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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  March 12, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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after the deadly crash that killed all 157 people on board. at this point the faa is not telling u.s. carriers not to fly it. but they will, quote, continuously assess its safety as investigators try to figure out what caused the new plane to fall from the sky minutes after takeoff. it is unclear if there is a link between this crash and the the victims include two brothers on their way to a conference. the united nations announce it is pulling out all diplomatic staff from venezuela. secretary of state, mike pompeo said it is due to the situation there and mass power outages plaguing it for days. nancy pelosi announcing a
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marker not all democrats like. she said she is against impeaching president trump saying quote he is not worth it. in ethiopia at the site of the plane crash. it's a remarkable vision you've had behind you the last few days. tell us what you're seeing behind you this morning. >> reporter: john, if you can hear me, we have two teams coming through the debris. the debris is where this brand new plane cratered. they believe it was a vertical trajectory, slanling into the mountain, going deep into the ground, if you will. what strikes me is how small the debris is. this is a big commercial aircraft. there are just a few different piles and the other part of the engine. really, this plane was
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obliterated. gingerly picking through the wreckage, trying to find any evidence so they can let their loved one know, give them details, tragic moments after this crash happened. now, more carriers and more countries are grounding the boeing 737 max including china, australia, mexico, china, just a possible list, and that shows the pressure building on these airlines to guarantee the safety of their passengers. just six months ago there was that other lion aircraft killing everyone on board. boeing says it stands by its aircraft. safety is paramount. and mentioned they are happy with this aircraft and mentioned changes for that aircraft. the black box recorder and voice
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recorder are in possession of the ethiopian airlines. >> david, on the ground there. the audio is tough but it is very worth having you and picking up what you can from the scene. >> i want to bring is mary s, a attorney, who represents -- china and singapore and indonesia and australia banning the use of the max 8 but the united states have not and will not, why do they think it's not important to do so? >> the faa defers to boeing because they respect their
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expertise. when i was attorney general, they checked out the triple 737. we dubbed it the self-certified claim. the faa does not have the kind of expertise boeing and other major manufacturers have so they really take them at their word. most likely, here once again, boeing said they have done what was necessary with the last air witness directive. the timing is very interesting because the faa puts out a notice they will require boeing to act by mid-april after another planeload of people have died. looks like they're responding to another mass casualty. >> boeing needs to change its software by the end of april. isn't that a suggestion they think something is wrong and needs to be fixed? >> it certainly is to me. out of an abundance of caution a
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number of nations used that terminology. that is common sense. we have had two brand new planes go in. the statistics are astronomical. the closest parallel is a plane decades ago called the comet, a new model and the crash was the end of that model. the nations who say, we want to wait and see, they won't have to wait long, a week for safety precautions until they see what's on the black make sense. to discuss this issue when they east seen the block box data. >> they're getting mixed signals when countries are banning it when america and southwest are still flying these planes. what can consumers do? they can't choose necessarily if they've already bought ticket
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what planes they're flying on. >> that's right. consumers have to vote with their feet and take care of themselves because the faa doesn't require airlines to allow you to have a refund or re-book if you don't like the equipment. the only thing federal regulations say if you have booked passage on jet service, that's what the airline has to give you. if you booked on a 747 and they pull up a piper cub, you can say, no thanks. but beyond that, the airline has the option to select what equipment, what planes it uses on the routes, and they don't have to give you a refund. personally, until i see what's on the black boxes, i would eat those change fees because it's important what's on those black boxes, otherwise we wouldn't have them. consumers, if they already booked a flight on the 737 max 8 or 9, both affected by this faa order yesterday, will have to pay the change fees. >> interestingly you say
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personally, you would eat those change fees. >> i would. ma mary schiavo, thank you so much. we are learning more about the ethiopian plane crash. these two brothers had been on vacation in australia before going to africa. another friend says moelvin and his buy, brittany, were expecting a child this a spring. and a new resident physician at a university. she had been on the plane to visit relatives. they say she was a fine person and dedicated physician. >> mike ryan worked for rhode island as an engineer for the food program. he had been doing life changing work in appca and he leaves behind a wife and two children. in the plane crash was especially hard for the united
