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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  March 9, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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of times since they were first spotted 60 years ago. they have a different body shape and smaller narrowed markings around the eyes. live in the cnn newsroom, thanks for staying with me. when you think of must win states for democrats, running for president. texas may not be at the top of the list. the next couple days, that's where a number of the party's biggest names will be at the south by southwest festival in austin. the event best known for technology, film and music, getting a big infusion of politics this weekend. outside of austin, a more traditional campaign approach for some other 2020 contenders who are on the ground in case states like iowa, nevada and south carolina today gives you a little sampling of who's doing
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what. they're on site, they're in austin, layla, you've been following beto o'rourke today, he was at south by southwest for the premiere of his new documentary about his senate run. what is he thinking about 2020. did he give any clues? >> well, that question was asked in the q & a session after the documentary, and he deflected. this was yet another opportunity for beto o'rourke to come out and say here's the decision i have made when it comes to 2020, and apparently today is not the day, well, as of yet, anyway. so the documentary kind of gave this behind the scenes look as to his campaign. immediately afterwards, when he was asked that question, he sort of moved to the other local candidates in texas, highlighted what they're doing, highlighted the importance of their election, but what will come next according to our sources. it's an announcement on his decision for 2020 that is said to be any day now.
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rewind, you know, in early february, he told oprah he would make a decision by the end of the month. the last day of february, he said, i have made a decision, within a few hours, i talked to him and he said that decision -- that announcement on that decision will come soon. but soon i guess isn't yet today. we're still waiting to find out when he will make that announcement and what that announcement will officially be. >> leyla, stand by. mark, give us an idea, who else is there that has made south by southwest the place to be? >> it certainly is. there was a headline on usa today a couple days ago, austin the new iowa, i don't think it's the new iowa, but it's a place if you are a democrat and you are running for president, this is the place you want to be. you want to be here because these are the types of supporters that you want to woo. these are people coming from all around the country, coming here
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for ten days to talk about the arts, gaming, and to talk about music and politics as well. we've seen this festival which really started in 1987 as an arts festival to bring people together to help shape ideas, to really evolve into a festival that has gone well beyond that now, and is really shaping ideas not only in the entertainment space. but certainly in the political space. we're going to see folks from all across the country here, trying to talk to themselves, talk to themselves about the future, and this is where the candidates are going to try to talk directly to them, to get their support. >> mark, what do they need to do to stand out. what are people looking for. >> a couple things, they're looking for forward thinking people now, i have to say, while texas is a red state, as you said at the top, it's not a state you would think democrats would be investing a lot in, but they are starting to invest a lot in the state. they saw a chance possibly to pick up a senate seat in two
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years from now, they would hope beto o'rourke would run. we're still waiting on the announcement. they're looking for people who are talking about community, talking about coming together. talking about trying to fix the policy right now that's affecting our nation. and really to drill down in it, you're talking about ceo's of tech companies, young entrepreneurs, tech, old school companies as well, they're sending in some of their top officials as well, this has become an ideas factory, that's what we're going to see over the next ten days. democratic politicians are trying to sell their ideas, we'll see if they're successful there. live from austin, thank you. let's bring in s.e. cupp host of unfiltered, and van jones, host of the van jones show, both later this evening. thanks for being here with us, the crowded field of democratic contenders got even more crowded this week, we have former colorado governor john hickenlooperer jumping into the
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race, he's in iowa this weekend along with a couple others. which democrat of the list of 12 plus stands out so far? >> i think it's fairly clear that kamala harris' rollout has been the most professional seamless, there's energy behind it. i think she's a very polished candidate. i would still wait for joe biden to decide what he's going to do. i think he will be sort of a mile marker in the democratic field. if he runs, as the voice of middle america, that will sort of be a governor on the rest of the field, which very much wants to run to the far left. he will maintain a middle ground. if he doesn't get in, then i think this thing is off to the races. all the way over to the can onl >> music --
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>> if democrats are trying to capture those forgotten voters in the rust belt. >> there were five people this week that announced they weren't running. which i thought was interesting. before we talk about biden. the fact that beto o'rourke has not announced his decision. he announced ten days ago, he had made a decision. what do you make of that? >> well, i know i think honestly, he has his documentary, he didn't want to step on that, so he rolls the documentary out. >> he's building the suspense for his supporters. >> i think obviously he's not going to make an announcement on top of the documentary today. it doesn't make that much sense for him to wait that much longer. people wrote bernie sanders off last time, they're writing him off the last time. he never stopped running for
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president he built this big massive machine, and when he hit the button to cut it on, a bunch of money poured in. if you have bernie here and biden over there. elizabeth warren stumbled out of the gate pretty badly. she's found some ways to come back. >> warren was trying to distinguish herself from bernie sanders. >> is it incorrect that he discouraged you from running? if so on what grounds? >> so bernie and i have -- >> people don't know the difference -- you and bernie are really the same. what's the crux of the difference. >> bernie speaks to democratic socialism is, and i'm not.
