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tv   S.E. Cupp Unfiltered  CNN  March 9, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! welcome to unfiltered. they're keeping austin weird. the democrats have descended upon austin, texas. it's been known as a music-focused festival, but now a key battleground for 2020
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hopefuls. john delaney, and john hickenlooper, all -- but -- leyla santiago is there. this has become a major campaign stop for democrats this year. what did you see today? >> reporter: there was films and conversations broadband had about immigration, about the economy, about criminal justice reform. hoping to tap into that conversation, and the union and engaged audience that comes with it. you have senator elizabeth warren, really trying to differentiate, saying i'm not a democratic socialist, to make
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her different in a very crowded field. then you have those, like democrat beto o'rourke, who hasn't made an announcement yet, but really disappointed people who were hoping that maybe he would say something here today, at a documentary called "running with beto" he was specifically asked when will you make a decision? and he deflected, talking about some of the other local races and candidates so you're seeing -- in a very crowded field and take advantage of the audience that's here, very young, very engaged, and very much educated on some of the key issue that is you'll see on the 2020 campaign. >> leyla, thanks so much.
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the candidates will most certainly have to answer questions about the latest controversy. he na her name is ilhan omar. amy klobuchar was asked about it. despite, the past few weeks and omar, congress, really all of us an opportunity to do a few important thing. one, have a different -- two, discuss the particularly odious scourge of andy semitism in the united states, what it is and what it isn't. three, take on substantive debate about actual policies. well, congratulations, america, we did none of the above, despite saying that she wanted to have difficult conversations
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about israel's influence, she's done no such thing. despite repeated warnings from her colleagues, to be more careful with her language, she's only goen in the opposite direction, like why has congress had the opportunity to denounce semitism, and the far right and the far left, and democrats decided to dodge that opportunities, unapologetically dressing up a resolution as anti-hate and insulating the person it was -- and finally there have been practically zero substantive debates and
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including from the person, who once again set she is wants difficult conversation. in fact when asked about several -- here's what ilhan omar had to say. >> why support bcs? >> here's the deal. it is not anti-semitic to question or criticize our relationship with israel, nor is it anti-semitic to criticize politics. that's a strawman argument, but when ilhan omar uses centuries-old tropes again and again at a pretense for having difficult conversations and then refuses to have those conversations, there's no question what is going on here, and democrats, shame on you for
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protecting her. it should not be this hard to -- and don't bother tweeting me. yes, i also did denounce republicans' protection of the human canser, steve king. joining me is antidefamation league ceo jonathan greenblatt. we have talked about this before. i welcome conversations about israel. i know you do, too. why do you think it's so hard for this congresswoman to initiate those important conversations without using anti-semitic language? >> as you stated at the top of the broadcast, we have conversations all the time. this wasn't about israel. the charge that jews have an allegiance to a foreign power is deeply anti-semitic. it predates the state of israel.
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it's been used to slander and marginalize and discriminate against jewish people for hundreds and hundreds of years. we should keep in mind that not only is it anti-semitic, it's anti-american. this is used against german-americans, and used to intern japanese-americans. it was used against jack kennedy, who was catholic. it's ugly, it's tired and doesn't belong. >> i want to ask about bds, its goal is to delegitimize and villainize the jewish state. explain why people should be as concerned about this policy, which omar supports, as they are about her tweets?
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>> had movement has used to question jewish people, questioning their legitimacy. now this policy seeks to question the jewish state, but it's the same old charges, as you said, the people behind it have deeply anti-semitic motive. and it doesn't seek a two-state solution. it doesn't seek engagement. it spends time demonizing the single jewish state in the world. we find that deeply problematic. >> to be fair, she says she does support a two-state solution. but we haven't been able to talk to her about it. what do you make of the resolution in congress, basically denouncing all hatred. is that the proper response? >> the most violent anti-semitic
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attack in american history, i have a few thoughts. first, there was good in the resoluti resolution. it had good parts. congress should be quick, clear and call it out. secondly, what is there to debate will? at the adl, we fight all forms of hate. i've defended congresswoman omar when she was smeared by the poster in west virginia last weekend. i've stood up for refugees. >> as do i. >> i call out this whole idea of a registry, but this whole notion of all lives matter this notion? we can do better than that. congress can do better than that. >> thank you, jonathan. i appreciate you being here. >> thank you. now i want to bring in our
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panel. matt lewis and maria cardona. matt, let's get the elephant out of the room. president trump has weighed in on this. >> the democrats have become an anti-israel party and anti-jewish party. that's too bad. >> that is demonstrably, provably false, and probably not the best tack to take here. >> i think donald trump should stay out of this, but i think there is something to be said that this sadly line a canary in the coal mine, and maybe the way the democratic party is headed toward a -- party in britain. >> i've heard this comparison. >> the reason is, look, nancy pelosi is the speaker of the house, but nancy pelosi's refusing to call this out specifically.
