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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 18, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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the flooding being so horrific. this could continue to get worse here in nebraska. >> thank you so much. thank you for being with me. the lead starts right now. the lead starts right now. >> a snapshot and after that tweet storm kellyanne conway's, how his wife is responding. plus massive fundraising hall raises more cash than any other democrat on his first day of the 2020 campaign will big promises translate to both?
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welcome to the lead. we begin with breaking news. a brand new cnn poll reveal what americans think about donald trump and how he is performing on key issues. his approval rating picked up and americans feel better about the economy today than they have in nearly two the decades. phil joins me now. first how is the president fairing? >> better. still under water. if you take a look the president's job approval number is at 42%. this is the lowest share of americans disapproving over the course of his entire presidency. where does it put him historically? you see the up tick. two months ago in the middle of the shutdown he was at 37%. last month at 40%. now at 42%.
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you noted he is starting to tick up. where does it put him? it is compared to where past presidents were at this moment. well, take a look. he is at the lower end. 42% right now. bill clinton 1995 at 44%. you'll note both of those individuals won their reelection. if you want to know why the president's approval rating could be taking up look at this. current economic conditions of those polled 71% say that's good. why does that matter? what's the context there? that's the best number since february of 2001. everybody has been talking about the good economy. clearly 71% of americans that were polled saying the economy is good at this moment reflecting that. the question is will it carry over and lead to future upticks as well. >> and what about the president's first veto?
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he did it on a bipartisan attempt to block the national emergency declaration. how do americans feel about that? >> it is the central issue of his presidency. his first veto going against republicans in the senate related to the national emergency. broadly americans are opposed. only 35% of those polled say president trump should have vetoed that congressional resolution to terminate the border wall. moving in a different direction. it probably reflects where a lot of republicans are. 72% were with the president on this. broadly only 35% reported him. as we have seen throughout the course of his time in office republicans sticking with the president. >> very interesting. we have a lot more of this coming up later in the hour.
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we have more. >> president trump raging against just about everything. firing off more than 50 tweets since saturday airing his grievanc grievances. the president trampling over respect for war heros and the dead by renewing the attacks on the late senator john mccain. >> he is a war hero. >> he is a war hero because he was captured. >> trump claiming he was last in his class in the naval academy and accusing him to spread to totally discredited dossier.
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>> listen, he spends his weekend obsessing over great men. he will never be a great man. >>. >> the president's twitter feed may be a window into his psychy. and psychological state adding his condition is getting worse. kellyanne conway sharing those concerns. >> i have four kids. i may not be up to speed on all of them. >> president trump himself has
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responded to george conway in the past. we asked for any response to the tweets and allegations in them. so far they have had nurch. i should know it is monday and we are all back to work including the president. at least for now the pace of his tweets have slowed. >> thank you for that. i appreciate that. we are here with our panel. i want to start with you because as far as i know you're the only member now former member of congress that has been on the receiving end of the president's wrath. what's your view of what you saw this weekend? >> first of all henry ford said it best. he said don't find fault, find solutions. it's one of the problems that republicans have with the president is that when you're willing to throw your own people under the bus you never know what twitter is going to attack. it doesn't inspire confidence.
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it makes me feel like i have done all of these other things. it's not coming back. it's one of the reasons why i always say if we are going preserve the republican party you have to hold the president accountable. please the not go and defend him at all cost. it will end up hurting the party. >> i think we have seen them defend him pretty much at all cost. even lindsay graham, given his relationship with john mccain over the years. it was pretty stunning to me. at this moment i feel like we can't expect moral leadership. we know that. he reminded us of that again. if you can't even say white nationalism is a bad thing we are really at the lowest of the low. my question is where are the republican members of congress? where is the republican stepping up? >> there is one republican who is stepping out in a big way.
