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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  March 17, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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president of the united states. >> george w. bush believes he has a purpose, and this is his destiny. >> i can hear you! >> when you saw him on that pile of rubble, most americans said, we're going to get behind him, and we're going to hope he leads us out of this. 72 hours, it just took that long for prime minister jacinda ardern's cabinet to agree on tougher gun laws for new zealand, after a gunman killed 50 worshipers at a mosque on friday. and two plane crashes being tied together. investigators say data from the black boxes of the doomed ethiopia airlines flight are similar to the lion air crash months ago. we dig into the drone attack that tried to kill venezuelan president nicolas maduro.
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welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. i'm natalie allen. this is "cnn newsroom." new zealand's leaders say they have agreed in principle to toughen the country's gun laws. this comes in response to friday's massacre at two mosques in christchurch. 50 people lost their lives when a gunman opened fire there. earlier, the prime minister compared friday's strtragedy toe 1996 mass shooting that prompted tougher gun laws there. >> when australia found itself tragically in a similar position to what we found ourselves now, they took 12 days to make the decision. we have taken 72 hours. there is some detail that needs to be worked through. i want to do that but move as quickly as we can. >> the prime minister added there was an increased police presence as a precaution. and she says all of the country's agencies that are
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especially alert, hoping to catch any copycat activities before they happen. meanwhile, officials have begun the grim and complicated task of identifying and releasing the bodies of the victim. the prime minister says the process should be completed wednesday. ♪ mourner s have added music o the flowers, cards kandzle candles outside of the memorial garden. >> we go to the memorial at the gardens there in christchurch. an announcement from the prime minister about gun control, ivan. but no detail. what's the latest from there? >> reporter: that's right. no details yet. she says that will come ten days after the initial atk. here we are, three days after the attack and you have a
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constant stream of well-wishers, of visitors, coming to this improvised memorial here that has been -- organically grown up in response to the most deadly terror attack in new zealand modern history. just to give you a sense of how enormous it is, for this city and for this country, the christchurch hospital, for example, where you have nine people in critical care, fighting for their lives, it has had to postpone surgeries for other patients to try to deal with trying to keep these victims alive, who, some of whom, have undergone multiple surgeries as a result of their wounds. the police here say this is the largest investigation they have conducted now, after the attack on two mosques on friday here in
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christchurch. the police commissioner has gone on to say, he believes the two attacks were initially reported to be simultaneous. he believes they were the work of one suspected terrorist. take a listen to what he had to say a couple hours ago. >> i want to definitely state that we believe there was only one attacker responsible for this horrendous event. there were two scenes, as you know. and again, i would like to state, that we believe absolutely, it was only one attacker responsible. >> one attacker. and that suspect has been identified and charged with one count of murder thus far. brenton tarrant. he appeared in a christchurch
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court on saturday. we have spoken to his public defender, the lawyer who respected him during that court appearance on saturday, who says the suspect has requested to deny any legal representation, effectively wanting to represent himself in court, which is raising questions about what kind of statements he could make during court appearances. since this individual is a self-avowed white supremacist. and concerns about him getting a larger platform to spread an ideology of hate, particularly in a country that has never seen loss of life due to an act of political violence on a scale like this before. now, the prime minister made clear in the wake of this act of terrorism, there would be changes of the gun laws here.
