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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  March 8, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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all. >> not a bit. >> tom thank you very much. and to our viewers thanks for watching. follow me on twitter and instagram. you can tweet the show@cnn sit room. erin burnette "outfront" starts right now. outfront next trump's top message man this amid a historically high turn overrate in the administration how does trump spin his way out of this? and the president trashes michael cohen in public obsessing in private. who is the involved in the war of words. >> trump pictured with the ex-owner of the spau linked to the the robert kraft prostitution arrest. let's go outfront. and good evening i'm erin burnette outfront tonight. chaos at the white house. president trump's deputy chief of staff his communications director is out. and the move catching just about everyone off guard.
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bill shine was brought on to clean up the president's public image fresh from fox news but sources tell trump turned on shine questioning his judgment when there was no change in how the president was being covered. so trump it shipping shine off to help advise mts on his 2020 campaign. role to be determined. airport they didn't know this was coming. they got this guy coming in now. here the thing. bill shine came to the white house from fox. as i mentioned a senior executive there. but the thing is when it came to presses coverage, trump cares about a lot more than fox news. >> i could do the greatest thing in the world and they would make it look bad. between the "washington post", "new york times," abc, nbc, cnn issious ridiculous. >> okay. not ridiculous. well the president knows it. and he cares so deeply. he is now come to realize that a guy who used to run fox news can't change the situation. here is the thing about shine. he is just the latest to fail.
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the sixth person named communications director since trump was elected. it has to be of an historical record. some lasting just days. talking about you anthony scaramucci. no one lasting aier. bill shine's ouster coming in part to how he handled the fallout from of the shutdown. remember this shutdown? >> i will take the mantle. i will be the one to shut it down. i'm not blaming you. the last time you shut it down it at any time work. i will take the mantle of shutting down. i'm shutting it down for border security. >> i mean, it's hard to blame bill shine for that. it's hard for any communications direct director to make a president blameless after that. it doesn't matter who has had the top communications job at the white house they have all had to deal with the president who creates his own problems, were trying to spin why he sides with russia over his own intelligence agency -- >> i have president putin.
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he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. >> or attempting to explain trump's response to the deadly white nationalist attack in charlottesville, virginia. >> you had some very bad people in that group. but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides. >> and now as the president begins another search for another communications director there may be only one person left that's up for the job. >> okay. what's your first name. >> john. >> john john barron. >> john barron. a man who wsh well he sounds like president trump because he is president trump. john barron was the name trump used when he used to call reporters handling his own press in new york np. no one else could do it so he made up a name and did it. talking about what a wonderful person he would to date. maybe he is the communications director here.
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katlyn collins outfront live outside the white house. katlyn's shine's depart yur was very zblud very sudden. so sudden it surprised a lot of people in the west wing who said they'd been having conversations with bill shine about upcoming events or him talking about reorganizations the communications teams. things they did not believe indicated he was on his way out. but erin one thing did. bill shine was scheduled to go on the president's trip to vietnam last week but unexpectedly about two days before the trip he announced he was staying in washington and no longer go on the trip which raised eyebrows among aides. in his statement food president trump praised bill shine saying he thinks he will do good work on the election campaign. actually behind the scenes the president had been complaining about bill shine saying he brought him in to get better press conference and he hadn't delivered. now you raised several instances why that could be difficult for anyone to get president trump better coverage. but even aides in the white house who liked bill shine and
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enjoyed him questioned what his media strategy was. and if it was going going to revamp the come as team. niepow the communications team which struggle through the administration is still here but looking for someone else to lead it. you laid out how many people had this job. now people wonder who is taking the job and be the seventh communications director. lucky seven. thank you very much katlyn. let's go to jen walsh. national correspondent for the nations the former assistant to president bush. and april ryan. april you're at the white house day in day out. we understand that shine was in planning meetings, strategizing in communications in recent days. all of a sudden he is gone, gone to the 2020 campaign which no idea he knew was coming. did you have any indication shine was on the way out? >> not really, but you know with this president, he sours on you fast, especially when his image
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is not turned around like he wanted. you know, bill shine basically failed and it was on fire me friday once again when it happens. and basically, erin, what we saw when bill shine was there he was working with reporters, talking with reporters to try to change the image, soften the tensions between reporters and the president and the white house. there is typically something called a friendly adversarial relationship that mike mccurry the former press stekt for bill clinton would call it. but there was such tension. and we saw it when the president started talking to reporters like myself ababby phillip and others where we asked him compared to what happened that november after the mid-terms. how he called us out in a span of days. we saw a softening of the president but it wasn't working. so bill shine was on fire me friday. >> scott, you know, look, the
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president turned on shine. our white house team is saying the president just decided he was ineffective, be not what he hoped for when he hired him. look, this is the sixth person. it would seem an impossible job be, right, unless things -- someone can just make something that's black look white and white look black. it would seem an impossible job to do. would you take this job? or not? >> well, i think if the president calls you you've got to have a conversation about it. it's a high honor to be asked to be public service by the president. i think the metric for deciding whether this person can succeed is really around the scope of the work. and it strikes me now that the president is in cycle the two most important things he can task the mechanics next person with doing amplifying the good work on the economy. setting up a war room to get around the onslaught of the congressional investigations. knows two things are what the next skmungss director should be focused on day in and day out.
