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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  March 15, 2019 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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new zeala . >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. good morning, everyone. welcome to your new day. we start with breaking news of the most horrible variety. new zealand is reeling from a terror attack. at least 49 people have been killed, dozens more are injured. authorities say gunfire erupted inside two mosques in the city of christchurch. the blood shed took place as muslims gathered for friday prayers. right now we know one person has been charged with murder. three other people are in custody. >> it's a mistake to think for a second this is just about new zealand. the suspect is believed to have posted an 87-page manifesto on social media before the attack. it is filled with anti-immigrant and anti-muslim rhetoric. he talks about invasion. where else have you heard that? the killer talks about
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replacement. the very same type of language you heard in charlottesville. he calls president trump a symbol of white identity. muslims in new zealand are being urged to stay away from places of worship. at this hour much of christchurch remains in lockdown. anna is covering this for us with the breaking details. anna. >> reporter: john, as you say, the death toll currently stands at 49, but there are dozens more that have been seriously injured suffering severe gunshot wounds, so that death toll could very well rise. as you say, three men have been arrested. one charged with murder. that is an australian citizen. he's 28 years old. police yet to reveal his name, but he is due in court on murder charges in christchurch tomorrow morning. this man, he released video of the attack of his killing spree live. he streamed it live on facebook.
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before that was this 76-page manifesto that you mentioned. this killing spree was something so horrific and something i have never ever witnessed before, but it goes for some 17 minutes. killing spree itself lasted six minutes. but you see this man, he drives to the mosque, he gets out of his car with semiautomatic weapons, he walks into this mosque firing mowing down everybody in his path. you can hear the people who were there praying, moaning, crying out for help and he just keeps firing. he is cold, he can calculated, and he is frighteningly calm. he reloads in the corridor. he then walks out and continues to fire, but on the pavement this time picking off people of who obviously come out after hearing this rapid gunfire. he reloads at the car, walks back into this mosque, and the killing spree continues. but this time you can see dozens
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of bodies slumped on the ground whether people have been killed, whether they're lying there hiding, whether they're playing dead. he then goes up to each those bodies and at pointblank range he executes every single one of them. it's absolutely frightening. he then walks out. he sees a woman, shoots her from the distance. goes up and kills her, gets back in his car, is shooting from the wind screen, shooting outside the passenger windows. shooting indiscriminately. these are the actions of a deranged, a deranged individual who wasn't acting alone, but we do know that he then traveled to the next mosque where he continued his killing spree. let's now listen to one of the eyewitnesses. >> we heard, you know, the fighting and it comes from the main entrance, the main entrance of the building. and then everybody just run toward the backdoors just to
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save themselves. we saw many injured, bullet in arm and [ inaudible ] lied there. she was just lying in the road. and i don't know how many people died. >> reporter: this is something you do not see in new zealand. the last mass shooting was in the 1980s. and six people were killed. something of this level of this degree is just unheard of. new zealand is a peace-loving country. it welcomes migrants. it comes muslims. and the new zealand prime minister jacinda ardern she reiterated that in her press conference today. she said this is not new zealand, we are home to those migrants and those muslims, we are not home to these people with these violent extremist views. >> right. i mean, that's an important message in the is just one person. this is just one sick disgusting
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psychopath. and so obviously new zealand can't change their spirit, but i understand the temptation this morning. anna, thank you very much for all of that reporting. joining us now is our clarissa ward, cnn chief international correspondent, levi west, director of terrorism studies, and arhana. i want to start with a crime against civilization, but this it is specifically targeted at muslims. i just don't know how muslims are supposed to absorb that this morning. what are the conversations that the community's having? >> it has been a very difficult last 12 hours or so as i heard about this news and absorbing it, started reaching out to my friends, my colleagues, and just what i'm seeing even on social media. this is just heartbreaking and my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families at this time. i think the common theme i'm hearing is that unfortunately it
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is not surprising. the american muslim community has experienced horrific attacks motivated by people who are inspired by white nationalist causes, whether it's attacks on our mosques, attempts to attack our communities, so this has been going on for some time. i think the question that i'm really sitting with this morning, alisyn, is this should be a wakeup call. the attack in new zealand, we have seen horrific attacks not against just muslims, but the jewish community, the sikh community. this should be a wakeup call for political leaders to prioritize and tackling this issue in preventing these in the future. >> it seems clear to me that the alarm clock is broke he because the language used in this disgusting manifesto is very similar to that that we heard of the killer at the pittsburgh synagogue, invasion, other,
