are trying to attack his credibility as a person. the president is pointing people
2:31 pm
to this man script. they are not dealing with the substance. that can be a problem for them. michael cohen threw a lot of things out there. it is enough really to fuel several committees for many many months to come. >> which is why coming back with what he says is evidence to back up some of the things that he was talking about last week. it is really critical because of kind of witness we all know he is but also given all of the different elements of investigatory, you know, pursuits that democrats who run the house already are taking and running with. >> we expect the committee chairman to immerge momentarily and also make a statement that answers reporters questions. we'll see what he has to say. so where do you tli thehink thi heading? >> congress can off on a million
2:32 pm
investigative threads. we'll see where we wind up. it is important to take a step back and realize it is an incredibly difficult moment. they have sat down under oath after already having been sentenced to three years in prison. lying to congress and accuse the president of committing multiple crimes while he was president of the united states. so while we have seen that the house of representatives has tried to be very very restrained pelosi over the talk of impeachment. at some point they are going have enough evidence that they will make a decision about whether or not this issa an individual that is fit to serve as president of the united states and whether or not we need to move, you no, towards impeachment. >> and today was the day he was supposed to begin his three year prison sentence. it was delayed for two months in part because he had shoulder
2:33 pm
surgery. >> everybody is happy for a guy who has lied in almost every testimony he had before last week. if any congressman comes out and says they are happy or satisfied let he play. let's go. let's talk. let me give you one specific example. he talks about the payments and he lays out document as he should. nobody should trust the giechuy. we trust mueller. mueller will talk to a hundred witnesses and congress is going to talk to one and say he gave us this story we like. listen, one question, did you subpoena the chief financial officer and did he explain why he cut those checks? if they walk out and say they are satisfied after a man i want to say that's why i trust mueller. >> i think it's a really important point.
2:34 pm
they cannot simply take his word because right at this moment it's convenient. if they are not laying out a process that seems to be thorough and seems to be seeking information and not just making political points they will lose trust as well. the mueller investigation went on as long as it did and the trust in the mueller investigation eroded over time. they have to try very claiarefu. they seeking statements from 81 individuals and entities including the chief financial officer for some 40 years. >> that's right. the question is whether or not they will be able to get this answer to that legitimate question that phil put out there which is what about all of the other players who are less inclined to talk than michael cohen? they subpoenaed this information, interviews, documents, what have you, it
2:35 pm
doesn't mean they are going to get them. they will be a lot of court fights that will go down the road with a lot of these individuals probably including maybe even especially trump organizations since that is and always has been the president's red line. the people that work there understand they will have to go kicking and screaming to giving information over the congress. mueller may be one thing and congress maybe another. >> at some point they are going to release the transskipts of what he said, michael cohen, behind closed doors. it will be fascinating reading. it is seven, eight, nine hours of closed door testimony. >> right. i don't she he -- he has told his story pretty publicly. testimony game is all about cooberatin. it is important to understand
2:36 pm
that mueller job is invest vest dwat and see if any individuals down charged with specific crimes. not only is he limbed in the subject matter, the job is a more limited job. congress has a completely different responsibility. they have much larger that they have to investigate. >> hold an is a second. here is adam schiff. >> i want today make a brief statement about mr. cohen's testimony today. we had a long day. this was the second day before our committee. he answered every question that was put to him by members of both parties. he was fully cooperative with the committee. we had requested documents of mr. cohen. he has provided additional documents to the committee. there may be additional documents that he has to offer and cooperation continues.
2:37 pm
so i think the members found it an enormously productive session and we are grateful for the time that it went on longer than anticipated. we expected to have one day of testimony. there was more than enough questions for him to last well tl through a second day. a very productive day. we will fill you in on further witnesses than we an tis pay. two long 45rd days. again, we appreciate very much the cooperation. thank you. >> very pleased by what he heard in the second day of testimony from michael cohen. he said a very very productive day. >> very productive day. >> phil made an important point
2:38 pm
earlier. look, these are still partisan politicians. they just are. so the question is whether or not he comes out and says that. the republican will say something quite different. at the end of the day in order to have a really credible process the facts are going to have to speak for themselves. he is not ready give the facts yet but facts have to spook fea themselves. it would be wonderful if these political figures could find a way to come together and do this in a way that would give the american people more satisfaction that there is credibility and it's not just, you know, a partisan investigation depending on where you stand. that's what you said. >> let's keep in mind his partners on the other side of the aisle. >> absolutely. >> so avad these.