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it's a big government. there's a lot going on it's easy to get distracted but if i was advising i would say somebody should be tasked with those two things. if they get that done, that's a successful tenure as com dr. director. >> scott might get a call. >> you didn't stay whether you would take it. here is the thing would scott succeed or can anyone succeed other than john barron? who by the way is one of the few people since they're not allowed to do nd a's. >> john barron is perfect. >> it's crazy. >> trump spends very little time actually doing his own job. so as the john barron figure he has plenty of time to be his own communications director. i do think that's kind of where we are. i mean the choice of bill shine in the first place was a little bit weird. because he already has the fox audience. he captured the fox audience they captured him i don't know which way it goes. but he has his little terror yum where people say almost always
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nice things. listens to them tweets about what they say on fox and friends. what did he expect bill shine to do? he had no -- bill shine was sean hannity as's producer he had no experience working a broader non-ideological diverse group of white house correspondents. et cetera. it was a an odd fit. also bill shine did not insult three black women as april was referring to a little while ago. bill shine did not call the charlottesville white supremacists fine people. so trump is the reason he is getting crappy coverage. >> trump himself. >> trump not shine. >> abraham when you look at this, when i said this is the seventh person, who ever the person is, jason miller, anthony scaramucci. hope hicks. i mean this iskind of absurd. now bill shine served a long time. my gosh, look at the other
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numbers. it's pretty -- it's grim. anthony zarmz might beg it differ i thought he said 11 days. you get my point. what does it this mean april on a day to day basis when you have this turnover? >> and you hit the nail squarely. turnover. when you have that kind of excessive turnover in that job -- that's a critical job for any administration. you create the message. you are the message to come out on policy or whatever the president has to say. but when you have a president that defeats his own purposes, knocks his own self. >> i heard you recount. scott roe counted putting hands around the investigations and dealing with other policy issues but when you have a president on twitter and when he says things just extemp rain/snowily. how do you help that president? this president is his own worst enemy? then you talked about fox. fox news you had a large portion
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who was for the president but pores are out there on fox who aren't necessarily happy with the president. that didn't do well for his image as well. particularly when it came to the issue of the wall. you know, can we say ann coulter? the president is his own worst enemy and no one can take this job successfully and win for the president. >> scott, on top of this, overall, top jobs in the white house, you've got a turnover rate of 65%. you have people who had top jobs who stuck it out. through some grim moments process. like john kelly. and we now see memos they wrote detailing what they thought were extremely concerning, possibly illegal who knows, right, things that happened. the general counsel. mr. mcgahn. you have john kelly doing this. even the people who left have done this. i mean, this is a big problem for the president, isn't it?