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nations. 21 employees died as they made their way to a conference. >> huge tragedy. u.n. workers went back and forth on this flight all the time. a huge loss for that agency. >> when you find out about every single life that was lost and all the ripple effect it has on their family and loved ones and then the large amount of people that the united nations lost. also this, breaking overnight, the united states announcing it will withdraw all personnel from venezuela as the self-called interim president announces a crisis there. much of the country remains without power. paula is there with the latest information. what's the situation at this hour, paula? >> reporter: alison, in terms of secretary of state, mike pompeo, any remaining u.s. personnel have been ordered out of the country. what caught a lot of people's
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attention is that line from the tweet and statement saying that the presence of the u.s. diplomatic staff at the embassy has become what he calls a constraint on u.s. policy. for weeks, alison, we've been repeating president trump and himself said all options are on the table. this is an escalation, alisyn is the blackout. this has unnerved the president maduro, even the meager power they can distribute across this country is not enough to get people on their feet. i want to turn to opposition leader juan guaido. he went to the united nations and declared a state of emergency. he calls himself the self-declared president of venezuela. he doesn't have actually
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leaguers of power and that's difficult but he is able to ask for foreign assistance he claims up to and including military intervention. this is an important story to keep our eyes on. eliot abrams, from the trump administration has been saying for weeks people have to be patient. when we say all options are on the table, we don't say military intervention yet. but president maduro says the united states is to blame for this black-out and calls it an electric coup. >> thank you very much. senior diplomatic correspondent michelle kosinski. there is the acutevizes of the black-out and the bigger crisis what the u.s. is supposed to do about this ongoing program. diplomatically, where are we? >> the situation gets worse and worse. diplomatically the u.s. has been taking incremental steps. we are still seeing additional
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sanctions put on companies. the u.s. wants to ratchet up the pressure. finally, just before midnight, we see this decision to pull everybody out of the embassy in caracas with what paula mentioned having staffers there strains u.s. policy. what exactly does the u.s. department mean about that? they're not saying but at the very least, they want to send a message to maduro, if the u.s. wants to take some kind of additional action, could that be military action? the u.s. wants him to think that could be a possibility, yes. and they won't have u.s. staffers there to worry about their safety, alisyn. >> are there people behind the scenes talking about military
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intervention? >> yes. months ago president trump had been asking what he could do militarily in venezuela. what we've seen is the situation get worse and worse, to what we're seeing now with these jaw dropping pictures coming out. the question we have for the administration is what's next? what happens now. when we heard directly from secretary of state pompeo yesterday, who answered a few questions to reporters, he just wanted to express confidence that things were moving in the right direction. he wanted to stay away from talking about the possibility of military action. he said that he felt like there were signs things were moving in the right direction. what he meant was there have been some defections from the military and that sort of thing. clearly, it's a terrible situation. what we know is what they tell us, all options are on the table. as to what action the u.s. takes
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next, that's what we're all watching right now. >> then, there's the immediate crisis of the power outage. our correspondents have shown us it's life and death in some of these hospitals. they need energy in their homes much less the hospital. people are getting their water from streams. how can maduro be claiming this is the u.s.'s fault and how can the u.s. help here? >> it is absolutely stunning to see these pictures with nurses walking with hand ventilators to keep babies alive or a child dying in a mother's arms because she can't get help at the hospitals that don't have any power. what the u.s. can do is keep up the pressure. remember, there was that move to try to get humanitarian aid into the country. maduro blocked that. that was a pressure point everyone looked and said, is this the point we will see military, not just from the u.s. but other countries in the
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region, try to push that aid in. we have not seen that happen yet. now, here's another point you look at this and say, how much worse is it going to get before there is some kind of incremental action in that direction. >> michelle kosinski, thank you very much for the update. big political news, house speaker nancy pelosi had an announcement and she wanted everyone to know she had an announcement. she does not want to impeach president trump. she says the president is quote just not worth it. why is she making this declaration and why now? >> cnn's joe johns live at the white house with the very latest. >> this is all about the speaker of the house and other top democrats trying to give a dose of reality to other members each their party crying out for impeachment of their party. the message is unless there are major new developments, they're better off trying to beat donald trump in the race for the white house next november.
