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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  March 11, 2019 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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>> why haven't we said what a time to be alive more often? >> it could be banner on the screen every morning. thank you to our international viewers for watching. for you cnn talk is next. for our u.s. viewers, we're on the scene of a major air disaster leading for calls to ground aircraft around the world. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. good morning, everyone, welcome to your new day. we do begin with breaking news because ethiopian aligns says that investigators have just recovered both black boxes, mean willing the voice and data recorder from the crash site to try to figure out what happened. boeing faces a lot of safety questions this morning because this is the second crash in just five months involving their best-selling passenger jet. some airlines are now grounding the 737 max 8 after sunday's crash. all 157 people on board were killed, including eight americans. >> now the question is, will u.s. carriers follow suit? major u.s. carriers use this new
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aircraft. hundreds are in service, thousands are on order and there are calls this morning to ground all of them. cnn is the only network live at the crash site in ethiopia. our david mckenzie joins us now with the breaking details and the efforts going on right behind you, david. >> reporter: that's right, john. good morning. just a short time acc we had those flight data recorder's, the voice recorder's taken out of the impact crater behind me. they would have dug it out with one of these large diggers and then they rushed it off the scene into a truck that was waiting to take that. that will be a critical moment, because they might now get the sense of what exactly happened had this brand-new boeing 737-800 plowed into the hillside behind me killing all of those passengers tragically on board. there have been terrible scenes here. red cross officials have been
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gener gingerly taking private belongings of people and placing them in a corner. you see the impact. the plane was ripped apart. there are bits and pieces sitting behind me that are only an inch big, metal just torn apart. u.s. ambassadors spoke to us a short time ago and said that investigators from america arriving tomorrow morning. interpol will be leading the grim task of identifying the bodies in conjunction with ethiopian and kenyan officials. but the question is why? >> and, david, what has boeing said about all of this? david, can you hear us? i think we've lost contact. >> all right. we lost david mckenzie there but it's remarkable to see the efforts behind him this morning that. recovery effort not only forclosure and the families, but also key with this investigation. and boeing, as david would note,
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boeing has had issues with this aircraft before put out a statement that says boeing is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of the passengers and crew on ethiopian aligns flight 30 o o 2, a 737 max 8 aircraft. they say they stand ready to support the ethiopian airlines team. >> joining us now is the former inspector general and transportation director mary. you've called this crash highly suspicious. what do you think happened from what you have heard. >> well, given the flight where the plane was, the air speed that's been indicated on various flight radar reporting sites, but it looks like the air speed indicators were unreliable at the time and the speed at which the plane experienced a difficulty, where it was, if they had a mechanical difficulty and were returning back, it looks very, very similar.
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and of course, the same exact model of plane in two crashes of a brand-new mod he will of aircraft, it's just unheard. in history what usually happens when you introduce a new airplane is you have hiccups, small hiccups like the 787 had with the batteries, but you don't lose, have two whole losses and fatalities like this with the new plane. the safety statistics are supposed to improve with new models, not deteriorate, so it's highly, highly troublesome. >> it's also haunting when you remember the details of the lion air crash five months ago. explainnous layman's terms. there was an automated system that the pilots on that flight couldn't override or didn't know that they could override manually. what went wrong there? >> what went wrong on the lion air crash is they had a discrepancy in their instruments. in that case it was something called the indicate tour of
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attack, how your nose is pointed with regard to the horizon, up, down, to put it in simple terms. when they had this discrepancy, they were starting to troubleshoot but the plane itself, and this at that time was unknown to the pilots, the plane itself was trained to -- or was compute pror gramd r pro put the nose down. and when they did that, when they did the max 8, boeing put on heavier, more efficient engines and that changed the center of gravity on the plane and so they had to put this system in to put nose down. they thought it was an additional measure for safety on the plane. but, pilots said they did not know about it, so that was lion air. here it's very similar except some things aren't lining pup there the wasn't this porpoising effect of the aircraft. as they fought the plane the nose went up and down. here, the plane pitched up dramatically, looks like a