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>> well it will be a problem if they can't find a group of people to come in and take the jobs and stay through the cycle. he is in cycle right now. the campaign started. the democrats are running he is effectively inserted himself into the campaign. so right now i think i would be focused on getting a group of people that i trusted, that i gave a very defined scope of work to, and that were largely going to singh up my white house with the campaign this is not complicated for him. >> what you're saying makes sense. that's what people would do. but he hasn't had a team that he trusts and trusts him become. if he failed at that utterly to this point which i think should be a non-controversial statement to make with the turnover why do you think he is suddenly hiring people give a strict mandate. you're acting like a normal strategist here. >> well, i hope i don't ever come on television and act like an abnormal anything process. i'm dispensing the advice i think would be useful here. the useful advice is you sit in a not terrible place.
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in the mid-to high 40s. people like the economy. investigations. >> you're talking about approval rating. >> handle the bad and pg sync up with the campaign. he has a lot of advantages that a incumbent mass soongs the white house and the campaign are pg synced pup. don't stop trying. you have to try to get the message you want to communicate. the person is out there one is out there who can work with the president not change him work with what they have. you're not going to change him. you have to work with what you got. >> the only people who fit in that, joan are ris his former assistant rona dwraf and her role michael cohen for a while. >> hope hicks. >> and his family. >> his children. right. i think the larger point you make, erin, about the overall turnover, we have an acting defense secretary. we don't have a defense secretary right now. his secretary of the air force just quit this afternoon.
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didn't get much news because bill shine got the news. but that's a big deal. she just started relatively recently. so it's not just the communications shop that's out of control. it's all -- how many jobs is mick mulvaney doing now? he has had a hard time putting to get a team at every level. >> a new definition of jack of all trades with mick mulvaney. >> yes. >> and president trump says michael cohen asked him directly for a pardon. this is really, really vial war of words between the two. is it true? plus new job numbers falling far short of expectations. why ronald reagan's former budget director is warning the economy is being run by a madman. and president trump claiming the judge cleared him. >> the judge said there was no collusion with russia.
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pardon. and it's a stone cold lie. he knew about lawyers. his lawyer said they went to my lawyers and asked for pardons. i can go a step above that but i won't do it now. >> okay. so he waited an hour and then he went a step above and did that in a tweet. about cohen calling him quote request, a bad lawyer and a fraudster. this is the bigger claim. he was saying his lawyers asked my lawyers. in the tweet the president claims, quote he directly asked me for a pardon. i said no. he said michael cohen asked president trump for a pardon directly. that's the new claim from the president. okay. that comes out. cohen hits twitter as well responding quote just another set of lies by potus pch mr. president elementary mine up it's national women's day you may want to apologized for lies about karen mcdougal and stephanie clifford.
4:20 pm
outfront democratic congresswoman of brendon la lawrence and the committee and she questioned cohen where he said i would never ask for nor accept a pardon. the events today. the president calls cohen a liar. cohen says the president is a liar. but the president said cohen directly asked for a pardon. cohen says that's a lie. who do you believe? erin, i'm so glad to be on the show. let's reel this back. it has been a consistent defining character for everyone that works for trump. they are liars. now, you roll that back to our president who has been -- has not told the truth. and if you want to really define it, he has been a liar from the beginning of his position as president and prior to. so it's very difficult. i will tell you beyond house
4:21 pm
oversight, our chairman, mr. cummings, we are deliberately reviewing all of the testimony, including asking the intelligence community -- committee to look at all of the information, because we're going to have to find some truth in this. it's very troubling. because they both are documented liars. and so who is telling the truth? it's like sitting back there saying this is ridiculous, you're both liars. >> okay. so you're absolutely right about that. but to your point there are things michael cohen is saying that could involve criminality on behalf of this president that he is saying he has tumtation for. i want to put the exclamation point on what you are saying. we are not having a discussion about he said, he said and he is a liar. we are do going because there are allegations we need to to find out if they're true from michael cohen. to look into something specific as to whether it's a lie is important in the context.
