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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 19, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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from president trump and today he welcomed his brazilian counterpart in a man who was singing from the same hymnal to the white house. >> may i say that brazil and the united states stand side by side in their efforts to ensure liberties and respect to traditional family lifestyles, respect to god our creator against the attitudes and against fake news. >> i call it fake news. i'm very proud to hear the president use the term fake news. >> president jair bolsonaro who is known as the trump of the tropics has come under fire for language that is anti-immigrant, language critics say has led to a surge in violence against indigenous brazilians and that controversy is something similar to president trump who has been slammed for his rather tepid responses to the new zealand mosque shootings, to charlottesville and to more. let's start at the white house with our correspondent abby
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phillip. it is notable that both leaders stood up there and talked about fighting terror, neither of whom mentioned, you know, condemning white nationalism, the threat globally, what happened in new zealand, none of it? >> reporter: no, none of that was mentioned at all, brooke. it's kind of rare sometimes to see the president really feeling like he has a partner in crime in this world leader who is so similar to him in a lot of ways. president bolsonaro saying at the end there at the press conference that he was confident that president trump would be re-elected to another four-year term but these are two men who came into the office on the backs of this idea that they flout political correctness. that they don't care what you want them to talk about. they'll talk about what they think is important and the use of that term fake ne"news" was t an accident. it was a nod to president trump and a way of president bolsonaro saying, i've got your back and president trump essentially said
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the same thing. so there was no discussion of some of these thornier issues especially the ones that president trump has been dealing with over the weekend. his failure to say more about rising hate, rising white nationalism globally and say more about, you know, supporting the muslim community in the face of an attack like the one in new zealand. he was in pretty friendly company and he got at least one set of questions that was also quite friendly as well from a conservative media outlet. >> speaking of, a turn to 2020 from said outlet, the president was asked about the idea from the democratic side of this notion of expanding the size of the u.s. supreme court. so here is trump's response. >> no, i wouldn't entertain that. the only reason is they're doing that is they want to try and catch up. if they can't catch up through the ballot box by winning an election, they want to try doing it in a different way. no. we would have no interest in that whatsoever. it won't happen i guarantee --
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it won't happen for six years. >> so i suppose no surprise given the supreme court appointments are one of his biggest achievements and legacy of his time in washington. >> reporter: absolutely no surprise. that's what is almost like tee ball for president trump. it's setting up a question for him that's actually really important to his base as you pointed out, the issue of the supreme court is so central to conservative voters, that was one of the reasons president trump has said this himself he believes he was elected. in the campaign he said i'm going to stick to this list of potential judges and if i'm president i promise to appoint one of these people from this list and that list had been vetted by conservative legal scholars here in washington, so essentially president trump is signaling to his base here that i'm not going to change my strategy and i'm not even going to entertain the possibility that the court could be brought further to the left by a potential democratic president or by anyone really in the future, but, of course, these ideas are a little bit more complex than simply packing the
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courts. if you hear at least one of the democratic candidates, they're talking about the idea of making the court a little less political but that's not how president trump framed it. he made it sound as if what this was was an attempt by democrats to really rig the court in their favor by adding more liberal judges to the court, brooke. >> abby phillip, thank you at the white house for us and we'll also talk in just a couple more minutes about the, again, president's new and harsh attack today on the late senator john mccain. so we'll talk about that coming up. first, it was the fbi raid that president trump called a disgrace and now we are learning from just released documents that the search of michael cohen's properties was months and months in the making. in fact, these documents show that cohen, the president's former lawyer and fixer, was a target of robert mueller almost immediately after he was appointed to special counsel back in may of 2017. that raid of cohen's office and hotel and apartment took place last april. the filings also reveal the feds almost searched the wrong hotel room but citing the documents
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quote another law enforcement agent learned from a hotel employee that cohen's room was eventually one floor below. shimon prokupecz is our cnn crime and justice reporter and shimon, you've been going through all these hundreds of documents. do they explain what it was that specifically led mueller to want to look into michael cohen? >> in very general terms, brooke, it explains what the violations were, the crimes that they were investigating and it's similar to what we've seen in the paul manafort case, bank fraud, also the fact that doing work for foreign -- as a foreign agent and not registering. it's along those lines but exactly what specifically led them to start looking at michael cohen for these crimes is not clear. keep in mind that michael cohen was never charged with any of the counts from the special counsel's office. everything eventually moved over to the southern district of new york where he ultimately pleaded guilty and admitted to
