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tv   Tricky Dick  CNN  March 23, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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hello on this saturday night. you're live in the cnn newsroom. this may be the most tension-filled saturday evening in washington in more than 40 years. the attorney general has the mueller report. congress, the white house, and the rest of us do not. here's what we know at just after 9:00 p.m. eastern. this is vild of the ag william barr leaving the justice department this evening. he was at work for more than nine hours today. alongside rod rosenstein, the deputy ag, pouring over the mueller findings. that may not have been enough for house democrats. they want the full report and
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they want it now. those lawmakers held an emergency conference call this afternoon led by speaker nancy pelosi. and the house judiciary chairman said the letters have been sent to the white house counsel and more than half a dozen agencies demanding any underlying evidence and investigative materials, compiled by the special counsel, be preserved. cnn senior white house correspondent pamela brown is watching it all for us. good evening. >> reporter: president trump is uncharacteristically quiet about the mueller probe in the wake of the report being delivered. this is someone who tweeted, it was a witch hunt more than 170 times during the course of the investigation. but sources close to the president i've spoken with say he is very happy that the investigation is over. but he wants to wait and see what happens next. as the president spent the day on a florida golf course, the attorney general spent the day reading a report that could define donald trump's
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presidency. attorney general william barr and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein were both in the office today. reviewing mueller's findings. barr telling lawmakers, he could release the pranl conclusions of the report as soon as this weekend. tonight as the wait for information continues, justice department officials say one thing is clear. there will be no more indictments related to the russia probe. the white house seizing on that as victory. president trump attending the republican fund-raiser friday, seated next to lindsey graham who went on the attack on hillary clinton saying we're going to make sure both campaigns are looked at. prompting chants of lock her up from other attendees. the president came to florida bringing along his lawyer emmett flood who is responsibility for the response to the russia investigation. just hours before the announcement that mueller was finished -- >> there was no collusion, no obstruction.
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everybody knows it. it is all a big home. i call it a the witch hunt. a big hoax. saying americans will not semia negative review. >> it's always interesting to me. a deputy that didn't get any votes appoints a man that didn't get any votes. he is going to write a report on me. people will not assistant for it. >> even though president did call for the release of the report this week -- >> let it come out. let people see it. >> barr has previously refused to commit to providing congress a full report and said doj rules prevent him from sharing information about people not charged with kricrimes. >> my goal is to get out as much as i can. >> but democrats are demanding that it be made available in its entirety. >> the american people have a riot to the truth. the watch word is transparency.
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in conclusion, the president himself has called without qualification for the report to be made public. there is no reason on god's green earth he why attorney general barr should do any less. >> white house press secretary sarah sanders saying late friday the attorney general is in control of what happens next, tweeting the next steps are up to attorney general barr and we look forward to the process taking its course. the white house has not received or been briefed on the special counsel will's report. now, last check, the white house said it had not been updated on anything about the report and the contents about it and it doesn't know what bill barr, the attorney general, will be providing to congress. the question is, will he share it with the white house before sharing it publicly. that is something the democrats have said they donal want to happen. they do not want the attorney general to give the white house a sneak preview. we'll have to wait and see how
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this plays out over the next day or so. >> all right. thank you. as politicians and others report on what the next steps are, there's one person who hasn't said a peopep. it is probably the last personal would you expect to stay quiet. he publicly slammed numerous times without any new indictments, president trump has not tweeted in more than 28 hours. instead, the president spent the day golfing at one of his clubs. sources say he is happy the investigation is over. but is remaining cautious, taking a wait and see approach. the president is spending the weekend. take us inside the mood of trump and his inner circle. >> several sources close to the president indicate that he is encouraged and in a spirited mood about what he is seeing, coming out of department of justice.