4:22 pm
>> it's important because now the president has crossed that road of releasing client attorney privileged conversations. that's another interesting level that we as the committee of oversight -- we're looking at that as well. that is a very thin line. and he has breached that line. and we must hold our witnesses accountable. but, remember, he's already been convicted of lying to congress. so it -- it continues. and the president continues. i can't tell you how frustrating this is to have the responsibility to provide oversight for a whole sloop of people who don't know what the truth is. >> right. and regardless of what the truth ends up being in this case the president says cohen asked him directly is -- it could be -- it's an attempted master stroke, right. because that's something that may be unprovable. but raises the specter of the question mark and perhaps that's
4:23 pm
why he does it at this time. when it comes to cohen you were there when cohen denied ever asking the president for a pardon. i want to play that again. >> yes. >> i have never asked for nor would i accept a pardon from president trump. >> now, of course, cohen's spokesperson and his attorney lanny davis did have his lawyer explore a possible pardon with trump's lawyers. gene are again not getting into trump and cohen directly. but he directed his lawyers to have a conversation with trump areas lawyers. i mean, is there anyway isn't a lie what michael cohen said? >> you know, it's all these levels of untruth. so cohen can sit there and i say personally -- and i think his comment was i never asked the president. it was miss foreign who had that conversation. so here is a level of is it gray? did he do it or did his attorney ask them? so is it true, i never personally had that
4:24 pm
conversation. >> it's misleading. >> it's misloading but this is the culture and character of cohen and also the character of the president. >> i want to give you a chance to respond to something the president said today about the anti-semitism issue going on in congress. you supported a house resolution today that condemned anti-semitism and other forms of bigotry which started out as a resolutions because of comments by i will hand omar. but in the end it wasn't just about anti-semitism. dwas watered down to focus on a broader sense of bigotry. here is what the president had to say about the resolution today. >> the democrats have become an anti-israel party, anti-jewish party. and that's too bad snp. >> your reaction, congresswoman. >> i will push back on the
4:25 pm
resolution being watered down. i feel it was enhanced. when the resolution was initially presented as solely being about anti-semitic comments, we were very concerned as a caucus that we're putting out in statement when there is so many other isms and beliefs we have as a party. we forced the issue from the black caucus, forced the issue from the members who were muslim saying we are persecuted appear people are saying things -- you know, our president -- my goodness how many times have we heard it from king from others who make comments in congress -- >> but there was just a resolves specifically condemning white supremacy because of comments by steve king. and that was specific and about him. >> that's why i said the resolution enhanced it was not watered down. it was enhanced. because if we as a congress are going to say this is unacceptable we do not want
4:26 pm
anti-semitic comments made. we do not want white supremacy and racist remarks made we don't want someone persecuted because of their religion if they're muslim, behihindu it was a statt as a contacted that said we have to stop responding to everyone making inappropriate comments. who are we as a caucus, i felt the resolution i voted for was stronger and addressed the issue and puts it out there and covers it all. >> all right. because the resolution was changed, though, to condemn other ichlss as you say it was no longer specifically about anti-submit you can things like support for israel is about the benjamins and other things that had initially started out as. the right. the president says that's is because your party is anti-jewish. >> the president is very, very strong wrong. he is not saying something that's truthful.
4:27 pm
we did include in that statement -- it was not taken out -- it clearly states that we as a democratic caucus stand against any anti-semitic comments, actions and we are clear -- and i put pout a press statement. i want not so much what you say but what you do. and we -- we must understand that one of the things that happened in 2018, we now have a very broad and very diverse caucus, the most diverse we have ever had in congress. and we -- why is this statement needed? because we have coming from all walks of life with different experiences. and so we needed to come together as a caucus and put down a marker and say, this is who we are, this is what we stand for. and also to let anyone know -- if you are making anti-semitic comments, that is unacceptable for the democratic caucus. and we are on record saying that. and we're going to hold people
4:28 pm
accountable for that. >> all right. i appreciate your time congresswoman lawrence. thank you. >> thank you and happy international women' day we're proud of you you're an amazing woman. >> that's very kind of you to say. thank you. and next job creation grinding almost to a halt. the former budget director under reagan warning it may only get worse with trump. why? he is outfront. plus is president trump hinting a pardon could be in the works. i'm not talking about cohen. i'm talking about paul mafrpt. >> i feel very badly for paul manafort. i think it's been a very, very tough time. the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪ you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? most pills don't finish the job because they don't relieve nasal congestion. flonase sensimist is different. it relieves all your worst symptoms,
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tonight a huge mess. there were only 20,000 jobs added in the united states last month. that fell short of every single economist estimate. it's the worst number since september of 2017. outfront now david stockman frormd budget director under ronald reagan and under peak trump the undrainable swamp. and steven moore, author of trump nomices. i don't need to explain who is what side. david start with you.