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his name is george conway. >> should -- >> but, yeah. >> his tweets have been about medical definition of narcissistic personality disorder saying he has an anti-social personality disorder. is he going too far with this? >> george is a better lawyer than i am. if there's talk and he seems to hint at a solution by which the vice president and cabinet and congress remove our president. i'm like a professional trump disliker. i looked it up again today. it is section four which talks about removing the president. if he is unable -- not if he's a pain in the neck or rude, any of
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that. i don't know what's going on here but he is getting under the president's skin. >> and he is putting his wife in a tough position once again having to do with whether she agrees. >> listen to what she said. >> no. i don't share those concerns. i have four kids. i was getting them out of the house. i may not be up to speed on all of them. >> moms, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what she is saying there. people who know what she is saying which is i'm trying to take care of our school aged here and oil i'm not worried what my husband is doung you
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impeach and review. those are your two options. a lot want to scuttle him because they don't like him. that's not how this works. you to make the argument. i think beating him in the presidential race is the quickest remedy for that. he does have like this is part of the package. we have also known this part of the package. i have thought it was a bad park. and the numbers. it's not a new notion for the economy to be really really good. it's so great you are at this table. you coined the economy phrase. >> okay. >> a package team.
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but this is a this is about his approval. talking about this. >> because at the end of the day the economy is 320 million of us the disconnect usually over time. the job approval tracks it for better or worse, fairly or not the economy is doing what we like. you showed earlier that presidents reagan and clinton cruised easy elections. that's because they were in the upswing. they have come in and they were starting to boom. >> uh-huh. >> we seem to be at the end of a
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long recovery that hasn't been as spectacular. a 29 point differential. so the economy has been his water wings. not a despite the strong economy god forbid when we go into a recession. i don't know what happens but it will be interesting to see. >> one of the frustrations i have is the president taking a lot of the credit for the economy. remember, i was in the house of representatives. we passed a lot of bills he was able to sign into law. some of the credit for the economy could be -- i would love for him to say i would like to thank the house of representatives for spending that. >> yes. >> but again, i think it's important because we -- i don't believe that we are on the
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downside of the economy. i think the economy will continue to do well. i voted for tax reform. i believe there tax reform in my district. an average family of four saved 2,300. >> if you were thinking congress he would be talking about the economy. >> and that's not what he is doing. >> the other thing i would say is if you're a black american to latin know sh you goent don't feel but we don't feel like he about the challengesment the economy can be up here. it won't get much higher because
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he is all about himself not about the rest of us. >> which is how he got elected by talking about the forgotten man and woman. >> and the people i just mentioned. standby. we have a lot more to talk about including why graham was holding out and a rare move from senator bernie sanders. his e-mail today shows that he may see him as more than friendly competition. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c. it's man 1: mine... ...caused liver damage..
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graham. this is what he said. it was once of the most con again shl senators. nothing about his service will ever be changed or diminished. talk about being in a rock and a hard place. you know, you served with lindsay gr graham. >> i remember him coming and helping me in the first election. he was a gracious gracious man. i don't see how anybody can criticize someone that served their country. you can get, you know, you can do whatever you want to. to continue to attack senator
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mccain, it's just -- it doesn't make any sense to me. again, this is the mistrust. there are people that are trying to figure out when am i going to be next? if i disagree how is he going to throw me under the bus? this is the time where you say i am going to stick with my principals. at least that will not fail me. >> look, donald trump and john mccain had a few that lasted until john mccain's funeral until it was very tense and the fact that he was asked not to come and the fact that it was made public. you combine it with the fact that anything related is a trigger for donald trump. he saw a report over the weekend that he took to suggest john mccain was some how involved with democrats with regard to his dossier. we know that somebody gave john mccain, gave him the dossier. he didn't know what to do. gave it to the fbi.
