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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 22, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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in one year. >> every day people, ordinary people but with big big hearts wanting to just make a difference. >> not a dry eye that that room. i can attest to that. you can no, ma'minate someone. thanks for being with me. the lead with jake tapper starts now. is robert mueller about to ruin happy hour? the lead starts right now. march madness president trump firing off new rage as he tries to discredit robert mueller. as the lawyer says waiting for the report is like waiting for a baby. president trump buying into the buzz about the b boys but which one is his dream opponent? >> training for a boeing jet that crashed twice in six months required a few hours and an ipad. the latest on a mess so big it
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could shrink the committee. welcome to the lead. i'm in for jake today. we begin with politics lead. president trump continuing his come pain to t campaign. all as we await the completion of nearly two years of his investigation. the president today using his familiar and false rhetoric calling the probe a witch hunt and a hoax and suggesting people will not stand for it if the mueller report is negative. we start off with our coverage from the white house. >> as the wait for special counsel robert mueller's report continues president trump isn't letting up on his attacks. >> i have a deputy appoints a man to make a determination on my presidency. people will not stand for it. >> as he left the white house today trump told reporters he doesn't know what will be in the report, but that didn't stop him from repeating this familiar refrain. >> there was no collusion. there was no obstruction.
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everybody knows it. it is all a big hoax. >> the decision about what if anything will be released to the public will be left to attorney general bill barr who trump praised today. >> i know that the attorney general highly respected ultimately will make a decision. >> democratic oversight on capitol hill is moving forward. lawmakers say their request for documents are getting stone walled. asked if he is telling officials not to comply trump wouldn't say. >> it is a continuation of the same witch hunt. they know it and behind closed doors they laugh at it. it is a continuation of the same nonsense. >> the president adding he will gain the upper hand if oversight ending an impeachment. >> if there is it will only play to our advantage. >> from his resort in florida trump is taking on his own administration's plans. a day after the treasury
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department announced new sanctions on two chinese companies the president promptly tweeted he ordered the withdraw of news sanctions contradicting john bolton. white house press secretary sanders offering this explanation. president trump likes dhachairm kim and he doesn't these it will be necessary. more than two hours after president trump sent that tweet there is to figure out what he meant. weeks ago when he was meeting in vietnam he wasn't giving the north koreans anything. he wasn't giving up anything. it certainly seems like a concession not just to north korea but also to china. >> thank you. let's talk about all of this. first off, the president's lawyer telling the washington post today it's like waiting for a baby.
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if the report is good i'll give out cigars. the question is will giuliani be giving out cigars? >> given his behavior, who knows? it doesn't look like we are getting a report today unless mueller wants to torment all of the employees from cnn and msnbc to make them stay at work or something like that. >> when it does come out and at this point it would be a delivery, it would be the beginning of this process, the indications of this point in time, do you think the president has a lot to worry abiliout? >> yeah. the president has seemed extremely determined that it not be looked into and extremely worried about what might come out. it was opposed to a bufrnch of different legal cases. that's another question. does trump world, trump
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administration, trump himself have a lot to worry about that i think have gone pretty far at unraveling what really happened in 2016? yes. president trump has a lot to worry about. >> anyone think he does not? >> he certainly does. it is a matter of that. giuliani will be handing out cigars when it is transmitted. we are not going to know. the biggest question -- >> and they did that over the spin, right? >> the biggest question is what the attorney general does. i think it will be historic. we look back and see what department of justice guidelines are giuliani may be smoking those cigars but he will have to
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wait to see if those will be good or not. >> i don't know what he has been smoking for the past -- you say if the report is good whatever the report is he will say it is good. he is found with a knife over a dead body says i didn't do it. they will say that same line witch hunt, it doesn't matter what mueller says. whether it is actually damaging democrats briefing and it could be bad for them. we know no matter what it says it is the same it has been for the last two years. >> he is setting up this idea of what would happen if the -- if it doesn't go favorably for him even if it will be spun as oh, it is good. this is what he said. >> i have a deputy appoints a man to make a determination on my presidency. people will not stand for it. >> people will not stand for it.