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behavely we have representative omar uses they tropes and guess who is the future of the party? it's not nancy pelosi. this is the wave, that's my point. >> and nancy pelosi has defended omar. she chose an interesting defense yesterday, saying that omar has a different experience in the use of words. i would just add -- i mean, over and over and over again, despite being told to choose better words, should she maybe on a different committee than foreign affairs? >> here's what i'll say. let's step back. everything is saying the democrats let her off. they didn't. she was giving very difficult talking-tos. >> to what effect? >> she apologized twice, okay?
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the reason why i think it's so ill-advised for the president to jump in, he is somebody, as you know, has used tropes in his tweets. he said in charlottesville there are broadband people on both sides. where is the outrage on that? >> wait a second, we spent three years on cnn talking pretty extensively about donald trump's failings -- >> you have, but republicans in congress don't do it. >> well, see, there was a resolution against. >> no offense to maria, here's what i don't like. i understand, maria, but now we have hijacked the conversation about trump. i want to talk about what she said. it's deeply offensive, she keeps doing it. >> and she needs to change her ways. >> democrats have not effectively put this behind them, dealt with t i'm not convinced she won't say something like this again. >> this is something she's going
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to be held to account. >> by whom? when? where? >> if she keeps saying it, she will be held to account by her own party. >> wasn't this that opportunity? >> because she had just said it, and there are things that he did say that i think merit, to your point at the beenning paul waldman had a terrific "the washington post" article, he grew up in a zionist household, he said she had very good arguments, arguments that we need to discuss. >> here's the problem, the scourge of anti-semitism -- >> she's engaged -- >> anti-semitism is a door. all it requires is a crack. >> yeah. >> for anti-semitism to be fomented, and this crack that she opened the door, and that democrats seem perfectly final to leave open -- >> but i don't agree with that. >> -- to not watch her language and normalize it. >> they should kick her off the
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foreign affairs committee if they're serious. >> if they were okay to -- >> wait, one at a time. >> she's engaged in three very, very explicit anti-semitic tropes that go back forever, right? one of them is that israel has hypnotized the world. >> she apologized for that. >> she's apologized three times and she keeps do it. >> she needs to learn from that, matt. >> whether people tell you who they are, believe them. >> what i'm saying is they have cut her some slack. they have not let her off the hook, because they have publicly rep rye manded her. >> nancy pelosi is apologizing for her. >> nancy pelosi -- >> matt, let me. >> hang on, nancy pelosi has publicly rip re mained her and said what she is saying is inappropriate. >> another way of pointing out, illustrating how bad a look this
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is, congressman clyburn said that ilhan omar's relationship -- she's a refugee, and that personally impacted her, of course. he intimated that that is somehow more legitimate than someone's relationship with the holocaust a generation or two ago. this is absolutely obscene, an obscene way to apologize for what is patently anti-semitic remarks. she does not seem to get it. >> democrats have absolutely said her remarks are patently anti-semitic, but i want to point out this resolution did not water down the anti-semitic piece of it. it beefed it up by including all kinds of hatred that, by the way, i am a part of that every day, being a latina. >> it undermines it.
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>> i don't think it does. the fact that 23 republicans voted against it. >> we've got to go. maria, it's an important conversation. i'm glad we're having it. i appreciate it. the president may get his first taste of legislative pushback next week over the national emergency declaration. but first some perspective from someone who has just returned from serving at the southern border. adam kinzinger joins me next. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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we're apprehending record number of people. president trump expressed very little grumblings about what was going on. the senate is set to vote next week on a rebuke of measure, some even in his own party.
