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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  March 21, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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against chickenpox. are you willing to get the vaccine and possibly protect not only yourself but people around you, as well. >> dr. sanjay gupta, thank you for setting the record straight y. should note that journeys around the world to find secrets to building a better life, better for the mind, body and soul. his series "chasing life" premieres saturday at 9:00 p.m. only on cnn. top of the hour, 10:00 a.m. eastern, 7:00 a.m. out west. i'm poppy harlow. jim sciutto has today off. this morning a change in strategy as white house braces for the mueller report. the president just a week ago said quote there should be no mueller report. now he says he wants transparency, that the special counsel's findings should be made public.
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>> i don't mind. frankly, i told the house, if you want let them see it. let it come out. let people see it. >> well, the president's change in tune may be partly due to the overwhelmingly bipartisan majority of americans who say the public should see the report. that's 87%. sarah westwood joins me live at the white house with more. was this an intentional shift in strategy or was the president caught off guard. >> reporter: this does seem like a shift in tone from the president who just last week said that are shouldn't even be a mueller report and who has repeatedly gone after this investigation as a witch-hunt, as a other names. now he is calling for transparency and increasingly d the country on the edge of thei sources tell barr will send to
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capitol hill for executive privilege. perhaps they will try to shield some of the report. the white house's strategy is really going to depend on what is in that report. there will be some incentive to try to execute executive privilege. there is mixed emotions here in the white house as we prepare for the potential coming of the mueller report. there are some aides who have a little bit of dread and fear because what is in the report is so unknown. but there is also a sense of relief among aides that perhaps a two-year legal ordeal could soon be over. folks really just holding their breath waiting for the report to get delivered to the attorney general. >> sarah westwood at the white house, thank you very much. a former very close aid to the president has agreed to give the house committee at least some of the documents it is asking for.
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hope hicks was the strategist for a little over a year. a democratic member of the house judiciary committee says she is critically important as a witness. the president has called her a truly gifted person. it is interesting that hope hickicize among the few cooperating here. do we know why and why that member is calling her critically important? >> reporter: she is one of the president's closest. she has been by his side in the trump organization and the trump campaign and became communications director. jerry nadler sent a detailed list of questions of what he wanted her to respond to about what she knew about the firing of then fbi director james comey and things that happened during the trump campaign and the transition, the conversations that occurred that michael flynn had, false statements he made
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about contacts with the russians and whether the president was involved in that. her knowledge of the pursuit of the trump tower moscow project as well as hush money payments that the president made to reimburse michael cohen, to silence stories about the president's then candidate trump's affairs, all of those matters are now before hicks. the question is how much does she ultimately provide? when she spoke to the house intelligence committee last year she would not discuss conversations about things that occurred in the white house. has that changed now that democrats are in the majority? another big question going forward is how do democrats approach the coming release or the finish of the mueller report? one thing that they are planning to do is fight relatively hard, very hard they say if the report is not fully released including the underlying evidence to the committee or at least to the public. jerry nadler said that if the
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white house tries to exert executive privilege too, cov up wrong doing, he says they are not on firm legal ground. >> it's fundamental law that executive privilege cannot hide misconduct. you cannot use the executive privilege to hide misconduct by the president or anyone around him. in the nixon case was dispositive on that point. >> so the one point that nadler has been making is that the mueller report will essentially provide a road map for his committee to investigate further about their investigation to obstruction of justice, potential abuse of the white house. depending on how much information they get can help determine what holes they want to fill. if they don't get information that's where the process fight will play out. >> thank you for the reporting. president trump is on the attack
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again. he is continuing to blast the late senator and war hero john mccain. the president listed several reasons why he doesn't like john mccain as a speech in ohio that was supposed to be about the economy. he even went as far as to slam the former prisoner of war, vietnam war hero and veteran for his record when it comes to helping veterans. >> mccain didn't get the job done for our great vets and the v.a. and they knew it. that's why when i had my dispute with him, i had such incredible support from the vets and from the military. >> the founder of the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america is with us. he served in iraq in 2003 and 2004. thank you for being here. thank you for your service to this country. is the president right that john mccain didn't help veterans? >> no. it is absolutely absurd. this entire dust up is
