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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  March 21, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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rescue crews there. thank you so much for being with me today. i'll see you back here tomorrow morning. at this hour starts now. hello. i'm ryan nobles. washington brace for impact. from the white house to capitol hill, all eyes are on special counsel robert mueller and his final report that could be completed and submitted to the attorney general as any time while the trump administration wants to see what is in the report, president trump says he is open to the public seeing it. >> does the public have the right to see the mueller report? >> i don't mind. frankly y told the house if you want let them see it. it's up to the attorney general. we have a very good attorney
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general. he is a very highly respected man. we'll see what happens. >> remember, it was just last week that the president tweeted that quote there should be no mueller report. what happens next? sarah westwood is at the white house. how is the white house preparing for the mueller report? >> reporter: the white house is bracing for this report to drop just like the rest of the country. but what is going to happen next is special counsel robert mueller will deliver his conclusions in a confidential report to attorney general bill barr. barr will decide what information he will pass along to congress. so sources tell cnn that the white house expects to review that version of the report, the version that barr is sending to the house and senate to see if there are opportunities to claim executive privilege. the white house strategy is going to depend a lot on what's inside the report. right now white house aides are mostly in the dark.
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if it is damaging then there is incentive to try to prevent the public disclosure. if in the eyes of the white house it exonerates the president there will be an effort to get it out to the public. the shift in tone from the president who said there shouldn't be a mueller report now saying perhaps this report should get released to the public. of course, here at the white house there are mixed emotions among aides. some of them expressing a level of anxiety because they don't know what mueller is going to conclude about the president. and there is also among officials waiting for this report a sense of relief that perhaps a two-year legal cloud over this white house could be lifted. folks here holding their breath waiting for that report to be delivered to the attorney general. >> they're not the only ones holding their breath. let's talk about what the top democrats investigating president trump like house chairman nadler are saying about the report.
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>> reporter: they are bracing for a fight with the white house. they expect some effort by the white house to with hold information. they don't trust bill barr to release this report to the house and senate. they don't believe that that information will be provided to the public. democrats are not just calling for the public release of the report, but they are also calling for the public release of the underlying evidence that will under pin this report and the decisions that robert mueller makes to prosecute, the underlying evidence leading to decisions not to prosecute. they want to see all of that. bill barr when he testified before the senate judiciary committee did not make -- democrats are making it clear they plan to fight very hard for the release of this report and they plan to push hard if the white house tries to exert executive privilege. last night jerry nadler made very clear that if he believes there is an expansive view of
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executive privilege to cover up wrong doing, he will push back. >> it's fundamental law that executive privilege cannot hide misconduct. you cannot use the executive privilege to hide misconduct by the president. whatever evidence was given to the special prosecutor, any claim of executive privilege is waived by the act of giving it to an investigator. >> reporter: the house democrats to investigate going forward depending on what bob mueller finds, doesn't find will essentially inform all of these house democratic investigation over the next several months. at the moment the next fight they expect to be a process fight, a fight overseeing the documents and seeing the underlying evidence and potentially a fight to call up bob mueller to capitol hill to testify about what he found. >> it's beginning to seem more and more likely that once the report finally comes out that it will create even more
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uncertainty and not necessarily the resolution that many in washington are looking for. let's talk more about this now with cnn legal analyst, cnn political commentator and a former republican congresswoman from utah. let's start with you. we have been waiting for this report for such a long time. how exactly will this play out? and could it be a while before we really know what is in the report? >> i think it will take a little bit of time. what i would expect is that when mueller delivers the report to attorney general barr he'll say publically that the investigation has ended and receive the report. he is going to take time to review it. he is going to prepare a summary that doesn't include classified information, sensitive information and information that was derived from grand jury materials, in other words, documents and testimony that was
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obtained via grand jury subpoena. the question -- one question that we don't know the answer to is whether or not he will transmit that to the white house to give them a heads up and give them an opportunity to redact additional -- as you alluded to a moment ago there have been reports and cnn reported last week that white house lawyers expect to have that opportunity if they are there is going to be quite a battle and you mentioned there is going to be legal fight over that. >> congresswoman to you now, president trump claims he wants the report to be made public. he is framing people's perception of it before we get a chance to read it. >> i'm saying to myself, i just won one of the greatest elections of all time in the history of this country and even you will admit that. now i have somebody writing a report that never got a vote. explain that because my voters don't get it.
