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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 11, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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weapons. they say he white supremacist views. they raided his home where they found a stockpile of guns and steroids. thank you for being with me. the lead starts now. >> it's almost as if the president wants to fight for the wall more than the wall itself. the lead starts right now. demanding billions and the asking price is higher. any moment we can find out if joe is a go. the former decision is as a new scandal begins to haunt another contender. another plane same make, same model goes down. will they be grounded in the u.s. until investigators figure out what went wrong?
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welcome to the lead. we begin with the politics lead and trump gearing up for another fight. the budget request was delivered to congress. there is one number that is getting a lot of attention. 8.6 billion is what trump is requesting for his border wall flexion year. th next year. that order coming after congress refused to give him the $5.7 billion that he wanted the last time around resulting in the longest government shutdown in u.s. history. this is one battle brewing between the president and democrats. the first white house press briefing was supposed to focus on trump's new budget proposal. >> the 2020 budget which was released today. >> it was quickly overshadowed after sanders refused to defly a report saying he told a room of that democrats hate jewish
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people. >> yes or no? does he really believe democrats hate jews? >> i think it's a question you should ask democrats. >> hitting for not going far enough to rebuke their own members. >> democrats have had a number of opportunities to condemn and refused to do that. >> pointing to republicans calling congressman steve king out by name. >> we called it out by name. we stripped it an we would like to see democrats follow suit. >> the president never condemned king. >> i haven't been following it. i really haven't been following it. >> the back and forth distracting from the unveiling of trump's new budget blueprint. he is reviewing congress pay for the border wall this time asking for 8.6 billion in new funding. the white house prose sposal, w democrats have declard it dead on arrival claiming he hasn't learned his lesson when he
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walked away without a single dollar. >> we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government. >> house speaker pelosi and senate minority leader reminding him congress refused to fund his wall and he was forced to admit defeat and reopen the government. the same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again. the proposal coming weeks after trump declared to secure funding for his border wall. >> i don't believe that the president has that authority under the constitution. >> the house passed a resolution to provoke the declaration. trump promised to veto the measure but aids are worried more than ten republicans could break with the president. let's not forget the only reason he has the authority to call a national emergency is because congress gave him the right to do so. >> when a reporter pointed out
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that the president himself never publicly condemned steve king she said she speaks on his behalf. she didn't deny the president told that room full of donors that democrats hate jewish people but when the president was leaving the white house on friday to go to alabama and florida for that fundraiser he said and i'm quoting, democrats have become an anti-israel party. >> i don't think it works the way she says it is. i think she knows that. >> thank you. it's sort of a statement, a wish list. it's for santa claus. here are the things that i want. the president, do you think believes that he can really win this fight and highway much of an indication that we are headed for another one of these? >> i think this white house understands what a budget is. it's a little like we can obsess over it and obsess over spring
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training but i wouldn't draft my fantasy team based on it. you signal your priorities. he care about the wall and border security. at the end of the day they have to have realistic expectations. presidential budgets are usually meaningless documents. >> go on. >> i think it's pretty clear the message the president is trying to say is don't pay attention to the $7.5 trillion. pay attention to the fight i really want to have which is the wall. that's how i will get reelected. that's what he is trying to say. >> there are some things democrats will like.
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no policy aclooefs the result they are promising people. the wall is smoke and mirrors. no mexico paying for the wall. no money for day care. they won't solve the day care crisis for people. it is stuff they make up to say on television. maybe it's 25 billion. what is the number that you need to secure a good part of the border? >> i wish they would pick a certain area and make an example out of it if wow want to get the wall done that is the most complex it separates republicans that have concerns it invites so many legal clal lengs they are
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shooting themselves in the foot. >> if it keeps changing how does he make without consistency a case for what his needs really are. >> if i were him i would continue to draw on what the experts say, what the border patrol says. i would put them in the spot of saying here is what we need in terms of barriers and technology and people. if you put them in charge it would be a good strategy. >> that is what democrats did and what was in one of the many proposals. he rejected it because he was hard and fast about the number which has already shifted. again, we are asking for more money from democrats than he did from republicans. i was hearing this morning it is maybe some concrete, maybe some steel. it's your point. what is it that you want? what is it that you need and what is it that the experts and
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democrats are telling you they are hearing actually need. >> i'm old enough to remember when deficits matter to republicans. the other side of this about the fact that we can't quite crack the 3% threshold. we gave a lot of money away. they are saving it. they are not spending it in the economy. we are not seeing people that could benefit from the economic growth. that's getting more money and more resources to people that are working class so they can have good lives and spur this economy. >> house speaker and caused
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widespread chaos. congress refused to fund his wall and he was forced to reopen the government. the same thing will repeat itself. we hope he learned his lesson. when you look at the polls people two are polled blaped republicans and the white house and not democrats however if you talk to some democrats they were very concerned that trump was effectively labeling them as soft on border security. i wasn't a fight they welcomed. they were worried. they didn't feel they were but he felt they were labeling them. they were the ones talk about stronger security at our ports and other places where it is ironic that the case was happening while we were having this fight and even in the system they were saying we don't go through the borders.