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anti-immigration. and, clarissa, it is clear that some of this language which is coming from some of the highest places in the land in the world is being weaponized now and being weaponized, clarissa, all around the world. >> that's right. if you go through, if you pour over, john, this 87-page -- i really hate to even call it a manifesto, it's more of a self-interview act of narcissism by a sociopathic murderer/terrorist. but he does lay out very clearly and almost playfully at times i would say, prevalent far right wing tropes and memes that are being spread all over the internet but which have all seeped into the mainstream political discourse. he talks a lot about the idea of invasion, of all the migrants coming from muslim countries taking over white people. the fact that muslim communities have a higher birth rate than
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white anglo-saxon communities. he talks a lot about this idea of replacement, that the values, the white nationalist values are being taken over. and very clearly what truck me goi struck me going through this is similar the language is not the discourse we here in the mainstream political world, but also isis and al qaeda. this is designed to provoke retaliation and create a wedge in liberal democratic societies, and to precipitate more violence with the hopes of having a sort of all-out ideological war akin to the one that we saw during the crusades. and i think it's very interesting the language that's used, the isis always called the west crusaders. he, too, calls himself one of the knights templar, again an illusion to the crusades. both of these abhorrent groups using very similar language, john. >> that's always been striking.
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the extremists -- extremists are extremists. >> the same hate playbook. >> the same hate playbook, often the same language, it's really striking. >> i think there's a -- >> go ahead, levi. >> the important thing i think is that they're sitting above all of that is fascist ideas. the ideas of supremacy, and the ideas of threat from an outgroup is a set of fascist ideas. we find the same concept sitting in nazis and socialism and whether you tweak that to suit white supremacist audience, the core of those ideas is fascism and it's easy to get lost in the weeds of exactly what manifestation that is. the other thing to keep in mind is using things like psychopath diminishes the responsibility he has. there's nothing to suggest this guy had mental health challenges of any description. his manifesto is clear and consistent with a whole bunch of ideas like similar people have undertaken actions motivated by the same kinds of ideas. and i think it da minute nirks
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the lev diminishes the acts that he did to suggest that he has mental health issues when we don't have any reason to believe that. >> i've been struggling with that this morning. because what is the word to describe someone who in cold blood looks at someone and at pointblank range who he doesn't know shoots them in the head as they're praying, however old they are, children, elderly, whatever, and does it 49 times? i don't -- i'm struggling with the language this morning of what we should use. >> if he has an idea lodgeaolog motivation, he's a terrorist. the fact that we don't agree with them doesn't mean that they're incoherent or irrational or whatever the case may be. once you adopt the foundational assumptions of the ideas that he believes in, then what he was doing makes perfect sense. if you accept those assumptions. so it's still a rational
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decision if you believe the same things he believes to be true about the world. if you believe that the white race is under expo stent chal threat because they're going to outgrow us in terms of fertility rates, then the actions that he's taking starts to makes sense. but writing it off as evil or mentally unstable because we can't understand it diminishes our capacity to analyze it. >> and for anna, i'm struck by the globalization of this killer's thinking. inside this manifesto he talks about events all over the world. he has a knowledge of the second amendment battles in the united states. and i'm not bringing up that to talk about gun control, i'm bringing it up to talk about the fact that this is a guy keyed in to some of the discussions and the tension points that are happening everywhere. >> yeah, absolutely. >> he's got internet, right? >> absolutely. and we've seen this time and time again where there is
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clearly this kind of -- the racism, the anti-immigrant fervor that's motivating these groups. and this movement has just metastasized across the country. it was just thrillactually a ye that president trump retweeted a tweet from a racist british group called britain first and its anti-muslim images. it's a group responsible for attacks on muslims in britain. there have been government officials in the united states who have hosted people like wilders, a dutch government official, who stokes anti-muslim hate and bigotry. there's a disturbing exchange of ideas and one might even say coordination at times across the border. and i just want to go back to my earlier point too, john, which is that we really need our fbi director to prioritize how to address this issue of this threat. you know, after 9/11, director mueller said the number one