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the centrists have to speak to whatever they are doing, what i can speak to is. >> so you heard her there, van. say, don't call me a socialist, sort of dancing around it, bernie sanders really embraces that. >> what's interesting, it's fair for her to say she's not a democratic socialist. when i first met her, she was a harvard professor teaching economics and all kinds of other stuff. she was really angry that capitalism got distorted in that way. she comes in and somebody who taught a bunch of those guys on wall street and felt they weren't actually -- they were cheating, some people think that capitalism itself is cheating, it's a bad system. others feel like capitalism is a good system, but the rules have been rigged. elizabeth warren is more on that side of it, she's saying stuff now in terms of amazon and google and facebook, these companies are too big. she wasn'ts to -- >> she put out a proposal this week, that she thinks they
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should be broken up. >> minimally, that they shouldn't be able to run companies that compete with other companies on their own platforms. she's putting out some substantive stuff beyond medicare for all. it's going to get interesting on the left. i love it, because this is my wing of the party. >> i wonder if she was avoiding that label of socialist. the president thinks that's going to really hurt democrats, he and other republicans in the campaign have tried to use socialism as a real digger against the democratic party. >> also, elizabeth warren i would argue is bernie but with baggage. she's very similar to his ideology, so this was really the only area she could go after we don't share the same discrete label. that was revealing that she
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doesn't say we have serious policy differences, because they don't. elizabeth warren doesn't have the authenticity for lots of reasons that voters seek. what they love about bernie, you know he believes what he's saying. and what i said back in 2016, the difference between bernie and hillary clinton, bernie was a cause. and hillary clinton was a corporation and i think elizabeth warren has to compete with his aujauthenticity, and there's no competition. >> i do see elizabeth warren differently than s.e. cup, i think she believes the stuff she says. when she talks about her upbringing, those with middle class values. i think she believes it, and i think she connects.
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she somehow managed to slip on this banana peel around this native american stuff, that's defined her to too many people. as she stays out there, we have a whole year before anyone gets to vote. i think her stock goes up. >> she's got to get her poll numbers up. >> she has more room to grow than anyone else -- that's not a bad thing. she's not peaked early. >> let me talk about biden, you talk about poll numbers, authenticity, room to grow, room to go down. listen to what a group of democratic voters said this week about biden and the prospect of his candidacy. >> i used to think because he was the obama way, i thought he was the person that would unite the party. to be honest, you know, senator
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biden really comes from the good old boy politics of the past. >> i don't think joe biden represents that new thing that we need. we need a new economy, we need new politics and we need someone different. >> you hear that, and yet look at the poll numbers. his favorable rating among democrats, according to latest polls. 80%. only 9% unfavorable. those are rock star numbers. how do you square these two things. >> i think there's an ex-essential divide in the republican party between the nostalgia for joe biden and his language. the idea that someone needs to heal this country. on the other side, the idea that we need to make people pay. that someone's going to be angry enough and exercised enough to do what needs to be done, and take this country in a new progressive direction. he's not that person, those voters are very astute when they
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diagnose the biden problem. you can't have both things. i don't think, unless you find the unicorn candidate. i think beto aims to be that unicorn candidate that can heal the nation and embark on this progressive journey forward. this is an emotional issue that democrats will have to grapple with during this primary. >> democrats love president obama. joe biden was his right handman. does that give him an edge? >> it does. there is a nostalgia and the idea of -- part of it,are you going to be tough enough on trump? are you going to be mad enough at wall street, that kind of stuff? democrats do well when we have that young fresh face, bill
