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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  March 23, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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red cross. and are offering beds to people who have been affected across the country. >> normally we look for partners, now partners are looking for us. with the classroom we've been given -- >> every day people -- ordinary people, but with big big hearts wants to make a difference. >> to nominate someone you think should be our next cnn hero. go to cnn i want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. thanks for being with us. our breaking news this hour. william barr right now crafting a summary of the robert mueller report and its principle conclusions to deliver to congress possibly as soon as this weekend. 675 days. that's how long we have been waiting for mueller's report to drop.
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questions about collusion with the trump campaign ended without any new indictments. and without the president ever sitting down for an interview with the special counsel. the president is in florida golfing. his lawyers and aids nearby gaming out responses once the headlines from mueller's probe have been revealed. in a white house official, the fat lady has sung. let's get right to senior white house correspondent pamela brown. what is william barr weighing right now, as he pours over this report to decide what to tell congress? >> he's weighing a lot. he arrived at the department of
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justice this morning, rod rosenstein, deputy attorney general also arrived to work with him, to scrutinize and analyze his confident report that robert mueller handed to an attorney general yesterday. the report is comprehensive, we don't know how lengthy it is. the attorney general wants to provide congress with information this weekend. we could expect tomorrow to be the day that bill barr provides congress with a document detailing what the principle conclusions are. we don't know how lengthy they're going to be, or how in depth they're going to be that's an open question right now. very busy pouring over this confidential report. and trying to figure out what he can share with congress and the public. and keeping in mind the other equities, that would be the white house, executive privilege concerns. whether he will share the
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findings with the white house before releasing it to the congress and the public. something democrats have warned against saying, we don't want to give a sneak preview to the white house beforehand. but the white house would want to exert executive privilege if need be. >> the president's silence right now is speaking volumes, because he is so quick to take to twitter. he tweeted about which hunt in this investigation. 170 plus times since robert mueller's probe began. do we know why he's being so quiet? >> his response has been pretty muted since the report was delivered yesterday. and in talking to sources close to the president and white house officials. basically, i'm told that they're taking a wait and see approach, and as one official said, there's plenty of time to spike the football. let's be cautious and wait and see what's in that report before celebrating, the president is down in mar-a-lago with his top
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advisers, with his lawyers from the white house. you can expect them to -- that they're telling him, look, let's wait and see what bill barr provides to congress before doing anything. clearly the president was trying to send a message that he's relaxed, he's calm, cool and collected. he's trying to send a signal that he's not concerned. white house aids don't know what's in this report let's head to boris sanchez who is with the president spending his weekend in florida. >> as pamela mentioned, president trump is surrounded by a number of aids, more than usual here in mar-a-lago. two press secretaries, at least two attorneys, both emmett blood
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and patrick maloney. according to sources inside mar-a-lago, the president was in a spirited mood last night, when he was speaking to emmett flood. sources indicate that the president took park in the lincoln day dinner, a fund-raising event at mar-a-l o mar-a-lago. he gave a short three minute speech in which he talked about the first lady's approval ratings. he made jokes about the special guests there, lindsey graham, i introduced graham. during graham's speech, he made an indication of the fbi launching into that dossier, the president continues to reference in many of his public statements about the russia investigation. and that led the crowd into lock her up chants, which the president didn't partake in, he sat back and absorbed it. he kind of gives you an idea of the sentiment behind the scenes, two sources close to the president say he's happy the investigation is over. and he's essentially just waiting to see what's in the
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report filed by robert mueller. >> if you will, are we planning to or expecting to hear from the white house at all tonight? >> well, there was a photo, meaning the white house press team does not expect us to see the president again until potentially tomorrow, if he goes golfing again, there are no other public events on the schedule tonight. we're waiting to see what he might say on twitter, as pamela suggested, there is a sense of caution around the president's team, suggesting they should wait and see what's in this report before they go spiking the football. >> we watch and we wait. thanks, we have a lot to dig into. special counsel robert mueller has turned in his final report, leaving a lot of mystery about what his trump russia investigation actually uncovered. what did he find? i want to bring in david gergen, former adviser to four presidents, nixon, ford, reagan and clinton, patrick healy is
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also with us from the new york times. politics editor, and garrett braff. david, you and i were talking just last week about what it was like to be in the white house when watergate happened, and the report dropped and you were there, alongside nixon, you talked about a bunker, a military bunker mentality, and feel. what do you think is going on behind the scenes within the white house and with the president's circle right now? >> it's vastly different in one sense, and that is in 1974, the big day was the day we found the smoking gun. the president was guilty, you knew he had to go, it was a momentum time -- momentous time. >> there's no smoking gun so far nobody's been indicted. nobody's been indicted for inspire i
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inspiring with russia. the washington is very different, very quiet. i'm sure they want to go public. if you -- if we could stand with back from this one, we woke up one day and were told there's been an investigation you haven't heard anything about, three dozen people have been indicted. there have been 100 contacts with the russians on the campaign. the president was proved wrong when he said the russians didn't try to sabotage our elections. the way this has played out. we're all numb to it, we're looking for new revelations. not pulling together what this report looks like. >> as we've been weight, there's a drum beat coming from the democrats, wait for the report, and the suggestion that there was going to be a bombshell.