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and i don't get it. it's sort of interesting that a man out of the blue just writes a report. i got 306 electoral votes. i think it is ridiculous. >> what is his game here? >> well, this rush for instant certainty and this rush for this report, we have been waiting for this report for a long time. mueller has been close to finalizing the report for over a year. this is just going to cause more uncertainty. obviously, the white house is concerned about what may or may not be in the report. i think transparency is important. i think we need to just take a breath and wait for the final report and get accurate information. i think we need to make sure that if there is any misconduct or if there is anything criminal that we are able to address that in the right manner. >> does it concern you at all
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that it appears through the president's -- the way the president talks about this mueller report, that he is trying to color people's perception of that information and perhaps accurate information may be viewed differently depending on your political point of view or support or lack of support for the president? >> the other side is also doing the same thing. they are saying the white house is going to block us from seeing this report. there are fights that are happening before the report has actually come out. just take a breath and wait. special investigator mueller has a job to do and he has to make sure that he does it correctly more than quickly because this is very serious. >> to that point, doesn't this emphasize this kind of back and forth that the congresswoman is talking about that even though there are specific legal arguments that come out of the neweler report, this is essentially a political process and not only about politicians making decisions about how the
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mueller report should be used. >> i agree that impeachment is a political process. in other words, if there is wrong doing regarding the president, that will have political implications and ultimately impeachment is in part a political calculation by the house and the senate. that i agree with. i don't believe that mueller's findings and mueller's conclusions and the investigation that mueller has conducted is political in any way. i find the president's comments offensive where he is suggesting that as a prosecutor, the fact that mueller didn't receive votes means she shouldn't be investigated. he is doing the job that he was tasked with doing. he appears to be doing it in a appropriate way. there will be some legal implications to things that he found. those are purely legal. there will be political wrangling. i think that should be separate and apart from the work that he
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did. >> on the point about impeachment, there is a new poll, had a pretty interesting result in terms of what democrats think about the question of impeachment. on that question as to whether or not trump should be impeached among democrats that number has gone down by 12 points. what do you think the motivation is behind democratic voters and their view of impeachment? >> they see this i think as i do and a lot of americans see this as a political game, a political process where there is so much work that congress has left to do. the thing that i would implore the congress to do and implore republicans to do and implore the president to do is to talk about how well the economy is doing and what we can do to keep people at work and keep wages rising. there is so much that thooz be done and it is being taken away by this report and waiting for this report. there is still a lot of work to do before the final report comes
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out. congress should focus on doing the work that they have that they have been voted to do by the american people. there is so much that they still have to do and they should really focus on that. >> the mueller report just one investigation that is taking place surrounding the white house. there is also a number of congressional committees looking into the president, his potential ties to russia and beyond. jerry nadler confirmed cnn's reporting that former trump communications director hope hicks is cooperating with their investigation into obstruction of justice. what do you think hicks could possibly provide to the committee? >> well, by all accounts hope hicks was somebody very close to the president and in close communication with the president speaking with him on a regular basis, seeing him on a regular basis. so she is like a walking tape recorder. she knows what he told her. she knows what actions he was taking, what other people were meeting with him potentially what some of them said. so really the way i would look at her is somebody who can talk
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about what she saw, what she heard and to the extent that congress wants to get to the bottom of what happened regarding the firing of james comey or pressure put on former attorney general sessions to unrecuse himself, she can for example talk about what he told her, what the president told her and so on. >> great conversation. we appreciate you being here. thank you very much. as president trump continues to blast robert mueller, he is launching new attacks on two other military veterans. the late senator john mccain and former massachusetts governor mike dukakis. the fbi starting a criminal investigation into boeing after two max 8 jets crashed within months. what are they looking for? (danny) let me get this straight. after a long day of hard work... have to do more work? every day you're nearly fried to a crisp, professionally! can someone turn on the ac?!
