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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  March 6, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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where is it? be bend, oregon. it's a beautiful place. it's like 3,000 feet there. hopefully they will be around for a long time so everyone can visit. thank thanks for watching. cnn tonight with erin burnett, the upgrade in for d. lemon. >> i love bend and blockbuster. thank you chris cuomo. this is cnn tonight. michael cohen wrapped up eight more hours of testimony today. eight more hours behind closed doors. so now north of 20 before the house intelligence committee. his fourth congressional appearance in eight days. sources are telling us tonight that cohen gave more documents and that among the documents there was one that showed edits made to the false testimony he gave to congress in 2017. you remember the testimony. that's in part why he's going to
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prison. now those documents are intended to support his claim that he made publicly last week that one of president trump's lawyers made changes to cohen's statement about the project's time line. an accusation that his lawyer calls completely false. this all comes down to whether trump family and cohen were negotiating on truch tower through the election as rudy giuliani said they were. cohen claims the statement was reviewed ahead of time by other lawyers including an attorney for ivanka trump and jared cuh kushner. >> the hearings went very well. i believe all the members were satisfied with the statements and the responses that i gave to them. i told them that any additional information that they would want they should feel comfortable to reach out to my counsel and i would continue to cooperate.
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>> the intelligence chairman called today's hearing productive. said cohen was fully cooperative and provided the committee with important testimony and documents. also tonight just coming out, rudy giuliani is saying lawyers are reaching out to him to see if the president will grant pardons to people who are under scrutiny by the justice department in the russia investigation. here with me now is the california democrat who is member of the house intelligence committee. congressman, thank you for your time. i know you can't get into the specifics of this, but the bottom line is this. did you hear anything from michael cohen that leads you to believe crimes were committed by the president or anyone this his orbit? >> us i heard that last week in the public hearing and i heard further concerning testimony from him over the last 16 hours that he's pregnanted to us. and he brought new information last week that we have not heard before as to the conduct of the president and came back today
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with corroborating materials. so i'm very concerned and now our job is to bring in other witness who is can either corroborate or contradict mr. cohen. >> other witnesses are coming this. we are going to get a transcript of the close d door testimony that you had today with mr. cohen. and you're confident americans will feel this wasn't a fishing expedition. there was new stuff. there was more nefarious behavior to prove such? >> yes, and it was actually a sad 16 hours for our country to just listen to mr. cohen, somebody so close to the president for ten years. i was waiting to hear that maybe this president of ours, maybe there's some redeeming qualities that qualify him to be present. that he has a vision for the country that he cares about people and he's an honest person. we didn't hear any of that. we heard about a president and an organization and campaign and a transition and administration that is corrupted at its core.
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and now we're left to do something about it. >> when you say corrupt at its core, i want to talk about some specific things we know happened today. obviously, as you say, documents were produced. among them documents allegedly showing how a trump lawyer edited cohen's testimony in 2017 to congress, which was false. when he said discussions to end b -- negotiations about trump tower ended in january before the primaries. that's what he said. obviously, that was a lie. he's admitted he wrote that himself. did you see anything in the edits to give you pause or concern since that lie was written by michael cohen? >> i can't go into what he said today about statements from the white house. but what i can tell you is if there's evidence that is corroborated that the white house was dictating to michael cohen that false statement or the white house's lawyers at the direction of the president, that's obstruction of justice.
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it's dangling to michael cohen to other potential witnesses. that's obstruction of justice. you can conclude what was discussed in the public hearing and pardons were discussed, we dive deeper. our job is not to jump to aen kougs loop it's to follow the evidence. cohen was so cooperative. >> you mentioned obstruction of justice when it comes to that testimony. we were talking specifically. the testimony we went to congress that's part of the reason he's going to prison. he lied when those discussions ended. so he's now admitted, as i just said, he put that lie in himself. he was saying that's under pressure to fit with the trump and russia narrative. there's nothing to see here.
