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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  March 18, 2019 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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counties and cities issuing emergency declarations. at least three people have died across nebraska and iowa. 290 have been rescued so far. right now at least 22 shelters are open. we will keep a very close eye on that. thank you for being with me today. i'll see you back here tomorrow morning. at this hour starts right now. hello. i'm ryan nobles in today. it was more like an angry tweet quake with an epicenter deep inside 1600 pennsylvania avenue and the after shocks have many political watchers stunned this morning. president trump ripping into everything from the auto unions and the russia investigation to fox news and a rerun of "saturday night live." he can't even let john mccain rest in peace. the president accusing the late senator and war hero of working
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with democrats to spread the controversial russia dossier and ripping his vote against repealing obamacare. trump even falsely stated that mccain was last in his class at annapolis. megan mccain responding with no one will ever love you the way they love my father. i wish i was given more saturdays with him. maybe spend more with your family instead of on twitter ubseszing over mine. sarah westwood is at the white house for us. what are you learning about the president's tweet storm from over the weekend? >> reporter: president trump clearly had a lot on his mind this weekend emerging from a week where 12 republican senators rebuked his efforts to build the wall. he raised eyebrows with the attacks on the late senator john mccain seven months after his death going after mccain not
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just for his role in spreading the dossier but also for mccain's vote against republican health care repeal attempts in 2017. kellyanne conway came out this morning and defended the president's comments on a number of fronts. she also defended mccain's record of service in the military but said what president trump was trying to do was draw attention to new developments related to the steele dossier and pointed out that trump has tweeted on other topics. she said that the president will continue to use social media in this way. it's a positive thing for him in the white house's eyes saying this is the way the president communicates directly with his supporters. >> the white house also dismissing criticism that the president's rhetoric helped inspire the terror attack in new zealand. what are officials saying about this? >> reporter: the white house is dismissing any criticism of the president's rhetoric, his
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attempts from his political opponents to try to blame him for this attack. president trump said last week that he does not view white nationalism as a rising threat around the globe despite statistics that suggest that it is a growing threat around the world. acting chief of staff stressed on sunday that the president is not a white supremacist. take a listen. >> you see the president stand up for religious liberties. the president is not a white supremacist. i'm not sure how many times we have to say that. >> kellyanne conway echoed the same sentiment pointing to the president's record of fighting for religious liberty and saying that the president's rhetoric has been helpful to him and he is not going to change it anytime soon. >> sarah westwood starting off from the white house. thank you. joining me now cnn political analyst alex burns and april ryans, the white house correspondent for the american
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urban radio networks. april, let's just take a moment to mark the fact that the white house chief of staff just had to clarify once again that the president is not a white supremacist. that's a problem that even the white house must have to acknowledge. >> this whole racial bigoted perception of the president is an albatross around his neck and this administration's neck. for them to have to come out and say it on their own especially after the most recent incident with the massacre in christchurch. the manifesto by the gunman talked about the identifying the white identity issue. i covered presidents, the last four presidents including this president. every time there is an issue of race that the nation is gripped in and talking about, they come out to dispel any perception or make it clear who they are.
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it is not about kellyanne conway or sarah sanders when and if she gives a briefing. it is about the president of the united states who must come out on his own clearly saying what he is and what he is not, condemning what is wrong and praising what is right. >> the president not specifically talking about white premicism as it relates to new zealand, talking about a lot of other things this weekend specifically john mccain. on a list of people i envision the president attacking, a late united states senator would not have been on the list. why is it that the president cannot let this go. >> even when senator mccain was alive president trump wouldn't go after him by name but do everything but go after him by name. he would go to rallies and say we remember the senator who had the thumbs down moment, the one guy on health care. it seems like at this point whatever self restraint existed
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is kind of gone. it is kind of the theme this weekend on twitter. the president is totally unlugged at this point. i know several senior republicans in washington who have sort of been along for the ride with president trump for a while who were rattled by the experience of the last few days. >> many of them not saying that publically right now. april, after this weekend of nonstop tweeting for the president, i want to talk about george conway who is the conservative attorney and husband. he is prolific on twitter and critical of the president often. he said his condition is getting worse. this was after he tweeted a definition having related to mental illness. his wife is now in a position where she has to explain what
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her husband is talking about on twitter. this is what kellyanne conway had to say this morning. take a listen. >> no i don't share those concerns. i have four kids and i was getting out of the house this morning before i got here and talked to the president about substance. i may not be up to speed on all of them. >> it sounds like kellyanne conway does not want to talk about her husband when it relates to this? no she doesn't. would you want to talk about somebody in your own home going up against your boss? at the end of the day, in that cold briefing that we had on northwest drive way, kellyanne conway did say this. she said people elected this president knowing that he is not the politician, the traditional politician in washington. he is different. she used that word different. how different is different for this president? this weekend was not presidential. that's what george conway picked up. i asked kellyanne this morning, is it normal.