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it turned out the fbi had it already. not just that john mccain wrote about this in his final book. here is what he said. i had an obligation to bring to the attention of appropriate officials i could not assess myself in which any of them true would create a vulnerability to designs of a hostile foreign power. i would do it again. anyone two doesn't like it can go to hell. >> you would think the president of the united states of america had other things to be doing than obsessing about a dead hero to this country who he is already shamefully attacked many times and i don't know, maybe out of care for his family. megan is the one we have seen most publicly who is still grieving. he might have other things to worry about. there are things going on in this country maybe getting to the back of what was happening and maybe say something nice about my brothers and sisters in
1:22 pm
the muslim community. i can think of any number of things than attacking. >> i remember mccain defending the president. i think she got into it with joy because she brought up the president and she was like wait wait we are not talking about this. i'm not spending other waking moment bashing the president. i thought it was really interesting that she was trying to keep him out of this conversation. >> so let's switch gears to another topic. you mentioned this. the chief of staff was really pressed about donald trump's words over the weekend. he was confronted with evidence like candidates trump's call for a muslim ban and the comment on the fact that islam hates us. here is mulvaney's response. >> he said this during the
1:23 pm
campaign. look what we have done. i don't think anybody can say that the president's anti-muslim. >> the president is not a white supremacist. i'm not sure how many times we have to say that. >> how many times does he have to say that? >> look, i think the attempt, the president's language is often bad. i very sadly was wrong. i do think the attempt to connect it to violent acts of other individuals can be a reach. i'm wary about doing that with
1:24 pm
anyone. >> i think the six most discretional words. yous will not replace it and that broke america's heart. it's why today when the president doesn't reach out in new zeala new zealand he doesn't show that. he was not asked. he sort of volunteers that. he sort of gives up the game when he says no no no. not a white supremacist.
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we are back with our 2020 lead and bragging rights for beto o'rourke. sanders came really close raising $5.9 million. harris raised 1.5 million. in their first 48 hours amy and hickenlooper raised a million dollars a piece. fundraising numbers the first weekend on the campaign trail has not been all smooth sailing. jessica dean reports. >> breaking a fundraising record in the early moments of his presidential run. >> this is the fifth day of our campaign. >> stopping at michigan today after his campaign announced it raised a staggering $6.1 million with donations coming from all 50 states in the first 24 hours.
1:31 pm
it makes it the largest fundraising of any other so far. >> i think it's a great sign that in the first 24 hours this many people were able to come through. >> the fundraising numbers the proof that made him a viral hit in texas ch. >> thank you for a tremendous day of the campaign. >> it did suffer early stumbles apologizing for comments about his wife raising their three kids some times with my help. >> i think the criticism is right on. sit to highlight the fact that amy has the line share in our family should have ban moment for me to knowledge that that is far too often the case. not just in politics but just in life in general. >> and for being part of an early kpluter hacking group as a teenager. >> some of the things that aim
1:32 pm
connected to that i'm not proud of. >> he also lets audiences wanting more specifics. >> also in listening to the suggestions and solutions brought forward from the communities. >> he has not hired a campaign manager but he is in talks with president obama's campaign manager. in delaware joe biden might have let his 2020 intentions slip during a weekend speech to democrats. >> i'm the most progressive running. anybody who would run. >> with anybody that would run. >> sources tell cnn biden is
1:33 pm
preparing for an announcement and hoping to seize command of the democratic primary through major endorsements. sources also telling cnn biden is going to argue that the most pressing task for the democratic party in 2020 is beating president donald trump. now, back here in cleveland, ohio he is right over my shoulder. this crowd couldn't fit inside. he has been gravitating towards the smaller menus. he actually drove himself up here in a minivan when he got here about 15 to 20 minutes ago. he plans to drive onto pennsylvania and it's onto new hampshire. >> he needs a higher ceiling. he is a tall man. thank you so much. appreciate that. senator bernie sanders just
1:34 pm
sent out a fundraising campaign. what a big statement he made on his fundraising hall is what bernie was trying to say. me too. please send it my way. it is not dumb trying to create a healthy competition. what do you think? >> it is great. this is a new model. it began with howard dean. barack obama really took it to the next level. certainly it is great. if democrats can raise huge amounts of money like $6 million is beto. do it in 24 hours without lobbyists and corporate
1:35 pm
interests. >> these people are raising this amount of money in a great economy and in a free economy. it is in a free economy. they should be pushing that free market economy out there. >> maybe he should. >> yeah. let me just put up on the screens kind of keeping what you said. in rlly 2007 to raise eye popping fund bought him the time to work out the kinks and become the candidate we all remember. he has the same opportunity because of his enthusiastic base. not just about not spending time fundraising but more parentally it is spending more time honing his campaigning skills. >> right. obviously he has the energy and
1:36 pm
excitement. for now the more time you have to test out your message which is the goal of this band trip. we were talking about this scooby van. yeah. he needs it. let's be honest. he had kind of a rough week not just on the substance which is something that all of the candidates, who they are today is not who they are going to be six months from now. they have plans, a lot of them do. listen to what one voter told us about this notion of not answering questions on substance.
