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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  March 18, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live." this is on your screen here, just some of the attacks he levied over the weekend. how should we read this, in your mind? >> well, i think people should just stop and think, if anybody in their household did this, was sending out 50 tweets and these kinds of tweets, what would you be thinking? you would be concerned about that person. this isn't normal behavior for anybody, let alone the president of the united states. unless your job is to be on twitter all the time. so i think that that in itself is problematic. i also think it's very telling that he sent five tweets defending jeannine pirro for clearly bigoted, anti-islam comments that she made. and can't -- he can't get that kind of enthusiasm about standing up against an attack that killed 50 people, right? i mean there's just such a -- it shows when he's upset about something and, to him, you know, jeannine pirro not being on air is more important to him than
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standing in solidarity with muslims who are terrified after seeing what has happened and knowing that he -- that a lot of people feel that he himself engages in a lot of anti-islam rhetoric. >> it brings up a lot of what we've discussed for the last couple of years which is, how much do you cover this? how much do you look at the tweets? how much stock do you put in the tweets, but it's important to note this isn't normal for someone to tweet about these things, to react in this way. certainly not when holding that office. and that's why, david, it's easy to make the case, we need to look at these things. we have to understand where we're at as a country. >> you get some insight into the presidential priorities. this is a role that has a bully pulpit, an outsized influence around the world. even without someone who tweets a lot. and how he chooses to use that form tells us something about how he thinks and what his priorities are. that's what's important. and i mean, i think kirsten is
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right. the pattern is obvious. it's not an oversight. the president is trying always to put this in the realm of politics. to tweak liberals, to defend friends at fox news. without doing what he can and should do to be big, to be the leader of the free world to say let's use this moment to call hate by its name. to say that it is never okay. that it should be condemned in all quarters. no one should feel comfort from anywhere that you can be responsible for this kind of violence and hold these views and express these views. he doesn't do that. now he'll do it when it comes to bashing muslims or islam, or islamic fanaticism but he won't do it when it comes to white nationalism. there's a reason for that. it is not an oversight. and so he plays kind of loose with this group of white nationalists not wanting to offend his core supporters that may include them, may not but
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certainly there is a mind-set that the president has that is not about governing the entire country. it's playing to a narrow band of people. >> let's remember also as we talk about president -- president trump. there are lots of people who think this is just great. we're here. we're outraged. we think it's terrible he's indulging this sort of bigotry, but he is speaking to millions and millions of people who think exactly the way he does. we have spent years now saying that, well, now donald trump has stepped over the line whether it's attacking a gold star family or john mccain or, you know, any number of these crises, and he doesn't -- his popularity essentially never moves. somewhere around 40% of the country thinks this is all great. so this isn't just about donald trump. it's about where we live. >> and i want to say something about that. what i've noticed also is if you say what jeffrey just said and
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i've said it before, people are more offended by that usually. like how dare you say this about trump voters or how dare you say this about donald trump than they are about what donald trump says. it's just a weird kind of alternate universe. and it's telling also that fox news didn't announce that they were suspending jeannine pirro for what she did. so that tells you that they believe that their viewers relate to what she said, right? there's no other way to take it. >> right, and then to take action against it would be -- that's an important point. that to take action against it publicly is what would be so problematic. >> so here, you know, president trump, his response was incredibly adolescent, when you think about it. this is what happened in new zealand is obviously indicative of people with real problems, i guess. that's not how a president acts. again, jeffrey brought up president bush after 9/11 going to the islamic center. understanding how important it
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was to send a message this is not about religion. this is not about islam. this is about terrorists who have targeted us. this president isn't thinking big that way and not elevating what are american values. >> we all forget -- we don't forget it, but the president called for a ban on muslims. he wanted to ban muslims from coming to the united states. he campaigned on a muslim ban for a long time. and then when he became president he did a travel ban which some saw as a muslim ban. the president said it was banning people from specific countries. it's not a small thing. it's a feature, not a bug from this president, and there's a reason his chief of staff had to go on television this weekend and in answer to a question, you saw it, it wasn't exactly is the president a white supremacist. this is what the chief of staff said. >> you've seen the president stand up for religious liberties, individual liberties. the president is not a white supremacist. i'm not sure how many times we