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she harkined back again to who he is. he tweets about so many different things and it's not just about mccain or late senator mccain or "saturday night live" or other issues. those were the ones that stood out particularly kellyanne conway's husband because of the close proximity his wife has to the president of the united states. maybe he knows something that we don't know. it is not presidential to do what the president did, traditional presidential as we know it for the president to go on a rampage over the weekend in this fashion on twitter. >> you mentioned these republicans that you are talking to uncomfortable with the president. we have to imagine where lindsey graham is. he, of course, is very close to the late john mccain. his is what he said in response to what the president said, we assume it is in response to what the president said. he did say, quote, as to senator john mccain and his devotion to
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his country he stepped forward to risk his life for this country, served honorbly and was one of the most consequential senators in the history of the body and followed it up saying nothing about his service will ever be changed or diminished. it sounds like he is defending senator mccain against the president's attacks. he doesn't mention the president by name and lindsey graham attempted to find a way to saddle up next to the president especially because he has a reelection coming up next year. >> i think that's what is called a subtweet. it's very clear what heap is referring to. he doesn't quite say what he is referring to. this is different from lindsey graham that we would have seen two years ago or a year ago who is willing to confront the president directly. i will say the element of this weekend that has unnerved republicans the most is not mccain, not saturday night live, not fox news. it's the president's persistent ability to rise to the moment in
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positions of real tragedy. >> his daughter, of course, one of the cohosts of the view just responded to the president's tweets over the weekend. let's take a listen to that. >> he spends his weekend obses obsessing over great men. he will never be a great man. so my father was his kryptonite in life and is his kryptonite in death. all of us have love and families. when my father was alive until adulthood we would spend our time together cooking, hiking, fishing, really celebrating life. i think it's because he almost died. i thought your life is spent on your weekends not with your family, not with your friends, but obsessing over great men you could never live up to. >> i want to bring in you and get your response to that. this is one of the things that drives president trump nuts that he is compared to john mccain in
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some respects and not thought to be at the same level of john mccain. that's essentially what megan mccain is responding to from the president's tweets over the weekend. >> staunch republican, the daughter of john mccain. so when the president tweets like this, you wonder -- this is human and it's real. you wonder what does he do on the weekends? what does he have to do? he is the president of the united states. he is spending time tweeting and watching reruns of "saturday night live" and waiting for his friend on fox news. megan mccain hit the nail. senator john mccain, the late senator john mccain was a hero for this nation. the president did not serve in the military because of bone spurs. not only did john mccain serve, he was a prisoner of war. he could have been released, but he chose to stay. he was bloodied and broken for us as a nation. we talk about patriotism and we
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talk about the constitution and we talk about freedoms. he was a person who truly personified freedom. not only senator mccain but his whole family. she has a right as a daughter to speak out in defense of her father, but also as someone who knows the history of a man who served this nation and cared about this nation. and the only reason why he went after senator mccain in death, he is haunted by what his staffer did about russia. that's not presidential what happened this weekend anyway you look at it. we have never seen this before. granted twitter wasn't around during george washington's time or lincoln's time. >> thank you both for being here. we appreciate it. now, let's move to the developments in new zealand. that's where the government there promising swift action after the historic act of hatred and terror there that left 50
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people dead at two mosques. the prime minister says new gun laws could be on the books in a matter of days. martin savidge is in christchurch, new zealand with the latest. what could the new gun laws look like? >> reporter: we still haven't heard from the prime minister on specifics, but it is interesting because of course in the united states after mass shootings like this there has been a call for changes to gun laws. they usually haven't gone anywhere. here it has moved very quickly and the prime minister is suggesting within ten days there could be something on the books. it is likely to focus on the number of weapons that an individual can own and the type. they would single out the assault style weapons and semi-automatic weapons used in this kind of attack. the fbi is part of this investigation. the fbi has a lot of experience investigating mass shootings and also those that were motivated by hate. it's possible there could have been a dual citizen american among the victims we haven't