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she and the prime minister have said that ordinary citizens can surrender their weapons voluntarily if they so desire. i'm joined by kevin clements, who is speaking from wellington. he is the chair and director for the national center for peace and conflict studies at the university of otego. thank you for speaking for me, mr. clements. what particular policies do you think that government would produce in the aftermath of this terror attack? >> one of the things we've been advocating for some time, and that royal commissions have been advocating, is that military-style semiautomatic weapons should be banned. that would bring us in line with the u.k., australia and to some
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extent, canada. that would get rid of two of the most lethal weapons that go to terrorists. >> already, we've seen online marketplace, trademe, has put out a statement, today, announcing temporary, it is banning the sale of semiautomatic reps. we see one retailer taking that step. another company here in new zealand, gun city, their owner has announced they did sell four weapons to this suspect. and it all went through legal channels. what kind of measures do you think you would like to see implemented. what kind of lessons could new zealand learn from other countries that have faced this kind of violence in the past. >> in terms of the particular
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state of wells, he turned what was an ordinary ar-15, into a 30-cartridge magazine, which turned it into a very, very lethal weapon, indeed. banning that capacity would go somewhat towards it. but banning the category of weapons itself, we feel would be an important step. >> it could be accompanied with an amnesty and a byeback. if gun owners want to give these up voluntarily, the police are able to receive them. we want to couple it with the register of all firearms. the gun owners need to be licensed but the guns do not need to be licensed. that means we don't know where the 1.25 million guns that exist in private hands are located. there's 250 licensed gun owners. but we don't know how many
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weapons each one of these gun owners have. we know that military-style weapons are located because they have to be registered. >> can you explain to me, gun control and gun ownership. these are decisive issues. can you tell me about insists in, where you have one gun for every citizen in this country? >> it's a little less than that. there's 1 1/2 million guns and 4 million people in the country. there is a gun culture here. we have a long-time outdoors tradition of going hunting and fishing, so forth. and guns are using for agriculture purposes and
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sporting clubs. so, most guns most of the time, are used for those purposes. there's an active and growing gun lobby. it's got the ear of government. it's more organized than the opponents of guns. they had the ear of the last government, which had a commission of inquiry into gun laws. and that said that the gun owner should be consulted. that's an area that the gun lobby has demonstrated to pass the bill effectively. >> have you seen changes amid politicians in the wake of friday's loss of life, when it comes to their positions on this issue here in new zealand. >> winston peters, one of the
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parties in the coalition government. has indicated that friday changes everything when it comes to the first policy on guns. the labor party, the green party, the governing coalition, all indicated they see a need for tighter controls on guns and more restrictions on gun ownership and more to what kinds of weapons will be available. >> we will be following this and how new zealand copes with the aftermath of these terror attacks. i thank you for taking the time to speak to cnn. the leader of the government of this country, the prime minister, has been governing in a time of crisis for this country. my colleague has taken a look at the prime minister and the role she is playing in society,
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again, after what she described as one of the darkest days. >> reporter: jacinda ardern, the youngest prime minister in 150 years. she is a symbol of progressive politics. pushing the envelope time and again. 37 at the time, she became the second leader of the world to give birth while in office. ardern now faces her toughest challenge, the worst massacre in the island nation's modern history. 50 people kills and 50 wounded at a terrorist attack. >> it is clear that this is one of new zealand's darkest days. >> reporter: on the day of the attack, ardern was quick to tell the country that new zealand will never come a center for harboring hatred. >> for those at home contintonid
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questioning how this could happen here. we are not a target, but a safe harbor for those who hate. we are not chosen for this violence because we condone raci racism, because we're an enclave for extremism. we were supposen for the very facts that we are none of these things. >> she made the promise to change the nation's gun laws in the aftermath of this horrific attack. >> i can tell you one thing right now. our gun laws will change. they are having a teamster change our laws in 2005, 2012, and after an inquiry in 2017. now is the time for change. >> after speaking to the nation, the prime minister joined mourners in wellington, to console families in grief. she laid a wreath at a mosque.
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s flow to be with the families. he showed full support to the muslim community in christchurch. >> this is not new zealand. the only part of the incident and actions that we have seen in the past 24, 36 hours, that is new zealand, is the support you're seeing now. but nothing that led up to it is who we are or is who this city is. this act of terror was brought to our shores and rained down upon us here. >> while, perhaps, that nightmare will never be over for cous 'cause dozens of families who have gun laws. you know, in my reporting
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career, i tend to judge the health of a society of a democracy, by a couple of things. and one of them is the treatment of minorities in a society. here, you have a minority of about 1% of the population, which is the husband lame minorimuslim minority. the reaction at all levels of the government are an outpouring of support for this tiny, muslim, minority, written in chalk behind me. one for all, all for one. we are all human. after this tragedy, after this act of terror, that this is a society that is determined to embrace the victims and embrace the mi jort that was tminority
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targeted through the suspected terrorist. >> ivan watson at christchurch. we turn to the investigation of the ethiopian airlines crash that killed 157 people last week. ethiopia's transport minister said the crash had similarities. the investigators have recovered all relevant data. our melissa bell joins us from paris where the investigation is headquartered with more on what else they will be looking for from this information. hello, melissa. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. one of the big questions for investigators is how great the similarities are. both investigations in the lion air crash and the oaethiopia's
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crash. there are similarities. that's according to the preliminary data. and there's more work to be done. the data has been extracted and can be read. it's questionable whether that date that will be continuing to come. and what the analysis will try to answer is particularly that question of the maneuvering characteristics, augmentation system that we've been hearing about the last few days, on this particular type of boeing aircraft. we know because we heard, also, from the ceo of oath openian airlines, that minutes after the takeoff, the pilots had had flight control problems.
