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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  March 15, 2019 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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we believe that 14 people have lost their lives in this act of extreme violence. >> a terror attack targeting two mosques in new zealand. at least 40 dead in christchurch, 20 injured, four suspects are in custody. also breaking, north korea threatens to suspend nuclear talks with the united states. a stern warning overnight from the foreign minister. welcome to "earlystart." i'm alison kosik.
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>> and i'm dave briggs. it is friday, march 15. 9:00 p.m. in christ church oig, and we start with that breaking news. at least 40 killed in a terror attack in new zealand. it happened at two mosques in christchurch on the south island, the country's third largest city. nearly 50 are in the hospital. much of the city remains on lockdo lockdown. >> it can now only be described as a terrorist attack. from what we know, it does appear to have been well planned. >> we are currently dealing with an unprecedented situation. it is very grave. there were a number of ieds attached to vehicles that we also stopped. they have been made safe by the defense force, but that does go to the seriousness of this situation. >> officials say three people connected to the attack are in custody. police are not aware of others involved but cannot rule out the
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possibility more shooters aren't at large. anna coren is monitoring the situation and joining us live. >> reporter: this has been horrendous day for new zealand, as the primary jacinda ardern described earlier. a terror attack carried out by three men, one of those being an australian citizen. now, this australian, he live streamed the video on facebook. his killing spree was live on facebook. and i've watched the full 17 minutes and it is probably one of the worst things that i have ever seen. he arrives at the mosque, he is heavily armed. has numerous semi automatic weapons. he walks into the mosque, starts firing from the gates. goes through the front doors and just mows down people in his
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path. you can hear people screaming, moaning, crying out for help. he reloads, continues firing, walks outside the mosque, starts randomly firing on the pavement. goes to his car, gets more ammunition, walks back inside the mosque. and anybody who was playing dead or lying there hoping that this would soon be over, well, he walked up to each single person, everybody, and fired at them at point blank range. so no one survived inside that one mosque. he then walks outside, he continues firiing randomly at te foot path. he sees a woman, he fires at her, she pleads for hip aelp an shoots her in the head.
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he is walking, he is laughing. and you can hear the police sirens driving toward the mosque. and what is just so bizarre is that he then gets to a pedestrian crossing and these people are walking past and he just stops and lets them walk on. it was the most horrific thing i've ever seen. it was like watching a video game of a gunman just on a shooting spree. and that is exactly what happened. something that has absolutely rocked new zealand. now, of these three individuals that have been arrested, none of them were on any sort of terror watch list. the security threat level for the country has been risen to high. that is how they are deare deal with this. but the prime minister says this is not new zealand, this is not the country that these migrants and muslims that are welcome to co li come and live, this is not our country and they condemn this extremist violence and ideology.
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>> and you are from neighboring australia. how rare is this type of gun violence and how comparatively lax are the gun restrictions between australia and new zealand? >> reporter: with all due respect, these are the sort of crimes that happen in the united states, not in new zealand or in australia. some decades ago there was a port arthur massacre in australia that made international news. this hasn't happened in new zealand. it is a loving, welcoming country where gun laws are very district. people don't own them. people don't walk around with guns, they don't have them in their homes. you have to get a license for hunting or if you live on a farm. but this sort of gun violence is just unprecedented. this is in the something that new zealand represents or is about. so obviously the investigation is going to look into how these people manage to purchased these
