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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  March 22, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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gentleman like th general like this to speak out like this? >> usually these things are quiet conversations. general miller wrote a memo. it did leak to the news media. this is a guy very plain-spoken, and he is actually expected to retire regularly scheduled retirement in the coming months. that may make it a little easier for him to speak his mind. >> barbara, thank you from the pentagon. thank you for joining us. thank you for joining me all week. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. thank you, ryan, and welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. it is friday, but is it mueller friday? washington on edge waiting for the special counsel to close the books and to file his report. plus house democrats say the white house is refusing to cooperate with its new investigations which now include an allegation presidential son-in-law jared kushner uses a
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non-texting app to communicate with foreign leaders. is it god's will? the president's view of iran and a broadcast from the christian broadcast network. >> could it be that president trump was raised for such a time as this, just like queen esther, to save the jews from iranians? >> i do think that's possible. >> we begin today with the question from washington. might this friday be different from other fridays? pundits have pegged today as the day when robert mueller will give his report. the president says he's just as clueless as the rest of us. >> i have no clue about the mueller report. it will be interesting. we'll see what happens. there was no collusion, there was no obstruction, everybody knows it. it's all a big hoax. that's why i call it the witch
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hunt. it's all a big hoax. we'll see what happens. i know that the attorney general highly respected ultimately will make a decision. >> robert mueller has been on the job for 675 days, and the president has raised hell about what he considers unfair treatment since day one, calling mueller's investigation a witch hunt starting on day two. the constant complaints have always been about politics. and today , in that respect, no different. >> i have a man who is a deputy who i don't know, who i didn't know at all, and he appoints a man who had just left my office. i didn't give him the job at the fbi. comey is his best friend -- >> we covered everything. >> listen, and you know better than anybody, you've been very fair. but think of it. i have a deputy who reports a man to write a report on me and my presidency? people will not stand for it. >> cnn's abby phillip is at the white house. abby, there are some factual errors on the president's take
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there, but his grief is well known. what does the white house expect? >> reporter: the white house is looking at the situation just like the rest of us. multiple officials over the last several days say they're literally, like us, watching the news coverage waiting for something to happen. they're not sure how exactly this will go. there is no precedent, really, for the situation that they are in. they're not sure if they will get any kind of heads up an announcement is coming, and that they might very well be surprised when it comes out just like the rest of us. but in the meantime, president trump is taking the lead on the communication strategy around this. and it's twofold. it is, one, attacking robert mueller, the person, repeatedly this week saying that he's conflicted. that's familiar to most people paying attention to this. and secondly attacking the report itself. the president, in those clips you played, is suggesting that mueller, because he is an unelected investigator here, did not have the right to put out a report and he's undermining the
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credibility of this report even before it comes out, even before it is sent over to the justice department and potentially made public to the rest of the world. so i think that the white house is letting the president take the lead on this, and frankly, they've been planning behind the scenes, lawyers have been going through various scenarios for what they might say given all the possibilities about what the report might say, but at the same time i'm hearing from aides that obviously president trump could weigh in immediately on social media immediately to reporters and a gaggle of some kind, and that could throw up all the best laid plans. there is a sense of anticipation in the white house. they're going to play it by ear depending on what the mueller report says and how the president responds, john. >> we don't know a lot about the timing, but we do know the president has, shall we say, knocked over the apple cart when he thought they had a plan. cnn's dana bash, rachel bay with the "washington post," cnn's
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pamela brown and lucy with the associated press. typical friday? >> it seems like there is always activity on friday, so the team is certainlily on hiy on high a. look, we expect it to happen any day now. i know it gets old when you don't hear anything. another day passes and you think, is this report ever going to come? but when you look at all the signs, you put the pieces together, yes, this investigation is certainly nearing the end. you see prosecutors in miuellers offi office, prosecutors leaving with boxes that are clearly not their desks. the grand jury hasn't met in two months. you're really seeing all of these signs, and our reporting is, in fact, yes, it is going to wrap up any time now. but look, it's a wait and see approach not only for us in the media, but also, as you heard abby say, in the white house. it's really quite interesting. you're getting phone calls from all kinds of people saying, what
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have you heard, what have you heard? that's really the state of play right now. >> the president knows it's coming soon, whether it's today, next week or whenever, and people will not stand for it. the president sending signals to his political base, if this is critical of me, don't believe it and be mad about it. here's more with the president trying to lay the table for his political argument. he's assuming there is some bad news foicr him in this report. >> for two years we've gone through this nonsense. there is no collusion with russia. you know that better than anybody. and there is no obstruction. they'll say, wait, there was no collusion, that was a hoax, but he obstructed in fighting against the hoax, okay? think about that one for a second. >> he says it as if he knows that's what the report is going to say. i assume the president there is just conjecture and he's getting out there. there was no collusion, you know that as well as anybody. let's see what mr. mueller reports to us but he obstructed fighting against the hoax.
