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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  March 18, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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russian government deems to be fake news or insulting to the state. >> thanks very much. erin burnett outfront starts right now. next, breaking news. the white house bracing for the mueller russia findings. preparing the claim executive privilege. new details ahead. kellyanne conway forced to contradict her husband to say the president of the united states is mentally fit. the president attacked him directly and personally in twitter tirade. the president of a local auto worker union responds. let's go outfront. : go good evening. cnn is learning that white house lawyers expect to see mueller's russia findings before lawmakers and before the public. sources say the administration wants to make sure they have the ability, the opportunity to claim executive privilege.
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translation, to ensure you don't ever see the things they don't want you to. the administration sources saying they specifically want to prevent certain information, some document, specific interviews with white house officials from being released. there is as this happens a sense of anxiety within the walls of the white house according to sources as the investigation could conclude any day now. pamela, you're breaking of this development about executive privilege. what else are you learning? >> white house lawyers expect to have an opportunity to review whatever version of robert mueller's report attorney general bill barr submits to congress before it reaches lawmakers and goes public. this could set up a political battle over this hotly anticipated document. the attorneys want the white house to have an opportunity to claim executive privilege over information drawn from documents
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and interviews with white house officials over the last couple of years. the white house review of executive privilege claims are within its legal purview. this could set up a political battle with this perception that president trump is trying to shields certain information from the public about the investigation that's swirled around him, his administration since the first day of his presidency. justice department lawyers could advise him against it but if trump does assert it, this decision could be litigated in court. democrats have been quick to say they could. democrats would almost certainly do that. i spoke to one source who said put it this way, there's always tension between what looks best politically and what represents the interest of the institution, the office of the presidency. preserving executive privilege trumps political optics. that's what this source said. that's how the source framed it. it's likely to be a fight that
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will happen as the white house and the country awaits the findings from robert mueller's investigation. it could happen any day now. his report being turned over to the attorney general. erin. >> thank you very much. pamela breaking this hour. let's gos to the democratic congressman. you have been investigating this. what's your reaction? white house lawyers want to review mueller's findings and do so before you see them or we see them so they can claim executive privilege on anything they think they should do that on. >> shocking. gambling. i can't believe it. for those who didn't think that we're in a constitutional crisis point, we're there now. the way this is supposed to work is is report is supposed to go to the justice department and kor congress. the house voted to have that report be available in its entirety. the danger here is the justice
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department also has a policy that a seated president cannot be indicted. if the report reveals crimes and misdemeanors, the only beside that will have recourse is the congress. if the president can eliminate key information, he's officially above the law and we have a challenge to the rule of law and that constitutional crisis. >> that's how you see this. when they say they want -- it's documents, interviews with white house officials. it's, i can see people trying to say we're trying to protect someone's name if they're not going to be indicted. what do you say to that? >> they haven't known to be trusted in this investigation. i believe they will obstruct this investigation. they have shown no good faith toward that end.
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if there was classified information in this, congress can handle that. let the person and the entity sort out what they want revealed given their track record makes no sense. it's the fox guarding the hen house. let >> let me ask you about this boat you mentioned. we're talking about the findings tonight as distinction between the two. we're reporting they want impressi privilege. the house voted to release the report. the quote was on the recent non-binding vote about releasing the mueller report, i told leadlead lead leadership to vote for transparency. play along with the game. okay. is that what your republican colleagues did? are they all just lying and did it for optics like he is saying
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they did but they support him on this or is he wrong? >> sure. it's great question. i can't imagine that the republicans would admit that they said, i'm going to take an official vote in the house of congress just to play along. not because it's the right thing to do but just to play along. again, protect the president of the united states. i think it's important to remember now there's absolutely no way our founding fathers envisioned that. there's no way our founding fathers envisioned the notion of privilege would be to allow the chief executive to protect themselves from an investigation. they have just thrown off the yolks of a king, an oppressive king. it's hard to imagine they would want to give the president of the united states powers above the law. >> do you think someone will willing to take him on or will they cave? >> i certainly hope so.
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thai it's been disappointing almost to a person so far. the very few exceptions that have to do up. many of them have left. senator pmccain has passed away. >> let me make sure i understand. is there anything that you would think that the president should have executive privilege on in this report? separate from classified redaction which is something you're acknowledging should be able to happen but you think congress should be involved. do you think he should claim executive privilege on anything? >> i don't think the president of the united states who is the subject of the investigation should be able to decide what congress gets. i think there ought to be an understanding between the congress and the president of the united states that classified information should not be revealed. the president doesn't get that opportunity. the privilege is a much more narrow one than the president is envisioning right now.
