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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  March 22, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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a historic day here in washington. robert mueller has turned in his report. congress can be notified of the principal conclusion as early as tomorrow. we already learned a big one. a senior justice official telling that there is no more indictment. no more indictments which means no more indictments based on conspiracy or obstruction. so after 675 days and charges against 34 people including the president's campaign chairman. no new charges. it answers one big question but by no means of all the big
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question. how much of factual details if any does the special counsel's report contained of his decisions to indict or not to indict. does it speak at all to cupablety and what length if it all the report established a narrative or what if anything does it say of other cases and federal jurisdictions. until tonight, robert mueller's work was a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. a lot more information in this letter, what's the latest? >> the investigation is over. we are embarking on a brand new phase and what will bill barr will return to congress. he said that robert mueller, the
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special counsel, never asked for anything through the course of this investigation that includes subpoenas or interviews with people that was turned down by the justice department. bill barr was required to tell congress of requests being denied. the attorney general is making news today saying that as early as this weekend, he could provide members of congress with principle conclusions. he's going to cooperate with rosenstein to figure out if there is anything to share with the public. a white house officials i have been speaking with close to the white house say they are viewing this as a win for a couple of reasons. there are not anymore indictments. through the course of this nearly two years investigation, there have not been any charges related to coordination and collusion. yes, 37 defendants a.
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the president never had to sit down with robert mueller for an interview. he answered written questions but never had to sit down. robert mueller did not want a subpoena fight. all and all i am talking to close to the white house views it as a win. the white house officials have also been preparing for a subpoena fight. they do want to keep this report under wrap. they do not want a lot of this to be made public. their concern is there could be, some conduct that was undietable but derogatory and could make the president looks bad. they don't know what's in this report. >> the principle points that he's going to tell congress about how extensive his summary of the mueller report going to be. they need to release the entire mueller report. they're saying we don't just want the report of what mueller handed you today. we want to see all the under
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line documents. it is true that while one person could look at the under line document and reached one conclusion, another could be reached by someone else by looking at the same document. they are making clear and we want to see everything. barr made clear in his letter that he'll provide as early as this weekend the principle conclusions. what does it mean? we know mueller's mandate was to look at lengths or coordinations between members o f tf the trum campaign or associates. we'll find out very soon whether it will be answered or whether he could not answer it through the course of his investigation. that's a possibility. >> the question of something that's indictable. it is a question of whether it is appropriate or not. it does not rise to the level and also the belief that the president not indicting a sitting president. >> that's key. bill barr was not asked about this of what he would do of
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impeachable information. that's still the open question. what if in this report handed over to him that there is conduct that could be concerning or considered of interest. what do you do with that information? doj policies as he says you don't provide public information. what do we do in this situation? we don't know how he's going to handle that. >> did barr communicated with the president directly? >> the white house says no. this is what's interesting. the white house says it does not know what's in the report. my sources tell me the white house does expect to have an opportunity to assert executive privilege of whatever barr hands to congress. now, we don't know what barr is going to give to congress pchl. we have no clue. you are seeing democrats and chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, we want a sneak preview before it goes to congress.
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it is a first big test for bill barr. what is he going to do, is he going to involve the white house or not? the report had been handed off to the department of justice, president trump had left for a long weekend for mar-a-lago. he is surrounded by larger group of staffers than usual. jim acosta is at the white house with all the reaction coming from administration. that's the latest and what have you been hearing? >> i will say really to echo what pamela were saying a few moments ago. they are celebrating quietly is the way to describe it. they are responding to this news that there is no new indictments in this mueller report with a fair amount of glee. i talked to a trump campaign advisory who said this is a great day for america and we won. of course it is going to be very interesting to see what is in the full mueller report or what these conclusions are that are
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released to congress and if that gets released to the general public. it has been described as a comprehend si comprehensive report. there is something in between no new indictment and what's in this comprehensive report. they'll have to deal with the fallout of that. it is not exactly clear what the steps are, i talked to the white house officials earlier this evening in terms of how this is all going to play out. what's the review process and over the white house. that's being worked out as we speak. there are no plans at this point for him to come out and speak publicly about it. the last thing we heard that he was having dinner with his family and we have been seeing pictures so far of the president down at mar-a-lago meeting with the white house attorney and so
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on. they're starting to assess their arms around what's released of this mueller report. in the coming days, we'll get a clear sense from the president and how exactly they proceed from here. it could be a fairly legal fight to come and not to mention what you just said a few moments ago. we don't know the conclusion of what's happening with the district of new york. there is a lot more to be seen. >> jim, the way this has rolled out or the way it is likely rolled out the next couple of day days, it allows the president defining how many people see this report, we heard no collusion, that's something he very well can greater justification say, no new indictments. there is no collusion. and before any actual details are actually revealed to the american public. >> that's right, anderson.
