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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  March 9, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning. glad to have you with us on this saturday, march 9th. i am christi paul. >> i am victor blackwell. you're in the cnn "newsroom." right now you see what's happening in venezuela. pro-opposition protesters are out on the streets, for juan guaido. supporters of maduro are also there as well. maduro just issued a challenge to the u.s. saying, this is a quote, every attempt at imperial
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aggression will be met with a strong response. >> late last night, police in caracas dismantled the stage set up by a pro-guaido group. the stage was to be for a rally today. meantime, residents are dealing with nationwide blackouts, it has been going on several days. power has only been partially restored to some areas we know of so far this morning. cnn correspondent paula newton is live in venezuela with the latest. paula, what are you seeing? >> reporter: good to be with you, victor, christi. these due american leagaling pr getting under way. we have been here before. what is crucial is for each side to show that they have them behind them. there's controversy with police taking down the setup for the opposition leader, juan guaido. he tweeted back saying if they think they can wear us down, if
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they believe they can intimidate us, we have a surprise for them on the streets today. the issue here is momentum. the problem is that the opposition is worried as are people supporting them like the trump administration that they will lose the momentum of the protest. when i say momentum, i mean people on the streets. i showed you before how hard it is to get by, a grueling day and a half, power outage in every corner of the country. the protests here will start marching, opposition protests in another part of the city. both sides hoping there isn't any confrontation, we already heard sporadic reports of national guard and police perhaps confronting some opposition protesters. it is going to be a long, hot day in caracas. but again, each side wanting to show that they have the momentum. >> paula newton, take care of yourself and the crew there. new satellite images shows
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vehicles moving and trains loaded at a facility near the country's capital. analysts say it could be a sign a missile or satellite launch is imminent or a play to get attention. >> either way it could be a blow to u.s., north korean tensions. a little after the summit ended without a deal. the launch could happen at a site partly dismantled while talks were under way for the u.s. and north korea. >> here is cnn correspondent will ripley with the latest from beijing. >> reporter: victor, christi, what we are seeing in north korea based on analysis of satellite images is a potentially troubling shift back to the more mill tar is particular posture they took between kim jong-un and president trump, a detent in danger of breaking apart after president trump walked out of summit talks in hanoi, described as a humiliating blow that left kim jong-un bewildered according
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to sortsz i have spoken with. now we're seeing images from a missile, rocket factory where analysts say it appears north korea has put together something. hard to tell if it is a missile or rocket, assembled something, put it on a rail car, that rail car may be headed to a north korean launch site. we know that the satellite launch facility in recent days has seen a flurry of reconstruction work. it was a facility that kim jong-un promised to shut down, they started to take it apart. now analysts say it has been fully put back together, could be ready for a launch really at any moment. so if you see this missile or rocket roll up and sitting on a launch pad that hasn't been seen yet, if that happens, that's clear evidence that north korea is preparing to launch something, rocket or missile into space, into orbit. regardless of which it is, it would be highly provocative. north korea long said their satellite launches are for the space force, for research
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purposes, not any military threat. the u.s. sees it much differently because space rockets use the same inter continental ballistic missile. any launch would be highly provocative, to threaten to escalate tensions in this part of the world. meanwhile, in china, hearing word that the president is reconsidering traveling to mar-a-lago, he is worried president trump may walk out on him if they don't reach a deal like he did on kim jong-un. so really, president trump's diplomatic credibility being undermined as a result of what happened in hanoi with tensions threatening to rise in the region as well. victor, christi? >> will, thank you. we don't know yet if the north koreans are preparing a military missile or space rocket to send up a satellite. our next guest says whether the u.s. government chooses to recognize it or not, there's a key difference. joining me, senior fellow at the federation of american
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scientists. thanks for joining us. let's start here. you told my producers the space launch rocket could potentially carry a satellite is not a missile, shouldn't be treated as one. we know the history of 2009 when the north koreans sent up two, and that led to the end of the six party talks. how should the u.s. respond if they send this satellite up? >> right. a missile launch is not the same as satellite launch vehicle. they have different technical characteristics and should be treated differently. that having been said, we don't want to get into a pattern where north korea can test new missile engine designs and call them satellite launch vehicles, so this really does illustrate how critical it is that we put in place clear restrictions to codify the nuclear and test missile moratorium so north korea can't circumvent it or subvert it. this is what happened to obama's