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were those the same situation against the lion air flight. to try to pull that up to correct the automated system, until the jet crashed. were those a similar kind of issues that were taking place in the ethiopian airlines flight. that's the questions that we're looking for out of these investigations. >> the boeing 737 max 8 has been grounded around the world, out of caution. now, according to a report in "the wall street journal," the u.s. inspector general's office, is wondering why the federal aviation administration, to fly
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in the first place. the safety system in the lion air crash, by a government official. the faa says the aircraft certification processes are well established and have produced safe aircraft define. the 737 max followed the standard certification process. it may be the first known attempt to kill a head of state with a commercial drone. new videos provide insight into the failed attack to kill venezuela's prime minister. with savings and checking accounts you can open from here in 5 minutes. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet?
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new developments on the crisis in venezuela. the dangerous and volatile standoff between sitting president, nicolas maduro, and the president of the assembly, juan. videos provided to cnn apparently show an attack
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carried out by commercial devices that were brought online and prepared over weeks by army deflectors. one of the organizers claims he met with u.s. officials after the attack but the u.s. declines to comment on that. the plot ultimately failed but it could have killed dozens of civilians. cnn's nick paton walsh has that exclusive report from venezuela. >> they thought it was fireworks. but it was a bomb, app assassination attempt against nicolas maduro. it could have killed everyone on the stage or dozens of civilians nearby if it missed. the crowd scattered and venezuelans really wonder, what happened? was it a fake?
11:25 pm
juan says this is something interim done by the government. and such options are not good. cnn has tracked down one of the apparent organizers of the attack, seen here for the first time, in his role of what he claims was an assassination attempt. why did you plot to kill nicolas maduro? why did you think an assassinati assassination plot was necessary? >> translator: we have tried every peaceful mean to bring this end to this tyranny. this was a hard decision. >> reporter: you're not worried about killing innocent people? >> translator: that was the risk we had to take. we cared about that. venezuelan people are always feeling the consequences. >> the drones were bought in the
11:26 pm
united states and taken to this rent eed farmhouse. they blew one up in the test. and they practice it. flying the drones high enough to not be scene and then down at a steep and fast enough angle to hit their target. a garden tent here. they try it at night, in case that is when the chance to strike comes. later, they say they dismantled the device. the videos showing it being reas reassembled. a presentation days after the attack by the interior minister, confirms part of the story. the cell signal blockers that protected maduro from attack, had been switched off.
11:27 pm
the u.s. national security adviser, john bolton, the morning after, thought it might have been faked. >> but must officials briefed, concluded the attack was a genuine attempt gone wrong. and the organizer said he met with officials three times after the attack. >> translator: after, they wanted information to study the case. >> reporter: were these meetings just about them finding out more about you? >> translator: i think both. they wanted information and we asked for things in return. we asked if they would be able to help. and then, they left with their notes and they never could appear again. >> a state department spokesperson would not comment on the claim, but to say, our policy is to support a peaceful
11:28 pm
transition in venezuela. to shot was assisted by canada and the u.s. it was using technology that's terrifyibly simple to get. nick paton walsh. next, donald trump continues to be krcriticized for his rem s remarks. and also, britain's prime minister vows to hold another brexit vote this week. we'll look into it on can "cnn newsroom." the bookers. the doers. the 'hit that confirmation button and let's go!'- ers!
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm natalie allen. ethiopia's transport minister says that investigators have recovered all of the relevant data from the plane black boxes. and there's similarities to the lion air crash. in eastern indonesia, flash floods from killed at least 50 people. rescue teams, combing through the debris, searching for survivors. but officials fear the death toll could continue to rise. new zealand's prime minister
11:33 pm
says her government has agreed in principle to toughen the nation's gun laws. ardern had promised reforms after friday's massacre in new zealand. the white house is defending president trump, over his remarks there. he downplayed the threat of white nationalist, suggesting the racist group is too small to be dangerous. >> reporter: critics of the president charged that the white house has not had a strong response to the attack in new zealand. some say the president should use the energy that he attacks others on twitter, to attack white strupremacist. he did not believe that white
11:34 pm
supremacy and supremist groups are across the world. >> nick mulvaney asked if he would come out more turn about it. >> i want to push back against this idea, that every time something happens around the world, the folks that don't like donald trump, blame it on donald trump. >> why not deliver a speech condemning it. >> you saw the president stand up for liberties. he's not a supremacist. >> the white house pushed back, saying the white house has condemned attacks of all kinds. the president is also facing attacks on twitter over john mccain. he is upset that a vote in 2017,
11:35 pm
against a slight repeal of obamacare, trump going after mccain. mccain's daughter, meghan mccain, wrote back. she writes, quote, no one will ever love you the way i love my father. maybe spend your saturdays with your family instead of on twitter. remember back in 2015, when he launched his campaign for the presidency, trump criticized the arizona senator, saying he was not a war hero, after he was captured as a prisoner of war in vietnam. let's discuss this with peter matthews, the political analyst joining me live from los angeles. a frequent guest here.