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that it's going to be damning to this president. what if it's not. >> we want to beat donald trump at the ballot box in 2020 for sure. tom steyer, beto o'rourke saying he would vote for impeachment. there was a fair amount of talk coming up from voters. you've seen the democratic leadership on the hill, nancy pelosi particularly and the party trying to really shift the attention toward running against trump on -- basically on the merits, on his record, making a referendum on trump. start getting away from things like collusion. they want it to come out now, as david said, we don't whether there's a smoking gun or not, or something that -- at least like a lot of smoke, if not clear fire, we don't know that yet. you're already seeing from the
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democrats on the campaign trail, and generally in the party, really trying to steer this and put the pressure on trump with regard to the election, whether he should be re-elect ed. >> you know mueller so well, given all the research you've do done. we've seen a lot of mueller's indictment how he crafted his report to take care. would he craft a report around exposing classified security information. around the threat of executive privilege being invoked. so that it could largely be made public? >> that's been part of this entire process, working through with the intelligence agencies, their equities they use to collect intelligence.
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the underlie iying indictment. that was some of the most significant signals intelligence that we have ever seen the u.s. government publish. incredible amounts of information came out in those court filings about the u.s. ability to watch other networks, to understand what is taking place within russian command and control systems we have seen him deploy a lot of intelligence collection. and i'm sure that's part of whatever this narrative is as comprehensive as the attorney general's office is saying. it will -- and remember, i think it is genuinely surprising that we did not see a final round of indictments, if mueller was operating under the justice department guidelines that the president himself could not be
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indicted while in office, then this report charges the actions of the president itself i think it's worth taking the pause and realizing there's a big question around obstruction of justice that were ever going to be answered in this final report. before we sort of declare this huge win for the president. i think we do need to wait and see what's actually in the report. >> david, i wonder, also if you are william bar, how do you thread the needle. it's sort of like, everybody's going to be looking for something in your conclusions and how much he's able to provide in transparency. >> i think he has to play this completely by the book.