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>> they want me to impeach president bush for the iraq war. i didn't believe it in then and don't believe in it now. >> reporter: the nation's most powerful democrat speaks out why she is against impeaching donald trump. >> it devised the country, unless there is some conclusive evidence that takes us to that place. >> reporter: she says he is not worth what impeachment would cause even though she considers him ethically and intellectually unfit for off fis. >> it's not some place i think we should go. >> reporter: her position in stark contrast from some members of her party urgently calling for democrats to begin proceedings. >> we have everything we need to impeach him. >> we will go in there and impeach the mother -- >> reporter: and brad about
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articles of impeachment in january. >> you don't impeach trump for him, you impeach trump for the constitution. >> reporter: other democrats echoing the speaker's message. >> you don't come off as -- the castle. >> impeaching the president is not a good idea. >> reporter: last week after controversy comments of freshman congresswoman immill omar criticized as anti-semitic. >> democrats have become an anti-israel party. they've become an anti-jewish party. >> reporter: secretary sarah sanders deflecting. >> does the president really believe democrats hate jews? >> i won't comment on it. that's a question frankly i think you should ask democrats. >> reporter: this was the first white house briefing in 42 days.
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sarah sanders did decline about several of the controversies engulfing this white house including hush money payments to women in the run-up to the 2016 election and about that recent published report suggesting the president tried to use the department of justice to intervene in the merger of time warner and cnn. >> i want to bring up the white house reporter for the "washington post." i am fascinated nancy pelosi sat down with your newspaper, the "washington post," and went out of the way, if you read the interview, she said, this is news. what i'm about to tell you is news. i don't want to impeach president trump. why do you think she felt it was so important to get that message out? >> nancy pelosi is leading a very diverse democratic caucus where she has progressive members all ready to impeach the president and a number of moderate members that won in trump districts.
3:18 am
she wants to protect them. they didn't win by saying they want to impeach the president. they're from moderate voters. she's getting out in front of it and taking the bullets from her progressive base knowing she will get some pushback but trying to defend her more moderate numbers that say -- and say we won't impeach the president unless we get a bombshell. she knows impeachment would not pass the senate and it would be a partisan exercise, great for the progressive base but for the moderates that have to run again in 2020, that might make it difficult for them to win their reelections. >> i feel like we're in the mueller report season now where everything that takes place in washington is this chess game to prepare for it. is it wrong to assume perhaps this is some kind of play by
3:19 am
nancy pelosi to say, hey, look, we may not get much from the mueller report, to diminish and lower expectations what they might say? if there's a bombshell in there, why would you not be saying we should impeach the president? >> the mueller report could be politically damaging for the president but not to have an iron grip on him to decide to impeach him. that would be a very high bar for mueller to cross. she is not saying they should not investigate the president. they are moving aggressively to investigate all matters of the president's life. she is trying to walk the fine line to allow the house to be a source of oversight for the president but not rush to impeachment. she is going to placate some of the progressive base saying, look, we will go after the president's tax returns and a lot of documents from the white house but not impeachment. you get a little bit but not the
3:20 am
whole loaf because she has to protect her moderate members who do not want to be known as anti-trump and have to run with moderate voters. >> thank you. president trump is trying to shift the antsy semitic heat he has been under since charlottesville, onto democrats. sarah sanders is having a hard time asking questions, the latest session of verbal gymnastics. we're feeling limber this morning. next. there's little rest for a single dad,
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was in miami? it is. i hear they're having a great time. book at and get the hilton price match guarantee. if you find a lower rate, we match it and give you 25% off that stay. shannon watts the white house refusing to ex-explain president trump's newly concocted claims that democrats are anti-jewish. >> does he think democrats hate jewish people? >> i think they had a lot of opportunities to condemn abhorrent comments. i'm trying to finish my statement. that's a question you should ask democrats since they're unwilling to call it what it is and call it out by name and take actual action gragainst members who have done the same thing when they had the same opportunity. >> i'm not sure what she's talking about. democrats have called it out the
3:25 am