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aerodynamic stall and plunged into the earth. and there's a report of smoke emanating from the plane. that didn't happen on lion air. >> now the two black boxes have been found, the voice and data, so when will we have answers about what happened? >> as soon as the ntsb is there, they have one of the best black box labs in the world. they have all the equipment to do this. as soon as they can get those black boxes, get them secured, make sure that the housing hasn't been breached and the data hasn't been lost. it was a very intense fire, you might recall the black boxes in the world trade center planes were destroyed in the fire. so they get that data, unload it, they will know from the cockpit voice recorder as soon as they hear it what was going on. and then the flight recorder has approximately a thousand parameters of data, different data feeds from the plane, they will know by the end of the week what happened, i think. >> so since we'll have answers in a relatively short time, should american airlines, united airlines, southwest airlines,
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the carriers here that use the 737 max 8 or boeing ground this airliner until that happens? >> well, i think they should just as a matter of common sense. there are huge questions about this plane. they're already just the websites are exploding telling passengers how to check to see if their plane one is of these planes and how to get off of them. i think they need to get a handle on this both the airlines and boeing. and frankly if i was at boeing i would step forward and do it. because, remember, if an airline or a manufacure, he if an operator takes the lead on -- this would be literally revoking of the air warning certificate. but if the manufacturer takes the lead and controls it, then they have more control about what happens to their certificate, chances are it wouldn't get revoked and they'd have to reapply to the faa. by getting on top of it they're way ahead and it could turn out to be something entirely different. but with two mechanical problems, the pilots have already said they had a problem
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with the equipment, boeing's on the hook either way. >> right. >> so they should get ahead of it and do it. >> we will see if they take your suggestion today. mary, thank you very much for all of the expertise, as always. american, united, and southwest all use this new aircraft. there are dozens of service in the united states at this moment so it does have reveal domestic implications. >> people are already, as you can understand, on the websites trying to figure out if their next flight is one of these 737 max 8s. this morning, the bat until washington say familiar one. president will ask congress for $8.6 billion for a propose wall along the mexican border. if this sounds familiar, he shut the government down over a fight with the request for much less money. joining us now is seoung min minu kim. seoung min minute, is this an issue of the president wanting the mun? be, the president wanting the
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fight, or c all of the above? >> it is always c, in this case particularly with that border wall. look, the president has despite this beautal -- despite the brutal 35 day partial shutdown that we in washington went through earlier this year over his border wall, the president's clearly itching for another fight. again, now he's asking for about 5 billion frds congress for the wall in the dhs but in the homeland security budget and about 3.6 billion actually from the pentagon budget for military construction that would actually go towards that wall. and that 8.6 billion figure mirrors, actually, the amount of money that he's trying to tap through various venues including his national emergency declaration earlier this year and last month. but it really -- but this is all, you know, the border wall was a major part of his campaign promise and this shows that this is going to be a theme that he continues to just hammer through the -- through his re-election campaign. however, this time now that
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democrats in control, really -- really matters less what the president is asking for. you know, when house republicans were in charge they could take the number that was requested by the president and put it it in their own budget and make tay fight. but democrats have said they're not even willing to entertain what the president is proposing right now. >> so what's the point, margaret? this is a nonstart we are congress. they've rejected this number already. why are we going through this exercise? >> you may have heard of something coming up, it's called the 2020 election. and so we're beginning to see some strains of that obviously play out. budget's always a political document as much as it is an actual planning document. but you see some of those themes that are going to be prevalent now in 2020. a continued fight about the wall, a continued clash with democrats that exist by design. an interesting kind of subtheme to the budget document is the idea of deficits and deficit spending. t there are a lot of republicans,
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including the president's chief of staff, who are against deficit spending. in far the because of the tax cuts for corporate and individual tax cuts that were part of the administration's own reform package. you're seeing it's going to take a while and some domestic cuts to sort of break even, if you will. but, you know, i think 2020's a pretty dominate theme here the way things are shaping up. the president is looking forward to clashes with some of the most prominent names in the democratic party and he'll get them with this budget. >> $2.7 billion in spending cuts, we understand part of this proposal. david gregory, trillion, sorry, trillion in spending cuts. i have a hard time believing, though, there's this deep concern about deficits in this white house based on what i've seen the last two years. >> right. and i think that's actually become a more bipartisan conclusion, that as tic cheney said as vice president that reagan flau reagan proved that deficits don't matter.
