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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 18, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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tweets from the president. he went after fox news management, some fox news anchors, general motors, alive, the late senator john mccain. and you'll hear how low he went against the war hero that died from brain cancer last month. among them robert mueller, the news media, and an sent here in all of trump's managers have been any words of condemnation after a white supremacist massacred 50 people inside mosques friday in new zealand. now trump's online onslaught has forced him to defend twho, insisting the president of the united states is not a bigot. >> he has denounced bigotry many
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times, and i wouldn't be working if i believed otherwise. >> i've seen the president stand up for individual liberties. he's not a white supremacist. i'm not sure how many times we have to say that. >> with me now, daniel dale, washington bureau chief of the washington start and guerin. in your piece you wrote it was a weekend of nonstop greenchs from the leader of the free world. my question to you is what's going on? well, brooke, you know, tweets are the quinn dough into what's going on in not only in his head but in the white house most of the time, and the white house is a good example. he only left the house went. he went to cher. for an hour yesterday, and other than that, what we saw was the
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torrent of tweets you ran down there, covering a lot of subjects and more. it's clear when they have to go on and announce the president is not a white supremacist, they know, they, the staff, cannot rein him in from saying and doing things that are going to have to cause mick mulvaney and others to have to defend him. it's important to know what the president has said and hasn't said. he's called the massacre horrible. he's expressed condolences to the family, he's spoken to the new zealand prime minister. what he's not done is profess the motives, self-suppressed motives of the white supremacist killer who clearly is already owning this himself and invoked trump in his online manifesto. that we have not heard a direct
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response from from the president. >> that's what he has said. what he hasn't said, we'll come back to mick mulvaney. daniel, you have focused your career on fact-checking and you had to have been pulling double duty over the weekend. what did you think of the myriad of tweets, the biggest lies, the most egregious? can you fact-check those for me now? >> sure. i think there were two egregious lies, but i suppose there were others. he said the democrats made an effort to steal the election at the ballot box. that definitely did not happen. i think that says something, that that barely even registered, that that's not a story today. another one was his attack on mccain. >> yes. let me throw that on the screen because i wanted to make sure you went there. guys, throw this on the scene and i want you to fact-check it. this is partly what the
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president said. spreading the fake and totally discredited dossier is unfortunately a very dark stain against john mccain. he goes on. >> there was something before that. >> about him being in the bottom of the class. >> yes. in that one, a new document has proven that mccain had tried to spread -- disseminate the dossier before the election, and that's not what the court deposition showed. what it said is mccain was informed of the dossier 11 days after the election in my country, canada, what had previously been reported. so the substance of that attack was simply factually inaccurate. >> entirely factually inaccurate. and then, of course, the late senator mccain's daughter and how she responded, i'm going to play that for everyone the next
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hour. want to skip ahead to conway versus conway. first george conway tweeted this, which he has now pinned. the tweet is pinned, if we can throw that up on the screen, essentially saying his condition is worsening is the tweet i'm referencing to which she has responded saying this. no, i don't share those concerns. i have four kids and i was getting out of the house this morning before i got here, so i didn't talk to the president about substance. i may not be up to speed on all of them. >> anne, what an extraordinary public dynamic and what makes this time different. george conway is not criticizing the president over policy. he's questioning mental health, whether the president is fit to be president. >> setting aside, i have questions about what breakfast
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was like for them. >> totally valid questions. >> this is not the first of tweets with george conway. he's had a series the last week or so that go straight to the dsm, the manual of mental health ailments, and basically is diagnosing the president as a narcissist and a variety of other things, which he says he is seeing play out in real time. he's kind of maybe a little bit joking but not really, and it's a pretty extraordinary thing to say for someone with a couple of unique things happening in the window of the white house. he's an attorney and is married to kellyanne conway. he's not some rambo on the internet saying the president is a nut.
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he actually has some window, knowledge, and more informed opinions than a lot of us. >> daniel, what do you think of that? that george conway, not some rambo troll on the internet, is legit in calling out the president's mental fitness? >> it is extraordinary. he's not a rando, but we should treat this with caution. what's more important is, you know, let's look at the content of what he's saying. even if you take mental health out of it, you know, this was a stream of lies, insults of republicans and other allies. it was a call for the fec or s.e.c. to possibly investigate "saturday night live" for making fun of him.