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i imagine that's what he's going to do, when he goes up and -- goes up and talks to the congress about the main principles coming out of the report, it's going to be a piece of paper plus. the justice department spokeswoman said that piece of paper would be made public. so he's got to make sure that that piece of paper cone sides, it does not twist or tilt the facts. it's not very selective. because eventually this report is likely to come out, one way or the other. s if he's seen now as tilting. i think it would totally undermine him. >> we talked about how this would come out. there's not a big moment -- i wonder how much the american people are interested in this report, i know as you oversee your own political coverage, you say people aren't even asking the candidates about this? >> we've had reporters out today
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with belt toe o'rourke, john hickenlooperer, amy klobuchar, and right now, voters are asking about health care, gun shootings, climate change, the national debt. they're not bringing up the mueller -- what they're saying in interviews, it's too soon, we don't know what's in there as i sit here in new hampshire and i live my day to day life. i have much more immediate concerns if i have access to a potential president. presidential candidate, i want to talk about those issues, not sort of arm chair quarterback on the mueller report. but the reality of all this is, once the report comes out, once the details are known, and if there is really damning information that's going to the southern district of new york or elsewhere that can change the equation. >> it may not be the end. we just word that mueller moved rick gates case to the u.s. in d.c. it's a reminder of some of the
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other investigations that are ongoing, so is the mueller report going to be the end all be all of this legal saga? or do you see mueller's final report as just the end of the beginning? >> absolutely i think it is the end of the beginning. this is the end of the investigation that was launched around president trump and his campaign behavior. what we've seen since is this spiraling sense of information around the inauguration, the transition, the behavior in the white house, the back business work of the trump organization itself. i counted it up in december. there were 17 active investigations by 7 different prosecutors. and states and federal officials, targeted trump and his orbit. and by now, by my count we're up to 21 or 22 such investigations. and mueller really only
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represent represented 5, 6, 7 of those, depending on how you count. there's a lot of stuff that continues to percolate out there, even before you get into anything that the democrats are doing on capitol hill. >> i take some issue with that. look, i think the mueller investigation and the question of the russians has been central to his presidency for the last two years, and it's been a real test of whether he was a crook or not a crook. and if he comes out of this as it appears could well happen looking like, well, it didn't amount to all that much, there was no real serious conspiracy, people renegade within his group and so forth, that may change the atmosphere with regard to all of these investigations. the american people may want to move on and may not want to spend the next two years many that they don't think are important. it may change the dynamic.
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>> the democrats on the hill start overreaching and launching new investigations, if it seems like there's not a ton of there there. >> do you think impeachment is off the table? >> nancy pelosi took it so clearly took it off the table. she wanted to start this movement -- robert mueller didn't recommend indictments, or there isn't clear evidence, you know, new beyond connecting dots, new evidence that supports articles of impeachment. it's going to be very hard, pelosi has drawn a red line, she's saying, we need republicans to support impeachment before we really do anything. so -- >> and republicans have been very quiet now as we are waiting for this report. we need to see the whole thing. how should republicans play it? >> they have to be careful too, i think that they -- i think
1:18 pm
that they -- i don't think they want to do a dance on the grave. i don't think they want to do -- like the football players do. they want to do it in a restrained way, let's say, we're the party, let's move on. i think they'd be well advised to do that, if they come out and jam everybody and try to stick it to people, we told you so, so forth and so on, this has all been for you in the liberal press, and all the rest of you, you're just hope from the beginning. i think that could backfire too. i think both sides ought to play this carefully now. >> that lock her up chant was training. if they try to get the attorney general to go after this dossier. the democratic voters, the democrats out there are going
1:19 pm
to -- they will be very upset, and they're going to get that resistance at the barricades. >> thank you both for being here. thank you for being part of our coverage. all eyes are on attorney general william bar, still reviewing the mueller report right now. and could give details to congress as soon as this weekend. don't go anywhere. hey mercedes! mix it up a little. how about something for a guy who doesn't want a corner office? hey mercedes, i don't even own a tie. do you think i need a mahogany dashboard? hey mercedes, can you make it a little cooler in here? [ a-class ] i am setting the temperature [ a-class ] to 68 degrees. we hear you. we made a car that does, too. the all-new a-class. all-new thinking starting at $32,500. and the golden retriever er are very different. they eat, digest, and process energy differently.
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house democrats ramping up their fight to see the full robert mueller report. insisting the public will is overwhelmingly on their side for full transparency. tell us more about what democrats are saying? >> they're demanding full release of the report and the underlying evidence that led robert mueller to make decisions
1:24 pm
about who to prosecute and who not to prosecute. until talking points that were distributed to house members of the democratic caucus. one line stuck out, the necessary democrats will be prepared to use its subpoena authority to obtain the full report and underlying evidence as well as to receive other necessary officials. in this call, i'm told several democratic chairman spoke here. but others as well chairing key companies of foreign affairs, financial services, weighs and means and the like, to discuss how they all believe that they need to see the full report. and they're going to use the full weight of the power in the house majority to get what they call full transparency.