4:32 pm
the bloomberg said the big miss is a shock and the dawn of a long forecast slowdown. >> well, i think one month doesn't mean anything. they get revised all the time it's a lot of noise but i lack at the trend. trump has had 26 monthly record carts. average gain 199,000 jobs. the last 26 months of obama. average gain, 215,000 jobs. there's been no acceleration. there is no trump boom. the only thing that's happening is the business cycle is getting older and and we're near the end. in other words, we're month 116. the record is 119 in the 19990s when it was a better economic environment. we are heading for a recession. and we have had policies that are upside down in terms of where we should be going. trump inherited a $70 oh billion deficit for this year. that's bad ten years into a recovery. >> yes. >> he added $500 billion for the
4:33 pm
tax cut, $80 billion for defense. 60 billion in domestic. all the disaster aid that wasn't financed. so we're going to borrow 1.2 trillion this year. >> at the end of a boom. >> at the end of a boom. at the top of a cycle. we're going to have a recession. nobody has outlawed recessions. there is no acceleration. i just point out that other than the sugar high of the second quarter last year real final sales for the eight quarters under trump are at 2.5%. under the last. >> you got a lot in here. and steve, you know, look he is right $19.2 trillion you're not supposed to be in this situation when things are good. whep things are bad is when you borrow the money. but, no, that's not the way things are. what's your response. >> i'll certainly agree with you that things are good. my goodness, erin, it's true this was a very lousy number in terms of new jobs created. but let's not bury the headline here that we have the lowest unemployment rate for women in
4:34 pm
50 years. we have 7 million more jobs today than workers. and by the way, i think you both know. >> i love -- i love the use of the women headline on that. >> it's great we love it. >> black and hispanic unemployment is also at record low. but one of the problems we have david with the economy as you know is it's booming so much that literally ask any employer about any state in the country ask them the biggest problem it's finding workers. basically what we're finding right now in terms of the economy is we just can't find the workers to fill all the jobs we have. 7 million jobs surplus. that's more than the entire population of indiana. by the way, david i've known you a long time i respect you. but you called seven of the last two recessions he remember when you first started talking about doom and gloom in the mid-80s the you dow at 2,500 today it's at 25,000. >> the point is we do have recessions. they haven't been outlawed. we're at the very end of a long recovery, the weakest in
4:35 pm
history. we have now got in enormous deficit buildup. we have the fed finally belated trial trying to normalize a a little bit. we have a world trade economy that's slowing down dramatically. china down 10% first two months. korea down 19%. we are going to have a recession. it will come next year or the year after. no doubt about it. and we will have a $2 trillion deficit we will be adding 10 trillion or $20 trillion if the national debt in the next decade. >> the numbers make me sick as a citizen and parents you used words, david to describe what you're talking about what you say is an assault on this country's future. delusional unhinged madman. that's used to describe the president, not a psychological prognosis or diagnosis -- i'm sorry -- but this is your view of his troiting of the economy. >> how else could you describe someone coming in with a $2
4:36 pm
trillion tax cut unfinanced, most went to corporations who are use going to buy back stock and do m and a deals. we have had not had any real acceleration in business investment in the last for our five months. orders have been down. what we did is we spent $1,807 billion this year on rate cut and other business reductions. we got a $20 billion gain in business investments. so you're spending $180 billion you don't have on a credit card to get $20 billion of investment. >> that's a bad return on investment. >> terrible. >> steve your response to delusional unhinged madman. >> maybe i'm looking at different statistics than david. the business investment is health. 7% last year year over year. that was one of the strongest numbers we've had in a decade. look, i will fwree with david stockman on something. it's trau, david that the economy is slowing down. we had 4% growth in the middle of 2018 appear we had 2.5% in
4:37 pm
the fourth quarter of 2018 and now this quarter is looking erin maybe 1 to 1.5% that's a slowed. . buts in a key point. injury the fed is just killing the economy right now. knows interest rate hikes that took place in september and december have just pulled the oxygen out of the economy. at a time by the way we had 4% growth no inflation the lowest unemployment rate. >> steve, steve. >> why raise rates when the economy is so good. >> corporate tax receipts down 20% as economic growth is coming down. it's just not the way you would learn in macroeconomics they tell me, the timing is not -- >> steve we can't be beating up on the fed when it's belatedly trying to get the interest rate above the inflation rate. wove had ten years of negative real interest rates. >> why would you raise rates when there is no inflation. >> i don't know what no inflation you are talking about the running average.