11:36 pm
peter, thanks for being with us. let's begin with the comments or the lack of comments, who did not want to point a finger at far right-wing nationalists? >> the silence is deafening. it's expected. this man has been avoiding criticizing the extremists in charlottesville, all the way to new zealand. and he says it's not a problem in the world. and all of the experts know it's been growing. we know the remarks. he said, the supporters beat them up and i'll take care of the legal bills. i have the police and the military on my side. the right wing, when the it gets tough, it will be hard something to pay for. it's a warning against his political opponents.
11:37 pm
not-so-veiled warning. this is an intimidation tactic, against freedom of speech. >> we saw in that interview with fox news. tu pushing down on the white house administrati administration. >> what struck me was vul mainny talking with chris matthews, he chuckled at the motion that the president has a problem here. >> it's more than odd. it might be as outrageous, that someone would make a joke out of it. and it's more of the same coming from this administration. not wanting to be fair and critical about the right-wing extremists. i just had a picture of right wing extremism in my gas.
11:38 pm
they can dominate are legitimate. that's the way it works. that's the ideology. these folks do not mince any words. we saw them at charlottesville. he says those who support it, might pull back. he's not supportive of the extremists. he's playing this game. and we have to watch out from stopping him from doing this. >> the mass murderer from new zealand, mentioned trump in his manifesto. it begs the question, without the united states, that the world looks to make a stand on things like this, does that cause more dangerous situation? you look at new zealand.
11:39 pm
we just heard from the prime minister and what they're dealing with there. it's worrisome that more things will be carried out like this, unless you have the united states condemning this and taking it very seriously. >> absolutely. if you look at the shooter, the killer, he actually said that trump -- this man is giving us a wide identity. only one race, the human race. but these are exceptional. and just a man mentioned trump's name. that's so alarming. but you're right. this can spread all over the world. even in electoral politics. marie la pen. and the coming with guns and
11:40 pm
rifles and bombs. and imagine the muslim-americans and muslim people around the world, must feel. they're not secured in the most intimate activities they can do is to communicate with their god or higher champion. when president trump maerd about the egyptians in egypt. it came to this situation, not a word about the fact that folks at the mosques were muslims. that's telling. he seems to have an anti-muslim bias. that's very wrong. as you say, he continues to attack his political enemies. he attacked john mccain, who passed away a few months ago. he attacked hillary clinton. but he does not attack white
11:41 pm
nationalist grourpps. we appreciate you joining us, peter. >> appreciate it. another democrat has joined the 2020 election. kirsten gillibrand made it official. >> we need a leader who makes big, bold, brave choices. >> someone that isn't afraid. >> that's why i'm going to michigan, iowa and nevada. she made her first speech in front of trump hotel. she is one of six women in a crowded number of contenders. a third vote on brexit may not happen after all. the prime minister was going to
11:42 pm
delay a vote. if her deal is rejected a third time, brexit secures by law. the prime minister said, i'm convinced the time to define ourselves and how we voted in the 2016 referendum must now end. we can only put those labels aside as we stand together. as democrats and patriots, pragmatically making the compromises to heal division and move forward. two of tms. may says the volte will not happen unless it haze support. >> if we don't get this deal through, we are almost certainly going to have to find a
11:43 pm
parliamentary election. we're going to have a longer extension. not able to gain access to the headroom i talked about. british opposition leader, jeremy corbin, said his party is not going to vote for the prime minister's deal. if all of this has you dizzy, in the next hour, we'll analyze a little more about what's going on and what can be the future for the u.k. coming up next -- this is nebraska. and large portions of it are under water. we look at the historymaking flood in the american heartland. how young women are making a difference in the fight against climate change.
