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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  March 20, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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itputi putin even listening? you can tweet the show at the lead cnn. we actually read them. our coverage continues right now. thanks so much for watching. happening now breaking news. let people see it. president trump slams robert mueller buss she has says he wants to see mueller's report and wants the public to see it too. our exclusive new cnn poll shows a huge majority agrees and wants mueller's findings to be made public. can't stop won't stop. president trump launches another scathing attack on the late senator john mccain as republicans call the president's words deplorable. why won't the president stop? whacking away trades insults
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with conway calling the husband a with whack job. is kellyanne conway siding with the president against her husband. and disturbing new details about what happened aboard one of the 737 max airliners and how it averted disaster a day before the fatal flight. you're in the situation room. reports for impeaching president trump dropped to 36% largely due to a decline among democrats but approval ratings for robert mueller have rebounded and americans are evenly divided on whether it is likely to personally implicate the president. an overwhelming majority say
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mueller's findings should be made public. he doesn't mind if the public sees the mueller report but he reflued the attacks on the special counsel today. just now at a manufacturing plant he stepped up this unrelenting assault on john mccain insulting him repeatedly once again even as team members are saying the president should simply stop. jeffreys of the judiciary committee. they will have full coverage. let's begin with abby phillips. she is on the road in ohio. the president is still attacking the special counsel robert mueller and you just heard him deliver another rant aimed at the late senator john mccain. update us. >> that's right. this was supposed to be about investments and the tanks standing right behind me.
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it was about the president's tribe against the late senator john mccain who he has been attacking all week. the president started his morning attacking two other individuals. special counsel robert mueller and the husband of one of his top aids kellyanne conway. trump says he wants to public to see the mueller report. >> i think it's ridiculous. i want to see the report. tens of millions of people love the fact that we have the greatest economy we have ever
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had. >> i know there are other things. >> it is after the report. he expresed confidence in his new attorney general william barr to make the final call. >> i have no idea when it will be released. at the same time let it come out and let people see it. it's up to the attorney general. we have a very good attorney general. he is a lily respected man. we'll see what happens. >> it comes as he launched into an unprompted rant against john mccain today. >> i have to be honest, i have never liked him much. i have really probably never will. >> blaming plaque camccain. >> he received the fake and
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phony dossier. he turned it over to the fbi hoping to put me in jeopardy. >> as the crowd listened he evoked last summer in washington. >> i gave him the kind of funeral he wanted which has president i had to approve. i don't care about this. i didn't get thank you. that's okay. >> trump also feuding with the husband of his top aid kellyanne conway after her husband questioned his mental stability. >> i really don't know him. i think he is doing a tremendous disservice to a wonderful wife. the fact is he is doing a tremendous disservice to a wife and family. she is a wonderful woman. >> at the white house lawn trump paused for some show and tell. >> i brought this out for you
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because this is a map of everything in the red. this was on election night in 2016. >> the president knowledged some 400 troops would remain. >> when i took it over it was a mess. on the bottom it is the exact same. there is no red. in fact there's a tiny spot which will be gone by tonight. >> in this room during president trump's attack on mccain it was almost silent as he went on and on i could see him standing stoically as the president attacked a war hero.
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we heard so little from republican senators. one of them did speak out today calling the president's comments deplorable. >> thanks very much. let's bring in our director and we have to talk about this new poll. let me get your quick reaction to this really continued stunning round of attacks by the president of the united states on the late senator john mccain. he said i gave him the funeral he wanted. he said i never got a thank you. >> yeah. when president trump obsesses on something like this it's a clear indication he understands he is on the losing end of this political argument. it is so clear that this sort of american hero is so under this
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president's skin he knows she losing by comparison and he can't seem to let it go. it is completely in the last week or so. >> they can't believe that this president is continuing this rant against the senator mccain. let's get to this new cnn poll. give us the major headlines if you will. >> you knowledged at the top of the show which is republicans, democrats agree on almost nothing. this they agree on. you heard him talk about that the mueller report should be made public. the president said it would be fine. look at this. it is 87% overall. 80% of republicans think the report should be public. 95% of democrats. there is complete consensus by
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the american people they want to see what's in this report. if they don't get to see it i think they are going to be real political pressure points for attorney general barr for president trump. how about the approval ratings on this issue? first mueller you said his numbers rebounded and they have. he is at 48% approval of how he is handling the russia investigation. it is back to a near high for mueller in our polling throughout this process. donald trump does not compare well to that. he is down at 32% aprufl. -- approval. it is 57% of americans in this poll disapprove of the way the president handles it. >> the house speaker nancy pelosi says she opposes going through it. she said the president is not worth it. what does it reveal about the appetite for impeachment? >> that appetite is a lot less than it was.