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but as the politics play out in d.c., the situation at the border is inarguably not good? >> more than 66,000 people were apprehended at the border last month, the highest number recorded. most families and unaccompanied children. still historically low? yes. but overwhelming and a strain on the tools we have to handle it? yes. it's hard to know exactly what's happening there. let me bring in adam kinzinger, who has just returned. you were deployed with your air national guard unit. i want to know what you saw there. >> so this is my fourth time doing this kind of deployment. the thee prior times were in texas. as politicized as this is get, this is not only the president trump that is actually sending the guard it's very rugged
3:22 pm
terrain in arizona. i was based out of tucson, but flew all over. i fly intelligence aircraft, you would see people drop bundles, which a good number were actually drugs. you would see people abandon a group when they got spooked. those were coyotes leading people in. when they abandoned them. they left a group in the middle of nowhere, and they have no idea where they are. it's a very bad situation. while we can disagree on whether to build a wale, et cetera, where i get worried is i'm having people disagree there's even a problem on the border. that used to be not something we disagreed on. >> on the times you were there before, how did the trip compare? was it different? worse? better? >> i think it's worse. texas is very difficult terrain
3:23 pm
than arizona, so it's a little apples and oranges. had when i was in texas people were seeking a better way of life, migrant groups in essence trying to come over the border illegally. border patrol was then overwlaumd, too. in arizona, there's that, but i saw more cartel counter-intelligence operations. for instance, people would sit on hills and mountains and scout out where the border patrol is. they do things to draw border patrol to one area, so they can bring in a group in another area. they would leave one or two people behind so that border patrol would be tied up arresting them. it's pretty bad. >> do you support the president's use of a national emergency then? >> actually, you do. i'm not afraid to say if the president is wrong, but i think
3:24 pm
he's right in this case. this is not a change to the law. some of the president obama's executive orders changed policy. this is a change of where money is going. i said not because of the immigration component, but because of the drug and -- the two scourges that the world faces frankly, it rises to the level a national emergency. >> you met with the president this week. what did you talk about? >> we talked about this. i wanted to share my experience on the border. his was very interested it. the president and members of congress can go to the border with a windbreaker and picture, but to be involved in the operations was very unique. i shared that experience with him. he was very interested to hear it. it just reaffirmed his belief and my believe this is a national emergency. >>. >> well, as always, thank for you your service, and thank you
3:25 pm
for bringing all of that detailback to our show. i appreciate it. >> you bet. take care. next, i'll ask a democratic senator if this border problem is worthy of a wall. a little later, a debate about a debate. we'll talk about the president's favorite news channel, its alarming influence and being snubbed by the dnc. pardon the interruption but this is big! now with t-mobile get the samsung galaxy s10e included with unlimited data for just $40 a month.
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including anaphylaxis, a severe reaction. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening eye problems, including eye pain or changes in vision. if you are taking asthma medicines, do not change or stop your asthma medicine without talking to your doctor. help heal your skin from within. ask your eczema specialist about dupixent. i just finished discussion the politicization of the border situation. in a few minutes, i'll speak to a senator about the upcoming vote on the president's national emergency. but there's another troubling layer to it. the first amendment. homeland security has launched an internal investigation over allegations they are tracking journalists and activists at the border. earlier this week it was
3:28 pm
reported that they had a list of people to 3u8 aside for further screening, because they may have information about incidents at the border. people with information? yeah, journalists would fit the bill. cbp says it does not target journalists on their occupation or their reporting, so that's reassuring. we'll have to see where that goes. we'll be back in two minutes. whooo! want to get a move on your next vacation?
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in the red file tonight, the senate votes this week on a resolution to block trump's national emergency declaration to get money for the border wall. these are the republican senators who announced they'll
3:31 pm
be breaking rank and voting for the resolution. there could be others, which would force a presidential veto. in true trump fashion, he sent out a tweet implores to stick together. the white house is warning there could be retribution. so when the president almost certainly zitos the resolution, what then? joining mess is ben cardin. senator, welcome, what are you expecting to happen? >> well, s.e., good to be with you. i expect the senate will -- disapproving the president's use of this emergency power. we'll do it for several reasons. we could argue the merits of what the president is doing, we could argue the fact there is no emergency. this is a circumstance that's been building for a long time, but the real reason is that this is usurping the power of
3:32 pm
