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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 13, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> nothing is enough. >> none -- >> no one is acknowledging the scope of the problem at this point. >> thank you as always for your reporting. the lead with jake tapper starts right now. thanks for being with me. the president takes a bunch of planes out of commission for now. a judge does the same to his former campaign chair. the lead starts right now. breaking today, minutes after a federal judge piles on more prison time for manafort the state of new york jumps in with brand new charges, ones that are pardoned proof. cnn obtains e-mails that reveal a back channel between team trump and then loyal fixer michael cohen, one saying you'll sleep well tonight to michael cohen. was a pardon being dangled? the faa revealing new evidence seeming to connect two deadly plane crashes involving the same
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boeing jet. president trump follows the rest of the world basically in finally grounding that plane. welcome to the lead. i'm jake tapper. we begin with a one-two punch for manafort today. minutes after he learned he would be going to prison for seven and a half years total the manhattan district attorney announced 16 state charges against him, crimes which he cannot be pardoned if found guilty. his team seemed to be signaling that manafort remains loyal perhaps hinting far pardon. his attorney came out and falsely said the judge ruled there was no collusion. it's something that the president repeated a few minutes ago. >> i can only tell you one thing that was proven today. no collusion. there's no collusion. there's no collusion and there hasn't been collusion. it was all a big hoax.
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>> that claim that no collusion or no conspiracy was proven today, that's false. what the judge actually said is matters of collusion or conspiracy were not being discussed in court. the judge admonished his attorneys for no collusion reference calling it a non. trump said he is right now in my mind. i do feel badly for manafort. >> an ally of the president is already warning him against pardoning manafort. graham said it would be a political disaster. manafort is now looking at serving several years behind bars. we have our team of reporters covering all angles.
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cnn starts off our coverage from outside the courthouse. >> a federal judge in d.c. piling onto paul manafort's prison time today bringing the sentence to seven and a half years in a federal penitentiary. after being convicted of financial crimes in virginia manafort was sentenced to four years behind bars. piled 43 months on top of that. conspiracy against the u.s. and conspiracy witness tampering. dressed in a suit instead of an inmate jump suit he showed little emotion as he spoke from a wheel chair. i am sorry for what i have done he said. let me be clear i respect the responsibility and a plea for leniency manafort said i will be 70 years old in a few weeks adding please let my wife and i be together. he claimed for the 2016 election
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manafort would not be in this situation. jackson blasted that approach saying i'm sorry i got caught is not an inspiring plea for leniency. he said he lied to conditioning and the american people. if the people don't have the facts democracy doesn't work. she later rebuked manafort for lying afterh his arrest. judge jackson also took issue with the assertion that the charges he faced weren't linked to russian collusion. she called them just one more thing that's inconsistent with any genuine acceptance of responsibility. with a presidential pardon ton table he was quick to step outside the courthouse and reit rit one of trump's favorite talking points, no collusion. >> judge jackson conceded there was no russian collusion in this
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case. that makes two courts. >> wean the two sentences that manafort faced it could have been much worse for him. it's very clear his legal team was not happy. one of his attorneys criticized the judge's in handing down this sentence today. >> all right. thanks so much. let's go to cnn, the manhattan defense attorney. anouned this new criminal case just after he learned his prison sentence today. he seemed to have a message specifically for manafort. >> he did. these charges were announced moments after the judge sentenced manafort bringing to an end the federal aspect of the legal or deal. he said no one is beyond to law in new york. i thank our prosecutors for their investigation which for which the defendant has not been held accountable. the da's office unvailed this
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indictment charging with 16 koun kounlts of state crimes these are the most serious with a maximum of 25 years in prison if convicted. the question here is we have been talking about these charges would be in proof. it doesn't mean they won't fight them. that's likely toub one litigated in court. >> i want to bring it. let me start with you. how significant are fraud charges coming? is there an argument to be made that this is politically motivating. >> i don't think it's a good look at all when i was with doj we overlapped.
