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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  March 24, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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evidence can give families their closure. kaylee hartung, cnn, atlanta. if you have information about these cases from 1997 so 1981, officials want to hear from you. just this morning, they have released a new number for a hotline. 404-546-2603. leave them a message. if no one answers, they will continue to look into these child murders. it is absolutely imperative that the trump administration make that full report public. >> to simply say, well, there is nothing and, therefore, no information, that is not acceptable. >> let it come out. let people see it. it's a big hoax. i call it the witch hunt. it's all a big hoax.
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>> richard nixon said it was a witch hunt in july of '73. this is the defense of somebody who is guilty, not innocent. shakes sheakespeare said a lady trump too high and the lady is not trump. a cruise line ship's vacation turned into a nightmare. good morning to you. so grateful for your company, as always. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. we are joining you live from washington. the attorney general wants to deliver his principle conclusions on the investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election by the end of the day. >> also ahead, we have more incredible video to show you that has come into us overnight. hundreds of passengers have been air-lifted from this stranded
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cruise ship and you see how it's tossing everything around. this is off the coast of norway, but there are still hundreds of people on that ship right now. let's turn to the anticipation here in washington and with a lot of people across the country, the attorney general has set this timetable, saying he wants the principle conclusions given to lawmakers by the end of the weekend that is today. >> cnn sara murray joins us. this is a self-imposed deadline. it's ambitious some might say. but i would think it gives us some insight into the fact if he is saying he can do it by the end of the day, he should be able to do it. >> reporter: right. it was a self-imposed deadline and surprising one when we were waiting for this day! we were anticipating that he would provide some kind of time line he would brief congress who were not anticipating he would say as early as this weekend.
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that suggests when robert mueller was compiling his report that he did reach some of these top line conclusions of his own and now what you have are william barr and rod rosen stein huddling together. they were at the justice department all day yesterday going over the conclusions and trying to determine how they want to rewrite those or change those before they submit them to congress and share them public. again, this is just kind of the beginning of the end, whatever they decide to release is sure to spark more questions from lawmakers and probably an extensive political and legal ballots. >> so is there any indication, any insight -- i'll accept there isn't because we don't know anything about the report, right? about the form in which this first disclosure will come? if they are bullet points or if it's a short narrative with more to come. >> we don't know exactly the format it's coming. we expect top line conclusions,
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whatever that means. >> yes. >> whatever those conclusions are. as of yesterday, the hill was expecting they would be receiving those nsome kind of a written format and not get an oral briefing. it's a day so the two were huddled together yesterday and maybe that will change over the course of the day. at this point, we don't know. we are told that the mueller report is comprehensive and we have seen that until all of robert mueller's indictments. sort of these story lines essentially leading to the fact in their case. i don't know that that is what we will get out of the top line conclusion. this may be a briefer executive summary and jumping off point. bill barr and rod rosenstein have watched what is going on in washington and seen lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say we want to see the mueller report in full so i think this is going to be really a starting point of what we see publicly but probably not in the end point. >> sara murray, we have a countdown clock if we knew what time the principle conclusions were coming. thank you.