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heard of yet or maybe some connection somehow to groups in the u.s. that is still being investigated. what new zealanders want to know, they know the gunman acted alone, but did he have any help in the setup or financing of his actions. were there red flags missed? >> martin savidge with the update from new zealand. coming up, eye popping numbers from beto o'rourke. the 2020 candidate raising more money in his first 24 hours than anyone else in the democratic field. the amount and how it compares to the rest of the pack ahead. our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition... for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure. now up to 30 grams of protein for strength and energy! hi, i'm joan lunden. when my mother began forgetting things, we didn't know where to turn for more information. that's why i recommend a free service called a place for mom. we have local senior living advisors
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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. some big money news in the 2020 race. democratic candidate beto o'rourke smashing records right
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out aft gate. the former texas congressman raising $6.1 million in the first 24 hours of entering the race. the announcement this morning from this campaign marks the largest first day haul of any 2020 democratic contender so far. we are joined from jackson, mississippi with the details. those of us covering the 2020 campaign have been anxiously awaiting these fundraising figures. how does it compare to the first day fundraising totals of some of the other candidates? >> reporter: this is a huge number for beto o'rourke, $6.1 million in just the first 24 hours of him announcing his presidential campaign. and he says that this is proof that a presidential campaign can be based on a grass roots small dollar model. just to give you a sense of how big this haul is, as you know very well bernie sanders' his campaign announced in the first 24 hours he raised $5.9 million.
8:20 am
kamala harris's campaign announced she had raised 1.5. beto o'rourke far surpassing other candidates and very close to bernie sanders' massive haul, as well. beto o'rourke says he is going to be running a campaign based on these small dollar donations. you can bet the other candidates, the other democratic candidates in the field are going to be watching this number and wondering can they possibly compete with this kind of massive fundraising. i should note, he has had a very busy couple of days. he has been campaigning across the state in iowa and also in wisconsin. this coming week he is going to travel to states like new hampshire, michigan, ohio and pennsylvania. so what we are going to find out in the coming days is whether he can maintain this kind of momentum in the weeks to come or whether this will be sort of the fresh start he is getting. can he actually maintain that? obviously, the question of whether he can sort of translate
8:21 am
what he would be able to accomplish in the senate election when he was competing against ted cruz on a nationwide national campaign and a presidential campaign, that's going to be a big question. we are about to find out some of the answers to those questions. >> there was certainly some skepticism that he would be able to keep up this type of fundraising level when he wasn't drawing from people. live from jackson, mississippi. thank you for that. the biggest hint yet that joe biden plans to enter the race came over the weekend when the former vice president made this intentional or maybe unintentional slip of the tongue. take a listen. >> told by the new left, i'm the most progressive record of anybody running for -- anybody who would run -- [ cheers and applause ]
8:22 am
anybody who would run. >> anybody who would run. let's take that for what it is. cnn political reporter. nobody spends more time with joe biden than you. what are you learning? i understand you guys have new reporting about the vice president's plans. >> joe biden has been dropping hints and clues about what he is going to do about 2020 all along the way. the former vice president and his team are really focussed on making sure that he is in a position where he can seize command of the field once he enters. we have learned that they are working onlining up major endorsements including from black lawmakers who could be key to a biden candidacy, their support as he gets beyond states like iowa and new hampshire. they have also started gaming through scenarios for what a launch could look like. they have been discussing
8:23 am