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when you hear him say that what do you think? >> he is talking about his base. he thinks about this through his reelection campaign. he knows it is a political process. he is thinking about how he talks to his base and says to them you're with me, be with me. this is a witch hunt. this is a hoax. we have cig gars. don't worry about this. don't look behind the curtain. when this does go to congress from barr, if it's heavily redacted which it likely will be, congress isn't just going to take it and accept it and say no questions. we are good now. this is the beginning of the process. for trump he is beginning a public campaign as well that will continue and escalate about what this is even after the mueller report. >> and it's interesting because if anyone has overruled the
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request to do something, it was written answers that he got. if he has been overruled by barr, by rosen stein it is going to be -- there will be a notation, congress certainly will know that is going to be part of this debate. i think the biggest question for congress and the american people will be recording obstruction of justice and abuse of power. we know it was to increvestigat crimes associated in the election. we have seen indictments go out. maybe there will be more, probably not but then what happens over these larger questions? i would argue we have seen obstruction of justice happen. go does he want to make a federal case out of that? probably not. that is where the real debate will go on probably for the next two years. >> he is making the case that he's defending himself. >> of course these things about
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me are not true. i'm defending myself. >> and it is his entire political personal life. i'll attack anyone even if they have been dead for a while i'll go after him. remember when mueller was pinted we have gingrich and others saying great guy. what a respected guy and then slowly it became he is an angry democrat. the irony is it is almost always self-destructing. he armed himself so much. >> i think he held onto his base without doing it. he is also moved the determines of debate over. he moved or gone down. >> i think politically you're right. legally he said mad things. >> yes. >> he assumes he can't be indict and he can pardon people. he has always been worried about the political side.
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in his thuggish way he is not stupid about turning it into a street fight. you a bunch of people around the country looking into serious things and instead of taking it as every other president has i'm the president of the united states and they should find out the truth. he turned it into a boxing match in which a lot of people watching it think man, they are a little bit overreaching. it is on the defense of it's probably better not to impeach. they sort of have an obligation to impeach him. >> and they put it in the mueller basket. we'll wait for mueller. you can -- if you want to impeach the president he does stuff every week from threatening amazon to witness tampering to secret payments to porn stars. obama could have been impeached for 1% of this stuff. they wanted to impeach him.
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imagine if his national security adviser and personal lawyer had been indicted. >> and you don't think the long run for impeachment, do you think democrats are sort of overthinking the risks of doing it? >> i agree. i think they realized late in the game that setting up the mueller report as the moment is actually bad for all that have different views of impeachment. if it doesn't have what democrats think should be in it to justify impeachment they can't use it. i will give credit where credit is due and a new york times piece about a week ago where he made a very interesting case which i never thought of before about why it is not bad politics. the case he made is that republicans back in the 90s, we always talk about how it is terrible politic. they did lose seats in 98 but held onto the house until 2006.
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gore had the challenge of dealing with clinton's impeachment. it is not clear cut politics. they have backed away a little bit. you're absolutely right. if you look at the bar he has violated campaign finance. he has broken the law. >> and the one thing to do is have public hearings. i remember being in college. they had a huge effect. witness after witness testified. there were attorneys -- there were counsel on either side that interrogated them. you really got a sense after watching it -- >> democrats can bring mueller and they probably will if they are not satisfied by the report. >> you don't have to do impeachments to get hearings. don't go to impeachment. don't give president trump that
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disputed heights territory. the move looks openly political israeli prime minister. senior dip low picks up the story. >> just after secretary of state pompeo stood beaming next to benjamin netanya benjamin netanyahu referring to the long disputed land as -- >> hard fought real estate. >> the task that i have is by my belief in jesus christ as a savior. >> could it be that president trump right now has been sort of raised for such a time as this just like to help save the jewish people from iranian menace? >> he mentioned the rapture,
1:19 pm
keeping a bible open on his desk and he views homo sexuality as perversion. this doesn't sit well with some. >> laughable on his face. it is actually quite concerning frm it gives comfort to ks tr m extremists that want to look at the west as a front to islam and ascrusaders. what is wrong for him to apply as he appeared to do, those christian involves to the task of foreign policy. there they are the only countries recognized which it seized from syria in 1967. u.s. allies say it is in violation of a uchl n. security counsel resolution.