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semi automatic weapons. looking at the video, there would have been at least 60s semi automatic weapons. he had magazines of ammunition, he had jerry cans filled with fuel. and when they arrested two of these men in their cars, there were ieds attached to the cars. so if at all possible, this death toll of 40 people could have been much higher if these men had been allowed to carry out perhaps the full extent of their attack. >> anna coren live for us in hong kong, 4:00 p.m. with the latest there. thank you. let's go ahead and bring in an international security direct director. john, i'm glad you can give us some perspective here. new zealand quite frankly as you heard from anna coren there is not used to gun violence. you look at 2017, there were 35
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murders countrywide for that entire year. can you explain what is going on here? >> it is a very disturbing event that has transpired. unfortunately there was always this concern that elements of the far right, the extremist narrative, would probably want to carry out an attack like this, but people were talking about the uk, the united states, other parts of europe perhaps. no one anticipated new zealand. and this will have international ramifications in terms of society, in terms of social tensions. and also in terms of gun laws as well. >> and there is a manifesto that had been posted on twitter as well as the online forum 8 chan, a self described nationalist 28-year-old young man from
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australia. is there any warning flags that may have been missed from what you've seen at this point? >> wel >> well, certainly the authorities will have to piece this going backwards, as to how the individuals were putting their plots together. this was a very well coordinated attack. this didn't just happen overnight. recognizance was done in terms of the locations, putting together explosive devices, getting the weapons together. so a lot of information will have to be pieced together. how did these people know each other, how did they cooperate, did they travel abroad, were they in contact with other individuals. this will have to be looked at urgently because the worry is that this could create copycat attacks or other individuals inspired by the depraved us atrocities. so the new zealand authorities will be working with their counter parts, america, canada
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and united kingdom as well. >> we're hearing that the gunman wore a body cam and that the shooting went on for minutes and minutes. it seems like, and obviously we don't know the details, that security at this mosque or these mosques wasn't tight. is this because maybe new zeala zealand's guard is down because this kind of violence is so infrequent? >> yes indeed. no one could have anticipated an attack on this scale. new stooe la new zealand does not have those kind of social tensions that other countries do. and religious institutions are not necessarily going to be the ones to be targeted. new zealand is known for its tourism, it is known for the fact that it is a place to visit, popular -- >> sorry to cut you off. we'll get back to you as soon as we can. right now we'll go to the police commissioner speaking live in
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new zealand. >> -- to ensure that we and law enforcement and security didn't miss any opportunities to prevent this horrendous event. >> was it the same person who carried out the -- [ inaudible ] >> i'd love to go into detail, but a person has been charged. for me to now go into details of who did what would not be proper. [ inaudible question ] >> again, i know there is a name within the public domain. but it would be improper for me now to confirm that because a person has been charged. >> there was a facebook page no toward the community. are you aware of that? >> i'm aware of that suggestion which we're working through at the moment. when i have absolute clarity about that, i'll be sharing that. so i'm only aware of the
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suggestion. i'm not aware of it actually existing. but if it did, i'll be sharing that fact. [ inaudible question ] >> we never assume that there aren't other people involved. that is why we have immense presence across new zealand. but we don't name or identify people that we are looking for. but it would be wrong to assume that there is no one else. [ inaudible question ] >> at this point we are not actively looking for any identified persons. >> how many days, weeks, months in the planning do you think this attack was? >> i couldn't tell you. but i think i don't need to tell you this is a very well planned event. >> was there explosives on the body of one of the attackers? >> so i'm aware of that commentary as well. what i can say is that that person may have suggested that.