2:39 pm
>> that's true. >> int is p instead of the fbi and they really are in a meaningful sense only a couple of months and weeks old. i think what we are seeing now is these members that have spent so long feeling frustrated about not being able to get answers. part of that isn't the substanceovsubstance of finding out the potential wrong doing and hopefully produce them to the person people. >> there is a whole new game in town. you're there outside that committee meeting. what are you hearing? >> yeah. making it pretty clear he has been satisfied with these two days of closed door testimony with michael cohen saying that he expects additional
2:40 pm
cooperation from cohen going forward. they say he knowledged gettiack new documents. he would not respond to any questions which is unusual. he usually does take questions. i tried to ask him if he had any concerns about the president's attorney's role in the editing of the statement that later turned out to be false. we do know there were edited documents provided to this committee. they went over in great detail and whether or not schiff or democrats believe anything is wrong with what they saw. it has been something that schiff wanted to look into. he would not respond to that. we'll see what he ultimately decided to say. they plan to reduce a
2:41 pm
transcript. it could take several weeks to get to. we also do know was substantial discussion about pardons after michael cohen's properties were raided by the fbi last year and whether the president moved and whether he said last week. those are the questions members pursued. i tried to ask if the president asked him a pardon. he did in the take any questions and said he will continue cooperating. we'll see how much more information he has to give before he has to report to jail there a coupleov of months. >> he mentioned he was supposed to be testifying in open session before the house intelligence committee next week and there are rumor out there that may be delayed. is that what you're hearing?
2:42 pm
>> there is discussion that's possible. we don't have that confirmed at the moment. we do think it's a possibility. oftentimes the witness interviews do get rescheduled from time to time for various reasons. pli michael cohen was supposed to come in early february. of course the second testimony today, that's possible next week with other witnesses going forward. but it's taking some time to schedule these witness hearings and schedule which ones they want there public and which ones in private. so this investigation while the democrats want to prove pretty r57dly it takes a lot of time to pursue the targets. we'll see whether they can schedule it any time soon and mow many will be in the public setting. >> i want you to standby. i know you're collecting more information. we'll be speaking shortly with a member of the house intelligence
2:43 pm
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the committee chairman called cohen's testimony very productive. also up on capitol hill today homeland security secretary warned lawmakers there's a humanitarian crisis along the border with mexico. she also repeatedly defended the trump administration's treatment of the thousands of migrants seeking asylum here in the united states. let's go to jessica snyder. they grilled her over the administration's child separation policy even calling her at one point a liar.