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six parties talks agreement. this was foreseeable and foreseen. it looks like there's been a missed opportunity to lock in that nuclear missile test moratorium at an earlier date. >> your group released a report this week that is fascinating. i want to read one line, the most important line from the first few pages here. it says there is no mix of economic, diplomatic, or military pressure that can verifiably eliminate north korea's arsenal on acceptable terms in the next few years. you also say north korea will be nuclear armed under the kim family control for the next two decades. the question is what should be the long term strategy to denuclearize, and other issues the u.s. and global community have with kim and north korea? >> we cannot simply trust someday in the near future north korea is going to fedex us its nuclear and missile arsenals. we have to put in place a more
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long term strategy that defends our national interests, the security of allies, confronts a range of challenges that north korea poses to the united states and to international security. so, for example, we can't sort of bet all or nothing that north korea will disarm completely. we need a near term agreement to restrict the advancement of their nuclear and missile test programs. we need to confront this broader range of threats. just today, for example, or just this week, unicef warned 60,000 north korean children could be plunged into severe malnutrition, due to the lowest north korean harvest in a decade. that will threaten and risk our ability to shape the transformation of north korea, a healthy populous is one that can seek outside information, that can help us build a more stable region for the future. we should not only be confronting the range of challenges that north korea poses to us but shaping north
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korea's transformation over time, through conventional and nuclear arms control, through more precise economic inducements, really closer work between the united states and its allies. we can't bet all or nothing on denuclearization because it is just not a realistic bet. >> let me ask you this, the national security adviser john bolton said this week the president is open to potential talks in the future with kim jong-un. no date, no location, of course, far too soon for that. should those talks still be on the table considering the fruitless talks at hanoi, the lack of even a definition of denuclearization in singapore, and the inability to solve some of these other secondary tertiary issues you discussed. >> right. we hope they learned a couple of lessons from hanoi and from these events.
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the north korean foreign minister said they offered a piece of paper that would constitute permanent halt to all long range rocket tests. if that had happened, we may not be in this bind now. we hope the trump administration has learned that it is not good enough to bet on all or nothing, that we need a more precise agreement now that provides security benefits, and the second thing you hope that he's learned is that you can't go into these talks seeking a political win. the north koreans are not reliable enough and there's far too much at stake. >> the united states and global community has lost out by taking the northerns' word for it in the past. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. following breaking news. newark international airport, passengers on board a boeing 737 had to escape by emergency slides to get down onto the runway after a suspected fire on board. we've got more information on
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15 minutes past the hour. officials say a north korean rocket launch could be imminent. analysts say it could be a missile or satellite launch, based on images that show vehicles and trains being loaded at a facility near the country's capital. democratic congressman brendan boyle from pennsylvania is with us. want to point out you're also on the house ways and means committee. good to have you here, congressman. >> thank you for having me.
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>> absolutely. when we look at what is developing, seeming to develop this morning via satellite images, i want to listen to some of the language president trump used with kim jong-un, president kim jong-un, trying to come to some sort of a resolution. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. and then we fell in love, okay? really. he wrote me beautiful letters, and they're great letters. sometimes you have to walk and this was just one of those times. >> so kind of from one end of the spectrum to the other. if this activity we're seeing this morning, if it is an icbm, if it is something sent to a launch site, what does the president need to do? >> first, as the clips
7:17 am
demonstrate, this president hasn't had a strategy when it comes to north korea, has been all over the map over the last two years. first ratcheting up rhetoric to a dangerous degree with his infamous fire and fury comment and then to go from that to, quote, unquote, we fell in love, which he's not just said once but remarkably has said numerous times to now here where we are, which to me has not been surprising, it's actually what i predicted and said all along. i do believe kim has been playing us for time. to be fair to this administration, north korea's nuclear program and ambitions have been a problem that really bedevilled previous presidents, both democrats and republicans. the key mistake that this president has made is going about this bilaterally and giving in to the prestige of two bilateral summits with the
7:18 am
dictator and brutal murderer of the north korean regime and the president of the united states. that was a mistake. we have gotten absolutely nothing for it, all kim has done is play us for suckers. >> what should he do from this point on, especially if it is discovered this is some sort of weaponry being taken to or transported to a launch site? >> chinese exports makeup and numbers with the north korean economy are always a bit art, a bit science, but it is believed that chinese exports to north korea makeup over 40% of north korean goods. it is clear that china and the leverage that china has over the north korean economy is a key part and key player in getting an ultimate resolution. japan, and i was there in japan about a year ago meeting with their country's leadership as part of a bipartisan group that traveled there, japan is deeply