4:38 pm
>> the last three months the consumer price index has been negative in commodities fallen by 10%. >> that's cherry picking the last six months cpi is 2.2%. >> no it isn't. >> besides that you can't have an interest rate in the federal funds. >> david. >> that's barely positive. >> you were the budget director, david. the economy according to the congressional budget office can be $6 trillion larger over the next decade than before we passed that tax cut. $6 trillion ashld gdp i think that's a good investment. >> i don't think it adds up to much in a $200 trillion gdp over ten years. >> $6 trillion is a quarter of the level of the current national debt. i may be one of the few to have an issue but it makes me sick to my stomach. >> thank you both. and next president trump claims paul manafort's judge says there is no collusion. the problem is that it's not true. plus, president trump pictured with the former owner of the spa
4:39 pm
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new tonight, trump's false claim, the president saying something that is blatantly untrue. >> i feel very badly for paul manafort. i think it's been a very, very tough time for him. but if you notice, both his lawyer, a highly respected man and a very highly respected judge, the judge said there was no collusion with russia. >> okay, the judge did not say that. judge ellis simply did not say there was no collusion with russia. that's because the trial navies presiding over was not about collusion with russia. it was about paul manafort's tax and bank fraud, nothing to do with russia rayen collusion. that's why judge ellis said manafort wasn't on trial for or convicted of anything to do with rashaan colluding in the presidential election. because the question of collusion remains under the purview of the special counsel robert mueller. but the words no collusion, matter deeply to this president and paul manafort's lawyer for
4:44 pm
one knows that. >> what you saw today is the same thing that we had said from day one. there is absolutely no evidence that paul manafort was involved with any collusion with any government government official from russia. >> and that's not what the case is about. >> it didn't include that because it wasn't about collusion. >> outfront now. rung from ohio. mike turner has been looking at all the issues from a different investigative perspective. good to talk with you congressman. >> thank you. >> the president always says no collusion it's core to his definition to say that. do you think the comments from paul manafort's lawyer were a direct plea to the audience of one to the president for a pardon? >> well, you know, i would be just high-speculation. but this case was about collusion. because that's how this investigation began. >> that's not what he was karjd with. >> that's correct.
4:45 pm
which it's great you make that point. but the whole thing from inception came from reviewing whether or not there was collusion between the russian federation and the trump campaign of which manafort was a part of. so you can't say that they're not related because they are related. >> yes but to be clear we don't know what. >> he wasn't charged. >> we don't to know what mueller is doing on the collusion fund. >> what i was going to say erin if you let me finish. we have to wait for the mueller campaign -- excuse me the mueller investigation to be completed. but i think it's absolutely incorrect to say it has nothing to do with collusion in this case. because it began out of that investigation. >> right but what was being tried and argued in court what was ruled on, congressman, you and i both know was bank fraud and tax fraud. it was not collusion. >> this was a financial case. >> you can't say there is no collusion as a result of the trial it's false. it's a false statement. >> what af said is that you can't say this has nothing to do with the mueller investigation or russia -- the issue of collusion. because this is what it came out
4:46 pm
of. and now as mueller began his investigation looking at mafrpt, looking at whether or not there was collusion between the trump campaign and the russian federation in case where they prosecuted him for financial transactions or came about. now certainly part of what you suspect is well where is that case? where are those individuals from the trump campaign. >> we don't know. >> or the trump side that have been charged? no one has. no one has been charged with colluding with russia. again as you and i point outen the interviews before the mueller investigation is not complete and we have to wait to see what it says. but to this date no one has been charged on the trump side or the trump campaign with colluding with the russian federation. that's accurate from this case that came out of that investigation. >> i'm points out that was not what it was. to to say the conclusion was no collusion it's a false statement. >> but similarly it would be false to say it has nothing to do with it and didn't come out of it. >> it did but no one said that.
