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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  March 20, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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? >> it would not surprise me if we saw something before the end of this month. >> the mueller team started looking at cohen just months after mueller was appointed. >> the most intrusive tactic is reading somebody's e-mail and listening to their phone calls. they must have had some mud on him. >> he didn't repeal and replace obamacare. that's disgraceful. >> when the president lashes out, you take on a boarrage of special media attacks. >> he's very sincere. he still doesn't care for john mccain. there's an authenticity about that. >> he is attacking a national hero. that's plain disgusting. >> announcer: this is new day with alisyn camerota and john berman. good morning and welcome to your new day. alisyn is off. erica hill joibs ns me this morning. new this morning you'll get nothing and like it. that seems to be what the white house is saying in response to congressional requests for documents and testimony on a range of subjects.
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the chair of the house oversight committee says that he has not received a single piece of paper, not one piece of paper from the white house despite a dozen requests. the you get nothing might also be the strategy when it comes to the release of the mueller report. the administration seems to be placing as many roadblocks as possible in front of the full public release of the findings. and that process is in sharp focus right now because the special counsel's office just dropped what could be a massive clue bomb in a new legal filing robert mueller's lawyer said they faced a press of work this week. could that press be the actual report? >> as we wait and wonder, the cloud of the russia investigation looms large over the trump presidency. mr. trump now doubling down, though, on his grievances bringing them off of twitter and into the real world. once again going after the late senator john mccain saying, quote, he never was and never will be a fan. those comments coming he's sat next to his new friend on the
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global stage, brazil's new president, the so-called trump of the tropics. mr. trump also taking aim at social media companies accusing them of colluding against him and smiling as brazil's president attacked the free press. >> want to bring in jeffrey toobin, former federal prosecutor and cnn chief legal analyst, toluse. and joe lockhart, the white house press secretary under president clinton and now cnn political commentator. joe, i want to start with you because elijah cummings has said not one single piece of paper, the white house has given them nothing. you get nothing. >> right. >> to quote willie wonka is what i've been saying this morning. what do you make of that strategy? >> from their perspective, it's strategy i think they're going to stick with because their entire campaign, their governing is about undermining institutions. so when you thumb your nose at congress, that works nfor your strategy. whether it will work for voters or not isn't clear.
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voters generally are somewhat suspicious of oversight because it does seem political and partisan. so i'm not surprised at all by this strategy. but the risk they run if it's on the oversight and the mueller report and suppressing all of that is playing into the democrats pushing that they're hiding something, that all of these things about russia collusion must be true, he must be a foreign agent if he won't let us see anything. no different than his taxes. but what we've seen from trump is he's willing to ride this out. he's ridden out taxes since twist. >> willing to ride it out, and a lot of these things they're willing to ride it out in the courts, as we know. there's a push to bring this into the courts. jeff toobin, as we look at this, the lack of even -- we were talk about this last hour, the lack of the letter to say this is too much, this goes too far, not a single piece of paper to even push back formally. could and then up hurting the white house if and when this does end up in the courts? >> not really. i don't think so. i think, you know, you know,
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berman mentioned one movie. my thought was godfather ii where michael says to the senator, here's my offer, nothing. i mean, that's going to be the white house approach. and it's very different from where it was when ty cobb was in charge of the initial response to robert mueller. they gave documents, they cooperated with interviews. now that emmett flood is in charge, it's very much a williams and conley response. williams and conley is famous for -- that's the law firm where emmitt flood came from. they don't give ground on anything. and, you know, all these committees are going to have to find the white house in contempt, trying to go to court and the clock is running. and even by the time this stuff gets to court, it could be the summer, we'd be into -- you know, soon we'll be into next year and i think the white house sees the possibility of just running out the clock on these
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investigations without cooperating at all. >> and i think the no soup for you, to use yet another analogy here, jeffrey toobin, also extends to the mueller report which maybe is becoming very soon if you believe the press of work from lawyers there is significant. if they're going to have barr filter it and then the white house filter it with executive privilege, it could be a long time and it could be very limb that the public ultimately gets to see. >> exactly. and they do not fear being thought obstructionists. president has made chris cal cle crist cal clear he thinks the whole investigation say witch-hunt. he feels no obligation to cooperate at this point. and they can make a high-minded argument that this is about executive privilege, protecting the powers of the presidency for all presidents. they are under no obligation, they feel, to compromise, cooperate at all and they're going to fight never step of the way. >> and, toluse, we know some of the talking points. we've heard from the president,