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i'm more interested in the substance than trying to diagnose the president's mind. >> mick mulvaney has to go out doing the rounds yet again essentially saying the president is not a white nationalist. we're going to end it for now. daniel and anne, thank you so much for that conversation. speaking of such, john mccain's daughter hitting back regarding his tweets regarding her dad. >> listen, he spends his weekend obsessing over great men because he knows it and i know it and everyone knows it, he will never be a great man. my father was his kryptonite in life and kryptonite in death. all of us have family. when my father was alive, we would spend our time together hooking, hiking, fishing, really celebrating life, and i think it's because he almost died, and i just thought, your life is spent on your weekends not with
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your family, not with your family, but obsessing, obsessing over great men you could never live up to. that tells you everything you ever need to know about his pathetic life right now. i genuinely feel bad for his family. >> and meghan mccain did not stop. her co-host from "ripping a man," the south carolina senator is getting some backlash for his weak defense of john mccain. for more on that let's go to cnn's politics reporter at large chris. he's now found himself sort of stuck in between his late friend and his buddy the president. >> that's exactly right. let's run through the tweet first and get people caught up. this is after repeating attacks. lindsey graham says -- he
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stepped forward to risk his life for the country, et cetera, et cetera. the word "donald trump" not in here, the words, "he shouldn't have said any of that," not in here. lindsey graham is about relevance. staying close to mccain kept him relevance. mccain was always in the mix. any kind of deal,gr graham was gone. he likes to be close to that power. take him at his word. he's doing this because he wants to be relevant. if donald trump isn't the president tomorrow and mike pence is, lindsey graham is probably going to cozy up to mike pence. he has said so himself. brooke. >> there are some major points where he just refuses to
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recognize facts. so talk to me about that. >> let's go through them. you had a graphic up earlier when you were talking with daniel dale, all the information up. this isn't all of the things. but let's go through a few of the things. denying the right of white nationalism, white supremacist-inspired murder is more than double in 2017, the last year they have statistics ffrm donald trump says not in the wake of new zealand. i'll not, donald trump focused on lots of thing but not new zealand. i'll move on. according to the centers for disease chrod disease. whether it's in park lan, new
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zee land, gun violence is not in any way, shape, or form the issue. let's keep going through it. my former employer, the "washington post," fact-checker, does a great job of tap lating the numbers and misjudged. last time i checked, it's been over 8,000. he's been present for more than. he said the flowing global warming was the result of the chinese. he's pulls it out of the paris clie that. he tweets oh, man, there's the no global warms. it has a long, long tailwind. let's finish up. look. donald trump continues to insist
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after he did the first im. foreign policy, knackal security weren'tle -- all of this is of a piece. this is the most important one. donald trump tells himself a story of his life and of his presidency. he has done it for years. he goes bankrupt, he chair inp. . he limps in a self-degeeted portland. 6 anything that doesn't fit into his idea of reality, which -- this is a future. not a glech on his anxiof his c. welcome back from vacation.
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beto o'rourke breaks $1 million and kirsten gillibrand launches her bid for president. and the president defend as fox news host who made incredibly offensive remarks. so what's the american muslim community think of all this? we'll ask. you're watching "brooke baldwin." prestige creams not living up to the hype? one jar shatters the competition. olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams
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to work with your budget. so call now for free information. and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner, and it's yours just for calling. so call now. to think about a 2020 presidential election? look at beto o'rourke. the former texas congressman raised 6.$6.13 million.