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we have eliminated that as a possibility. there was not. we've also talked about ied devices on two vehicles. i'd like to clarify that and say that there were possibly two ieds on one vehicle. and we've disabled one and we're in the process of disables the other with the assistance of the defense force. [ inaudible question ] >> we believe not, but of course there is a real heightened sense out there within the communities. people are being very vigilant and i congratulate them and encourage that. we've dealt with two bags that were left. they have been detonated. we don't believe they were any threat. >> you can concerned that this could be coordinated with other -- >> we don't have any information to that stepextent, but it is as
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important to take preventive precautions and that's what we're doing. [ inaudible question ] >> no, i think there was early reporting of that, but it was confused with the fact that 40 people were taken there very quickly for emergency medical treatment. it was not targeted. [ inaudible question ] >> i'm not aware of that advice, but we're giving everyone advice to be very vigilant and take care of yourselves and report anything that you might find suspicious to us so we can respond immediately. [ inaudible question ] >> i don't have any intelligence to that effect. >> so you aren't aware of anything else in the country? >> i don't have any intelligence
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to that effect. i'm not ruling anything out. we have our eyes wide open on this. we're being extremely vigilant in terms of any possibilities. and that is what we want to ensure the public that we are right on top of. [ inaudible question ] >> they have a force of over 1,000. we're sending more. they should be there from wellington now, surrounding districts are sending staff. i would imagine that every one of those 1,000 staff wanting to help out on this operation. >> the perpetrator held extremist views. how did he not come on the radar? >> i think what the prime minister was referring to is what was published post-1:33 m
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p.m. this afternoon. >> you've been living live to the police commissioner there. we've learned that 49 people have died, were gunned down in these horrific attacks. that number no doubt will go up. we're hearing that dozens of people are at the hospital right now. >> it was live streamed on 17 minute horrifying facebook video, that video thankfully taken down. you may still see images of it on social media. please do not share those. it is a horrifying scene there in new zealand. we will continue to follow this story throughout the next couple of hours. also breaking overnight, north korea may suspend nuclear talks with the united states. north korea's foreign minister is telling reporters that his country has no intention to yields to u.s. demands from last month's hanoi summit. let's go live to seoul and bring in paula hancocks.
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does this pretty much put the exclamation point on the apparent failure of those talks in hanoi last month? >> reporter: absolutely. it could be seen as an ultimatum really by north korea or perhaps part of their power play. so what we've heard is from the vice foreign minister, the one who gave that middle of the night press conference after president trump left hanoi as well, and she's saying according to foreign media based in pyongyang that kim jung-un is deciding whether or not he wants to continue diplomatic talks with the united states. and also whether or not he will continue with this moratorium on nuclear and missile testing, that that was something that the u.s. president did insist on when he left hanoi, that the north korea leader had given his guarantee that that wasn't going to continue. one other thing she said was, quote, we have no intention to yield to the u.s. demands put forward at the hanoi summit in any form nor are we willing to engage in negotiations of this
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kind. also specifying once again they didn't ask for all sanctions to be lifted, just some of those that affect their people. she also went on to sarks quote, the u.s. were too busy with pursuing their own political interests and have no sincere intention to achieve a result. we've heard from the blue house here saying they can't judge solely on the statement, they have to monitor the situation closely, but they are trying to get the u.s. and north korea back in touch. the u.s. had asked the south korean leader to immediate great going forward. >> all right. paula, thanks very much. also overnight, israel launching strikes into gaza, retaliation for rockets fired toward tel aviv for the first time since the 2014 war. more breaking news right here when we come back. clean impossible kitchen andto bathroom messes with wipes and spray cleaners? try mr. clean magic eraser. just add water, squeeze, and erase. mr. clean magic eraser works great
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after rockets targeted tell a for the first time since the 2014 war. israel hitting targets in gaza following the attack. melissa bell is live at the border. and it's been years since rockets have fired on tel aviv. how much of an escalation does this represent? >> reporter: fairly substantial because one of the big questions in the wake of those two rockets being fired from gaza towards tel aviv last night had been what would israel's response be. we now have the answer to that. 100 attacks on gaza overnight from fighter jets, from attack helicopters, targeting things like underground factories, bomb factories for instance, things like logistics headquarters and also a training facility. for the time being we're not hearing of any casualties within gaza, but there has then been a response to the israeli bombings overnight. nine rockets fired from gaza
1:23 am
since then, six of them intercepted by the iron dome interception system. so over the course of the next few hours, it is this border just behind me that we will be watching very closely to see what happens next. one of the crucial things i think to note is that despite the denials from several factions within gaza last night with regard to responsibility for those two initial rockets, israel squarely laying the blame this morning at the feet hamas. and bear in mind this is a policy really to consider that what comes from gaza is within the hands of hamas to hold it responsible for what comes out of gaza, hence those targeting of the hamas targets overnight. >> all right. melissa bell live from israel/sgisrael israel/gaza border.