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disgraceful. it's deplor skpbl destructive. it's bad for america. it's bad for our politics. it's bad for our military and veterans community and bad for donald trump. i can't imagine who would support this position, continuing to attack a war hero, someone who is maybe the most famous war veteran in the world. it is really bringing the commander in chief to a new low. i think it is hurting him and hurting america in a very big way. >> are you hearing from veterans in the last 24 hours or so about this and particularly some that had supported the president, endorsed him, stood by him, donated to his campaign? >> i'm hearing from a ton of them. many of them are political jump offs. they put their country first just like john mccain did. they see our commander in chief being petty and destructive. m he can't let it go. there is a lack of discipline here. if you can't let this go what does it mean for other areas of his leadership. we are looking for him to set a command climate, to be a
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leadership example and show people how you are supposed to be as a leader. >> do you think he can still do that? >> i don't know. every day he continues this he brings himself down further and brings our military and veterans community down with it. it has been mccain for years and was also recently general mattis. what is his deal with the military and retired folks? why can't he let this go and move forward? we hope people step up. republicans, democrats, people need to condemn this kind of rhetoric. >> we heard johnny isakson. >> he is a former chair of the senate veterans affairs committee. he is a republican, an honorable guy. our children are watching. our allies are watching. our enemies are watching. when you see our commander in chief continue to attack people in our military and veterans community, that is something that our enemies celebrate. >> can yo ask what kind of
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message you think the president's attacks on a military hero like the late senator john mccain, what that says to young men and women who are considering dedicating their lives to service? remember without the draft we are protected because of volunteers, people who choose a life of sacrifice and service? >> this is kind of the third rail in american politics. you didn't attack war veterans and p.o.w.s. the president continues to hit this third rail. i think it gives people pause. it makes it seem like military service may not be respected by the commander in chief in the same way it was in the past. this does impact young recruits and morale in the military. we are not talking about syria or the 16th anniversary of the iraq war. we are talking about this petty argument with a guy who died months ago and was revered by the country. >> you will remember the gold
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star family. >> thank you for being here, for the reaction from the veterans you are talking to and for your service. still to come, sources say the justice department has issued multiple subpoenas as part of its criminal investigation into boeing. that company taking new steps to make fixes to their 737 max airliners in the wake of those two deadly crashes in just a matter of months. democratic candidate john hickenlooper raising more than a few eyebrows after questioning whether female candidates were ask if they would choose a male president. crews are desperately searching for thousands of stranded survivors in mozambique. it's understanding why that... will get him a body like that... move! ...that. your job isn't doing hard work... here.'s making her do hard work...
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democratic presidential candidate john hickenlooper raising some eyebrows questioning gender diversity on a female presidential ticket. when asked during a cnn town hall if the former colorado governor would consider a woman as a running mate here is what he said. >> some of your male competitors have vowed to put a woman on the ticket. would you do the same? >> of course -- how come we -- >> we are asking the questions. >> i know. >> how come we are not asking more often the women would you be willing to put a man on the ticket? >> when we get to that point, i'll ask that question. >> good response by dana. of course, the governor clarified his remarks after the town hall saying not asking the same question of a woman inherently discounts a female candidate's chances at winning
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the nomination in 2020. in fact, warren dpp was asked would she have a man on her ticket last week in mississippi. joining me to discuss cnn political commentator patty doyle. how are you? >> i'm good. thanks. is this much to do about nothing or is there something eyebrow raising about this? >> i think it is one of those answers that you groan at. i think i will send governor hickenlooper a copy of those place mats with the president's faces on them that are all men. i'm with him. i would love to get to the point where we will be asking women will you commit to putting a man on the ticket. and we will get to that point when there are as many women president ws as there are male
7:17 am
presidents. >> when will there be enough women on the high court and she said when there are nine. let me ask you about something that fascinates me. that is hickenlooper's repeated refusal to label himself a capitalist. he was asked three times about it by joe scarborough. here it is. >> i was asked if i was a capitalist. and my response, one response was in the end it's as if you asked if i was a nerd in high school in which case i would have said, it's not my first label i would choose, but it would be hard to argue with. i started -- i am a capitalist. i started 20 businesses. i created a thousand jobs. >> the thing is, capitalism is what made him financially successful before he was a
7:18 am
politician. and i just am seeing this growth within some of the democratic party and some of the candidates here to try to distance themselves from the word capitalist and peg it as a dirty word. are you seeing that and does it worry you? >> i think the most important thing to democrats writ large whether you are a progressive, moderate, socialist, capitalist is to beat donald trump in the general election. and a big part of beating donald trump in the general election is to be authentic, to be who you are, to embrace who you are and say what you believe and mean what you say. and the governor's answer as you pointed out three times couldn't own up to who he is and had clear discomfort. so i think that's the bigger problem for governor hickenlooper. he really just needs to own who he is. he is a businessman.