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that surpasses the record of bernie sanders on his day one. joe biden is strat. ing how he may -- emphasis on may -- do it. maeve reston. $6.1 million is not nothing, but, number two, if joe biden is -- who knows where he is here and here, but what do you think he's thinking knowing that this guy beto o'rourke out of texas has raised 6.1? >> it's such an interesting point. we haven't seen how biden is going to do with small numbers. he must be looking at these numbers like other strategists are like how are we going to compete with this to get donors
11:20 am
to do it. matched up against bernie sanders, these two guys have shown the ability to really connect with everyday americans that they can come back to over and over. we also have to remember it was the first hours. beto has had a lot of issues in the first 24 hours. a lot of people are watching to see how his campaign looks as he goes through this minefield. >> i was reading my action yoes inbox. get ready. o'rourke apologizing for his comments about his wife raising kids and being privileged and
11:21 am
being born do this. let's listen to him. >> it's absolutely valid criticism and it's constructive criticism. it's already made me a better candidate. not only i not say that again, but i'll be much more thoughtful going forward in the way that i talk about our marriage and also the way in which i acknowledge the truth of the criticism that i have enjoyed white privilege. absolutely. undeniable. i'm mortified to read it now, incredibly embarrassed, but i have to take ownership of my words and understand that the way they make people feel when they read them now. >> juxtapose that with the president who taunts, never apologizes. so to mike allen's bigger point about incorrect or correct, what do you think is the winning strategy? >> these two men are talking to distinctly different audiences that. works for trump because the
11:22 am
people who are behind him love that about him. beto o'rourke's audience love that he's constantly reflecting, telling people what's in his head. that was his strength, and that was a really strong answer right there. they want to hear him apologize, say how his views is changed. we've seen that before with camela harris and elizabeth warren. people have an open mind, open ears. so far he's done a good job of showing people that, as shocking as some of his early writings may have been. but to the point of what beto's about, we don't know that yet. people.
11:23 am
ju-- are just beginning to learn and he's going to have to do a lot more on that front too. >> the "washington post" article is there and still sting ts ws.h let me remind you. tonight, a town hall with elizabeth warren. jake tapper hosts it live at 9:00 p.m. on cnn. new zealand and hear what the prime minister is proms p. one state in the unts cracking don on ghost fwips. what do they win and what would you do with them.
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simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. in just 72 hours after the deadly mosque shootings in new zealand, the government is acting so quickly to change gun laws. families of the 50 people meantime killed are finally starting to receive the bodies of their loved ones, but the sheer number of the dead and the way in which they were murdered has made identifying them quite difficult and time consuming. what is more here -- more pressing, the muslim bury the deceased as soon as possible. martin savidge live in new
11:29 am
zealand. seeing the people paying respects, the memorial, the pieces of it, and, of course, the investigation. what can you tell me? >> reporter: right. the investigation has revealed there's only one and only onive shooter and he's in custody. the question is there any way that that gunman could have received some type of support priesh to carrying out this deadly attack that took place. they're looking into that. new zealand is looking to put together the largest investigative team in history. they're looking to put a number of countries together. australia, because that's where it's believed he's from. they carried out at least two search warrants on at least two residents that are relatives. we're told the family is cooperating but what we want to know is there any indication that the family had some idea of
11:30 am
what was to come and did they support him in anyway? and the u.s. fbii was informed. so their expertise is valued. but it could also be that somewhere among the victims could be an american or someone with dual nation analyst that hasn't been revealed yet or in some way there's a connection to some group back in the united states. still early. one last thing i will leave you with, brooke, and it's going to be another painful thing for the country. the accused in this case has already dismissed his court appointed attorney and says he will represent himself at trial. you get a pretty good idea where this is going that. the hatred and the white supremacy message that started with gunfire and two mosques is likely to be carried into a
11:31 am
courtroom, and in new zealand, they have never had to deal with that or any of this before. brooke? >> martin savidge, thank you for all of that on the investigation. here's the thing. did you notice how quickly new zealand is taking action on guns? 72 hours after the attack. at least one gun shop owner is refusing to sell guns and magazines that allow more bullets. there has been a ban. my point is this, they have all come together to try and find a solution as fast as possible so the doesn't become routine. routine in america? it's just the opposite. each side runs back to its partisan corners, sales of guns goes up. it's a crisis in america no matter what side you or on. whether it's concertgoers, high
11:32 am
school students, worshippers, or first graders. nearly 40,000 people in the united states died by guns in 2017. that's a record high according to the cdc. and think about this. that sandy hook massacre was back in december of 2012. seven years later the families are still fighting for skbrus it is. they just learned they can proceed with a lawsuit against gun makers. proceed. that's their victory seven years later. the new jersey attorney gener general has announced the first of ghost gun purchase, those are kited purchased online and do not have serial numbers, making them untraceable. tell me more about it. >> let's expand on this and what makes a ghost gun untraceable.