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but he also says his adviser is saying ivanka trump's lawyer signed off on that testimony. which had the date, which was a blatant lie on trump tower moscow. this could matter greatly because hoost here's what cohen said in public testimony. >> who were the family members you briefed on the trump tower moscow project? >> don jr. and ivanka trump. >> in the the regular course of business or family request the briefings? >> this is the regular course of business. >> do you roul raecall how many these briefings there might have been? >> approximately ten this total. >> so congressman, this isn't too hard to raise some serious questions here. michael cohen is briefing ivanka trump ask her lawyer signed off on a very basic thing, which is
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is a significant lie about when those trump tower negotiations ended. this could be very serious for i-vvanka trump. she would have known that was a lie if she had seen that testimony. do you want to hear from her? is it possible she obstructed justice? >> i'll let the chairs of the committees sort out where that is. i don't think her hands are clean at all this this considering the role she played and the knowledge she had about the trump tower moscow at a time her father was a candidate of the united states. i us understand your point also about michael cohen's credibility. as a former prosecutor, you have to look at someone's motivation and past inconsistent statements. but the lies he told many the past were only to benefit donald trump. it's not like someone came in and lied for another boss in the past and we're wondering why they are doing it here. he was lying to protect donald trump. >> i want to get to new
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reporting coming out at this hour. ed "new york times" reporting that remoudy giuliani that mumt presidential lawyers have contacted him about whether trump would pardon their clie s clients. >> if that's true, and i don't believe it is, but if donald trump would come forward and say that i'm above this. i want to have the appearance of no impropriety at all and i'm not going to give a pardon to anyone in this investigation. because of what that looks like. so i'm going to be above it. if he would say that, this discussion will die. he won't say that because i suspect he is is dangling pardons and does benefit from people believing if they just stay quiet or keep to the party line or stay on message that one day they will be ab solved of this liability. >> congressman, thank you for for time.
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>> i want to bring in our panel to respond. >> seems very happy he called it enormously productive. us spoke to republican who had a different tale about today. >> we saw michael cohen wheeling in luggage. when he saw all the lug act, that was all the documents that he was bringing in to the committee. he spent the night in d.c. it's not clear why he would n e knead all that luggage. the thing they have to put up at some point. the members of congress out there saying this was explosive.
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keep in mind as you know, the mueller team, the southern district of new york had all this information and gave all this back to michael cohen. it's clear that a lot of this is no longer under investigation by them or feel comfortable enough to say, hey, here you go. so i think today was a very important day because i'm sure a lot of what he's saying is being backed up by what he wheeled into the members of congress to see. the thing is politically, yes, this is going to be a problem for the president and his family. the other is is whether or not there's some kind of criminal violation in the the end in all of this. all of that is unclear. >> i do love that te tail. rolling out suitcases. michael cohen's attorney c confirming to cnn something that could be important. he's saying cohen did write the lie in the 2017 testimony.
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the lie that was all discussions ended before the primaries. rudy giuliani admitted they continued all the way through. that's a lie. it's part of the reason he's going to prison. he's saying he did that at the direction -- or felt clearly he was being told to do that. and now cohen's team is saying jared and ivanka, their attorney signed off on it. is is it really possible that their attorney signed off on it without them having any knowledge. they all would have nope the date is untrue. >> that's a great question, erin. i will say it's hard for me to believe they didn't know. but the burden on a prosecutor would be to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they knew. you have all these other people involved. they weren't donald trump.