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at boeing is now under criminal investigation. justice department prosecutors have issued multiple subpoenas of boeing's faa certification and marketing of 737 max jets. that's the model involved in two deadly crashes just five months apart in ethiopia and in indones indonesia. we are joined with the details. what are investigators looking for? >> reporter: this seems to be centering around the certification of the boeing 737 max jets. so we are learning that prosecutors have issued multiple subpoenas to get information from boeing about that process
8:18 am
as well as its safety procedures including the training manuals that it used for pilots plus the subpoenas relate to the marketing of the 737 max jets which of course we know came through with urgency since boeing was racing against air bus to get the newest models on the market. it's still not cheer what criminal issues could be front and center in the probe. we know as part of the safety analysis of the aircraft, boeing itself was required to present the faa with the procedures used to certify the aircraft and really overall here this criminal investigation is an ominous step here because criminal probes into the aviation industry is really rare. these issues are typically handled at the administrative level which is also happening with the department of transportation inspector general. now we have learned it is on the criminal side, as well, here. >> how is boeing responding to all of this? >> throughout this whole process with the two crashes and the investigations, boeing has
8:19 am
repeatedly refused to comment on any ongoing legal matters or mitigation. boeing is trying to make some amends here. they are finishing up a software patch and a pilot training program. the only problem is these fixes were being developed to deal with issues that were discovered after the lion air crash back in october so it might not actually fix whatever issues are discovered in this ongoing ethiopia airlines crash. so that might be another issue that boeing has to face here. thank you jessica. there is another boeing-related investigation underway. this one involves president trump's acting secretary of defense patrick shanahan hwho worked at boeing for decades. the inspector general is trying to determine if shanahan
8:20 am
violated ethics rules by promoting boeing products while serving in his current role at the pentagon. what are you learning about this investigation into the acting secretary of defense? >> the investigation was sparked in part by a complaint from an independent watch dog group which issued this complaint questioning whether or not acting secretary shanahan had become involved in defense department decisions with boeing who is one of the major defense contractors. just yesterday the pentagon awarded boeing a $4 billion navy contract. secretary shanahan had pledged to recuse himself from all decisions involving boeing while he was serving at deputy secretary. this complaint comes as multiple reports question whether or not he has been involved in decisions with boeing. officials say he has not talked about boeing specifically and talked about his experience.
8:21 am
determining there is enough credible information to warrant a full investigation into shanahan. >> is mr. shanahan responding to these reports of this investigation yet? >> he was actually asked about this while he was testifying before the hill. he said he welcomed it. when the official word came out, his spokesman did issue a statement saying that shanahan welcomes the inspector general's review of the complaint and that he is at all times remaining committed to upholding his ethics agreement. this is a statement from his spokesman. the investigation will play out. it could not come at a worse time for shanahan who is in the acting arole but is rumored to be named permanent secretary of defense. there are questions whether or not the reports could influence president trump's decision as well as name him to the
8:22 am
permanent post. >> one of many with the acting designation. live from the pentagon, thank you very much. the counter puncher takes new swings at a man who can't respond. president trump ramping up attacks on john mccain now complaining that he didn't get a thank you for approving john mccain's funeral. that's next. here at snowfest... for your worst sore throat pain, try new vicks vapocool drops. it's not candy. it's powerful relief.
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swinging at a ghost. the president's one-sided fight with the late senator john mccain not limited to tweets or comments to the media. he is now taking his grudge on the road. president trump ripped into the vietnam veteran and war hero before an audience at a military tank plant in ohio. >> received the fake and phony dassier. he got it. what did he do? he didn't call me. he turned it over to the fbi. mccain didn't get the job done for our great vets and the v.a. and they knew it. and the other thing is, we are in a war in the middle east that mccain pushed so hard y. gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted which as president i had to approve. i don't care about this.