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you mentioned at the top 36% say they would be in favor of impeachment. it is a very small slice, a third of americans. that is certainly not a majority position on sli jo position obviously. look at this. it is mostly coming from movement among democrats. just in december 80% of democrats said they were in favor of impeachment. it is a 12 point drop. it has gone down a little bit with republicans. you pointed to pelosi. i think it's one of the bigger reasons we are seeing that drop. that and the democratic race, you're seeing them away. they are a year and a half away from a presidential election. they are cloozing who they want to defeat dt onald trump. >> it is clearly at an impact on fell he democrats. thanks very much for that. congressional democrats pursue a number of inquiries the house oversight chairman is not
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complaining that the white house is rejecting all of the efforts to obtain information. let's go to him up on capitol hill. it is dock lts from hope hicks. it informed the committee that she does in fact plan to provide documents to the house judiciary committee as part of the investigation. the democratic lead investigation into potential obstruction of justy. -- justice.
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about that false and misleading statement that was initially given after it was revealed that donald trump jr. had a meeting in trump tower in 2016 with russians among other issues. they asked for diaries and other documents she has taken while she was in the white house. she would not talk about it when she was in the white house. she would only talk ability things in the campaign. >> let's stay up on capitol
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hill. >> thanks for having me. tell us about the specific from former white house communications hope hicks. >> as i understand it it is seeking information relative to what exactly took place in connection with the ultimate termination of michael flynn and the violations of law it was in the false and misleading statement involving hope hicks and others in connection with the trump tower meeting that took place in 2016 that would tell us something about whether there was collusion between the trump campaign and russian spies as it relates to selling out our
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democracy. we would also like to know what information she has relative to the termination of james comey which appears to many to have involved an effort to obstruct justice. >> we'll see if she answers those questions. this afternoon as you heard the president said he was with the russian report being made public. the overwhelming majority and independents agree that upon the conclusion of mueller's investigation the american people deserve to see this report. that is a position that we have talken in the interest of transparency and majority of
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republicans have also taken that position in the house of representatives. that's the right thing to do. the taxpayers have paid. we all desert to know whether there was a conspiracy between the trump campaign and russian spies involving wikileaks to sell out a democracy and replace trump at 1,600 pennsylvania avenue. >> should the attorney general take that public sentiment? should he take this public sentiment into consideration as he weighs how much of the eventual report to make public? >> absolutely. he should take that public sentiment into account particularly because it is so strongly held amongst the wide spectrum. it is a great issue of national importance.