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>> when do you think this is going to be ready? obviously there's been reports we could get it any day, any week. this has been happening for weeks. do you expect given your own investigation into this, do you expect further indictments from bob mueller? >> mr. mueller has been extraordinary in keeping what he's got in mind to himself. i expect it will be released fairly soon. i do think the american public needs to be aware of the fact there's a number of using special counsel's term of criminal investigations that are ongoing. in addition, the house has only resumed an investigation that was halted by a republican colleague some time ago. the fact is, those investigations had very different purposes. the special counsel's investigation was solely to determine who to bring to justice. that doesn't mean that a lot of wrong doing won't be called upon
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in his report. he's deciding who to indict. there's a lot of information out there that we will be uncovering that details collusion efforts by the white house which the special counsel may have decided didn't meet the burden of beyond a reasonable doubt. all information the american public deserves to know. >> what conspiracy he needs to look for. thank you very much. i appreciate it, congressman. >> any time. thank you. next, the president's long time adviser kellyanne conway, we all know her. now she has to defend the mental state of the president of the united states. wait until you hear that, next. plus the president's chief of staff forced to declare there. >> i don't think anybody can say that the president is anti-muslim. >> okay. well then why is president trump still backing judge janine
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slamming bob mueller, saturday night live, a decease congressman. praising himself. she dismissed his health is deteriorating. >> i have four kids and i was getting out of house and talked to the president about substance. i may not be up to speed on all of them. >> all of them meaning the tweets from her husband. she's weighing in because the person making the latest claim is her husband, george conway. he's a respected conservative attorney. he's spoken out about trump numerous times. his claims today were different. they were very personal, including images from the american psychiatrist association diagnostic and statistical manner of disorder. this warning, his condition is getting worse. all americans should be thinking about his mental condition and psychological state including congress, vice president and
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cabinet. it's pretty stunning to think about this. george conway, husband to the chief counselor to the president. while he did not specifically mention the 25th amendment by name, which is what allows cabinet members to remove a president. it was applied by his use of cabinet. a claim echoing what an unnamed senior trump official wrote in that scathing op-ed in the new york times last fall. there were early whispers within the cabinet of invoking the 25th amendment which would start a complex process for removing the president. when it comes to the president erratic and obsessive tweeting which is what prompted george conway's claim. mike pompeo made light even as he was making a serious point too. >> what's it like to work as the secretary of state and just how do you feel about being in that role and how long do you plan to
4:16 pm
be there? >> i'm going to be there until he tweets me out of office. [ applause ] >> which i'm not counting on, at least today. >> all right. abbey is out front outside the white house. look, a tweet storm from this president far from unusual but this weekend was different. right it was again and again and again. it was a barrage. it was personal. it was slamming person after person. are we hearing anything else about the white house and address the concern? >> reporter: these tweets come as a surprise even to white house aides. they don't know when or what the president will tweet before he tweets. so far the white house hasn't responded to some of the concerns being raised by people like george conway about what the tweets mean and what they show about the president's
4:17 pm
mental state and psychological state. those were the words that george conway used. one of the things we have seen in the white house is they have been holding back in responding to conway who has been a harsh critic of the president on social media out of respect for kellyanne conway. at the same time they say what you're seeing from the president is about two things. it's about transparency. he is telling the world what's on his mind but they say it demonstrates the range of issues he is fixated on. he's thinking about general motor, mueller probe, a number of different things. he's tweeting about it at the same time. it's clear that the white house and the president unders there are some concerns out there about what is going on with him. when he took his physical exam, he took a cognitive exam voluntarily and the doctor at the time said he passed with flying colors. it underscored how there's an awareness from the president and
4:18 pm
also from people in the white house that people have questions about his mental state. they have been trying to tamp those down. president trump called himself a very stable genius. these tweets over the weekend erratic in nature are raising more questions about what exactly he is so concerned about and why he doesn't seem to have other things to occupy his time other than tweeting on a busy weekend if march. >> thank you very much. let's go to bill crystal. george conway gets right to it. two republica read his tweets this morning. think seriously about his mental condition and psychological state then tell me you're fine with him as president of the united states for an additional four years. what is different now that you think this should be breaking