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if the president was signing off, that's one thing. the attorneys can say i wasn't aware. and really it's up to the prosecutors to prove it. as was said a moment ago, they have those documents and will be able to make a decision as to prosecuti prosecution. >> the congressman said he was pretty clear. he didn't think ivanka trump's hands are clean. if cohen's version is right if he has the documents and the evidence to back that up, a briefing ivanka ten times, then what she said last month about the trump tower moscow thing is kind of amazing. let me play it. >> the moscow project in russi.,
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>> we're all still trying to learn about it. the president said he had nothing to do with russia during the campaign. but you did have a role. >> literally, almost nothing. we look at an active business. >> barely anything. i learned so much from tv. >> you're right. he does have the evidence to back it up. the documents, maybe there's e-mails and text messages. there's recordings. so he will have that it information to to back it up. what we kept seeing consistently throughout this story, throughout this investigation, really the last two plus years is is that anything that comes to russia, everyone that's been involved this this investigation has lied. whether it's contact with russians, all this stuff, people have consistently lied. and we still never will
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understand why they all continue to lie. but michael cohen is saying, hey, this is not the case. she was much more involved. and that's essentially her involvement. certainly michael cohen says there were many more meetings some of this information just one last point has been backed up by the special counsel. they said this and raised this issue there were more meetings than he admitted to. so they clearly saw this evidence and they felt it was strong enough to put it in court documents. >> the one thing i will say, she had a lot of involvement this other projects in the region. so it doesn't add up. it doesn't seem to. but also the spa. if you look the at her involvement in spas and been in other places, she's been involved and proudly so in every detail of the every single detail. to say it was the spa, that actually seems she's really involved if she checked her own
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historical comments. what about giuliani saying for multiple people in this whole pardons for their clients and reached out. is that to be expected or does that say something they would think trump was open to do that? >> once again it says that giuliani has no idea what he's doing. i don't know why he thought that was a good idea to reveal publicly. it's very unusual. there's a pardon process. there's actually attorneys at the justice department. very odd that attorneys would be approaching the personal lawyer for the president about pardons while there's an ongoing investigation. and they haven't beeven been charged with wrong doing. there's talk about a prepardon for michael cohen before there was charges. this is back when he was in trump's camp or at least still what in trump's camp. that's really unusual.
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i think it raises a host of legal questions. you heard a moment ago he considered that obstruction of justice. >> and you have the sheriff on the list. these are people the president has already pardoned. and also the president granted clemency for the two ranchers. he has bucked the norms. >> he has certainly bucked the norms. you go through the tpt of justice, and many of these cases the president didn't even go through the department of justice. he did this on his own. he found a way to get around that. there's a whole process. an entire process you go through when you're going to pardon someone. that has not happened. he surgeonly will you shall a pardon through a tweet.
8:17 pm
and he's picking people that normally would not be suitable for pardons. so i think you talk to anyone and they expect there to be more pardons. perhaps people involved in this investigation. once mueller leaves and the mooueller investigation comes ta conclusion, we'll see what happens. we'll see certainly what happens with paul manafort, who is supposed to be sentenced tomorrow. does he get pardoned in all of this. that could still happen. >> that's an incredible thing to say. thank you. and next congress demanding answers on the presidents granting his daughter security scleerclearances after experts intelligence officials refuse to do it. are clearances putting mesh security at risk? james clapper is next. ans are strange creatures. other species avoid pain and struggle. we actually... seek it out. other species do difficult things because they have to.
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president granted them security scleernss. the white house refusing to hand over documents call iing the request unprecedented and untrucive. i want to bring in james clapper, former director of national intelligence. great to have you with me. i appreciate your time tonight. the president has the right to give clearances to anyone he wants. that's true. that's part of why we have to think about who we vote for. you want to pick someone who is going to make good decisions. how serious is a problem does it have to be for the white house personnel security office, the chief of staff and the white house council to say no? >> that's a great question. unfortunately, we don't know the nature of the reservations that came up that the fbi and/or cia actually had about particularly jared kushner's clearance. but just at the point you make
8:23 pm