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and our first glimpse into the final harrowing moments of the jet that crashed sunday. the captain called in a panicky voice three minutes in as the plane accelerated to abnormal speed. someone tells the "times" the captain radioed brake, brake, request back to home and then asked for a route back to the r runway. >> controllers saw that it was climbing and plunging hundreds of feet in just seconds. a clear sign something was very wrong. today french officials say technical work is set to begin in paris on the jetliner's black boxes. >> boy, a long delay to getting that work done. more ahead on our breaking news next, 49 people killed as gunmen opened fire on two mosques in christchurch, new zealand.
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we believe that 40 people have lost their lives in this act of extreme violence. >> a terror attack targets two mosques in new zealand. at least 49 dead in christchurch, three suspects in custody. and are nuclear talks with north korea over? pyongyang's foreign minister suggesting they could be. a breaking news nfriday. welcome to "early start." >> and breaking overnight, least 49 people killed in a terror attack in new zealand. the mass shootings happening at two mosques in christchurch, the country's third biggest city. nearly 50 people in the hospital, much of the city remaining on lockdown at this moment. >> it is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack. from what we know, it does appear to have been well
1:30 am
planned. >> we are currently dealing with an unprecedented situation in new zealand. it is very grave. >> officials say three kenktded to the attack are in custody. police are not aware of others involved, but cannot rule out the possibility more shooters are at large. let's bring in cnn he 00 's ann live from hong kong. so i think the shear numbers of people who have been killed here is shocking enough. but it is also shocking that it is happening in new zealand because new zealand doesn't see this kind of violence especially gun violence. >> reporter: new zealand is a peace-loving country that welcomes migrants, welcomes muslims, people who have sought refuge from are warzones. it is a country with a population of 5 million people with very tight gun laws. people there do not have guns in their homes, they don't walk
1:31 am
around the streets with guns. perhaps if you have a hunting license or a farm, that is different. but otherwise it is impossible to get firearms. so obviously police will be looking into how these three men managed to get hold of the semi automatic weapons. we have watched these 17 minute video that was streamed live from the helmet of the gun man, an australia citizen in his 20s being charged with mass murder and will appear in court in christchurch tomorrow morning. this video is chilling. it is one of the most horrendous things that i've ever seen in my life. you see this man so coldly and calculatingly just walk into this mosque armed with these semi automatic weapons, mowing down people there for friday prayers. you can hear them screaming, yelling out for help, moaning in agony.
1:32 am
he fgoes into a corridor, reloas and goes back in and just hunts them down he goes out on to the payment and starts shooting randomly. he gets more ammunition, walks back into the mosque and every single that is lying there on the floor, he walks up to them at point blank range and shoots them in the head. he then walks back out, is once again shooting randomly from the pavement. he sees a woman, shoots her from a distance. walks up to her, she is saying help me, help me. and he killed her. it is one of the most awful things i've ever seen. and to think that perhaps this is like a video game, a gunman on a shooting spree, but, no, this was real life and happening in christchurch in a little city of 400,000 people that is peace-loving, is welcoming. and to think that this hatred, that this right wing racist
1:33 am
ideology managed to manifest there is a complete mystery. but we heard from the prime minister jacinda ardern a short time ago and she said there is no place for this in new zealand, we are not this. which cold, cal cal could you l calculated and calm. chilling words. new zealand not used to this kind of thing. this attack went on for at least 17 minutes because that is at least as long as the body cam video that was live streamed shows. what do you think the securities is like in new zealand as far as at mosques before this shooting? >> there was no concern. the security threat level in new zealand was low. they don't have problems with muslims. there isn't that tension or that
1:34 am
undercurrent that you might find in other countries. perhaps in certain pockets, but not, you know, not across new zealand society. certainly now christchurch is still in lockdown. there are police, there are military, they have obviously arrested these three men, one has been charged with mass murder. they said that it would be wrong for them to think that there weren't others involved. so certainly everybody is going to remain vigilant. i should point out that the live streaming that lasts for 17 minutes, the shooting spree itself is 6 minutes. so that shooting spree continued for 6 minutes. the gunfire was rapid, it was continuous. and as you say, he was cool, he was calm. he got back in his car, he was talking to himself, he was laughing. this was the behavior of a
1:35 am
deranged individual. an australian citizen in his 20s. >> the shooting lasted 6 minutes and he was laughing. anna coren, thanks very much. >> just a devastating story. and the gun restrictions are very tight. new zealand however they are lax because they didn't think that they needed the gun restriction. but the terror level raised to high. and here is what one eyewitness to the attack told cnn. >> it was coming from the main entrance of the building. and everybody just run to the back doors just to save themselves. saw many injured. a woman just lying in the road.