8:28 am
i didn't get a thank you. >> he doesn't care about it, but he is talking about it. mccain has no choice but to be silent. the silence from fellow republicans on this topic is deafening. joining me now mark hurtling and former republican congresswoman. president trump repeated this claim about senator mccain's health care vote. take a listen to what he had to say. >> he said two hours before he was voting to repeal and replace and went thumbs down badly hurting the republican party, badly hurting our nation. >> so this is something that he has said quite a bit talking about in some respects revising history as it retlats osenator mccain's vote on health care. i covered the health care vote very closely. i was by the elevators when the senator made his way to the
8:29 am
floor of the hill and we didn't know how he was going to vote. he told us he was undecided. congresswoman, you were there, as well. you were a member of the house, not the senate do you recall knowing whether senator mccain was going to vote yes? >> there was no certainty one way or the other. i was frustrated with that vote. this was something that was really frustrating. he wasn't the only republican member who voted against that bill. i was frustrating with my own senator for voting against the first -- my experience with senator john mccain is this. when i was running for congress the first time, he came out to utah. he helped me, invested a lot of time in that election. when we lost, he called me personally and said i want you to run again. i invested in you as a person, not in this election, not even in the party but you as a
8:30 am
person. i remember going into the g.o.p. retreat for the very first time and i went up to him and i said senator mccain thank you for your help. he opened his arms and jumped up and down and said you are finally here. that's what i remember about senator john mccain, the war hero who was incredibly serious embraced me. you don't agree with people all the time. here is a colleague, a person that loves his saercountry. he should be thanking -- the president should be thanking him and his family for the sacrifices he made for this country. >> you can also separate frustration over that one specific vote and compare it to the totality of the man and his experience. i want you to help me fact check president trump's claim about senator mccain and the veteran's choice act. far from doing nothing, the bill that president trump signed was
8:31 am
actually named for senator mccain. this was a program that went back to 2014. senator mccain was the co sponsor then. the only reason he didn't vote for the bill because he was seeking treatment for brain cancer. is this a fair attack from president trump? >> of course, it's not. none of these attacks are fair. you have to consider on that particular bill as most veterans know the devil was in the details. senator mccain was involved in the details. it wasn't just a bill to him. it was a way to help veterans that had all sorts of issues with the veterans administration and receiving care and receiving payment. so when he saw something in that bill that wasn't quite right and didn't meet the standards that he set for it then he opposed it. i think that is what he also did on the vote for the a.c.a. because he saw it was being repealed without any type of a replacement. there was a lack of replacement.
8:32 am
that's what senator mccain had campaigned on. i think when you are a legisl e legislator and you know the details of the bill, you know what's a good bill and what's not. one of the things i would say, too, is the fact that in order to be a good senator, in order to be a great senator or a great soldier or a great president, you also have to be a good person. what congresswoman love just talked about, it's parent that senator mccain was not only a good senator but he was a good person. i didn't agree with all his ideology. i didn't always agree with senator mccain but i knew he was always working with what was right for our country. >> i want to get your take with how these republicans in office are responding to president
8:33 am
trump. not all of them feel the need to respond to every single thing he says. do you think that there is a faction of the republican party who feels it's better just to ignore the president because if you challenge him on issues like this that only makes him talk about it more? sometimes like when i deal with my kids and one is bothering the other i say just ignore this particular kid because that's how you make a problem go away. is that how some republicans are approaching this in. >> i can tell you one thing for sure. if you respond to everything that the president does, it's a full-time job. you might as well get out of congress and spend your time responding to what the president does. that's not their job. as a matter of fact, i'm happy some people are voicing their opinion about their support for senator john mccain. but i can tell you there is so much work. we talked about earlier, there is so much work that has to be done. we still have infrastructure and immigration reform. there is still so much that congress has to do that they
8:34 am
cannot respond to the executive branch. we have to focus on the separation of powers, let the legislative branch do their job without having to ask permission by the executive branch. their job is to execute the laws that are enacted by congress. so if we just focus on those things i promise you we would get a lot more done and the in mapeop american people would be happier. >> i think there is a lot of frustration in washington that the president keeps bringing this up unprompted and continues to be an issue that we have to talk over and over and over again about. thank you both for your perspectives. we appreciate it. still to come, joe biden gears up for a possible presidential run. could he take the unprecedented step of picking a vice presidential candidate right away? we'll take a look coming up. when you rent from national... it's kind of like playing your own version of best ball. because here, you can choose any car in the aisle,
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that's what it takes, baby. geico®. great service from licensed agents, 24/7. a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! . the tongues are wagging and the speculation is mounting about joe biden, not just whether or not he will get into the 2020 race, but whether he will go ahead and just name his running mate right out of the gate. we know he met recently with stacy abrams, a rising democratic star who almost won the governor's race in georgia. cnn senior political reporter is following the beto o'rourke campaign swing through new hampshire. a lot to talk about as it relates to 2020.