is that it is the president's prerogative as the head of the executive branch to grant and take away clearances as he sees fit. now he is in doing so he's assume iing the responsibility this. is is it what done unlawful, no. is is is t a practice dangerous security, absolutely. not knowing exact ly the nature of what the problems or anomalies were in jared kushner's background. just the word on ivanka trump. anderson cooper had a segment describe whag she duoes. as far as i can tell, whatever she's doing does not require any level of security clearance. but she has an office in the west wing and is as an administrative consideration it's more convenient for her to be cleared just because of what she's potentially exposed to given the sensitivity of what
8:24 pm
goes on in the west wing. >> the last we heard there's been no update on this in a long time. she was under fbi scrutiny in trump hotel project. we have no idea if that was related to this. but we do know there's a lot of foreign dealings and business and foreign money still coming in to both jared and ivanka. >> that's exactly among other things. there are about 13 different behavioral characteristics that are looked at in the course of doing a background investigation. and one of thoem is forgottthos foreign entanglements of sorts. and clearly there's a vulnerability here for potential leverage let's say by china if if jared kushner owes a lot of money to china, that's not a good place to be with respect to security clearance marly at the
8:25 pm
highest levels. given his portfolio, he needs it and so again, the president is taking the responsibility. if something goes south, he will be kind of hard pressed to blame somebody, which is normally what he does when something goes bad. >> diplomats in washington, j jared and ivanka, people would offer them fancy clothe asks and all kinds of things being put on offer. when you look at the white house personnel security office, all saying no, does that make you think there was something specific or just could have been foreign entanglements so that could possibly be an issue. >> it could be. i don't know whether there was something really acute here. where there was potential compromise or just in general
8:26 pm
not having a full explanation of some inability to mitigate some of these complications. and i guess jared particularly has a complicated background in terms of foreign engagements and financial engagements. and if the fbi could not resolve those in their own mind, it could be general or very specific. ask we don't know. >> before we go, i do want to ask about the questions being raised about your testimony. this was to congress. it was on domestic surveillance programs in 2013. now you have said you made a mistake when you denied the government was collecting data on millions of americans. you said you didn't understand what you were being asked about. >> he needs to stop lying about masseur surveillance. to be clear, i sent him the
8:27 pm
question in sans advance. i asked him to correct the record. he chose to let the lie stand. he's speaking out to you. i want to give you a chance to respond. >> this has been kind of the constant state of dialogue since this happened in 2013. i just didn't understand or didn't think about what senator was asking me about. what he was asking me about in a rather way ask you never see the preamble to the question where he brings up the term dossier, which suggested content. what he was asking about was section 215, the storage program maintained by nsa. i didn't even think about that. it's two forms of collection. so i thought of the latter. and my comment that would only be inadvertent. that only makes sense 702 of the
8:28 pm
foreign intelligence surveillance act which governs collection of nonu.s. persons overseas. the hearing on the worldwide threat for whatever reason i didn't get that. the subject of the hearing is a worldwide threat. had i understood what he was asking about, i would have still been in a bad place because at time the program was declassified he wanted to make a public acknowledgment of that. when it was december delaware classified, i wrote a letter act nolking my mistake. by the way, i testified 20 or 25 years on the hill, answered hundreds or thousands of questions both orally and in writing. always attempted to be truthful.
8:29 pm
so just for this one question, for change of pace, i'm going to deliberately lie and do it on live television in front of one of my oversight committees. that stretches. so in my mind, i made a mistake. i wasn't thinking about what he was asking about. >> i hope he has heard how you laid it out and explained it. thank you. i appreciate your time. >> thank you. the democratic party is split on what to do about allegations of anti-semitism. the president now blasting them say iing they need to take a stronger stand against anti-semitism. does hae have any right to criticize? cky. i can do it all. go ahead, ask it a question. tecky, can you offer low costs and award-winning full service with a satisfaction guarantee, like schwab?
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president trump slamming house democrats for not
8:32 pm
officially condemning the congresswoman over criticism of israel that's been condemned. he tweeted it's shameful that house democrats won't take a stronger stand in their conference. inconceivable they won't act to condemn it. there's a point. but there's also this point that comment is coming from a person who said there were good people this this group. so presumably bli some of those are good people. the panel is joining me. pot kettlism is not always the best way to look the at the
8:33 pm
wor world. however, we just saw what was said there. the president said there were good people on both sides. obviously, either still believing that or believing he should have ignored he said it. how can he make this stand now? >> he's unfortunately just not a good person to make these kinds of interventions against bias and big industry because there's been so many acts of big industry coming from the right that he just hasn't spoken out against forcefully enough. so unfortunate that you have a chander in chief and president that does not have the moral credibility to denounce these kinds of things without having this kind of response from people. at the same time inside the democratic party, we're having a bunch of challenges ourselves because there are legitimate concerns and grievances about the way that the government of israel has conducted itself at times with the palestinian