7:19 am
he did create a lot of jobs. he did make money. that is the american dream. embrace it and i think voters will embrace it also. >> when it comes back to running mates here, cnn has reported that joe biden has met with stacy abrams. there is axios reporting this morning that some close to joe biden and his team are seriously considering an early vp pick even before he would be -- presuming i guess that he would be the nominee and that they are really seriously considering stacy abrams. what do you think of that and is it prezumptuous? >> i think joe biden has two really big things going for him right out of the gate. one is he's got that obama juju as his vice president for eight years. that's his self-proclaimed buddy. he really does sort of carry the obama mantel and obama is
7:20 am
beloved in the party whether you are a moderate or progressive, obama is beloved. and he also has the electability factor. joe biden brings with him the ability to talk to white working-class voters, the voters that we lost in 2016 specifically in the states of pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan. so he's got some strong things going for him, but he is also going to face some criticism right out of the gate. one of those criticisms is he is an old white guy that is born and raised in washington, d.c. or in government, at least. i know he is from delaware. and picking someone like stacy abrams right out of the gate sort of responds to the criticisms immediately. but i do think it has the presumptive. i think it also ties his hands. i mean, let's say hypothetically biden does win the nomination but someone like kamala harris
7:21 am
or beto o'rourke comes in a really close second, how do you look at those people who also answer those criticisms and say i know you did a really good job and you have a lot of supporters, but i'm picking stacy abrams who wasn't running? i think it's problematic. >> nice to have you. obama juju. that's a first. that's like my word of the week here. thank you. it's nice to have you. this just in to cnn, a shelter in place has been issued in deer park, texas where the chemical plant fire broke out. schools closed, people being told to cut off exposure to the outside air. we'll have a live report. you.
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and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. this just in, a shelter in place order has been activated in dear park, eks wheretexas. national guard troops have been called in after potentially hazardest levels of benzine has been detected in the air. at first they were holding kids from school and then the kids could go back to school. >> reporter: authorities have been saying the readingvise crossed the conservative air quality standards. out of an abundance of caution
7:27 am
harris county is advising people to shelter in place in the immediately area of the chemical plant. sheltering in place means remaining indoors, closing doors and windows turning off air conditioning anyway the outside air would be getting into your home. this area 20 miles outside of downtown houston has also closed schools today. this fire ignited four days ago. it remains sting stuextinguishe a foam blanket was put in place to contain the fire but the vapor has managed to escape the blanket. harris county says they knew vapor releases were a possibility. they they say have activated and executed the plan. now authorities are working to determine if this was a short term one time exposure to the chemical vapor or if they are at risk for longer exposure in the area. the level monitors should not
7:28 am
cause symptoms. those symptoms if you should feel them in the short term are drowsiness, dizziness, headaches. chronic exposure can lead to cancer. authorities are trying to determine how long this exposure could be. that would have to be exceedingly long exposure for anything of that sort to happen. authorities say if you feel these symptoms and you are sheltered in place, you should call 911. >> thank you for the reporting. please update us as you get more. sources say the u.s. justice department has issued boeing several subpoenas in the wake of the ethiopia airlines crash. this comes as the criminal investigation into the airline maker heats up. this began after the fast boeing max 8 crash in indonesia. sources say multiple investigations are looking into the company's faa self-certification, training, marketing of the plane.