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priority of the fbi is going to be counterterrorism. and let's see that priority focusing on the white nationalist threat. i'd like to see officials in congress call director ray up to the hill and brief them on what the fbi is doing to make this a priority. >> in terms of the solutions, i want to stick with you for one more second have because what about-face book? what about twitter? what about the fact that the playbook was on there? >> yeah. >> they claim to be trying to use artificial intelligence to crack down on some of these words that are loaded. but it's not working. >> yeah. it's a real issue that we have. we've been talking to twitter, facebook, google, you tube for years now expression the ways in which these platforms are being use and abuse. frankly we've seen twitter be more responsive than facebook. we do think facebook is kind of turning a bit of a blind eye and not doing as much as it can be
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doing to proactively remove this content. they do things in other countries to proactively remove content as a result of those governments requiring facebook to do that in order to be able to operate in those countries. and we need facebook to step up and to do more to regulate the content on its platform. it -- social media companies have a role to play as well. >> i don't think there's any question -- go ahead. >> i have the mind shoot, twitter had the mind shoot as a countdown hours after the account took place. twitter is very forward leaning. >> i want it beforehand. i want it -- i want this shutdown before the massacre. >> so the posting that he put up that said i'm going to do something was on achin, that's not a regular social media platform that most people access and doesn't necessarily get monitored in the same way. if you were to try to task
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facebook and twitter and law enforcement with responding to every posting that went on the internet that suggested that someone was going to do something, then the resourcing that would be necessary and most of the time nothing happens. so you can't treat every piece of posting that happens on social media that says i'm going to go in as if someone's going to follow through with it. aughtther half of that is that according to the new zealand prime minister none of the four people who apparently are in custody were on any watch list with new zealand or australian intelligence. then you have nothing to triangulate that posting of this guy's of concern, he's posted information that suggests he's going to do something. but it's not as simple as all of that. >> stand by for a moment. joining us know on the phone is a witness of the massacre at one of the mosques. thank you for being with us. i'm sorry to put you through this again, but tell us where you were and what you saw. >> i am -- i was actually inside the mosque on the right side.
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so if you have ever seen the whole video of the mosque, it's a big mosque. so the shooter was coming from the main entrance, from the main door. and then he was coming and i was in the front side of the mosque inside on the right side. when i heard the first shot sound, i -- there was two shots, i thought something happened. later on it was just continuously shooting and coming inside slowly because he was killing all the people who are in the entrance. and then there was this door on the right side which was for the ladies' entrance. by that door i was running out of the mosque on the backside of the mosque where people normally park their car. and i have to run around six hundred to 700 millimeter and to jump out of the main wall of the
4:17 am
mosque to go in the street. and while i was jumping and i was standing in the house which was off side from the mosque and from there i was -- like hearing the sound of the shooting, it was like continuously happened for ten to 15 minutes. and then i was running towards the main -- the main -- the main gate by the backside of the area. so there was a road, and by then the police had came, the ambulances came and i saw lots of people were injured in the road because the gunman was shooting when he was coming out of the mosque as well randomly. whoever he has seen in the street. >> again, i'm so glad that you're okay. i'm so sorry you went through this. tell me about your fellow parishioners. who are the people who pray at
4:18 am
this mosque? >> just community people. a special prayer on friday. the prayer start at 2:00, this incident happened around 1:40 to 45. there's still lots of people yet to come to inside. and the thing is, we -- we were waiting, you know, people come late because friday is obviously a [ inaudible ]. so lots of people come just maybe five minutes early. so those are the communities that i have seen the people who come regularly to that mosque. >> i'm afraid to ask, but did you lose any loved ones in this attack? >> yes. i have seen two -- i know one of the old person, and what happened like he -- he used to go to the mosque by the
4:19 am
wheelchair. he always in the wheelchair. i was really hard about him. and later on i saw him on the street. he's good but his wife passed away. >> i'm so sorry. >> dead on the spot. and another person who was largely [ inaudible ] and then shooter was coming from the backside, the front entrance and he's dead as well. >> i'm so sorry for the loss of your friends. and i know this only happened to you a few hours ago. have you thought about the why? >> yeah. >> why would someone do this? >> i do not. i'm speechless. i cannot calculate because i'm believing in this country for five years. and i never thought that i'd face something in this time on a friday, lots of people get -- a special prayer every friday.
4:20 am
so i don't know why it's been so crazy. i don't feel safe anymore because i believe that [ inaudible ] this country, but not anymore i can claim that. >> again, thank you for being with us. we're sorry you went through this. we're sorry for the loss of your friends. we are thinking about you in this very difficult day. >> thank you so much. >> thanks. we'll have much more of our breaking news coverage straight ahead. our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition...