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all these crimes. but it's probably a lot more involved. the reason we don't know is because the search warrants that the special counsel team obtained have not been made public. so we don't know what evidence they had to suggest that they needed these warrants, what did they tell the judge here in washington, d.c. about why they needed these search warrants to search his emails. that's what they were doing. they were going through tons of his emails. they were going through phone calls, contacts that he was having with people, so they were watching him for quite some time and as you said, brooke, it was just months. about two months after the special counsel was appointed that they went ahead and started getting these search warrants and trying to build this case against michael cohen. >> okay. shimon, thank you. i've got elliott williams and elie honig back with me. let's just start by explaining what all this is. you have in your hot hands here all these documents and i seal see the redactions. what's in those papers? >> this is 269 pages that a
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prosecutor walked over to a federal judge here in new york and said, i have probable cause to search michael cohen, his email, his icloud, his phone records, right? it's not the easiest thing in the world to do, but what you do is you martial all the evidence. this is ten times more evidence than i've ever presented to a federal judge to get a search warrant. what this shows is that, even before they did those searches in april of 2018, which i think put michael cohen on the map -- >> the very public raid. >> that's when we all started paying attention. they already had this much evidence. so all this talk about conspiracy theory by trump and by giuliani is complete nonsense. >> let's remind everyone what president trump said about those raids. roll it. >> so i just heard that they broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys, good man and it's a disgraceful situation. >> elliott, broke into the office and disgraceful, so
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doesn't this prove that ain't true. >> they called it disgraceful and unlawful but what you see here is the meticulous work of prosecutors and fbi agents to go through and establish probable cause. it's not easy to do and this is -- i read through it this morning too. it is done effectively and done well. it further highlights that michael cohen and frank i everything that's happening in the southern district of new york is a far greater threat to the president of the united states than anything else he's facing right now because this is the proof of what happens when the president and his folks are investigated. >> let's get into it. i read through this. cohen was paid more than $500,000 from this company called columbus nova controlled by russian oligarch viktor vekselberg who was close to putin, subject of sanctions because cohen was consulting, right, and it was that money that he received that he then funneled through his llc, essential consultants which is how we reported months ago how he paid the hush money to stormy
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daniels. >> heavy air quotes on consultants. it's unclear on what consulting -- >> we don't know. >> this is a shell company. this is why people create shell companies because they want to move money in a way they hope they can hide from investigators and that led to i think what a lot of people are noticing which is all these redactions. 20 pages of this. it's frustrating as a reader but i think they're talking to us through these redactions. >> how do you mean? >> there's 20 pages of this -- first of all -- >> show what that looks like. >> this times 20, a little dissatisfying to the reader. before they even raided michael cohen's home and office and hotel. they were well on to the campaign finance. there's another clue too. judge pauley who is the judge in the southern district who's presiding over this, last week when he was ordering the release of this document said, he said this, he said that the document includes a quote, catalogs and assortment of uncharged individuals and details their involvement in the campaign finance charges to which cohen pled guilty. he has seen underneath these redactions and he tells us
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there's other people named in here who are -- >> spell that out. spell that out. >> again p we know the judge knows what's underneath the redactions and it's not good for michael cohen -- >> other individuals currently under investigation. >> currently under investigation, wink, wink. the other thing that was interesting here, though is they make a reference to michael cohen being investigated but not charged with this foreign agent registration stuff. when you're talking about this -- let's use the air quotes again, consulting company, it was seeded with a lot of russian money and he wasn't reporting some of the contacts he was having with individuals overseas. i think this is the first time we've seen cohen brought into the international game that we've sort of heard paul manafort and others associated with. it was just striking to see because we've associated him with these payoffs to porn stars but not these international deals -- >> and it was because of the legislation the president signed into law and said, we need to
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take a closer look at this because this president just created this law that enables us to look into michael cohen's bits and pieces overseas. i just wanted to point that out. stay with me. a "new york times" report that lays out in stunning detail how donald trump worked with deutsche bank to get more than 2 billion in loans over the years often by inflating his own wealth. plus president trump going after the late senator john mccain again today saying that he was never a fan of the late senator and never will be. and, senator elizabeth warren during a cnn town hall becomes just the latest 2020 democrat to call for the elimination of the electoral college. we'll debate whether that idea has any traction. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis.
