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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  March 10, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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nairobi. 8:30 departure in the morning. 12 minutes or so into -- i'm sorry. six minutes into the flight, the plane fell out of the sky. no word on why. no word on what happened. there is no word -- we don't know did any survivors. this is only a few hours old. other than the startling obvious fact this is the same make and type of brand-new aircraft 737 max that crashed with lion air last year. >> richard, let me ask you. you're right. i know we are trying to get more
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information at this point. as far as we know, they are just characterizing this as losing contact. they are not saying there was a distress call made. if that is the case, what does that tell you? i mean you know about these things. >> it tells a lot. first of all, it tells me it's too soon after the incident to know those details. that sort of -- those sort of details would only come out in the next three or four or five hours that we would get details of any distress calls. but if you look at the profile of the flight, it is a sharpish takeoff. the plane doesn't particularly pick up that much speed and it suddenly falls from the sky. now, we cannot say at this point what did or did not or might or might not, but it is legitimate, i think, and having covered this these sort of incidents for a very long time, it is legitimate to point out that two brand-new
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aircraft of exactly the same type have fallen out of the sky, had fatal crashes within six to eight months of each other and that is something that is worthy of note. it may be not relevant in the final analysis but you cannot ignore it. i promise you the air accident investigators will not be ignoring that similarity. >> richard quest with the latest. still a lot out there. we are waiting to hear from authorities in ethiopia. thank you so much. >> thank you, richard. cnn will be live in the south by southwest festival. >> first up is john delaney at 7:00 p.m. and then gabbert at 8:00 and pete buttigieg at 9:00. >> the top contender, according to this, joe biden who isn't
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even in the race! in second place, bernie sanders, right where he finished last time. we want to take a closer with you with the numbers here with cnn's washington correspondent ryan nobles. >> reporter: the campaign is on and 14 candidates who have officially announced or formed exploratory committees. despite having so many candidates in the field the results have not changed that much from our survey back in december. take a look where things stand right now. . joe biden and bernie sanders top the field by a pretty wide margin and sanders trailing by only two points from biden and not another candidate that cracks 10%. warren 9% and harris 7% and o'rourke 4%. not one other candidate we polled register above the 1% mark and important because a
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candidate must earn at least 1% in three different polls to gain access to the upcoming dnc debates. there is some movement from what we saw in december and that is to the benefit of bernie sanders. take a look where things are from a couple of months ago. sanders only at 19% at that particular time. biden 32%. sanders has gone up quite a bit to 25%. biden has lost ground at 27%. the big difference there, sanders officially in the race, biden not in quite yet. the other candidates have not changed that much, although we should note that o'rourke a candidate not why yet at 11% in december and now dropped to 5%. something the way the youth vote has an impact on the support on these candidates. take a look. i was at an event with bernie sanders at a college campus in iowa city earlier this week and so many young people there passionately behind his campaign and that is really reflected in this poll.
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vorn voters under 45 support sanders but flip the numbers and look at joe biden support with voters over 35, he takes 32% of the vote. a lot of energy with young people but generally the older voters, especially in a caucus state like iowa, is a lot more reliable. but, of course, the big thing we need to remind everyone we are a long way away from votes being cast so unlikely what we see from this snapshot in time is how things turn out a year from now. >> thank you, ryan. let's discuss. joining me is gunkhar and siraj hasmi. welcome to "new day." the two men who have not announced the holdouts here, joe biden and better o'rourke and
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biden. >> i think the longer that, you know, these candidates hold out, the more voters are going to start looking elsewhere and look at the candidates that are doing the work on the ground in iowa. we have seen that biden has five points. beto has fallen six points. he has actually fawn from 23% of the electorate. >> they say they want a candidate positive energy to ignite the country rather than the anger to defeat the president. they won't tell the pollster they want to play to their anger. why the pairing of option? are these mutually exclusively? >> no. i think the candidate who wins in the democratic will address trump. i think democrats in 2018 with
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the winning playbook where they said we need change and don't want trump but here is what we are going to do about it. we will focus on health care and climate change and income and equality. >> sanders was 15 points behind biden in december and now two points behind. we have to talk about name recognition with 11 months out from the actual caucuses. that variable has not changed for these two. they have pretty high, if not 100% name recognition in these polls. what is your take on the narrowing there? >> it's obvious that bernie sanders announced he is running and is political fund-raising and joe biden is testing the waters. some say he is 95% into the race and a matter of time of actually announcing and they are expecting he is going to announce by the end of the first quarter. what is going to happen here is