11:33 am
it's a weapon assembled by an individual using components that have been purchased online. they don't have a serial number, so technically they are invisible to law enforcement and we know that serial number is crucial when they're investigating various crimes. so the concern here by gun reform advocates, law enforcement is this now provides an opportunity for somebody who cannot legally possess a fire arm to make their own. so nnl'sance in november was the introduction and passage of this law that allowed them to do such a thing. here is operation stonewall. trafficking these ghost guns, assault rifle-style weapons that they were selling for anything from $1,100 to $1,500, believe
11:34 am
it or not, that's twice the price you would purchase an assault rifle for. ads you're about to hear from the attorney general, they're a real concern across the country. take a listen. >> we are starting to see them at crime scenes, we're starting toe see them in our investigations. that's why i say they are not an an tract threat. they're a real threat to law enforcement safety. >> it not only makes it illegal to assemble these guns but for manufacturers to ship some of these components to new jersey. so as we heard from the attorney general, they will be taking a look at some of the manufacturers. double the price, invisible, therefore, ghost guns. got it. juft ahead, two of o the president's top aides are forced to say he's not a rapisi racist.
11:35 am
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while president trump made no mention of the deadly mosque attacks during his tweet storm over the weekend, he did send out a blistering defense of a fox news host suspended for her controversial comments on a muslim congresswoman. the president was outraged fox news took pirro's show off the air sunday night. she doubted omar's patriotism. >> think about it. omar wears a hijab, which according to the koran 33:59 tells women to cover so they won't get molested. is her adherence to this islamic
11:40 am
doctrine indicative of sherorea law which is -- to the constitution? >> the president denounces fox for political correctness. in a scathing three-part tweet tirade trump tweeting in part the losers all want what you have. don't give it to them. be strong and prosper, be weak and die, stay true. hoda, thank you so much for coming on today. you know, i had read what you told our producers, which was when you first heard pirro's comments were not shocking, now you say what? >> i think it's not shock at
11:41 am
all. the president has surrounded himself. there's other separation of family policies, he continues to defend people like jeanine pirro and their disgusting anti-american comments, questioning people's loyalty, members of congress because of the faith community that they come from. that is what is antithetical and it's completely unbrand for him to defend her and the comments she made. >> by defending her and not contemning outright white nationalism, what message is the president sending to the muslim community? >> what the president is doing is normalizing hate and bigotry throughout his policies, throughout his promises when he was a candidate. he is showing that it is okay to
11:42 am
be bigoted, it's okay to treat others in a hateful manner, and what we saw in new zealand was a manifestation of that exported hate and of that exported bigotry that. was the most concerning thing of this weekend. like you said, he went on a tirade defending this fox personality and he had no words for condemning white nationalism. this is a man who said they were very fine people represented at the charlotte rally, when it came to the synagogues in pittsburgh, the attacks in canada, and i'm not surprised to see there has been a complete absence of him condemning white nationalism and its ties to what happened in new zealand on friday. >> what about, hoda, fox news
11:43 am
because they did yank her show, there were actual consequences for one of its hosts. what's your response to that? >> i will say in this whole story, that's the most surprising thing. i am completely surprised and i am appreciative there were consequences. i think it remains to be seen if the show has been pulled completely or if it was just her show over the weekend. but i do -- i respect fox news for condemning her statements because, you know, questioning another american's loyalty because of the faith they represent, that's antithetical to our american values. >> the way they did it -- and we don't know her future. they didn't make any public announcements about the show. they just quietly suspend heard show. >> right. you know, i think that there can definitely be more from fox news in condemning this kind of
11:44 am
bigotry. the platform that they have and the audience that they have -- >> it's huge. >> -- is a very powerful tool, and they need to be very aware of the consequences and impact that this extreme rhetoric has on communities. we saw a manifestation of that in new zealand not too long ago. >> hoda hawa, thank you very much. i appreciate the work you do. >> thank you for having me. i want to move on to this new study. why taking that daily aspirin may now be a risky move, plus tragedy. we've heard the children who have died trying to get to camps. what's left of isis's last camp. . it's america's most popular street name. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands?
