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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  March 11, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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i'm jim sciutto. at this hour starts right now. hello everyone. after the most stinging political defeat of his presidency, president trump seems to be going back for more. this hour the president is unveiling his budget wish list and in it he is call frg more than $8.5 billion for the border wall while cutting spending pretty much everywhere else. the same border wall that was the issue behind shutting the government down for five weeks. it's the next really nasty fight in congress and it has everything to do with your money. republicans are going to say it is a sign that the president is a fighter. democrats are already saying that it is a sign that he hasn't learned his lesson.
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>> reporter: this is always one of those annual fight wheres it pits the president against the congress which prefers particularly to hold the purse strings. as a statement of priorities this budget says that president trump is not done with his border wall fight. he is going to ask congress for more money. this funding comes at a time when he is also trying to cut spending, as well. he is cutting all discretionary funding in the federal government by five percent with the exception of the defense department. a small sliver of that increase in the budget is going to go toward this wall. about 5 billion of it will go toward the department of homeland security. 3.6 billion will go toward military defense spending. now, one of the reasons you have probably heard that before is because when the president said he was going to sign an emergency declaration, one of the sources of the funding that he was going to pull from was
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this military construction budget. this budget asks for more money from the military construction budget that will go toward a wall, but it also asks congress to back fill the money that he funneled away from military construction projects for his national emergency to build the wall so the president is really pushing the boundaries here of what congress has already said they basically don't want to-do. this is all happening at a time when we are just days away from the senate voting to basically say we disapprove of your move to declare a national emergency in order to build the wall. it's a bold move for president trump but it should be noted that these budgets typically don't go anywhere. congress has already rejected it and frankly they go about their process of funding the federal government taking the budgets from the president under advisement. one other small note about what the budget does at a time when people are paying a lot of attention to deficits that have ballooned, this budget proposes
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a balanced budget in 15 years so that is what a lot of what these budget cuts are going toward is a balanced budget projection for 2034. that's a long ways away. we are also a long ways away from this budget ever becoming much of a reality. >> joining me now to discuss this and much more republican congressman of new york. thank you for coming in. >> great to be with you. >> the chairman of the house appropriations committee who handles the budget says this that the budget request is not even worth the paper it is written on. you say what? >> you know, obviously, the president's budget is just that. it's the president's vision as to where we need to go as a country under his proposed budget direction. congress will weigh en. we will prioritize, work with the senate and come up with a funding bill that reflects those prioritizations that i think we can agree upon.
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>> talking about priorities, one thing i have been harping on for quite sometime is like is there a deficit hawk left in washington. you have spoken out often and loudly against run away spending in washington. you have taken tough votes to stand on this principle. when you see there is really no attempt at balancing the budget in this budget proposal, it would balance the budget in 15 years well after even a second term of president trump, how do you support it? >> you know, that's where when we broke with our party on the budget deal. i agree that the deficits are becoming a problem that is unsustainable. our national debt, at some time you run out of run way. we should be taking proactive steps now. i appreciate the president's proposals in reducing some of the spending, identifying some areas that we can have a debate. you have to look at this from
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the perspective of what's beyond those discretionary lines. >> that everyone is trying to fiddle around with. >> we spend about $4 trillion. you really have to look at the other $3 trillion. hopefully there is common ground in getting drug costs and health care costs under control. if we can get health care costs under control because that impacts multiple lines because it hits the federal work place, hits the federal retirement coffers, that is an area that maybe we can find common ground. >> the president campaigned and i found a million sound bytes and statements about not only eliminating debt, but also getting to this point, balancing the budget and doing is quickly. here is one example. >> there are so many things. when we can balance the budget