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you do what law enforcement officials call deconflict it you don't pile on one charge after another. the timing today makes it look overtly political to announce this minutes after the sentencing is a bad look. i don't even know if it does what the da is hoping it does. there is a strong double jeopardy. it looks like they overlap with what manafort has been dlarjcha with. he may have a strong double jeopardy argument too. >> do you agree? >> i agree except for the double j jeopardy argument. each state are separate sovereigns. i believe that's new york law on double jeopardy. so the charges will stand if the elements of the new york charges are different. i agree with you 100%. it looks bad. the timing they released it. >> it looks like they are saying
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if you pardon him we are going to come out. >> it is killing a fly with a bazooka. i was a very aggressive prosecutor for 27 years. i'm a little disturbed these charges were filed in new york. >> take a listen to his attorney, mr. downing, talking about how there was no collusion when obviously that's not exactly what happened. take a listen. >> judge jackson con seeded there was no evidence of russian collusion. >> it makes two courts have ruled no evidence of any collusion. >> actually i think the hecklers are right. >> they are saying liar. >> yes. two courts have not found no
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evidence of collusion in the cases before them. what they have been focused on is the evidence before them. those things were not actually before the court. the reason it is out and what the judge pointed at is perhaps you're not trying to persuade me but perhaps another audience. essentially parents have been talking about every time this has been mentioned to say no collusion that goes on, the memes are apparent. what she was deciding is not collusion. what she was deciding is a case and charge she pled guilty to. he said he did these crimes. he said he did this under no uncertain circumstances. >> you didn't seem all that sympatheticic talking about i'm
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going to turn 70 in a few weeks. yaw fall off a ship. here is a live line. he gets a plea agreement. he says no. he gets probation. he lies. he goes in and says i will lie again and judges repeatedly in virginia and d.c. saying not only judges but juries, you're lying. now at the end of the game he says i'm 70. i lied repeatedly. i show it to spaend lot of federal government money for trial and i feel bad because i got convicted. he is 70. i feel bad for him but at a professional level you lifeline after lifeline.
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do you this think the seven and a half years is too light, too tough? >> i think it's too light. when you look at what manafort did the guy wrote a new textbook on obstructing justice every step of the way. he lied to banks, to the irs, to the fbi, to his own lawyers, to congress, to the court, to mueller. that is serious stuff. i know people try to play it off as a process crime. all of us know that hits at the heart of what we try to do every day. let's not forget he stole millions of dollars from the united states government. that's why it is so strange to see the government today say i feel bad for him. he stole $6 million from the government you're supposed to be
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running. >> when he pled guilty it meant the prosecutors were not going to try him for more crimes in dd. krfrmt and would not try him for the additional counts. he got the benefit saying you don't have to go to trial. you lie and don't hold up your end of the bargain. you get a sentence that reflects. it was judge jackson who put him in jail because he was trying to avoid having justice served. >> and i want to mention also usa. today did an analysis sentenced in 2016 and found only one other fraud defendant that fell below the guidelines like manafort did last week. the timing was quite unusual. >> yes. i want to follow up on what they said. we were both prosecutors.
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he met with them for countless hours and days. what really disturbed me and set me off is his attorneys were calling the white house and giving them inside information on the questions that were asked. i would have asked for 15 to 20 years just to send a message that if you plead guilty and you cooperate and you lie repeat lid after getting what you say are the lifelines you have got to pay. so i predicted 7 to 10 months. i don't agree it should be the sentence. i predicted it would be what the judges would combine. >> there is a legal sentence and a sentence of shame. any time he walks into a green room which we have here at cnn for the next 20 years, when he gets out he could not look at a single men of the press, a single politician without shame. you said no and no and no.
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you lied repeatedly. he k can't walk out of a room again regardless of he gets out of a jail. >> all right. thanks so much. appreciate it. c flr cnn exclusive. >> and more break news, the evidence that finally clanged president trump's mind on grounding a boeing jet. new details from the faa coming up. stay with us. only fidelity offers four zero expense ratio index funds directly to investors. and now we have zero account fees for brokerage accounts. at fidelity, those zeros really add up. ♪ so maybe i'll win, saved by zero ♪
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>> this is not long after michael cohen's office and home were raided. let's go through some of them. we have got two. i spoke with rudy giuliani. sleep well tonight. you have friends in high places. from another one of these i spoke to him and told him i was on your team. he asked me to tell you he knows how tough this is on you. he will make sure to tell the president. he said thank you for opening this back channel of communication and asked me to keep in touch. it will shed a lot of light on this. we do have different explanations about what this means. >> what is the discrepancy about
1:20 pm
the intent in these messages. >> they say this is clearly an early effort and establish some kind of person and report back to donald trump. as i said before it was after the raid. people might have been worried about what have been taken. there was an interest in sort of a mutual relationship, but i talked to bob, the attorney and he said to me this is utter nonsense. what they were in fact doing was trying to smooth out a relationship for michael cohen that he was afraid had become not so great with the president after there was some stories in the press about how the president was upset with michael cohen after the raid. he said i was doing what pliemil asked me. it was about making sure that
1:21 pm
giuliani knew that michael cohen and the president should be on good terms. >> when you hear someone that talked to rudy giuliani tells michael cohen who was not cooperating with the state sleep well tonight you have friends in high places what does that say to you? >> it sounds bad it is when he was ferociously alee jant. i think given the testimony he
1:22 pm
has gained during the house and enclosed our testimony in the senate. >> what do you think? >> i think it's important. we get numb a little bit to how bizarre this behavior is. there is news every day flowing out that is crazy. when you would see loretta lynch or somebody that is law enforcement you would walk the other way. you would run the other way because you didn't want to cross bars over. i think looking at this when it smells funny there's probably something funny happening here to know what happened here. he bakd everything up with documentation and proof.