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for decades, people hoping to avoid heart attacks or strokes have done one simple thing, take a daily low dose aspirin. there's a caution. you should not be doing that. an associate professor at nyu and contributing editor is with me. no aspirin a day makes the doctor stay away. >> no. >> what's changed? >> we're changing. in doing that, we realize that the risks of take aing a low dose aspirin and it's internal bleeding really outweigh the benefits. it's not going to help you if you're an older person who does
11:50 am
not have a rivering for heart disease and it may harm you. don't stop taking it unless you talk to your doctor. for those who don't have risk factors, it's not a good idea. >> how about another piece of news from "journal circulation." sugary drinks. the deal is they're saying that drinking those could now lead to premature death especially if you are a woman. >> yeah. this was interesting. like, all right, we know soda is not great for you. >> no bueno. >> no bueno. what they found is there was a 63% increased risk of premature death and also an increase in cancer. it was more pronounced in women than men. >> why? >> we're not sure. it's not clear from the study. even for men, it's not great.
11:51 am
they had an increased risk. and cancer as well, colon and breast is increased if you have more sugary drinks. it's not just soda. it's sports drinks. many people think they're healthy, not if they have added sugar. also juice. i tell people it's not really good if you're a sugar addict. >> i'm a bubbly water and lemon as well. thank you so much. important information for each and every one of us. moving on, meghan mccain, she today has responded on the president's attacks on her late father and lindsey graham and his rather tepid response. and now iowa congressman picking
11:52 am
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nearly 40,000 square miles in syria and iraq. just four years later that shrunk to 43,000. now isis is defending its last smallhold in eastern syria as the fds closes in on them. cnn's bed wedeman is in syria to tell us more.
11:57 am
>> reporter: inside the last crater shelled pocket. some scramble for cover. others fire through the barricades. one woman carries an aka-47 assault rifle. isis posts it on social media. it shows the insanity of that state in its dying days. three times since early february the syrian democratic forces have launched operations to finally extinguish the caliphate. night and day, u.s.-led coalition warplanes, artillery and mortar barrages have pounded the encampment, yet during lulls people can still be seen strolling through the wreckage. buildings appear untouched by the bombardment. this is all that's left of the once vast once feared so-called
11:58 am
islamic state. all it is a sprawling junkyard, a junkyard of wrecked cars and tattered tents that has defied all the swiftness over isis. last week as a gun battle raged around us, we got a glimpse of the conditions isis followers lived under. what you can see here is where the tents were. this black spot is where a tent was, and all around here you can see tents, and in almost every tent they've dug these trenches to try to get cover. the sdf says there might be as many as 5,000 people including women and children still inside the encampment. as long as they give themselves up, we won't attack, sdf commander tells me. for that reason it may take some time, but not too much. nearly 30,000 isis family
11:59 am
members have left along with 5,000 isis jihadees who've surrendered. the end of the caliphate is near, yet so far. ben wedeman, cnn, eastern syria. >> ben wedeman, thank you very much. we continue on. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke bald wwinbaldwin. we start this hour with the tweets from the president. in a 40-plus tweet binge president trump went off fox management, anchors, unions, general motors, rerun of "snl," and john mccain who died last year of brain cancer. he added some targets, i.e. robert mueller, the news media. but absent in all of this has
12:00 pm
been any words of condemnation after a white supremacist massacred 50 people inside mosques friday in new zealand, and now president trump's online onslaught has two who have defended him, having to go out there and make the rounds, ensuring everyone that this president is not a bigot. >> he has denounced bigotry many times, and i wouldn't be working here if i believed otherwise. >> you've seen the president stand up for civil liberties. the president is not a white supremacist. i'm not sure how many times we have to say that. >> let's go to the white house and cnn's abby phillip. you almost hear mick null mmulv laugh his way through. and this isn't the first time. >> if only this were something actually