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very quickly. >> you think in five years? >> i think over a five-year period. maybe i can even surprise you. >> so i might be going out on a limb here, but that is not going to happen. in this moment when the president is launching his reelection campaign, should voters hold him accountable for statements like that made? >> i have run on the debt crisis because i see it as an imminent threat to america's future. the national debt is the national security threat that we see at the highest levels of government across most spectrums and in the military's perspective. attacking this issue shouldn't be a political issue. this should be a substantive threat against america. people need to realize the crisis is going on as we speak. >> isn't it fact of the matter that grid lock in washington is good politics to run on? that is really what this is. >> i guess politics runs the day
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in washington, d.c. at the end of the day these problems will roost and these are real americans put in harms way. >> and it gets to the border wall funding that the president is asking for more funding. i mean, you voted with the president, you stood with the president when it came to the vote on the president's national emergency declaration. you are now push the president from being able to basically do the same in the future. how do you square those two thing snz. >> first, i recognize the crisis. even going forward under our proposed amendments recognize there will be emergency situations such as what i feel is occurring at the border. going forward, we shouldn't have the resolution of disapproval. we have 31 existing emergency declarations going back to the carter years. congress should be weighing in on each and everyone of them so they don't stay open ended. >> so you say there is a crisis
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at the border. if what the president is doing is appropriate why do you want to limit a president from doing it in. >> this is about presidential authority in every emergency situation. we need to rein in the executive branch and have congress be a co-equal branch of congress like it needs to be. >> you have to understand how that is confuse frg someone to understand. . you stand with the president on this but you want to rein in the executive from being able to do that in the future. explain how that is not hypocrit. >> in the future i am likely to agree with them on those situations. what happens is we don't have the check on the executive branch. >> congress has the power to vote on the resolution. congress has the power to override a veto and you stood with the president. >> that is exactly the problem.
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congress can choose to do that. congress needs to do that in each and every emergency declaration that occurs going forward so we can put limits on this so you don't have emergency declarations from carter's administration still on the books that presidents today can utilize to go beyond the scope of the executive branch. >> if you think on principle that a president should not be able to overstep and go around congress in this way, why not stand up to the president on this one? >> what i'm saying is in the future there will be emergency situations. the president needs the emergency authority. congress needs to weigh in on each and everyone of them. this one i agree with the president. future emergency declarations i could disagree. congress has to be co equal on each and every. >> you're making the case that you are not playing politics in what you are doing right now? >> no because what we are doing is reestablishing congress's role. the root cause of this problem
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is too much authority in the executive branch. >> if we got here because of a root cause problem coming from the executive branch, if there is no problem with what the president did here, do you think there is any problem with what the president did here? >> i believe there is an emergency at the border. i agree with the president's assessment. >> that's why i don't understand. you put this measure forward after this whole situation. so why do you see any problem with what he is doing or where the authority lies in. >> as the law is today, it allowathize president to do this. what we are talking about going forward in the situations that congress has to weigh in -- every president has the discretion and will have the discretion going forward. what congress is doing here, rather than playing politics and picking and choosing when resolutions will occur, this
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occurs at the selection of our leadership. congress should have to go on record each and every member on each and every emergency action so they can be held accountable to the people. that is the fundamental root. coming up next for us, new questions for boeing after two deadly plane crashes in five months, both of them the exact same model of aircraft. are those planes safe with so many airlines flying them? new polls show republicans in iowa are standing with president trump. why are 40% also saying they want to see another republican take him on? we'll dive into the numbers. ♪ when cravings hit, hit back. choose glucerna, with slow release carbs