past few weeks. president trump tried to turn the anti-semitic tide from himself to democrats on friday. >> reporter: the democrats have become an anti-israel party. they've become an anti-jewish party. >> let's suggest this as cnn commentators. great to have both of you. are we all now lulled into forgoting charlottesville, it's the democrats, why dent we realize this, the democrats who must be anti-sim -- anti-semitic. >> i think it is. the republican party does not have high ground on this issue, you look whether it's president donald trump, and good people on both sides comments. whether or not you look at leader mccarthy and mailings he sent out or steve king born racist and still is racist today. you don't have that moral
3:26 am
clarity and high ground. however, i will say democrats have to do ater job having some moral clarity in this moment where the country needs that. >> what would that look like? >> democrats, for example, i was disappointed we voted for a resolution that included absolutely everything in it. if you're going to call out anti-semitism, call it out for what it is. be principled and move forward. instead we added everything. i made the joke we not only added anti-semitism, racism and bigotry and we added the patriots and boston -- >> slow down. >> we added everything in there. i think we should have been focused that anti-semitism should have no place in this discourse. not the anti-what aboutism. >> the president is turning his weaknesses into strengths here,
3:27 am
i'm not a puppet, you're a puppet. hillary clinton colluded with russia, i didn't, i'm not an anti-semitism. in an op-ed with the "l.a. times," i think your debut as an "l.a. times" columnist this weekend, congratulations, you sort of point out what you think the president is doing here and why republican voters like it. he's fighting. he's fighting the fight. that's what republican voters want even as if in this case his own record on it height not be just squeaky -- might not be squeaky clean but checkered. >> yes. they feel like democrats get away with things that republicans don't get away with. i agree, he's exactly right. we agree with both parties who have gotten things wrong the
3:28 am
last couple of years and people who have gotten them right. when people get them wrong you have to hold them accountable. with republicans, there is a sentiment democrats get away with things. when omar goes out and does the things that she did and they try to hold her accountable and the resolution gets watered down. the next day you see nancy pelosi posing on the cover of "rolling stone" with her, you realize if you're a republican, you had this sentiment, yeah, there's a double standard here. that sentiment exists. you see trump come along and he says, look at this and makes a big deal out of it. that's precisely the attitude republicans want him to exhibit. doesn't make him perfect on these issues, he is far from perfect on these issues but he is definitely reflecting the attitude republicans felt for many years, democrats get away with these things and republicans don't. >> i think that is human nature and makes perfect sense. it's really illuminating, your editorial about why republicans
3:29 am
feel so strongly about president trump and support him so much. i recommend everyone read it. one republican speaking against the policies of president trump but privately so is former vice president dick cheney. he was at this meeting with vice president president mike pence and they had a long back and forth. cheney worried aloud to pence we're getting into a situation where our friend and allies around the world we depend upon will lack confidence in us and then offered a blunt criticism of the current administration saying i worry we have a bottom line of that kind of approach that we have an administration that looks a lot more like barack obama than ronald reagan. he doesn't like the isolation. >> sorry. >> we agree so much now it almost doesn't matter who talks. >> i can't get the images of
3:30 am
dick cheney every time they call his name up. every time you have a white house or vice president that lacks any moral clarity or lacks honesty, that's pervasive throughout our foreign policy. our worldwide leaders and allies have no reason to trust donald trump. they do not. when you're stepping out to war with these international conflicts, the last place they look for security is the united states of america, that is a sad day. >> i want to remind people before scott speaks, he work in the bush-cheney white house. go ahead. >> one of my regrets is i never worked on the dick cheney republican campaign. he's one of the great leaders of the past century and i think he has provided great leadership to his party and country over the last century. after many many years of doing it the way that transcrivice pr
3:31 am
cheney would prefer to do it, president trump ran on foreign policy in a different way. he did in his budget request ask for a big increase in military spending, in fact, even more than the pentagon asked for. on some of these issues, i'm sure vice president cheney would say, that's right on. this whole idea of interventionism and our role in the world and relationship with other countries, this idea the united states has been taken advantage of and arrangements, this has been a sentiment bubbled for a long time. trump picked up on it and really ran on it. there are a lot of people out there that would prefer a pullback. i happen to be more hawkish and stick with cheney on this stuff, this is one of the traditional parts of the orthodoxy. >> an i'm with cheney bumper sticker. it's a tell. >> yes.