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have to say that. >> apparently one more time this weekend on television. >> talking about religious liberty. what the president has spoken out for is about the oppression of christians and discrimination against christians, which he does talk about all the time. you know, particularly conservative christians he feels are discriminated against. this president does not talk about discrimination against muslims. and that is -- you know, that's very much an intentional approach. you said feature, not bug. we spend a long time saying he's going to get presidential after the republican convention in 2016. after he was inaugurated. this is who president trump is. there is no pretense about how he behaves. and enablers like his chief of staff can try to pretend that something else is going on here,
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but the one advantage of twitter is that we get to see the real donald trump. there's no mediation there. it is just all throughoout ther to see. >> what motivates core supporters is not even his particular stand on issues. and it may for some. but i think that for many it's the idea that he won't back down. so it's the general idea of not backing down. not apologizing. not giving into any kind of pressure. that's what they'll celebrate. we spend our time being very physical going over specific things said, specific positions that his words indicate he's taking and scrutinizing that. and that's the distinction. >> and the john mccain thing is a perfect example of that. he won't back down against john mccain who passed away in august. the president is maintaining this john mccain thing months after the death of a senator. >> quickly on the religious liberty thing. the attacks jeannine pirro made
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against a congresswoman would be the perfect time to stand up for religious liberty. so if donald trump or his supporters cared about religious liberty, that's what they would be standing up against. and, you know, jeffrey is right the only time he talks about it is when he's talking about christians who, you know, who are saying they are being persecuted in the united states for being christians. in terms of the john mccain thing, obviously what he said was despicable. it's so disrespectful to his family. and but i think that part of the reason he does it is obviously he has all his issues with mccain. this is also a chance for him to assert his dominance over the republican party. so it's completely immasculating of a lindsey graham, who this is his best friend and knows he can't do anything. if he responds to this he'll probably, well, suffer the wrath of trump and have his followers turn against him. so it's a kind of alpha male move to really say like there's nothing you can do about this.
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i'm going to say the worst possible thing and there's nothing you can do. >> can i make one other point to kirsten's point about religious liberty. at the point he could have and should have done that, he was out there, the president was, attacking democrats for being anti-israel and anti-jewish, he said, which was ridiculous on its face but in addition to that, he could have said, oh, yeah, and by the way, let me stand up not just for congresswoman omar but for orthodox jews who -- again, a missed opportunity but really more a sign of what he really thinks. >> kirsten, jeffrey, david, thank you very much. that was fun. breaking news in the 2020 race. beto o'rourke's campaign announcing a record-breaking fund-raising haul. $6.1 million raised in the first 24 hours of his campaign. cnn's mj lee is live with more on those breaking details.
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that's a lot of money. >> that is a lot of money. this is a giant number. $6.1 million in just the first 24 hours of beto o'rourke announcing his presidential campaign. the campaign says these were campaign contributions made online and that they came in from all 50 states across the country. now this is the biggest first 24-hour haul that we are aware of so far. compare the $6.1 million number to bernie sanders' first 24-hour haul. that was $5.9 million. compare that to kamala harris' first 24-hour haul. that was $1.5 million. now beto o'rourke saying in a statement this morning that this is all proof that you can run a presidential campaign purely based on grassroots, small dollar support, and he says that he is not going to be taking money from pacs. that's corporate pacs but also all other pacs which is unusual. he's also not taking money from
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lobbyists and special interests. this is again based on a statement that's come out from his campaign this morning announcing this massive fund-raising haul. this is going to be a sign of what is potentially to come for beto o'rourke's presidential campaign. we've been talking about this for so long. can beto o'rourke actually re-create some of what he did in the senate race that he ran against ted cruz when he drew so much money and so much support and was able to do this grassroots campaign and really came in from behind and caught a lot of people by surprise when he took on ted cruz. and it seems he is potentially going to be breaking records as a presidential candidate as well. and i should note, he has had a very busy couple of days. he really hit the ground running in iowa and wisconsin since he first announced on thursday. and he has a busy week coming up, too. he's going to be traveling to michigan, ohio, pennsylvania,