1:25 pm
the justice department has provided information, including underlying evidence about decisions about who to prosecute, about who not to prosecute. including in 2018 when republicans in the house got information from the justice department not to prosecute hillary clinton in 2016. that's one precedent. i'm learning on this call, jerry ed that letter talked about timing, when to expect those principle conclusions to come to capitol hill. he said he did not know. it's all up to bill bar, the attorney general. we're waiting for him, it could be tomorrow. one committee that has been in contact with the justice department still in the dark about what they will see. that's not going to be enough
1:26 pm
for democrats, they want to see much more than just a summary of the mueller conclusions, they want to see everything. will the justice department agree? we still don't know. >> capitol hill. thanks for the update. right now, president trump is back at his mar-a-lago resort, surrounded by his lawyers as they wait for the rest of us to learn what mueller found. the claims of vindication, are they premature? beacuse changing your attachments, should be as easy as... what about this? changing your plans. yeah. run with us. search "john deere 1 series" for more. yeah. run with us. leave no man behind. or child. or other child. or their new friend. or your giant nephews and their giant dad. or a horse.
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president trump golfed. last night he partied at his mar-a-lago resort. democrats in congress are not finished. neither are prosecutors in the southern district of new york. i want to bring in our political commentators. karen finney and scott jennings. after 675 days and no more indictments from mueller's team. if they keep hammering away at their own investigation, do you think that will help or hurt them politically? >> i think what democrats are thinking about now is not so much the politics, but rather what is the right thing, which is transparency, and as you have been reporting, ensuring that the 90% of the american people who want to see this report have the opportunity to do so. you know, i've served in the clinton administration, the starr report, can you still download it online i think that was an important moment for our
1:32 pm
country. this is an historic moment in our history. we've never had something like this happen, where we know a hostile government interfered in our election. it's important that we understand and know the truth about what happened. >> do you agree with that? >> i think transparency is important. i think this was obviously a well run investigation. no leaks over two years. he submitted his report without interference. we heard time and again trump was going to fire mueller, none of that happened, let's get the information out, let's have robert mueller answer questions if that's necessary, and by the way, let's not talk about collusion. and if it's true, mueller hasn't found any, let's talk about how we failed at the end of the obama administration to stop a hostile foreign government from interfering in our election. this happened on obama's watch,
1:33 pm
not trump's, and i want to know what the russians did. and how to stop them in the future. >> he's been very, very quiet since this report dropped. why? >> well, i think he's waiting to find out what's in there, just like the rest of us, and there's no reason to speculate about things until we actually know the content and so this is one of those moments where i think the president is being measured, i hope he keeps that up, i hope his white house team is working with him to make sure that the white house has the proper response. there's a way out of this, where donald trump and his children and the senior people in the campaign, nothing bad happens to them, we ultimately find out what the russians did, and it's the trump administration that implements whatever we have to implement to stop them in the future. that will be a good outcome for the american people. but to look at it through the lens of raw politics, that would be a great outcome for trump politically. >> if you are advising the many democrats for 2020, how would they treat the mueller report?
1:34 pm
>> transparency, there's a duty and obligation to make sure and take whatever steps are necessary to make sure there is a full accounting of national security concerns here that are important. but also to -- scott makes an important point. part of the reason we need to know what's in this report is so we can make sure it doesn't happen again and certainly what we know thus far is that -- there's also still remember, there's a lot we don't know, if i were advising someone, i would remind them that, how you talk about this report, remember this report is just one piece of this larger -- we know that a number of other cases have actually been referred by robert mueller to different places. a number of investigations that continue to be ongoing. and we know that the standard for what congress is looking at is going to be different than what robert mueller was looking at, we know that in plain sight
1:35 pm
this president has willfully lied to the american people from the beginning and he's obstructed justice, i think that it would be -- it's important that we make honesty and transparency and the integrity of the office and issue in this campaign. i think by that standard, trump doesn't measure up, and how he handles the release of this report will speak volumes as to whether or not he's someone who can be -- the public -- deserves the public trust, which i don't think he does. >> the president obstructed justice, we'll see if robert mueller's report gives us any more indication -- >> comey pretty much did, though. >> maybe, maybe not according to robert mueller, he was looking into that. we'll get conclusions from robert mueller's report. a campaign adviser has been celebrating, telling cnn, it's a great day for america. we won. but again, we don't know yet what mueller concluded. and two, the mueller investigation isn't the only investigation that touches
1:36 pm
trump's orbit, as karen mentioned. is the celebration a bit premature? >> yeah, i wouldn't be too quick to gloat if i were the trump folks today. i wouldn't be too quick to fret if i were the democrats, one of the risks the democrats run here by fretting too much, if this mueller report finds that the president of the united states as a candidate did not included with a possible foreign power, if it finds out that he did nothing wrong, there's nothing to be mad about, i mean, you're sort of gauging your own personal happiness based on the idea that someone didn't do something, it would be horrible for the country, you know, take a step back, take a deep breath and maybe reassess your pli political barometer. we haven't seen what robert mueller has to say yet, and if i were the trump people, i wouldn't overlook anything that's sitting out there, i'm sure the democrats are going to continue to harass the administration, if the metric is, is the president getting indicted, is donald trump jr.