1:20 pm
it all comes just as he faces a tough reelection battle with some seen by critics as try to go help him. >> i'm going to stay far away from the decisions the iz ralthl make in a few weeks. >> he calls this decision a holiday miracle. remember, president obama wouldn't even meet with him when he visited the united states because it was close to an election. how could this be seen as anything but a huge gift to him? also some u.s. allies tell us they are also confused by the timing of this. they want to know how this relates to broader poll citicy. >> all right. thank you so much. to hear the president talk about this it is as if he didn't even know there was an election going on in israel. is there any -- i mean the
1:21 pm
motive here, is there any way that it is not to put a finger on the scale of this election? >> that's probably a key part of it. there is a reasonable -- i think it's a reasonable -- >> but the timing? >> the timing is unusual. i think it is unfortunate about the timing is that it seems to discredit what is he jet mat. you can make an argument that it is a force for stability in the middle east. syria is deeply problematic state with iranians. so that's a foreign policy debate. trump unfortunately has taken what would be a reasonable thing for a u.s. government to do after deliberation in consultation with allies not in the middle of an election season
1:22 pm
and made it look like a cheap political gimmick to help his friend who has an election coming up. >> you're shaking your head. >> i agree it was a cheap political gimmick to do it in this way. there is a factor of iran. they have made it very clear. it is saying we are going to stand up to you. we won't let you roam freely. i don't think it is a reasonable position. everyone in the world thinks that to be the case. in 1981 the ronald reagan voted with every single member of the u.n. security counsel to say this is null and void. we have trump on twitter undermining u.s. foreign policy. previous president and it was a reality on the ground. saying it loud is a big deal. it sends another message again. how are you going to go and tell them, you know, they tell us it
1:23 pm
is bad but here it's fine. >> i wonder, you have been to israel 20 times. you have been in meetings. >> more than me i think. >> even as -- >> better received. >> even as an administration being clearly pro israel, knowing that some of these things would be carrots at the table of a mideast peace negotiation what does it tell you about the seriousness with which this administration is actually approaching the possibility of peace in the mideast? >> the important thing here is that kushner is working on a middle east proposal. if you're coming down on one side hard there is no way you can be a fair arbiter. the united states has tried many times and failed. i have lived through that to do this. it is really killing the role that the united states can ever really play in the immediate
1:24 pm
future and be fair. if you a good plan both sides should be angry and they should both feel like they have things they giving up. the other adds to the political analysis here is that trump is not doing this because he likes him. he expecting something in return. he is touting how democrats hate jewish people. he wants to move the, you know, jewish american vote towards his side. he wants it to be fully in the republican pocket. that's what he expects in return. >> i want you to listen to something that mike pompeo is saying he is traveling through the middle east right now. this is something that perked up a lot of ears. >> could it be that president trump right now has been sort of raised for such a time as this to help save the jewish people from an iranian menace? >> i believe that is possible. to see the remarkable history and the work that our
1:25 pm
administration that has done to make sure the democracy remains i'm confident the slord at work here. >> there is reporting of the evangelical vote here. what do you think? >> i think it's madness. i think it's another reminder that it is a cult movement. it is amazing to see long-standing politicians saying this kind of stuff. we have a word used since 9/11. we talked about it as islamists. if we use that let's talk about it. for an american politician is absurd. >> if there are democrats that have a problem with vision that donald trump and members of his administration are articulating all of them are boycotting.
1:26 pm
>> if you disagree. if you wan to have a debate about this people need to go -- >> you can't debate trump saying the democratic party is anti jewish. >> i'm telling you how they should show up into those spaces. >> no. >> that's not about israel. >> it is in the about jews. it is ironic coming from --
1:27 pm
>> it is unbelievable. >> people need to denounce that. if we are going down the road. >> you get to say because of a policy. i agree with you. if you go down where there are more anti israel we get to say they are anti jewish. >> if i -- >> there are a number of democrats. to be fair a number of them are danger it. >> amanda, they have an opportunity to go. claiming the democratic party because they are making it so easy. >> who cares? will have more that aren't the republican party right now. >> and leading in the polls is jewish. >> all right. more ahead with this feisty bunch at the rate that he will be standing on the podium
1:28 pm
o'rourke keeps climbing on things. president trump says he won't stand a chance against him.
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cnn reports president 2ru6r7 is saying bring it. >> i would love to have biden. i would love to have beto. >> president trump listing three democrats he would like to face in 2020 singling out o' rourke. he is stopping including his latest visit. >>. >> we have been on the trail now for eight days. all of eight days. >> anything i got done i got done with republican colleagues.