1:23 pm
>> he lied again the most recent time. zb >> do you think it was normal? >> we ya. it is. those things go on. so nothing here has been alleged to be on tour. you have the lawyer from michael cohen saying hey, he asked me to do this. he even says they weren't then. they had a joint cooperation agreement. they were working. di he tell him he has friends in high places? >> his lawyer said it. sorry, i don't see michael doing that despite the witch hunt and dishonest media. he did end up flipping. what do you make of all of this?
1:24 pm
>> even talking about the joint defense agreement was just a horrible person. >> how could he be in a joint defense agreement for someone that lies all of the time. >> yeah. legally. >> i don't know if legally -- i'm not sure. >> i'm not sure if it legally reaches that but of course it was the implication. keep quiet and you'll be taken care of. he said he never asked for a pardon. they try today clarify after it was revealed there were
1:25 pm
conversations his attorney admits he did ask through counsel last year that walking back a claim made never really never mean laughable. cohen is a liar. >> yes. i'm not shocked he didn't have 100% truths when he went before congress. a number of things that michael cohen said this should not be a partisan issue. the things that have alleged to have happened, michael cohen is going to jail. let's not forget he named him as an unindicted coconspirator. individual one is donald trump i
1:26 pm
was in the dual and i was in the room. lest see the proof of all of that stuff. >> that's not to say that proof doesn't exist. you're correct. we haven't seen that. >> bob mueller. >> yeah. she a liar. >> i want to touch on the paul manafort and you talk about how we are getting numb to this here. it is the campaign's former campaign chairmanme. what do you make of it all? >> i think it was interesting and i'm sure we will discuss how we feel about the charges that came out right afterwards. what he has to is will it clang his calculus. if it clangs there is a lot he
1:27 pm
snows. there is a guy that used the polling data. >> do get back to it who were donald trump's closest associates? michael cohen is fixer what is the character and what does it tell you in case you had any questions. >> i know facts matter here. >> yeah. >> the facts here matter, all of those individuals went to jail with lying. lied to congress and the root of this, this investigation was about collusion with the
1:28 pm
russians. he is not going to jail. >> with a witness. >> witness tarpering which involved the case. it is all kinds of wrapped in. >> it is not on these charges. >> right. >> i was finding this guilty or not guilty. mueller looked at this. it is mueller's indictment. >> stick aroundment we have breaking news. the faa revealing new evidence that prompted president trump to ground all of the boeing jets. details coming up next. stay with us. my ancestrydna results revealed parts of me i didn't even know. i find out i'm 19% native american, specifically from the chihuahua people. what?! that's... i find that crazy.
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new evidence between sunday's crash and the lion aircraft crash. they will ground boeing 737 max 8 models. boeing is standing by the plane. what do we know about the new evidence the faa is siting? >> initially it had some tracking which indicated the first three minutes of flight
1:34 pm
they have a more complete picture and the pattern looks like last fall. this idea that the crew ended up fighting the software trying to bring the nose of the plane down while they were trying to bring the nose of the plane up. the faa said this is some how confirmation of enough concern that the president could take action. the president finally called it. >> it is to ground all flights of the 737 max 8 and the 737 max 9 and planes associated with that line. any plane currently in the air will go to the destination and there after be grounded until further notice. the order came after days of mounting worries following the africa crash of just such a
1:35 pm
plane they insisted there was no evidence the boeing jets were unsafe and just african ter can ordered the planes out of the sky. even in issuing the order the president praised the massive airplane manufacturer. >> boeing is an incredible company. they are working very very hard right now. >> may god bless the united states of america and god bless boeing. >> the president has long and openly admired boeing hosting the ceo at trump tower visiting boeing factories, bragging about a multi-billion dollars deal. >> the reason i like it is because it's jobs for the united states. >> vietnam says that deal is now in limbo but boeing's ties with team trump remain strong. his acting secretary of defense is a former boeing executive.