1:37 pm
getting indicted, is jared kushner getting indicted? they're not by robert mueller. yeah, that's a win for them to escape that. >> he says harass, i say accountability. i know that's not something that donald trump is used to or appreciates, but let's remember, congress does have a constitutional responsibility to get to the bottom of some of these very big questions. i don't think -- it's not a matter of about fretting, is a matter of making sure that we have the transparency that 90% of the american people have said they want. i certainly agree, though, that i would not be popping the champagne in this moment, i mean, let's also remember we've learned a lot during the course of this investigation in terms of, think about the people who have been indicted, think about the crimes that were committed, i don't think there's anything to celebrate in terms of wins and losses over that. i think again, this is an historic moment for our country. this was an historic
1:38 pm
interference in our election, and i think it's a stain that so many individuals so close to the president have been indicted for a range of crimes. >> at least six -- >> they have nothing to do with the campaign, that have nothing to do with russian collusion. >> as far as we know at this moment. >> karen, scott, come back once we know all those answers. hopefully we'll get it soon. thank you. a desperate rescue at sea this hour, and high winds and cold temperatures, hundreds of people being plucked off the deck one at a time by helicopters, their cruise ship is in big trouble. we're following that story. breaking his silence, new england patriots owner, robert kraft issues his first public statement since being charged in a prostitution sting. you're live in the cnn newsroom. r to help manny overcome his fear. their gps took them to places out of a storybook. and they called grandma when manny felt sad
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[music playing] jerry has a membership to this gym, but he's not using it. and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch. this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff
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he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo. it's now late in the evening where hundreds of people are still stranded on a cruise ship
1:43 pm
that lost power in rough weather earlier today. look at this video. the ship starts to tilt back and forth. 1400 passengers are now being rescued by helicopter. we just got an update that 115 people have made it off so far. again 1300 on board. this one by one evacuation taking place. off the norwegian coast, with waves 6 to 8 meters high, as can you see, water on board the ship flooding the decks in some places, officials say at least a few people have suffered minor injuries. efforts to get them off are expected to last through the night. the crew sent in mayday distress signals. the vikings guy made its maiden voyage in 2017. we'll keep you posted on that one. robert kraft is apologizing today for the first time, we're
1:44 pm
hearing directly from craft since he was charged with soliciting prostitution at a florida day spa last month. now, this morning he said in part, i'm truly sorry, i know i have heard and disappointed my family, my close friends, my co-workers, our fans and many others, who rightfully hold me to a higher standard. cnn pablo sandoval is joining us now. what else did he say? >> it's certainly significant -- we hadn't heard from him publicly. now we have the statement essentially of an apology. i'm going to read you more of what kraft in his statement issued earlier today here. mr. craft going on to write, i've always tried to do the right thing. the last thing i would want to do is disrespect another human being. i have extraordinary respect for women. my morals and my soul were shaped by the most wonderful woman.