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this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. breaking overnight, north korea says it is considering suspending nuclear talks wlt united states and says it will soon decide whether to resume nuclear and missile testing. president trump said he left the summit in vietnam way promise from kim jong-un that there would be no missile testing. so this would be a huge reversal. cnn's paula hancocks live in seoul with the breaking details.
4:25 am
paula. >> reporter: well, john, this was a press conference that the advice foreign minister gave to reporters who are based in pyongyang. and she effectively said that kim jong-un is now deciding whether or not he even wants to continue diplomatic talks with the united states. and, as you say, whether he's going to respect and keep that moratorium on nuclear and missile launches. she also said, quote, the u.s. were too busy with pursuing their own political interests and had no sincere intention to achieve a result. they also pointed out once again as they did at that midnight press conference in hanoi after mr. trump had left the country that they weren't asking for all sanctions to be lifted in return for giving up the nuclear facility, they were only asking for some of those that really affected the north korean people. question don we don't know whether or not that's acc rate. the foreign prime minister did not criticize mr. trump himself
4:26 am
saying that the north korean and u.s. leader do still have a special relationship talking about the chemistry between them is mysteriously wonderful. instead, what she did was lay the blame for this failure of the hanoi summit at the doors of the u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo and also the national security adviser john bolton. back to you. >> paula, thank you very much. now to this breaking news. at least 49 worshippers murdered inside two mosques, dozens more are injured in this terror attack in new zealand. joining us now to talk about this and more, we have democratic senator richard blumenthal. thanks so much for being here. just another sickening morning, just another sickening mass shooting, mass murder at the hands of a white supremacist. we're seeing more right-wing extremism around the globe, as you know. what are your thoughts? >> a heartbreaking day and of course our prayers go out to the people of new zealand, particularly the loved ones and
4:27 am
survivors and victims. but words do have consequences and we know that at the very pinnacle of power in our own country people are talking about good people on both sides. >> you mean the president talking about it. i mean i know it's hard to call this out. i've heard this from a guest this morning, they're having a hard time calling this out for some reason. >> i think it's more than the president. it's the people who enable him and who fail to stand up to him and speak out. and we're seeing some glimmers of spine now in the united states congress, some of my colleagues in the last three votes standing up to him. and saying no to his tramp he willing trampling on the constitution. words have consequences and talking about people as though they were different in some
4:28 am
fatal way, i think the public discourse from the president on down is a factor in some of these actions. >> i mean, we don't have to guess, actually, at this. we don't have to connect the dots ourselves. this is what the suspects say. this guy put out, according to authorities, put out this manifesto where he connects the dots between the rhetoric that he likes to hear and his violent action. i'm wondering what you think the president's quote to breitbart that he said. i just want to read it to you. this was from this week. he said i can tell you i have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the bikers for trump, i have the tough people. but they don't play it tough until they go to a certain point and then it would be very bad, very bad. how do you interpret that? >> i interpret that end couv comment as a danger to peaceful transition of power in our democracy. that's one of the fundamental principles of our constitution that we have that kind of
4:29 am
peaceful transition of power and respect for the rule of law, which that kind of comment utterly betrays. we are at a break the glass moment for our democracy. and so on an issue like the transparency of the mueller report, which i think is vital so that america knows the facts and evidence that are found there on an issue like the declaration of a national emergency when there is one, usurping the powers of congress on spending guaranteed by the constitution, we need to speak up and stand out. and i think my republican colleagues need to show a little bit more backbone. >> but in is a break the glass moment, do you mare ha president trump said there that he would not relinquish power, as if there will not be a peaceful transfer of power if he loses? >> there are glimmers and hints of that fact, and that's what is so really alarming. even terrifying in a remark of that kind. because it encourages people who
4:30 am
may, in fact, say we are going to resist, we're going to go to the streets, we are going to stop that kind of peaceful transition of power. >> senator, if you could stand by, we are now just getting the statement from the white house that we've been waiting for on some sort of reaction to the mass shootings in new zealand. joe, what do you have? >> it's a pretty simple statement from the white house it vers and i'll just read it, it comes to the white house pool. united states strongly condemns the attack in constitutional right church. our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. we stand in solidarity with the people of new zealand and their government against this vicious act of hate and signed, of course, sarah sanders, the press secretary. that's the first statement from the white house on the news of the new zealand attack. back to you. >> please let us know when and if you hear directly from the president even via tweet. thank you very much for that statement from sarah sanders.