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think about that one for a second. we thought about it for a couple years now, and watching jim comey get fired, watching the attacks on jeff sessions, watching the president's attacks on institutions and the president saying things he knows are not true. >> that's an important point to make because there are two major things we'll be looking at in this mueller report. first is his mission, which is collusion between anybody in the trump orbit and any russian. and that is an area where there is a feeling among -- and pam has been doing, obviously, amazing reporting on this. she and i and others are hearing there is a feeling of a sense of relief on that. they don't know, they might be completely wrong when they see the report, but they might be on safe ground on that. the big unknown and the big concern, frankly, among trump's attorneys is obstruction. not that he, the president, can be prosecuted or anything like that because that's a whole different question, but that the
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language in the mueller report will be critical of the president, all the things you talked about, the way that he has tried to impede or derail this investigation along the way with the things pgz that he has said and things he has done. >> five people sent to prison by special counsel robert mueller. it's hard to call that a witch hunt. they can say he found other crimes along the way, one person convicted at trial, seven people pleaded guilty. 37 overall criminal counts filed by the special counsel. you mentioned the work winding down. r 50s as i want to see this grievance glens robert mueller. >> i had one of the greatest election victories in history. would you say that's true? >> yes, absolutely. >> they came from the valleys, they came from the rivers, they came from the cities, they came
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from all over. they voted in one of the greatest elections in the history of our country, and now we have a man that, because we have an attorney general who -- nobody can even believe that he didn't tell me, but he recused himself. >> some grievances never die. >> no. we know this president holds a grudge, and every time he talks about this at length, he comes fwook this. he cannot get past of his frustration that he feelsly betrayed him. he is making a broader skpoint he's been making this point for a long time that this is a mandate that is undermining his presidency. >> it also tells you what the attorney general is supposed to do, which is to do his bidding. not follow the facts or the law, but do his bidding. the attorney general in his confirmation hearing said he would look at the report, look
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at the regulations. we have no idea how much will be made public. some of it will be classified because of the counterintelligence, what were the russians doing with all that. former deputy at the fbi under robert mueller writing in usa today. a public narrative has built an expectation that the special counsel will explain his conclusi conclusions, but i think that expectation may be seriously misplaced. that's not what the rules provide, and i really don't see him straying from the mission. that's not who he is. >> democrats said we have to wait for the mueller report to see if we're going to start impeachment proceedings. in the last few weeks, they've been downplaying that, and in the last few days suggested they may not even see it for a long time. they're gearing up for court battles right now. are we supposed to send a storm?
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there is a fear that if robert mueller's report does not come out right away, don't go through those documents that they're trying to get through court. but folks are gearing up for the fact that we might not see anything for a while. >> it was real interesting -- he suggested maybe he wants it to be public can which is maybe ant. my mom said things leak. better have it out there in full rather than democrats in the house leaking it out. >> ultimately you hear the president say, put it out there, i have nothing to hide. but my reporting is behind the scenes at the white house, the lawyers have been gearing up for
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a fight to keep as much of the report as private as possible. the concern is, as dana pointed out, there could be some derogatory information or information that would look bad for the president, particularly on the issue of obstruction. so not only do white house lawyers want the opportunity to assert privilege, but the lawyers are also gearing up for a subpoena fight over the report, because the expectation is brought up, and they're talking about bringing bill barr to capitol hill. they've already talked about ways of getting around what barr would like to do. >> they're calling it a potential legitimate cover-up if the justice department does not release this information. general barr has said if he doesn't bring charges to anybody, he doesn't want to release negative information nor any many.