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washington is speculating about the contents of this. president trump, however, there he is. in his flag pants. >> let's point out who is in the flag pants. >> that is kid rock. i see that. this was yesterday as he was on the golf course with him. cnn suzanne malveaux is with us from west palm beach. we haven't heard from him which i think surprises so many people. is there any sense as to whether he is intentionally staying silent of his own accord or is there a lot of pressure from the president's people because we know he is surrounded by a lot of people down there right now to just hold steady for a minute? >> reporter: by our count, it's been almost 39 hours since his last tweet. we don't know if that is a record op not. maybe we should be keeping up with that. there are a number of individuals here with him at mar-a-lago that would have some
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influence, if you will, in terms of whether or not he would speak out, whether or not he would tweet. he does it on his own as you know but there are advisers that are with him who definitely are looking at this and saying, let's take this wait and see mode. one of the attorneys who was responsible for the rollout, the response of the white house emmitt flood who really travels with the president is by his side at mar-a-lago so you can get a sense people are trying to manage this and at least take a measured approach before they actually find out what is in this report. we have been told by sources that there is not a war room that has been set up for rapid response. is there no panic among the team of attorneys and advisers who are here with the president. and as we know, there's no comment and no tweet from the president of outrage or a celebration here. what we saw yesterday was the president on the golf course. as you noted with kid rock. he sent out a tweet gushing how trump was a great man and very
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down to earth. one of the things the advisers and those who are allies of the president are putting out there talking points to the rnc because this is a victory and it did not produce an indictment of the president conspiring with election over the russia there. the talking points saying it's been two years. millions of taxpayer money spent and no indictment, no collusion, we are happy that the report is done. one of the signs really that they are not dancing on the tables yet is that the president has not spoken about this and he waits like the rest of us, wait to find out what is really inside this report. >> i don't know if 39 hours is a record but it feels like one. >> it does. >> suzanne malveaux for us there in west palm beach. thank you. lauren fox is here with us in washington and the democrats will talk about them.
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they are now drawing these virtal battvirt virtual battle lines to get the documents and findings that went into the writing of the mueller report. tell us about that. >> we have gone from springboarding off what is each in this report to a fight about actually getting it on capitol hill. nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house, held a conference call yesterday with more than 120 members of her caucus and her instruction to them was, look. we are about to fight to get the full mueller report and those underlying conclusions like you just said. that is the fight that we will see on capitol hill in this next week and regardless of what these top line conclusions from the mueller report will be and whatever barr sends over to the hill today expect that is not the final word and that democrats are not going to be satisfied with it. i want to sort of explain that top democratic chairmen are already sending letters wal
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basically telling the whole trump administration to preserve anything they have about the mueller report and not destroy any kind of evidence, that that could potentially be a crime. democrats clearly setting up the table here for a long extended fight to get that full mueller report. >> i'm wondering where they are of how long this fight is going to be. i know delaware chris coons yesterday said we have to be prepared for the fact this report could make the white house and president very happy. did the democrats maybe put a little bit too much emphasis on what they expected from mueller? >> certainly, the political fight here is interesting to watch because in a way there is less than two years until the next election. while you have all of these freshmen democrats who may be hungry to have a fight about impeachment very vocal freshmen, the fact is you only have a couple of months until another re-election so you have to be careful how you proceed here. a lot of those democrats who
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were freshmen and won an made this happen in the house of representatives are not -- these are democrats who won in states and districts that trump won in. >> it is very interesting. lauren fox, appreciate it. thank you. well, it was supposed to be a fun vacation but, my gosh. look what it turned in to here. >> a cruise ship with 1,300 passengers ran into some really rough seas off the coast of norway. motive of this in a moment. my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum. when i walked through a snowthat's when i knewtte, i had to quit. for real this time.
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did you see the ceiling fall on that woman's head? yeah. >> this is happening on the viking sky cruise ship. it lost engine power and stranded off the coast of norway. you can see the furniture and people are tossed around. >> nothing to hold on to. everything on the floor is moving. overnight the cruise was able to restart some of those engines and ship is being guided back to shore and crews are working overnight to help get the passengers back to safety as the ship slowly makes its way back to shore. the helicopters are still pulling people off of this
4:16 am
cruise lin liner. salma is joining us with the latest. what is going on? >> reporter: we have new information this hour. we understand there is about 800 to 900 passengers still on board and still stranded but the cruise ship has been turned around and it is making its way to shore. it is expected to hit calmer waters soon and the captain has suspended those helicopter operations in the meanwhile. he wants to see how far the ship gets so let's stop the helicopter operations and focus on getting the ship to shore and getting it docked. those helicopter operations overnight were absolutely dramatic. you could see people being plucked up in the middle of a storm when they are supposed to be on a cruise. take a listen to what two americans said about their rescue. >> furniture would slide across the room and slide back and with
4:17 am
it came people and glass. it was very dangerous situation, frankly. a few people got hurt. we could see that we were getting blown into some rocks own that was the most frightening thing, i think. luckily, that wasn't our destiny. >> the guy came down from the hospital, one of the coast guards, snapped my belt and said, hold it. shot me up about a hundred fee in the air and on to the helicopter. >> reporter: you can hear how intense those moments were for those passengers. you're also hearing the drowang. passengers are seeing broken bones and cuts and bruises. >> my goodness. i think a window here, saisn't there to get the people back in terms of the weather? it's clear now but is there
4:18 am
another storm coming, i hear? >> right. time is not on their sign. we had terrible weather conditions over the weekend. waves as high as 25 feet, 55-mile-per-hour winds rather. we understand that slowed down now but there is another storm coming tomorrow. so this is a very short window to rescue 800 people still stranded. >> salma, we appreciate the update. thank you. we will keep you posted as we continue to hear about that. more than a to see state attorneys general are urging bill barr to release the findings of this mueller investigation. we will talk to one of them about what they will do if it does not happen. try fda-approved alli®. for every 5 lbs you lose, alli® can help you lose two to three more by preventing about 25% of the fat you eat from being absorbed. for the only fda-approved otc weight loss aid, try alli®.