1:34 pm
so bipartisan ship across the aisle. >> his message seemed to reach a few republicans. mike harris says he is looking for anyone but trump. >> somebody with character, that my son could look at and i could say that's a good person. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. >> while another they say biden is eyeing an april announcement possibly later in the month. one person president trump did not mention indiana mayor who took his 2020 campaign to the view today. >> what should i call you, pete? >> he reassured that any potential presidential ticket would be balanced. >> think it is a good idea. >> you do? >> yeah. i don't think you rule anybody out decisively. >> one person not running,
1:35 pm
michael bloomberg that shed lights on passing for a 2020 bid saying it would be hard for him to compete. >> unless i was willing to dl g change all of my view and go on what cnn called an apology tour. he apologized for being male, over 50. he is apologizing for being born. >> and i had a chance to speak with him after he spoke here. the largest historically black college and i asked him about the chatter of a possible biden/abrams ticket in the future. the possibility of it and he had nothing but praise for abrams that he thinks she should run and he has spoken very highly about biden as well. let's turn to someone else here. today when talking about president trump here on this campus he described him as the smallest, meanest and he also
1:36 pm
used the word vin didictive. >> thank you. and joining me now is andrew gill ham. he lost by less than one-half of a percentage point. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. half a percent always -- thank you for the reminder. >> i'm sure it stings. if it were a longer percentage it might have been easier. it seems on one hand he wouldn't be able to fit in with where the democratic party is. look at the opposite trump never apologizes. what do you think about this pattern of apologizing? is it too much? >> well, i don't necessarily
1:37 pm
agree with the mayor's comment. listen, we have a really wide feel. i don't think that anybody has to apologize for being white or gay or being a person of color. those are shrinks for us not only as a party but as a nation. i don't think voters will ultimately decide based on those kinds of super official traits. think will be looking for what it is you have to say, how well will you represent them? very importantly they want to see themselves reflected and that's not just in the race or in the gender of an individual but also in what their lived experiences are and whether or not they can see whether or not that individual will be a good representative voice for them. i think that's what all leks often times are about seeing people reflected and whoever best does that is likely to win to get your vote. >> you heard reports about vice president biden maybe getting
1:38 pm
into it. he could pick a running mate early on in his campaign. some speculated it could be abrams. >> we are friends. if stacey were considering getting close to the white house i hope it would be as candidate as president of the united states. we have a process here. i hope that vice president biden who i have a tremendous amount of respect for will join the rest of the democratic field and compete with his ideas, big vision and what he wants to do and give voters a reason to go out and clooz him. once we made a selection for our presidential nominee i look for ward to them considering who plight be a best fit for vice president and i think the first and most important quality is someone who has the ability to become president of the united states. >> meaning they should have run for that role?
1:39 pm
>> i don't think -- >> no. >> you don't tli they have to? i wonder what you think though that every vice president that has ever run for president has maybe not won the presidency but they ended up as their party's nominee. to that degree is there some inevident blt about joe biden? >> if i were joe biden i would run away. it does not serve you well in a primary process. the joe biden that i know and that i have recognized and seen on the campaign trail has fire in his belly. he is energetic. he seems to be the type to run always as if he is running from behind. i think it will serve him well in this crowded field to not run but to rather stick to his instincts and run like you're the last man in the race trying to get to the front of the pack. i think if you do that you'll
1:40 pm
see that the voters will reward you for the hard work and energy and passion you put into this race. i hope that's the joe biden that shows up on the presidential stage. >> all of this talk about some of these candidates would have a female runs mate, do you think it is presumptive? >> i have a lot of thoughts on it. there are so many qualified women and the fact that we keep asking the men whether or not they would choose a woman running meat ski running mate skips over the fact that we could have a nominee on the democratic side. i would welcome it. let's be disciplined about this process. let's let it take its normal and natural course. we will get to a vice president. can we get to a presidential nominee first? let's get that and then we'll talk about these later. >> all right. thank you so much. unplugged and off the cuff what he thinks of the democrats who
1:41 pm
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there is too much i'm sorry. he isn't running because there isn't in the democratic party. i don't think. >> he basically says that
1:46 pm
though. >> he sadmits that. now, the fact is here that he would be great on paper. this is kind of a lesson to a lot of people. she a legitimate businessman. probably more for addressing gun violence than anybody es. i don't know what he is talking about with the apology tour. i doubt most democrats are. i think this was more about a little bit of sour grapes that there was an appetite. i can't even remember that guy's name. that's how it struck me. >> you know, i think it -- >> no kidding. >> that's when he told me that. >> he's not running. >> is he -- >> he is -- >> he will end up supporting joe
1:47 pm
biden. he is the person that you said you can't do an independent race. >> so why is he bothering to say this? >> it's not the only one making these criticisms. that's big story about all of the democrats being on an apology tour. democrats might not like it. it seems like they are proud of their history. >> i don't know what they are apologizing for. >> they have said i regretted things in my past. he is talking about his previous arrest and eating dirt on the campaign trail. there is whacky stuff going on. most of us looking at this. >> talking about his wiefe raising their clarn with a little bit of help from him.