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republicans are really counting on him. they voted last week for the mueller report to become public, but they did that privately thinking that barr was going to withhold any information that congress might use to potentially impeach the president but might not rise to the level of a crime. we'll just have to see if he does that. >> you saw the president landing in florida. he's at marc mar-a-lago. d trump says democrats are wasting everybody's time. me? ♪ ♪ do you love me ♪ now that i can dance? ♪ watch me now! ♪ work, work, ah work it out baby ♪ applebee's 3 course meal
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>> it's a witch hunt. they know it, and behind closed doors, they laugh at it. it's just a continuation of the same nonsense. everybody knows -- they ought to go to work, get infrastructure done and get a lot of other things done instead of wasting everybody's time. i know nothing about it. i've never heard that. i've never heard about it. >> that last part, i know nothing about it, is in response to a question of his son-in-law's use of an app. others are accused of using personal e-mail as well. even the personal attorney for ivanka trump and jared kushner have revealed things to him. it is said that is not completely accurate.
9:19 am
what is significant about the back and forth here between the white house? >> reporter: democrats are making the case that these individuals, jared kushner, ivanka trump as well as former officials katie mcfarland and steve bannon, may not have been straightforward. he's been asking for documents the last two months, he says, and they've not been compliant, so he's setting a deadline for april 2nd, the white house not providing information by the democratic-imposed deadlines. that window about to close as we reach a phase of possible subpoenas that will lead to a legal fight. the political side, of course, is hillary clinton, the use of her private e-mail system, that is something the president continues to bash democrats over. now the use of jared kushner
9:20 am
using what's app to communicate with foreign leaders not exactly what hillary clinton did, but it will lead the democratic hypocrisy, and as you mentioned earlier, john, the president said he is not aware of these reports involving jared kushner and something he has done time and again when confronted with controversies says he's not aware about it. we'll see what he says when he finally gets briefed on the news. john? >> manu raju on the hill, appreciate it. lawy i'm joined by politico. >> yes, jared and other officials, but this particular conversation was about jared kushner does communicate, has communicated on what's app. but a couple things, one that the directive from the white house counsel's office is that what's app should not be used with classified information. maybe that's a given, but that
9:21 am
was an explicit directive, and also if and when somebody uses what's app for any communication, they must take a screen shot of it and save it for the presidential records in accordance with their pr preservation act and jared kushner has done that. i have not heard that before. there is an admission that he did it but not that he is doing anything illegal when it comes to classified information or not according to protocol, which is the presidential preservation act. >> this is happening at a time we see increased tension between the democrats and the white house over the scope of these investigations. this is a letter from the white house counsel pat cipaloni. while we seek to accommodate requests, the president must be free to engage in discussions with foreign leaders without fear that these communications will be disclosed and used as fodder for political purposes. and foreign leaders must be
9:22 am
assured of this as well. not a surprise you see tension early on. the question is, will they resolve this peacefully or will they end up in court, subpoenas? >> i think it's highly doubtful it will end peacefully. you're going to resist as long as possible, and going back to kushner and his use of what's app, he was, as dana said, taking screen shots, but we found out in what came out yesterday from cummings, an oversight was that ivanka as well was using her private e-mails and she, for a period of time, was not following the presidential records act. so that's something that cummings is going to want more information about. we know there is an april 4 deadline that he's waiting for documents on, and if he doesn't get it, that's when he may dish out those subpoenas. >> the response you just read, i just want to say, a lot of people were sort of expecting the white house not to give over information when it came to
9:23 am
trump and his personal communication with another foreign head of state, putin. when it comes to kushner and specifically these sort of security issues like making sure classified information was not shared on what's app, this is the bread and butter of oversight. and, you know, oversight chairman elijah cummings has been arguing that past presidents, including barack obama, gave a republican-controlled congress a lot of information when republicans started asking, for instance, about benghazi. right now the white house has not given anything to these chairmen, and if they continued that posture, it would be a new precedent. they could claim executive privilege, but they're not claiming executive privilege. they just say, no, we're not communicating with you and that could have something on oversight. a policy declaration that makes this guy here a little happy.