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we've seen them behaving like that's actually the case. but the president is opening himself up to the claims of what poc yassy by a lot of conservatives who spent the last decade saying that deficits do matter and there was a debt crisis coming. they projected enough economic growth to somehow lift all boats, but it's not going to escape that hypocrisy argument. and the lorther point about border security that has to be remembered is that this president was serious about getting money for the wall letter it on the table. he had a much bigger immigration deal that was possible. he didn't want it and now he's saying two things at once. he's saying, you know, to ann coulter he's saying part of this wall are already being built. i've made good on my promise while he's trying to force through the rest of for a very narrow argument, which is not even about the wall, it's about beware of illegal immigrants coming into our country, they should scare you, that's what his appeal will be in 2020.
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>> i think 5% in cuts to education, health, environmental protections. will he be personalized for want doing that? there are parts of the base who think those things are important to them? >> he's trying to continue to crease the military, the defense spending budget as well. we're at 716 billion now. he wants to raise that to 750 billion in the next fiscal year. and that is something that he has promised a lot and out toed a ltouted a lot on the campaign trail. it was about a year ago when he looked like he wasn't going to silent spending bill that time over disputes over the wall. republicans were actually able to persuade him to sign it because of that major spending increase for the military. so this really sis a blueprint n terms of his priorities come together 2020 election. it's just not going anywhere in reality. >> let's talk about 2020 because
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the democratic field, the new cnn poll came out this weekend among iowa voters, iowa has the first caucus. in an iowa joe biden is in the lead, he's at 27%, bernie sanders at 25%, elizabeth warren at 9%, kamala harris at 7%. when you look at this, biden people say his numbers are inflated because of name recognition. but it's been inflated for a long time now. >> it's pretty breathtaking that you're looking at the kind of the two of the older, both in terms of how long we've known about them and how old they actually are gentlemen in democratic politics dominating like right around that 50% threshold. but, it really is still name recognition at this point. and in terms of where the energy is, in terms of where voters are, i think both of those guys, both biden and sanders know it's really too soon to hang your hat on that. on the other hand, if you're looking for maybe a tipping
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point reason to decide when you're going to get in or how you're going to get in or if you're going to get in, maybe 27% is that. befor but i think the decline the beto o'rourke is interesting in those early poll fondings. and whether harris's number is undercounted in terms of the motivation you hear throughout democratic politics is going to be interesting to watch in the next few weeks. >> david. >> one, you see one of the rationals for biden will have several dimensions to it, name recognition, the fact that people can close their eyes and imagine him as president. they've seen him as vice president, he's run for president before. they can see all the attributes, kind of restoring america on the world stage, you know, being a leader that could bring the party together. but there's also older caucus goers into that poll in iowa who were gravitating toward him. ironically younger caucus goers in iowa gravitating toward
4:16 am
bernie sanders, again, sanders occupying what say known lane for him, which is younger more progressive voters. and now he's going to have a lot more competition and that's based biden still stands apart with all of his strengths and weaknesses that make him an old democrat. but he's kind of being alone in that lane as being the older established democrat right now who's run before and has all this experience. you know, on day one even before day one he takes all that oxygen out of the room and that's going to be a lot of information for the rest of the field. >> seoung min, on the republican side there was a question pois posed to registered republicans about should a republican challenger challenge president trump. 40% said yes, 41% said no, so they were split. but in other polls, a majority still say that they will vote for president trump and he still has very high support among republicans. i can't tell if that's just for the entertainment factor why they would want somebody to run
4:17 am
against him. >> i would imagine that maryland governor larry hogan might be looking at those poll numbers pretty carefully right now. we know that he's kind of distanced himself from the national -- he's openly entertained the prospect of -- or he hasn't ruled out a challenge against him. but i do think you're starting to see the president's re-election message really come into sharp focus here because we've seen the message will be very similar to the nationalist america first message of 2016 and also what he tried to bring in during the 2018 midterm campaign. but we're starting to see that pair up with kind of the logistical side of things. we're reporting last night that the president does have compared with the republican national committee a very sophisticated digital apparatus ready to good. so, and while he -- while the campaign side gears up on that and you see the president driving his message over and over particularly at the conservative political action conference two weekends ago and really driving on that message
4:18 am
that the democratic party has shifted leftward and it's a message that's also being reflected by house republicans who want to win back that majority and are targeting the 23 democratic freshmen who won in trump districts to flip the house. >> all right, friends, seoung min, margaret, david, thank you all very much. house intelligence chairman says it would be a mistake for robert mueller not to get frouf president trump to not testify under oath before finishing the mueller report. will it happen? is it too late? we discuss it next. our new, hot, fresh breakfast will get you the readiest. (buzzer sound) holiday inn express. be the readiest.