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new hampshire, so not -- no signs of him slowing down in the coming days. we'll see if he can continue to capitalize on this early momentum, guys. >> still no campaign manager, which is also fascinating to me. to raise $6.1 million in one day with not a lot of campaign infrastructure is fascinating. >> that's right. and this is going to be something to look out for. in a lot of ways, this is an unconventional presidential campaign. the fact that he doesn't have an announced presidential campaign manager yet. the fact that he doesn't have a lot of staff, we don't know exactly what the infrastruct surgoing to look like. and you and i were talking about this last week when he announced in the vanity fair article. he doesn't have a team counting delegates. what is his national campaign going to look like? that's what we're going to find out in the coming weeks. >> mj lee live in jackson, mississippi. a cnn town hall tonight with elizabeth warren there. stay tuned for that. thank you, mj. breaking news developing at
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this moment. one person is dead, several others hurt after a shooting on a tram in the netherlands. our richard quest is live in utrecht with the breaking details. tell us what's going on. >> reporter: good morning. i was actually in amsterdam when we were told to come urgently to utrecht where a shooting took place. the tram behind me is the incident scene. the police have confirmed to me that one -- people opened fire on the tram. what they won't confirm on the scene is whether or not there are any fatalities. but i do believe from the people who are here who saw the scene when it -- when it first happened behind that tarp that you see hanging down, it is believed there's one fatality. that's not officially confirmed by the police who are here on
5:14 am
the ground. the dutch prime minister is already -- has said he's very concerned by what's taking place. there's some confusion as to whether or not they are officially labeling this a terrorist incident or not. the police here won't call it there but the central command has said it does appear to be that way. and as for the area going out from utrecht, the roads, the highways, or even coming from amsterdam, are now starting to be closed off because -- sorry, i've perhaps left out one of the most important parts. whoever committed this crime is still at large. the fugitive is still at large and an increasingly large manhunt is now under way here in utrecht. but police won't confirm whether it's one, two or three people they're looking for. >> and that's one of the things we're wondering if they would confirm it's just one gunman. also they're not officially saying terrorism.
5:15 am
there's some back and forth there, some discussion happening in the netherlands but the threat level has been raised to a very high level. >> indeed. the threat level has gone to five which is the critical level. and i think that is whether terrorism or not, that is because there is an armed person on the loose with whatever motive that may be. so for that reason alone, they've raised the alarm. essentially to get to the nut of it, is there a similarity, a connection, a relationship with -- in terms of terrorism with anything that might have been seen in new zealand. the same causes behind? no one here is saying, it will be some time, although it's known the netherlands has suffered from terrorism over these issues in the past. >> richard quest for us who is in utrecht. thank you very much. scrambling to get to the scene
5:16 am
of this. oshl obviously, still developing over the course of the morning. thanks, richard. president trump refused to say that white nationalism is a growing threat even after the anti-muslim, anti-immigrant massacre in new zealand. why not so the first muslim elected to congress joins us next. her shy son make some new friends. his parents shared videos of highlights, dance moves, and jimmy carlyle stealing third... almost. they sent seven texts when a new friend invited nick for a play date. but in the end, they put their phones down, and watched as nick finally felt part of the team. - [woman] with shark's duo clean, i don't just clean, ♪ i deep clean carpets and floors, so i got this. yep, this too, and this, please.
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>> i don't really. i think it's a small group of people that have very serious problems. >> that was president trump hours after the new zealand mosque attacks. but white nationalism is rising as a threat in the united states with plenty of evidence to back it up. so why won't the president say so? joining me is keith ellison, the first muslim elected to congress. also the first muslim elected to be a state attorney general. thank you very much for being with us, sir. why don't you think the president was willing to say that he sees white nationalism, the white supremacy movement on the rise around the world? >> i think sometimes you simply have to yield to the objective evidence, and that is -- that points to him being sympathetic to that point of view. whether it's charlottesville or whatever it is, i mean it all seems to point back to he has some sympathy for that position and is not willing to condemn it. he wouldn't condemn david duke. there's just so many points of
5:21 am
evidence that indicate that for some reason, he is reluctant to condemn white supremacy or recognize it. and i think that's dangerous. not just to communities of color, jews, gays, people like that. it's dangerous to the government because i think that, for one thing is for sure, white supremacists, neo-nazi groups look at governments as complicit, guilty and target government. timothy mcveigh being a perfect example. >> this coward who committed these killings in new zealand put out this document that included language like invasion and invader, which is language that president trump has used. now i'm not saying the president's language caused these attacks, and when i brought this up recently, you can't put this on the president. what is the role in your mind of that type of language? what's the impact of it?