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the president the last few days have been saying he's been in favor of transparency. from time to time, there is video of what the president saying coming back to haunt him. he mentioned this the other day that he told republican leaders up on capitol hill hithat he was to see the report released. at the same time, we'll let attorney general william barr to take care of this. that's what sarah sanders said a few moments ago. there is a sense inside the white house where they want to keep some of these cards close to the vest. the next battle is democrats saying we want the full release of this report and the white house now have to make it very clear of what they want released to the public and where are the battle lines drawn at this point? the president as he has been saying, no collusion and witch hunt and so on. he has been talking about and almost promising transparency to the american people and so i
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think if he does not follow through on that, you are going to hear a lot of people, democrats and perhaps even some republicans saying what is the white house hiding? why won't they release the whole report. my sense is anderson, that's something the white house has to deal with. >> gymjim acosta, thank you ver much. the house judicial committee was the first to informed the report was done. congressman, were you surprised to find out the conclusion could be delivered to congress as soon as this weekend? >> no, i mean there has b.een a number of indications that the special counsel is completing his work and finishing his report and everyone is expecting to have it happen soon, and the decision came at 5:00. >> do you have full confidence that attorney barr will provide as much information as he will
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in the guidelines? >> no, i am very concerned about this. it is important to remember that this investigation began because of evidence that a foreign adversary united states attacked our democracy. this is important to every single person in this country to find out what happened and be sure that people are held accountable and we know all of the feedbacacts. it is important that mr. barr reveal this report quickly. sources and methods and classified materials. this report belongs to the american people and it is done on their behalf. they have the right to see the content as do members of congress that we can do our work. this will inform some of our oversight work. what i am concerned about is the attorney general is going to provide some sort of summary of what he considers principle conclusions here. we need to hear from mr. mueller. the judicial committee ought to have him come before the committee so he can walk the
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american people through his report and findings so they can make judgments of the conclusions he has come to and learn the facts of what's happening. this is about preserving the integrity of our democracy and it belongs to the american people and we'll fight as hard as we can to make sure this report is made fully public. should the president and the white house be able to look at -- if they're going to try to release the entire report. should the president at the white house be allowed to see it? >> no, i don't think it makes sense at all to allow one of the subjects of the investigations to have a sneak preview and decide what the american people get to see. this idea that you are going to invoke executive privilege after people have shared information and testified or been interviewed seems to be total totally -- it would be difficult to assert executive information. that information has been shared with the special counsel's office. i don't think there is an ability to sense the report or
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limit the public's information and having a sneak preview would be completely inappropriate. i hope he'll remove quickly to make it public. the process of the special counsel and how this conclusion and how this report is being handled and they see all that mr. mueller concluded so they can make their own judgment. >> the president continues to say no collusion. if tomorrow, he comes out and says there is no indictments based on collusion, i said this all along there is no collusion. is he right? >> first of all, i mean, we have to see the content of the report. whatever conduct mr. mueller found with respect to the president and even if it rises to a level of criminality. the department of justice,
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memorandum which i disagreed with which claims a sitting president can't be indicted. it is not fair of speculating what's in the that report. it is conceivable -- in honoring the memorandum department of justice, did not proceed with an indictment. that's important information with both congress and the american people have the right to know. it is a little too early to speculate on what the collusions are. it is certainly the end of mr. mueller's investigation and not the end of the investigation in its entirety. there are other matters being investigated in southern districts and the department of justice. the important thing is the american people have the right to know what the special counsel found and what evidence is considered. the on the special counsel's report was released in its entirety.