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all right. new findings just in to cnn about democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke, cnn's k file found that the former texas congressman once called for significant spending cuts and tax increases to address the united states', quote, extravagant and quote out of control debt. they just hit publish on andrew kosinski is with me from k file. this is a man who would like to be president who has been short on policy substance. this is what he suffered so far as far as criticism. what is it he say as far as spending? >> it's pretty interesting because we sort of talk about the lack of policy specifics, when he was running in this race, he hit his opponent for not choosing like which specific cuts he would want to make to the federal government. he said we need to look at
12:17 pm
things like social security means testing, raising the retirement age. sorts of stuff that might be a little out of step with the current democratic primary. >> okay. so specifically -- it sounds to me what you're saying is that unlike what we're seeing currently with the democratic base and his contenders that move further left, that this would be at odds with what his base would want to hear now? >> a little bit at odds, yeah. one of the plans he specifically cited was simpson bowls which was that deficit reduction plan from the commission that president obama set up and that sort of looked at tax increases, domestic and military spending cuts, means testing for medicare, raising the retirement age and that was just one specific plan that he said we should look at. >> and when did he say this? >> in 2012. >> 2012. >> the thing that's actually interesting is, we asked his people for comment about it and they said that he no longer
12:18 pm
believes in raising the retirement age for social security. >> that's interesting that that's what they're saying. we'll perhaps have some comments from the congressman himself. thank you. former republican congressional communications director andkeithboykin is here. let me begin actually, keith with asking you about what andrew and k fifile is reportin and i'm curious just to my point about, you know, where the democratic base is right now, do you think he will have some explaining to do? >> well, this is the first time i've heard those statements, brooke, and i don't think those statements in terms of raising the retirement age and some of the cuts to entitlement programs would be a very popular and with the democratic base and democratic primaries. if he's talking about cutting from the $700 billion defense budget, you'd probably have a
12:19 pm
lot more support of that in the democratic party. i think it's just a reflection we doesn't know a lot about beto o'rourke or any of the candidates yet because we haven't had debates. we're almost a year away before we have any presidential primary caucus vote. people should slow down a bit. learn more about the candidates before we rush to judgment about which one we like or don't like and let's hear them speak and let's hear their thoughts fleshed out in a real debate. >> staying on 2020 here, tara, this is for you because they're all this new notions coming out. you just heard the president being asked about this democratic notion about expanding the u.s. supreme court. here's another idea that came about at our cnn town hall last night. roll it. >> you know, come a general election, presidential candidates don't come to places like mississippi. yeah. they also don't come to places like california and massachusetts, right, because we're not the battleground
12:20 pm
states. my view is that every vote matters. that means get rid of the electoral college and everybody. >> tara, make your case of why that is not a good idea. >> first of all, we're a republic not a democracy and our founding fathers did that for a reason because they didn't want the tirnny of the majority which is what would happen if you went to a direct democracy vote. guess what? elizabeth warren wouldn't be in jackson, mississippi, if that were the case either because that's not where the votes are. she'd be in california, new york and texas. also when you look at it with a different movements. i know that there's some expansion of this movement now, you have i think 11 states that are saying this national populist vote movement, colorado just joined, this is where also an example of where state legislators matter because states have to -- are the ones that are really in control of
12:21 pm
their electoral votes and what they do with them. maine and nebraska have decided to split their electoral votes, most other states are winner take all. now you have this movement where you have some states that are saying, well, we might have a proportional representation of our electoral votes, but you still -- there's a lot that would have to happen in order for that to change. plus you would need a constitutional amendment change to get rid of the electoral college in the way that these people want to do it. you would also create the potential of getting rid of two parties. you could have 25 parties if you want. you could win by plurality, not necessarily by a majority. there's a lot of problems with the idea of getting rid of the electoral college. it's great for an applause line and for people that don't understand why the founding fathers decided they wanted to have smaller states represented in certain ways and why we have two bicameral congress, in practicality, i think it would be a disaster and it would take an enormous effort to change the electoral college including constitutionally. >> i completely disagree.