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learn new voice commands and much more. clean my daughter's room. [ ding ] oh, it won't do that. welp, someone should. just say "teach me more" into your voice remote and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. yes, i think it is a mistake and i've said all along that i don't think bob mueller should rely on written answers. i think the constraint that bob mueller's operating under is he had an acting attorney general who was appointed because he would be hostile to a subpoena on the president. and now he has a permanent attorney general who was chosen for the same hostility to his investigation who would likely oppose that step. >> that's adam schiff calling on
4:23 am
special counsel robert mueller to subpoena president trump. or something like that. at least saying it would be a mistake not to. joining us now is democratic congressman jim himes, he serves on that committee. good morning, congressman. >> good morning, alisyn. >> do you think it would be a mistake if the mueller report comes out and there's never any sworn testimony orally from president trump and they've only relied on those written answers? >> well, i think adam is right in the sense that if the president has something to hide, just relying on witness answers or written answers, i should say, is a problem. we all know why. it's always the follow-up question where you learn the interesting information. but here's the thing. i have no doubt that robert mueller, knowing the character of the man, if he thought he needed that information, he would have gone for it. he would have said, look, there's a precedent here. bill clinton answered questions via videotape, i guess it was a video arrangement rather than
4:24 am
live. but it's interesting to reflect on fact that i don't think mule worry have simply deferred to the idea that the president doesn't want to. so what i infer from that is that mueller has whatever he needs. and i should say here, i never believed for one moment that whatever it was two or three weeks ago that the mueller report was coming out that week, people have been wrong about when it comes out. but i guess my point is that of course if mueller needed to talk to the president to get at the truth, he should have done it orally. i don't think these written answers would do the trick. but evidently mueller seems to think he has what he needs. >> so, in that case, is that your chairman adam schiff just trying to lower expectations for what will be in it? >> no, i don't think so. i think -- i think adam was probably just trying to answer a very narrow question, this which is if you're looking for the truth should you be able to interview somebody live? none of us, including adam, know
4:25 am
what is in the mueller report. as you might imagine, the special counsel has been very careful about sharing anything with congress other than information necessary to deconflict the various investigations going on. so i -- look, i've said all along here that, two things, number one, let's not prejudge what is out there. and number two, i've been saying for a very long time that if the american public is expecting some massive hollywood ending here where, you know, vladimir putin showed up with video tapes and got suitcases full of cash, that's not the way the russians operate. the way the russians operate is what we have seen so far in the many indictments. they send lots of people out to make lots of contact, lots of ambiguity, have meetings and do things that cause lots of people to lie, which of course has been the story of this investigation so far. >> i want to ask you about the dnc decision not to hold debates on fox. you go on fox, you're
4:26 am
interviewed by the folks over at fox. do you think that was the right decision from the dnc? >> well, with all due respect to the dnc, no, i don't think it was the right decision. you know, look, it's no surprise to anybody, including the fox news watchers that fox is largely an instrument of the right wing of the republican party. it's a propaganda arm for the white house. however, and the reason i go on fox, is that it's watched by millions and millions of americans. and i'm a big believer that if you put our ideas, democratic ideas, which are about universal healthcare, making it easier for kids to go to college, making retirements more secure against whatever the nonsense is on the other side, cutting taxes for corporations and very wealthy people, i don't care what channel you're on, we will have the appealing idea. so i would have made a different decision with all due respect to the dnc. >> but it's interesting, congressman, since you believe it's a propaganda arm for the white house, but you're trying to get your ideas out there and