congress. congress has already acted on this issue specifically, and the president's trying to take over the legislative branch of government. i think that the majority of senators recognize that and will vote to override the president's emergency declaration. >> if he vetoes, what is the next plan from democrats? >> well, i'm disappointed we don't have the votes to override the veto. i think it's a clear situation of executive power. i think the courts will weigh in. the courts i believe will rule that the president cannot do this. >> yeah. i don't know if you heard, but in the president segment, adam kinzinger was deployed to the border as part of the national guard. he said what he saw there assured him a border wall was necessary. are democrats ignoring very real
3:33 pm
problems for politics? >> i heard the segment, and i do believe we have to do more to secure our boardered. i believe in that. most of the drugs comes in through commerce, the trafficking issues, many come right across the border and turn themselves into our border security people. so i disagree with his conclusion, but i do agree we have to do more, and in fact we did that in the appropriations bill. we provided additional billions in order to protect other board. >> as you know, immigration was an advantage out issue for trump. are some democrats, though, by backing things like abolishing i.c.e., for example, are they swinging too far in the other direction? >> i don't think in abolishes i.c.e., sos disagree with that view, but i believe we have to do more to protect that border, and democrats have supported
3:34 pm
that. look at our actions on the appropriations bill. we have done that. we have also supported comprehensive immigration reform. it's the republicans who have blocked the ability to reform our immigration system, and president trump has refused to take leadership in reforming or immigration system. >> what would you say for congresswoman ocasio-cortez or some of the candidates running to be president, who support things like abolishing i.c.e.? >> you need to have people on the border. we need law enforcement on the border. we need to know who is coming in. we need people coming in, we want to know who we are, we recognize our system needs to be reformed. let's reform that system. let's lead our hemisphere on humanitarian issues. we'll pleased that colombia opened its borders to protect
3:35 pm
people's lives. america needs a policy that we let people legitimately seek asylum. we need the right laws, but we need people on the border to enforce those laws. >> thank you for coming on and previewing what will be a pretty important week in the senate. >> it's good to be with you. >> thank. bill shine resigned as the president's sixth comms director. will that change anything? you ft a lower rate, hilton is like... we're gonna match that rate and give you an extra 25% off. what would travel sites do if you found a better price? that's not my problem, it's your problem. get outta here! whoa, i really felt that performance. it's just acting, i'm really good at it. book at and get the hilton price match guarantee. if you find a lower rate, we match it and give you 25% off that stay. this is why we no longer have to worry about flushing too much toilet paper.
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occupy that post. he's not going too far. he will now serve as senior adviser to trump's reelection campaign. it comes after "new yorker quugs published a lengthy article on the stunning overlap between white house and fox news. hannity became a match maker arranging a dinner with the president, attended by himself, shine and scaramucci. and proposed shine as a top official, or even as deputy chief of staff. a year later, shine was both. it confirmed ompl that fox is nothing but state tv. tom perez announced that the party would not be holding a primary debate on fox news. the dnc hasn't held a primary debate on fox news for 15 years, but the reason this time is new. while fox news's actual reporters are urging the party to reconsider, elizabeth warren,
3:41 pm
who would be in these debates presumably, totally agrees with the move. >> when more and more keeps coming out about how fox news was just operating as an arm of the trump campaign and then the trump administration? i understand why it is that the democratic party would say we're just not going to be a part of that. >> not everyone agrees, though. joining me to discussing this, brian stelter and boo carri sellers. brian, let's start with bill shine. >> this was an impossible job. we say it every time. the president thinking he's his own best communications director. i wonder if he'll even brother filling the job? i think maggie habiterman put it best. everyone's first day with trump is the first day. for some people it takes longer than others. for mooch it only took ten days,
3:42 pm
you end up disappointing the president, frustrated by you, there's a lot of reports that say shine was not living up to expectations, but trump's problem is not communication. it's not bill shine's fault that the president is embroiled in scandal. maggie has beenerman put it well, and paul begala did as well. the titanic didn't have -- it would an iceberg problem. why give fox the legitimacy? but does this decision make democrats look weak? >> not at all. i think you state it had first in your prepass that rnc -- excuse me -- foxes in hasn't had a dnc debate for a number of year. in 2016 i believe they hosted a town hall meeting. the flip side is the rnc does not grant msnbc a debate as well. what's good for the goose is good for the gander. >> sure. >> but i would encourage my
3:43 pm
friends like cam a la harris, so go sit down with chris matthews, and bret bauer -- >> chris wallace. >> correct. excuse me. and not give -- i called it trump tv -- which was an arm of trump campaign. i just think that's totally inappropriate. >> brian, chris wallace argues this will give trump a precedent to exclude networks during the general election debate. >> i don't think he'll need any excuse if he chooses tor to do that. i don't think he will, by the way. he wants to be on tv up against whoever is running. they hope the dnc will change its mind. yes, there are journalists at fox news, but the opinion arm is what dominates the nair tiff. the primetime shows are so ugly