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that every single candidate who has announced, the big ones, of course, bernie sanders, kamala harris have gotten a big bump announcing they are running for president and we are seeing that reflected in the polls with sanders. >> not such a big bump for elizabeth warren. she is in third place behind the two front-runners and she hasn't moved much in the polls. up maybe one point and favorables is about the same. is this good or bad news for a full field that is growing? >> obviously, it's not great news for elizabeth warren. she and bernie sanders have very similar ideologies. joe biden is probably the most moderate candidate touted as a presidential candidate they have similar platforms. just a mat of how they message
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it and with respect to warren's current feud with president trump, you know, it's going to be tough for her to kind of overcome it, given she had the dna test and basically this kind of apology toward us she's had ever since. >> let's go back to the front-runners and the question of has their time passed. there, i think, an important separation here. for those who were asked about bernie sanders, 43% say his time as a candidate has passed and 31% for biden. does this disparity suggest greater concern for sanders? maybe he'll have a tougher time winning over those voters? because it isn't about ideology. it's about your time is right for 2020. >> i think lraw feelings and th
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sanders campaign had issues. i think biden starts out with an advantage. he has been in politics for several decades and has a loyal following and has a glow from the obama years that will help boost his campaign. >> we also see in the polls 56% of the respondents saying that the country should be more socialist. the question was put out that flatly. considering what we are seeing from the president and his framing of the democratic party -- again, this is just iowa we are talking about the respondents here -- is this a vulnerability for the party? >> absolutely. there is a left ward shift happening now in the democratic party. gallup poll referenced recently that millennials particularly the 18 to 34 age demographic are leaning toward socialism than capitalism and doesn't go for the 35 plus age group still
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leaning towards capitalism. so a large vocal minority within the democratic party that prefer socialism over capitalism and with, you know, cortez and bernie sanders harping on the new green deal and raising the minimum federal rage, young people are latching on to because over the last decade, the economy has not been that favorable to young people, specifically college graduates entering the job market and finding that they are not, you know, reaching that level of success their previous generations have. >> pia, look at the other side of the question that potentially, as we discuss this as a vulnerability for becomes, medicare for all, the green new deal, these are popular beyond the democratic base. so is it a vulnerability? what do the polls tell us? >> yeah. i think people often get too hung up on the term and they try to slur it as socialism. if you look at the progressive
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policies that democrats are talking about they are popular whether medicare for all and green new deal, taxing the rich, these sort of things are talked about by candidates and voters are responding to them more and more. bernie sanders talked about medicaid for all in 2016 it was considered a radical far left policy. now over half of democratic primary voters are saying i want a candidate who supports that. >> pia and siraj, thank you both. >> thank you so much. behind closed doors, the trump administration has been discussing how to turn allied relationships into revenue. getting countries who host u.s. troops in peace time to pay up. as first reported by bloomberg, one of the plans has been called internally cost plus 50, meaning the united states should work to get countries to cover the full cost of the u.s. military presence in their country and then also pay an additional 50% of that cost. i want to bring in cnn white house report sarah westwood from west palm beach. what is the white house saying
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specifically about this plan, sarah? >> reporter: these internal discussions about this cost plus 50 model for getting countries that host u.s. troops in times of peace to pay more of the cost of having them there, these have arisen, in part, because the white house is in the process of putting together the president's annual budget proposal. this cost plus 50 model would involve the administration going to countries that host american troops, asking them to cover the full cost of having the troops there, salaries, equipment, and then covering an additional 50%, the argument being that u.s. troops being in these foreign countries add value to the hosts themselves. this was report by our colleague kylie atwood. over a hundred countries host u.s. troops right now. some of the countries with the largest share of u.s. troops right now is japan, south korea, germany and united arab
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emirates. one central tenet is the idea that countries should have more investment in collective defense, for example, with nato. the president has been adamant that countries should meet their commitments to spend 2% of their gdp on defense. even though this may be stunning to some analysts, this is sort of in line with where the president has been all along. >> thank you, sarah. r&b singer r. kelly is out of jail again after an anonymous person paid $161,000 in child support on his behalf. what is next in his legal battles. delaelanie and gabbert and buttigieg is joining cnn for three consecutive town hall events. we will a preview coming up from austin for you. better than creamss skin
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of jail for the second time in less than a month after $161,000 of child support was paid on his what have. still very unclear who paid that money that was owed. after he was released the singer told reporters he intends to rise above his legal troubles. >> thanks for the water. thanks for the water, guys. i promise you, we are going to straighten all of stuff out. that's all i can say right now. i promise you. >> anything you'd like to say to your fans? >> i love my fans. >> he is going to be back in court next week. in the child support case he is scheduled to return to court in the sexual base march 22nd. joey jackson is here with us now. you heard him say i promise you it's all going to get straightened it out. if you're his lawyer how are you straightening it out? >> a lot of work to do.