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from others there is, in their view, presidential harassment. we know lawmakers and even in this op-ed chairman cummings pushing back on that assessment. but the fact that they're running with that and focusing on these investigations is actually working for them in some respects with a certain segment of the population, toluse. >> they are making the political argument they have the legal battle that they're fighting in the courts but they have the political argument that the president is driving and doing it mostly on twitter saying the democrats are just trying to harass me. they don't want to legislate, they just want to investigate my administration. and that definitely works with the number of the people in the president's base who do believe the democrats are going too far. but for mod moderates and obviously for democrats, they realize that for the first two years of this administration there was very little oversight. republicans were running defense for the president instead of trying to hold him accountable. and there's so many scandals in the administration, in different agencies, not only in the white house, but in some of the agency where's you had all these ethical scandals that haven't
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been brought to light. and now democrats are trying going back and go over some of that information and see if they can bring some of that information to the public. and that is an argument that is much more difficult to make to the public. it is looks like top officials were wasting taxpayer dollars, flying on private flights, skirting all the rules that have been put in place by ethics officials and the white house looks like they're trying to defend those people, that doesn't necessarily work for the public. it does look like that's something where the white house is trying to defend people who may have been in the wrong. a lot of thooeps these people have already resigned. so that isn't necessarily going to be a strong political argument. but for the issues where it gets to executive privilege, where it gets to the white house, where it looks like democrats might just be trying to gift president a headache over his -- his dealings in the white house, that may be a stronger argument. but just to say you get nothing, we're not going to hand over any documents, you're not going to get anything, it does make it look like they're hiding something. and that's a much more difficult political argument for them to make. >> all right, friends, if you'll bear with me one second. we have breaking news on the
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president trump versus john mccain who passed away in august feud. and before i tell you what this new development is, and actually it's a big significant shift, i want to play what the president said once again yesterday about the late senator. >> i'm very unhappy that he didn't repeal and replace obamacare, as you know. so i think that's disgraceful. plus, there are other things. i was never a fan of john mccain and i never will be. >> that was president trump yesterday. again, senator john mccain passed away in august. and republicans have been, you know, quiet, they've whispered they're unhappiness with the president's statement. lindsey graham put out a very milquetoasty response to it. well now it seems there is one republican senator who is willing to say something about it and say something about this more than it bothers him a little. this was just posted in the bulk work. and senator isaacson is getting ready to make a statement on the senate floor. this is why he says i just want
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to lay it on the line that the country deserves better, the mccain family da serves better. i don't care if he's president of the united states, owns all the real estate in new york, or is building the greatest immigration system in the world, nothing is more important than the integrity of the country and those who fought and risked their lives for all of us. so johnny isakson is at least saying enough. >> yeah, well, and it's not -- he's not one of the moderates, he's not, you know, the jeff flakes. he's a very conservative guy and the statement goes right at the heart of the problem republicans in the senate have had. which is they've taken a pass on integrity. and this is too much. we have finally found for one member of the senate that what the president does and what the president says is so disrespectful of what we all think are the norms of integrity and john mccain just the latest example. there are, you know, dozen, if not hundreds of examples and
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he's going to the floor. this is significant some someone's going to do this because for t2 1/2 years they'v stood by silently. will this impact trump? probably not. does it impact the politics that go on in washington? maybe. >> how pathetic that we are even talking about one senator out of 53 republicans. and i guess mitt romney actually made a statement. >> a tweet. >> a tweet that, you know, that pushed back. but how pathetic that 50 republican senators have said nothing about this incredibly disgraceful performance by the president about john mccain, about their long-time colleague john mccain. the fact that johnny isakson who is on a national level a deeply obscure figure, that that makes news because they are all such unbelievable cowards because they're afraid of republican primaries. thom tillis, who made a
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principled statement about the emergency declaration opposing the president's emergency declaration ran off and hid and changed his vote. the north carolina senator, because he was afraid of trump. that just shows that's more relevant than one senator speaking up for john mccain. >> it's remarkable this is where we're at and the conversation we're vrg. it will be interesting to see whether anyone else follows suit. if we start to hear more now that johnny isakson has spoken up, whether any of those other republicans will spoken up. megan mccain and cindy mccain weighing in. as my fauls father always used to say to me [ speaking foreign language ] which of course don't let the bass ards get you down translate from the latin. but what also stuck out to me is just the hateful messages that are being sent not just from the oval office, but ha this family seine during, a message that cindy mccain posted. she said i want to make sure all