7:19 am
concerned about what north korea has been doing as well as frankly the u.s. approach to it. this needs to have a multi lateral approach that brings in china and japan to help us exert pressure on north korea. >> congressman, i want to talk to you about hr 1 legislation passed yesterday. speaker pelosi said demanding the president's tax returns, said this before the midterms, she said it is one of the first things we do, that's the easiest thing in the world. at this point now that the resolution has been passed, how long do you think it will be before you will see the president's tax returns and will you make them public? >> first, let's be clear because there are many different things in hr 1. first, it is the most dramatic expansion of voting rights in this country in decades. number one. number two, for the first time in american history it would establish public financing for congressional elections, something that would truly revolutionize the way elections are run in this country and
7:20 am
actually drain the swamp. it passed the house. the bad news, it has to pass the senate. >> do you believe you will get to see the president's tax returns and if you do, will you make them public? >> yeah. so the point i'm getting, another aspect in there says that all presidents and vice presidents and candidates have to release ten years of tax returns, and that would include the president. but since mitch mcconnell won't bring up this legislation, unfortunately hr 1 will likely not be the vehicle that would prompt us to get the president's tax returns. there is another way that you can get the president's tax returns because of a law that existed for over 100 years, ways and means committee on which i serve does have that ability. i believe ultimately this will be pursued, it is from what i understand likely the administration will fight it and in the end be litigated in the
7:21 am
courts. >> last but not least, i wanted your input on controversy and criticism of your fellow representative, he lan omar. speaker pelosi said trying to explain what her words mean that were taken in context by many as anti-semitic. >> the incident that happened, i don't think our colleague is anti-semitic, i think she has a different experience in use of words, doesn't understand some of them are fraught with meaning that didn't realize, but nonetheless, that we had to address. >> does that explanation satisfy you? >> well, the part about my colleague ihlan's comments that struck a nerve among my jewish colleagues and jewish constituents of mine was the foreign allegiance reference which really harkens and evokes
7:22 am
the age old charge about a dual loyalty. i think that was wrong. i think that that is anti-semitic. unfortunately it is a charge that unfairly jewish americans have had to face for decades. they're not the only ones that ever faced dual loyalty charges. certainly john f. kennedy and al smith that were american catholics running for president also faced that dual loyalty charge. it was just as wrong then directed towards catholics and just as wrong today. there can be legitimate criticism of decisions by the israeli government, like there can be legitimate criticisms of decisions of the american government, but we shouldn't go about questioning people's loyalty to our country. >> congressman boyle, we are out of time. thank you for taking time for us today. >> all right. thank you. >> sure. according to the miami herald, president trump was spotted with the founder of the florida spa where police say patriots owner robert kraft
7:23 am
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to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so go directly to now. good to have you with us. i am christi paul. >> i am victor blackwell. a photo is raising questions about the people surrounding president trump. >> if the picture, you see it there of president trump, smiling. the woman that founded the spa where robert kraft is accused of soliciting sex. kaylee hartung is live in jupiter, florida. this is a connection uncovered by the miami herald. what more do you know?
7:28 am
>> reporter: that's right, christi. two weeks after police captured robert kraft on camera in this day spa soliciting two women to commit prostitution, his new zealand patriots played in the super bowl. that night president trump had a private watch party at his private club, mar-a-lago. that's where the picture was taken. first getting the attention of the miami herald, raising a lot of questions about the connection between trump, robert kraft, and the woman that first opened this day spa. >> her name is lee yang. she goes by cindy. she has been spotted with the who's who of the gop, including the president's sons at mar-a-lago. kellyanne conway at the inauguration, and sarah palin. but it is this selfie yang took with trump at a super bowl watch party that's raising eyebrows. she's former owner of orchids of asia day spa, the massage spa where they say they caught the
7:29 am
patriots owner and trump friend robert kraft on camera paying for oral sex. >>esque -- he is being charged with the same as others. >> kraft denies wrongdoing. according to the herald, yang no longer owns it. she sold it in 2013. cnn tried but was unable to reach yang for comment. she did speak with the miami herald. >> she didn't answer the question whether she knew there was sex happening, she simply told us she's no longer in the spa business, she doesn't know president trump, and she's planning to move to washington, d.c. >> reporter: it should be noted yang was not charged in the anti-human trafficking bust that led to misdemeanor charges against kraft and closing of several spas in south africflor. president trump did speak about the charges against kraft. >> it is very sad. i was very surprised to see it. he proclaimed his innocence.