3:22 am
good morning to you. that work involves four different victims, allegedly victims at this point and serious allegations concerning him. i think the first thing you need to do is get what we lawyers call discovery and that is to see exactly what the prosecution has, parse through that information and determine whether there are inconsistencies and discrepancies and what motivations there are. and, you know, i think that is the way to go at least initially. then they are going to have a lot of work to do in terms of prepping r. kelly should he testify. an open question and the performance he gave to gayle king needs to be revisited and he needs his demeanor in check too so they will work on that as well. >> i want to ask you about about that. i feel we saw two different r. kelly the last several days. in the cbs interview was very angry and yesterday who was very measured. what do you make of that? >> you know, i think in terms of the gayle king interview -- i think people can get and understand that a person who is undergoing this type of stress,
3:23 am
frustration, et cetera, you know, would be passionate about it, but i think you have to harness that passion and i think to your point there needs to be kind of like a combination of the two, right? a person who is passionate on the one hand without be belligerent as we are looking there at the video and a person who is assured and calm and can be trusted because jurors have to relate to you and they have to understand you and find you credible so i'm sure his lawyers will work on him whether he testifies at trial or not. that is an open question but should he testify, i think that there is a lot of work to do so that performance is not repeated. >> i got you. so you mentioned his lawyers. let's listen to steve greenberg what he had to say yesterday outside of the jail as well. >> it's open season on r. kelly. everybody is coming forward saying i met this man and this is what happened. look. there is no money for these people. i keep thinking when i used to take my daughter when when she was a little kid and took her to see "beauty and the beast."
3:24 am
and they walked up with pitchforks. >> open season and pitchforks. what do you make of that characterization? >> everybody handle is everything different and every attorney's demeanor is different but if he is going to represent them as it looks to be in front of a jury the jury has to find his attorney credible. jurors rely upon attorneys to teach them about the case and they believe in the attorney and believe in the message and i think it needs to be a fine-tuned message. on the one hand you have to test and challenge the vof all victis and you have to test credibility, you have take to you about distinctions and perhaps prior testimony and you have to talk about motivation but i think you have to do it in a way that is respectful enough so that the jury can get it, understand it, perhaps disagree with the victims at the end of the day but i think you can't berate them because if you do a long number of days for kelly and perhaps a long sentence so they have a ways to go here but
3:25 am
he has the presumption of innocence and we will see what unfolds in the months ahead as the -- we get more information about the case. >> yeah, we look forward to your analysis of all of it as we go. joey jackson, always appreciate seeing you. thank you. >> thank you. to arizona now. a woman was attacked by a jaguar while taking a selfie at the zoo. a man saw what happened. first he heard a woman yelling for help so he ran to where she was to catch the woman's arm clenched in the jaguar's -- in the claws rather. he distracted the animal with a water bottle before it released her from its grip. a stadium from the zoo says please understand why barriers are put in place and sending prayers to the family tonight. the zoo says the incident occurred with a guest who crossed over the barrier to get a photo according to eyewitnesses. there were no employees nearby when this happened. former dynamic beta o'rourke
3:26 am
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to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so go directly to now. 30 past the hour on sunday morning. warren, buttigieg and clklobuch. this evening cnn is hosting three back-to-back town halls
3:31 am
with a trio of 2020 contenders. john delaney and tulsi gabbard and pete buttigieg. a lot planned for tonight. you have a lot to get to us and get for us rather than, dan. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, guys. for a festival that was once a music and culture festival, it has become a political festival this year and says a lot about the 2020 field, i think. the largest of 2020 candidates declared to date this year and significant. texas is an early voting state and something to that but two other reasons, i think. the youth here and the money. the audience here is far more liberal and far more than young audience than most of the candidates will see in iowa and new hampshire and a significant amount of money here. you have candidates like, for example, former colorado governor who is raising money while he is also in austin.