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search teams have now recovered the black boxes from the ethiopian airlines flight that went down yesterday killing all 157 people on board. cnn is hearing from an eyewitness who says the plane was smoking, swerving, dipping before it crashed, compounding this tragedy is it is the second time in five months that this model, boeing 737 max 8 aircraft has crashed with deadly results. now some countries are grounding the new model jets and boeing is under intense scrutiny. first, i want to go to the ground to the crash site in ethiopia. cnn's david mckenzie is there. >> reporter: this troubling crash, you can see the big diggers. they are separating parts of the engine of what was a brand new boeing from parts of the fuselage. there has been tragic moments of
8:17 am
bringing out remains of those lost on this flight. there had been officials from the u.s., other countries and ethiopian airlines on the scene. moments ago i spoke to a witness who says he was tending his sheep, he is a shepherd. this is a very rural area -- when he heard the noise of the plane coming over. he said when he came out to look, there were flames, as he put it, toward the tail side of the plane. relatively soon after that it smashed at the tail side. no survivors. earlier, we spoke to the u.s. ambassador who was here on the scene. take a listen. >> eight americans showing great interest in africa, people who either lived here or were here
8:18 am
to work. eight inspiring lives and eight true tragedies. our hearts go out to everyone impacted by their deaths. >> reporter: the investigators are on their way here. they will be here overnight. he said that interpoll is working with u.s. and ethiopian authorities to try to identify the remains of those lost in the terrible incident. >> thank you so much. joining me right now for more on what this means especially for boeing and anyone who is flying, richard quest is here, cnn aviation correspondent host of quest means business. what are you hearing from boeing about this? >> boeing just put out a statement in the last hour. it says it is discussing and looking at the matter with the operators and the airlines. he said the investigation is in its early stages, but at this point, based on the information available, we do not have any basis to issue new guidance to
8:19 am
operators. that will be regarded as sort of a holding statement while they wait for more information from the two boxes, the data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder that you just mentioned. the eyewitness account, the eyewitnesss are usually in some cases wrong. they are often exaggerated. they don't necessarily explain what might have caused it. what will give a result is these two recorders. it will be a day or two before we get early indications. >> the fact of the matter is, two brand new planes crashed, multiple victims, same plane five months apart. it leaves everyone to wonder why boeing hasn't taken a step of grounding them all until they know? >> boeing at the moment doesn't have any reason to believe that there is anything wrong with the
8:20 am
planes. there wasn't anything wrong with the lion air plane as such, just that it was misflown in a particular circumstance. the plane didn't fail t. was a question of circumstances. the problem here is the chart that you are showing on the screen now. you have the chinese regulator, the chinese equivalent of the faa saying ground the fleet. there are more than 90 of these planes flying around china. we want it grounded until there are more details. and that will beg the question to the u.s. regulator, the faa why do you not ground the fleet out of an abundance of caution? if you claim that safety is first, what is wrong with taking this precautionary step? those other three airlines that are flying it. and on this point, it's very
8:21 am
easy for boeing or somebody else to say there is nothing wrong, don't ground. the plane is safe, don't ground. passengers are entitled to reply that chinese have thought it serious enough to ground 94 of those planes flying in the air space. it's leaving the american traveling public in an intolerable position having to make their own judgment on what they think. chinese regulator, u.s. regulator, ethiopian regulator, indonesian regulator, who do we believe? >> you think they would all be looking at the same risk fak factors. >> there are no facts at the moment to indicate one way or the other what happened except the three coincidence. same brand new plane and same seemingly motions of changes in altitude. and once again, an extremely
8:22 am
violent way out of the sky, straight down. there are these similarities, but, if i say to you one plus one equals -- this is the position. who is in the best position to tell you what that answer is? >> right now it's going to be the ntsb in a couple more days. real quick, everyone is calling this boeing's best seller. why has this plane been such a best seller? >> it doesn't sell it for as much as the 777 but they sell many more of them. they sell thee planes by the thousand. it is a production line that makes them in the 50s and 60s per month. this is the most extraordinary operation. there are 4,000 of these planes so anything at all that calls into question this particular
8:23 am
aircraft which is boeing's best seller because it makes so many, is what we are talking about. >> i will say and in the midst of this, it leaves the public in an impossible decision, two days, three days is something. that is still a ton of flights that will be happening. thank you, richard. i really appreciate it. coming up for us, the 2020 race is heating up in iowa. we'll be right back. lf of our community have discovered their irish roots. which means your smiling eyes, might be irish too. order ancestrydna, and find the surprises in you. just $59 through march 18th. get your kit today. ♪ pardon the interruption but this is big! now with t-mobile get the samsung galaxy s10e included with unlimited data for just $40 a month.