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he is here never mar-a-lago with a crew that is larger than usual. they are updating throughout the night as the news was coming about attorney general barr and his reading of the mueller report. the president took part in a lirngon day dinner. he gave a short three-minute speech. he joked about the first lady's approval rating and the senator from south carolina, lindsey graham, who also gave a speech. the president didn't talk about the mueller report. and in graham's speech, he talked about the fbi opening up a probe about the dossier. the crowd reacted by chanting, lock her up, lock her up in reference to hillary clinton. president trump didn't really jump into that. he didn't partake. he sat back and absorbed what
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was going. on as you noted, the president is taking a wait and see approach being cautiously optimistic. he is here we top aides. >> and the president had a special guest golfing with him today? >> reporter: that's right. i'm not going to try to keep going. kid rock was on the golf course with the president sporting some very patriotic trousers. apparently a big fan of the president. he flirted with running for the senate before deciding to pull the plug. it is under clear what political or legal advice he may have offered the president. this is a clear sign that the white house and the president are comfortable with where they are in things right now. as i noted earlier, one source close to the president told cnn they believe the fat lady has
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sung. in the next coming days, they are looking forward to 2020. kid rock better have a good golf game wearing pants like that. president trump isn't the only one waiting for the mueller report. lawmakers on capitol hill are kind of chomping at the bit to get information on what's in it. congressional democrats are demanding the attorney general barr release the full report. even holding an emergency conference call to strategize. >> good evening. democrats very anxious about what they may learn and may not learn from the mueller report. they had this emergency conference call earlier today. raising significant kernels about potentially just only getting a summary of the findings. a summary of conclusions, saying that is not enough. nancy pelosi in this closed door
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meeting made clear she wouldn't semieven a classified briefing with the justice department officials or bob mueller. she said it needs to be unclassified. she said the underlying evidence needs only the made public and she said that these officials need come forward so they can be questioned in unclassified settings. the democrats talked about how far they're willing to go. they said if necessary, they will use the subpoena authority to obtain the full report and underlying evidence as well as briefing and testimony from the special counsel, the attorney general, deputy attorney general, and other necessary officials. the democrats reach out to the justice department and try to restate the irs virtually
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everybody who had some connection to the mueller investigation saying all the documents must be preserved. democrats are trying to make it very clear. they're ready to fight for all the information and they're not double investigating. they want see the what mueller investigated and see what they can look into. and the days and weeks and months ahead. but first this process is taking shame. we may see the summary of the couldn conclusions tomorrow. >> joining us now, mueller's special assistant at the department of justice, amico zeldon. ryan lizza and washington investigative correspondent for the "new york times," mark. you know robert mueller. what will he do if he feels his
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report is being misrepresented or that not enough of his findings have been made public? will he speak out? >> i don't think so. >> he is going to do what the institution rules require and i don't think he will contradict what barr wants to do. the question is, what does barr want to do? barr is ring fegs ad bette by these regulations. barr is bound by these regulations. but if the president of the united states said i want this fully released, i am rescinding the regulations that govern this, that could happen. it could happen. >> wow, so this could be in the president's hand. and we heard him say that sure, release the report.
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we all want transparency. the president has been uncharacteristically quiet since the report dropped. it is a wait and see approach leading into tomorrow will when we could get some of these findings. but given no more indictments. is this a huge victory for him politically? >> yes. he's exercised an incredible degree of self-control that is really uncharacteristic for the president. they've been cheering the one piece of information we have. no further indictments will be coming. that's a huge victory and the fact trump has not come out and celebrated that is unusual, to say the least. and maybe he knows a little more
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about what is in the report. obviously, he and his lawyers spent a lot of time back and forthwith the special counsel's office. so maybe he is being cautious for that reason. but no doubt about it. that the greatest of all the investigations out there of the president, and there are at least a dozen more that won't go away after this. by far, the most serious for the country was this question of whether hel lly colluded with the russians, as opposed to passively been will if itting from the interference. that's an important milestone. >> and seven people nepleaded guilty.