4:27 am
you think that you need to speak to the fox audience, have you ever seen your interviews move the needle? >> well, you know, one of the secrets, not so secret secrets about television, of course, is that they say that, you know, 70% of the impression that is formed is formed with the -- with the volume off. and, you know, again, i think our candidates will make a far better impression with the volume off. and certainly with the volume on in a general debate with president trump. so, look, you know, a debate is a very carefully orchestrated thing. i go on tucker carlson, i go on fox and friends, it can get uncomfortable because when they don't like where you're going they cut you off, they go somewhere else, they throw a lot of the nonsense out there. but a debate is a very highly structured moment, right? it is in some senses fair. it's not like, you know, sean
4:28 am
hannity can jump in and challenge bernie sanders. so, again, with all due respect to the dnc, that's a huge audience. as they say, you don't need to persuade your friends, you need to persuade people who disagree with you. i would have made a different zblition we appreciate you coming on new day, wii we keep the volume on when you're here. thank you very much. >> thank you, alisyn. are republicans going to back president trump's attempt to get billions of dollars more, still more for his border wall after congress rejected it? we're joined by a republican member of congress next. ♪ looking to lose weight this year? try fda-approved alli®. for every 5 lbs you lose, alli® can help you lose two to three more by preventing about 25% of the fat you eat from being absorbed. for the only fda-approved otc weight loss aid, try alli®.
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president trump, is he inviting a new fight with democrats over fund u funding for a border wall? the president plans to ask congress today for nearly $9 billion for the wall in his 2020 budget. this comes after congress rejected far less than that amount, you might remember the shutdown that lasted for more than 30 days. joining me now is republican member of congress michael walsh. it is always a pleasure to have you on new day. >> thanks, john. >> when you read the president's budget proposal, more than
4:33 am
$8 billion for a border wall when his last fight over funding for the border wall led to a 35-day shutdown, was your response here we go again? >> well, it shouldn't be a surprise. the president's budget is to remind everyone, is a reflection of his priorities. every president's budget's a reflection of their priorities. but it will come over to the house, which is currently, as you know, led by the democrats and then it will have to reach a bipartisan consensus over in the senate. so i think this thing's going to go through some, you know, through some editing over the next few months. but the president has been clear about supporting the border and i think it's also worth reminding that that 5.7 billion wasn't a figure that the white house made up. that came from border patrol. the president shifted on his rhetoric to say these are strategically placed barriers in places where the border patrol has requested them. so i think you're essential
4:34 am
goi certainly going to see republican support. my thing is we have to get past this border control issue. we have to control our border so that we can get a meaningful legal immigration reform. >> sure. >> so that we can get to daca, to temporary protected status, to china mai aggregation migrat. is it worther in shutdown next fall if it comes to that? >> i don't like shutdowns, i don't think anybody likes shutdowns and certainly the folks in the coast guard and other places that are defending this country aren't getting paid. so i hope we can avoid that. >> yeah. >> we should avoid that. congress needs to do its job. let's come to a compromise, cut a deal, and let's move the country forward. >>ly the let me ask you this. you are a decorated veteran, special forces veteran. the president keeps on saying that the isis caliphate is 100% defeated.