4:31 am
back to the trance patience sin of the mueller report. so many people have called for that including most every single member of congress. why didn't senator lindsey graham want that? why did he move to block that? >> i think he will want it eventually. i think he's going to listen to his constituents. i think all of my colleagues will hear from their constituents that they believe transparency is absolutely necessary. the people of the united states paid for that report. they deserve to know what's in it. >> but you think -- lindsey graham said he'd work his way around to it but why didn't he feel that way this week? >> you know, i am hoping that it was perhaps a reaction of the moment. i want a chance to talk to senator graham about my legislation, the bill that i've offered with senator grassley, a republican from iowa and cosponsor is senator kennedy of louisiana, it's a bipartisan bill, that would require public disclosure. >> but what makes you think
4:32 am
he'll support that when he didn't support this vote? >> because i think he understands and all my colleagues, that no indictments combined with no facts and evidence are tantamount to a cover-up. and i think my republican counterparts will be judged harshly in they're involved in that i cover-up and not just by their constituents but by history. >> have you had that conversation with him? >> i hope to. i have not yet. >> i want to talk to you about the vote to block the president's delaware counpresid declaration of a national emergency. 12 republicans joined with democrats to sthaend message to the president. interesting moment, possibly signifying and to your find i guess a tipping point. but the president will veto this, so now what? >> the president will veto it. we don't have the votes to override that veto, but congress is going home this week and they're going to hear an earful from their constituents.
4:33 am
and what's more, they're going to hear that constituents don't want a wasteful, needless, reckless wall, a vanity project that the president has made a central issue about himself. and they're also going to begin learning where the money is going to be cut to build that wall. and the projects at home. yesterday the secretary of defense came before us, i'm on the armed service committee, and he was equivocal and self-contradictory about what pro swrekts are goi projects are going to be cut where and -- >> so you didn't get clearances where that money's coming from? >> there are no answers yet and every time we ask we receive an equivocal and contradictory answer. and once my colleagues begin to understand those cuts will have consequences in their own districts and states, they may feel differently about overriding a veto when the president is taking money that
4:34 am
congress refused to provide in a fake emergency. you know, very revealingly yesterday, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general dunford came forth and he said we have a security challenge at the border, not an emergency. he used the word challenge. and he said, there is no military threat. so they are withdrawing 40% of the troops. the so-called emergency is a fake one and i think my colleagues will begin to understand that. and we have a real chance of overriding that veto. >> senator richard blumenthal, thank you very much forever beifor being on with your positions. >> thank you. the killer in new zealand called a symbol of white supremacy. what is it that they hear from the president that causes them to think this way? that's next. discover. hi, what's this social security alert? it's a free alert if we find your social security number on the dark web. good, cuz i'm a little worried about my information getting out. oh, why's that?
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all right. breaking news. moments ago we did receive a statement from the white house on the apparent anti-muslim, anti-immigrant mass murder in new zealand. 49 people killed while they were praying at mosques. this is the statement from sarah sanders.