1:48 pm
>> i'm not sure it is having an impact. >> for sure. >> i care very little what bloomberg thinks. i care less what donald trump thinks. he doesn't want to face anyone. the idea is absurd. he looses to pretty much any democrat. the idea that he has a preference -- >> yes. >> he says he doesn't care what donald trump thinks about the democrat k field. let's talk about what donald trump thinks about the democratic field. he said -- and this was -- these are the folks he picked. what do you make of these? >> they howould be a delight. they want to run against joe biden. he represents the establishment. i know a lot of people are there love with them.
1:49 pm
he is jumping up on a counter top and bringing home dirt for him and his wife to seat there are some people that say there might be something strange going on there. >> i don't even know what that means but i think there's -- >> look -- >> i could say i love to do like a basketball competition against lebron james. he is trying to convey they are weak. >> trump to the degree you make them look like they are going left do you believe how great -- it is helping and democrats are playing into it. it is helping and making it harder. he is getting them to stick with him. the donors we read about they didn't like him at first. some didn't vote but if they
1:50 pm
think i guess i have to stick with trump why are you trying to weaken in? what he does is clever in a low way. >> they have to think long and hard. he decides which we talk at today, who is up and who is downment he is obsessed by losing on the socialism point. whoever the democrats put up will be called a socialist. barack obama was called a mark for two leks running. they have already decided that it could be the most right wing democrat of all. >> i want to say i agree with bill. he said it in a much better way. it is not my secret list. he doing it to kind of weaken these people that he is probably little scared of for different reason because of fundraising, their buzz, whatever it may be. we should treat it like that not
1:51 pm
like a secret list he is sharing with america. >> and he is spending time with him. >> and you just interviewed him. you said you weren't expecting to like him. you think he is a formittable candidate. >> i thought who is this? i'll run with 20 other people. why is he running for president and what is his background? it looks too perfect. he is a very impressive guy. has a vision for a future. >> i was going add, i was for mayor two years ago. i'm not endorsing anyone but i would say he is he jit plat. there's not a gap. people should watch him. >> and figure out how to announce his last name. so yesterday we discussed his comments which he said that the idea of increasing the number of justices is maybe an argument worth taking seriously.
1:52 pm
we want to clarify that he does not support expanding the size of the court. waiting for robert mueller, the special counsel report on the russia investigation could come at any moment.
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we are back now. not sure if they will need to release this. i want to bring in our legal experts to talk about this. to you first is a counter report, is that normal? >> it could be.
1:57 pm
they bracing for this. it will be a moment when that report goes over to the attorney general. we are asking to see an enormous multi-branch rumble who gets to see it and we are going talk about big principal and due process. >> and walks through what this sets in motion. what is the process of what happens once this has gone to the attorney general? >> right. it received the confidential report of mueller. it only goes to barr. barr has to review it to make a determination what he will notify ko
1:58 pm
notify congress of. that would include the fact that mueller is done and whether or not during the course of the investigator he to justice department that is denied mueller any investigative tools he wanted to use. that is where it begins and ends, where the justice department and mueller. if they find executive privilege that he wants to release to congress then he will show those portions of his report to the white house first before the release. then it all goes over to congress to see if they happy with what he has sent to them or whether they want to do some sort of subpoena and the underlying documents. it's not just the report. it could be a very skeletal thing. it is all of the appendixes one would normally have in a report to make a determination politically about whether they should be doing about that which mueller gathered. >> it came into play with the
1:59 pm
clinton impeachment for sure. it is a good point. as you see president laying out, they are trying to -- the white house is trying to create this expectation that the president may be exonerated by anything that doesn't have collusion specifically by him in this report. this is simply going to lay out the foundation from where all of that came from. it will generally be an
2:00 pm
unpleasant experience. thank you so much. our coverage on cnn continues right now. breaking news, i'm wolf blitzer. as the weekends all of washington is waiting and the white house is clearly worrying what it play contain. president trump is trying to torpedo the special counsel's work again calling it a witch hunt insisting there was no collusion and no obstruction and warning if mueller finds otherwise people will not stand for


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