several possible locations for a launch or kickoff rally including wilmington back in his home state and scranton, pennsylvania where biden was born and is really part of his narrative as he tells of embracing and promoting the values of the middle class. there have also been discussions about him potentially selecting a ruppinning mate early on in t process. this could generate excitement and try to keep the focus on what he wants to be the primary focus is the fight against president trump. and the president is someone who is watching biden very closely. earlier this morning he tweeted about that little slip up that biden had over the weekend. he said joe biden got tongue tied over the weekend when he was unable to deliver a simple line. get used to it, another low i.q. individual. friends of bideens have said that he is bracing for what he
8:24 am
expects to be attacks from president trump. he said biden is under no illusions of what politics is like and it is a full body contact sport. >> maybe a little different from biden's past that this full contact sport has maybe changed a little bit. here biden and your part of this waiting game, you watch beto o'rourke raise $6.1 million in 24 hours. bernie sanders raised more than $10 million since he announced. there has to be a part that worries maybe he is waiting too long. >> i think one, what the biden people are going to try to do is present him as the capital f front runner. he is the leader in the polls, former vice president, spent four decades in the senate. the idea of announcing a v.p. is trying to make this inevaeblt
8:25 am
case. joe biden's fundraising operation is built on what was seen as the only way you build the funding operation. you find wealthy people. you have them bundle money. this is the george w. bush money. bundle checks and that's how you get to these big dollars. sanders, o'rourke, they have already in place national small dollar online fundraising operations that biden does not have. the big difference between those two, to raise money online costs this much money for you, the candidate, or something close to it in that you have to set up a website. biden has to hold events. it costs money. it's time for the candidate to spend where he is not campaigning. i think that's a real concern for him, one of i think several he has. >> we talk about that all the time covering bernie sanders how
8:26 am
he has to spend no time fundraising. his time is talking about policy. from your perspective in biden world, is there thought that he is waiting too long or is this calculated on their part? >> those around biden and his supporters and allies say that it's okay that he has waited this long. he has the name recognition and the stature. he is polling high currently. they also argue that his standing among democratic voters isn't really moving right now at this point. but waiting until potentially april to make his announcement also gives him a little bit of time to put all of the pieces of his puzzle into place. his friends say that he is very aware of the maturity involved in the process of running for president and how much attention is going to be paid when it comes to how much he can raise, what volunteers look like, what his rally is going to look like. so they want to make sure that they have all of their ducks in
8:27 am
a row as he gets closer and closer to that announcement. >> and perhaps that's not what beto o'rourke took into account when he jumped in seemed to be shooting from the hip a little bit. a little bit different calculation. and don't forget to watch tonight, a special cnn town hall with 2020 candidate elizabeth warren. jake tapper will moderate from jackson, mississippi. that airs tonight right here at cnn 9:00 p.m. eastern. and coming up, the white house issues a stunning defense of the president after he refuses to call out white nationalism following the new zealand mosque attacks. does the president's language play a role? we'll ask a member of the house foreign affairs committee next. hopes you drive safely. y but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost.
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it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. some democrats are blasting president trump for not speaking out against white nationalists after the horrific terror attack that left 50 people dead. senator tim cane said some of the president's words insight violence. >> i think the president is using language that emboldins them. that kind of language from the person who probably has the loudest microphone on the planet earth is hurtful and dangerous and it tends to insight violence. >> the white house strongly
8:33 am
denies that president trump is easy on white supremacists. moments ago homeland security secretary said we have seen such evil with attacks in places such as scharlottesville. we will not permit such hate in the homeland. joining me now to discuss this and several other topics and congressman gregory meeks of new york. just first your impression of the role that president trump has played in the wake of the new zealand attacks. we have seen members of his administration call out white nationalism. we haven't necessarily heard that from the president. do you think the president should be more forceful in regards to that? >> absolutely. the president is supposed to be and he is the most powerful person in the world. and therefore he has the biggest mega phone in the world. and he uses it for other reasons. but on this and anytime we are
8:34 am