5:22 am
>> well, one thing, it signals that there is some connection. i mean, the fact is that he not only is the word invading used or invader by the white supremacist in europe and the united states and the united -- and the president. also this term replace. replacement. they will not replace us. you see this term propping up, popping up all over the place as well. and i think that the language indicates a connection. the other thing i think it shows is it's encouragement. so if you are a motivated white supremacist, there's a chance you could think the president approves of what you're doing. so those are two very scary things, and i think the vigilant need to take notice that this threat needs to be addressed. >> the chief of staff for the white house, mick mulvaney, said it's ridiculous to think the president is a white supremacist. he said he's not anti-muslim,
5:23 am
he's not sending signals, he's not responsible for these killings. and mick mulvaney says look at what the president has done. listen to this. >> i hear folks say look what donald trump said during the campaign. look at what we've done while we're been here. i don't think anyone can say the president is anti-muslim. >> as one who pushed the muslim ban, which he's the one who called that, fauought for it al the way to the supreme kourkcou it's hard for me to agree with the chief of staff. he was emphatic in saying the president was not a white supremacist and i never heard a chief of staff have to say that about his or her boss before, which is a startling sort of thing. >> what mulvaney was saying was that, yes, the president did call for a muslim ban during the campaign, but after he was elected president, the white house insists that the travel ban, as they say, was not a
5:24 am
muslim ban. they draw a distinction between the campaign rhetoric which was just language and the action he took as president. is that a reasonable distinction? >> it's not a reasonable distincti distinction. when you are the president or even running for the president, there's no such thing as just language. every single sing you say signals to someone what your views happen to be or might be. and it wasn't only before the election. it was quite a bit after the election that the administration was very aggressively pursuing this travel ban which was originally called a muslim ban and i'll just bring to the viewers' memory that it was rudy giuliani who was tasked with lawyering it up so that it wouldn't look so much like a muslim ban. but the truth is that's what it started as. that's what it is. and it really has not stopped. but it's not only muslims. it's also -- the behavior at charlottesville is noteworthy here. there are a number of indicators
5:25 am
that -- it was only a few weeks ago the president was saying invaders, referencing people from south of the border. so this current language, this strand is -- seems ever present, and i think should be deeply disturbing to people who believe in liberty and justice for all which is what the credo of this nation is. >> as attorney general of minnesota, you are part of the lawsuit trying to block the president's emergency declaration to get funding for the border wall. what is the status of this lawsuit? the president vetoed the congressional actions. so it won't be stopped in congress. is the courts the place you think it might happen? >> yes, i do, and i think it would be certainly appropriate to stop it right where it is. the problem is that once the president pushed the emergency button, invoked that power, that power allows the president to reappropriate funds that congress has already decided how
5:26 am
to spend. and so it allows him to get around the separation of powers. this is a very serious constitutional problem. and let me just note that the very week that the president invoked this emergency power, we had white-out blizzard conditions in minnesota where we needed our national guard to get out there and help people. that was some of the money he was originally saying that he was going to reappropriate to his wall on the southern border. the money he wants to use is money the states rely on and to reappropriate it when congress has already decided not to do that is a very serious problem and can only be justified by a true and legitimate emergency, which this clearly is not. >> keith ellison -- >> he said it was not. >> attorney general from minnesota, thanks for joining us this morning. please come back. >> thank you. >> erica? >> you are looking at live pictures here of beto o'rourke. he's campaigning this morning in michigan. and he just took the lead in at
5:27 am
least one key measure of the 2020 race. what is that measure? well, you're just going to have to stick around to find out. that's right, john berman. ♪ looking to lose weight this year? try fda-approved alli®. for every 5 lbs you lose, alli® can help you lose two to three more by preventing about 25% of the fat you eat from being absorbed. for the only fda-approved otc weight loss aid, try alli®.