1:36 pm
trump's former u.n. ambassador was named and the company naming the new air force once. >> boeing is doing it. it will be a new color system, red, white and blue. it looks phenomenal. >> still he says he spoke with boeing and others amid the storm of concern over the newest jet and says boeing has to figure out what if anything is wrong with them. >> hopefully they will very quickly come up to the answer. in l they do the planes are grounded. >> what if the faa wants is the information from the flight data recorder and the so called black boxes. they have been held up too long down south. now they are being sent up to france. they are on their way there tonight. it will tell them what has happened and lead towards a fix. it will not until that fix is done these planes will stay on the ground whether it takes
1:37 pm
weeks, months or longer we don't know. for right now they are parked. >> all right. thanks so much. i want to bring in peter right now. he was managing director. peter, thanks for being here. this is a major reversal. other than 9/11 have you seen such a ground stop something this momentus. >> they did ground the dream liner after it had problems with lithium batteries. this is a major reversal. i think the faa did not want to do it. when it finally the political pressure built the tipping point was when canada pulled out this morning there was no other option but to put the plane on the ground. it was deserved. >> between southwest and american they had nearly 60 planes in the united states. this is a fairly new plane. what might this mean for future investigations should every day travelers be worried about disruptions? >> here is the problem i see.
1:38 pm
the opening week of this tragedy has been mishandled. i think there will be a call for a panel to review not only these accidents but to review the certification process and whether boeing was too close to the faa, whether they were taking -- whether the faa was doing the kind of oversight that is required. all of the ties t president eager to boost jobs does it make you uncomfortable? >> it does. the idea of being a nonpartisan industry that is driven by safety, his kind of ham handed praising of boeing is really i think uncalled for.
1:39 pm
>> all right. thank you so much. i appreciate your expertise and candor. president trump's new push to stop republicans from voting against the national emergency behind the scenes loblying and efforts next. before we go take a look at tricky dick, richard nixon's rise and fall featuring never before seen footage. >> he has lied we petedly. >> no reporter in the washington post must ever be in the white house again. do you understand? >> the stuffer it gets the cooler cooler i get. i have what it takes. >> i want to say this to the television audience. people have got to know whether or not their president is a crook. i'm not a crook. humira patients, you inspire us.
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moments ago president trump saying he is not worried about the vote on the national emergency declaration. an embarrassing feat could be coming before him. at least five republican
1:45 pm
senators will join to oppose the president. the president called in to tell his fellow republicans to tow the line. abby phillips picks up our coverage from the white house. >> president trump calling in the reenforcements as he tried to stave off embarrassment in the senate tomorrow. >> it is really a bill on border safety and border security. >> rejecting national emergency deck ralati declaration. >> we'll see whether are nor no have to do the veto. i think anything going against border security, drug trafficking and human trafficking. >> the president accusing senators that might vote with senators of overthinking the
1:46 pm
vote. trump tweeting it is very suchly border security, no crime. should not be thought of any other way. one saying trump is proposing legislation to restrict future national emergency declarations we have an constitutional problem. >> trump rejected it out of hand. >> it is with the president. >> issuing a threat to anyone that votes against him. >> i think it's bad for a republican senator to vote against border security and to vote against the wall. >> senator mike lee had been
1:47 pm
trying to strike a deal with the white house. he would back it up if president trump supported his bill to support national emergency declarations. mike lee said in the last hour that he is going to vote for that resolution of disapproval all but assuring it will pass tomorrow. >> all right. thanks so much. let's dive into this. sources saying the white house is warning republicans who don't get in line that there could be 2020 consequences. the president just hinted at that. i want to play you his full comments about what he said he told republican senators. >> i told them vote any way you want. vote how you feel good. i think it's bad for a republican senator and bad for a democrat senator to vote against border security and to vote against the wall. >> so apparently a tougher message behind the scenes
1:48 pm
telling republican senators it would have consequences in 2020. some are running for reelection in 2020. >> they have said bethiehind th scenes vice president pence has been the key person and sent hip to the hill repeatedly. telling them this is important to the president if you want to keep that good relationship for avoiding primary dhachannels. they also have a million favors and matters of business, legitimate things and they wanted this is pretty personal about how he deals with these kind of things. they will lose not just four or five. they will lose up to ten republican senators. it is such a ridiculous thing. it will be interesting to see the president have to use his first veto upholding his fake emergency declaration or trying to uphold it. >> and jen, mike lee from utah
1:49 pm
is trying to come up with a compromise. president trump in this phone call said he wasn't supportive of this compromise which would have allowed this to go forward but taken away powers for national emergency declarations in the future. >> uh-huh. >> one republican senator told cnn after the president delivered that message it's over. all that's left to do is to vote. it sounds like it is getting pretty tense. >> i think all of these members that were up for reelection in 2020 will make their own decisions about the politics and what politics work for them. there was a vote in the fall that many republicans also broke from. that is less of a political issue but we are starting to see republicans make decisions about what's best for their own politics as opposed to aligning all of the time with trump.