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of you could see how kind and loving a stranger can be. i'm posting her note for her family and friends to see. take a look at that. just vile things being said about the late senator, about her daughter. and listen, we know that there is a lack of decorum, certainly on social media. but when it gets to that point, at the same time, toluse, that we have the president saying social media is against me, they're trying to silence me, it's just remarkable to have these two things juxtaposed. >> normally you expect the president to refrain from sort of targeting people and putting people even in dang we are her rhetoric. but there are all kinds of people that are following his lead, listening to what he says and using that to, you know, make life really dangerous and difficult for people who are not necessarily involved even in the political sphere. this is a president who uses his twitter account to attack
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individual private americans. this is a president who is attacking a dead war hero. and it sort of shows how far we've gone from a sense of political decorum that the president feels safe doing that and he has support from a number of people in his party. >> but isn't the real message not so much that trump, you know, is engaged in all this racism and bigotry online, you know, defending jeanine pirro is who san anti-muslim bigot on the weekend after the massacre in new zealand, but isn't real message how many people agree with him? this is -- this is not a bug, it's a feature. the fact that the president attacks muslims in this vulgar way, the fact that he attacks john mccain, people like that. people like that. it's not -- you know, that's -- that's the you know, message to me. not that it's some problem that he's trying to solve. >> you're right, sadly. >> and i think if you look at the weekend you saw not the president letting off steam, i think you saw his strategy for
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2020. which is this sense of grievance against the so-called elites and the people with power is what connects him to a big part of america. and you're going to see a whole lot more of it and he couldn't careless what anybody says about him except for those people. >> all right. joe, toluse, jeffrey, thank you very much. we do want to get to some breaking news right now. two big developments in the lion air crash investigation. the flight that went down in indonesia last october. bloomberg reporting an offduty pilot kept the flight from crashing just one day, kept that particular plane from crashing just one day before the boeing 737 max 8 ultimately went down. reuters also has new details on what the voice recorder of the doomed flight captures in the cockpit. richard quest is live in london with more of these breaking details. richard. >> yes, let's look first of all at the bloomberg report. now we know that the previous flight of the same aircraft had
4:15 am
similar sort of problems, the nose kept getting pushed down. and we were led to believe that the pilots had worked out to switch the motor off of the machinery doing that. well, now it apparently appears the pilots didn't know that. they were working their way through it, but it was an off duty pilot riding in the jump seat, as it's known, that actually pointed out to the pilots who were having difficulty getting control of the aircraft telling them to turn off the motor. it was the offduty pilot that pointed out to the actual pilots flying. and then you've got this reuters report which shows that on the lion air flight itself, the pilots were working their way through the checklists. they were doing what they were supposed to be doing. but they just literally ran out of airspace before the plane crashed. now, why is this important? both of these cases, erica. both of these cases are important because they disprove the suggestion that somehow
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pilots should have known what this new m cast was doing because it was similar to previous. this proves that multiple sets of pilots have no idea how to respond and there was only one that had a vague idea of what do. >> and it also makes you wonder if there had been an issue the day before, right, with software on a plane, why that same plane would be used the next day. maybe this is my own ignorance because i don't cover aviation, i'm not a pilot, but someone that flies fairly often, that's one of the things that sticks out. and to your point, these arguments about it being software and what we've heard about training, a lot of that really being requestioned this morning. >> absolutely. the plane went through maintenance that particular aircraft, they couldn't find anything wrong so they kept it in service. what all of these incidents, the previous flight, the lion air flight, the ethiopian flight, you're talking about six different sets of pilots now. sorry, six different pilots,
4:17 am
three different sets. it destroys the argument primarily put forward by boeing that there was this procedure that pilots should have known about that if they'd done it all would have been well. well, you now have three sets of qualified pilots, none of who knew how to respond to the way the m cast. and that, of course, erica, is what the fix that boeing doing at the moment is all about. it is telling pilots, this is happening, now you should do this. >> and there's a lot there and just the beginning, as we know. richard quest, appreciate it. thank you. all right. there are two of the president's closest advisers and they just happen to be his family. a new book breaks down how ivanka trump and jared kushner pushed their way into power at the white house. the author of this controversial and very buzzy book joins us next. i switched. we switched. i switched to chevy. i switched to chevy.