12:22 pm
first of all, it doesn't take a constitutional amendment to change it. the national popular vote interstate compact would allow the states themselves to determine the electoral college vote based on the popular vote winner -- >> and that would be challenged. >> as you already mentioned, we already have -- it's now 13 states i believe and the district of colombia have already signed on to this popular vote compact. what it does is encourages candidates to campaign everywhere like elizabeth warren said. if you look a state like florida, in the 2016 election, there were 71 campaign events in florida. there were zero in alabama, zero in north dakota and south dakota, zero in arkansas and alabama, zero in oklahoma. the reason why is that 94% of the campaign events were focused on 12 swing states. that's not democratic. it's not representative of where the country is and that's not the way we should elect our leaders. even if you want to say this is a republic and not a deposition, you still have a majority vote,
12:23 pm
a majority will, the will of the most people, not the fewest vote -- >> the fewest are represented, though. >> twice in the past 20 years in the past two decades, the candidate who lost the popular vote, who got fewer votes than the other candidate won the presidency, first with al gore in 2000 and second with hillary clinton in 2016. >> it doesn't matter. >> it almost happened to george w. bush in 2004 if the shift of 60,000 votes in ohio had -- would have changed the election so john kerry would have ended up being president -- >> it was bush in '04 who was the last republican to win the popular vote. tara, i want you to respond. go ahead. >> look, the other side of this is that, it sounds really good but we've never -- our system has never been based nationally on one person one vote. it's not. that's not how the founding fathers wanted it -- >> remember --
12:24 pm
>> that's a different discussion. that's a different discussion. that's not what we're dealing with. >> it's apart of the same relic of the constitution -- >> so you think the constitution is a living document and we should amend it then, then let the states do that. we have a system to do that. a direct democracy vote would x out minority and smaller states and -- >> that's just not true. >> let's end on something where i think we're both going to agree and this is just continuously disgraceful. this is yet another swipe that president trump took at the late senator john mccain. this is as recent as this afternoon. watch. >> why are you attacking senator john mccain months after his death? >> i'm very unhappy that he didn't repeal and replace obamacare as you know. he campaigned on repealing and replacing obamacare for years and he got to a vote and said thumbs down and our country would have saved a trillion dollars. we would have had great health care. he campaigned, he told us hours before that he was going to repeal and replace and then for
12:25 pm
some reason, i think i understand the reason, he ended up going thumbs up and frankly, had we even known that i think we could have gotten the vote i think we could have gotten somebody else. that's disgraceful. i was never a fan of john mccain and i never will be. >> never a fan of john mccain, never will be. tara, here he is in the oval office, it's totally disrespectful but why can't he let mccain go? >> he's had a bee in his bonnet for john mccain for decades where he questioned john mccain's service. it's very obvious what's going on here. donald trump doesn't like anyone who doesn't like him or who stands up to him and he also could never measure up to the man that john mccain is. i didn't agree with john mccain on everything even as a republican, but as a hero, as an american hero in this country, that is unequivocal. what this man endured and the sacrifices he made for the service of this country is unmatched and donald trump is a silver spoon draft dodger that doesn't understand that level of
12:26 pm
service or honor or courage. so this is just a sad display of a man who's very insecure that can't stand the fact that someone who is more decent than he could ever be did something to stand up to him in principal. it is a disgrace and it is beneath the office of the presidency but he's not going to stop. this is who he is. >> i agree. >> i know you agree, keith. >> i agree with tara on this issue. >> keith and tara, guys, thank you very much. just a reminder to all of you, don't miss the perresidentl town hall with the former colorado governor. that is live tomorrow night at 10:00 eastern. coming up next, president trump weighs in on a $250 million lawsuit filed by republican congressman devin nunes over a series of parody twitter accounts that criticized him but does he have a case? we'll be right back. the sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999...