7:29 am
jessica snyder joins us. >> reporter: this is turning into a criminal probe. federal investigators want information from boeing about it's safety and certification procedures for the 737 max. that includes details on its training manuals for pilots plus how the company marketed it's aircraft. we know that justice department prosecutors have issued multiple subpoenas as part of this potentially wide ranging investigation and really it could center on boeing's self certification process. of course, that was largely left up to boeing. this is sort of an ominous step here because criminal investigations into the aviation industry are rare. issues at theive aiation level are typically handled by administrative agencies. but now of course there is this criminal probe and that comes in addition to all of these inquiries that we have already seen from the department of
7:30 am
transportation's inspector general. >> in terms of what boeing is doing in the middle of all of this to remedy the immediate problem, do you have an update? >> boeing has developed a software patch and a new pilot training program that they could be rolling out in the next few weeks to address the issues discovered after the lion air crash in october. of course, with the lingering questions and investigation into the ethiopian airlines crash, until we know more about that crash, this software fix that boeing has been working on, it might not solve the whole issue. the faa has said that both of these from boeing are expected to roll out in the next few weeks so they could be in place by april of 2019. that doesn't necessarily mean that the 737 max will be back up in the air. there is a lot of question and a lot of investigation into what happened in ethiopia a few days ago. >> thank you for the update. also, the u.s. air force
7:31 am
ordering a review of its training procedures for military pilots. this is expected to cover large cargo and transport planes coming in the wake of the ethiopia airlines crash. the air force chief of staff told cnn he wants to make sure the military pilots are fully trained to handle emergency procedures including how and when to turn off those automated pilot systems. still ahead for us, a freshman member of congress who literally wrote the book on consumer finance and not just any book, a textbook changes the game on capitol hill. ♪ [peaceful acoustic guitar] (male announcer) we know some resolutions are easier to keep than others. we know what's around the corner
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garlique helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally, and it's odor-free, and pharmacist recommended. garlique time now for our monthly game changers segment. among the many game changers who made up the blue wave in the mid terms is california democrat congresswoman katie porter was a law professor at uc irvine who once studied under professor elizabeth warren at harvard. she later worked with kamala harris on a big case against the big banks. she now has a seat on the powerful house financial services committee where last week she went toe to toe with the ceo of wells fargo, the issue the troubled bank's campaign to win back consumer trust. watch this.
7:37 am
>> the statements you've made mean something to you and customers and investors can rely on those statements. >> that's correct. >> then why, mr. sloane, if you don't mind my asking, are your lawyers in federal court arguing that those exact statements that i read are quote examples of nonactionable corporate puffery in which no reasonable investor could rely? are you lying to a federal judge or are you lying to me and this congress right now about whether we can rely on those statements? >> congresswoman katie porter joins me from irvine, california. thanks for getting up early. nice to have you. >> thank you so much. >> so i got to ask. you had a lot of jobs. is congress the hardest one? >> congress is not the hardest job i have ever had. i think being a parent and taking care of your family whether it's an elderly family
7:38 am
or kids, those are the most important relationships we are going to have. being a parent and in congress is a challenge. >> many people have multiple jobs just to get by. let's get to child care in a moment. i want to ask you this. you have a powerful voice on a powerful committee, the house financial services committee. clore clearly, you are not afraid to use that voice. many democrats have been concerned that some of these key reforms that have been made since the financial crisis are being undone, not all of them, but some. are you worried about that? >> yes. we have seen watering down of the rules enacted after the financial crisis. we need to make sure that we have rules in place. market places are premised. competitive market places require rules of the road.