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and that's the only other example that we have of the attorney general needs to release the full report. >> congressman, if you will stay with us, i want to bring in our team here, i know they have questions here. pamela brown and jeffrey toobin and gloria. >> congressman. a lot of democrats are talking about under lining documents from mueller. >> is a lot of it is grand jury testimony which you know can't be revealed and some of it is going to be subject to executive privileg privilege. how much do you think you will be able to finally get in terms of the evidence that mueller was looking at? >> well, i think it is critical that we get in it. i think we'll have access to the vast majority and respected grand jury proceedings.
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there are instances which the core can authorize -- >> so you go to court. >> absolutely. we have a responsibility to conduct oversight in a number of error that is we identify. corruption, obstruction of justice. abusive power, this will inform the work of the judicial committee must do. we have a speedometresponsibili that. we'll use all the procedures that we have to. litigation and subpoena and bringing witness before the committee. we'll get to the bottom of all of these things and the american people are erelying on us and expecting us to do it. jeff toobin. >> it is important to point out how much news there was in this letter that general barr sent
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today. there were no conflict between the mueller team and rod rosenstein. so i think that shows that the mueller investigation proceeded as was wanted. and as mueller wanted to do go. we need to be specific about some of the good news in here for people around the president. donald trump jr., jared kushner, the conservative writer, all of whom people who have suspected of criminal wrong doing. they are not going to be indicted. that's unambiguously good news. on the president, it is a little complicated. the idea that robert mueller did not try to indict the president, i don't think it is especially good news for the president because he could not indict the president. >> that i think is significant.
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>> if i can ask the congressman a question. what about fbi 302? that's a core of the investigation. the notes of the interviews by the fbi agents. it is not grand jury material. is that something you think you can get relatively easily? >> absolutely. and as you know those are very revealing and they can provide substantial information to the judicial committee about both the judges made by the special counsel but informing the work that we are required to do in our own investigation. there are a number of document that is are like that that'll be easy to collect. again, i think the chairman of our committee made it clear that we intend to use the tools that we have in our disposal in terms of bringing witness before our committee and litigating when necessary to be sure we get the information and documents necessary to do our oversight work. >> congressman, a couple more questions. >> i want to know do you plan to
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call robert mueller before your committee or a lot of questions whether or not he would need to testify. tl is there any plan in place to call him to answer some questions? >> as you know that decision will ultimately be made by the chairman of the committee. i certainly will argue that we should do that. it would be valuable for the american people to have mueller come before the judicial committee in public and walk the country through the report. walk the country through the findings he made and the evidence he collected and the collusions he came to. this is about safe guarding our democracy about understanding an attack by a foreign adversary that we invested in a lot of this investigation and resources of this country. i think we owe it to them that they fully understand what this report concludes and what the collusions of the special counsel. it would be helpful to have mr. mueller to walk through the
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port, paragraph by paragraph and explain it to the american people. >> just to clarify, you will use any tools of your disposal, the does that mean you will issue a subpoena if the attorney general does not provide that, will the committee and democrats in particular move on? >> oh, absolutely. the chairman of the committee, mr. nadler has already said if the full report is not provided to the committee, we'll issue a subpoena. i don't think there is any question that the democrats on the committee would support such a move. if the report exonerates the president, everyone will accept that. it will not support on a whole range of corruption and abusive of power and obstruction of justice issues but it will conclude the narrow subject of the mueller investigation and it is important of whatever their conclusions are reported that we know it and the people see it and we make judgment based on
9:22 pm