1:36 am
and -- i don't know. a lot of people died. >> devastating. let's bring in international security director for the asia pacific found indicatiationfoun. he is joining us via skype. good morning. if you can, tell us a little bit about the mentality that does go into attacks like this that unfortunately have spread to a very peaceful country like new zealand. >> rage, hate, the ideology of intolerance, unfortunately it didn't matter which elements we're talking about, whether the jihadist or the far right, the motivations are the same to provoke a clash of civilizations, to pit one group against another. this individual didn't just want to kill people, he wanted notoriety, he wanted the oxygen of publicity which is why he was able to stream the attack. it is very important not to give
1:37 am
this man any notice or attention after the attack in the sense that his video must not be streamed by social media. people should not watch it. because we cannot save the people that have died, but by preventing others from seeing it, it prevents this individual from getting his ideology out. and unfortunately, we've now seen one of the most grievous attacks by the far right which could create further social tensions. and that is important, to prevent this man's agenda from being carried through. >> you worry certainly about copycats the more that this video is distributed and then there is the 87 page manifesto that is circulating online as well. what are your thoughts about his manifesto? >> from what i understand about the manifesto is that it is effectively designed to encourage and incite others from carrying out copycat attacks, that effectively it is trying to incite a race war, trying to pit
1:38 am
one group against another. it seems to mirrors manifesto by the norwegian who carried out the shootings some years ago in norway in which he killed dozens of young people in the country. and that was also designed to xlaet create a race war. this was designed to specifically kill muslims and to try to provoke. and what worries me is terrorist groups isis and al qaeda may try to take advantage of the situation to say look, this is how the west wants to treat muslims. and it is very important that the authorities, government officials try to show this is one incident, this is not representative of one group, that this is a man who is himself single handedly trying to provoke a race war and he doesn't represent society as a whole. >> we do have some reaction from world leaders this morning. theresa may, the prime minister on behalf of the uk, my deepest
1:39 am
condolences to the people of new zealand after the horrifying terrorist attack in choo christchurch. she of course dealing with the brexit crisis there. and scott brown of course the ambassador, former candidate for senate, we're heart broken over the events in christchurch. we stand with our kiwi fripds and neighbors and our prayers are with you. if you could talk about the gun laws there in new zealand which are lax in comparative at least to neighboring australia. and what does this do to the threat level there in new zealand. >> well, i can guarantee you that new zealand's gun laws will now be reviewed extensively. we had a similar situation in the uk about 30 years ago when an individual with handguns went into a school and shot school children. it had a massive ramification on british society. this will have a similar impact
1:40 am
on new zealand. they will review their gun laws. they perhaps are not as tight assay othas other countries, but new zealand does require permits and regulations for people to carry weapons. this individual was carrying some pretty powerful hand guns and the question is how was he able to be taken them, did he purchase them through the dark web, were they bought legally, has he been in contact with other individuals that gave him these ideas. there is a lot of things that the new zealand authorities will now have to trace back to see how this plot was put together because it was very well planned, it was coordinated. and it was designed it attraction maximum attention. >> and it certainly seems like new zealanders were caught off guard. obviously you can't expect something like this to ever happen, but especially in new zealand where our reporter anna coren described new zealanders as fun loving people and gun violence is rare. what about security when these
1:41 am