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you're hearing that a concern and shutdown i think everybody knows that nobody wants another shutdown nobody in congress really wants this. >> the net result of the shutdown for donald trump, he is in the mid-to high 40s now and some of the national surveys. they are gal van sizvanized beh. i agree nobody wants to shut it down again. if you're trying to signal i will do anything it takes. it's not a bad place to be for a president going into a reelection campaign which he has to keep all of his people together. >> will you all hang tight with
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>> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ she said i am not for impeachment. this is news. i am going to give you news right now because i haven't said this to any press person before. since you asked and i have been thinking about this impeachment is so device ifr to the country that unless there's something so compelling i don't think we should go down that path because it divides the country and he's just not worth it.
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let's go back to our group of analysts now. >> it is a big wow. i think she will probably have people that are not happy to hear that. there are people that are because he is unworthy to be in office. unless you'll kick him out of office it ends up soaking up a lot of time that won't yield the product everybody wants. >> why did she do it now? >> she doesn't have control of this conference. she is not for anti-semitism either. she hasn't checked in with her conference. the base of her party -- >> one member. >> i was going to say, one member. >> they have had two votes. >> that is not fair but i'm just saying you made it sound like they are all saying it. >> okay. how many did the republicans have on donald trump for racism, white nationalism, how many vote on that? >> back to impeachment.
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>> the sound right now are people doing the happy dance on their tables right now. they can say look, even the house speaker is not for impeachment. if she wants to move the ball i think she is right. what is easier for democrats do impeach and remove the president or to flip a couple ofl votes in the midwest? it is far easier to make it in the house. >> i will take a different view. she put out a marker that says unless it meets a certain threshold. she didn't say no way, no how. we do not know what's in the mueller report. depending on what's in that report as what i think she left that space open they better not be doing too much of that. the point is there could be high crimes and misdemeanors. when we find out the answer to that question there may be an
1:18 pm
outcry. she has tried to take it off a table for now as an issue so it's not detracting. they have been trying to talk about voting rights and all of the other things they want to accomplish. let's put it over here while we try to move forward. >> looking at the calendar right now it's march 2019. you'll an election in november 2020. the amount of time it would take to hold the invests, have the hearings and get the votes there's not enough time on the clock. if it doesn't falter then impeachment will not be successful. >> one could argue we are having impeachment hearings. he is bidding a hearing brick by
1:19 pm
brick. he will do this very methodically. he is doing this very methodically. so what you may find over the course of time is that we now have enough evidence that shows the president is a criminal in three or four different ways. we may find out he is really a big petty criminal like he is committing a bunch of petty crime and we don't have enough people would find to kick him out of office. when she does a briefing having
1:20 pm
to get out of having to defend what the president has said. i think having that sort of the liability for trump's reaction and tweet storm is actually helpful. >> i will have one follow-up question. did she mean impeachment now. i bet she would change her mind then. >> what do you think? >> i think that she can say whatever she wants to. huge numbers of democrats want to see donald trump impeached. a lot of energy around that issue. you'll see it continue to be talked about. he is still out there banging the drum on that. i think she is smart politically to take it off the table. i don't think it's coming off the table for a lot of folks. >> i want to get your reaction. this is the interview.