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u.s.-back u.s.-backed. >> despite territorial loss in syria they are wage ago guerrilla campaign in north iraq. more than tens of thousands of civilians have left isis. they now live in what can be described as internment camps. although in the custody of syrian defense force, there are warnings this continues to live on. >> cnn correspondent ben wedeman will give us a firsthand look of the final weeks of the fighting. >> here is a look from his perspective how the u.s.-backed syrian forces took control of the area and what is next for isis. >> reporter: sniper in an isis building just 200 meters from where we are so if we were to go
4:24 am
around this corner here, we would be exposed. the destruction is massive. i'll tell you story of why i'm here. >> the caliphate has crumbled and isis has been defeated. >> everybody saw this, yes. it was back in january that isis days as a territorial entity were numbered. in fact, i told my wife i'll be out of here in maybe three or four days. what happened was after the initial assault on the town of behoos, the syrian forces realized there were far more than estimated. >> great nations do not fight endless wars. today, we have liberated virtually all of the territory from the grip of these blood thirsty monsters.
4:25 am
>> reporter: they originally told us there is perhaps a thousand a1,500 inside the town and what happened thousands of people came out every day. there were many foreigners among them. >> do i regret coming, you mean? no, i don't. >> reporter: the wives of isis fighters. god is testing us, this woman says. the unworthy will leave and the righteous will remain. and it's been a pattern. the morning began with heavy exchange of machine gun fire and loud explosions and there are fighting and allow the civilians to come out when they think they are all out and they will have another offensive and then they will halt it again and we have done this three times so it's sort of a pattern that everybody thinks it's about to end, it's about to end and it just goes on and on.
4:26 am
>> ben, why didn't you hit the deck there? >> reporter: because i know this. we hear it all the time. these are just soldiers. >> preparing their weapons. >> reporter: preparing their weapons. >> we just took over. you kept hearing 90%, 92% the caliphate in syria and now 100% we just took over. >> reporter: the women and children have two big camps in this part of syria where they are sent. they are essentially internment camps because of their affiliation with isis. the local authorities don't trust them to be able to move freely. so they are taken to these camps. one of the camps called el hood now has more than 70,000 people in it. many of the wives and isis jihadis are now imposing the social norms in place under the islamic state and reconstituted
4:27 am
their societies inside these camps. isis is not going to disappear. this is not the last we hear of isis. when you hear that final victory has been achieved, that just means final victory over the so-called islamic state but isis as a terrorist organization is still very much active. isis is going to ground but it's still there. >> attorney general bill barr hopes to release the findings, at least those principle conclusions of the mueller investigation sometime today. >> what is the likelihood of that actually happening? we are going to talk about it. how do you gauge the greatness of an suv? is it to carry cargo... or to carry on a legacy?