it. yes, mr. nadler made it clear that we'll get it and we'll accept the conclusions and the recommendations of the special counsel but it needs to be shared with the american people. >> one more question and i will let you go. >> congressman, you talk about mueller walk-through the report for the country, i am curious, do you think congress is also entitled to ask him about his thoughts and impressions. what was his thinking strategic decisions, why didn't you try to compel the president to come in person for an interview? >> loisvilabsolutely. the benefit of having mr. mueller before the committee not only to walk through the report and explain his judgment and considerations he took into account but be able to ask questions of the conduct of the investigation. it is completely appropriate and helpful to the american people and provide add d iitional credibility to the work that he did. the content of the report and decisions and judgments he made
9:23 pm
would all be aired and would be useful for the american people. >> congressman, appreciate your time. >> thank you very much. carrie, for you, what are the biggest questions still unanswered? >> well, one big question is on the issue of obstruction. so we seem to think across the investigation there is an investigation into whether or not the president obstructed justice. that's something if the special counsel has written a prosecuted memo he would have then said here is what we investigated because of the legal opinion of the justice department. we did not indict on it. here are all the facts and that's something that would have to be in congress. the obstruction peace iece is o the big unanswered pars that we have not seen in any of the indictments. >> just the fact that the department of justice officials have said to -- that there is no
9:24 pm
more indictment, that does not mean there is no more damaging information or indictable offenses in the report but not indictable because he's the president. >> right, there are two pieces to that. if jared is reporting that if there is no indictments by the special counsel's office. that leads two opportunities. one is a scenario that would lay out an obstruction case against the president. the second piece of unanswered questions is what are the other pending prosecutions, potential prosecutions that have been farmed out to the other district, eastern district of virginia and southern district of new york and of course d.c. which could be on all sorts of different things, campaign finance violations and money issues and foreign money k0comi into the campaign and other referrals made from lying into
9:25 pm
congress. >> that would not be the report itself. >> what they farm out, would it? >> it may or may not. that's one question we can't answer yet. i expect the attorney jay leno more th general knows more than they are concerned. what they investigated but did not rise to the level of prosecutable conduct. that's an area that potentially going to be the factual gray area that congress is going to dive into. were there facts developed in the course of the investigation that indicated communications with russians or something around the conspiracy that did not rise to the level of chargeable conduct. that's an area that i think congress is still going to be interested in and why they're going to probably call the attorney general in door and special counsel mueller. >> i think if the president and his team are sitting around
9:26 pm
having drinks and celebrating no more indictments, i am thinking that's what will bring the jurors. these spin off of the southern districts can bring charges for trump's business related issues. we got to read these things narrowly. >> that would not necessarily be in the report. we talk about conduct being handed off. i am just saying these other entities may still have some other work. >> i really disagree with that. >> there is a tremendous amount of attention on it and the fact that he has indicted donald trump jr. and jared kushne kushner -- that's good news for them. the idea that well, maybe some other case will be brought, sure, maybe. but, i mean by and large, this
9:27 pm
has been the main investigation. a lot of attention has gone and a lot of critical commentary has been about these people around donald trump. the fact that they are not indicted and are not going to be di indicted by mueller is unambiguously good news for them. does that mean trump ils s in t clear? i don't think not. the swirl of suspicion is not justified. >> i was going to make a point of the hush payment. it does not seem members of congress cared about it. the hush money payments and what's going on in the southern district of new york of that investigation has worried the lawyers for the president because that's a crime. if the southern district of new york finds creative way to pursue charges whether it is against the president or his family, that's where the issue
9:28 pm
is. it seems like no one wants to pay a lot of attention to that. there is been a lot of focus on russia collusion but what about the hush money payment? >> members of congress are never going to impeach on the payments to the women in my judgment. number one, there have not been a record of charged cases and convictions on that specific issue whether or not a payment before the campaign, clearly the justice department takes the position that it is but it is not a clear legal precedent. so they're going to rely on something related to the conspiracy or obstruction which seems to be sort of the clearest political jeopardy. >> congress is going to have a hard time now. democrats are going to ask for these documents. they're not going to get all of them. then you are going to have the republicans saying it is a flip.