shootings happened? >> no one anticipated an incident like this in new zealand. as you mentioned, it is a peace-loving country. it is famous for tourism. it is the location of the lords of the rings films which made it famous. christchurch the city itself has had tragedy in the past because of earth quakes, but nothing which was manmade. this is the worst terrorist incident that the country has seen. it will have a huge ramification on the psyche of new zealanders. why think that they will recover from this for a very long time. and the authorities will want to try to ensure that social tensions do not implode after such a large number of fatalities and also people being injured. >> anna coren describes a peaceful and welcoming society there in new zealand having spent several weeks there
1:42 am
myself, i coan confirm it was te most peaceful and welcoming country i've been to and it will never be the same. thank you so much to your insight. we'll check back with you throughout the program. also breaking overnight, north korea announcing it may suspend nuclear talks with the united states. this is according to russia's state run news agency task. north korea's foreign minister telling reporters his country has, quote, no intention it yield to u.s. demands from last month's hanoi summit. let's bring in paula hancocks. would anything come out of the foreign minister if it were not sanctioned by kim jung-un and should we trust anything out of the russian state run news agency? >> reporter: well, dave, this was the vice foreign minister and you're right, this is going to be sanctioned by kim jung-un. nothing happens in that country of this magnitude without him knowing about it and without him having signed off on it. now, we do know that task for
1:43 am
example has a bureau in pyongyang and there is other foreign media reporting this, they ols haalso bureaus in pyongyang. but the north korean leader basically is deciding whether to continue talks with the united states, also deciding whether he will keep this moratorium on missile testing. that wases o the one thing that u.s. president pointed to, pointing out that they did leave on good terms and also that kim jung-un was not going to carry on testing. shele went on to say, quote, we have no intention to yields to the u.s. demands put forward at the hanoi summit in any form nor are we willing to engage in negotiations of this kind. they specified that they didn't ask for all sanctions to be lifted which is what mr. trump said saying there was only a few that were concerned with the population. and she said the u.s. were too busy with pursuing their own political interests and have no
1:44 am
sincere intention to achieve a result. this could be seen as an ultimate may du ultimate du ultimatum by north korea. this is sdrs straight out of th korean playbook. the blue house is watching the situation and trying to get the u.s. and north korea back together at the negotiating table. the u.s. president had asked the south korean leader to mediate. >> and just so interesting to see this foreign minister also talk about this wonderful warm chemistry between donald trump and kim jung-un. we wait a reaction, likely a tweet at some point this morning from president trump. paula hancocks, thank you. cnn exclusive you do not want to miss, an attempted killing of a foreign head of state by drone. who was the target.
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now to the cnn exclusive, a commercial drone may have been used for the first time in a plot to kill a head of state. the target, embattled venezuelan president nicolas maduro. cnn learned the failed attempt happened last august. new videos we obtained show the plot involved commercial devices bought online and prepared over weeks by army defectors. nick paton walsh has this exclusive. >> reporter: they thought it was fireworks first, but it was a drone bomb. the brazen assassination attempt against nicolas maduro. the first bid to kill a world leader with commercial drone technology bought online, it could have killed everyone on the stage or dozens of civilians nearby if it missed. the crowd scattered and venezuelans began to wonder what really happened. was it a fake? even now the opposition leader
1:50 am
juan guaido told cnn he condemned the attack and thinks maduro staged to get sympathy. ends up making them look like victims, he said. i think this was something internal done by the government and so definitely no such options are not good. cnn has tracked down one of the apparent organizers of the attack who supplied these videos seen here for the first time to prove his role in what he claims was a genuine assassination attempt. why did you plot to kill nicolas maduro? it was a peaceful protest movement. why did you think an assassination plot was necessary? >> we have tried every peaceful and democratic way to bring an end to the tyranny that dresses itself as democracy. we have friends who are in custody, to to tortured. this was a hard decision. >> were you worried about flying it straight at a crowd? >> that was the risk we had to take. we cared about that.