talking about white supremacy he chooses not to use it. the language that he uses continually, even when he talked about the horrific incident in new zealand, he came back and was talking about invaders which is the same kind of language that you see white nationalists consistent base. you add that on the kinds of things the president has said whether during the campaign or before the campaign started, whether it was about barack obama and his status, those languages that are code words that leads and builds upon the other. you generally would say he made a statement. it keeps building and it happens on a consistent basis. >> the counter point came to the president's ambassador to new zealand. this is what he had to say on cnn yesterday. take a listen. >> i don't give any credibility
8:35 am
to the rambles of someone who is rotten to the core and is an extremist of the worse kind who can walk into two mosques and without any care whatsoever and kill people. i don't give credibility to it. i'm not going a read it. i'm not going to give him the time of day. >> so this was in response to a question about president trump's name appearing in this manifesto that the attacker used. the ambassador's argument being that this is a crazy man and the president's name may or may not have been in there. this has nothing to do with president trump. do you agree with that? >> i think that anybody who is hateful is crazy. you can say he is crazy, but he is definitely a white nationalist or a white sprem t supremest. to me that goes hand in hand. to try to wash away the fact that he is crazy that he is not a white nationalist doesn't hold
8:36 am
water. he is a white nationalist. anybody so full of that kind of hate in my estimation is in fact crazy. >> there has been a lot of talk within your own democratic party, you are having an internal debate about hate speech and a resolution following remarks made by congressman mark o'maomar. i want you to hear what talib had to say about this. >> this past week, i feel and i know this would be somewhat shocking for some, but i think islamophobia is very much among the democratic party as well as the republican party. >> we talked a lot of the republicans' role in all of this. here is one of your colleagues who is muslim saying the democratic party has a problem with islamophobia.
8:37 am
>> there has been -- right after she said on the other side of the aisle there has been some republicans who have utilized some very similar language as what my colleague has. it's bad. the language is hurtful to my jewish friends. there were some others on the republican side of the aisle who used the same language and yet the same venom and the same had not been pointing at them, calling them out for the kind of language, anti-semitism language that they utilized. you heard what recently happened with king. it's not only king. there are other individuals there. and then to close your eyes which is worse. dr. king said we will have to pay for not the bad acts, but for the silence of the good people. to hear all of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle who is silent, that is a tough thing. >> would you argue that the democrats had been more forceful in pushing back when they said
8:38 am
things that you would deem inappropriate? >> generally i would say absolutely. >> i want to move on and talk to you about the mueller report. it seems as though everybody is waiting for it to come out. we have been told for some time that it is imminent. from your perspective, do you think we can see it drop sometime this week or in the near future? >> no insight but it will happen when it happens. i think that mr. mueller when he first came in on both sides, everybody said that he was a good man. he would do the appropriate thing. so for me you let the work happen as it happens. you let the investigation conclude when the authorities think that it should conclude. >> everybody seems to think it should be made public. even president trump tweeting over the weekend that he thinks the report should be released. do you feel confident that once robert mueller wraps up this investigation and all of us are able to read his findings? >> we'll see. i think that the american public
8:39 am
deserves the right to know exactly what is in that report so that we can make a determination as to where or what if anything was violated by the president of the united states according to the mueller investigation. of course, we also have the southern district investigation that is taking place. we need to get all of those facts so that we can make a determination of where the president of the united states, where, if anything he violated any rules or laws or anything else that took place that we should look at. >> congressman gregory meeks, i know this is your week in the district working with your constituents. >> my pleasure. good being with you. coming up, stay strong and fight back. that's the message from president trump as he defends two fox news hosts after a string of controversial comments. why is the network staying quiet?
8:40 am
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! breaking news this morning from the russia investigation, a judge is allowing documents related to law enforcement raids of michael cohen to be viewed for the first time. judge william paulie from the southern district of new york issued the order within the last hour. redacted documents are said to include search warrant materials used in the 2018 raids of cohen's home, office and hotel room. they are expected to be filed in a public court daca tomorrow. it is no secret that president trump and fox news share a friendly relationship.