4:39 am
the united states strongly condemns the attack in constitutional right church. our thoughts a christchurch. we stand in solidarity with the people of new zealand and their government against this vicious act of hate. joining us now is julia kiam, and josh campbell former fbi special agent who worked counterterrorism investigations in australia and new zealand. juliet, the white house is calling in a vicious act of hate, that statement from sarah sanders, that's crystal clear here. i'm curious, though, pouring through this manifesto, looking at the language this killer used, you see invasion, you see references to replacement, which is what people in charlottesville were protesting and crying as they were marching through the streets there. this killer even says he looks at president trump as a symbol of white identity. why? why do you think there are people self-proclaimed white
4:40 am
supremacists around the world who see our president in this way? >> well, i think what they do is they are given credence, and i'm being careful here, validity, justification for that i horrible violent thoughts because it's amplified in the public space either by our president or reporters or analysts on tv or in literature. so being very careful, the president is not responsible for what happened in new zealand. but, right, absolutely. but the president's language to date has been irresponsible knowing the groundwork of white radicalization is going on worldwide right now. in other words, he is our leader and showing responsibility would be to not mimic that language of, as you said, displacement, replacement, reasoned what i've been calling the zero sum game. that's the difference right now is that this literature, these
4:41 am
men are motivated, white men are motivated essentially by a sense that the presence of the other literally a physical harm to them. it is a zero sum game. one final thing on the white house statement. they will be parsed. we need to call this terrorist incident what it is. it was an attack on muslims. it was an attack on islam, on a faith, on a great faith. and the failure to call it what it is minimizes, right, the harm and the pain that that community is suffering right now. >> it was an attack, according to this manifesto, on immigrants as well. >> right. >> on invaders as this killer called them as well. and, josh, to reiterate what juliet said, there's one person responsible for this mass killing and it's the person who pulled the trigger inside these mosques. and there's nothing more horrific than killing people while they're at prayer. but i just don't want to dance around it. cnn is being very careful and not mutt putting the words of
4:42 am
the manifesto up on the screen. we don't want to do it for him. but to ignore it is doing a disservice as well because he's using the language of invasion. i have seen invasion in ads produced by the president of the united states's campaign. so what do white supremacists here, now i don't know why the president's saying it, but what do they hear what the president of the united states uses words like invasion? >> the way i look at that, it falls into two separate categories whenever there's a mass incident like this. first is the investigative phase, the tactical side of what actually happened and we've been covering that all night long trying to get to the bottom of what happened and essentially who was responsible. we've heard these reports that there is a number of people take mean it custody. we'll learn shortly what their role was. that's the investigative side. the second aspect, this goes to the larger notion and aspect that investigators look at in any incident is what is motivating people to act? and so i think -- reason i
4:43 am
mention that is because it's important to separate the two. there's the investigative and then had the larger piece. but to your point what we have to understand is what is motivating these people to act? we've seen a number of incidents, whether it was cesar sayok, the individual who sent the bombs to cnn, we all remember seeing on his van the political paraphernalia and so we know -- at least we can judge what his political leanings were. as you mentioned, it's not something we can ignore because it goes into how to we stop the next one? and it's rhetoric from national leaders that is working to motivate these people, that's obviously a national conversation we need have. >> the pittsburgh killer talked bin vader about invaders, this killer talked bin vaders. the people in charlottesville were saying jews will not replace us. there is something happening here. there is some commonality here that that if it's ignored, more people will die. let me read you, juliet, because you were talking about the president here. we got the statement from sarah sanders the president of the
4:44 am
united states tweeted on this the at the said my warmest sympathy and best wishes goes out to the people of new zealand after the horrible massacre in the mosques. 49 innocent people have so senselessly died with so many injured. the united states stands by new zealand for anything we can do. god bless all that. doesn't meet the standard you just said, which is to call this an anti-muslim attack. >> it mentions islam and it's a good statement, an important statement for the president to be out there. so, and it's consistent with what we're hearing from great britain and france and other countries right now. just picking up on what josh said about why is this happening. so, you know, there's a term pore it, it's called stocastic terrorism. it's a sense with the internet. with this ample fa occasion of hate, whether it's on the radio or here or wherever else,
4:45 am
they're not intended to create a specific or enhance a specific terror attack, but what they to do is they create the greater likelihood that there will be random acts of violence because it's not tempering the tone. so if you ask me would you like a leader in charge of a country who amplifies bad behavior or tones it down, every rational people would say you'd want the person who tones it down. that's what i think everyone needs to hear right now is just we need to not give greater sort of gas to these white terrorists elements that are existing worldwide. in the united states alone, fbi statistics, 73% of the terrorism cases now are related to white supremacy. >> we're not making this up. the hate crimes are going up in the united states. anti-muslim attacks going up in the united states. josh campbell, juliet, thank you so much. i know you were both up all night covering this morning and
4:46 am