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time now for the 5 things to know for your new day. number one, president trump tweeted and retweeted dozens of times over the weekend, airing his grievances instead of condemning white sprim supremacists after 58 muslims were murdered inside two mosques in new zealand. the prime minister of new zealand says the terrorist act exposed a range of weaknesses in that country's gun laws. one person is dead, several others hurt after a gunman opened fire on a tram in the northlands. a manhunt is under way for the suspect who remains at large. the faa's approval of boeing 737 max jets is under investigation. "the wall street journal" reports the department of transportation's inspector general is focussing on the
5:32 am
best-selling passenger jets' automatic safety system. beto o'rourke's campaign announcing it raised a record-breaking $6.1 million in the first 24 hours of his 2020 run. the contributions coming from every state and territory in the country. >> for more on the 5 things to know go to for the very latest. let's stick with number five, beto o'rourke. he's in michigan this morning. there you see him holding a campaign event at this hour. after the record-breaking fund-raising haul on day one of his campaign. how does he stack up against the rest of the democratic field? who better to ask. there's something about harry. let's get the forecast from harry entin. good morning. >> shalom, good morning on this monday morning. let us take a look at how he stacks up in the first 24 hours. $6.1 million. that beats bernie sanders' $5.9 million and blows out kamala
5:33 am
harris' $1.5 million. sanders built an impressive fund-raising machine through e-mail list. much better than harris. harris hasn't necessarily run a campaign before that received national recognition. and hickenlooper and klobuchar with $1 million in their first 48. >> i'm dying to see the official numbers when they file the fec reports. 6.1 is just above 5.9. very important for the o'rourke people to get more than bernie sanders. i want to see how they did it. there's another figure you've taught me about this cycle which is the google search results that gives you a sense of the most internet interest on each candidate? >> how many people are searching for these individual candidates. it's one of these things that tell us whether somebody is going to get in the polls. certainly did with kamala harris and bernie sanders. three tiers. these three people clearly got the highest. these three in the middle and these three the lowest and even people below them. what we see is beto o'rourke again is in tier one here where
5:34 am
he got about the same number of google searches in the same general area as kamala harris and bernie sanders. if their trend holds, for beto o'rourke, his polls will go up, too. >> they are in the third tier. kirsten gillibrand who formally announced. her polling number is very low. the latest iowa polling is not even registering. >> if beto o'rourke had this steamroller start to his campaign, kirsten gillibrand, not really. in primary polls so far, polling at less than 1% nationally. only at 0% iowa. can't get any lower than that. congressional endorsements so far. only one so far. that's tied for 11th among the candidates. beto o'rourke already has four. and google searches, on launch day, in eighth place. i was sort of a little surprised because she had only formed an exploratory. i thought it gave her an out but she decided to stick in it. >> nowhere to go but up. >> you know, nowhere to go but up. good debate performance, you never know. >> i want to talk about this
5:35 am
next figure here. this is interesting. everyone says there's excitement in the democratic field. the president is unpopular. you think there's a different way to look at this? >> so far we've concentrated on this 2020 campaign as it being a referendum on the president of the united states. he isn't very popular. a candidate only at a negative 11 percentage point net approval rating would be in really big trouble. but he does actually have to face off against someone in the general election. democrats have to choose someone. and with the exception of joe biden up here at plus 18 percentage points on his net favorability rating, the rest of the candidates really are not that popular. in fact, beto o'rourke is the only one breaking at even right now nationally. the rest of them are averaging in the negative. these are not popular candidates. so, remember, this is going to eventually have to be a choice election. and think back to 2016, right? remember both clinton and trump were unpopular. clinton was a little less unpopular than trump but there was this slew of people right
5:36 am
here, this neither category. i draw this long line across the screen. and basically these were the people who determined the election. and trump won among those who -- they departmeidn't hold a favor view of clinton. are we going to maybe get a redux of 2020 where the democrats nominate someone unpopular because they think we can beat trump no matter what was his net approval rating is all the way down here. but, in fact, you get this whole group of people who have to decide who is the lesser of two evils and that's a situation i'm not sure democrats want to get themselves into because look at this. if we go back since 1956 and we were basically figuring out what's the best way to predict what the final outcome is going to be when an incumbent is running. do we just look at their net approval or take into account the net favorability of the incumbent as well as the challenger and what we see here, and this is key, is this when we
5:37 am
take in both is more accurate. the margin of error is four points lower when you take in account for both not just the incumbent. we shouldn't just be paying attention to how popular the president is but how popular the opponent is as well. >> if our viewers pay attention to you, harry, they'll learn something from this. one thing you wanted to tell us about the ncaa, but wait. you'll hold it until tomorrow because this tournament goes on for weeks. >> if i was going to do it -- >> it will be even better tomorrow. >> harry will tell you how to win your bracket tomorrow. cnn hosts a presidential town hall tonight with senator elizabeth warren. jake tapper hosts it live from jackson, mississippi, at 9:00 eastern time. here's what to watch today.