4:35 am
why are you concerned with declaring victory over isis? >> i think we're talking past each in other some ways. i give the president credit, and center military for defeating isis as a caliphate. a country, at one point was the size of maine and with an economy the size of aus street gentleman, so it deserves full contract credit there. isis is defeated as a caliphate. but not as a much. it's growing in places like afghanistan and we need to decide, there's this notion, john, in washington, leave it alone, let the folks over in the region deal with it. if we don't fight it over there and fight these wars in places like cabo and da mass skmascus, follow us home. we saw that when president obama pulled out of iraq and that's when we saw attacks all over europe in places like san bernardino and orlando. that hasn't happened because we stayed on offense the last two
4:36 am
years. but we have to keep our foot on the necks of these their riferr groups. >> congressman, you're a good sport about going on and asking questions, you go on tucker carlson's show on fox news and there have been overnight some transcripts of radio interviews he's done, years worth where he has said genuinely offensive things about women. i want to read you one thing he said. he was talking about the judge's appearance. he said i feel sorry for her in that way. i feel sore for unattractive women. no, it's just absolutely fundamental, physically the problem with her are fundamental. she's never going to be an attractive women. this is just the tip of the iceberg. he said other things equally if not more offensive even than this. does it give you pause going on his show knowing that he said this? >> well, look, he's never said anything like that to me or aroundm
4:37 am
round me. i'm surprised to hear that. that's the first i've heard of it. i grew up with a single mother. i'm the dad of a little dirl. i girl. i'm a huge proponent of girl's education, women's empowerment. john, this is not just a domestic issue that we need to get better on in the say national security issue. in society's where women thrive around the world, civil societies, politics, business, we don't have an extremist problem to the point we were just talking about with isis. so if i ever hear that type of language, i'll be sure to take it head on. >> well, i recommend that you go listen to these tapes or read these transcripts and you can take it up next time you see him. i want to ask you bay piece of legislation i think we should celebrate any bipartisan legislation any chance weapon get. bob lemonton, it's been 12 years since he was taken hostage in iran and you're part of bipartisan legislation to streamline and enhance the hostage recovery or negotiation process.
4:38 am
explain. >> well, you know, so levenson has been held, he was a former fbi agent that visited in iran and disappeared. i don't think for a second that the iranian regime doesn't know where he is or what happened to him. and for 12 years the levenson family has been seeking answers. and to their point, multiple administrations have not held the iranians to account, which truly sad is both levenson and a another gentleman were left behind when the iran deal was consummated. they were promised they would be on the plane and they didn't show up and were left behind. but we need to increase the cost for whether it's the iranian regime, your colleague austin theiss over in syria, or various terrorists groups. there's very little downside to take an american hostage pur pugh purely because their american. and i want to increase the cost
4:39 am
with these terrorists groups so that he think twice before they take an american because they have a lot more to lose than to gain. and currently that's not the dynamic, but that's what we're seeking to get through this legislation. >> congressman michael waltz, thank you for the work that you've dn beoing, really apprec it. remember how congress treated president clinton's scandal? why is president trump getting very different treatment? we have an eye-opening reality check next. check next. want more from your entertainment experience?
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republicans who appear to be excusing president trump's potentially law-breaking behavior have remained remarkably consistent and held other presidents to the exact same standard, right? >> are you kidding? >> john avlon here way reality check. sir. that's right. there's an old saying in american politics that a democratic crook is just as bad as a republican crook. point of course is that we should hold people to the same standards regardless of political party. and today is seems almost impossibly quaint. during michael cohen's testimony we saw republicans attack the witness rather than ask any questions about serious allegations about president trump. here on new day we saw senator mike rounds dismiss the hush money payments to stormy daniels. he excused the lies by saying that trump did these things because. >> i think this president loves his family. >> loves his family. the standard we're in danger of seeing is that lies and
4:44 am
obstruction of justice don't matter to republicans when it's about a president from their party. and we know this is situational ethics because 20 years ago some of the same senators were singing a very different tune. here's senator mitch mcconnell talking to cnn in 1999 about impeachment proceedings against president bill clinton. >> the problem is lying under oath and obstructing justice. the subject matter is not what is significant here, it's lying under oath and obstructing justice. >> and, for the record, mcconnell voted to find clinton guilty on both counts, lying and obstruction of justice. what about senator lindsey graham? one of president trump's staunchest defender. when president clint to was on trial he offered a very low bar for impeachment. >> the point i'm trying to make is you don't even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitution republic. impeachment is not about punishment, impeachment is about cleansing the office.