4:19 pm
point for republicans? >> republicans have chance to change horses or captains in 2020. they have an obligation to make a choice. so many of them are sort acquiesing for him when they shouldn't. they need to read the tweets and retweets. this is still are a year and a half left and tell themselves we can do better. that's what you're saying. there's no governor, no senator, no congressman, no one else, including people who might have voted for trump or work for trump wo wouho would be a bette president in carrying forth conservative policies. i think that's a ridiculous position. trump is benefitting hugely from fatalism. i figure if i can play my part on twitter by trying to break
4:20 pm
that. i'm glad he used my tweet for his tweet which got a lot of attention. >> here is the reality. trump tweets. he tweets often in a way that people around him are embarrassed about or a shamed of and maybe don't want to admit it. we all know that's the case. this weekend 50 tweets and retweets. 50. none of them were about new zealand or anything like that. a lot of them were personal again, john mccain, who is dead. a local union leader in lordstown, ohio, bob mueller, saturday night live. does any of it ever bother you steve? >> let me address the issue that bill crystal raised about whether the party can do better than donald trump. i'm not sure we could have a presidential candidate that would deliver these kind of results with this phenomenal economy. i learned from cnn that 71% of americans think the country is going in the right direction. >> that's the highest since
4:21 pm
february 2001. >> in terms of job performance, people are really pleased with what trump is doing. you asked me about the tweets. sometimes i roll my eyes when i see some of these. i wish he would tweet less. i agree with bill crystal. i wish he would be more presidential. some of tweets, by the way, i know donald trump. i spent a lot of time with him during the campaign. i think he's just tweaking you guys. he's poking fun at you and you always fall for the bait. i thought the one on saturday night live was hilarious. the tweet he did on joe biden. he's kind of having fun with you. you all take it so super serious. >> some of us -- >> i like his results. i don't always like his behavior. if i were his chief of staff, i would try to get him to stop tweeting. >> the results are due to flnorl republican policies. there's no distinctive trump results that are positive.
4:22 pm
if you think it's funny to insult joe biden's iq, i know you don't think it's funny to insult senator mseriously the n zealand shooter mentions trump and how it's not consistent with american principles and american policies and president of the united states he could contribute to the national discourse. i think all of that is very achievable with a different republican president. >> you got a president right now who has, according to that poll that was just released, i don't remember the exact numbers but only 8% of republicans don't approve of the job that donald trump is doing. that puts -- >> about a half of -- i agree with that. about half of them would like to have a choice in 2020. you can say a lot of policies are good. >> listen to what the democrats are saying.
4:23 pm
you've got democrat, major democratic candidates who want to shut down 75% of our energy policy, who want to get rid of border patrol. who want government take over the health care center. who want reparations. those are deranged policies. >> that's why i want another republican steve who would be a better bet to defeat those democrats. what is in this wonderful poll that steve is highlighting. >> what is donald trump approval rating. 42%. >> he won with 38% approval rating. >> 71% said the nation's economy is in good slhape. that's a good thing for the president. his approval rating has moved up to 42. that's above rojnald reagan. >> we're coming out of a terrible recession. >> bill do you he could be dp t
4:24 pm
defeated? >> i think he's an underdog now. the economy was strong. the majority of americans are not comfortable with him as president. they are happy about some of the policies. you can have the best of both worlds with republican policies and not donald trump as president. >> when i was driving over here today, my cab driver, i said what do you think about donald trump. he said i don't like him very much but i like the job situation. people are pleased with the direction of the country and you know this bill, even in politics, if people feel the direction of the country is going the right way, they will forgive trump for some of his bad behavior. i like the guy a lot. i don't like his behavior some time. i think that's where most republicans are. >> all right. i'll leave it there. thank you both very much. next, how can the president's chief of staff say trump is not anti-muslim when trump is still defending this.
4:25 pm
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trump's chief of staff forced to say the words the president is not a white supremacists and trump is not an white supremacist after he failed to call white nationalism a growing threat depispite the growing attacks in new zealand. >> the president is not a white supremacists. i'm not sure how many times we have to say that. look at what we have done while we have been here. >> the president is also under fire for calling on fox news to bring back anchor jeanine pirro who was suspended over the weekend about these comments for congresswoman illhan omar.