3:44 pm
towards democrats, i don't understand why the dnc would ever think about going on fox in the first place for a debail. why would you go to the enemy camp if you're the democrats. same is true for the republicans and msnbc. >> let me put a different spin on this. we have talked about network solidarity. i almost wondered if this would be a media moment where other networks, maybe even ours, would say, if you're not going on fox news, we're not going to have the democrat debates either. is that to which of an aaron sorkin version? >> we've seen great moments of solidarity, for example, when accoosta was booted. >> from fox. >> and if fox's reporter were banned from the white house, cnn would absolutely stand up. when tucker carlson's home was
3:45 pm
defaced by protesters, i spoke out and said it was inappropriate. those moments call for solidarity. what the committee does i don't think is related to you. go ahead, bakari. >> every example you gave minus tucker, has to do with journalism. you have to have solidarity when it comes to journalists sticking together. what brian pointed out eloquently as we started is that primetime television over at fox news is opinion driven. sean hannity is not a journalist. in fact, he states that. he gives his opinion. that's what he is. so i don't think there's any reason for anyone to come together and say kumbaya. >> bakari, how can they say they want to reach new voters if they decide not to talk to any of them where they're ought? >> we can talk to them where they are. you can go on kris matthews --
3:46 pm
>> chris wallace. >> i keep calling him kris matthews. you can go to chris wallace. bret baier is awesome. most time in the past years we haven't given a reason why we've gone on fox news, but at least he gave a reason this time. it's great journalism that gave him this new reasoning. so chris matthews and chris wallace both deserve a shoutout, but po you're going on fox news, please choose chris wallace. >> thank you both. be sure to watch brian tomorrow. he'll speak to the all thor of that "new yorker" article. we'll be right back. durable value of a business in the transportation industry without knowing firsthand the unique challenges in that sector. coming out here, seeing the infrastructure firsthand,
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remember this old chestnut as ohio goes, so goes the nation? ohio's long been a bellwether state. it was not always thus. maine held that distinction from 1832 to 1932. others have held it since, but ohio might be inching away from a republican strongled this week a super-pac, priorities usa, released it's 2020 targeting. ohio was downgraded to gop watch. check this out. phase 1 of the priority investment, and phase 2 of their private investment, ohio is conspicuously absent. a spokesman for the super-pac
3:52 pm
tells, quote, it's not in our initial spending plans. it's in the states to watch. also this week, working-class champion sherrod brown announced he would not be seeking the democratic nomination for president. he would have been the most prominent candidate from the rust belts in the democratic primary. hmm, what's going on here? joining muss is senior writer and harry enden. the last president to win without ohio was jfk. is ohio no longer a bellwether? >> i don't think it actually is. the governor's race, mike dewine easily wins. and if you take the cumulative house vote, it's very different from michigan, wisconsin, iowa,s rest of the midwest states. it looks like they're holding on to that status, but ohio not really. >> do you think that priorities
3:53 pm
usa is hinting at something here, that ohio is now trump country? >> i think they are. i think they recognize if they get to 270 there's better pathways than going through ohio. if you look at the 2016 results, you saw him winning there by eight points. it could be a closer race in 2020, but other states will get candidates to that threshold first. >> i'm remembering hillary clinton was criticized i think rightly and mercilessly for not going to states like wisconsin enough, for example. can democrats really afford to take any state off the table? >> i wouldn't take states off the table, right? but from a mathematical point of view, there are better places to put your money than ohio. >> you know there are candidates who can potentially get them to 275, about you it's probably not the first i look at. >> if joe biden gets in, i think
3:54 pm
he has a shot at winning a state like ohio. if he doesn't and know with sherrod brown not running, who really speaks to those voting from the democratic party. >> i think the only other one is senator amy klobuchar from minnesota. that's not the same as ohio. >> it's a little different. >> but she's won huge margins in minnesota. she won by over 30 points in 2012. she's the type of candidate that i think if it's not biden who could put ohio in play. >> shies sort of positioning herself as a moderate, but i don't think anyone speaks rust belled than joe biden. >> i think that's probably right. you know, scranton, pennsylvania. >> yeah. >> that old uncle joe, but we'll see what happens. remember hillary clinton won the ohio primary in 2008 and everyone thought she was the candidate. look what happened eight years
3:55 pm
later? >> interesting. thank you so much for talking through it with me. appreciate all of that inside. up next, make sure you stick ascertain for van jones, a new generation of democrats is making waves in washington. van goes head to head with five of the most interesting among them. they talk presidential oversight, the direction of their party heading into 2020, and where they're hoping to make a change. you don't want to miss that. stay put. it's next. \s i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before.
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