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spring is slowly arriving in the u.s. but with the melting snow comes flooding. our meteorologist pedram javaheri joins us with more on that. they're having to move military warplanes out of the midwest because they're parked where the flooding is headed their way. absolutely. the midwest and the upper midwest, that's where we're seeing flooding right now. the upper united states, as quiet as it's been, before we transition into spring on wednesday. dry weather, at least from above, happening across portions of the midwest. significant flooding in place. and as natalie alluded to, snow melt being the widespread
11:48 pm
flooding. down toward st. louis, that's where flooding is taking place. a lot of this because of the ice melt, the snow melt, creating ice jams. water begins to fan out and the rivers burst their banks. we're showing you what's happening across the region. places across the midwest, we're seeing rain, where we haven't seen anything but snow. if you look at how much snowfall has come down this winter, these are areas that have seen 20 to 30 inches above the average. lincoln to minneapolis, 20 inches well above average, for much of the country, as the 60s,
11:49 pm
70s and even 80s come back in the forecast. >> always good to see you. thanks. >> likewise. the climate change movement gets a jolt of youthful energy around the world. how young people are joining the fight against climate change. lobster: oh, you guys. there's a jet! oh...i needed this. no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. we could have been doing this a long time ago. so, you guys staying at the hotel? yeah, we just got married. oh ho-ho! congratulations! thank you. yeah, i'm afraid of commitment... and being boiled alive. oh, shoot. believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. that guy's the worst. we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation. one or two clicks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money. shipstation saves us so much time. it makes it really easy and seamless. pick an order, print everything you need,
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students worldwide skipped classes a few days ago, demanding the world take action on climate change. cnn's bill weir talked with one of the students. >> reporter: every friday, alexander walks to the front of the united nations and chooses this bench over 7th grade. it is a one-girl strike. and it started months ago after a trip to california brought her fright flit close to a paradise in flames. >> because the air quality was the worst in the world. i have asthma. we had to like even roll up wet towels and put them under windows. >> reporter: her family sent her back early where she began researching how hotter fires, longer droughts are all being baked into her future thanks to our relentless reliance on
11:54 pm
fossil fuels. that is how she found another worried teenager named gretta. >> you say you love your children above all else. and yet, you're stealing their future in front of their very eyes. >> reporter: after starting her one-girl strike, the 16-year-old made headlines by going into rooms full of world leaders and billionaires and calling them out for a failure tore act. >> adults keep saying we owe it to the young people to give them hope. but i don't want your hope. i don't want you to be hopeful. i want you to panic. i want you to act as if the house was on fire. because it is. >> she retweeted. she's going to be one for the history books. >> reporter: absolutely. do you think you will be too? >> maybe. >> reporter: thanks to social media, the girls are now connected with young activists around the globe.
11:55 pm
>> here's the sydney organizer jean. >> reporter: she's emboldened by every new friend who seeks out her bench, every retweet in celebs is like leonardo dicaprio. >> our earth is dying. >> reporter: she devours every viral clip of kids challenging leaders like senator feinstein to do something, anything to save is the planet they'll inherit. >> scientists have said we have 12 years to turn this around. >> well, it's not going to get turned around in ten years. >> reporter: she said seeing them get dismissed like kids only steels her resolve. >> reporter: how long will the strike go? >> as long till it the necessary actions to make sure we stay believe 1.5 degrees celsius. six as that. >> reporter: that means a complete overhaul of the biggest economy in the world.
11:56 pm
>> yeah. easy. ess peasy. >> reporter: inspired, they are hoping that millions of kids across 60 countries make a statement that cannot be ignored. >> welcome to the revolution. >> reporter: change is coming. and action is needed. whether the grown-ups like it or not. bill weir, cnn, new york city. thank you for joining us to hour. i'm natalie allen. while be right back with another hour of cnn. else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist. you can barely feel. you need insurance. but it's not really something you want to buy. it's not sexy. or delicious. or fun.
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it's taken nuzzi land three days. that's what's prime minister ardern stressed whether he she revealed her cabinet agreed in principle to stronger gun laws after friday's devastating terror attack that killed 50 people. we'll have more about that this hour, also, two tragedies getting linked together. investigators say data from one crashed airliner shows similarities to the data from another jet that went down late last year. and another brexit vote perhaps. some of theresa may's ministers are worried


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