5:38 am
devastating floods in nebraska. floods like they've never seen before and the threat is far from over. we have a live report on this historic flooding, next. - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this. this and even this.
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a critical situation in the midwest where floods are turning deadly. dozens of records already broken in alaska alone and officials warn the worst is still to come. stephanie elam is live in winslow, nebraska, completely cut off by this flooding. steph? >> reporter: hi, erica. that's exactly right. if you look behind me you can see winslow in the distance. it's a town of about 200 people or so. there's really no way in or out. we understand that everyone is believed to have evacuated by car before the flooding got to this level here. but we're talking about maybe 5 to 6 feet high water within that
5:43 am
town. and that's what you're dealing with. records that have been in place since the 50s and '60s that have been broken with this blooding. when they look at the stats right now that they are seeing that all of the rivers in nebraska are deal with some sort of flooding at this point. they're also saying more than half of the counties in nebraska are dealing with a state of emergency because of the flooding. and now that the day is starting here, the sun has just come up, they're reassessing the situation here for the people of nebraska. we understand there have been two fatalities. we may get an update on that later on this morning as the governor gives us a briefing on that. but what the conditions are right now are still very dangerous because you have the fact this huge bomb cyclone storm happened where it brought all that precipitation across the region but really impacting nebraska because right after that storm, it got warm so a lot of that water just really inundating the state and making it very difficult here for the
5:44 am
people here in nebraska. erica? >> i'll take it stephanie. stephanie elam in nebraska. joining me now is the governor of the state, pete ricketts. thank you for being with us. what are you seeing? the pictures that we have up on our screen are remarkable. >> yeah, this really is the most devastating flooding we've probably ever had in our state's history from the standpoint of how widespread it is. we hit record crestings in elk horn river, the platte river, we expected yesterday missouri was also going to break a record. these record goes back to the 1960s. what you're seeing is so many people are being displaced. we've got towns that are isolated such as valley and waterloo. we were able to get a convoy of trucks into freemont yesterday, but we were very concerned there about running low on food and fuel in freemont. we have rescued nearly 300 people. and just to put this in
5:45 am
perspective. the big floods back in 2011, when we deployed national guard soldiers, they were basically there to watch the levees. they didn't do any rescue operations. and now, you know, we've been doing these operations over the last several days to be able to keep people safe. we have had two fatalities of people lost and washed away in the water and one person missing we still haven't found yet. so what we really want feem do is to stay safe. if you see water, don't try to cross it. it's very dangerous. so many people are thinking they can just drive through this water and it's just a few inches of water than carry your car away. >> don't, don't drive through standing water if you see it. that is such an important message to send out to people. governor, are you worried at all the worst might not be over? >> well, what we're concerned about now is that all this water was in northeast nebraska and north central nebraska is now flowing into the missouri river
5:46 am
and heading south to southeast nebraska. and we are experiencing flooding there as well. so those communities are being impacted. we're continuing to watch those water levels rise. for example, the air force base is about a third flooded. none of the housing has been impacted there but operational facilities have. and we're also keeping an eye on the cooper nuclear station in southeast nebraska. so far still operating at 100% capacity, but we're very concerned. it's an unusual event going on with the nuclear regulatory commission but making sure that facility stays dry as well. so there are still some areas of concern and still a lot of water around. we want people to stay safe and i've got to tell you, our first responders, law enforcement officers, volunteers, they're all doing a fantastic job of keeping people safe. they've just been working around the clock to make sure that their fellow neighbors are being taken care of. >> governor pete ricketts, thank you for taking the time to speak to us.
5:47 am
we'll let you get back to work this morning. a lot of work left to do judging from these pictures we're seeing. thank you, governor. >> great. thank you very much. just weeks after taking over a newspaper that called for the klan to riot again, an african-american woman is stepping down as editor and publisher. she joins us to tell us why. flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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almost. they sent seven texts when a new friend invited nick for a play date. but in the end, they put their phones down, and watched as nick finally felt part of the team.