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attorney general bill barr hopes to deliver his conclusion, his final -- principle conclusions i should say for the mueller report to congress today. let's go to a justice department source. >> barr and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein spent the day at the office and viewing and analyzing the reports. democrats are demanding release of the full report and supporting evidence therein. if that doesn't happen they are vowing to subpoena robert mueller himself. within hours of hearing the news that mueller had finished the report, remain were 18 state attorneys general who released a statement urging u.s. attorney general barr to release the report to the public. >> here is part of their statement. joining ous on the line is one f those 189 state attorneys general and brian frost. we don't have much time so let's get to the news first. you have, on behalf of the state of maryland, filed lawsuits
4:33 am
against the administration over claims of violations of clauses and emergency act for border security. do you plan with or independent of these other states attorneys general to file a lawsuit to get the mueller report? >> i don't think we are at that point yet. we have the ability through the lawsuit to get evidence of donald trump's violation of the clause with subpoenas but up in the fourth circuit court of appeals at the moment. congress has the most direct route in getting the full mueller report and i understand they plan to issue subpoenas if general barr doesn't imply. so i think that is the first thing that has to happen. >> if he does not imply, there is the issue that many people
4:34 am
agree of some sensitive information that cannot be released in that particular grand jury material. how do you balance what you want to see with material that can't be released and still call it transparent? >> i think the most sensitive pieces of the mueller report are likely to be pieces that relate to intelligence sources. they may want to redact information that would put at risk somebody who is working on our intelligence services. that seems to me to be reasonable. most of the rest of the information, i believe, outed to be disclosed and i think can legally be disclosed. >> a source tells cnn that 80% of those underlying documents of grand jury testimony or information or documents that were received through the grand jury. of course, that is not released so that makes up 4 out of 10 of
4:35 am
the documents, that would not reconcile with what your claim is the rest of it can be released. is that not a problem? as a state attorney general, i expect you to have a sensitivity to that. >> right. the justice department has the ability and discretion to release that information. >> and your desire to see it outweighs the sensitivity and the secret nature of a grand jury? it's not my desire that outweighs it. it's the right of the american people to see what has gone on. i think the whole point of a special prosecutor investigation is to do an independent look at charges against, in this case, president of the united states, the most powerful person in the world, and they take the position -- and this is not based on the constitution or the law -- there is nothing in the u.s. code of the constitution that says you did not indict a
4:36 am
president. so to undergo this investigation and we know the president has engaged in multiple kinds of misconduct. to undergo the conduct and say in the end wetter inti, we are g him and the whole point of the investigation is to get the information and tell the public what has happened. and if donald trump has committed crimes, to spell it out. >> maryland attorney brian frosh, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> let's bring a politics report of "usa today" and daniel lippman. let's start here with what we are hearing from maryland attorney general brian frosh and members of the democratic party there in the house, that they want not just the mueller report but these underlying documents and 4 out of 10, according to
4:37 am
sources, telling cnn are these grand jury, the testimony, those documents. according to the explanation from mr. frosh, we want to see it any way. >> they wanted to use it for their own investigations and they want to particularly see what were the underlying reasons that why president trump was not charged with obstruction of justice. he fired james comey and attempted to fire general sessions and was told by his advisers not to do that. if you're not able to see exactly what mueller found, then how can the public judge based on if mueller was right in not charging or if he could have gotten charged if he was not president, you know, that justice department guidelines saying a sitting president cannot be charged and they want to see does he have the evidence it back up what mueller found. >> is there a risk of the democrats going too far with
4:38 am
this? >> i think slabsolutely. we have seen nancy pelosi and democratic leadership saying let's hold and see what is in the report before we talk about impeachment. they want to see the full report so the public can decide how far they want democrats to go and i think they are very aware of this or at least democratic leadership understand they can ov ov overintercept this. i think democratic leadership are aware. >> let's talk about testimony. we have heard from several democrats that they want to hear from bob mueller, they want him to testify. potentially the a.g. to testify as well. what about rod rosenstein? >> i think that would be a likely person to testify as well. rosenstein will probably write a book eventually. i would not be surprised about that.