1:37 pm
>> i don't feel like you really answered it honestly. i understand you're getting a ton of questions. you're asking to be a leader of the free world. i think wow should be called to the carpet and be able to back up what you say if you're asking for that seat. >> standsing, not dancing. >>. >> respect for that number. he did have stumbles but not in this respect. this may give him time to get his feet under him. i think a lot of the attention and lot of him getting thrust here in the popularity comes from the fact that he got very very very friendly coverage running against senator cruz.
1:38 pm
the people of iowa are going to require this. >> and yet as you -- i know you want to make a point but tell me if i'm wrong about this. one of the lessons i think from trump and certainly from the democratic nominees of the past is people like the feels. that's the official political terms. they like the feel the feel. there is that connection. the question is whether he can have both. >> i was going to say, you to have both. the other thing that's really interesting is the comment he made about his wife which is kind of an interesting flip.
1:39 pm
usually it's female can candidates. they tend to get who is taking care of the kids. for him to sort of make a joke and for it to be taken the way it was is how come you're not talking care of it? >> i want to talk about joe biden. you heard that his strategy is to make clear he is going to run and roll out a string of endorsements. this is what they told campaign on a messageover strength. look at this. 47% said it was more important that a candidate shared their views compared to 43% that said it should be -- >> i was going to bring it up. the problems that they he is going to have is the fact that if it continues to be a narrative it is not enough to be anti trump. it's not enough to say i'm so
1:40 pm
far away from trump that you should vote for me. you to have a plan. at the end of the day people are looking for solutions. they are looking at how they going to make their life better for them. that's going to be an issue. >> he will have a field if and when he gets in. i would worry that he's the big aircraft carrier that everybody else will fly over. he will have to be nimble, quick. i don't think the answer lies in more ten point plans. >> yeah. >> everybody standby. there is another name popular in his party who also won't confirm if he is going to run. this is a republican and he may have just dropped a big hint. he is at least considering
1:41 pm
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soon elizabeth warren will face questions at a live cnn town hall. she is fighting to stand out. bernie sanders has the 2016. both roll out incredibly similar campaigns down to their proposed policies. cnn has the story. >> elizabeth warren and bernie sanders both champions of the progressive left both running for democratic nomination.