3:32 am
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democratic presidential candidate, senator kiir zkirstes fighting back that she mishandle sexual harassment claim of a former aide. live in washington with more on what happened? >> senator kirsten gillibrand has been a leading voice in the me too movement on capitol hill and become a centerpiece of her presidential campaign. she's facing claims she
3:37 am
mishandle sexual harassment allegations in her own off fis. last year, an aide accused a worker of sexual harassment. she launched seven interviews and concluded it didn't meet the standard for sexual harassment. gillibrand says those interviews did filed malik of other derogatory behavior and women's appearance. he continued to work in the office and had the process taken away. the process wasn't enough for the accuser who ultimately resigned who said the investigation was handle poorly. here's when she was asked if she regrets how the allegations were handle. >> no. as we do in all cases, we take these kind of allegations very seriously.
3:38 am
>> reporter: she said she felt belittled by your office and like an inconvenience. what was your message at the time? >> i told this employee at the time we loved her. i deeply valued her and why we took her allegations immediately and investigated them immediately and did a thorough investigation. >> reporter: gillibrand's off fis recently launched another investigation into the accused aide after it learned of never before reported and deeply troubling comments allegedly made by malik. last week, he was fired from the senate off fis. efforts to reach malik have not been successful and he didn't respond to "politico"'s requests for comments. as for gillibrand, she's likely to continue facing questions about this incident. >> thank you very much, arlette. >> the attorney general is likely facing several
3:39 am
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new this morning, the "new york times" is reporting that the new york attorney general has issued subpoenas to two banks for records related to trump organization projects as well as donald trump's failed bid to buy the buffalo bills before he became president. joining us now, jennifer rogers and eliot, both former prosecutors and cnn legal analysts. this is the new york attorney general. this isn't part of the mueller investigation, not part of the southern district investigation, this is a state investigation, and they want the financials. >> yeah, they do. here's why it's not all that exciting. not only do we have the ny attorney general looking into this, we have the financial services looking into deutsche bank. there's no reason the attorney general can't look into this and open up a civil proceeding which she has done.
3:44 am
i don't think we will learn a lot from this. i think prosecutors have to be careful to appear to be unfair. the way that tisch james spoke about this issue of going after trump during her campaign and afterwards gives the impression she's targeting on one person. prosecutors have to be careful about that. it plays right into trump's victim analysis, right, everyone is going after him. she and her shop can look into this, i don't think they will learn a lot and i think she has to be careful targeting him because it looks questionable. >> in michael cohen's testimony in front of congress he said president trump inflated his assets. are you more excited about this? >> they have debriefed michael cohen extensively well before his testimony. i would assume the southern district has had this and working it for a while. if there's a meaningful hit, it
3:45 am
comes from the southern district. it is textbook bank fraud investors do that the kind of case i would have been given in my second or third year there not that complicated. the big question, did the bank sustain any loss. if the loan was defaulted makes it a more serious case than if paid back anyway. >> for the first time we're hearing from a key witness from one of the people michael cohen paid money with and the felony campaign violation he was involved in. this is the lawyer for stormy daniels that helped facilitate the payment. he spoke to chris cuomo last night and said the way the ah this was this was political, this was for the purpose of influencing the campaign. listen. >> they knew about it in 2011, '12, '13, '14, '15, '16. they knew about it when he
3:46 am
announced for the campaign in 2016. they knew about it when he became the nominee and did nothing about it to settle the case. they knew about it well into september. it wasn't until immediately after the "access hollywood" tape there was a rush to settle this case. >> you have this person involved in it along with ami saying it was political, saying this was for campaign purposes. the president tweeting the last few days, no, no, it wasn't. this witness says yes. >> that's a key element was this political to protect the president from the campaign. look at the timing as he said. these affairs had gone on years before and the payments weeks before. and these checks we've now seen to cohen, were they reimbursement for these or retainers? this is up for some debate. the retainer argument, to me, is absurd. it doesn't get out of the gate.