4:47 pm
>> no one said that you're compute disputing something i didn't say. >> it sound close to that to me i wanted to make sure that it's related it's not like it has nothing to do with the russian investigation of collusion it came directly out of it. >> but that's not what i said. what i said this case. >> then we agree. >> this -- this case, this is the verdict that came out this charge and this sentencing was not about russian collusion, nothing has been concluded that wasn't what was tried, wasn't the evidence presented, wasn't anything to do with what went on in the court in virginia. >> well, again, you can't say it was nothing to do withway went on in the court because it came out of the russian investigation. >> you find out the guy has been frauded did he frauding the government if that is what you say it came out of a russia. collusion investigation. >> they didn't charge him with collusion or working with the russian federation with respect to the trump campaign. we have not seen that.
4:48 pm
and i agree we have to wait to see what the mueller investigation conclusion. but i think it's unfair to say it has nothing to do with it because it came out of it and you would have thought there would have been charges at this point against manafort if there was some expectation that there were going to be charges against him for collusion. we certainly have not seen that. but i'm with you. we'll wait until we see what the complete report from the mueller investigation is. >> you talk about your investigation which i know you have been obviously a part of for a long time. your committee interviewed michael cohen behind closed doors this week and you're raising concerns about a series of meetings that happened before that that cohen had with the chairman of the committee adam schiff and other democratic staffers. congressman do you have any evidence of the meetings what they were about? how long they were, what happened? >> you know, it's very concerning, now we have reportedly lanny davis coming forward, the toerp for michael cohen and saying there were four trips to new york and the meetings face-to-face meetings occurred over ten hours in
4:49 pm
preparation for his testimony. some of which the public and we all got to see for government and oversight. that means prpgs preparation for his testimony was longer than his testimony. if you look at that -- the government oversight hearing, probably the democrats questioned him for three and a half four hours in public and ten hours in private. that is concerning because that's when you cross the line between a professional investigation to professional occur he is tracing when you get to the point where people are actually looking at questions of theater, are you guiding the witness? are you coaching the witness? >> there is a lot when you talk about over ten hours. an hour i could see that. this is logistics how it works. the subject matter. but over ten years you're way past anything that that's just on the logistics. >> occur he is tracing when you say it crossed the line do you have any direct evidence to suggest that chairman schiff or democrats were directing cohen about what to say, how to answer question sns do you have any evidence that that occurred?
4:50 pm
>> no and i think those are questions you need to ask adam schiff. we had tons of questions whether or not the president had asked cohen lie which he answered he did not but in this instance what did the schiff team in over which he said things, topics they wanted to go into further, did it guide them making sure cohen had the answers they wanted? ten hours of face-to-face meetings with cohen where the public got to see him for seven in public. that crosses the line. that's not professional. that's questionable conduct. i think the democrats and adam schiff need to answer those questions. it wasn't bipartisan, it was just his staff. i think there are questions that need to be answered there. >> just on your point about it not being bipartisan. as you pointsed out it was chairman schiff and democratic staffers.
4:51 pm
davis' comment was it was appropriate he would have done the same thing for republicans had they asked. saying you guys didn't ask, if you asked, he would have met with you, too. did you ask? >> that's not apples and apples. that's not a comparison. >> why not? >> in this instance if people had known, even when he was testifying before the government oversight committee that he had ten hours of democrat preparation, certainly people would have wanted to be present there. the dangers are just too great. i can see him spending ten hours with his own lawyers but when he's spending ten hours with adam schiff's staff and talking to adam schiff as he said he did, you get into the danger zone of what's happening in his testimony, what communication and guidance is happening with michael cohen that the public and certainly part of the investigation never gets to hear. >> congressman turner appreciate your time. >> thank you.