1:46 pm
on the stomp their sounds strikingly similar. >> i'm not in washington to work for billionaires. i'm in washington to help level the playing field so that everybody gets a chance to get out there and compete. >> we will no longer tolerate the greed of corporate america and the billionaire class. >> there is at least one notable distinction warren insisting she is not. >> i'm a capitalist. come on. i believe in markets. what i don't believe in is theft. what i don't believe in is cheating. >> they also share similar fundraising strategies. >> i want to rent a campaign based on principles and ideas not how much money i can scoop up from people that already made
1:47 pm
it big. >> we are putting together the strongest grass roots campaign in the history of american politics. >> sanders appears tough to compete with. his campaign says it raised a stunning $10 million in the first week of the second white house coampaign. >> sanders is running near the top of the pack a 25% among likely democratic caucus goers. some voters who have supported both say they have a tough clois to make. >> in 2016 she would get in. i got behind sanders. i liked him a lot. >> when it comes to the 2020 rival warren is sticking to her own script. >> it is not up to me to describe anybody's position in the democratic party. >> now one thing that senator warren did earlier today was
1:48 pm
take a walking tour. one way to remind voters she has a housing plan to address the housing crisis. it will be one policy proposal you can get audience members will clohoose to ask her about. i think it begins in four hours. >> we look forward to it. it is a notion that she is running in a crowded progressive field. you know, she is trying to sort of, you know, kill the progressive giant for lack of a better what i to say it. let me just look at the subjects, the policies that she is supporting, the wealth tax, universal dhie universal child care, affordable housing. those are all things that appeal to the progres ifrs chls th progressives. they are not that original on the campaign trail. >> i think a lot of those
1:49 pm
policies have been progressive policies for some time. i think, you know, the idea about child care, it could be a game changer if you think about that. if you think about the number of people that can't afford child care or they -- so one person stays home or they need both paychecks. if you sit down and talk about it with people that's that's what you want is if you're talking about ideas. you want like they could be really interesting. you want that head shaking moment in addition to what we were talking about before. >> and we talked about the fact that there is a new cnn poll out. one thing that was fascinating is about her bid to break up the tech dpaens. just 11% say they support having
1:50 pm
the government be this involved. >> what do you think about that? >> i'm stunned about that. this is the one issue a democrat is running on that has cross cutting appeal. i guess i live in a world with too many big liberals and too many conservatives. the conservatives i know hate it far more than liberals do. i can't express how much it
1:51 pm
matters your money at the top of these. you'll pop to the top and it sort of snowballs in a big field. she has to get in there and make noise. i will put this one to you. hogan is just returning from iowa. here is how we responded to people asking about that business. >> i also thought it would be great. i thought it would be fun. it doesn't mean i'm running for anything. we will keep talk about the things we think are important. >> you called for republicans to speak out against donald trump. is that something you encouraged somebody not to speak out? >> it is not mainly about speaking out against donald trump. the point is to speak for the principals that we believe in and call him out i'm a big
1:52 pm
advocate. if he wants to jump in and has good ideas and good thoughts and supports again and the things that have made this country so successful then i'm willing to hear it. i think we kneneed to have as m options as possible. i think i may get phone calls. i think options are good for people. i really do. >> i'm guessing you might get many phone calls after this. >> that's okay. >> bring it. i'm okay with that. >> everybody standby. we want you to make sure you know jake paper will host tonight's town hall. it is live from jackson mississippi at 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. up next more calls for change after another tragedy. there's something very different about the response happening
1:53 pm
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the horrific attack killed 50 people. the prime minister said they will announce a plan to clang gun laws within days. >> the time to act is now. >> within 72 hours of the worst
1:58 pm
shooting in new zealand's ministry poised to clang gun laws fast. >> made increasable decisions around the reform of our gun laws. within ten tas of this act of terrorism we will have announced reformed which i believe make our communities safer. from the terrorists killed 50 people at two separate mosques. with him at the time five legally obtained weapons. the shooter was born in australia where a mass shooting prompted tough new gun laws including a ban on shotgun and rapid fire rifles. >> they took 12 days to make the decision. >> australians risk of falling has fallen by 50%.
1:59 pm
58 people killed at a music festival in las vegas all within the last two years. the owner that sold the arsenal said he supports change in his country. they tell their young daughter the news. >> they said are you telling me no our family will have to have such conversations due to gun violence. thoughts and prayers to of
2:00 pm
course. here is the leader of the right leaning party has put it simply saying the reality has changed, the laws will too. >> thank you for that report. you can tweet the show at the lead cnn. our coverage on cnn continues right now. it was to answer a house judiciary request to face possible administration abuses. >> bitter on twitter. president trump goes on a twitter tirade and even fox news. general motors and the late snafrt john mccain. it comes as he plays down


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