7:30 am
>> reporter: yang donated $35,000 to the trump campaign. a self made entrepreneur who according to the miami herald showed little interest before the 2016 election, and hadn't voted in ten years prior. she is not accused or charged of wrongdoing. when we reached out to the white house for comment, they had none. she was seen with ron desantis, rick scott. spokesperson saying they have no connection to the woman, she is one of many at one of their many fund-raisers. worth noting robert kraft, whlem he denies wrongdoing, he will be arraigned on misdemeanor charges he faced at the end of march, and we learned his attorney can appear on his behalf.
7:31 am
so i wouldn't expect to see him there. >> safe bet. kaylee hartung, thanks so much. it has been more than a year since the last north korean missile test. now we have new satellite images that show activity at a rocket facility. here's the question people are asking. what happens, what is the political ramification here if north korea carries out another launch. more than half of employees across the country bring financial stress to work. if you're stressed out financially at home, you're going to be too worried to be able to do a good job. i want to be able to offer all of the benefits that keep them satisfied. it is the people that is really the only asset that you have. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential. bring your challenges. you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪
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north korea's pause in testing as a breakthrough. what happens if that ends with a launch? joining me, political commentator alyce stewart and commentator maria cardona. welcome back. >> good morning, victor. >> to highlight there have not been missile launches or nuclear tests as a measure of success and justify continuing engaging with kim, was that a mistake considering what we're seeing
7:36 am
now in north korea? >> well, the fact that we haven't had testing in quite some time is a success in my book, any way you slice it. there had been several tests before the conversations began and now they've come to a stop. look, it is important to note that ambassador bolton says they're monitoring the situation closely and they have more ways of determining exactly the development in north korea than commercialized satellite. i think we are on track, having conversations is good. the ultimate goal is complete irreversible, verifiable denuclearization, and we're on the way to doing that. >> there's not even definition of what that is. >> it is very clear what it is, complete, verifiable, irreversible. >> i know the phrase, but there's no agreed upon definition between kim and trump, the north koreans and americans on what
7:37 am
denuclearization looks like and how that can be verified, how it can be determined it is irreversible. they've had two summits now, and they don't even know the definition of what they're trying to achieve. >> and that's the point and the purpose for having continued negotiations and stopping testing. from our standpoint, no sanctions have been lifted, we're continuing to put pressure on north korea in order to seek denuclearization so we haven't lost anything at this point and continued talks will only lead to progress on this, but it's taken a long time to get where they are and build up what they do have, and it's going to take a long time to get them to take it apart. i think we're well on the way to doing that. >> maria, no missile launches or tests since november, 2017, some would say that ain't nothing. that's some accomplishment. does the president deserve credit? >> that is certainly a good thing like alice said, but the
7:38 am
problem is, and victor, you laid it out, there's no plan, or what is the ultimate goal if denuclearization complete and verifiable is not going to be something that's possible because a lot of experts are now coming to the conclusion that we need to figure out a step by step way to contain north korea because what trump has given him is something he has not -- that no other u.s. leader has given him, and that is a seat on the global stage next to the president of the united states. that's exactly what north korea wanted. that's exactly what kim wanted. i think what we're seeing is the results. and frankly what's going to be long-term failure of a foreign policy by shooting from the hip which is what this president does. he either does one extreme which talks about threatening north korea with fire and fury, then
7:39 am
goes to the other extreme, proclaiming him and the north korean leader fell in love. that is not foreign policy. that is not a strategy to get to where we all need to be. let's see where we go from here. right now, both sides are still talking pleasantly, but i think what most experts are afraid of is that north korea is absolutely planning and continuing to plan not just satellite launches but missile launches as well. then what do we do? that's where you fall in terms of there's no plan, there's no strategy for actual diplomacy and foreign policy. >> maria, let's move to another topic. after comments that some thought were anti-semitic, the resolution passed in the house condemning hate, it really was an all hate matters type approach, instead of going after anti-semitism, it went after
7:40 am