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getting plea deals for bigger fish. is there any indication why so many people pled guilty if there was no bigger fish? >> that's a great question. the president's allies dismissed these indictments. someone was loig to the fbi. of course, it is a felony to lie to the fbi. if they were flipping, what were they flipping for? what was the ultimate prize that mueller and his team might be trying to get. we now know that there is not going to be any other indictments. in the substance of what mueller came up with, what did they find with this question of contacts,
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conspiracy, et cetera, between the trump campaign and the russians? it is very clear that the democrats at the very least are planning to play this out for some time. saying they demand the full report, the full investigative findings of mueller. and so they are playing a long game here beyond just whatever barr releases tomorrow. >> how do you see the bigger fish plea deal question? why do you think we didn't end up with a bigger fish? >> perhaps they thought there was a bigger fish and they needed the witnesses to know whether there was or wasn't. sometimes you make deal with people who are committing crimes to obtain other things. we don't know what this said. it could say that the president of the united states committed crimes. because he's the president of the united states, we can't indiet him.
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>> that wobble a bombshell.ct h. >> that wobble a bombshell. they have to keep walking up the evidence ladder. when he arrived, there was nothing there and that's what his report will tell us. one of the biggest mysteries is why didn't mueller demand or push for a bigger interview with the president? >> my expectation is that he did ask for an interview. in consultation with rosenstein and the solicitor general's office, that they could not obtain a subpoena if they went to court. mueller if he wanted to could have said i demand a subpoena.
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they could have said no. you can't get it. you haven't met the threshold. i think mueller sort of, again, as an institutional guy, had serious conversations. looked at the law. the discovery that they got from the white house and said, we may not prevail only. i'm not going to ask. >> i want to talk to you about this. congress says they will continue regardless of the findings. is it politically risky for democrats to keep pursuing him? >> i'm not sure it is politically risky. look what happened with the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. that was investigated exhaustively by the fbi and republicans continue to investigate it in congress. in fact, candidate trump ran essentially on the issue that the investigation was a fraud and she should be locked up.
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as they used to channel. one thing on this question of indictment, sometimes it is talked about. you can't indict a president. the argument about why you can't indict a president, a lot of legal scholars disagree with it. but the argument is that the remedy for a crime while a president is in office is impeachment. so if mueller says he committed these crimes but i'm not indicting him, that's a recommendation to the house of representatives for pursuing impeachment proceedings. we have no idea if that's a
6:19 pm
conclusion he reached but it is still on the table so after 675 days, we waited for the mueller report to be submitted. we're going to be waiting at least until tomorrow to learn the principal conclusions. based on everything we know. is there anything that shocked you? >> the expectation is that we'll get a bare bones top line assessment of the conclusions. for people following this closely, there are myriad threads and questions that they would love answers to. the expectation is that they won't come tomorrow. they'll come if ever, when the full investigation, the full report is released.
6:20 pm
>> they're fanning out across the country. and we now know that mueller's team really turned over every rock. so there is no expectation that tomorrow, if indeed the top line conclusions come out, that there will be answers. so all the threads that people thought were significant will be tied up neatly in a bow. i think that will be going on for some time. the questions will be out there. >> anything that will shock you? >> we of course with good reason have been so focused on the president and his role and whether you know, this word we've talked about for two years, collusion occurred. and for good reason. we don't want a president who actively engaged in a conspiracy
6:21 pm
against the united states. if bob mueller thoroughly investigate that had and lifted that cloud off the president, that's good news for the country. and so even though we're so focused on trump, i'm hoping this narrative lays out with as much detail as possible what the russians did in 2016. we never set it up in a bipartisan way. and i think it would be a great service to the country if that answer is crystal clear in this report. >> all right. i'll give you the final thought. what will you be watching for? >> so as a lawyer, what i'm most interested in seeing is mueller's analysis. whether or not the president can obstruct justice by doing
6:22 pm
something he has a right to do, like fire comey, like ask the flynn investigation be dropped. i want to see what mueller decided about that. that will tell me how much trouble the president could have been in had he not had the prosecutor has honest and forthright. >> all right. thank you, gentlemen. good to have all of you with us tonight. i home you'll come back when we get these results. we'll take a closer look at this man. robert mueller and the key roles he's made. . the official truck of getting to work, and getting to work. of late nights, and date nights.