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clinton was that young fresh face. obama was that young fresh face. we got so many young fresh faces, especially compared to someone of biden's generation. maybe they should have a shot. i don't know how this is going to work itself out. i think you're right. biden is bre loved in this party. he's beloved because he stood by obama and he turned that thing into a great buddy movie. and people want a sequel. >> we're back on the other side of the break. s.e., we'll see you at the top of the hour, you have to get ready for your show. much more ahead this hour, including the sentencing of donald trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort and what his sentence might say about the american justice styystem. that's something van jones feels good about. after someone pays more than
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paul manafort's legal troubles are far from over. a different judge than he faced this week. many folks are still talking about how he got off light by their judgment. on friday, when a judge in his fraud conviction case gave him far less than the 25 years prosecutors sought. now, president trump's campaign chairman will serve less than four years for those crimes and had nine months taken off his sentence for time served. i want to start with the reaction from the 2020 campaign trail, here's cory booker last night. >> here's a guy, that betrayed our nation, that the prosecutor said -- the sentencing guidelines said over 19 years, and he's getting out with a slap on the wrist. what does it say to people in
2:20 pm
communities like mine, who have been disproportionately targeted by a drug war. it's not a war on drugs, it's a war on people. >> booker is from newark, new jersey. 50% there african-american. what's your take on this? >> well, it's an insult. you have people who are doing way more time than that for minor property crimes. i mean, this is somebody who was a traitor. he's someone who has hurt our country. and it's not like you're asking the judge to do something extraordinary, hey, judge, just follow the basic guidelines, you're looking at 20, 25 years. >> let me just throw this out there. the judge made a point to say he has to rule and make sure that it's consistent with this particular type of crime which manafort was convinced. and the sentence, he had multiple examples, in which people with similar convictions were given less time.
2:21 pm
no prison time in some cases. >> part of the problem that we have here is that we look at white collar crime differently. there is a parting down on white collar crime consistently. >> so it's a systemic problem? >> it is. >> it doesn't make it better to point out that people who have done worse stuff than this -- >> i am a member of reform to try to do something about criminal justice. why did we get started? meek mill got sent back to prison for two years for popping a wheely. literally, he was on a motorcycle, lifts the wheel off the ground and gets two years. when you're looking at communities who see 5, 10, 15 year sentences for fairly minor stuff, it's hard to swallow. you have a woman serving five years in prison in texas,
2:22 pm
because she voted. now, she was on parole, she thought she had the right to vote. she didn't have the right to vote. she's serving five years for trying to be a good citizen. this guy is getting four years for being a traitor. it doesn't make any sense. this is the kind of stuff that i think makes it hard for people to not come to the conclusion so many times, it's better in this country to be rich and guilty than poor and innocent. if you don't have the resources, and you're from the wrong neighborhood and you have the wrong skin color and the wrong background, you're going to wined up doing more time. >> that's such a good book. let me talk about your show tonight. you're talking with the members of the new generation. you talk to them about impeachment. let's watch. >> who here right now has seen
2:23 pm
enough truth to be ready for impeachment right now, a show of hands. >> nobody? nobody? >> i'm waiting personally for the results of the investigation, and even all of these conversations, it's not about donald trump, this is the office of the president, this is upholding the constitution. if this were barack obama and we were seeing everything we are seeing, i'd want some answers. i'd want the congressmen to demand we get this information. it doesn't matter who the person is. >> you think that was surprised by the pump the brakes mentality there? >> this show is so amazing, these are brand new congress people on the whole. they don't know this stuff they're not supposed to say. get them while they're fresh. and so we had a great conversation. three strong progressives, two
2:24 pm