8:40 am
let's talk about joe biden. from your perspective, do you think naming a running mate right out of the gate is likely? and is it even a good idea? >> reporter: we'll see what happens with biden. there is always the speculation about what he will do, when he will do it. just the average voters you talk to two whoo like biden, this idea of naming a vice president early on has gotten a little popular appeal i think among voters at least whether or not it would be wise is a whole different thing. biden is coming in in some ways as a very strong candidate. 28% of the polls showing that democrats really like him. is that a ceiling for him? if he were to name a vp, he is in some ways has a limited choice because there are some people who are running against him. a lot of times a vp choice might
8:41 am
come from the field. who are the folks he is looking at? and does it point to a weakness if he is supposed to be the 800 pound gorilla in this race, why does he need to have a vp? what message does that send to voters? does it send weakness or strength would be my question. and then the other question, do you want to have two targets early on in your campaign rather than just be the face and the voice of the campaign rather than having two -- >> last night governor john hickenlooper of colorado took to the cnn town hall stage. he had one peculiar answer that was getting attention when asked if he would choose a woman as a running mate. let's play it first and then get reaction. >> some of your male competitors have vowed to put a woman on the ticket. would you do the same? >> again, of course. but i think that we should -- i'll ask you another question.
8:42 am
>> you aren't asking the questions. >> i know. p how come we are not asking more often the women would you be willing to put a man on the ticket? >> that did raise some eyebrows. they kind of tried to clarify and said why aren't we assuming that a man would win the nomination? my good friend, a reporter in colorado has covered hickenlooper for a long time said this is customary with hickenlooper. it requires some sort of retraction or clarification. do you buy their explanation as it relates to this particular answer? >> reporter: sure. it sounds like he isn't necessarily keeping track of the questions that some of the women candidates are being asked. i think the women candidates have been asked this. i think a better answer would have been why aren't women being
8:43 am
asked if they would pick a female running mate? that would be something that we certainly haven't seen before, the conventional wisdom is that wouldn't be a ticket that would be viable, that you would need a man on the ticket to balance it out? we have had mostly all male tickets going back decades and decades. interesting moment for hickenlooper. again, it goes to show i think the ways in which gender is being talked about in this campaign in a field with a lot of women running, but certainly a lot of white men, as well. hickenlooper being one of those. >> a busy day in new hampshire with beto o'rourke and others. we appreciate you. coming up, as patriots' owner robert kraft fights his prostitution case, a new report reveals president trump still wants him to visit the white house. plaque psoriasis can be relentless. tremfya® is for adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. with tremfya®, you can get clearer.
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in austin, texas there is now a town of tiny homes built by a nonprofit with a big heart. here is this week's impact your world. >> i really had given up. i thought i was going to be a homeless drug addict the rest of my life. >> laser focussed on lifting the chronically homeless men and women on our streets in austin,
8:47 am
texas into a place that they can call home. >> on the 27 acres that's completely built out, we have 100 rvs and somewhere around 125 to 130 microhomes or tiny homes. >> glad you're here. >> it's great. >> it's all about the relationship here. you will see people at the kitchen, in front of the community market spending time with each other. >> we go back a long time. >> then you add in all the awesome things to do here like an outdoor movie theater, car care shop, arthouse, blacksmithing shop, full blown organic farming operation. all of this stuff is causing people to come out and interact with each other and build community through valuing each other as human beings. >> there is a lot i'm involved in and that helps me personally kind of like build self confidence and learn to like
8:48 am
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president trump is shrugging off the stench of scandal and willing to stand next to an all-time ally in front of cameras. this morning politico reporting that the president wants robert kraft to join his patriots at the white house for a super bowl victory. this despite kraft's prostitution charge. kraft has not accepted the plea deal offered by prosecutors, and the nfl power broker is making demands of his own. jason carroll is here to break this down. so jason, what's the latest here? what do you know, wirs first of about robert kraft's legal maneuvers? >> you've got a deal that's been offered. that deal that has been offered has not been accepted, and there is some reasons for that.