5:51 am
the newly installed editor was promoted to the passion after the editor posted "the klan needs to ride again." cnn attempted to get a statement from sutton and the democrat reporter. we have not heard back from them. alicia dexter joins us now. good to have you with us. you weren't there very long. i know you had very high hopes. you had very high hopes for what you could do in that position. why did you decide to resign? >> yes. i decided to resign because i
5:52 am
noticed that mr. sutton, it was very hard for him to pull away. this is something he's been doing for over 50 years, and i also began to recognize that there was some significant issues financially that were going on with the paper that i wasn't aware of prior to. there were issues with the business license not being paid for several years which once i game editor and publisher, that was a thing i needed to address with mr. sutton and the city of lyndon. >> that was the practical matter that needed to be addressed. it sounds like you weren't given the autonomy you thought you would have in that position. is that correct? >> yes, i was able to produce the paper, but what was occurring behind the scenes that i wasn't aware of was that certain things he wanted to get out into the media or certain views that he wanted to have expressed, he would send them out separately outside of me. and so because it's a small
5:53 am
operation, we had one e-mail at the particular time. so i started to see e-mails relating to that and so initially we had a discussion concerning what he was sending out, and those were things that were his opinions so i told him i'd begin to separate the newspaper from him. but he continued to send things out. and one of the critical things that led to me stepping down was the first editorial that came out was february 28th that i was over and we had a front page that we created. it was a reflection of my press release and a reflection of the story about what the paper had meant to him. i found out later on the first week of march he altered the front page cover and sent it out to different media outlets as if it was the actual front page. then i had to address that, which was challenging because we are at a point we were trying to do damage control. we were trying to restore the paper, or i was trying to restore the paper, try to regain
5:54 am
trust from the community and the people that have supported the paper for a very long time. so that really created a significant impact to that ability to be able to do that. >> did he understand your concerns on that front? >> i think he did, but initially he said he couldn't remember doing it. and there was a sense of loss. i can tell in his eyes. so i'm not sure he truly couldn't remember, but i definitely -- it was important to him for him to alter that page so i'm torn between was it intentional? was it not? but he definitely understood that i felt it was impeding upon me being successful and carrying on the legacy of this newspaper. >> what's next at this point for the "democrat reporter." do you get a sense it's something he wants to continue but only if it reflects his
5:55 am
personal views? >> i think that's the case. he's mentioned he's been trying to sell the paper since 008. he's recognized he has significant health issues that have impeded his ability to carry on the paper full time. so i know there is a possibility he's trying to sell the paper. i'm not sure if that will go through. the paper will have some significant issues if it's just him running the paper. that's for sure. >> elecia dexter, thanks for joining us. let us know what's next for you. thank you. >> thank you. i appreciate you having me. very much so. we do have breaking news on a possible terror attack in the netherlands. authorities there are on high alert. we're waiting to hear how republicans react to the president's weekend outbursts. that's next. staying at hampton for a work trip.
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itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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pg&e wants you to plan ahead by mapping out escape routes and preparing a go kit, in case you need to get out quickly. for more information on how to be prepared and keep your family safe, visit all right. top of the hour. we begin with breaking news. i'm poppy harlow in new york. jim sciutto has the day off. a manhunt is under way in the dutch town of utrecht after a gunman opened fire in a tram. one person is feared dead. multiple people injured at this hour. the threat level for that area is now at critical. a critical level 5. that's the highest in the country. authorities have not ruled out terrorism as a potential motive.
6:00 am
let's go to richard quest. he joins me there in the netherlands. what do we know at this hour? >> well, the facts are not very well known other than the fact i'm going to get out of the way so you can see. that is the tram where at 10:45 local, about 4:00, 5:00 in the morning your time, a gunman opened fire. a shooter opened fire on a tram and it's believed, although the police have not confirmed, that one person has been killed. and we believe that person's body may still be just by the side of the tram. the gunman and again police aren't saying whether it's more than one, but it's believed at the moment it was just one. then made his escape. and nearby in several of the town's villages, a manhunt is under way. we believe that -- we believe that one particular area is being focused upon and, obviously, there's considerable police activity there but other than that, no one know


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