from more moderate trumpy districts. listening to them talk is like pulling back the curtain what must be going on in this democratic caucus room. as this huge new wave of democrats get in there. they're in the government, they have to make decisions, and it's a fascinating conversation. i love talking to people when they're that new in their careers. they have to figure out how to button it all down. none of them felt like they were ready to impeach. and they point out that there were some in their party who felt that way, but they ran on that. all of them said we didn't run on that we ran on jobs, health care, it's fascinating to see this -- every color in the skittles bag up there. the first native american woman, you had somebody with indian, a female military person. this new democratic party is so fascinating, i think we really capture it on the show tonight. >> we look forward to seeing it,
2:25 pm
it sounds like a very interesting conversation. that's coming up at 7:00 on cnn. el paso texas, a town that's ground zero for the literal fight over whether there's a national emergency on the u.s. border. the republican mayor of that city has a message for president trump and congress about what needs to be done to keep his city safe. you're live in the condition krng newsroom. person who got an awful skin condition. with uncontrolled moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis... feel like you're itching all the time. and you never know how your skin will look. because deep within your skin... overly sensitive immune system... ...could be the cause. so help heal your skin from within. with dupixent. dupixent is not a steroid,... ...and it continuously treats your eczema... ...even when you can't see it. at 16 weeks, nearly four times more patients taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin
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>> venezuelans are furious all over the country, supporters of nicholas maduro and riot police physically clashing with people who believe an opposition leader is their legitimate president. no electricity nearly the entire country has been in a blackout since thursday. >> this statewide power outage is quickly becoming an issue for people of venezuela. when may it end? >> it's a national emergency at this point. no doubt, people have had these rolling blackouts. sometimes the power comes on for a little bit of time. you know how hard people fight to get food in their refrigerators, now it is all spoiling. at this point in time, we do not have any information, nor is the government giving any estimate as to when the power might come back on, and that is a problem.
2:31 pm
not just a national emergency, it could become a security issue. at this point now, though, as you can see a lot of that anger filtering on into the streets. the opposition had already called a rally today, the government called its own rally. the government rally pretty much went as scheduled textbook rally. many of them i've been to before president maduro using some of the same lines. yankee, go home, get your hands off venezuela. saying next week, government help was on the way. you contrast that with the opposition protesters, i was out there, there were tens of thousands of people collecting in different areas. they were stopped. they were stopped from going to the main point where the opposition leader was going to be giving his speech. there's a lot of anger out there. while it went off peacefully given all of the anger and all the crowds that couldn't get to where they wanted to go.
2:32 pm
there's people that still believe more should be done. >> the only way we could get out of this is by confrontation. we don't expect the u.s. or any other country -- venezuelans have to get out and fight for venezuela. >> that was the frustration you saw, ana. you saw the line of national guardsmen behind her. they stymied the entire protest, guido did not get the momentum he wanted no one really knew where to go for the protest, they had no access to cell service on their phones. in terms of watching any of this unfold on tv, many people are still literally and figuratively in the dark.
2:33 pm
ana? >> it's an intense situation. stay safe. also overseas today, people who watch north korea for a living, believe the country is getting ready to launch something, either a missile or a rocket. a spike in activity near pyongyang is showing up in satellite imagery. president trump told reporters he would be very disappointed if kim jong-un restarted his missile testing program. this comes after the president's summit with north korea and fell apart last month with no agreement. the mayor of el paso texas says he wants washington to hear his message about what's really happening on the u.s. border with mexico. we'll discuss next. since i'm a , you know there's times that i'm gone for, like, three weeks at a time. even if i'm 3,000 miles away, i'm connected with my boys. every day i can video chat with them. i could be in the middle of wyoming. even if i'm like waaay... out here, i can still reach my kids. baby, you-- you see me? (sons) hey, daddy!