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it's a look what your wifi can do now store. a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. republican congressman devin nunes is suing twitter and several parody accounts for poking fun at him. he's seeking at least 250 million from the social media site. his suit claims twitter didn't do enough to curb the behavior.
12:32 pm
the congressman also accuses the company of censoring conservatives and trying to influence his re-election campaign. >> how is it possible that i can be attacked relentlessly, hundreds of times a day by fake accounts that they claim in their terms of service should not be there? i guarantee you, if i put something out that was sexually explicit or attacked someone personally, they would stop it. they would say this is a sensitive tweet. they never did that to any of the people that were coming after me or other conservatives, so and this is more -- this is more than just conservatives. every american should care about this if they care about the first amendment. >> senior congressional kpant manu raju is up on capitol hill for us and even the president, who certainly doesn't shy away from, you know, tweeting weighed in on this at that news conference earlier today. what did he say? >> reporter: this is all part of a larger argument by knew
12:33 pm
necessities and conservatives and shadow banning essentially censoring conservatives from this platform. now twitter has denied it saying they're not involved in any shadow banning but it hasn't stopped the suspiciouses of people like nunes who say they do. the account of these two anonymous account, devin nunes mom and devin nunes cow engage in what he says is vicious defamation campaign and also he says no human being should ever have to bear and suffer this in their whole life. this is a lawsuit filed today in court. the president was asked about this at his news conference earlier and he gave some support to devin nunes' effort. >> we have to do something. i have many, many millions of followers on twitter and it's different than it used to be.
12:34 pm
things are happening, names are taken off. people aren't getting through. you've heard the same complaints and it seems to be if they're conservative, if they're republicans, if they're in a certain group, there's discrimination and big discrimination. >> reporter: now at the same time, brooke, president trump has faced a lot of questions from democrats on capitol hill as part of their investigation into what they believe has been obstruction of justice in the white house. the house judiciary committee had sent letters to 81 individuals and entities and asking for a responses by a monday deadline to a range of questions that they believe were abuse of power by president trump. we have learned that the white house missed that monday deadline to provide documents to the committee run by jerry nadler, the democratic chairman we're told by a source familiar with the matter that they do plan to respond sometime in the near future but they missed that response and at the same time, brooke, we're told by republicans on the house judiciary committee that just eight individuals have actually
12:35 pm
responded out of the 81 -- nine have indicated that they will turn over documents this week, but democrats say they expect many more to respond after they said privately they would respond. one entity that has not respond is the white house. >> okay. manu, thank you. i want to go back to devin nunes. elliott williams and elie honig are back with me. elliott -- >> it's a lot. >> it's a lot. how do you come up with 250 million and wouldn't it set a dangerous precedent? >> he's claiming that he's harmed to the measure of $250 million because he can't get his message out there as a member of congress or whatever. look, deeply woven into this first amendment and all the cases that support it are the fact that famous people public
12:36 pm
figures just aren't entitled to the same protections. politicians are entitled to an even less protection because there's a long history throughout humanity of satire, politicians being mocked. unless there's the chance that people might actually believe the thing, but here's the thing, no one actually believes that devin nunes' mom is actually devin nunes's mom tweeting at vulgar like human sent ped pictures. no one's believing it. you don't win a first amendment case on the law. >> it depends on defamation no dice. >> he'll never see a penny of $250 million. he'll be lucky if he gets a penny. he's turning the first amendment on its head. the most protected form of political speech going back to benjamin franklin with leaflets. it's supposed to be insulting and aggressive. that's what this country is all about. i think what's really going on here is he and the president and the president just said it are
12:37 pm