8:45 am
now the president is going after the network to defend one of his biggest defenders. in a string of tweets president trump demanding that fox news bring back jeanine piro sources say she was suspended over comments made over congresswoman omar. fox responded condemning her remarks but so far she has yet to apologize. with me now to discuss this, the host of reliable sources. what have you learned about her status with fox right now? >> you might say fox is having it both ways. a source familiar with the matter says she was suspended after the rant however she has not been fired and the network will not confirm publically that she is suspended. you saw the tweets from the president over the weekend, three tweets saying bring back
8:46 am
judge jeanine. he is urging the network in his words to stay strong and fight back against the left. the network -- he is criticizing several of fox's news anchors. he is supporting the opinion of talk show hosts. the network is being very quiet about this because i don't think it wants to pick a fight with the president. >> you mentioned tucker carlson. he is coming over criticism for controversial comments he made a while ago. the network has not really taken any action related to carlson. >> he has remained on the air. we have noticed that the number of ads on his show is really declined. we are seeing a significant advertiser pressure campaign by this liberal group media matters. you look at the number of minutes of ads on his show there is a small ad. what we are seeing is that a lot of advertisers don't want to be
8:47 am
associated with these kinds of shows that end up still getting a lot of controversy and end up causing a lot of concern. they have pulled out. fox is standing by tucker. that is something else the president said, stay with tucker carlson. i think the president is trying to make sure his biggest supporters on tv stay on tv. it's like a shelter on the storm. he wants to make sure the shelter is reinforced. still coming up, new clues and new questions over the 737 max after two deadly crashes. now authorities are reportedly issuing a subpoena to boeing. next, we'll have the latest on the investigation. ♪ ♪ no matter when you retire, ensure you still have income every month of your retirement, guaranteed. see how lincoln can help. for moments that matter, first steps! tracfone keeps you connected, for less. can you send that to me?
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this morning the federal aviation administration is under investigation. according to the "wall street journal," the department of transportation is looking into the faa's approval of the boeing 737 max airplane. the best-selling jet liner involved in two fatal air kra z crashes just six months apart. a subpoena has been issued to at least one person involved in the development of the plane. here to discuss this, senior correspondent tom foreman. tom, i know you've been following this story very closely. what are you learning about the investigation? >> the faa says they're just following normal procedures. that's all it's done all along. but it raises the possibility of the idea that in the rush for boeing to get these new max planes out that the faa involved too much on boeing itself to
8:53 am
say, we did safety checks, this is okay. we looked at the system, it's okay. that's why this investigation is underway, ryan. the simple idea that maybe the faa and boeing got too cozy with each other in the name of getting this plane out so that boeing could reap the benefits of that in this great competitive war they're having with airbus for domination of the world air markets. >> so what do we know, tom, about the similarities between the ethiopian airlines crash and the lion air crash that happened in indonesia? >> we know in the lion air crash there was a disagreement between what we knew the pilots were doing, which was trying to keep it flying level, and the onboard air system that made it dive over and over again. there are things in the ethiopian airlines plane that suggest it may have done the same thing. there are clues on the ground that suspect it may have done the same thing. so as both these pilots
8:54 am
struggled to keep these planes up in the air that there was an onboard system on this new state of the art airplane that was actively fighting them and refusing to let them keep it up in the air. that's what this is all about, ryan. >> tom foreman with us. we appreciate that report. 6 $6.1 billion. beto o'rourke breaks the record. can he keep up the momentum. after losing her dad when she was 14, this cnn hero struggled with depression into her late 20s when she finally got help. for two decades mary robertson has dedicated herself to make sure other children don't lose years of their life to grief. >> kids in grief are kids at risk. time does not heal all wounds. time helps but it's what you do with that time, and what you
8:55 am
need to do is mourn. >> when you hear other people's stories, it kind of brings comfort. >> that's why a place like imagine exists, to give children a place to mourn their loss and find out they're not alone. >> to meet some of the families mary is helping and to nominate someone you think should be a cnn hero, go to and we'll be right back. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win. switch to geico. come on...come on...
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welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. beto o'rourke is proving there are bucks to back the buzz. the democratic congressman reports a new fundraising record in the last 24 hours taking in -- get this -- more than $6 million. plus, mission accomplished but at what price? senator lindsey graham is now a feisty trump defender and the white house is about to give him a big reward. how was your weekend? at the white house the chief of staff feels compelled to say the president is not a white supremacist. another top trump adviser takes issue with her husband whose weekend tweets question the president's mental fitness and suggest he's getting worse. >>


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