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>> president trump has just made history. i called him. i thanked him on behalf of the people of israel. he did it again. they're our parents...
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news. he said the caliphate has been 100% defeated in syria. the president brought a map to prove his point. >> here's isis right now. so there's isis and that's what we have right now as of last night. that's what we have right now. you guys can have the map. congratulations. spread it around. i think it's about time. [ cheers and applause ] >> he's a great guy. he's flying with us. i will be activating mr. moore for the fed. >> the president talking about his acting defense secretary. the president showing up before leaving the white house today favoring one of his political arguments. >> the democrats have very much proven to be anti-israel, there's no question about that,
9:30 am
and it's a disgrace. i don't know what's happened to them, but they are totally anti-israel. frankly, i think they're anti-jewish. >> that salvo from the president the day after he launched a treat heard around the world promising to release decades of u.s. policy and the sovereignty of golan heights. >> i've been thinking about doing it for a long time. it's been a very hard decision for every president. no president has done it. this is like moving the embassy to jerusalem. i did that. golan heights is the same thing. for years other presidents have campaigned. they said this is sovereignty, this is security, this is about regional security. >> administration officials telling cnn the president more likely to make a formal announcement of that policy shift next week coinciding with a visit to washington with benjamin netanyahu. david miller, a veteran from the
9:31 am
miller center. the president is trying to help out his friend benjamin netanyahu. he's trying to somehow convince jewish americans, i'm better for you than the democrats are. what else? >> it's a tri fecta. he's clearly going to throw his support to netanyahu where he's facing a mental challenger. he's also trying to establish himself as the preternatural president in the history of the relationship. all of this, i think, is driven largely by domestic politics, his own persona, his ego and his desire to demonstrate that he is the anti-obama where a lot of this, i think, began. >> it comes out on twitter like a bullet and everybody says, whoa. they've been working on this for a while. it's not a shock that he did it.
9:32 am
how he did it might be a shock, but they've been at it for a while. >> right, and it's not expected. look at the responses we've seen so far from others in the middle east. they haven't made these cataclysmic predictions of this being terrible going forward. it's been expected, it's been planned for, it's been talked about. i think it was unusual to see it by tweet, especially since one hour earlier the secretary of state said, no, i don't think we have diplomacy by tweet. then in the next hour you see a tweet and you see the president beaming next to benjamin netanyahu and says it's a miracle for the holiday apparent. >> they say, no, this is syrian territory and israel is occupying it. that should be resolved diplomatically at some point. the president just deciding,
9:33 am
boom, we're done. >> you just mentioned syria. that's an important component of this, we would agree, we haven't talked about. so much of it is about domestic policy for the president here regarding the jewish vote, the evangelical vote and the history that you so rightly pointed out with him being the anti-obama and his relationship with netanyahu and everybody in his administration. the bonus geopolitically for the president is to make it clear to syria, we're not on your side right now, because that has been the long dispute between israel and syria's golan heights. the american political action conference member will meet with the president. you'll have the election play out. the question is, how many democrats will show up there? we know senator schumer and
9:34 am
speaker pelosi will be there. many said, don't go, 2020 candidates. we know that many are not going. alexandria ocacio-cortez, chief of staff, says this is directly against ilhan. a member of the democratic leadership clearly concerned that he doesn't want this image to take hold, democrats are not like here. >> what i can speak toward is the house democratic conference. i recognize that they share values, share strategic accident. in fact, speaker nancy pelosi will be at the apec conference, chuck schumer will be at the apec conference, and several of my colleagues will participate as well. >> there is serious tension
9:35 am
among the democrats on this issue. >> yeah. the caucus is in tension over this issue. democratic leadership will definitely show up. there are a number of jewish democrats who have just introduced a new resolution that has pushed back on this boycott of israel, calling it basically a movement to try to end the jewish state. so there is a resolution. the leadership is looking at that document, thinking i'm going to -- democrats are still pro-israel overwhelmingly. many ilhan omar is one, who gets to lead this moment. and say that that actually infringes on free speech. the caucus is very divide and had this goes across to.