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it's really the only question in washington this saturday night. what's in the mueller report? lawmakers on capitol hill aren't the only ones demanding to know. our campaign teams are all over the country gathering reaction from the democrats running for president. watch. >> i'm going to be looking to see if the president was involved in illegal activity. if he was involved in obstructing justice. or people close to him were involved in colluding with the russians. so i think a lot of things in this will be very helpful. not just to congressional investigations but others as well in the southern district in new york around criminal
6:27 pm
activity. >> that report needs to be made public. the american people have a right and a need to know. the underlying evidence that supports that report should be made public. the attorney general barr should be called to testify under oath before the united states congress. and the white house should not be allowed to interfere in any way in interpreting or presenting the information to the american people. >> 90% of americans want to see it republican. 420 representatives from the house of representatives voted to make it republican. and this is about holding people accountable, yes, as you know. dozens of people have been indicted. but it is also about knowing what happened. what the scheme was so we're in a better place to prepare for the 2020 elections. >> if you're wondering about collusion, when you saw the
6:28 pm
president of the united states standing next to the leader of russia on that stage in helsinki, finland, defending him and taking his word against our own intelligence committee and our country, and. >> george will's words, not mine, that's collusion in action. ultimately thibl lbl decided at the balance box in 2020. >> i don't know what's in the report. nob nob nobody does. i do know that mueller wound up indicting 34 people including six trump campaign officials. and i also know that it is absolutely imperative that the trump administration make that report public as soon as possible. >> everyone needs to get a chance to read the mueller report. it needs to be made public.
6:29 pm
just a chance to look at it. this is someone who has conducted an investigation on behalf of the people of the united states. it has produced 34 indictments or guilty pleas. >> it is a little hard to gauge since we haven't seen it. i'll say this investigation has led to a number of guilty pleas and charges and it is obviously an important body of work. i think where we might be making a mistake in our party is to think this will change everything in terms of how the president is viewed. a lot of people have made up their mind about this president and a lot of people had voted for him already understand he is not a caring of great integrity. they voted the way they can to send a message. >> it is not just democrat everything challengers offering their takes, his point tweeted this afternoon the american people deserve to know the results of this investigation. adding, robert mueller has conducted an exhaustive investigation with the utmost
6:30 pm
integrity. he says of attorney general barr, i trust that he will give congress and the american people the maximum access to the report allowable. the attorney general william barr spent most of saturday reviewing the report and he could share some of that investigation with lawmakers and the republican tomorrow. we'll have an update, next in the cnn newsroom. l'oréal's new unlimited lash lift mascara. 1. stretch it. 2. tilt it. 3. lift it. reach even smaller lashes. unlimited length. unlimited lift. new unlimited mascara by l'oréal paris.
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robert mueller has handed in his report. now we wait for this man, u.s. attorney general william barr to finish going over it. top to bottom and decide how much of it to release to the american public. cnn senior justice correspondent has more. >> attorney general bill barr spent more than nine hours at the justice department reviewing the findings from special counsel robert mueller's investigation. barr spent the day working with rod rosenstein and a small group of aides. so far they're among the few people who have seen the conclusions from the 22-month trump russia investigation. barr is still pushing to send to it congress sometime this weekend. what exactly barr's report to congress will look like, we
6:35 pm
don't know. officials tell us it will distill a summary. whatever barr sends to congress, he will also share with the public. in the weeks since barr took office, officials have told us one of the things he was wrestling with was how much detail he can release from mueller's report. the more detail that he included in his report about evidence that didn't lead to charges, the more complicatedett it wobble for barr as he tried to make his summary. it is eagerly awaited by the president who has been uncharacteristically quiet since mueller completed the investigation on friday. >> thank you. now cnn's chief political an list gloria borger has a key look at mueller and the role he's played. >> the special counsel has finally produced the report america has been waiting for. but this is far from his first time in the republican
6:36 pm
spotlight. after two years leading the russia investigation, special counsel robert mueller remain as mystery man. perhaps the most private public figure in washington. but he still is a political pinata there was no collusion. never handle. >> it's hard to remember that at the start -- >> i think he's the right guy at the right time. >> mueller was a bipartisan favorite. >> he would have been on anybody's list of let's say the top five people in the country to have taken on this kind of a responsibility. >> the resume is long. at 74 he's been involved for decades in some of the justice department's most celebrated cases. mock sister john gotti. and the pan am will 103 bombing in lockerbie, scotland, in 1988.