3:47 am
it was made after the hush money payments. rudy guiliani even said trump reimbursed cohen for it. that argument is going nowhere. >> your thoughts? >> i agree. you have to agree some of this depends when stormy daniels came forward to say, yes, i want some money. it wasn't settled in 2011 and '12 and so on, but maybe she wasn't asking for money at the time. witnesses saying in their discussions with trump and his people, the reason was clear it was the election, that will be very key evidence. i want to ask you about this week. it's a big week in mueller world. paul manafort gets sentenced with amy jackson, no relation. my name is jackson. >> michael flynn and rick gates, their status report might be the
3:48 am
most telling, because if in their status reports we find out the prosecutors are done with them completely, it does tell us this is very close to being over. >> for rick gates, yes, not so much michael flynn they were ready to sentence before and he got derailed because he couldn't make himself show contrition at sentencing. rick gates, the key operator. if there are still things going on for the inauguration investigation commission, rick gates is a key player. if they push him off again, i think we can say it's because he's not done with the investigation. >> will paul manafort get a pardon? >> yes. after the election. he can't hurt trump anymore, he's totally burned because he lied so many things. pardon carries a political cost. after the election, win or loose changes things. >> sarah sanders was remarkable and said we'll let you know when he makes a decision. that's leaving the door wide open.
3:49 am
>> it is. i think the president is wrestling how to use this pardon power, very broad, a heavy hammer to have and tempted to use it. i would guess his political advisors say, be careful, it's a risk. people do not like pardons. i get viewer questions, people hate pardons because it's unjust and undoes convictions. >> i was thinking about who i'm interested in pardoning. >> i watched it. >> you are a follower. >> this is uncomfortable for all of us. taking an aim at part of the united states, chad meyers with the forecast ahead. for every 5 lbs you lose, alli® can help you lose two to three more by preventing about 25% of the fat you eat from being absorbed. for the only fda-approved otc weight loss aid, try alli®. that's what happens in golf nothiand in life.ily. i'm very fortunate i can lean on people,
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i can worry about it, or doe. something about it. garlique helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally, and it's odor-free, and pharmacist recommended. garlique lose an hour of executive time, president trump is all in for daylight saving time all the time. here are your late night laughs. >> one person i tell you who is a big fan of daylight saving time is president trump because this morning, he tweeted this. making daylight saving time permanent is okay with me. someone woke up this morning and realized he was one hour closer to playing golf. >> speaking of the president last month, congress refused to give him $5.7 billion for his wall and now he's asking for
3:54 am
$8.6. like asking a girl out and after she says, no, proposing. >> the president finally released his 2020 spending plan, which he's calling a budget for a better america, promises kept, taxpayers first. okay. first of all, pick a slogan. just one. that titles got a little junk in the trunk. he overdose everything. it's always too much. originally trump wanted to call it a budget for a better america, finger lick'in good. we are farmers ♪ i'm loving it ♪ >> that's a budget you can vote for. 92 that tells you how good the branding is because everybody knows exactly what he was saying there. more news ahead back in a moment. ou book at, you get the price match guarantee. so if you find your room at a lower rate, hilton is like... we're gonna match that rate and give you an extra 25% off. what would travel sites do if you found a better price?
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challan. severe thunderstorms are taking aim at texas, oklahoma, arkansas over the next few days. cnn meteorologist, chad meyers has the forecast.
3:59 am
how's it looking? >> very stormy and for the next few weeks from texas, mexico and eastward from there. eat your way, treat your way. out of the southwest. man got the crayola box out today from flood watches to tornado warnings and blizzards from the south, the west is covered up with warnings, big-time snow, lots of snow, blizzard conditions up into cheyenne and the dakotas, 2 feet of snow but the wind will blow 60 and storms along the cold front to the east where the warmer air is. cold air all the way up to minnesota, where the snow goes for tomorrow. this is a big event for a lot of people, the dark spots. that's 2 feet. you will never know it with the wind blowing like that. rain in memphis, 2 inches, warm weather there.
4:00 am
>> thank you for that. for international watchers, cnn talk is next. a growing crisis for boeing after the ethiopia airlines crash. why is boeing' most popular selling jet still flying? "new day" continues right now. >> we're hearing horrific heart rending stories of the moment the families heard. >> you want to know if there aren't any questions surrounding safety, i would not fly on this plane until i get some answers. >> the u.s. is saying we have nothing to say at the moment. it leaves the flying traveling public in an intolerable position. >> the speaker is absolutely right, putting the country through an failed impeachment is not a good idea. >> we have three committees doing investigations. it may well be we must impeach. we don't know right now. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >>


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