1:51 am
venezuelans are always the ones feeling the consequences. >> reporter: the drones they say were purchased online in the united states and brought over six months ago to this represented farmhouse. we aren't showing you the details of how they say they made the bomb here, but they blew one up in a test and in the remote countryside they practiced the tricky bit. flying the drones high enough to not be seen and then down at a steep and fast enough angle to hit their target. they even tried it at night in case that is when the chance to strike comes. later they say they dismantled the device to sneak it into venezuela. their videos show it being reassembled and then ready hours before the attack. presentation days after the attack venezuela's interior minister confirms part of the
1:52 am
story. the signal blockers have been switched off the organizers said by suddenly came back on thwarting the attack. john bolton the morning after thought it might have been faked. >> a pretext set up by the ma maduro regime. >> reporter: but they have concluded it was a genuine attempt gone wrong and the organizer said he met with several u.s. officials three times after the attack. >> after they set up three meetings which i imagine were were to collect information to study the case. but it doesn't go past that. >> did they offer to help you try something like this again or were these meetings just about them finding out more about you? >> i think both. they wanted to get information and then we asked for things in return. they took notes on this and we asked if they would be able to help. they simply left with their notes and they never appeared again. >> reporter: cnn could not find proof these alleged meetings happened. a state department spokesperson
1:53 am
would not comment on the claim but to say our policy is support a peaceful transition in venezuela. venezuelan officials said the plot which shook their capital was assisted by colombia and the u.s. whi u.s. which both have denied. it unveils using technology that is simple to get. nick paton walsh, cnn. our first glimpse of the crash that happened sunday. the captain called controllers in a panicky voice three minutes in to the flight. someone who reviewed air traffic communications tells the "times" that the captain radioed this, brake, brake, request back to home. and then asked for a route back to the runway. >> controllers saw the new boeing 737 max 8 was climbing and plunging hundreds of feet in
1:54 am
just seconds. a clear sign something was very wrong. today french officials say technical work is set to begin in paris on the jetliner's black boxes. that unfortunately almost a week after this crash. the delay because ethiopia didn't have the technology, the black boxes were sent to germany, they didn't have the technology, then on to france. hopefully some answers come soon. more on the breaking news next, 49 people killed as gunmen opened fire on two mosques in new zealand. adder leak pad. like the old "tunic tug". but always discreet is less bulky. and it really protects. 'cause it turns liquid to gel. so i have nothing to hide. always discreet.
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more fallout from the college admissions scandal. at least three companies now distancing themselves from actress lori loughlin and her
1:59 am
daughter olivia jade. the hallmark channel cutting ties with loughlin. hewlett-packard has removed an ad. and sephora ending a partnership with olivia jade, a social media influencer with millions of followers. >> olivia and loughlin's daughter are still enrolled at usc. the university announced plans to use any money received in connection with the admissions scam to fund scholarships for underprivileged kids. and it turns out the guy who tipped investigators to the scheme was a financial economic difference who was being investigated in a separate securities fraud case. he reportedly gave investigators information in a last ditch effort to get out of trouble. it certainly didn't work. tobin is awaiting sentencing in that fraud case. "early start" continues with the latest on the new zealand shooting.
2:00 am
an act of extreme violence. >> new zealand prime minister there, a terror attack targets two mosques in new zealand, at least 49 dead in christchurch, three specifics in custody. also breaking, are nuclear talks with north korea over. pyongyang's foreign minister suggests that they could be. good morning, everyone. welcome to "early start." i'm dave briggs. >> i'm alison kosik. it is friday, march 15th. 10:00 p.m. in christchurch. and breaking overnight, at least 49 people killed in a terror attack in new zealand. police say the mass shootings happening at two mosques in christchurch. the country's third largest city. nearly 50 people are in the hospital. much of the city remains on lockdown. >> it is clear that this can now only be described as


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