trying to evolve fake news into fake social media. >> that's the point. >> that's interesting. >> here's the thing. no one likes the social media companies right now. they don't. facebook, twitter -- they don't have friends in congress in the press or public or anyone. he's actually picked a very effected foil and going after them -- he's speaking to his supporters but also people around the country too. >> elliott and ellie, thank you so much. the cozy relationship between then private citizen donald trump and deutsche bank laid out in painful detail by the "new york times" today. we have details on how he got the bank to loan him more than $2 billion over the years often by inflating his own wealth. we'll be right back. no matter where you are in life or what your dreams entail,
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there's incredible new reporting today about president trump and his decades old relationship with deutsche bank. congress and new york's attorney general are already investigating the risky, yet lenient lending deals and now the "new york times" has interviewed more than 20 current and former deutsche bank executives and are uncovering at least nine times that the german financial giant agreed to bank roll trump's business venture despite proof that he overstated his wealth. let me just gy you one more glaring examples from the "times" this morning. when mr. trump pursued the loan
12:43 pm
for what the trump hotel and tower in chicago, deutsche bank discovered that he inflated his net worth by millions of dollars. they loaned him million dollars of dollars any way, then the 2008 financial crisis hit and when the loan was due, trump sued the bank citing an act of god. dan alexander writes about all things trump and finances for forbes. dan it's a pleasure to have you in today. i understand that back in the day deutsche bank was trying to, you know, seek bigger recognition. they wanted big clients and big money rolling through, but -- but why did they come so close to him and allow him -- giving him millions and millions of dollars over -- >> these guys needed each other. deutsche bank when the relationship first started didn't have a big real estate lending arm and here was donald trump who didn't have a lot of lenders who were willing to lend him hundreds of millions of dollars.
12:44 pm
so he needs them, they need him. he's a big fish and they get together and it works out. in the first two deals they did were pretty successful, trump tower both went well. you have a relationship. now donald trump, he could have perhaps went out and got another lenders but he's already showed all of these guys all of his paper and they're comfortable doing business with him and their relationship grew from there. >> if his last name wasn't trump, this was just an average customer wanting this kind of money, what would they have said? >> if his last name weren't trump and he wasn't worth, you know, as much money as he's worth then they would've said no. although donald trump has inflated his net worth over the years, he still is a really rich guy and he still has a famous name and he's good for marketing and he can take private assets they have and put it in their accounts. so there's a lot of different reasons why it works. part of it is because he's famous, a lot of it is because
12:45 pm
he's rich. >> flights on his private plane, the times also reports that it seems to portray that trump was able to make these deals because he was in addition to having his last name and having money charismatic. he won them over. >> absolutely. that was one of the amazing things about these stories. guys are saying, i don't know if we'll be able to sell these bonds. you've gone bankrupt before. i'm not sure if people would be willing to trust you and buy your debt again and then he says, what about if i bring you down to mar-a-lago -- >> ding, ding, ding. it works. >> they all go down and play a bunch of golf. amazing details in this story. >> the point that you just made about him having a lot of money, he may not have as much money as he says he does, we know the new york ag has the power to subpoena his tax returns and does this report underscore the theory that this is one of the reasons why the president has kept so much of his pennies, nickels and dimes private? >> there are a lot of reasons for donald trump to keep his pennies, nickels and dimes
12:46 pm
private. one of them is that people like you and me would love it if he disclosed it and would take a chance to run over all these pages really closely with a fine-tooth comb. michael cohen in his testimony on the hill a couple weeks ago -- michael cohen is one of the guys who said, you know, donald trump is under audit that's why he can't release his tax return. he said when he was under oath that he's actually not sure if he's under audit but that he thinks the real reason is that donald trump didn't want hundreds of people going through his tax returns on a very detailed level and certainly that would be true of journalists but also of regulators like the new york state authority. >> dan alexander come back. appreciate it. >> thanks. coming up next, schools back open today in a suburban houston neighborhood. look at these massive, massive black plumes of smoke. live pictures from texas. this is all because of a chemical plant fire. we'll take you there live. some parents are seriously concerned about the health risk
12:47 pm
for their kids. we'll be right back. with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice.