9:36 am
clearly not going, and purposely so, to apec. >> i just mention for a long time. the adhesive and glue that's held them together is . now i think you have a republican of israel, a strong jewish state, and republicans have established themselves as the go-to party, and you have two views of israel. one more mainstream and one more cost and risk averse. the real question, again, is how much traction will this new space occupy? will it change the bid in congress and at the same time. and it will play out to some degree. >> and an israeli campaign.
9:37 am
before we go to break, the military mission in afghanistan claiming two american lives today. the indication is that they were killed in the province with taliban. before they were only holding peace talks. we'll be right back.
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topping our political radar today, alexandria ocacio-cortez, some running for election painting her as a big problem. case in point, congressional
9:42 am
candidate michelle nix in her first congressional campaign ad. >> alexandria ocacio-cortez, she has the media, she has the followers, but bless her heart, she has some terrible ideas. i'm michele nix, and i approve this message because i'll stand up for socialism. >> unplanned and budgeting tasks are posing, quote, unacceptable risk to the military's solvency. the president using funds for the border wall. steven moore may be elected to the federal reserve board. we should note moore was also a previous contributor here at cnn. the president is defending his attacks on the late senator john mccain despite requests from mccain's family to please
9:43 am
stop. he said he would gladly avoid the topic, and the president says, and this is not true, that he keeps talking about it because reporters keep asking him. >> i didn't bring up john mccain until you asked me a question about john mccain. i could say no comment, but that's not me. you shouldn't bring it up. fake news every once in a while. >> it's not fake news. you just told me why you have an issue with him. >> i have a very serious issue. he handed something to the fbi on me. >> the fact is the president tweeted saturday about this after seeing some report probably on that network, and then the president brought it up at a rally at a tank factory in michigan. there was no reporter close to the president, he just brought it up. i took that as the president wants to stop talking about it. that that was the president saying i'm getting a lot of blowback from people, even my adviser, there is nothing to be gained here, stop. and that which the president said, which is not true.
9:44 am
>> he doesn't want to talk about it anymore, and maybe he just heard from an adviser, hey, we should probably tone this down. in a matter of weeks he could again shoot off another tweet if he gets frustrated because there is some praise for john mccain or john mccain comes up in a congressional discussion, and then he's off again because it clearly plays on certain insecurities the president has. >> i just want to show people john roberts, the fox white house correspondent, got the death glare from the president today. he was trying to ask questions. if you look at john's twitter feed, to his credit, he makes clear the facts in the mccain episodes of recent days, shall we say, and the president wasn't happy with the question from maria from fox business, he wasn't happy with -- i'm sorry. >> no, i was going to say his event in ohio was to talk about jobs, manufacturing, they know they have to hold going into 2020, it's a very important
9:45 am
political region, and instead all the headlines coming out of the event were about mccain and a diatribe on mccain he started fwho fwho without any issue. >> i thought the most telling thing for megan mccain on "the view" this week, of which all of us can relate to, if he's still getting under the president's skin seven months after he decide, he is having a very loud laugh. >> let's hope that's the case. when we come back, a presidential candidate on the road taasking about the bail system, talking about his own time in jail. if it's a better s than the one you reserved. so no matter what, you're guaranteed to have a perfect drive. [laughter]
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it's a busy friday on the trail for the 2020 candidate hopefuls. bernie sanders out in
9:50 am