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york and the country talking this morning. the title says it all. kushner inch, greed, ambition, corruption, the extraordinary story of jared kushner and ivanka trump. joining me now is the author, vicky ward. thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you, john. >> obviously you want to sell a lot of books. >> i do. >> you have said you want one person in particular to read this, and that's the president of the united states, donald trump. why? >> yes. because i think that you can't underestimate the dangers of these two. and i think that actually he knows that. you know, he, after all, i report in the book asked john kelly, then the chief of staff, when he was coming in send my children home. you know, he felt that -- he understood that they were a liability to him. he hated the negative press they garnered, particularly over, you know, jared's inability to fill out his security clearance forms. he also really hated it when
4:23 am
they got all the negative press about using private e-mail servers. you know, gets -- then they'll do go and do something helpful and he drops the subject for a while. but the interesting thing is, that john kelly did what he was asked. he made life really unpleasant for jared and ivanka. they sort of -- they were ready to leave, and it was trump who couldn't pull the trigger. and i think his supporters actually believed that sort of he needs to fire them to save his president. >> i there are so many things in this book both big and little that i'd love to cover. i'll start with the big and then go to a few of the little. but you just said they're dangerous. >> yes. >> high do you think they're dangerous? >> well, let's start with the fact that instead of solving middle east peace, jared nearly put us into a war in the region. you know, his -- the taking over control of state department,
4:24 am
basically, taking rex tillerson's portfolio out of his hands particularly in the middle east, his complete control of the relationship with mbs in saudi arabia meant that he kind of got played by mbs. he pushed for trump to hold this -- the first official american visit was not to a country with shared democratic values but to the kingdom of saudi arabia. it's brutal regime. the theme of the summit was all about cooperation. days later, the saudis made a mockery of the united states by turning around and blockading with u.s. support that rex tillerson firmly believed was jared. they blockaded qatar, they wanted qatar's money. qatar has an american airbase. that is our security on the line. that was when rex tillerson and jim mattis, the defense secretary who had no idea about any of this thought that jared
4:25 am
went from being a really annoying obstacle and meddler to being down right dangerous. >> and you suggest in regards to this in particular to qatar, saudi arabia and qatar had been add ots f at odds and that almost moved to an all-out shooting war, you suggest or imply that jared kushner had a financial interest in qatar and may have been acting out of a sense of revenge, that qatar wouldn't invest with him. explain. >> so charles kushner had just asked the qataris for a billion dollars to save their -- a building that was a financial catastrophe for the kushner family. the qataris at that point turned him down. and low and behold, our foreign policy turns negative towards them. i'll have to say that a year later when the kwa taries are
4:26 am
offering money, our policy changes. the u.s. now lo no longer supports the blockade. >> you wrote a lot about jared kushner here. is there prove yet? when i mean proof, is there legal action that you have seen or heard from in the people you've talked to against jared kushner? because lord knows he's been under investigation for the last two years. the mueller investigation seems to have been very broad and dealt exclusively or extensively i should say with foreign interests here. do you think they found any evidence of foreign influence or corruption over jared kushner? >> well, i say in the book that mueller has definitely passed a lot of that stuff off to more appropriate avenues because there's a lot of middle eastern money and mueller found himself interviewing the lebanese business nan george nader.