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it would be unfortunate. the american people have voted for transparency and giving democrats control of the house of representatives. hay have all made clear if we need to subpoena that report we will so that the american people can be presented with the information. they should see the report. >> most of the american people lay gree with you. the same cnn poll shows a significant decline who want to see impeachment proceedings begin against the president that he should be reproved from office following impeachment. it is as the speaker nancy pelosi has also said why do fewer americans believe support
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impeachment? >> well, it's an interesting question and i'll have to look deeply into those numbers. i do know that house democrats are continuing to focus on our for the people agenda. we have made it clear that we were elected to try to lower the high cost of life saving prescription drugs, lower health care cost in general, protect people with preexisting conditions, at the same time we'll do our constitutional responsibility of serving as a check and balance. we'll see what happens. >> does it worry you that many of your fellow democrats in the caucus are still advocating despite declining pub lib support and what the speaker says. >> the overwhelming majority
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says we should begin to focus on making life better for every day americans until we see what the mueller report has to show as well as the conclusion of the southern district of new york. we'll see what happens at that point in time. i think what the speaker did was lay out a clear standard where the case should be compelling and the evidence should be overwhelming. it should be bipartisan in order to consider going down the impeachment road. we are a long way from that. >> thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. up next the president attacks the special counsel robert mueller. he says he wants to see mueller's report and says the american public should get to see it as well. the president ignores blistering criticism from top democrats attacking the late senator. so what's behind this latest series of rants today? dso should the way you bank.. virtual wallet from pnc bank. just one way pnc is modernizing banking
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earlier he told reporters he doesn't mind if the public sees the special counsel robert mueller's report and questions why the report is being done in the first place. let's ask our legal educatixper saying today. let's see it the president said, the stance on mueller. is this a major shift? >> it is a shift. he said it is up to the attorney general. i deferred to him. he is saying put it out there. it reminds me when the president said i want to sit down with robert mueller. i had something to hide. we know that never happened and that privately the president
2:24 pm
didn't want to. so i think that is what this is. i don't know how much we should be reading into the president saying this and from a practical standpoint it could have grand jury information, classified information. you can't put the whole report out. the question is does it some how put more pressure on the attorney general and the president, so we'll have to see. >> it is that the president. i don't think what he said binds the attorney general at all. just because the president said something today as we often point out doesn't mean he will say the same thing tomorrow.
2:25 pm
>> you wanted that? >> yeah. it is executive privilege over some of the information whatever barr wants to share. >> absolutely. >> in our new poll the poll shows that mueller's approval rating for handling the investigation has rebounded. you can see december was 43%. it has gone up to 48%. approval in this investigation since october of last year. so if anything his approval is standing strong in the face of these attacks and will compare
2:26 pm
of mueller to the approval of trump in terms of this investigation and how he handled it. it is versus 57% and that is a disapproval. it is handling the investigation. it is a big deal when this report comes out. >> there is an interesting line in this new statement that was filed in the u.s. district by robert mueller today on a separate case asking for an extension. the counsel responsible for repairi repairing the response adding additional time. what does it say to you? there is a lot of speculation. it means we won't get the mueller report in the next day or two. >> the line immediately got a lot of people talking because there are no significant deadlines that are eminent that are publicly flown. we have seen increasing signs that the investigation is coming
2:27 pm
to a close such as the departure of mueller's top fbi agent. there are several top attorneys who haare also departing. we don't know. we talked about it when mueller will deliver his report to congress. some interpreted it as maybe being directly related to the repairing of that report. we contend with legal questions for how the special counsel will handle the fact this this investigation involves a sitting president as well as the fact that there is a debate over the extent to which some of the information will be released to the public. >> we can conclude the mueller report will be released tomorrow or it won't be. >> you got that. >> we have that hard -- >> we have to form our viewers of that. >> yeah. because in this statement that he issued there's an effort by the washington post among other news organizations to get information released and private
2:28 pm
information and they asked for an extension through april 1st. i don't know what that means. we are reading between the lines. how do you see it? >> all of our reporting indicates it is going to happen soon with mueller delivering to the attorney general. when you see something like this where they say we have a press of other work it does make your wonder. we should not read too much into that. it could mean other work compiling this work. >> everybody stick arn. more news we are following. we'll continue our coverage right after this. >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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the president took his attack against senator john mccain to a new level today. let me play some clips of what he said just today. >> what do you think of mccain? not my kind of guy. i have never liked him much. hasn't been for me. mccain didn't get the job done. badly hurting the republican party, badly hurting our nation. i gave him the kind of funeral he wanted which as president i had to approval. i don't care about this. i didn't get thank you. it's okay. we sent him on the way but i
2:34 pm
wasn't a fan of john mccain. >> it is one thing if he does it in private conversations but so publicly going after the late senator. >> it reenforces his willingness to continuously engage in attacks that are petty. it is in the time that he was president he continued the attack against his vote for repealing obama's he'alth care law. so as long as he is going to face actual consequences he knows he will continue to engage
2:35 pm
in this kind of behavior because it is is not going to effect him personally. >> he says it is deplorable. senator mitt romney of utah issued a strong statement condemning what the president is saying about the late senator. by and large most republicans in congress have been pretty silent. >> that's right. they were the exception not the rule. the rule was republicans came out and praised john mccain, defended john mccain but didn't condemn president trump for what he said. you saw more democrats condemning the president for going after the late john mccain and you saw republicans stepping out to defend and condemning the president. the reason is simple. it is donald trump's republican party. it is not his republican party anymore. the party has moved on. donald trump as we often discuss has a high approval rating so he feels like he can say and do whatever he wants and
2:36 pm
republicans are fearful of condemning him. >> it is onto the undisputable is extraordinary. the thing he keeps talking about, you know, man cane and the one thing everybody knows is that he had this extraordinary war record and trump has the opposite of that. i think there's some psychological thing going on that he hates the fact that mccain is such a hero and he was such a weez l during vietnam. >> and the speech he delivered he spends several minutes railing against john mccain. it was so awkward. >> i didn't get a thank you. what was that about? first of all he was dead and not in a position to say thank you but also i mean like what are they supposed to do?