6:37 pm
a case the still remains personal. >> i'll never forget the visit i made to lockerbie. i saw the smallwooden warehouse in which were stored the various effects of your loved ones. a white sneaker. a syracuse sweatshirt. christmas presents and photographs. >> he's been effectively the same bob mueller in every place he's ever worked. whether that was the u.s. attorney general's office in san francisco in the 1970s, whether that was the george h.w. bush administration in the 1980s, whether it was the d.c. homicide investigator's office in the 1990s or the fbi in the 2000s. he is hard driving, tenacious, incredibly thorough and has a very strong sense of right or wrong. >> a registered republican but it is hard to tell. >> four and a half years of 2,000 meetings, i didn't hear him say anything political.
6:38 pm
>> how would you describe his politics? >> not. >> as in there are non? >> he's apolitical. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> which is partly why president bush picked him to run the fbi in 2001. >> the fbi must remain independent of politics and uncompromising in its mission. >> mueller arrived at the fbi just seven days before 9/11. he served most of his term under bush and when president obama asked him to stay for two more years, it required an act of congress. the senate approved one hundred-0. his m.o., a by the book guy even of a hours. >> why are we going to the director's house, at the end of the party, he would flick the lights. it's going 7:00 to 9:00. it's 9:03. that's it. >> he is in the office between
6:39 pm
6:00 and 6:30 every morning woeflt always plop his briefcase down on the chair. not sit down and kibb intz or shoot the breeze. what's happening? >> i never saw -- >> ever? >> never. not a lot of back and forth. you're going through the details of the case. >> would you assume that he is managing the special counsel investigation the same way? >> heck yes. i wouldn't assume it. that's his dna. what's going on some what you have you got? what have you got? i don't want to hear noise. let's talk about it. what is your judgment? next, move on. let's go. >> showing up at the special counsel's nondescript office at the same time every day. always avoiding the spotlight. . so so that spotting mueller anywhere became a bit of a washington parlor game. mueller grew up in the wealthy
6:40 pm
philadelphia suburbs and attended an elite boarding school. a classmate of john kerry. then to princeton. but the combat death of david hackett in vietnam inspired mueller to join the marines. >> he was wounded in combat. shot through leg. received a bronze star with valor, purple heart, and was right back in the fight a couple weeks later. >> in some sense, you feel you've will been given a lease on life and you want to make the most of it. >> after graduating from law school, mueller soon found his way to the department of justice and remained there for most of the next four decades. >> my colleagues here -- >> two short breaks to give private practice a try. >> bobble mueller has been notoriously under happy every time he's tried to be in private practice. he can't defend guilty people. he'll meet we a client, they'll
6:41 pm
explain the problem and he says it sounds like you should go to jail then. >> so he'll tell his client -- >> sounds like you're guilty. he sees the world in very black and white terms. >> by 2004 he was running the fbi when his phone rang. it was jaymmes comey. it was the first time they would find themselves in a very controversial legal drama. >> i was very upset. angry. >> comey was worried the bush administration was determined on keep a warmthless eavesdropping program will that they and their boss john ashcroft thought it was illegal. but ashcroft was in the hospital recovering from surgery, leaving comey in charge. >> i was concerned that given how ill i knew the attorney general was, there might be an effort to ask him to overrule me when he was in no condition to
6:42 pm
do that. called director mueller. he said i'll meet you at the hospital right now. >> they had to race administration officials on ask croft's bed side. >> they said the fbi agent is present. not to allow me only the removed from the room under any circumstances. >> in the end, ashcroft backed comey and mueller. >> he end listed bob mueller. he knew that bob mueller had this incredible reputation in washington. >> now trump views mueller's relationship with suspicion. >> his best friend is comey. a bad cop. >> mueller loyal. is denial it but it is part of the land scape as his work ends and the country waits to see how bob mueller will finally be heard. >> bob mueller believes in american institutions. so i think he wants to set the institutions up to make the best
6:43 pm
decisions they can. >> and congress, the justice department, and the white house, may be on a collision course over just how much of mueller's entire investigation should be made public. >> thank you for that reporting. massive effort underway to rescue more than 1,000 people stuck on a cruise ship. the shipment's engine has failed. whooo! want to take your next vacation to new heights?