4:27 am
that's not going to be part of his report which is all about russia, right? so all that business stuff i think you're going to see sent to new york. >> do you think he's in legal jeopardy, jared kushner? >> well, congress is already looking into the six six six deal and what happens with qatar. i think there's a lot of smoke, in my book, the oversight committee is reading it. >> let's talk about ivanka trump if we can. >> yes. >> we'll start bic here. there has been this concept for two years that ivanka trump and jared kushner too that they were the moderating influence inside the white house. democrats had their people inside the white house. wall street had their people inside the white house. they were the ones who would keep things sane. is that what has happened? >> no. i mean, that's really the main theme of the book, that they're absolutely not what they seem. you know, there -- i think democrats are now horrified by
4:28 am
their sort of poor ethics. you know, what is ivanka -- so where do we start? climate change. she was, you know, she was supposed to be the sort of spokesperson for making sure that we did not pull out of the paris climate change accord. well, and at the end of the day when gary kerns said could you just go talk to your father about it she said, no, i can't. even the things that i sort of would admire, the expansion of the child tax care credit, for example, it smacks of self-interest. it fit with her personal brand. and she still had not sold her fashion line at the time of -- that the child tax care credit went to congress. but meanwhile her own fashion brand was employing these awful labor practices. the whole thing is hypocritical and lacking in any substance. it's all about show.
4:29 am
they are all about show. ivanka herself wrote perception is more important than reality. and that really sums up this couple. >> well, charlottesville. >> yes. >> that's a pivotal moment in the book and in the some ways received the most attention since you published this. after charlottesville gary cohen had a conversation with ivanka trump. explain that. >> gary cohen was so upset by what the president had said about there being very fine people on both sides. his grandfather was a jewish immigrant. he couldn't believe it. he was on his way to resign. he dropped in on jared and ivanka. and to his astonishment, because ivanka had, afterall, tweeted that she would not condone neo-nazis. ivanka said, well, i don't understand what the problem is. and then shockingly she says, my father didn't say that. whereas gary cohen, who had
4:30 am
actually been with trump sort of trying to salvage the whole thing explained to ivanka that, in fact, her father had very deliberately said what he said. it wasn't a slip of the tongue, it was deliberate. >> i'm going to go it to break but i want to read one quote to have people think on. you talk about gary cohen, you say he was upset that they were not sufficiently upset and he was upset that they seemed to think as they always did that this was one more public relations problem that needed to be messaged. in his mind, kushner and ivanka were not the trump whisperers they claim to be, they were complicit. they only pretended to be the good guys. one of the big ges i waquestion to be know, what do you think jurd kisher in a jared kushner and ivanka trump want? much more with vicky ward right after this. ♪
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i am back with vicky ward, the author of the new book kisher in inch, greed, ambition, corruption, the extraordinary story of jared kushner and ivanka trump. vicky, i had asked you what
4:35 am
ivanka trump and jared kushner want. let me read you a quote from your book. ivanka trump has made no secret of the fact that she wants to be the most powerful woman in the world. her father's reign in washington, d.c. is she believes the beginning of a great american dynasty. she thinks she's going to be president of the united states, gary cohen told people after leaving the white house. she thinks this is like the keb dies, the bushes, and now the trumps is. that what ivanka trump wants? >> yes. i mean, look, you know, i think it's fair. she is the trump in the white house. the interesting thing is, you know, i think i also say in the book that someone's quoted as saying, well, neither of her brothers would vote for her because it's not clear if ivanka trump run for president which party she belongs to because the republicans don't think she's supports their agenda at the democrats don't like her ethics. so i guess she's running on the ivanka ticket. >> you said and this stuck out in the is one of the little things that jump out to me, the phrase first daughter is thrown about the white house and the press a lot.