2:37 pm
>> he is also attacking george conway calling him a whack job. this feud is escalating by the hour. >> and it's not going any where good. we can all agree with that. just take a step back of how unprecedented this is. you have the president of the united states going after the husband of one of his top aids. you have this husband going after the president publicly on twitter saying that he has a mental health issue and personality disorders. it is really extraordinary. you have kellyanne conway saying i think she told them what did you expect the president to do? what did you expect him to do just sit there and take it? it is really remarkable to look at this back and forth that's happening. it doesn't seem to be
2:38 pm
deescalating any time soon. >> it surgeonly isn't. the president's tweet today a stone cold loser and husband from hell. what is a democratic candidate need to do to stand out amidst this growing? >> it is really the million dollar question because it is so competitive and so crowded. there are some like o'rourke. some one like sanders and biden who are well known. it is really a tough challenge. so you either have to have a very unique platform like from washington running on climate change specifically or someone
2:39 pm
like him from south bend seizing the moment and recently the cnn town hall getting a lot of positive attention. tonight we'll have another town hall with hickenlooper. >> yes. let me tell them this programming note, join us tonight for a cfn presidential town hall for former california john hickenlooper. moderates live from the cnn center tonight 59 10:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. coming up new reports reveal disturbing details about what happened aboard one of two boeing airliners that crashed recently he saved the plane only one day before it crashed. the feud gets uglier and more personal. as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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2:43 pm
unaware they are battling a computer. this is what they are reporting tonight from sources familiar with the lion air crash last fall. they said the crews seemed oblivious to the fact that the tail was automatically tilting. they thought only about air speed and altitude. one pilot issued a short prayer before the crash killed all 189 people aboard. boeing and indonesian authorities are not excellenting. they say the training was insufficient. >> it must have been horrifying in the cockpit for these professionals. you know, it's been stated it should have been a memory item. clearly it wasn't. >> what's more a bloomberg reports that same jit had the same problem one day before and was savered because an off duty
2:44 pm
pilot told the crew to cut power to that automatic system. still, the plane took off again. >> this is what i call the fly it and watch it kind of attitude. it should not have occurred here. it was replicatable. i can't understand why at least it wasn't test flown or brought out and tested again. >> it all raises troubling questions about the jet crash which authorities say looks a lot like the lion air disit'sas. it was to rely on one sensor. why were they not and where was the federal aviation administration? >> what happened is the misery taken by boeing were not to avoid it. >> boeing says it is fixing the problem. >> soon we'll release a software update for the 737 max that will address concerns discovered in the aftermath of the lion air
2:45 pm
flight 610 accident. >> lion air went down almost five months ago. in defense of boeing some point out that the 737-max jets have taken off and landed safety tens of thousands of times since the lion air crash. authorities are saying it is simply not enough. boeing must now prove the planes are fully safe before any will be allowed to take passengers. >> let's not forget 346 people, men, women and children were killed in those two crashes involving that aircraft. thanks very much. coming up the escalating feud between president trump and the husband of one of his closest advisers. many credit cards did i have after business school? six? yeah...that interest rate was crazy. good thing i got a loan to pay them off faster. and right before i got engaged. but now that i'm debt-free, i can actually contribute to the wedding.