1:21 pm
>> there are not a singular person in the democratic party it is like malpractice. >> you know it didn't work in 2018. >> i don't know. democrats had the largest national majority leader. >> asking how it looked. >> and when the president was giving his state of the union address. >> and how many are away from pelosi. she is a devicive figure. what she says about trump is what is true about her too. that is a fact.
1:22 pm
>> i do think president trump has been a mobilizing force for not just for democrats but a lot of people in this country. it has benefitted democrats. >> it may ben it the country. it's not democrats. people who realize standing up for the stinstitutions of governments. even if we argue over how they get to participate the idea that everybody has a chance to achieve something here that is not what he wants to see exist. there are 60% of the country that would like to have the got that does encourage everybody to feel like they have a stake in the outcome. >> she has a point. the fundraising has been good.
1:23 pm
many democratic voters have been mobilized. there has to be a message and there has to be an agenda beyond countering the trump and the border wall which is a challenge for democrats. we see he will put it back on the agenda here. so to her point she has been god how much has he arrested in a way they need to try to counter? >> not at all. i don't see them worrying donald trump will suddenly have a jobs bill that puts lower wage workers to work at a living wage. he is not trying to have universal health care. >> this is my question. when i interview a lot of democrats they will talk about donald trump and they are pivoting to try to focus on what they want to sell to the american people and they are struggling to find the oxygen to do so. >> i do think they were trying to -- before the people agenda coming out it was the sort of message that pelosi and schumer
1:24 pm
were trying to push. those leks weelections were ver. i think coming to the presidential that is why the debates will be so important. what are the issues and what is my vision and my agenda. as we move through i think it will move more towards what their vision is. i think america will get a dlans chance to see a rebuobust conversation. i remember being there in 2000 and people fretting about the fact that he had an agenda about what democrats wanted to do.
1:25 pm
he sided up and passed a bill. there's no expectation that, you know, some liberal lion will team up with president trump and pass a piece of constructive. >> we are following another breaking news story. hundreds of people killed after two new planes, same make and model crashed months apart. several countries are grounding this type of plane but the u.s. is not. we'll talk about that next. i'm mildly obsessed with numbers.
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two major domestic airlines are among a group that are still flying this type of aircraft. airlines are grounding these planes until further notice as a precaution. the ethiopian flight is the second crash of one of these 737 max 8s in six months. investigators are looking into what happened. it's not clear if they are related. nervous fliers want answers. as of know boeing is standing by their plane. >> mystery and worldwide fallout today following the crash of flight 18302 which killed all 157 people on board after it went down sunday minutes after
1:31 pm
takeoff. the focus now for many the plane itself. the plane boeing's best selling passenger jet. the 737 max 8. there's no evidence of a link. the first back in october when it went down near indonesia killing 189 people. boeing says safety is the number one priority. in a statement adding we are taking every measure to fully understand all aspects of this accident based on the investigation available. would you not have any basis to issue new guidelines to operators? the voice recorder and flight data recorder have been found as
1:32 pm
investigators begin to piece together what happened in the final moments. ntsb investigators are also on their way to help officials on the ground. the flight took off on sunday morning. they are asking for permission to turn back six minutes after takeoff. >> the plane came right over. it was a fire near the back of it. it looked in trouble. it came straight down and there was a huge explosion and fire. he was tending his sheep when he heard the noiss above and saw the plane with his own eyes. >> the plane was packed with many who hoped to make it a better place. they are heading to a major u.n. environmental summit. the families that go to bed without their mothers, fathers
1:33 pm
and children. >> what really struck me was the small size of the plane. it was virtually shredded as it impacted onto ground. i spoke to an investigator that believe that it came in at a very vertical angle plowing in and creating the massive crater. questions now will be asked here across the world is this a type of aircraft? they will need the answers very soon indeed. >> thank you so much. i want to bring in richard quest who is cnn aviation
1:34 pm
correspondent. within a very short period of time we will get an early look that will pretty much give us what happened. now, how wise and who did what, when and how all follows on later. the sequence of events will become clear from a combination of what the pilots were saying and what the machine was doing.