4:36 am
you said she likes the term. >> this is the problem that everyone in the white house has. she wants it always. so it's one set of rules for her and jared because they're the first daughter and her husband. one set of rules for everyone else. and yet she also expects to be take he seriously as senior adviser to the president. and i think several of her colleagues have -- certainly steve bannon told her but other people too, you can't have it both ways. if you're going to go to the white house, you have to work the same hours as other people. that was one of the complaints, that she comes in late, she's perceived to be very flighty, a lot of clothing changes, particularly if she's, you know, going to do an interview on television. >> a lot of vacations. >> a lot of what? >> a lot of vacations. >> yes, that was the other thing that someone said to me facetiously, they loved it when they were away. can't understand why they go on so many vacations. >> there was an episode on the news cnn was the first to report
4:37 am
that the president was involved in getting ivanka trump's security clearance. well, ivanka trump in an interview with abc says, no, my father had nothing to do with it. are you surprised by those two different stories? they both can't be true. >> no. it's not the first lie she's told. it's like she said on the tv interview i speak to my father candidly in private. and then gary cohen found out when it came to the paris climate accord, no, she doesn't. perception is more important than reality. she lives in her own reality. >> so what does jared kushner want? he was the secretary of snefrg he was claiming different portfolios, whether it be trade negotiation with mexico, middle east peace or whatnot, was he or does he see himself as qualified to run u.s. foreign policy? >> well, clearly he does because that's what he's doing. and it's -- it's -- look, you
4:38 am
asked what he wants, he wants money. he wants to avenge his -- what happened to his father. you know, there's huge ambition there. that's why we have greed, ambition, corruption that's why they're in the title of the book. >> i do want to read to you what the response has been from team kushner here. this comes friday spokesperson for abbe lowell. >> right. >> who was jared kushner's lawyer. >> yes. >> and that sourcing is interesting in and of itself. it says every point that ms. ward mentions in what she called her fact checking stage was entirely false. it seems she has written a book of fiction instead of getting the facts. correcting everything wrong would take too long and be pointless. >> so i said the fact checking questions, about eight or nine they needed yes or no answers. you know, it would have taken i would imagine five minutes at most. my response, the truth hurts. >> did you correct anything or did they correct anything? >> no, they came back with this
4:39 am
ludicrous response. >> no response at all? >> yes. so i think it's garbage. >> gary cohen, who again is mentioned frequently in the book has come out since this and said he is still friends with jared kushner. >> yes, but he also has not said that anything i've reported is wrong. nobody has said that anybody i've reported is wrong. i had a team of seven fact checkers with me. i interviewed 220 different people, 118 of them multiple times. all of the scenes in the book have got multiple sources. you know, every single book that's come out about this white house has had, you know, even the great bob woodward had to rely on anonymous sources because the -- because, jared and ivanka and the president are known to be extremely vindictive. >> there have been some successes that jared kushner has claimed. >> yes. >> he has been involved in the trade negotiation with mexico. there is a deal there that has to be voted on. >> yes. >> still by congress. there's also the criminal
4:40 am
justice reform. >> yes. >> where our van jones who talked to jared all the time said that he was key. >> yes. >> if not for jared this wouldn't have happened. >> and i say that, i give him credit for that absolutely in the book for the crediting justice reform bill getting that through congress. my admiration, though, is tempered and forgive me my cynicism, because of the obvious self-interest. that is all about his father. so whilst i think it's wonderful that he did that, again, it's all about jared. >> it's something because i was quoting from a spokesperson from his lawyer from outside the white house. and it makes me think that there is an apparatus, a jared and ivanka inch ivanka inc. in washington, the likes of which i've never seen before. they have a spokesperson outside the white house. they had a pr person inside the white house. >> right. >> they had a chief of staff inside the white house. such an unusual machinery. >> and really off-putting machinery, all their -- and very
4:41 am