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this just in to cnn. democrats have made their choice. not on who will be the nominee, but they have picked the location for the 2020 convention, milwaukee, wisconsin. a midwest convention, the first in decades and in a critical state that hillary clinton lost in 2016. new cnn polling is sending signals of what democrats are looking for in that nominee. former vice president joe biden, senator bernie sanders are top choices. biden is 27% though he is not in the race and sanders at 25. elizabeth warren with nine percent support. what are iowa democrats saying if the current top choice hasn't announced he is running yet? joining me now is jeff zeleny
8:29 am
and ron brownstein. you spend more time in iowa than anyone not paying taxes there. what are iowa democrats saying right now with these numbers? >> reporter: there is no question that joe biden and bernie sanders have the most name recognition. they have been around. of course, joe biden has run in 1998 and 2008 and bernie sanders just four years ago. that's what the polls largely are. they are name recognition polls. they show us sort of how age and ideology are breaking down and there is a split, older voters like joe biden more and younger voters like bernie sanders more. even the most liberals in iowa, the ones who identify themselves as liberals, some of them had concerns about how liberal bernie sanders is. i have a question if some of this socialist branding is
8:30 am
working to his detriment. we should point out it is a very early, early period. early polls don't matter much except for name i.d. it is one thing joe biden is looking at. he is likely to jump in i am told by some people close to him probably in early april. of course, that's a decision that he alone can make. >> no matter how early it is, he has to be looking at something. when it comes to age, this is one of the things you narrowing in on and why this poll looks better for biden than sanders. >> there is so much focus on young people as they become a bigger part of the democratic coalition. in 2016 voters over 45 were 60% of all the voters in the democratic primary physical you look at the analysis of all the exit polls. in iowa it was higher, close to 65%. and sanders really did have kind of a cliff in his support last time. he did very well among people 18
8:31 am
to 30. he was very competitive. after 45 his numbers really dropped particularly among nonwhite voters. the other point about biden who was strongest with older voters is that he probably has less competition than sanders may have for younger voters. if beto o'rourke gets in he will be a very form udable competitor. cory booker and kamala harris, so biden may not only have a bigger pool, he may have less competition for that pool in terms of others who are naturally situated to take away the pardon. >> that is an interesting way of putting it. another democratic candidate who can be vying for the voters would be one of the youngest candidates who is down in south by southwest where you have been. three cnn town halls last night. mayor is getting a lot of attention this morning in part for his take down of vice
8:32 am
president mike pence in part of the town hall. let me play is for everybody. >> how could he allow himself to become the cheerleader of the porn star presidency? is it that he stopped believing in striptucripture when he star believing in donald trump? when i sat down with pete buttigieg he took it further. he writes about it a lot in his book. he called pence a fanatic. what do you think last night me meant for his chances, when you talk about name i.d. he doesn't have it? >> i think it is a big introduction point. i have been watching mayor buttigieg. he has been giving a lot of interviews. he is talking about his age as a
8:33 am
virtue, as an asset. he is 37 years old, the youngest person in the race. he says it is a moment for generational change. he believes older voters will also be joined to that, parents and grandparents of younger voters. last night here in austin, i think the most significant thing he did was show that he can stand up to the president at least rhetorically and the vice president. he also is able to point out his military service. that is a string we are seeing in several of these younger candidates. he served in afghanistan. we are seeing that from several of these 30 something, 40 something candidates. i think that he introduced himself and it starts there. he is going to have to do a lot more of that to break into these early state polls. last night i think without a doubt he showed that he should be on the stage. >> also interesting messages when it comes to the president.