islamaphobia, white supremacy and other matters as well. was this the best way to deal specifically with what launched the catalyst for the need for a response? >> i do, i actually think it was the best way to deal with this. look, victor, what we saw this week was a new democratic party that's expanding, that's growing, that's fitting in, what i call beautiful diversity. we elected in november the most diverse congress in history. what that means is that there will be robust sometimes raucous debates because people are now at the table that are representing communities that have historically been marginalized. they have different perspectives. >> different perspectives, understandable, but do you believe that what she said was anti-semitic? >> i believe the words she used, absolutely were taken as being
7:41 am
anti-semitic. >> what does that mean, they were taken as being anti-semitic. were they anti-semitic or were they not? >> well, i don't know what is in her heart. i will go with what nancy pelosi said because i believe this. i don't believe she meant them as anti-semitic because i don't believe she understood what her words were meaning, when she uses the word allegiance, foreign country. >> there are plenty of times we had conversations with you and maybe not alice but other republicans in which they have said nobody knows what's in president trump's heart and you have said i don't know what's in his heart but i know what comes out of his mouth. are we not judging them by different scales here, if we don't know what's in president trump's heart and judging what comes out of his mouth, what does -- >> trump has a 50 year history of not just comments but of
7:42 am
policies that are out and out racist. we can judge him on what he has said and done for 50 years. if congresswoman omar doesn't learn from this, yes, she will have to answer to being anti-semitic and what that means. my hope is is that -- >> let me say something. >> and she will now understand what her words mean. >> i am sick and tired after an entire week of democrats defending congresswoman omar, treating her like she's a 12-year-old child that doesn't know what she's saying. she knew exactly what she's saying. she repeated it, doubled down on her anti-semitic comments, and democrats defended her, kept trying to put words in her mouth, what she actually meant. she knew exactly what she was saying. she has not walked them back and it is hurtful. when she talks about dual loyalty and people are motivated by benjamins, she talks about israel hypnotizing americans, she needs to be to auschwitz and
7:43 am
see one of the concentration camps, see what the people of the jewish faith went through. >> here's the difference. >> wait wait. let alice finish. >> she's an elected congresswoman, elected to represent the people of her district. i feel bad for them because she is not bringing home the bacon, she's working on click bait for herself. it is despicable democrats allowed her to get away with it this long. >> quickly. >> she will have to answer to her constituents, no question. here's the big difference, victor. you brought up trump and what the difference is with congressman omar, congressman omar apologized repeatedly for the comments. give me one instance when president trump has apologized for anything he has ever said that is racist, bigoted, and full of hate speech, and that's what democrats were condemning and i'm completely absolutely incredibly proud of a party that's doing that for all kinds of hatred. as a latina, i get hatred every
7:44 am
day. i am glad that the democratic party is focusing on all communities. >> got to wrap it there. thank you both. >> thanks, victor. flights at newark international airport resumed after airport operations shut down due to the emergency landing of a cargo jet after a possible fire. the faa says it happened on an airtra airtra airtransit flight. now officials are in the process of getting the aircraft off the runway there. glad everybody seems to be okay here. convicted former pharmaceutical executive martin shkreli is under scrutiny for business conducted while in prison. we'll tell you more. a deadly head-on collision between a car and school bus, children inside. we'll show you this devastating scene. ♪
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the bureau of prisons is opening a new investigation into martin shkreli, the convicted pharmaceutical executive. >> he is believed to be running the former company from behind bars, via a contraband smart phone. polo sandoval is following the story for us. >> reporter: the so-called pharma bro may still be at it, running part of his pharmaceutical company from his prison cell in new jersey. thursday, "the wall street journal" reported he was using a contraband cell phone to continue heading the drug company that once earned him title of most hated man in
7:50 am
america. as the ceo of phoenix's ag in 2015, known as touring pharmaceuticals at the time, shkreli surged the price of a drug used to treat aids patients by 5,000%. the price hike sparked public outrage and inquiries about the ceo. >> this is a witch hunt of epic proportions, maybe they found one or two broom sticks, but at the end of the day we have been acquitted of the most important charges of the case, i am dlietd to report that. >> according to the reporting, shkreli effects the ag will grow more successful while in prison, may be worth $4 billion by the time he is released. in 2017, he was convicted of defrauding investors, misusing their money. 16 months into a 7 year prison sentence. a statement to cnn, federal bureau of prisons confirms it is aware of possible violations writing when there are