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471, the trump administration has identified 471 parents who were deported from the u.s. without their children according to a court filing. we learned potentially thousands more parents and children will be included in a lawsuit over
2:38 pm
family separations. these numbers, this information all coming out shortly after democrats grilled kirstejn nielsen on capitol hill this week. she insisted her department did not enact a policy, but was simply following the law. watch. >> we all know the results of the policy and the compassionate -- or lack of compassion. >> ma'am, it's not a policy, it's the law. we enforce the law. we don't make up the law, the law was already there. >> this is in line with what we heard from president trump last summer. take a listen. >> because it's the law, and it's what the law states. and the law -- >> you don't have to do that. >> you're right, it doesn't have to be the law, and the president has called on democrats in congress to fix those loopholes. >> the children -- >> did you announce -- >> the children can be taken care of quickly, beautifully and immediately. the democrats forced that law
2:39 pm
upon our nation. i hate it. i hate to see situation of parents and children. >> however, a draft memo written by senior dhs officials says the trump administration was considering a policy to separate families as early as december 2017. that is four months before the policy took effect. former white house chief of staff john kelly. also nilsson's predecessor had this to say. the big separation of families thing that happened was a decision made by the attorney general. it was his decision to make and it kind of surprised us. but who is to blame for separating parents from their children is of little consolation to the children who were separated as of monday. nearly 100 of those kids are still waiting to be reunited with their parents. as more and more families find themselves in custody. customs and border control say the system is at a breaking point with more than 76,000
2:40 pm
people apprehended crossing the boarder illegally or without papers in february alone. adding the families and unaccompanied children make up more than 60% of these new apprehensions. i want to bring in dean margot of el paso texas, which has become ground zero in this fight over the border wall. does any of the news we've learned this week impact your position now on the president's declaration of a national emergency at the border? >> well, there is a -- an emergency with the migrant proce process. that's all as a result of the failure to deal with immigration polecy to begin with. we're dealing with the route causes in washington, d.c., and has been for over 30 years with the failure of congress to act on both sides of the aisle. so we had, i think, released yesterday 600 in el paso, and today i think there is 564, something like that. i get the numbers every day. >> so you know the numbers, every day, you know this issue
2:41 pm
well, according to secretary nilsson. right now, the u.s. is on track to see the highest number of border apprehensions. in more than a decade. could end up being closer to a million this year, do we need a wall? >> i've said on numerous occasions that a fence, and i prefer to use the nomenclature fence is a part of a general strategy for the process of protecting our borders as a sovereign nation. the question comes, is it a be all end all. it's part of this new process. homeland security needs to define what is border security, and what do they need? cbp is telling us they need another 2,000 agents. manpower is also part of, technology will be a part of it. >> confirming then, do you not agree with the president's emergency declaration to get the wall? >> i don't know that there's a need for that particular declaration. i know there's a need for a
2:42 pm
comprehensive immigration reform policy, coming out of washington which might stop the flow of immigrants across if we change the way. it's legal right now to walk up there and say, i have a credible threat and be processed, and they're turned loose. i talked to the judges who handle these immigration cases and their capacity is 700 per year. we don't have enough judges for all these thousands coming over. there's no way, we're going to have multiple years of this process, unless they reconcile it in washington. given that 60% according to dhs. 60% of these people coming across the border right now, are families and unaccompanied children. what is needed to fix what is becoming a humanitarian issue? there are resources, right? what resources do you need? >> well, right now our ngo, the enunciation house helps process these. as they say, over 500 is a real
2:43 pm
bear for us, it's -- we're hitting maximum over that. we -- they're in el paso for 24 to a maximum of 48 hours. some have been there as long as 96 hours, they're sent to wherever their sponsors are throughout the united states. they come up with bus fair, air fair or whatever's required to get them to where they need to be. this is an on going problem because it's not being reconciled in washington. as i say, both sides of the aisle are culpable. do you think that people in washington really understand and grasp what's going on? in your op ed this week in the dallas morning news, you mentioned you have not been part of the conversation working toward solutions on this issue. why haven't you been able to be at the table? >>. >> that's a good question. el paso is the largest mexican city on the u.s. border. we're at the intersection of chihuahua mexico and texas. we're a region of 2 1/2 million
2:44 pm
people. if you want to understand the border, you need to come to el paso. we've had a relationship with mexico for almost 400 years. people don't realize until 1841, el paso was on the south side of the rio grande. we have families on both sides, commerce on both sides. six bridges, we're the second largest trading port out of texas for transportation. we have 23,000 legal pedestrians that come north every day. >> that's crucial for your economy it sounds like? >> it is, and the bridges are not fully staffed by the cbp. we need that, it's a combination of a lot of things, there's no one single issue or item you can point to. border security needs to be defined by homeland security, and then they need to put out what is needed. not political washington determining saying i want 1.6 or 5.7 or whatever it is, i want to hear what homeland security
2:45 pm
wants. >> as the senate gets ready to take a vote on a disapproval resolution to the president's emergency declaration for his border wall. what do you think they should do, if you could talk to them right now. should they vote to disapprove of the emergency declaration? or vote in the president's support been his favorite? >> well, i really -- i'm not qualified to comment on what they should and shouldn't do. i will tell you they need to do something on immigration related to daca. if you served in the military for daca, your automatic as a citizen if you want to be. others are given a choice. those who appear for over -- that are the 12 million that are here under false documentation and working. vet them for criminal activities, if they have any criminal background deport them, if they haven't, give them green cards. process them appropriately, let them work legally. don't allow them to vote. or have -- don't have citizenship or be allowed to vote.