9:29 pm
you are going to have republicans saying oh, mueller did a good job and leave him alone and democrats are going to say no. some of this was a whitewash and we need to get to the bottom of this. what's happening here is mueller who was not born yesterday has probably and this is just s surmise -- may not have any privilege issues for the white house to complain about, hands it to barr and maybe they talked about and maybe he talked about it with rosenstein impeaching the president and he does not want to see it in the report. and maybe he decided it was not worth it on obstruction, so these are things that mueller thought about way in advance. >> i remember we heard a lot of it the last two years and i
9:30 pm
remember on one group of people i was talking to, republicans on the panel were saying, democrats are going to move the gold post. if this report comes out and there is no collusion and indictment, democrats or something is going shift, look, it was not really about you know collusion. what we are really more concerned of what's happening over here. does it seem like democrats are already doing that? >> absolutely. >> you heard congressman saying i want to get -- we need to get all these documents. there are some things that's important to them politically that are not prosecutable and that may be it. >> i think that's why i asked the congressman does he want mueller's strategies and thoughts. why didn't he call the president and that's the thing that the justice at the white house fighting hard about. i think in that letter we saw earlier today that rosenstein has written to grassley, he was laying the ground work for
9:31 pm
saying the special prosecutor was one of our prosecutors, there is a history of us not liking congress interfering with those strategies. >> just be clear, what the democrats on the hill are asking for is not just the full mueller report. it is also all the under lining documents. >> now democrats will say well look doj already set the president for this and how it handled the clinton investigation turnis handled the clinton investigation turni and turning overall these 302 and there was no charges and hillary clinton was not charged. we should be given the same kind of treatment. the department of justice should hand handle all of our documents and everything they can. to your point of moving the gold post. we heard from the congressman. you heard what he said, well, we'll look into corruption and obstruction. this fight is not over. democrats are clearly not going to throw in the towel.
9:32 pm
>> i think doj is going fight quite hard not to release a lot of the information. >> the under lining document. there is a counter intelligence investigation and a lot of russians involved with this that's not going away any time soon. the fbi needs to continue to investigate that. that's going to be one of the reasons the department of justice -- >> that's important because you don't want to giver awaway of w they learned of the russians. you don't want to tip off the russians. >> that's important for the american and the public to know there is still an on going counter intelligence because of continued concerns for 2020. the fbi is going to continue to chase these leads. >> they have to brief on counter intelligence investigations and t the two intelligence committee. they'll know more than we'll know and they'll make judgment themselves. it will be interesting to listen
9:33 pm
to senator warner, he's the vice chairman. senator berman came out today saying we want the documents, we'll subpoena mueller if we have to. nothing short of the full disclosure. >> i think both you and pamela last night -- >> well, this has been a big issue because i think a lot of people have been out there speculating there is going to be more indictments and they did not want to believer i it. we have been three weeks into this where we had heard this is wrapping up. it is important to tell people as honest as we can be. we heard a lot of information, it is not reportable and we can put it out there. we do think there is a holdup in the report because they were going through it for classify information and other -- they
9:34 pm
did not want to release the information. i do think mueller and the department of justice will believe these entire thing will be public one day. what information do we want to put in there that could hurt sources and hurt information. >> we got to take a quick break. a lot more to discuss. many americans have been waiting to see nearly two years, haverman is joining us next. our breaking news coverage continues. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪ smile dad. i take medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. whooo!
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the mueller report is in and the nation is waiting to see what comes out of it. lawmakers will get the so-called principle conclusion this weekend which will be made public. preet is joining us tonight along with our maggie haberman. i am wondering what stands out to you in it? the fact that he wrote it and made clear that there is no instance of a decision or a proposed action by the special counsel was over ruled by the justice department. i don't want to read too much
9:39 pm
into this and we'll engage in all sorts of speculations. the fact that he says he may be in the position to give the principal conclusions to committee members as soon as this weekend may indicate that not so terrible for the president. and wait and see if there is a strategy for not providing some of it or all of it. this is an inflection point in the investigation. it is not quite the end because there are other cases that other offices are dealing with. before we know the details of the report and give some thanks to robert mueller no matter what the conclusions are.