1:50 pm
that's a good thing. >> turning to 220 for a second paul ryan is flying to clean up comments he said if 2020 is about donald trump and his personality he isn't going to win it. ryan tweeted today to be clear he wins elections not when their personalities we are clearly better off. it is why he will win reelection. he does seem like he is trying to do that. >> how pathetic is it? he could let it speak for itself. >> yes. >> paul ryan is realizing the fact that the republican party, is the party of donald trump. he is trying to find his place in the wilderness and have a home far while. i think a lot of these aren't
1:51 pm
necessarily voting because they don't agree with the policy. i think there is some believe it or not some constitutionalism here saying as the senate, as an constitution we have powers that shouldn't be taken away from us. i think you're getting a lot of votes on this because of us. a lot of votes on the president on this matter. >> right. >> they don't oppose the wall or the president's position. you heard him say hey, if republicans wake up, if we get a senator, if he wins we may have an mergely declaration. it scares a lot of republicans and rightfully so. >> i agree on this point. >> yeah. >> that is why he took to the house and took to the senate floor to urge all senators to vote to support this resolution to take these. look, what he is saying is one that congress had the power to appropriate dollars. what donald trump is doing is
1:52 pm
taking that power away from congress. congress said they will not appropriate. secondly the president himself said this wasn't an emergency. he said i didn't need do this. >> the way things get funded in the government is there is an appropriation in the senate and in the house. you don't get funding without appropriation. congress appropriates the fund. >> a former starbucks ceo talked today about some new proposals. take a listen to him talking about bipartisanship.
1:53 pm
>> i would not sign any legislation into law that does not have bipartisan support. we need to be candid and truthful with the american people and admit, yes, both sides do have good ideas if we work together. >> and when it comes to nominating supreme court justices here is his pitch. >> i would not nominate a supreme court justice unless he or she can be confirmed by two-thirds, two-thirds of the united states senate. >> thoughts? >> bless his heart. >> i think he is in a desperate place where he has no path to the presidency and he has been panned. all of these things should sound good. they do sound good on the surface. the problem for him is he hasn't kind of laid out what his own vision is for the future, what he would do for majorish --
1:54 pm
major issues. maybe it would be a platform he could say those thins on. right now it sounds like you're looking for a pass. >> democrats got us where we are in supreme court nominees. you used to have to have 60 to get a supreme court justice. we don't need that. it took away the filibuster. >> no. >> he lowered the threshold. ? when he did it -- >> yeah. >> but in the senate on both sides of the aisle said this is a bad idea. >> yes. but can i say why is howard schultz still taking up space? i want to hear more from folks
1:55 pm
that have actually done the running. >> at the end of the day a lot of people say i agree and we'll decide. it is good to have a person that could govern responsibly. >> he seems crazy. >> he had at least the policy platform. >> he is not a socialist. it's not a native. >> breaking news from the hill. the house judiciary committee telling that the former acting attorney general did not deny talking with trump about the cohen probe. that's ahead. stay with us. why are you so goo? had a coach in high school. really helped me up my game.
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president trump announces the grounding of all 737 max jets. the second involving the airliner. why did u.s. suddenly drop the reluctance to ground the jets? >> more manafort charges less than an hour after a prison sentence a prosecutor unveils charges against the former campaign chairman. is it meant to ensure a pardon won't set manafort free.