4:39 am
they want everybody on capitol hill to say what they found and if they are not going to release the report or much of the report, they are trying to get basically an oral report from the main players and they are going to go through a list of questions, everything that is an outstanding matter that has not been addressed. we don't know exactly what trump knew about the wikileaks disclosures and trump tower meeting and we will see some of his kids and they will get asked tough questions so they can basically give what the grand jury, whatever they told mueller's investigators, democrats will ask similar questions to get that on tape and in the public record. >> jared kushner is providing records for the house judiciary committee right now. if it weren't for the mueller investigations a lot of other
4:40 am
investigations may not be going on as well, specifically the big question what is happening in the southern district of new york. how vulnerable is president trump's family beyond this argument and outside when you get to the southern district of new york? >> i think they are vulnerable. the southern distribution of new york city is looking into them and the businesses and where trump's family is really involved. i think they are absolutely vulnerable. that being said what republicans and allies of the trump family will point out the mueller report is done and no more indictments and feel it's a good sign for other investigations. if mueller finished his report and didn't indict anybody else in trump family they feel good news for them. >> they feel the other investigations will follow suit and there won't something there? >> that's how they feel right now. we haven't seen the report. >> the investigations with know as well they have much broader parameters and can look into many more things that the mueller was not able to do. >> that is totally true.
4:41 am
i think a lot of republicans are celebrating this weekend because there were no further indictments, but that could be premature celebration because we don't know what is in the report. we had a funny line in our politico lead yesterday that rudy giuliani, trump's lawyer, he didn't seem to be very worried about it. he was found shopping at brooks brothers in downtown d.c. >> all right. >> let's talk about the celebratory environment around the president. yes, no further indictments but we have seen the last 670 plus days, 199 criminal counts and 37 people who were indicted. people go to prison, a conviction in paul manafort. if that had happened all on the last day, this would have been a blockbuster. but because it happened incrementally over the course of a year and a half or nearly two years, they are celebrating. >> absolutely. i think you're right. i think it had to come out all on friday or over the weekend. this would be a blockbuster news
4:42 am
but we have become conditioned to this new reality. people going to prison over this. but what republicans will say is that everybody who went to prison did not prove russian collusion and what they have zeroed in on and what the president has zeroed in on and saying these are unrelated, their argument, unrelated crimes and it was of broad scope. the president, they are saying is no more indictments for the president or his family and they feel that is a win. >> all right. >> it also, like, the question of who trump surrounds himself if he has good judgment of picking -- >> the circle he said during the campaign. all right. thank you both. >> thank you. democrats say that they want this full report released as we have been talking about. we are going to talk to one of them about what they say comes next, how deep could these subpoenas go? we will talk to a congressman of rhode island who would be on
4:43 am
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president trump and his team plan the white house's response to the mueller report, democrats are also planning their strategy but they say that step one is actually reading the full mueller report. not just the barr report. house speaker nancy pelosi says she expected more than a briefing on its conclusions alone and if that briefing is classified, she says she will reject it because lawmakers should be able to discuss the report publicly. joining me now is congressman david cicilline, of rhode island. a member of the judiciary committee. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> let's start with the assertion from speaker pelosi and i want to talk about executive privilege she is going to reject any classified prefg
4:48 am
for t briefing on the gang of eight on the report because she thinks it should be public. is she setting up a strawman there? has anyone there you know offered a classified briefing? >> i don't know if anyone has but that soften the case if there is classified information they might offer a classified briefing to the gang of eight. i think the speaker's point is this document needs to be made public and the public has a right to know the truth. let's not forget this investigation began at sort of on behalf of the american people, our democracy was attacked by a foreign adversary, the russians. the special counsel was appointed to investigate in this activity. the american people waiting two years and working hard to sprecket t protect the integrity of this investigation. we are going to fight as hard as we can and use all of the tools
4:49 am