4:30 pm
>> she is her adherence indicative of sheria law which is antithetical to the united states constitution. >> outside former michigan from governor. he would have been the nation's first muslim gopher and national press secretary for the trump campaign. good to have you back. let me start with you. the president's chief of staff, you just heard, mick mulvaney saying i don't think anybody can say the president is anti-muslim. your reaction? >> trump gets enough air time as it is. the question is whether or not we have more or less love in our society. the facts on his candidacy and eventual tenure in officer tell the story. he ran on a muslim ban and first 100 days trying to enact it. then you have all the times he's called certain countries and places words that aren't worth
4:31 pm
repeating. the fact he's targeted and lastly just this weekend after 51 lives were lost in a mosque because of how they prayed, he wants to go on and defend somebody who is equating wearing a hijab to being antithetical to this country. the question is whether or not we're willing to invest in an america that are not tearing people apart. we're cominining around an idea an america. >> what do you say? why would the president defend her? >> his family defended her because they have known her for decades and knows that one excellent isn't emblemmatic of her as a person. he talks about the travel ban that was up leheld by the supre court. >> once he changed it to include venezuela. >> he issued an executive order taking three muslim countries
4:32 pm
off it when they got the proper security mechanisms. this was a narrowly tailored ban. he's not anti-mulim. it's a ridiculous assertion. if we want to talk about religious bigotry, we have to talk about the democratic party and the anti-semetic remarks. >> now, in terms of that resolution and how it got watered down, you have a point. the muslim issue is a very serious point. when you have 51 people killed, it is a serious conversation as to why the president did not speak out forcefully. i want the play some of the past comment he's made so anyone who is not aware is aware about why there is such a muslim question when it comes to this president. here he is. >> if you have people coming out of mosques with hatred and with death in their eyes, we'll have to do something. >> i think islam hates us.
4:33 pm
there's something there that is tremendous hatred there. >> it's radical islamic terrorism. there's a lot of hatred. >> i think islam hates us. you have people coming out mosques with hatred and death in their eyes. this is a person who comes off as anti-muslim. there's no other way to describe those comments. >> at the same time he said the comment, he talked about how he had many muslim friends. they are great men and women. he made those comments that we could have played. he did con tell me what happened in new zealand immediately. when you play these comments this was at a time, many of those comments a few days after 14 lives were lost in san bernardino and someone got in this country on a k-1 visa and conducted those murders. that person does hate us. >> he didn't talk a person. he talked about an entire religion. he talked about an entire religion. >> it's the radical elements of
4:34 pm
the muslim faith. this came at a time that james clapper talked about the fact that you had people trying to disguise themselves as innocent refugees. isis trying to get into that flow. this was the context of that discussion. >> if i can jump in. talking about hatred in their eyes. there was a man in new zealand who walked into a mosque with hay treads and death in his tries. he did this after praising in an 80 page donald trump somebody who renewed this white identity. i was raised in a household where my mom was daughter of the american revolution. i know what can happen when people come together to build something bigger. that's the story of my life. the we is whether we're willing to embrace a future where we do that. the kind of praise for certain
4:35 pm
element, the kind of letting them pass where people who are chi white nationalist, there's good people on both sides. the question about whether or not we're willing to embrace a future where we come together. right now, let's be honest, donald trump is failing on all of his campaign promises. he's failing the people from the midwest that i spent 18 months talking to. failing their economic reality. he's starting trade wars and hurting their war, hurting farmers in my state. that's what i hope he should be focused on. >> you get the last word. >> you talk about coming together. we agree that awful killer in new zealand that had hate in his eyes and so did the person in san bernardino, nice, france. >>trating on this. i know you're paid to apologize for this man. let's be lohonest, this is man o
4:36 pm
is tearing us apart. us versus them. us versus them. >> you're doing us versus them. just like people blamed chelsea clinton. that doesn't get us anywhere. >> i think we can do better. >> better starts by not blaming. >> i know you're paid to apologize for this man but you should really -- >> i'd paid to support someone who is making this country better every day. >> i'll leave it there. thank you very much. next, president trump stepping up his criticism going of general motors going after specific individual. the man bearing prun inin inings out rage. >> the his panics panics in the uncountry legally, they love me. they love me. >> is it true. and real fruit. maybe it's the drizzle of dark chocolate. maybe it's because it's tasty and healthy.