california, kamala harris in texas, beto o'rourke getting his first taste of campaigning in south carolina. you see him there looifr. there are an historic number of women in the democratic field. when asked about the race, the incumbent mentioned only men. >> i'd love to have biden, i'd love to have bernie, i'd love to have beto. the press seems to have chosen beto. >> is this socialism versus capitalism? >> when i watch beto, i say, we could dream about that. but whatever it is. no, i think it's competence. >> i'm going to go out on a limb and say it's more about socialism than competence, but that's what it is today. >> he's focused on the b-bos. all the men that start with b. maybe he'll be surprised. >> he has talked about some of the women in the field in the past. he praised kamala harris'
9:51 am
rollout, he's talked about amy klobuchar. we all know he lovers nothing but political punditry. i'm sure he's watching very closely, what they're doing, what they're saying. he's not wrong that those three seem to be ahead in the polls. biden obviously hasn't jumped in yet. maybe. we'll see. but this is, you know -- >> when you're a candidate, you get asked questions at these events and you get surprised. beto o'rourke today in south carolina, a person who identified themselves with the aclu asked him about the cash bail system. beto was arrested once for dwi, he was arrested once for burglary. here's the answer. >> in both instances i spent a night in the county jail, and in both instances i was able to post bail because we have the resources in our family to do that. i understand now how exceptional my experience was, so ending the
9:52 am
cash bail system makes sense. you cannot be too poor to have your sprfreedom -- >> did he somehow turn this to his advantage? >> that's what o'rourke said in his senate race against cruz. one of the big pillars of his campaign was criminal justice reform. we heard now this video that went viral when he was siding with the nfl players who were kneeling, but he also supports abolishing for profit private prisons. that was a huge aspect of his campaign, and i suppose you'll want it as big in the presidential campaign. a. >> he's not backing away from these, he's talking about this really openly, and that could appeal to a lot of voters.
9:53 am
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mueller started his investigation. the president, waiting. newsrooms waiting. congress waiting. the white house waiting. twitter is not waiting because it never does. >> no, it never does, and it's a beast, right? you have to keep feeding it and really it's been an amazing experience because so many people are really learning minute by minute what we're doing through twitter, and they're following us, which is so extraordinary. >> some of your clues so far today, cnn's stakeout team have not seen mueller arrive. other members of the team have seen him arrive. the team says they haven't seen mueller for lunch today. he usually does. some people will laugh at this, but it's important to keep our eyes on the right places. >> every clue is significant, such as who comes to the office, who leaves when they leave. we have a team following when they come out, when they go for lunch. the mueller thing is significant because if you don't see him, obviously it would be not normal, and so you would start
9:59 am
thinking, well, what is going on? could he be at the department of justice? we didn't see him today but i believe he's there. i think with what happened yesterday, all the media that showed up and the photograph of mueller arriving in his private vehicle has really changed things. i don't think we're going to see him in that car for a while. >> you guys report on twitter, share your information on twitter. you've had a lot of followers throughout this investigation. the president uses twitter, too? collusion, 174 times, domueller 84 times, dossier 64 times, special counsel 15 times. we look for clues all the time. andrew weissman in a tan suit. i think we have the picture here. there we go. he's one of the top prosecutors. he's leaving. so you're not going to go into court, you're not going into a
10:00 am
big legal meeting in a suit like that. >> no, you're not, and thaelts the thing. that's gina rini in the middle. she's been coming into court and it's all very interesting suit. >> louis vuitton shoes. that's the segue. brianna keilar -- i don't know what she's wearing for shoes -- starts right now. i'm brianna keilar live from cnn's washington headquarters. underway right now. in a new closing argument president trump suggests that people will revolt if the mueller report isn't favorable to him. america's top diplomat said god sent donald trump to save the jews. plus two deadly crashes in months, and it's becoming clearer putting boeing's max 8s in the air, it was a safety risk. when asked w


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