at our disposal to make sure the american people get to see the truth. >> let's talk about executive privilege which will be the big fight between the white house and congress. the democrats want all of the underlying documents that could include, as sources tell cnn, 80% through the grnel, that testimony, those documents as well and maybe secret intelligence sources. should that be released as well which typically isn't released publicly, especially if speaker pelosi is not willing to go to a classified briefing to get any of it? >> we should remember the democrats acknowledge things that protect sources and methods that are classified. that can't be made public. but the vast majority of the materials can be. with respect to grand jury proceedings, there are exceptions to the general secrecy requirements when a compelling public interest. the department of justice has the authority, as does the courts. this is not an ordinary case. remember, this is a department of justice has taken the position, i think, erroneously
4:50 am
that a sitting president can't be indicted so that special counsel's robert may contain lots of information of conduct about the president that he considered unchargeable because of that memorandum but certainly congress and the american people have a right to know. this is a unusual circumstance but if you look at the republican debe hafr after the investigation of the clinton e-mails they released over 800,000 documents including grand jury proceedings relating to her e-mails and no charges were in that case. the branch davidian case, the special counsel released its interim report and full report. there's lots of precedence for transparency in this area. it's particularly important in the work of this special counsel because it involves the kind of integrity of our democracy. whether or not we can adequately protect ourselves from an attack by a foreign adversary. this is a very long investigation. the american people have been
4:51 am
patient. they've paid for this investigation. they have a right to know the conclusions of it. >> are you willing to support holding the attorney general in contempt if he refuses to release all of that underlying information, those documents? >> i'm really hoping it will not get to that, victor. i'm hoping the attorney general will do what he said at his confirmation hearing, do everything he can to be transparent and that he'll work with congress to make sure this is done quickly. i know members of the committee are fully committed to making sure the american people see the mueller report, not the barr report, not his summary of what he wants to share but the full report and the supporting materials. there's precedence for it. and the american people, this was done on their behalf, this investigation. they have a right to know what the conclusions were, what decisions were made. >> understood. >> and mr. mueller should come before the judiciary committee and walk through the rt. walk the american people through the report and explain what he found. >> understand congressman.
4:52 am
let me come back around on that question. you hope he would release that information, but typically grand jury testimony and the documents that are gathered through the grand jury subpoenas, those are not released. so if he holds to what is the typical guidance, the typical m.o. of the department of justice, that is not going to happen. in that case, would you support holding him in contempt for not meeting the demands of -- >> victor, i want to push back. i disagree. it is certainly the general practice that grand jury proceedings are secret but there are lots of situations in which they are released and ought to be. the department of justice has the ability to do it. if he's issued a subpoena and doesn't comply, it won't ultimately be my decision, i hope we'll vindicate the authority of congress and compel the this clothdisclosure of the documents. we need to make sure they get these documents, whatever tools
4:53 am
are available to us. i have full confidence the chair of our committee will use and committee members will support. >> let me get to one more opportunity here for executive privilege to be asserted by the white house. leader schumer and speaker pelosi have both said the white house should not get a sneak peek at the barr report. they call it a sneak peek. the white house would say it's their opportunity to assert executive privilege. is that not the president's right to see this, this document before it's released? >> no, absolutely it is not the president's right. look, the president and his administration were targets or subjects of this investigation. it would be highly unusual to let the target or subject of the investigation have a sneak preview and then decide what to share with the american people. so i think that would be completely inappropriate. this notion of executive privilege is also very questionable in my mind. executive privilege can only be asserted for communications he wants to protect. if the special counsel has collected that evidence from other sources, or someone has waived executive privilege, you
4:54 am
can't retroactively go and claim it in hopes of covering up what the investigation revealed. >> is it your understanding the president has waived executive privilege because robert mueller reports to rod rosenstein and reports to the attorney general who is a part of the executive branch and they can't assert executive privilege. are you claiming they have, as some are, that they have waived executive privilege if not, they get to see the report, do they not? >> i think it's clear when the president has spoken about a subject matter that he has waived executive privilege. you can't make your claim, make your statements and say you can't check the veracity of my statements by talking to anybody else. that would make the invocation a mockery. the president may well have waived it but this is an effort just to stall and delay and prevent the american people from knowing the full truth and we'll not let that happen. >> david cicilline of rhode island, thanks for being here. we appreciate you being with us as well. thank you so much for your time
4:55 am
and sharing your time with us. the latest on the mueller report is coming up next on "inside politics" with john king. ♪
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