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tonight the president gets personal, slamming a union leader by flame. the president has sent five tweets for closing its plant in lordstown, ohio. president david green ought to get his act together and produce. gm let our country down but other much better car companies are coming into the u.s. stop complaining and get the job
4:41 pm
done. o outfront now is the man he mentioned. david, okay. the president of the united states comes out in a tweet and says you better get your act together and produce. what is your reaction to that? >> i didn't take that personal. obviously president trump didn't close our plant here. general motors did. he's put it out there. his later tweet he talked about bringing that work back from mexico and china. we couldn't agree more. >> i understand and that's the irony of this is you both want the same thing when it comes to the bottom line here. i want to ask you about the timing. when he decided to go after you personally. you were talking about people losing jobs at the lordstown plant. you mentioned how there were job losses. you said people were quote starting to wake up.
4:42 pm
you were referring to the president. what do you think about the fact he would watch that and get your local union number. he would take the time to call you out by name so personally and negatively? >> well, he's the president of the united states. i guess he's kind of been accustom accustomed. i think we can do a lot more here. this area has struggled with job loss and the unemployment rate is extremely high. this is kind of unique to maybe other parts of the country. i just want to make sure he recognizes and understands how important this general motors plant is to the community. >> you have written him two letters about the plant. you reached out to him last summer. you reached out to him before
4:43 pm
the state of the union. i know he's coming the ohio this week. his rally will be about an hour away from where you're standing. has he responded the you in any way? >> i have not received any kind of response from the letters i have written. i guess i was kind of hoping for that. it is what it is. >> i mean, look, you're taking the high road. i think a lot of people will applauds y applaud you for that. the plant closed just over two weeks ago. 5,400 people. people you work with losing their jobs. what is happening? what are they doing now? >> general motors unallocated the plant. tla they're not tells us it's closed and they're not telling us it's ieds idle. it's a strange place to be. a lot of trying to decide whether they should transfer out or wait this out and wait for some more future product to be allocated here. >> should the president be
4:44 pm
holding you personally responsible as he is doing? >> i don't think he knows me very well. i've been working really hard. i was in plant today working in the plant packing up some parts for cars. i continue to work every day tirelessly to get some product here. we have a driver it home ohio camp that the whole community has gotten behind to convince general motors we're part of their family and want to remain part of family and keep working here for another 53 years. >> what does he not understand this he needs to understand? >> i think just looking at numbers and recognizing that people here in the community are struggling. you can talk about a low unemployment rate but until you come here to the valley and see the people. we're that plant's located 48% of the working people and this is from the report about year ago. 48% of the working people are eligible for government assistance. when you have almost half the
4:45 pm
people that have jobs are eligible for free cheese, it seems like the system is broken. >> when it comes to the system being broken, a lot of people where you are voted for him. you lived in a county that voted for the president in 2016. it's been since the 1970s, every single time your county voted democratic. what do you hear now? what do you hear from your union members about their perception, their feelings of the president to bring manufacturing jobs back? >> i think most people in the valley want to talk about jobs. they want to hear a candidate who comes in and talks about bringing revitalzation in areas. i just think that we need a candidate that has a plan. has a 10, 20, 30, 50 year plan. i think that's extremely important. >> all right. i really appreciate your time.
4:46 pm
thank you very much for talking to us. i hope a lot of people hear and learn about what's happening there. thank you. >> thanks. next, president trump says hispanics love him. retravel we traveled to the border to find out what they think. >> we do have a lot of problems with immigration. i do support his stance for the wall. >> you'll see the full story. it's said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. >> i love the united states. we just got married. we're all under one roof now. congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though.
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(vo) go national. go like a pro. tonight, a new cnn poll shows a third of latino voters approve of how president trump is doing his job. according to the new cnn poll, the president has a 34% approval rating among latinos. so, who are the latino voters supporting trump? miguel marquez is out front. >> reporter: the u.s./mexico border in south texas, dividing countries and latino voters. >> you were born and raised in mcallen, texas, yes? >> and you live a mile from where we're standing, the wall? >> uh-huh. >> and you want to see this not only taller, but longer? >> longer and taller, yes. >> how much taller? >> twice.