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a celebration today in what was recently an isis strong hold. coalition forces held a formal ceremony marking the complete defeat of isis in eastern syria. in a white house statement the president said, i am pleased to announce together with our partners in the global coalition to key feet isis, including the iraqi security forces and the years yandle democratic forces, the united states has liberated all isis controlled territory in syria and iraq. one hundred% of the caliphate. they said the major danger has been eliminated but he warns the threat continues. a large scale rescue mission will likely go on through the night. this is off the coastal of norway. the shipment was pitching and rolling in the waves. 1300 passengers and crew members
6:48 pm
are being rescued by helicopter. at last check, 150 people have been evacuated. here you can see water on board the shipment, flooding the decks in some places. officials say a handful of people suffered mirnl injuries. emergency services says the crew sent a may day distress signal reporting engine problems. crew members are trying to get the ship back into court. a family in florida is going through deep shock and sadness after their teenage daughter's suicide. sydney aiello was a survivor of last year's shooting massacreint parkland. she was recently diagnosed with post-traumatic stress from that horrible day. sydney aiello took her own life last weekend. her final was friday.
6:49 pm
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new england patriots owner robert kraft is publicly apologizing. and it's the first time we've heard directly from kraft since he was charged with soliciting prostitution at a florida spa last month. cnn's polo sandoval has more. >> reporter: robert kraft's statement today is significant as it's the first time we've heard from the new england patriots owner since prosecutors in florida announced the sex trafficking investigation, one that led to charges against close to 100 men, among them kraft. investigators alleged that he
6:54 pm
sought out paid sex services at various day spas. kraft and his legal team pleading not guilty initially after that announcement was made. however, today this statement, and in this kraft saying he is truly sorry. a portion of that reading "throughout my life i have always tried to do the right thing. the last thing i would ever want to do is disrespect another human being. i have extraordinary respect for women. my morals and my soul were shaped by the most wonderful woman, the love of my life, who i was blessed to have as my partner for 50 years." that i reference to mr. kraft's late wife. kraft also writing that he hopes to use his platform to make a difference. that certainly something to certainly look at here as this week according to a source familiar with the case, that source telling cnn that kraft will not accept a plea deal that was offered up by prosecutors. that deal basically if they would choose to drop that misdemeanor charge in exchange for fines, community service, and an admission from kraft that
6:55 pm
he would be found guilty should this case go to trial. prosecutors saying that that is fairly standard for first-time offenders. this week attorneys for kraft also filed a motion seeking a protective order that would have essentially blocked the release of not just video evidence but also really other incriminating evidence according to investigators that could potentially be made public. but again, now the statement released over the weekend from robert kraft saying that he is sorry for what happened. ana, back to you. >> polo sandoval, thank you. that wraps up this hour of "cnn newsroom." i'm ana cabrera in new york. thanks for being with me. next on cnn, part 1 of our special series on president richard nixon, "tricky dick." good night. want more from your entertainment experience?
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