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it's conway versus conway and trump. george conway trades insults with president trump. kellyanne conway is siding with the president against her husband. brian todd has been looking into this. this is getting uglier. >> reporter: and more public. the president is squarely in the middle of this feud between his high profile adviser and her husband. trump seems to relish exploiting the tension in their marriage. for a man who values loyalty above all, it's the you wiultim
2:51 pm
loyalty test, choosing him over a husband. >> he is a whack job. i don't know him. i think he is doing a tremendous disservice to a wonderful wife. >> reporter: donald trump injected himself into one of washington's most public power couples, kellyanne conway and george conway, escalating a spat into an open and bitter battle. it began this weekend when george conway responded to a trump twitter tirade by posting these pages from a psychological manual. suggesting the president was suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. trump responded calling george conway a total loser. up until then, the conways had rarely allowed the public to get a glimpse into our their disagreements over president trump affected the die nynamic the marriage. it blew up in the 24 hours. george conway said he sent his tweets questioning the president's mental health so i
2:52 pm
can get it off my chest. it's so i don't end up screaming at her about it. >> even in a town where power couples come under a lot of str scrutiny, there's no precedent for this. when you inject the president in the middle of a power couple marriage, it's off the charts. >> reporter: trump responded today tweeting that george conway is a stone cold loser and husband from hell saying george was jealous of his wife's success and angry that i, with her help, didn't give hip tm th job he wanted. "the washington post" reports that kellyanne conway told people at a party that she and trump think her husband is jealous of her. the crescendo has been building since trump took off. george conway, a conservative who turned down a job in the administration, started with vague tweets before eventually eviscerating the president, accusing trump of ceaseless, shames and witless provocation.
2:53 pm
then in november, he delivered his most colorful broadside. >> you know, it's like the administration is a shit show in a dumpster fire. >> reporter: kellyanne conway has gotten where she is by avoiding talking aboutler husbaher husband's views and by understanding one truth about donald trump. >> this is a man who measures everything with a metric about loyalty, about devotion to donald trump. >> reporter: washington insiders say kellyanne may have answered just where her loyalties lie, suggesting that her boss hitting back at her husband was fair game. quote, you think trump shouldn't respond when somebody, a non-medical professional accuses him of having a mental disorder? you think he should take that sitting down? adding a clear jab at her husband, quote, yesterday, george spend the day tweeting about the president. i spent my day doing two one-hour briefings with press
2:54 pm
and intergovernmental affairs people. those who know trump best, say the president is setting up an impossible choice for his top adviser, one she will be forced to make. >> he understands very much how to hurt people. he knows how to hurt families. think about michael cohen and what his family has endured because he stood up. there's no threat that he won't make. he will threaten to dismiss you. he will call you names. in the case of the won okconway will try to get in the middle of your marriage. >> reporter: michael deantonio believes the president has in private pressured kellyanne to try to make her husband stop attacking him publically. analyst ss say they don't think george conway will stop. george conway might see himself as a hero, doing the public bidding for those who oppose donald trump, especially those
2:55 pm
in the republican party. >> brianed to repo ed brian tod. president trump attacks robert mueller but says he wants to see the report and wants the public to see it as well. our new cnn poll shows that a huge majority agree and wants mueller's findings made public. i'm missing out on our family outings because i can't find a bladder leakage product that fits. everything was too loose. but depend® fit-flex feels tailored to me. with a range of sizes for all body types. depend® fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit.
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tonight, the public is weighing in on the mueller report in our exclusive new cnn poll. deplorable. that's what pay republican senator is calling the president's relentless attacks on senator mccain. tonight, trump is adding a new complaint involving senator mccain's funeral. loyalty test. mr. trump also won't stop publically slamming his senior aide's spouse, labeling george conway as a husband from hell. kellyanne is taking the president's side. a new hope. a former aide and confidant to mr. trump appears to be ready to cooperate with democratic investigators in the house. will hope hicks provide evidence against the president? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you are in "the situation room."


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