4:51 pm
twice as much, at least. >> and you want the whole border, 2,600 miles? >> 2,600 miles, yes, sir. >> reporter: president trump, for years -- >> by the way, the hispanics that are in the country legally, they love me. they love me. they love me. >> reporter: has touted how much latinos love him. raul rodriguez is one of those who appreciates the president's business acumen, religious alignment and border politics, particularly the wall. >> i don't think the wall is going to be a barrier really for the good people. it lab barrier for the bad people. >> we are mounting an investigation. >> reporter: while a majority of latinos disapprove of the president's job performance, many angered by the family separation policy focused on the wall and rhetoric about immigrants. the president still has some latino support. about a third which is on par with other past republican
4:52 pm
presidents. >> you're working on your citizenship. >> i am working on my citizenship. >> so you can't vote for trump? >> not yet. >> reporter: mara gutierrez came to the u.s. from mexico when she was 3. she is working toward getting her citizenship and hopes to vote for the president come 2020. her top three issues, abortion, the economy, and immigration. we do have a lot of problems here with immigration, and i do support his stance for the wall. >> reporter: trump-supporting latinos here say the president has more support than many are willing to admit. he says membership has more doubled in the last year. >> how difficult a sell is it to young republicans, to young people, to latinos in this area to support the republican party and the president? >> i'm actually quite shocked, because the last time the president visited or the last time he came to the valley, you know, there was a lot of people that were out there supporting him. >> reporter: hernandez and other
4:53 pm
latinos we spoke to had little doubt that with their help, trump will win a second term in office and make good on his promise to fix an immigration system they view as broken. >> so here in this area of south texas, this is a lot of what the barrier looks like between the u.s. and mexico, only about 5 feet high, made of metal. but to be fair, it's about a 20-foot drop on the other side that you can't see. now, most latinos do not like the president's policies on the wall or on immigration, but those that we spoke to here that support him say there is a national emergency and they would like to see the size of this thing doubled or tripled. erin? >> all right. miguel, thank you very much. and coming up tonight on cnn, a live presidential town hall with democratic candidate, elizabeth warren. you can see that at 9:00 eastern. and next, jeanne on beto o'rourke getting the late-night treatment. >> you can trust me, there's not a dishonest bone in my body.
4:54 pm
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4:58 pm
tonight, beto o'rourke proving he's leaving an impression, at least for the late nights. here's jeanne. >> reporter: they're squealing for beto. who doesn't quite sound like your run-of-the-mill presidential candidate. >> in our future, we will be more screwed -- >> reporter: for beto or for o worse, he seems to be making an impression. and one way we know that is he's already become an impression. >> i love the united states and i love running. >> reporter: jimmy fallon couldn't keep his hands off those ever-moving arms. >> however great or however small -- >> reporter: though jimmy's version of beto had him donating blood. >> gah! >> reporter: while announcing his run for the presidency. >> i was born to do this. i'm like if your friend's hot dad had the energy of a golden retriever. >> reporter: remember how quick
4:59 pm
fallon was to imitate donald trump, the candidate. >> wow, like fantastic. >> reporter: even with the real trump as a mirror image. >> i'm like a greek god that just took a bath in a pumpkin spice latte. >> reporter: kate mckinnon has spiced up her elizabeth warren impression on "snl". >> beto o'rourke. there's a reason he's got a nice face and good skin. he ain't done anything. baby don't know. >> reporter: with beto bouncing into the race, even reporters can't resist channeling him. >> beto o'rourke conducts an orchestra with his hands while he speaks. >> reporter: but so far, beto has rolled up his sleeves and continued to come out swinging. >> i would argue and i know that this is contentious among some, not everyone will agree. >> reporter: an impersonator and others with a bone to pick about his gesticulating haven't yet forced him to adopt a policy of arms control. >> you can trust me. there's not a dishonest bone in my body. actually, there aren't any bones
5:00 pm
in my body. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> and thanks for joining us. don't forget, you can watch "outfront" anytime. just go to cnn go. anderson starts now. good evening. there's breaking news tonight and it has to do with the pending mueller findings and whether the white house is going to try to hide some of the information before congress and you get to see it through executive privilege. it would, of course, set up a huge political battle. i want to go to cnn senior white house correspondent, pamela brown, who's breaking the story. so explain what you've learned about this? >> well, anderson, we've learned that white house lawyers expect to review whatever version of mueller's report attorney general barr submits to congress before it reaches lawmakers. and this could be a flash bang. and it sets up a political battle over this hotly anticipated document. these attorneys in the white house want the white house to have an opportunity to claim an executive privilege over any information drawn from documents and interviews with white h