9:40 pm
he spent most of his life for the public and representing the country and both in war and court. after someone has tried a good case, you want to give them a compliment before you know what the result is because the jury can go the other way. take that home and say you know what, you did a great job and thanks for your effort and for your work. i worry and fear that depending on people's political perspective, they're going to take on issues of what is or what is not. i want to join others to say thanks to robert mueller. >> it is a good point. i am glad you are making it. >> i am wondering what you are hearing tonight of the white house. they have not seen this. the president there had been some talk whether the president may call up attorney general barr. that has not happened. >> the president is as you guys reported is having dinner with
9:41 pm
his family at the patio of mar-a-lago. he is set to be in a good mood and this part is done. they are trying to keep quiet for right now. because they don't know what's in it. we don't know how much is it about russia verses issues. maybe there is nothing much of the president's conduct or many of paragraphs of the president's conduct. without knowing that, they don't want to say anything. there is some concerns for people around the president that he won't be able to help himself and say something. they want to wait and see what happens over the coming days. because they are flying as blind as we are now. is it possible there could be nothing at all about the president in the conclusions or at least in whatever information barr gives to congress?
9:42 pm
that's up to bill barr. >> my guess is bob mueller puts together in his report all relevant things and he's thorough about it. it does not fall to him. he can put as much as derogatory information as he wants about private citizens that he came across and members of the administration and donald trump himself and leave it to bill barr. bill barr can take a position that there is derogatory information about the president that should not be revealed basbas based on general department of justice. you can't have a policy in spris handed down by the justice department, even if he committed crimes can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. the one investigative agency that's taken a look and may have information that shows a crime
9:43 pm
is taken place or an abuse of power that you keep that secret. that does not mean if any of that stuff is in there. that's the way it should be thought about. >> do you have a sense of what the american people will end up seeing in the short term? >> no, i am one of those people who did not think we are going to get the report today? i was wrong today. everyone says it was coming out by noon. i don't know, we'll get a sense of how and as maggie was saying a second ago, it sounds like the president is trying to remain calm and not be vocal. that's not customary practice for the president. once he gets a sense of what's in the report if he gets one, i think we'll know from tweeting and generalized behavior how
9:44 pm
that -- how bad it is or how good it is for him. >> there is no new indictments coming, certainly for a president who's saying no collusion, no collusion, this is a witch hunt. that headline alone backs up what he's been saying. it is hard to see this as any other way of a good night for the president. >> right, i agree of everything that jeffery toobin said. we know that mueller was investigating the president for obstruction of justice. i don't know what this report will say about that. maybe it will say nothing or agree with the president's team view that everything he did was out in the open and within his purview. i would like to know a little bit more about what he found
9:45 pm
there. with that said, the president has set the bar publicly in everything he has said, no collusion, that's his statement, collusion is not a thing in his context. that's what he has set the bar at. it does not come to me directly. it is michael cohen's case and it is going to keep going as far as we know. i don't know for how long. if it goes to that bar without two things being met, he'll waive it, you guys have been going after me for two years and this is what happens. i think a lot of reporters are going to agree. >> thank you very much. your book is out and it is getting a lot of reviews. >> coming up next, bernstein, talks about today and what lies ahead. mini wasn't born ordinary.
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9:50 pm
presidents. carl, you've been very bullish on the possibility mueller emphasis investigation would yield more indictments, more trouble for the president. are you surprised that this concluded without anyone else being charged? >> i thought there would probably be more indictments. look, there's no question certainly in the short-term and maybe beyond, this is very good news for the president, for donald trump especially because members of his family and his top campaign aides were not indicted. the question is that we now have going forward is what is the connective tissue of this investigation, particularly as it relates to donald trump? and hopefully that's what we're going to see provided to the congress, this connective tissue that might have to do with the investigation of possible obstruction of justice. and also whatever dealings there were with russia, with russians by the president, by his organization.