2:48 pm
what's the latest? >> they did call her a liar. also the zero tolerance policies that resulted in the children being separated causing chaos at the southern border. democrats grilled into whether or not president trump's she reit rar reit ralt reiterated and gave the numbers she says proves it. she said if the numbers stay on track through the end of the year we are looking about 900,000 crossing illegally. those are the numbers they gave. they kept going back to the trump administration policies and hammering into her
2:49 pm
how they were executed. >> are we still putting children in cages? >> to my knowledge, they never purposely put a child in a case. >> purposely or whatever. are we putting children in cages as of today? >> children are processed at the border facility stations that you have been at. some of them -- >> i have seen the cages. i just want you to admit that the cages exist. >> any asylum seeker who comes to a port of entry, you basically have -- let me tell you, madam secretary, either you are lying to this committee or you don't know what's happening at the border. >> some tough words from the congresswoman there. she was referring to her trip to the border where she says she saw an asylum seeker turned away. wolf, it is true that under the trump administration, it has become more difficult for those asylum seekers. that's because the administration is only processing a certain number of asylum claims every day. >> is she going to be called to
2:50 pm
come back before the committee for more testimony? >> reporter: she could be. the committee said that they haven't gotten all the documents that they want from her. they pushed the point that this is the first time that she's been before the homeland security committee in nearly a year. it's very possible they could call her back. they also want more documents explaining a lot of the policies. she couldn't give numbers for -- for example, the unaccompanied children who are still in detention. that will be something the committee wants. >> jessica schneider on capitol hill, thank you. other news we're following. satellite pictures now suggest north korea has resumed activity at an important missile facility. the discovery coming on the heels of president trump's walkout with kim jong-un. the president said he would be disappointed if that's the case. will ripley is monitoring the latest developments and joining us from beijing. what are you learning, will? >> reporter: the satellite
2:51 pm
launch site we are talking about is one of north korea's most visible facilities. the north koreas know it's under the watch of spy satellites, which means whatever they are doing there, they want the u.s. to see it. new satellite images show north korea appears to be restarting work at a key missile site. a site kim jong-un had pledged to shut down. before leaving last week's failed summit in vietnam empty-handed. these images taken two days after the hanoi summit, a south korean lawmaker tells cnn, spy agency nis is seeing signs of restoration activity and increased vehicle movements at the satellite launch facility. >> they started to dismantle the facility. by august, they had taken off two of the walls and the roof. it stayed this way for almost -- for several months until about february of this year. then we started to see things
2:52 pm
move in. by march 2, they had rebuilt the walls. >> reporter: u.s. and south korean intelligence now face an urgent question. is kim preparing to send a defiant message to the u.s. and president trump? today, mr. trump warned kim jong-un against a provocative move. >> i would be very, very disappointed in chairman kim and i don't think i will be, about the but we will see what happens. >> reporter: could it be fallout from a humiliating snub in hanoi. >> are we going to see a renewal of past kim family tactics, nuclear tests, missile tests? >> reporter: kim signed a pledge to close this site.
2:53 pm
launches openly defy u.n. security council resolutions banning icbm technology. what can you say to the world to prove this is not a ballistic missile program? when i visited in 2015, scientists told me their space program is not a threat to the u.s. some analysts caution, new activity does not necessarily mean a launch is imminent. >> i think it's more of a political signal. frustration, reversal of decision on these unilateral confidence building measures. >> reporter: two u.s. think tanks that monitor north korea say work to rebuild the launch pad and missile engine test stand began sometime in the last 2 1/2 weeks. some analysts wonder if kim is trying to warn the u.s. what could lie ahead. if diplomacy hits a dead end.
2:54 pm
the failed diplomacy in hanoi may be affecting north korea's relationships in china. i have been chatting with sources in beijing who say one of the reasons kim jong-un wanted to take a trip through china was a potential meeting with xi after the summit. obviously, that meeting didn't happen. >> there's a lot of speculation that he returned to pyongyang, kim jong-un, feeling that the president of the united states humiliated him by not going forward with that lunch that had been scheduled. that was embarrassing to his own people. what are you hearing? >> reporter: that empty table was a symbol of the wasted opportunity and humiliation that kim jong-un faced here in hanoi. now he has to prove within his own country that he still has the power to try to stand up to president trump. a lot of people wondering if he really has what it takes. >> reporter: will ripley joining us from beijing. thanks very much. coming up, michael cohen emerges after a day behind closed doors with house intelligence committee where he presented documents allegedly
2:55 pm
backing his claim that his false 2017 testimony was edited by one of the president's lawyers. the democratic committee chairman calls the session enormously productive. does cohen have anything left to offer? >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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the president offering documents showing his false 2017 testimony was edited allege lid dly by a attorney. ivanka's advantage. sources tell cnn the president personally granted a security clearance to his daughter and senior adviser, ignoring his top aides' concerns just as did he for her husband. tonight, the house oversight chairman wants details and is considering subpoenas. art of the deficit. the u.s. trade deficit balloons on mr. trump's watch, braini br records. have his america first palolici backfired? cnn learned the north koreans tried to salvage the summit as the president was about to leave vietnam. stand by for exclusive new details on what kim jong-un did and what went wrong.


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