7:39 am
to the extent that we are seeing regulators do less, to the extent we are seeing big corporations get away with doing more, that is a real problem. it jeopardizes the economic prosperity for all of us. >> let me ask you about capitalism. we have seen an interesting refusal from some of the 2020 candidates to embrace capitalism or label themselves as capitalists. john hickenlooper refused to do so in a recent interview but he did last night. you have said i really see capitalism as the engine of opportunity in this country. are you concerned that some seem to be making capitalism a dirty word? >> i think there are reasons that some americans are skeptical about capitalism. i think wells fargo is a great example. when i came to sit down this morning, i had wells fargo in the background which is definitely bad juju for me.
7:40 am
i think it is important that we show people that capitalism can work. to do that, we have to make sure that corporations are doing what they promise, that they are delivering f. they are making more money they can't just go to ceo profits. it has to go to increasing wages. >> one of the other big pushes that we've seen among some freshmen democrats like your fellow freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez of new york is for a green new deal. and you are not a supporter of a green new deal. and i'm interested in why and if you think your fellow democrats who are are misguided or do you think america can't afford it? >> look, climate change is a real problem. to the extent that the green new deal and the debate about the green new deal is shining a light we need to take urgent
7:41 am
action i think the green new deal is adding value. as a legislative proposal it doesn't have concrete action or talk about how we are going to get there. i think families want to see solutions. they are worried about climate change. they are worried about flooding. they are worried about the consequences. they want to see us some up with concrete solutions banning drilling off the shores of california's coast. so i'm glad that the discussion about the green new deal is pushing us to have harder conversations about what we're going to do and how fast we are going to do it. as set of promises, there is not much there that it delivers. >> let's talk about child care because i think about this all the time and think how lucky i am and how difficult it is for so many, for most parents in america to be able to afford the staggering cost of child care. you are a single mom of three kids. i'm interested in if you are on board with what senator
7:42 am
elizabeth warren, what she has proposed and that is free child care for families with incomes below 200% of the poverty line just under about $51,500 for a family of four. she paid for it through a revenue with well tax. do you support that? is that the best route? >> i do think senator warren is right that child care is one of the biggest barriers that families face to staying in the work place, to continuing to invest in their careers and to long term economic prosperity. one thing that senator warren says is when you look at what has been the biggest driver of economic growth in this country in the last 40 years, it's not the internet, it's not big banks. it's women in the workforce and women staying in the workforce. so child care is not just an issue for parents.
7:43 am
it's also an issue for grandparents who are being asked to shoulder child care burdens because their children can't afford child care for their grand kids. we need to make more investment in child care. i have a bill coming up that's going to be for another solution to help families make ends meet around paying for child care. >> what about corporations? do you think there should be a legal responsibility? and if not legal, is there a moral onus on american corporations to help pay for child care, provide for child care? what do you think? >> i think the best solution is to make sure that corporations are paying families wages that reflect the profits that that corporation is owning. so if american families and workers are being paid and they are getting to share in the prosperity. we saw tim sloane get a jinorm s raise. wages for workers stay flat.
7:44 am
corporate profits are going through the roof. workers are not bringing home a single extra dollar. that is what we need to be talking about. i would like to put that money back in american family's pockets. >> i'd like to talk about domestic violence because i think many people watching might not know that you are a victim of domestic violence and you shared that with the world in a very poiginant moment. >> the first time i call for help, the officer who arrived told me that if i called for protection again, my children would be taken away from me. >> and i know that you have been instrumental in pushing for the renewal of the violence against women's act.