9:51 pm
and there is going to be a counter intelligence summary some point, an annex to this report or separate report. we need to know what that shows in terms of what actually happened. a real narrative and i suspect we're going to get it. i could take awhile. certainly the democrats are going to demand it and hopefully the president here has a great opportunity. actually, to say, hey, release everything let's see all there is here. now that this seems to give me a pass if that's what he believes. let him call for real openness. >> one white house official is telling cnn that the fat lady has sung, i suppose they mean robert mueller, so i'm wondering what do you make of it at this stage? and again, a lot we clearly don't know. >> if she sung it's imperative they see it.
9:52 pm
it be made public. all of it. i know there are problems with it. he the president is in the court of public opinion. i don't think there will be an impeachment investigation that succeeds unless there's a smoking gun. right, carl? you know about that. but i do know there's a decision to be made in 2020 and the american public, the voters have a right to see all of the evidence. know you trust bob mueller. i know this man. i think he's going to be a straight arrow forever and we can see that if he explains in the report and we can see, well, i couldn't here because i didn't have the evidence. yes, the president's son went to a meeting with russians at trump tower. we have that. we know from one of his e-mails that he said oh, boy, i'd love to get the dirt on hillary clinton from these people. but mueller could perhaps say there wasn't evidence that criminal intent was there or anything that we could prosecute for. i'll accept that. that's fine. as far as the president is concerned, i'll accept the fact that he couldn't indict even if
9:53 pm
he wanted to but if there's anything in the report that suggests that he will tell us the things he found on obstruction of justice, not just the firing of jim comey but other things, i think the voters have a right to see that and i think the pressure should be put on every possible member to get that report public. >> normally a report like this shows no new indictments and it could potentially clear the deck for the president. this has been hanging over the white house for two whole years. but at the same time, the democrats are either moving the goal post already but they're going to fight this, this is going to drag on even though the report itself and the mueller investigation is gone. -- done. >> it's more than drag on. there is a necessity to find out what happened here. and what the investigative
9:54 pm
decisions were based on. what did bob mueller who i think we all have great faith in his ability and trust in what he's done here, what is the evidence that lead him to the conclusion that he did. but especially we're facing this point that he's indicted. if the president cannot be indicted then it's absolutely necessary in a democracy for the congress and the people of the country to understand as it relates to the president of the united states except for sources and methods that might reveal and national security secrets. and it's imperative that attorney general barr makes it public because there's a big story here that we don't know that needs to be told. >> we're hearing from democrats
9:55 pm
on capitol hill. >> it's also the underlying documents which i understand for investigative purposes they would want that and perhaps for political purposes as well, but isn't that essentially democrats saying they want to investigate the investigation and if they have faith in mueller, should they be doing that? >> well, underlying documents are not the thing. now congress has the right to investigate on its own even though others have done so but in the previous impeachments and i covered two of the three, the the special prosecutor, report, the road map has been taken by the house judiciary committee which infers three articles of impeachment against richard nixon and they have not investigated with their own staff. i think it would be smart for
9:56 pm
the democrats to take nancy peolsi's advice. defeat this man at the polls. work as hard as you did now. with all of the information including this report. people can make up their minds about that. the president's son went to the meeting. we have the e-mail. what was the meeting about? he said to get dirt on hillary clinton but the president of the united states himself on board air force one cooked up the cover story and said this is something else. >> we also have as part of mueller's strategy was to farm out aspects of his investigation at a time when he and his aids thought he might be fired by the president of the united states to farm out important parts of the investigation to other jurisdictions including those responsible by the attorney district of new york where the trump organization operates.
9:57 pm
all of this figures in a larger co context. but immediately it's imperative that this connective tissue be revealed. >> always great to have you on as well. thank you very much. >> still ahead, more on the breaking news we're following. robert mueller's report now in the hands of the attorney general and it's principle conclusions are expected to be released to congress this weekend as early as tomorrow. latest developments when 360 continues. ♪ the kenya tea development agency is an organization that is owned by tea farmers. every week we sell this tea, we get paid in multiple accounts. we were looking for a bank to provide a safe and efficient technology platform to pay our farmers.
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