1:35 pm
it's the boeing 737 max 8 now one crashing in ethiopia. are you concerned these are related? >> oh, yes. absolutely. one would have to be ignoring the obvious. it does not mean to say that i think there's a panic because of this. i don't believe this one will be an exact replica of circumstances of the previous one. i don't believe that, you know, the incidents of the flight management systems every pilot knows about the mechanisms on the 737. it won't be the same, but the
1:36 pm
phase of flight right at the beginning, the nature of the altitude, the way that plane came out, the fact they are brand new. boeing has every intention and interest in understanding what happened, however much it may cost or change or delay. boeing wants to know the answer to this as much as you and i. >> and to that point should these be grounded in the u.s. because they are not at this point. they are a number of countries in international airlines.
1:37 pm
if you are supposed to fly on a boeing 737 max 8 tomorrow would you get on it? >> i would be concerned. it's not my job and i'm not qualified to say whether they should be grounded. i'm qualified as a passenger, a traveler just one of the people who pays to get on a plane to ask the question to the airline. hang on a second. the chinese say they are not safe. the chinese say how much they should be grounded. why out of an abundance of caution are nyou not grounding them? why are they more concerned than you appear to be? that is why i would say, you know, yeah, the people should be looking at the plane and wondering what but i think it's up to everybody to make their own individual choice. a lot of people are on that. richard quest, thank you for
1:38 pm
that. >> what will joe biden do? it could be answered any moment as the former vice president drops major hints and then cnn on the front lines as explosions fill the sky and fire fight breaks out in the last isis stronghold. we'll take you there to syria. we just got married. we're all under one roof now. congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though. a lot of colleges. you get any financial advice? yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now. right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids, 2 dogs and jake over here? that would be great. that would be great. that okay with you, jake? get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management. you don't always use your smartphone to like something. here we are! how is it? perfect! who is this? you don't always use it to share something. he's doing it! but when it matters most, you count on tracfone to keep you connected, for less.
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we are back now. telling his decision will be apparent within days and he will likely launch a campaign by early april. it comes as a poll shows biden is in the key early state of
1:43 pm
iowa and democrats where they will crown the nominee. we pick up our coverage. ? the clock on a 2020 decision is ticking for biden. >> biden's allies say he is closer than ever to making up his mind. >> he is moving closer. he is someone i'm confident he is going to run. >> as his decision looms he is gearing up far busy week where he would offer some clues. first up a speech to firefighters. she ba he is back on his home turf of at a dinner. a new poll shows 64% say he should get in the 2020 race.
1:44 pm
another 2020 hopeful is under fire. she has cast herself as a champion of the me too movement. she was the first democratic senator to call for minnesota senator to resign after allegations of sexual misconduct. >> we need to draw a line in the sand and say none of it is okay. none of it is acceptable. we as elected leaders should absolutely be held to a higher standard. >> she is now tackling claims she mishandled allegations of sexual harassment in her senate office after a female staffer accused the military aid of sexual harassment last year.
1:45 pm
according to a letter obtained the accuser said she was suffering her resignation because of how poorly the investigation and post investigation was handled. today she defended her handling of the probe issuing a statement saying when allegations are made in the workplace we must believe women so that serious investigations can actually take place. he was fired from the office last week. cnn's efforts haven't been successful and he didn't respond to the request for comment. >> thank you so much for that
1:46 pm
report. we'll talk about that in just a moment. is joe biden going to be there? 27% of likely caucus goers say he is their first choice. you have all of these other folks in the field struggling to get out of single digits. what should biden be taking away from this? what can you tell them about yourself that is going to be new or different that if they are thinking about voting for you or not that's going to change their pliends? it also means there is a lot of room for everybody else which is
1:47 pm
why the debate will be so important. >> the biggest question is what is the hold up? why didn't you make a decision? i think harris's has had anfe effect. you can't go outside and give a little speech now. she because of her excellent roll out. since she entered the rate it has gone up i think people need to take their time and if they can't match that stay on the sidelines. >> there have been three people that have been ahead at this point in the year before the election day who went onto win the nomination. in 1984, al gore in 2000 and hillary clinton in 2016. i think president of the united states should pay attention to the numbers and look to make sure he is doing what is required to win in the modern democratic party which means hiring people who are like the