3:32 am
it's, obviously, a good face time for a number of these candidates to meet and mingle what could be potential donors and supporters. on that front you're seeing two candidates on the cnn stage tonight who are noting their youth and the fact that youth is a selling point, they say. one of those candidates is pete buttigieg. listen to what he had to say yesterday at a town hall here in austin. >> more executive [ inaudible ] as president of the united states and more experience. as cheesy as it is, a 37-year-old, the youngest in the nomination, my simple question is why somebody has a voice in this conversation, it is experien experience. >> reporter: you hear he is leaning into the fact he is a young candidate, 37 years old, mayor of south bend. you talked about the audacity of the idea he i think, he to be
3:33 am
preside could be president of the united states. others will be on the stage and for the three candidates they are relatively unknown and this is arguably the largest stage they will have to far in the 2020 primary process. you have candidates like elizabeth warren and amy klobuchar discussing tech policies to break up tech companies like amazon and facebook and a number of other companies coming here and discussing that in front of an audience and people who hope to or possible work for tech companies that could be, you know, could be targeted by a possible president warren. then you have the potential candidates. you mentioned beta o'rourke a former congressman from texas and ran in senate in 2018 and lost to ted cruz but a lot of speculation whether he is running for president. he was asked about that at a documentary screening yesterday and take a listen to what he had
3:34 am
to say about his possible run. >> when are you going to announce your presidential run? >> so many candidacies, so many leaders who are -- we got to be a part of this amazing thing in texas over the last two years. and it continues and we are so excited about what you're doing, rhonda, what you and so many other people are doing and we want to continue to be a part of it, so thank you. >> reporter: he is not giving much away there. he not telling you what he is going to do. today we are hear from secretary of hud and others who will be here in the morning and then we will have our cnn town halls with buttigieg and gabbard and john delaney. >> he didn't come close to answering the question and not each on the radar. >> not a wink nor a nod from
3:35 am
beto o'rourke there. joining me to discuss is julian zeleny, a professor at princeton and cnn political analyst. let's start with beto. it's been going on and on now. at some point he has to make a decision. a myriad of reasons he hasn't announced. is he hurting a potential run the longer he waits without the announcement? >> look. if he announces in the next few weeks, this story will be behind us and everyone will focus on the candidacy. the reason it hurts him is everyone wants to make sure he is all in. he is younger, he is less known and experienced, so people want to see that resolve which will be crucial for 2020. they want to know he the authentic beto that ran in texas. they do not like when he is not giving a straight answer so those are the reasons he needs to move beyond this portion of the campaign if he is going to run. >> let's talk about senator elizabeth warren. she was asked what separates her
3:36 am
from senator bernie sanders. here is part of her answer. >> know the difference between you and bernie are saying in what is the crux of the difference? >> bernie has to speak what democratic socialism. >> you are not one? >> i am no the centers have to speak whatever they are doing. i can speak to what i do. >> she made it clear she is not a democratic socialist but the new cnn poll out the last 12 hours or so says in iowa 56% of the people, the respondents said the country needs to be more socialists. where does she fall on this spectrum? and is that the best case to make heading into the caucuses a in the primary season? >> she is a democrat that leans to the left and i think they needs to own it and embrace it to define owner candidacy. that was a bad answer. i think in the end that is not
3:37 am
appealing. she needs to lay out how she is a champion of the middle class and what that means in terms of policy and run with it. the question of what makes a difference between her and sanders will be a recurring theme so she really needs to lay that case out. >> let's talk about the town halls back-to-back tonight. we first got former congressman john de llaney. in the latest poll we talked about they are maxing out at 1% at first choice in iowa in the low single digits, all of them. what do they need to do to break out tonight in such a large field that they haven't done thus far? john delaney started to run in the summer of 2017. >> it's going to be very difficult for these three, given the giants they are facing in the democratic party but they need to lay out some kind of idea. they need to put forth something that inspires voters that they are not seeing in the other
3:38 am
candidates. and part of this is just selling who you are, but the ideas matter and i think it will be difficult to see a huge change in the polls for any of them, but that is what they are going to try to do. >> how much do you think these polls matter 11 months out from the caucuses? >> they only matter in terms of fund-raising because fund-raisers are watching this right now and it matters in terms of the kind of media coverage you get, so people are starting to watch and this dictates who gets press time and who doesn't. but it all can change. look. if a few people drop out, something happens in terms of what someone says, you can see a total reversal in the polls or at least an uptick. i don't think we should set everything in stone based on where things are today. >> julian zeleny, always good to have you. >> thank you. live from south by southwest in austin, texas as we discuss
3:39 am
the three presidential town halls back-to-back opini. john delaney at 7:00 and tulsi gabbard at 8:00 and pete buttigieg at 9:00. patients and power are in short supply in venezuela. coming up, we have the very latest for you on the dueling demonstrations and ongoing blackouts there. you know, i used to be good at this. then you turn 40 and everything goes.