7:51 am
allegations of misconduct, they're thoroughly investigated and appropriate action is taken if such allegations are proven true. this allegation is currently under investigation. prison officials decline to discuss details of shkreli's confinement, point out federal inmates are not allowed to possess cell phones. conviction for such offense could mean an extra year in prison and a fine. that would mean an even stiffer price for shkreli to pay. he was already ordered to forfeit $7.4 million in assets. his criminal attorney declined to comment. mark hash wits who was hired by shkreli's company didn't respond to a request for comment. polo sandoval, cnn, new york. this is a tragic story. three people are dead, including a child after a school bus collided head on with a car in oklahoma. officials in seminal county tell kfor the child was in the school
7:52 am
bus, two others in the car. six others were injured. this happened yesterday. both vehicles bushes inrst into. they're charred. the cause is under investigation. equal pay for equal play, the u.s. women's national team slapping their own organization with a lawsuit. the laundry list of complaints and why players chose now to sue. that's next. so, you're open all day, that's what 24/7 means, sugar. kind of like how you get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico. hmm? yeah, you just go online, or give them a call anytime. you don't say. yep. now what will it take to get 24/7 access to that lemon meringue pie? pie! pie's coming!
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our first cnn hero of 2019 is teaming up with hospitals to turn video games into a source of healing. here's how zack wigel makes them
7:57 am
part of recovery for sick kids across the country. >> sometimes people believe that video games are corrupting the minds of america's youth. but video games are incredible tool for helping kids find a source of fun and relief during stressful and difficult times. >> people think the games are just games, they're so much more than that. >> you don't have to talk about me being sick, we can play the game, that's more cool than me talking about me being sick. >> when zack and his team do the work, and to nominate someone, go to the u.s. women's national team is suing the u.s. soccer federation. >> coy, they say fair is fair, they deserve the same money as the guys. >> the timing of the lawsuit has to be noted. it is yesterday, international women's day, three months in advance of women's world cup in france. you have the most prominent
7:58 am
voices on the team, 28 players in all, listed in the complaint. they say u.s. soccer hasn't paid the same as men, nor do they get equal training or travel accommodations among other things, all this despite the women had so much more success than the men, winning three world cups, four olympic "golgo. the players say they haven't seen enough change. here they are again fighting. >> we are very much fighting for gender equality, payee quality. i think you see it in other federations that are asking for what they feel they deserve. you see it in australia and denmark, teams fighting federations for what they deserve. >> the men's national team is standing up for the women saying in part it fully supports the efforts of the u.s. women's national team players to achieve equal pay. perhaps some of the biggest questions are how far are the women willing to take this, will
7:59 am
there be a resolution before the women's world cup kicks off june 7th. the usa's first game is june 11th. we have saturday morning inspiration from a young baseball fan named alex. when life throws you curve balls, what do you do, you may be hit in the face or gut, down to your knees and tumble. no matter how many times you fall like young alex, you get up and you keep going. this is young alex playing at a tampa bay rays spring training game, just playing catch. we may have found baseball's next future star. he needs a few more games. >> is that a wiffle ball, is he hit in the face with a real baseball? >> he is tough. >> you're right. it doesn't matter how many times you fall, matters how many times you get back up. >> and he rolls. good for him. coy, thank you.
8:00 am
we're always glad to have you with us. thank you for spending time with us. we hope you make good memories today. >> the news continues, breaking news with fredricka whitfield. good morning, everyone. i am fredricka whitfield. we've got this breaking news for you. newark airport reopening after an emergency landing prompted a shutdown this morning. passengers on a flight interest canada to florida evacuating the plane using emergency slides. you're taking a look at some of the recent images right there. the pilots contacted air traffic control requesting to divert and land immediately when smoke started filling the plane, frightening moments. let's bring in mary skaf oh from u.s. department of transportation. walk us through the potentials when you have the slides, passengers have to go to deplane, you've got some passengers saying they smelled smoke. what


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