against the spirit of what it's meant to be in government. you're supposed to go in government to serve. you're supposed to divest yourself of everything else, of all stocks and shares, any assets, you go and you don't expect to make much money for a while and serve. you're not supposed to hang on to most of your assets and cocoon yourself with our own pr people, you know, lawyer who's got his own pr person, chief of staff. i mean, it's one rule for them and, you know, and one rule for everyone else. it's -- it's so unamerican. and it's so wrong. >> where does this end, do you think? >> interesting. so i sort of say in the book as i, in the epilog, we're at a crossroads. and it's going to go one of two ways. either now that congress has subpoena power and i think, you know, mueller has sent some of
4:42 am
the threads that are in the book about their finances to other prosecutors, other investigators, they will be held to account. or, this relentless march to wherever is unstoppable. >> and just finely again one of the other themes that is throughout this book, is there a self-awareness? did jared kushner or ivanka trump have a self-awareness when it comes to their position in the white house or what they have achieved in life? the born on third base phrase is one you bring up in the book. >> yeah, so, you know, my reporting shows that both of them are astonishingly unaware, that they were born on third base. that they live in their own reality, which is precisely why they don't understand how unethical and how wrong it seems to have held on to their assets,
4:43 am
to have business meetings in the white house, to close the white house logs to conduct your own business networking. you know, somebody -- people who are more aware would realize the absolutely appalling optics of that. >> vicky ward, thank you so much for the conversation. the book is kushner inc., greed, ambition, corruption. i think it's started a conversation. it will be a loud conversation among some, i'm sure you're hearing from both sides. thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you, john. >> erica. a fascinating conversation. we are look ahead to 2020, the rates heating up. who is passing the early test? who may need a little boost at this point? we'll have that next. humira patients, you inspire us.
4:44 am
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every score all with the power of your voice. that's simple. easy. awesome. order mlb extra innings for a great low price. plus, access your favorite team on any device. go online today. a new cnn poll shows senator kamala harris rapidly gaining support with enthusiasm high among voters in both parties. take a look at the numbers. democrats and democratic leaning voters have joe biden on top, 28% there as you can see. of course keep in mind he hasn't officially jumped into the race yet. >> bernie sanders comes in second with 20%. the next two candidates in double digit territory. kamala harris is third with 12% up eight points since december and beto o'rourke at 11%. this pole wl was condestructed
4:48 am
fryer his announcement last week, which is interesting. >> with more on 2020 candidates at the top of the class and the ones falling behind this week, we turn to chris, cnn politics reporter and editor at large with the midweek grades. >> just seeing that book, erica, that exam become gives me clammy hands because that was not my specialty. grades, not a specialty? school, but now i get to do it, take that teache teachers. >> there you go. >> let's start with beto o'rourke. i gave him an "a." the reason for that is not because, yes, he's made a few gaffs here and there, it hasn't been great, he's a new candidate, not a lot of policy. but one thing gets an "a" in my book, $6.1 million raised in your first 24 hours, more than bernie sanders. "money talks." you need money to build organizations and iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina, and it speaks to a national donor network that o'rourke has.
4:49 am
that's meaning ffl. the next one, elizabeth warren. "a," i'll tell you why. her town hall with jake tapper in jackson, mississippi, this week, she was outstanding. i've written and been critical of her. i think she botched the handle of her native american hater tab heritage or not, but she was policy heavy. the moment she talks about her family and mother saying we will not lose this house, powerful stuff. let's got to next one. mayor pete. mayor pete a minus. and i'll tell you why. acting mayor pete, i always call him mayor pete because his last name is a disaster for me, mayor pete. mayor pete. because he, if you're looking for a real dark horse, i love when people say beto o'rourke, keep an eye on him, he's a dark horse. he's not a dark horse, he's in fourth place. if you're looking for a dark horse, mayor pete might be it. he's qualified for the debate.