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a massive fire is burning out of control outside of houston. firefighters are trying to contain this raging chemical fire for day and days. thick black plumes of smoke causing major concerns about air quality safety. the tanks carry components used to make gas. schools did reopen today. the company that owns the plant says the air is safe. >> it is a safe company.
12:52 pm
i have worked here for over 20 years and i believe in it. i can guarantee you that we would never do anything that is wrong to hurt our environment. >> of course itc is very sorry this unfortunate event. this is an event we wanted. many of my employees work in the city of deer park. they live in deer park. they are out there fighting this fire the best they can. >> cnn is there live for us near that plant. that picture over your right shoulder tells the story. it has been days. i know air quality is the key issue. what are city officials saying? >> well, city officials insist that the air quality is good. this company is very much under the micro scope here. as you can see behind me here this is the fire that's been
12:53 pm
raging since sunday. it is a massive plume of smoke. it is hard to believe that there isn't some sort of health ramifications coming from all of this. officials insist that plume of smoke is going so high up in the air that all of the dangerous chemicals are several thousand feet above the ground. that is in large part because the weather conditions here in the houston area have been rather favorable for all of this. this is a giant plume of smoke that is casting a massive shadow over the city of houston in the surrounding areas for dozens and dozens of miles not just here in the immediate area around the flame. we have been here this afternoon. you can see flames shooting out as five of these tanks inside this icey facility continue to burn. we expect to hear another update in about half an hour or so. but right now five tanks currently burning. local officials insist that
12:54 pm
everything here on the ground remains safe. >> i know the concerns and i understand the concerns when you see a plume of smoke, perhaps material coming down. we understand that. >> i think what the public expects and what we expect from them is to utilize every available resource to call on all available resources to assume the cost of whatever it takes to contain and put these fires out as quickly as possible. >>. >> so right now no evacuation orders in place. children were allowed to go back to school here in the area around deer park which is southeast of the downtown houston area. they say it could take until at least tomorrow to put out this fire. >> all right. we'll talk again tomorrow. thank you very much in deer park, texas. cnn will debut the latest 2020
12:55 pm
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that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> mike pence will touch down to survey the massive flood devastation and meet with families and first responders. at least four people have died in the record breaking floods there. they say waters could rise again as more rain and snow are expected over the next couple of days. 74 cities and damage estimates are already in the millions. before we go just a quick
1:00 pm
reminder. hickenlooper will answer voter questions in a live cnn town hall. that is tomorrow night 10:00 eastern who is the former colorado gof flor. thank you for being with me here. the lead with jake tapper starts now. we are about to bring you maybe the first big surprise. the lead starts right now. breaking news, one democratic presidential candidate leaping higher in new cnn polls out this second up 200% from december. now in the top three. should the familiar favorites start to worry? he can't let it go. president trump stopping on john mccain's as more signs indicate possibly it will soon be mueller time. plus michael cohen's call records details on hush money