8:34 pm
people. but how you talk about that is very tricky because you don't want to give aid and comfort to anti-jewish isish bigots. it keeps bumping up against some of these problems. so the president is kind of taking advantage of some of those internal problems in our party. >> alice, when you look at the issue here of the president, obviously, it was schaar lotsville. but on anti-semitism, we talk often about a dog whistles he puts out. but when it comes to anti-semitism, we tweeted out an image of hillary clinton. the most corrupt candidate ever was inside the star of david on top of a pile of cash. then he was in front of an audience of jewish committee members and called them negotiators and said he wouldn't support them because they didn't want to accept his money. then he said don't say i'm
8:35 pm
anti-semitic. i have beautiful jewish grand babies referring to ivanka's children. does he have moral authority on this? >> he does in the fact that today the issue is what we're talking about in the president was right. he was right to say we cannot have this type of language. it should not be tolerated in any way, shape or forl. there's no place in america for anti-semitic comments. and we can all agree he didn't handle schacharlottesville the it should have been handled. but he's since denounced racist comments. he's said there's to place in america r for anti-semitic or racist or hateful language and shouldn't be tolerated. but van hit the nail on the head. people can have problems and issues with the policies of israel, but it doesn't mean you should con dome anti-semitic comments. this is the democratic party condoning language and moving so
8:36 pm
far to the left with regard to this type of hateful language and regard to the new deal, so many of the policies. if they are going to go so far to the left, that's not where america is going. if that's where the party wants to go, they are going to be the party of the past. >> i want to give van a chance to respond, but does the messenger matter? >> of course, it matters. i have lived if this country for a long time. i never experienced anti-semitism until donald trump started running for president. all of a sudden, my e-mail and my twitter account started filling up with this garbage of people sending me pictures of me in an orch with trump presidential pulling the lever. he is legit mating anti-semitism because he's give iing a licenso
8:37 pm
the haters out there. he has no standing to condemn somebody like congresswoman omar. but at the saim time, i'm afraid the democrats are giving up the moral high ground because they are hesitating to condemn omar and there's a different between condemning israel. i disagree with a lot of policies is. i think benjamin netanyahu is is a terrible prime minister. that's totally legitimate. but the congresswoman was going to an ugly place saying -- >> she's repeatedly going to an ugly place. >> people who support israel have dual loyalties and that's not a proper thing to say. >> aloe jans to a foreign country. nobody talks about that with england or south korea or germany. nobody ever says you have a dual allegiance. they say it about israel.
8:38 pm
>> this is how it gets tough. she didn't say dual loyalty. the words dual loyalty, you said that interpreting her tweet. that's what i'm saying. you have a younger generation of people who are coming on. my generation, we were very well educated in trying to deal with bigotry and bias. i'm 50 years old. african-american and jewish dialogue was a big deal in the '80s and '90s. we have back wad from that. some of the younger people i think sometimes don't know that they are crossing these lines. >> they take it for granted. >> all i'm saying if she had used that actual slur, i just want to give everybody the benefit of the doubt. i want to give her the benefit of the doubt to learn in public.
8:39 pm
she did not say dual loyalty. >> but here's the problem. >> i have to leave it there. i'm sorry. thank you all very much. and don't misthe van jones this show. that's here on cnn. and the president gushing over ivanka at the white house. says she works so hard. people are starting to can what does she actually do. because the big question is does she even need the security clearance? and then didn't tell the truth about. we'll talk about that next. . in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk
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sglrvelgs so the news of president trump pressured white house aids to give security clearance to his daughter is raising new questions about what does she do. here to discuss is our panel. ivanka trump is important. she is is in the the west wing. she has got it all. but what does she do? does she do anything she needs security clearance for? >> if you're a senior official working in the west wing, i think that you -- it's just easier to have a clearance for the meetings you're, for the meetings you don't have to leave. most of the senior might be strags officials, assistants to the president have a security clearance. so mostly she works on women's issues. she gets involved with personnel issues in the past. she worked helping to choose the new world bank leader. but just for being around and for being around the president
8:45 pm
at a senior level it's easier to have one than not to have one. >> the administrative argument that the director was saying had could see an argument for. although obviously, he felt that it shouldn't have happened given the recommendation was not to do it. tell us about the relationship between ivanka, jah read ared a president now. why would the president do this? defying intelligence, chief of staff, white house counsel and give his daughter and son-in-law clearance and then lie about it? >> well, you know, in real estate there's like this old saying the three things that matter are location, location, location. i think for trump the three things that matter are loyalty, loyalty, loyalty. and jared and ivanka are -- that's his final backstop. everybody else he can throw under the bus. he's not going to throw them under the bus. and in turn, they will be