we appreciate you being on this morning. >> thanks. senator rebuking the national emergency declaration. michael smerconish has some thoughts on this as does dana bash. they join us next. mini was born to do the only thing we ever wanted to do. drive. to hit start and just go. fast and far. around town and around hairpins. to leave everyone in the dust, and leave rubber on the road. because mini was born to drive. drive for yourself at the mini born to drive sales event. special offers at your local mini dealer. different generations get the same quality of customer service that we have been getting. being a usaa member,
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4:50 am
"smerconish." what a and dana bash. >> this is a rare rebuke, as you know. the only certainty is we are headed for a legal showdown here. we all remember from civics, the congress appropriates money in this particular case. the president sought to or is seeking to end run the constitutional roll. he's going to say i have emergent authority. others will ask where is the emergency. he's made it much more about his personality and the strength of his personality among his base than he has an evidentiary presentation. remember the night he had the national address? he spent eight or nine minutes. i expected him to go ross perot, charts, graphs and data. he never did that. >> the politics of the vote are fascinating to me. >> they are. >> 12 republicans, but none that
4:51 am
are really up for election in tough states including tom tillis from north carolina who wrote an op-ed saying he wanted to block the president's move of the national emergency yet voted with the president here. he's putting -- you know, the are you fing kidding me in fl p flip-flop. >> if you want to know how perilous the politics are for republicans to do what 12 of them did yesterday in voting against the president, effectively rebuking the president on his signature issue that his aides say is so close to him building a wall it is almost an extension of himself. you just have to look atom tillis. that's the ultimate flip-flop. there has to be a new word in the lexicon. it is so stark. he did it because he was warned
4:52 am
he would get a republican primary challenge. period, full stop. that's why it is symbolic. it doesn't mean there is a veto-proof majority. the fact 12 republicans, most in safe seats, some of them -- a couple of them in seats where it helps them like susan collins was up for re-election in maine. it's note-worthy and a moment in the trump presidency. >> he put the f in flip-flop. >> will the president pay any political price for the veto now that these republicans have come forward to say he shouldn't circumvent congress. >> he's never been a bridge builder. it's been two plus years with him seeking to keep peace at home with the core constituency. with the folks, he'll be fine.
4:53 am
there is a constitutional issue being argued by the 12 republicans. i don't think he'll pay a price in his base. he'll thump his chest and say it's about me protecting the border. >> can i add to that? when lindsey graham, ted cruz and ben sass went to the white house night before last and stormed his dinner he was having with his wife and said we have an idea. those talks didn't bear fruit. ted cruz was giving a very constitutionally, almost academic argument like michael was suggesting. the president was like i don't know what you are talking about. the base doesn't care. go away. >> no pictures in the presentation. what the president could do in this case is maybe threaten to have the people who voted against him beat up. i say it because of language he used in an interview with breitbart. he said, i can tell you i have
4:54 am
the support of the police, the military, the bikers for trump. i have the tough people. they don't play tough until they go to a certain point. then it will be very, very bad -- very bad, michael. is the president threatening people here? >> can we put this in the broader context of the worldwide issue you have been covering all morning long? words have consequences. those of us who have microphones afforded to us on a daily basis because we are media, elected officials, celebrities need forever to be mindful of who is there and watching and not all who are watching are at all times playing with a full deck. that's where he comes up short time and again. i'm not assigning blame. it is a reminder of the responsibility that goes with having celebrity status. >> dana, listen.
4:55 am
i know michael is not assigning blame. the manifesto, the authorities are saying at the moment is linked to the gunman, he is explaining what the connections are between the rhetoric and the violent rhetoric and how he feels in his actions. michael said it beautifully. i can't top it. words do matter. everybody needs to know that. even when you are focused on, say, before an election, trying to gin up your base by tweeting ads that have words like invaders, tweeting ads and using words that you know will help, it doesn't make it right. >> michael, dana, thank you very much for the conversation. >> be sure, of course, to watch michael smerconish tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. on cnn. >> we have much more on the breaking news.
4:56 am
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breaking news. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." it's friday, march 15, 8:00 in the east. breaking overnight two killi mas of people praying. an apparent attack of white supremacists all in the name of hate. 49 people gunned down in two mosques in new zealand. this happened in the city of christchurch just as muslims gathered for friday prayers. listen to what an eyewitness told "new day" moments ago. >> i thought something happened. it was just continuously shooting and coming inside slowly because he was killing all the people who were in the entrance. >> this man said the shooting went on 14 or 15 minutes. now one person has been charged
5:00 am
with murder. three other people are in custody. >> the accused gunman is believed to have posted an 87-page manifesto online. the white house put out a statement a short time ago condemning the attack as a vicious act of hate. president trump tweeted just moments ago. he says my warmest sympathy and best wishes to the people of new zealand after the horrible months kerr in the mosques. 49 innocent people have so senselessly died with so many more seriously injured. the u.s. stands by new zealand for anything we can do. god bless all. let's go live to hong kong for the breaking details. anna? >> reporter: alisyn, as you say, 49 people have been killed in this terror attack. but there are dozens more that have been seriously injured. the death toll could very well rise. we believe the


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