2:46 pm
>> all right. thank you for sharing your perspective with us. >> sure. singer r. kelly posted bail this afternoon, walking out to fans screaming, i love you. and he talked to reporters for the first time since his explosive and emotional interview on cbs. you're live in the cnn newsroom. don't go anywhere. thank you clients? well jd power did just rank them highest in investor satisfaction with full service brokerage firms...again. and online equity trades are only $4.95... i mean you can't have low cost and be full service. it's impossible. it's like having your cake and eating it too. ask your broker if they offer award-winning full service and low costs. how am i going to explain this? if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab. schwab, a modern approach to wealth management. my gums are irritated. i don't have to worry about that, do i? actually, you do. harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line. new crest gum detoxify works below the gum line to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage.
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. breaking news. singer r. kelly leading jail for the second time in two weeks. this time an unidentified person posted his bail. he's also facing multiple charges related to sexually abusing teens.
2:51 pm
here wall street his message to fans today on his way out of jail. i promise you, we're going to straighten this out. >> reporter: and to your fans? >> i love you. >> some people were yelling "i love you" as he drove away. joey jackson joins you. he sat down with the interview with cbs. this is how his attorney is reacting to that interview. watch. >> he sat for an interview. he wanted to sit for it. he's not hiding. >> reporter: do you think it helped his case. >> it doesn't help or hurt his case. we are going to try this case in a courtroom, on the rules of evidence, based on what they're going to present. we're not doing interviews to taint the jury pool, to not
2:52 pm
taint the jury, to help the case, to not help the case. >> joey, do you think his attorney was effective there? >> no, everybody does things differently, to be clear. but you can't yell at people. you have to state a your case in a way that was more gentle. that interview obviously was designed to help. i would have done the same thing. the problem was that i don't know that he adequately prepped, or if he was, he may have veered off-course. you need to give an interview, because you want to condition the jury pool. i believe that jury pool is poisoned, in large measure, about the negative things that have been said, based upon the documentary and these ten counts he's facing. i think it was a missed opportunity. i think it's hard to blame your
2:53 pm
ex-wife for everything under humanity. it's hard to say that everyone is lying. i think you have to absorb some things. i perhaps at times been controlling, i may have been a jerk at times. i'm no criminal, and never engaged, and never would i break the law, and i think in terms of demeanor and comportment, it was off the rails so, look, there's no perfect individual. he was obviously outraged in large measure on what he perceived to be a piling a of him, but i think that interviews was a missed opportunity. jussie smollett was indicted. his attorney called it prosecutorial overkill. listen to what mark geragos
2:54 pm
said. >> they're bringing 16 counts, because they parsed out two statements. i defy you to find something like that. he was not suspended. they have not talked to one person at fox who has said his was dissatisfied with his money. i've never seen a media pendulum swing more quickly and more viciously and rob somebody of their presumption of innocence like this case. it's startling the way people assume that he's guilty. >> joey, 16 counts, does that sound like a lot? >> it is a lot. but prosecutors, they charge and programs overzealously. maybe he'll make mods on duplicity issues. what that means is there's too many counts, they all say the same thing. but here's the issue, it doesn't matter at the end of the day. let me be clear, a defendant's rights always matter, how we prosecutor cases, and how cases
2:55 pm
move forward always matter, but all it takes is one conviction on a single count and there's a problem. you can rail against the prosecutors and say that the prosecutors perhaps were overzealous, and perhaps that's true. perhaps it could bobby 10 or 6 counts, but at the end of the say it's the same fact pattern. if they get a convict to any of it, then he has problems. there's a lot of things going on, in terms of public sentiment, i just think there's a way out for him. if he doesn't take that way out, he could be hurt significantly. this is one to watch. thank you, joey. weapon to honor this week's heroes. he brought video games to sick kids across the country. >> sometimes people believe that video games are corrupting the minds of america's youth, but video games are an incredible tool to find a source of fun and
2:56 pm
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