8:46 pm
complete ly loyal. that's the top, top, top reason they are there. >> certainly would thot throw his daughter under the bus. obviously, there are questions about whether the son-in-law when push comes to shove. >> it's all an issue of nepotism. bobby kennedy was such a great attorney general. dealing with things with alabama ask we call the justice department the robert f. kennedy building now. so there's a feeling that ivanka might be able to be a power player in the administration. instead she's really seen more as an appendage of jared and jared is under a lot of scrutiny for his dealings that are international. what have been his business ties to china, saudi arabia and so to think of her as just an ornamentation in the west wung is the fact that she has access to whatever jared knows, which by nature she knows where all the skeletons are buried. >> so the president today was
8:47 pm
gushing over ivanka, as he does. this was an advisory board meeting of the policy. let me play it. >> she's so formal. a special person and she's worked so hard as you all know. i want to thank you for your devotion to the american workers, our great workers. >> so obviously, this is coming from her father. is she deserving of all this praise for the work she's been doing? how successful have her initiatives been? >> us would just say her presence there by his side isn't a coincidence with the stories about their clearances. this is showing that she's stul here. she's still prominent in the white house. she's not diminished because of the stories about the clearances. the white houses also said jared kushner is speak iing at an rnc
8:48 pm
donor event at mar-a-lago this weekend. these moments are to show nothing has changed because of the potentially damaging stories. so i mean it's notable she's the there. it's not a coincidence. it's a big photo opt for her. has she been successful on her initiaves? she got some credit for pushing a child care tax credit. she has lumted her influence from what she started out trying to stay on these women's initiatives. but i think her -- the reason she's most important in the white house is because she's someone that has the president's ear. she's someone that is not going to be thrown under the bus. and she's the president's daughter and other staffers are aware of that and work around them because they have a different status in the white house because of their relationship. >> thank you all. the antidefinition league says propaganda is now at a record hefl. why?
8:49 pm
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a new report from the anti-defamation league reveals historic increases in the use of hateful propaganda by white s supremaci supremacists. such incidents are nearly tripling in just one year. from 2017 to 2018. and we have more tonight from our stephanie elam. >> one people, one nation. >> reporter: charlottesville, virginia. >> you will not replace us! >> reporter: one of the largest demonstrations in recent years by white supremacists. >> extremists are exploiting a charged political environment. they are expointing a social fragmentation. >> reporter: but since that rally, many of these hate groups have adjusted their methods to
8:54 pm
avoid the scrutiny that came after charlottesville. stepping up their campaign in other tried and true ways. like distributing leaflets and posting flyers. >> these are not just about finding new members. they are about spreading terror and intimidation and harassing marginalized groups. get their ideas and their ideology, literally, from the margins onto main street. >> reporter: at first glance, these flyers membership not seem like hate rhetoric. >> they try to lure people in by perhaps talking about european culture. how do we preserve what we have here? the face of illegal immigration? so, only when you dig a little bit deeper do you realize you're talking about classic white supremacy. >> reporter: in 2018, white supremacists increased their propaganda output by nearly 200%, with more than 1,100 distribution s across the unite states. that's compared to 421 incidents the year before. why is is using a flyer a
8:55 pm
beneficial tool for them? >> what they are trying to do is to spread their poison in ways that don't force them to have to confront people. >> reporter: protecting their own anonymity in the era of smartphones and social media. and while college campuses are often targeted by hate groups, the anti-defamation league finds the number of off-campus community prop began that incidents jumped a staggering 572% in 2018, while on-campus incidents rose 9% from 2017. the adl says these 2018 propaganda distribution counts are by far the highest annual numbers ever. >> white sue prpremacists try t where the action is. >> reporter: findings show the rise was mainly concentrated in large metropolitan areas, with the highest levels in california, texas, colorado, new york, illinois, florida and virginia. it's a way for them to still get their message out, but with a lot less risk.
8:56 pm
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and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. good evening. when michael cohen came out of his closed-door session of the house intelligence committee late today, chairman adam schiff said his testimony could substantially advance the investigation. as you'll see momentarily, some of what cohen offered up may speak to whether the president's legal team helped cohen lie to congress the first time around. whether they might have suborned perjury. first, though, the remarkable backdrop to it today which deals with something we already know the president and others lied repeatedly about, the efforts using michael cohen to silence two women in the closing days of the campaign. it is quite literall


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