4:45 am
>> cleansing the office. choose just another example. how about senator chuck grassley. in 1999 here's what he said about leaving bipartisanship aside and focussing on the facts. we are mir rack cue lousily transed for from politicians to people who leave their public at the front door. and no stone should be left unturned to make that determination. but today the search for the truth seems secondary for most senate republicans. when was all over in 90 nine 99, handful of democrats voted president clinton and dozens of republicans sided with democrats. there were still some people who put principles ahead of party in '99 and there's precious little evidence of that now. joe lieberman voted against it
4:46 am
in 99. ha ha caccracy seemed to be the unforgivable syne. but at least we have the evidence the double standard on at complete surrender to situation will ethics that's the hallmark of our bipartisan. that's your reality check. >> helpful reminder. thank you very much, john. >> nothing says i love you more than hush money payoffs to porn stars. >> that's the hallmark card this they're working on. >> happy valentine's day. fox news issued a rare rebuke of one of its own hosts. what jeanine pirro said to draw condemnation from the network. another host that said some remarkable things as well, will that receive a similar condemnation? they're our parents...
4:47 am
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time for cnn business news. boeing's stock taking a big hit after a deadly plane crash involving its most popular aircraft. and it's driving down the dow. alison kosik joins us with more. >> we're watching shares of boeing. down 10% in the premarket after the second crash of a new 737 max 8. we could see boeing slice a couple hundred points right off the dow today. the dow index, it is price weighted so a higher share price will cause a bigger impact. boeing shares were over $400 apiece friday. now they're down to $382 so it's going to be a huge driver today to keep your eye on. all 157 people on board an ethiopian airlines flight to nairobi died sunday morning when their plane went down shortly after takeoff. the pilot had reported technical difficulties. this comes just five months after boeing -- another boeing jet went down killing 189 people in indonesia aboard a lion air
4:52 am
flight. both flights involve boeing's brand-new 737 max 8. the manufacturer's top-selling plane. there is no evidence the two disasters are linked, but if one issue caused both crashes, boeing may have to very quickly implement modifications to its fleet -- to its fleet. american, southwest and united fly dozens of them right here in the united states. the crashes could result in major consequences for boeing's 737 max 8 program and tarnish the company's reputation for safety. this morning, ethiopian airlines, all chinese airlines, indonesia and cayman airways are grounding all boeing 737 max 8s. boeing is delaying plans to unveil its huge new 777x jetliner this week. so huge implications after this accident. alisyn and john? >> thank you very much. we've been following that all morning. fox tv host jeannine pirro
4:53 am
is under fire for comments she made on her show about ilhan om omar. >> think about it. she wears a hijab which the koran tells women to cover so they won't get molested. is her adherence to this islamic doctrine indicative of her sharia law which is antithetical to the united states constitution? >> let's discuss this with brian stelter, and john avlon, cnn senior political analyst. brian, this did noturprise me when i worked at fox. sharia law was one of their favorite boogiemen. roger ales was very exercised about sharia law. and so we did a lot of segments on sharia law. none of them were fact based or
4:54 am
they didn't -- there was no emphasis on them being fact based. >> they were fear based. >> so i hear that language. that's familiar old language. and i guess the only thing that's surprising is that fox put out a statement condemning jeannine pirro. it took them 24 hours. so after 24 hours of, i guess, outcry online, fox put out a statement saying we strongly condemn jeannine pirro's comments. they do not reflect those of the network and we've addressed the matter with her. >> there could be two reasons. one, advertiser pressure. advertisers wanting to pull out. number two, could be staff pressure. internal staefrs, including one who works on bret baier's show said why your spreading this false narrative that muslims hate america. i would say, what your so afraid of? what are you so scared of? all of these lawmakers, muslims in america, people of many faiths and many backgrounds are
4:55 am