8:34 am
you have overwhelming support among raenz in iowa. still 40% say they would like to see a primary. >> yeah. look, 47% of iowa republicans with a college degree or more said they would like to see a challenger. and that is comparable to what we saw in the most recent university of new hampshire poll where less than half said they were certain to vote for donald trump. there is an audience. it's tough to cobble together the numbers given how strong trump is to imagine a challenger beating him. could a challenger show the party that there is a genuine white collar problem, reinforcing the message of the 2018 congressional election from republicans in suburban districts around the country? you would have to say from these early polls that kind of opening is there. really quick on the democratic side you can have the most
8:35 am
candidates since 1976 so no one will consolidate any lane. the one thing to keep in mind is after iowa and new hampshire, the diversity of the democratic party over the next month comes out in force from south carolina to new hampshire to texas, california, florida and the south. with california moving up it under scores how the diverse parts of the party will be so powerful from mid february to mid march. that i think is the big challenge for sanders. >> fascinating g. to see you guys. thank you. >> thank you. coming up, the former attorney for stormy daniels revealing new details about the hush money payments during the 2016 elections, really the first time he is speaking out. was it personal in the payments or was it politics as obviously many have suggested? and you want to hear about what he has to say about michael cohen. you love me? ♪
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you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. he helped negotiate the hus money deals between president trump, stormy daniels and karen mcdougal. now attorney davidson is having his say. he tells abc why then candidate trump and his attorney michael cohen decided it was time to finally seal the deal for their silen silence. >> the access hollywood tape was
8:41 am
the motivating factor. it defeats the argument that this was done for purely personal reason and that this was, in fact, done for political reasons because after the access hollywood tape that something like this could be the straw that broke the camel's back. >> what else is keith davidson saying? >> in this interview davidson goes on to explain it in more detail. he says michael cohen had missed the deadline to make the $130,000 payment to seal the deal with stormy daniels for her hush money deal. and then after the access hollywood tape ran it was after that that michael cohen did make the payment effectively cementing the deal for her silence. that is what davidson says makes him very certain this was done for political reasons. he said he only dealt with michael cohen so he doesn't know what role the president played in the discussions. >> davidson is talking about
8:42 am
michael cohen and kind of what michael cohen has confided in him and also talking about working or not working at the white house. what did he say there? >> he tells abc that michael cohen felt rejected and embarrassed when he wasn't given a deal in the white house after president trump was inaugurated. davidson describes how michael cohen confided in him. >> he confided in me that he was just beside himself in his words. he said can you [ bleep ] believe it? i just can't [ bleep ] believe it. can you believe after everything i have done he is not taking me to washington? he felt that was a personal embarrassment for him. he was rejected. >> and so this now of course is in contrast to michael cohen's testimony under oath last month before congress when he said that he got the job that he wanted. he did not want to go to washington. he just wanted to be donald
8:43 am
trump's personal attorney. >> he said that over and over again in the same line of questioning and testimony before congress. thank you so much. really appreciate it. when it comes to investigations of the president of the united states i think everyone can agree in theory that partisan politics should be set aside. that certainly was the message from congressional republicans when a democratic president was under investigation. with the mueller report coming any day now, is past prologue? what did your trip down memory lane tell you? >> we decided to go back to the video tape t. showed just a little bit of hypocrisy. >> shocking. >> so let me get this to you. there is an old saying in american politics that a democratic crook is just as bad as a republican crook point is we should hold people to the same standard regardless of political party. during michael cohen's testimony we saw republicans attack the
8:44 am
witness rather than ask questions about serious allegations against the president. we saw the hush money payments essentially dismissed saying the president lied because he quote loves his family. the standard is that lies and obstruction of justice don't seem to matter to republican whz it is about a president from their party. 20 years ago, some of the same senators were singing a very different tune. here is senator mitch mcconnell talking to cnn in 1999 about impeachment proceedings against president clinton. >> the problem is lying under oath and obstructing justice. the subject matter is not what is significant here. it is lying under oath and obstructing justice. >> for the record, mcconnell voted to find clinton guilty for both counts. what about senator lindsey graham. when president clinton was on trial he offered a very low bar for impeachment. >> the point i'm trying to make is you don't even have to be
8:45 am
convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic. impeachment is not about punishment. impeachment is about cleansing the office. >> that's right, cleansing the office. what about senator chuck grassley? here is what he said during the impeachment trial. we are transformed from politicians to those who leave their labels at the door. we are there to seek the truth to find out whether the president is guilty or not guilty. today the search for the truth seems secondary for most senate republicans. when it was all over in 1999 a handful voted against president clinton. for what it's worth, one of the first senate democrats to condemn the behavior was joe