1:45 pm
my wife of 50 years. he wants to use his platform to make air difference, which is certainly an interesting thing to include here. since this is happening the same week, that his -- according to his source, his attorney essentially chose not to take prosecutors on their offer to drop these misdemeanor charges if they would admit he would have been convicted. also community service and a fine. it's also happening in the same week that his attorneys filed for a protective order to block the release of the surveillance video that police say shows craft according to them, caught in the act. so far, he continues to deny these kinds of allegations. and finally, we should note the timing here, this was released on a saturday afternoon, on what we all know has been a very busy news weekend again, a statement of apology now from robert craft, the owner of the patriots, the first time we hear
1:46 pm
from -- >> which is so interesting, they didn't accept the plea deal. what's next for craft when it comes to his day talk. after these charges were made public. there's a code of conduct that the nfl holds players. anything perhaps even more so, the players, now a lot of the attention may shift to the nfl to see how they will handle this if we see a change, perhaps and the reporting we have heard from some of our colleagues. they were not planning on taking prosecutors up on their deal about. >> thank you. pressure mounting on boeing after two deadly crashes within months. now cnn is learning that the new safety training for the 737 max 8 was not done by instructors or
1:47 pm
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u.s. backed forces say they have liberated the last isis strong hold in that country. marking it 100% territorial defeat of isis and the so called califate. isis controlled vast swaths of land stretching from western syria to the outskirts of baghdad. kurdish and air fighters backed by u.s., british and french special forces, pushed isis troops back into a small town in eastern syria, which fell today after a week long assault.
1:52 pm
>> experts worn that while isis has lost its territory, there are still thousands of isis fighters carrying on its ideology. stunning new information about boeing and its troubles now grounded 737 max. the type of plane at the center of two deadly crashes. it was pitched the plane was so easy to fly, pilots could be completely trained in less than three hours. experts are taking a second look. drew griffin has been digging on this story. >> a newer more efficient version of boeing's popular plane, so similar to older versions of the 737 only minimal pilot training was require d wih light, airlines could take their 737 pilots, give them 2 1/2 hours of ground training and they would be good to go.
1:53 pm
>> can you find everything you can. >> the faa approved this for 2 1/2 hours of training. >> boeing's promotional material of the 737 max also mentions the low cost. as you build your fleet, millions of dollars will be saved because of its commonality with the next generation 737, referring to the previous version of the aircraft pilots and industry unions have told cnn the training was all done, sometimes on an ipad no instructors needed, no air time for practice. the airline pilot's association says his training amounted to a 56 minute online course. >> we received an online lesson, which is typical of our current
1:54 pm
training or initial training we get. >> u.s. based pilots tell cnn as bad as that sounds to the layperson, the limited training should have been enough for experiences 737 pilots to make the transition. that was until the lion air crash and the aviation world learned boeing had installed a new computer system on board. reportedly failed to anyone about it. >> in the wake of the lion air crash, we felt strongly that there had been a certain amount of breach of trust between the manufacturer and the pilots. >> it's called a system designed to help the plane from stalling in an asent. it pushes the aircraft down. in both the lion area and the ethiopian airline crashes, pilots fighting the mcat system
1:55 pm
without any training how to turn it over. . boeing is telling cnn it stands by its testing and certification and training manuals for the 737 max airline, including that mcat system. it's not mentioned by name in its flight crew manual, boeing says the relative function is, that boeing routinely engages with its customers in how to operate its air safety. drew griffin, cnn atlanta. coming up, the breaking news, we're standing by for word on when the attorney general will brief congress on the special counsel's russia report. e 1 series tractor. beacuse changing your attachments, should be as easy as... what about this? changing your plans. yeah. run with us. search "john deere 1 series" for more. from maybelline new york yeah. run with us. in 2 finishes matte + poreless and dewy + smooth
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i'm ana cabrera in new york. mueller's report is complete, it's been handed in, and that's where nearly everything we know about it ends. it's in the hands right now of william barr, he promises to reveal to congress what he concludes from it possibly this weekend, but so far nothing yet. democrats who were banking hard on the report nailing president trump on cut and dried collusion did not get their wish. prominent republicans including the president are doing something slightly out of character today. they're not saying anything. the president is playing golf in florida, leaving his twitter feed alone. the official word from his communications office. whatever we said yesterday still stands and that wasn't much. we have every detail covered. evan, we're t


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