4:50 am
cyst 5,000 donors. thought he was good had in his town hall last week. he's a really care razz matic guy. >> that's at the top here, the candidates earning "a"s this week. >> correct. >> . >> and then we're throwing it down, by the way. >> go now. you have the middles here. >> so, look, joe biden a b. the reason i give him a b. he is as i noted he is number one in our poll and most polling. he is going to get into this race in april. >> he is, what? are you sure? >> yes. c'mon, people. >> that's in the list of the worst kept secrets and announcements. >> it's so ridiculous, whatever. he's going to be in the race. the reason i give him a b is this. i think it's a little dangerous to kind of everyone knows you are running but you are fought running so people can pick you apart and you're not in a
4:51 am
position to respond, because are not a candidate. i'm a little concerned that biden's plan is to announce a bunch of major endorsements and maybe pick a vp nominee early on to show it's a race between him and trump. the whole inevitability argument didn't work for hillary clinton. much of that is argument for the base. i got one more for everybody that does well, there will always be somebody that does bad. it's only one week, don't panic. kirsten gillibrand d. i don't like giving out fs. i think that two thing for her, number one, i think she's struggled to distinguish herself from the field. right? it's not clear what, what is her message? i guess it's be brave. that's her new one, she is in the race finally. i think she has been the leading voice to the #metoo movement in congress. she has struggled with some allegations and resignations within her staff, allegations that people made claims of sexual harassment and they
4:52 am
weren't acted upon. >> that undermines to the extent she has had a message undermines that fundamental message. those are my grades, it's like a mid-week report. >> i want to go back to one of the as. >> you want to argue about your grades. can i see you are about that guy. >> i did not do it because we were graded on the curve and i didn't have to. but -- >> did you raise the curve? >> with the curve. the broward county seems fascinating. you gave him an a. >> yes. >> that's fascinating as well, because there is a split right now between the criticism that you see largely on twitter, social media, where people don't think he's performing up to the level they would like to see. then there are met riricsmetric. the metrics are 6.1 million. the range of events well attended. there seems to be actual genuine human interest and it may be one of the lessons of 2016, you pay
4:53 am
attention when people are showing up. >> yeah, i really think -- what would you rather have, some people criticizing you on twitter or $6.1 million? it's not complicated. i don't have 6.1 million and i have people criticizing me on twitter. so i have the worst of both worlds. let's look at he's a little gaffe prone, he doesn't know about policy. he was in the race seven days, if if two months, we have the conversation he keeps screwing things up. he hasn't elucidated any policy, i think that's fair. right now i don't think that's fair. >> she didn't get an a, she got a picture with a jedi, tell me about kamela harris. >> listen, we do ratings once an moth. we have had kamela harris number one for the last five months. i still think she's the most likely candidate to win. obviously, i don't have an hour segment to rate everyone.
4:54 am
i think she continues to do quite well as a candidate. look, that's like my child is a dream right there is to be with old luke skywalker. there are benefits that come with running for president. >> i'm a han and leah guy. >> i can't say are you surprised. i always pecked you as a dearth vader guy. >> i'm learning so mump about the two of you this morning. >> love the mid-week grades. we will see who makes the grades this week at this time. cnn will host a town hall tonight with john hickenlooper live for atlanta at 10:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. the white house is giving congressional committees nothing. not a single piece of paper. is that a winning strategy -- >> i'll let that speak. t letting your hair down a little? how about a car for people who don't play golf? hey mercedes! mix it up a little. how about something for a guy who doesn't want a corner office?
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i was never a fan of john mccain, i never will be. >> john mccain remains the man trump could never be. >> this has been the president's approach. it resonates with many people. >> this is "new day" with allison camerato. >> good morning, welcome to your "new day." it is wednesday, march 20th. allison is off, erica joins me. i think it is spring. >> i'm like a daffodil sitting neekt to you. happy spring. >> like a daffodil. we begin with a white house apparent, no cooperation strategy. the chair of the oversight committee says he has not received a single piece of paper from the white house despite
5:00 am
dozens of document requests. you get nothing seems to be the white house strategy, sources tell cnn that the white house expects to see the mueller report before congress, perhaps with a plan to scrub it down with executive privilege. so they may get a lot less than they want in that process as well and this is all in focus, because the special counsel dropped a huge clue, a bomb if you will. they say they face impressive work this week. so could that press be the actual report? if it is, there are science we may never get to see it. new this morning, another prominent republican ready to prominently call out president trump after he again attacked the late senator john mccain saying he never was and never will be a fan.


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