7:45 am
what is the single most important thing congress can do to protect men and women victims of domestic abuse? >> i think the violence against women's act is important. i think sometimes american families feel like what happens in washington doesn't make a difference in their real lives. i can tell you that having an officer who had received training on how to assess and respond to a domestic violence incident made an incredible difference in my family's life and made an incredible difference in protecting my children and getting the help that we needed. so i think i'm a real example of why the actions congress takes have real consequences in people's lives. that was part of the reason i wanted to tell my story. i'm proud to be part of an historic class of freshmen many have stories not heard in the halls of congress and being more representative of the american people's experiences is
7:46 am
incredibly important. >> i am so sorry that you were a victim and that you had to experience that. thank you for standing up for survivors. i appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you so much. attorneys for new england patriots' owner robert kraft don't want you to see video evidence of an alleged encounter at a florida massage parlor. i will tell you what is going on legally there in a moment. any. a place miles from the beaten path. overcoming twists and turns, ups and downs.... whatever life throws. a place to always strive for. for all the journeys that make us stronger. (male announcer) we know these memories
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new england patriots' owner robert kraft is asking a federal
7:51 am
judge to stop evidence from becoming public. this comes as a source familiar says kraft will not accept a plea deal. >> the bottom line is no one from kraft's legal team for obvious reasons wants those tapes to get out there. they do not want the public to see these tapes under any circumstances even though kraft has said numerous times i did not do anything illegal here. they are looking at a florida law which basically says evidence gathered doesn't have to be made public. a lot of legal experts we talked to say that might be part of a stretch. what it does is it buys him time while they have the plea deal on the table here that obviously -- >> they are looking. the reason for that is some people might say you have two tapes out there.
7:52 am
they are embarrassing. this is a plea deal that says you take a class and pay a fine and charges go away. a lot of legal experts say this is a case that they might be able to beat and the reason for that is if you have this tape out there and you don't have audio that says if you do this i get this then perhaps there is a way to say it is consensual. >> that would be the argument. >> they are not arguing that he wasn't there. >> they are arguing that perhaps what happened there during that particular time was consensual. >> talk about why the plea offer. >> some legal experts say perhaps prosecutors don't have the case they thought they had. so another reason for perhaps not going with this, not agreeing to this is because even though the charges would go
7:53 am
away, you still might have to deal with the nfl. the nfl has very clear guidelines when it comes to conduct code especially when it comes to owners. even if you say i was guilty in terms of doing this, charges go away, that would not end what happened possibly with the nfl. >> that they can boot him from having a team. >> all sorts of things can be on the table. i think people might say a boot is something that might be extreme but it wouldn't be off the table. >> good to see you. thank you so much. homes flattened, businesses demolished, mountains moved by this massive cyclone in southeastern africa. now with thousands of stranded people on roof tops on those bridges. look at the images. rescue crews in mozambique are racing to stop a humanitarian crisis.
7:54 am
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welcome back. the end of isis in syria imminent. the president thinks so. here is what he said just yesterday. >> in 2016 everything red is isis. when i took it over, it was a mess. now on the bottom, that's the exact same. there is no red. there is actually a tiny spot which will be gone by tonight. >> this is the map the president was holding. he tweeted it out. on the left is the area that he says indicates territory controlled by isis before he took office. on the right, what it is currently. the battle in eastern syria has raged for months and months with thousands of civilians fleeing the area, hundreds of isis
7:59 am
fighters captured or surrendered. military experts say it will still remain a serious threat. tomozambique where the official death toll is 200 after the after math. crews are racing to rescue thousands of survivors stranded on roof tops. the storm slammed into the southern african nation earlier this week. winds up to 109 miles per hour leveling homes and buildings. 90% of the city has been destroyed with homes and businesses completely flattened. we wish the best to all the rescue crews there. thank you so much for being with me today. i'll see you back here tomorrow morning. at this hour starts now. hello.
8:00 am
i'm ryan nobles. washington brace for impact. from the white house to capitol hill, all eyes are on special counsel robert mueller and his final report that could be completed and submitted to the attorney general as any time while the trump administration wants to see what is in the report, president trump says he is open to the public seeing it. >> does the public have the right to see the mueller report? >> i don't mind. frankly y told the house if you want let them see it. it's up to the attorney general. we


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