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3:44 am
blackouts in crippling venezuela. >> thousands march through the street yesterday and some support the president maduro but others are asking for protest from the self-declared president juan guaido. >> they are passion but oh, so much frustration too. opposition protests were marred by confrontations before they started and when they did, there was this. national guard troops blocking their way at every turn. opposition protesters were trying to walk all the way up this avenue. you can see here, they are being blocked by the national guard. the national guard continues to move them down this road and trying to pin them in. opposition protesters have taken to negotiations. you can see here they are trying to convince them they have the right to protest.
3:45 am
opposition leader has a naught gua national guard leader to keep it peaceful. he says they don't have food or water or power or anything right now. you're trying to keep this peaceful. you want this to stay peaceful? >> yes. i say to the people that stay here in the pacific. >> reporter: some protesters don't believe it will work. >> tell me one. huh? >> reporter: others want the u.s. military to step in. he says he is not going anywhere. >> i need the help of trump. >> reporter: when opposition leader juan guiado spoke, the
3:46 am
faithful gathered at a textbook government rally. the u.s. has no business being here in our country, she tells me. pro government rally and president is looking for his own momentum and his core supporters he will broadcast this rally throughout venezuela in places where the opposition momentum is not quite as strong. the irony? as president denounced what he called the imiperialist invasio. barely any tv, mobile coverage not to mention no food, water. on both sides, venezuelans are at their breaking point with few
3:47 am
daring to protect what could happen next. a rough landing at new york's jfk airport sent dozens of people to the hospital. was we are learning this morning about the moments before that emergency landing. overnight one of the nfl's brightest stars has a new team. coy, one of the biggest headlines of the off-season. >> antonio brown has been trying to force his way out of pittsburgh for months and swapping the steelers black and yellow with raiders black and silver and reportedly he is getting a whole lot richer. a good day for him and my producer. my producer said i'm dressed better than victor. coming up, we will debate it! ♪
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thirty people are recovering after a rough landing at new york's john f. kennedy airport. >> a turkish airlines flight hit
3:52 am
severe turbulence before it landed last night. no injuries. just bumps and bruises. one of nfl's biggest stars broke the internet while you were sleeping. >> antonio brown. not coy but he could to. >> it feels like the raiders stole from pittsburgh in this deal and giving the steelers third and fifth round pick for one of the most dynamic playmakers in all of football. news overnight. antonio brown posting this picture of him wearing silver and black and he tweeted love at first sight along with video from the pro bowl with his new derek carr. and apparently this bro mance is already starting as carr tweeted back to antonio lets get to work. brown gets a new deal reportedly
3:53 am
worth three years up to $55 million and 30 million guaranteed and the highest paid receiver in the league. the entire team had 19 catches last season for oakland. a.b. had 15 himself. trades are not official until the new year league begins on wednesday. yesterday, czech rupp michaela shiffrin sets a record on the slopes. she dominated the slalom. nearly a full second ahead of the silver place finisher and she has already piled up 58 wins in her career and if she stays healthy many think she will break the all-time record held by recently retired lindsay
3:54 am
vonn. the first team to punch a ticket here to the ncaa tournament murray state. get used to those dunks. a big nba prospect. selections is one week from today so we will get our brackets ready. jenny from the block got a new rush. congrats to jennifer lopez. she god proposed to alex rodriguez, the baseball legends. the two posting this photo on their instagram accounts. >> wow! >> he popped the question while they were on vacation in the bahamas. >> i'm happy for her -- and him. >> they are so pretty. >> they are! they are a very pretty couple! >> yes. >> thank you, coy. >> thanks, coy. gayle king's interview with r. kelly is called manic and explosive. never funny. >> until now. >> now i humbly await your decision, miss j.o.k.
3:55 am
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last night, "saturday night live" recreated r. kelly's interview with cbs news. look at this. >> this is all great stuff but maybe we should save it for some of the interview. >> what are you talking about? this is the interview! >> for real? where are the cameras? >> is there literally one right in front of you! >> hey. >> i'll just keep your camera out in the open like that? you all some freaks? how stupid would it be for me, r. kelly with all of the crazy legal things i've done in the past on tape and gotten away
4:00 am
with, scott-free, to do it again? how stupid do you think i am? is this the camera? >> no. that is a plant. >> okay. guys, think for a minute. use your brains! why would i do these things? for years? i gave y'all chop in the closet and feeling on your boutique. age ain't nothing but a number! and so many other clues! joe biden and bernie sanders top the field by a pretty wide margin. >> other top tier candidates are struggling to get out of the single digits. >> no doubt this race is on in the hawkeye state. >> another sign that o'rourke is inching toward running for president right now. >> when are you going to announce your presidential run? >> we got to be a part of this amazing thing in texas the last two years and it continues.


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