8:51 am
it seems like a good deal will surface if you give me some community service, all these charges will go away, you'll pay some sort of a fine, but here's the catch. you've got to admit at the end of the day that you were guilty of what you're being charged with, and they don't want to do that for a whole host of reasons. it could open them up to legal challenges in the future, might leave them open to some repercussions from the nfl, and legal experts we talk to say despite the fact there were two videotapes out there showing him in compromised positions that they might be able to beat this. for a whole host of reasons, you've got that. when it comes to those tapes, obviously kraft and his legal deem, they don't want anyone to see these tapes. what they've done is filed a motion that basically says, look, we believe there is reason to believe that the evidence collected in this case should not be seen by the public. that's a real big legal hurdle for them to get over, so there are some questions if they'll be able to do that. but this buys them time, right?
8:52 am
behind the scenes, they can negotiate with prosecutors, try to get some kind of deal, but for now they're not signing on to this. >> and the owner of the spa is also speaking out. what is she saying? >> a little history, she used to own the spa. lee yang, she hasn't been charged by anybody. the optics here are telling, right? you have the president in a selfie with her at the football game, sarah palen has been speaking out. i think we have some sound of her. >> nobody else has happened, only me, because i'm chinese. that's the issue. >> so, again, that's her defense there in terms of why she's being wrapped up in all of this, because of her ethnicity, because of her political
8:53 am
leanings. she says she's not a friend of the president. just days after a gunman went on a killing spree and targeted two mosques, new zealand prepares to overhaul the country's gun laws. next we'll have the latest on the sweeping changes. james r. and associates. anna speaking... ♪ james r. and associates. anna. ♪ [phone ringing] baker architects. this is anna baker. at northwestern mutual, this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow is important, but you're ready to bet on yourself today. find an advisor at ♪ when you have nausea, ♪ heartburn, ♪ indigestion,
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learn more at the latest inisn't just a store.ty it's a save more with a new kind of wireless network store. it's a look what your wifi can do now store. a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. just six days after a gunman opened fire at two mosques in new zealand, killing 50 people, the government there is taking
8:58 am
action, banning all military-style semiautomatic weapons, all assault rifles and all high-capacity magazines. new sdplzealand's prime ministe says the sweeping changes to the country's gun laws are aimed at, quote, making sure this never happens again. cnn's martin savage is in the city of christchurch where this massacre took place. martin, what are you learning about these new gun laws? >> reporter: well, first and foremost, brian, just to look at the significant impact that these changsz wies will have an speed, the breathtaking speed at which they've been proposed, is deeply indicative of the mood of the population here, the shock and still the complete sadness that people are feeling. basically these new changes are designed to work on a couple of lefr levels. number one, ban the rifles used in the mosque attacks. number two, immediately change the permit needed to buy these
8:59 am
weapons. the reason that's already happened is because they're afraid people might rush out and try to stock up on the weapons before the law gets on the books. changing it immediately prevents that. number three, how do you get out of circulation, in other words, how do you get the guns off the street that are already out there that are now going to be illegal as a result of the changes? for that there are two ways the law deals with that. number one, strong punishment if you don't turn the guns in. you can go to jail and face a steep fine. number two, use a different approach, in other words, a financial incentive of a government buy-back program. all of this will be on the books, according to the prime minister, by april 11. >> that is incredibly fast. martin, quickly, how are the people of new zealand reacting to this policy change? >> reporter: overwhelming support for the prime minister. they feel very supportive of what she has outlined here. even the head of the opposition party here as signed on. it's not a completely done deal but it's expected to go through with little or no opposition.
9:00 am
>> a lot different than how we've responded to mass shootings here in the united states. martin savidge, thank you for your report. thank you for joining me. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. the president is again ignoring advisers and putting personal grievances ahead of policy priorities. many see the tweets and the scathing sound bites and ask, why? the better question might be, why is anyone still shocked or surprised? plus, waiting on the mueller report. this is one reason the president is so anxious of late. special counsel said to be close to the finish line. but that doesn't mean you get to immediately see the key findings. one giant test of a chaampan is how the candidates grow


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