8:46 am
lieberman. hypocrisy used to be the unforgivable sin in american politics. that seems to be one more casualty of donald trump's presidency. we have the evidence of the double standard and the surrender to ethics. that is your reality check. >> it's a reality check and i would argue that hypocrisy not being like the death nail of the career that started before donald trump. >> he is a symptom of the larger problem, not the cause. i think his example has legitimated that play and made people feel they can be teflon. >> i always wonder if breaking the rules and breaking the mold only applies to donald trump or if it applies to everyone else or if everyone else has to live by the other standards. coming up for us, a cnn exclusive inside the fierce
8:47 am
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say they're making the final assault on isis' last stronghold. cnn is on front lines to witness the escalated fighting in eastern syria. senior international correspondent ben wedeman is joining me now from the ground. ben, what have you been seeing? >> reporter: well, kate, the operation began 24 hours ago, and certainly for the first few hours, we saw intense airstrikes as well as artillery, mortar and machine guns being fired into this small encampment, which is all that's left of the so-called islamic state. throughout the day, however, it was a different picture. there were occasional airstrikes, occasional artillery rounds going in, but by and large, it's been relatively quiet. now, we did have several hours where we had the peculiar sight of seeing men on motorcycles and
8:52 am
in a truck milling around inside the encampment behind me despite the fact there were airplanes overhead, there were drones in the sky, but nonetheless, for a few hours they seemed to have complete freedom of movement in there despite the fact that there is an active operation going on. what we've seen so far given that this is the third attempt to completely wipe out isis control in this part of syria is that every time they've had to halt the operation to allow civilians and fighters, in fact, to go out. the original estimate was there was only 500 civilians inside, maybe 500 fighters. it turned out there were 30,000 civilians, women and children inside, and many, many fighters as well. so we may be in for another pause to let more women and children and fighters out perhaps. so this may be another attempt
8:53 am
at a final assault, but it might not actually be the final assault. kate? >> ben, thank you so much for being there, bringing information from the front line. ben wedeman on the ground in eastern syria for us. good to see you. coming up, backlash and rare rebuke from fox news. questions about whether a member of congress puts her at odds with the constitution. more on that next. think only specialty stores have what's new? olay has the hottest debut. new olay clay stick masks, hydrating facial mist, and brightening eye cream. only by olay. let's see, aleve is than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills.
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of its own anchors, jeanine pirro, after comments made during her show saturday night. pirro questioned congresswoman ilhan omar's allegiances because omar wears a head covering. listen to this. >> think about it. omar wears a hijab which according to numbkoran number 5t tells her to wear a head covering. isn't that against the constitution? >> fox news speaks out rebuking her. jeanine pirro is saying outward things. that is not new. fox news speaking out and condemning very clearly what she
8:58 am
said, that is new. >> yes. even though she wrote this, it was put in the teleprompter, producers must have seen it ahead of time, fox news did take a stand against her. she's not apologizing but the network is trying to distance themselves from her by saying they strongly condemn what she said on the air, that it doesn't follow the rules of the network and it's been addressed with her. i don't know how it was addressed but it's been discussed with her. maybe next week she'll say something on the air about this. but fox news has gone back time and time again about fear of muslims, fear of minorities. it's certainly on the talk shows of jeanine pirro. >> you give real estate an hour or more a week. if it doesn't go beyond that one statement, what does it mean? >> i think it means they want to have their cake and eat it, too. they want to have her on the air spewing this venom all the time, but they also want to keep just enough distance so advertisers
8:59 am
don't get uncomfortable. that's probably the overarching issue here. fox is embroiled in two controversies and that's an issue. >> i guess you tell me if you feel differently about another host who is under fire for comments he made on a radio show about a decade ago. it's a different situation. why do you think it's related? >> misogynist comments made on the radio, women's comments, making fun of women's looks, et cetera, all of this bubbled up during "media matters" yesterday. neither host is apologizing for the offensive things they've said, and in some ways, that's a problem for fox in both cases. fox wants to draw advertisers, it wants to keep running a profitable business, it's trying to promote its news brand. after all we had a debate last week on whether democrats should debate on fox. fox is trying to promote its news brand, yet these right wing
9:00 am
opinion votes show an ugly side of the network's face. this is something that comes up time and time again with fox. >> i'm very interested to see the next step, if there is a next step when it comes to jeanine pirro. it's one thing to give context to what you said, but an apology could be needed in that regard. thanks all for joining me. phil mattingly and "inside politics" starts right now. welcome to "inside politics." i'm phil mattingly. john king is off today. the white house sends its budget request over to capitol hill and i'm going to break some news for you, it will not pass congress. but it will give clues on the negotiations to come. the new cnn polling out of iowa gives pretty clear advice to the president. focus on your accomplishments, not your 2020 opponents. speaking of 2020, is j


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