all trying to make america better. what your so afraid of? the fox narrative has been fear of muslims, fear of minorities. >> what they're so board is raf ratings dipping. >> i guarantee you jeannine pirro knows the truth here. it's not just ignorance. it's just hate. >> it was also put in the teleprompter. >> it's hate in teleprompter. >> and i think that's worse because it's not a slip-up. it's intentional. this gets filed under the, i learned it from you, dad. you're saying all members of congress love america. donald trump said members of congress hate america. and folks got to stop getting on the soap box and calling themselves a constitutional conservative without having an understanding of what the constitution says. the default to fear monger. this is a fundamental problem of the fear mongering that's passed
4:56 am
for too long. the fact they issued a correction is surprising because usually it's only been in reaction to advertiser boycotts and there's not any evidence of that. >> maybe this was internal staff pressure. maybe the murdochs look at this and say don't be so blatant. don't be so obvious about your fear mongering. maybe that's the issue is they prefer the subtext sometimes. >> i think we should via twitter read the producer on brets bear. one of the producers are bret baier's show who felt so offended by what jeannine had said. he says, jeannine pirro can you stop spreading this false narrative that somehow muslims hate america or women who wear a hijab are not american enough. you have muslims working at the same network you do, including myself, thanks. >> the idea here that fox is surprised by this, i agree with you. this is something that's been going on for a very long time at fox. right now fox is trying to do
4:57 am
two things. counters this narrative. it's a propaganda network for the president. and it's trying to promote its news brand. it's promoting its news programs. where are the news anchors on fox saying i don't want to work in this kind of place. jeannine pirro should not be allowed to be on this network reading this script that's been put in the teleprompter. where are those news anchors today? >> or thinking about how they'll respond to tucker carlson. >> that's the other controversy. >> recordings and transcripts of radio interviews he did. my apologies to justice kagan. what he says is offensive, but listen to this. >> you don't think she's hot? >> i will be honest. i don't like her and i wouldn't vote to confirm her if i were a u.s. senator, but i do feel sorry for her in that way. i feel sorry for unattractive women. it's nothing they did. >> that's tucker carlson, host
4:58 am
of fox's show at 8:00 at night. is fox going to ask tucker to apologize? >> we shall see. he released a statement saying he was caught saying something naughty. the full context of his comments, and he's calling into this shock jock show. that may be part of his defense. this goes well beyond something naughty. the comment about kagan is crass and clueless and perhaps an i indication of how he'd vote but his comments about warren jeffs and the child bride marrying in certain cults, that to me is even a starker example. and i don't think that can be excused away unless year embracing a new era of normalization. that's more serious that goes beyond humor. >> he calls women primitive. >> media matters dug up this old audio. the audio is real. the clips are real. there's many of them. misogynistic, perverse. instead of apologizing he says, hey, watch my show. come on my show, debate me.
4:59 am
he's trying to turn this into a ratings ploy when, in fact, it's more evidence that some of these hosts on fox engage in shock jock behavior all the time. >> this is not the tucker that i know. i worked with tucker for many years. this is not the person that i know. but this also is not old audio. it's from 2006. in 2006 -- >> some in 2011. >> misoganism and sexism were not in favor in 2006 and saying stuff about young girls, it just wasn't in favor then. when you're on a shock jock show you can try to be outrageous, but this is beyond. >> the gravitational pull and tucker can be a charming guy but also applying standards and saying, what is too far and not buying into the normalization. >> this was out loud. it was on the radio. he's not apologizing. he's promoting his show for tonight. that should tell you everything. brian, john, appreciate it. breaking details on the ethiopian plane crash.
5:00 am
"new day" continues right now. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your new day. monday, march 11th. 8:00 in the east. investigators have now recovered the cockpit voice and data recorders of the ethiopian airlines plane that crashed killing all 157 people on board, including eight americans. boeing facing intense scrutiny this morning. several countries and airlines around the world are grounding the company's 737 max 8 aircraft. >> pressure is growing on u.s. carriers to decide whether they're going to ground this fleet. and it isn't just any aircraft. this is boeing's best-selling passenger jet with hundreds in service in the u.s. and thousands in service around the world. cnn is the only network that's live at the crash site in ethiopia. david mckenzie is there with all the breaking details. tell us what you're seeing happening around you, david. >> good morning. th's a terrible scene behind me.


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