1:48 pm
people in the democratic party and ready talk about the issues. >> to be fair to the vice president his previous campaigns didn't last that long so he doesn't have a ton of experience in long-term planning. i think if you look at polling numbers, if you're younger you're for bernie. if you're bernie sanders you a lot of others in the race who are low in polling right now. they tend to skew younger as well. biden may be on the older more established caucus goers. i thought the generational divide was really interesting. >> let's talk about defending her actions after a female and then resigned over it being mishandled is how she felt. i want you to listen to excellents from november when she was talking about sexual harassment in congress. >> congress should never be above the law. congress should never play by
1:49 pm
its own set of rules. we should be held to the highest standards, not the lowest. >> i wonder does it hurt her image and someone that has been so forceful talking about sex assault in the military and said the prescription is to pull that out of the clan of kpland, why she wouldn't have taken her own advice. this was done primarily by her staffers. what do you think? >> she is barely tracking 1% in the polls. this is pretty much it now. not when they did the internal investigation but she finally -- >> talked to former employees which is something they did not do even know the staffer said you should talk to these former employees. >> i think it is fair to hold -- she is accountable because the
1:50 pm
buck should stop with her. she has room to go to her own staff. this was the decision that was made at the staff level. we don't flknow at what point h much had been conducted. she has to take some action. in the next several days, the next 24 hours if i were her i would say somebody ploerobably needs to get fired. it was not aprobe yacpropriate. they were left in place and continued to behave that way. >> she knew that the woman was levering. as the woman was on her way out senator hugged the woman and said we love you. does she have deniability? >> it is one of core issues. we have got to make sure she is ahead of this and she is taking it as seriously as she can take it. i think if this is something that is not a strength of hers it will be hard to recover.
1:51 pm
>> gillibrand, i thought she might be someone to gain a little momentum in this case. some have been mad at her. she took lot of heat from democrats and chickens may be coming home to loroost here. >> i think a lot of us felt this way around all of the things that have happened. as a culture we need a process of how do we handle this? who is the process? it should not be a partisan issue. it should be an issue with both sides, all sides get heard and there is a process by which then people are held accountable. >> everyone does need to learn about this. thank you all so much. we are live on the ground as rockets and gunfire erupt in the last isis stronghold.
1:52 pm
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>> u.s. backed forces locked in their final push to clear isis out of the stronghold. ben has been reporting. >> there are some flares above
1:57 pm
our head a little while ago. they seem to have gone out for now. this is where earlier in the day we watched people walk around. we saw a white truck passing by. there was an isis flag in that spot as well. listen to this. that was an air strike i believe. >> and ben is joining us from eastern syria. detail for us what you're seeing on the ground right now. >> at the moment we are seeing some tracers being fired into what's left of the so called islamic state. about an hour ago however we were actually -- we had our heads down. we were sleeping and woken up by four massive explosions, huge fire coming up from the area behind me.
1:58 pm
since then it's been some what quieter. i haven't seen much in the way of returned fire from the isis positions but what we saw really going back to when the sun went down as soon as it was dark all held broke loose after a relatively quiet day. what we saw was mortar barrages and lots being fired into that camp. honestly how anybody could have survived the last few hours is anyone's guess. >> and that is the thing. this is the third operation to free to town. there are tens of thousands who have been trying to flee. tell us about this. >> yes. from the very beginning more than a month ago now we were told there were a mere 1,500 civilians and perhaps 500
1:59 pm
fighters. turns out there were more than 30,000 families, wives and children and in terms of the number of isis fighters we are talking about thousands that were in there. some of them surrendered and others are fighting inside the camp behind me. >> and ben, tell us how you and your crew has been staying safe. this is certainly a dangerous assignment you're undertaking there. we have seen this from all of the pictures coming in from you. >> we spent much of our time with helmets and jackets. we keep down to the best we can. when we see that it's not a good time to stay where we are we move back to safer ground. it's common sense. >> indeed.
2:00 pm
thank you so much, sir. live from syria. follow me on twitter. happening now breaking news, picking a fight. if the president is looking to provoke democrats they got what they wanted with more money for a border wall dead on arrival. he was reportedly saying democrats hate jews. the white house won't say. just not worth it. nancy pelosi says donald trump comes out strongly against impeachment telling the washington post he's not worth it. will that divide democrats? boeing grounded after a second sc catastrophic event. are


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