4:52 pm
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to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. be there for you, and them. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. new tonight, a picture of president trump smiling with the woman you see there in the front of the picture at mar la go on super bowl sunday is raising eyebrows tonight. it's hard to get your head around this one. you look at this picture this is super bowl sunday, she's the founder of the florida spa where new england patriots owner robert kraft was caught allegedly soliciting sex. get your head around it. this is new reporting tonight from the miami harold. this is not the first time she's coming into president trump's
4:55 pm
orbit. jason carol is outfront. her name is lee wang, she goes by cindy. she's been spotted with the who's who of the gop, including the president's son at mara lar go, kellyanne conway, and sarah palin. but it's this selfie she took with president trump at a super bowl watch party raising eyebrows. she's the former owner of orchids day spa where authorities say they caught robert kraft on camera paying for oral sex. >> he's being charged with the same offenses as the other, that is soliciting another to commit prostituti prostitution. >> reporter: kraft denies any wrong doing. yang no longer owns the spa, she sold it in 2013. cnn was unable to reach yang for comment p.
4:56 pm
she did speak with the maggie haberman herald. >> she didn't answer the question whether she knew sex was happening. she told us she's no longer in the spa business, doesn't know president trump and she's planning to move to washington d.c. >> reporter: it should be noted yang was not charged in the bust that led to misdemeanor charges against kraft and the closing of several spas in south florida. the white house declined to comment on yang, but the president did speak about the charges against kraft. >> it's sad. i was very surprised to see it. he's proclaimed his innocence totally but i'm very surprised to see it. >> reporter: as for yang she donated upwards of $35,000 to the trump campaign according to the fec filings. she's a self-made entrepreneur who showed little political interest before the 2016 election and she had not voted in the ten years prior. again, yang has not been charged
4:57 pm
with any wrong doing. it's the optics of her being in that picture with the president and this indirect connection to the spa. and, you know, also there is an update with kraft. kraft will have to appear in person for that arraignment that's going to be on march 28th. >> they've been adamant they won't, but they will. >> they will. >> can't get my head around this one. thank you, jason. also tonight he gets carted when he tries to buy beer but he's running for president of the united states. jeff zeleny is outfront. >> people are sometimes, especially here in iowa are too polite to ask the question of why a 37-year-old mayor thinks he has any business of being in discussion of the highest office of the land. >> reporter: that's the question facing the youngest question in the race. he's the mayor of south bend, indiana now turning heads as he eyes the white house. >> how can you make the argument you can be president? >> i don't you don't expect to
4:58 pm
hear this from the youngest person in the race, but the answer is experience. there's a more conventional path, being in washington for 10, 20, years. >> reporter: he's out thing his youth as a virtue and his buying on filled with the list of first. >> i'm a veteran, young, in a same-sex marriage, those are parts of who i am. the real question is once people take that look, what do you see and hear? >> reporter: democrats are giving him a look, but the challenge is to be seen on a crowded stage. >> today is the day -- >> reporter: even democrats not old enough to seek the presidency, like alexandria ocasio-cortez, 29, is also influencing the party. on the campaign trail he's not the only millennial in the race. >> when someone tells me to be
4:59 pm
quiet, i speak up louder. >> reporter: actual see gabbard is also 37. >> that is the change i seek to bring to the country, of bringing ideals of putting service before self-that come from my heard as a soldier. >> reporter: she's explaining a 2017 meeting with syria's president, and has apologized for what she called wrong and hurtful statement where she worked for an anti-ga group. and 38-year-old eric swalwell of california and seth mollton of massachusetts also eyeing running. 30 years younger than bernie sanders. >> i understand the audacity running for president at my age, especially because sometimes downstairs i get carded ordering
5:00 pm
a beer. >> reporter: they're part of leaders that served in iraq and afghanistan but also the first millennials to run for president. the constitution settled the question of age, you must be 35 but voters will have the final say. >> jeff, thank you. the town halls are sunday night 7:00 eastern on cnn. anderson starts next. good evening, the suggestion that a public servant has loyalties to a foreign power or group is as old as it is offensive. john kennedy was accused of owing allegiance to the pope. over the years muslims, catholics, soeshlgists, free masons and others have been accused of having duel loyalty but no group has dealt with it more often than jewish americans, which is why tonight we're tackling the subject head