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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 24, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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r voice. that's simple. easy. awesome. order mlb extra innings for a great low price. plus, access your favorite team on any device. go online today. >> what else will congress and the american people learn? republican congressman mark mad m meadows join us in minutes. in the clear the justice department is not expected the seek anymore indictments connected with the russia probe. what does it reveal about the findings?
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a trump campaign. >> it has been a long two-year proctology exam. >> michaelke caputo. and now it's time to move on while democrats pursue other investigations into the presidents and his advisers. >> it does not mean the end of investigations. >> where does it all go from here? >> hello. you are watching a special edition of state of the union. at any moment the justice department may he lay the principle conclusions to capitol hill. if you look at yur screen you're seeing william barr leaving his house this morning. he spent time at the justice department yesterday, nine hours to be exact. he could send the top
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conclusions to congress again at any moment. as a special counsel's probe ends and a political fight over the clonclusions is just beginning they woke up preparing to respond to the report which comes after a 22 month investigation, notable for d discretion. >> democrats are demanding the full report be released and pushing ahead on their own investigations. at his resort he spent the day golfing with kidd rock. he did wish everybody very plainly a great day. i want to go straight to one of
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the president o's closest allie. he is the chairman of the house freedom caucus. thanks for joining me. >> great to be with you. >> thank you. >> uncharacteristically quiet since the mueller report was submitted. what is he saying about it so far? >> well, i think everybody is waiting to see what the final report is today when attorney general barr comes out. i want to compliment the attorney general. when he got to report within minutes literally he notified congress not just on one aspect but another aspect is the fact that president trump did not put his hand and pressure them to look the other and and that there was no really involvement with regards to doj. i think both of those things were key. i think everybody is waiting to see what the facts are today.
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>> the president and allies like yourself have been relentlessly attacking the mueller probe for two years trying to erode credibility. how do you come back from that if the mueller report is something that clears the president or comes close to that? >> well, i don't think the mueller report should have been really something we are discussing today. i don't think there should have been a special prosecutor. we do know that there was bias at the department of justice early on. they were talking about a special prosecutor before james comey was fired. here we are today some 22 months later talking about something about spending tens of millions of dollars on a narrative that democrats put forth. they said this president colluded with russians. in fact some even went as far to say that he was an agent of russia which is ludicris and here we are today trying to make
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sense of an investigation that happened 22 months into it. we need to go after the bad guys which is russia and not the president of the united states. >> but will you con seed that it would be inconsistent when this report comes out for republicans to talk about it vindicating the president any way shape or form if they called it a witch hunt and called it not necessary and all of the thing you just said? >> i don't flknow how it would inconsistent. i have come onto say there's no conclusion. they said oh, there's evidence, there's collusion and we find an independent investigator said there will be no indictments. you can't have it both ways. i have been consistent saying this president didn't collude. it appears that the facts will support that. >> we should remind our viewers we don't know what's in this
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report yet. that's very important. >> we do know there is no indictment. >> that's true. >> we do know that. if there was collusion either bob mueller decided not to actually pros kuecute. >> that's true for kushner. doj guidelines say you shouldn't and can't indict a sitting president. it doesn't mean we won't see intense criticism. you voted on a resolution to release the mueller report this past week or two weeks ago. so given that would you support a subpoena if necessary to get the attorney general to completely release and be transparent with the mueller report? >> well, i don't know that we are going to need a subpoena.
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attorney general barr indicated he will do as much as he possibly can to not only inform congress but inform the american people. so everybody talking about a subpoena, you know, i find that really rich when we are talking about transparency. some of the very people talking about a subpoena are the ones who didn't want anyone to know that fusion gps was higher to dig up dirt ton president. they didn't want it released. i said release the republican and democrat memo. so listen, transparency is good for everybody. i believe we need to protect the innocent here. to the extend we cannot sacrifice national security interest i support that. >> and you're close with the administration. are you confident they will do that? >> yeah. i'm confident attorney general bar is really going to look at
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releasing as much as he possibly can within the confines. rosenstein, who i'm not a big fan of, has said many many months ago is typically they do not release information that would be harmful to the innocent. there was an old jack web that said the names have been clanged to protect the innocent. we need to make sure we protect the innocent and be transparent around make sure that the american people know the truth. when they know the truth they will see this president did not collude to effect the election in 2016. >> so congressman, you talked about congress and the democratic lead house. put that aside for a second. my last question for you have this, the president's own justice department is continuing to investigate lots of aspects of trump world whether it's businesses. do you think those investigations are legitimate?
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>> i think a lot of those are not legitimate. what we have done is we have thrown as much at the wall as we can to try to distract. no one is above to law include thing the president of the united states. what we see is a pattern of harassment. when jerry puts out an says we want to investigate 81 different things. if we had done that they would be crying foul everywhere. yet we see that this is just a large dragnet trying to find something to investigate. you need to look at the crime and investigate the crime not go out and use the power of the government to drudge up some kind of wrong doing. >> thank you so much for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. >> thank you. joining me here is washington is democratic
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congresswoman, a member of the house judiciary committee and cochair of the progressive kau us can. what's your reaction to what you is heard? >> to say there's no collusion when we haven't seen the report i think you pointed that out. i think it's disingener -- ther precedent for relesion even class pied information as we saw with over 800,000 pages and i think if republicans want to truly be transparent they should be pushing with us to make sure this attorney general releases everything. second, i think that when we talk about what's happened i am troubled there aren't more republicans that are deeply concerned with what the mueller investigation has already produced. regardless of whether or not he is proposing indicting other people he is not. we don't know what the reasons are for that. there are 34 public indictments
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including six guilty pleas of top trump campaign officials, people that were directly surrounding this president that i think republicans should be completely concerned about. saying we shouldn't have done this or it is some kind a democratic on this administration. we have a institution to uphold. third i would say we have always been very clear. for two years we have been clear that the mueller investigation was a narrow investigation. it was focused on one thing. it does not cover obstruction of justice, abuse of power, public corruption. those are things that we know there are crimes that have been committed and we do need to investigate them. that's what we owe to them. >> it was supposed to be narrow on the notion of whether there was conspiracy between russians
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and anybody in trump o's orbit. >> it wasn't on that idea. in fact there was nobody -- nobody was either charged or convicted with criminal conspiracy in america with russia. >> they were convicted of directly working with a foreign power in order to influence the election and decisions of the american government. i think that is really significant. we have taken no steps under republican leadership for the leadership two years. it was incredibly frustrating to me we have an election coming up very shortly. there have been no steps taken to ensure that lepgs is protected and if there is one thing that the american people expect of us it is that they can vote and that is not going to be interfered with.
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>> it was convicted -- either charged with for convicted for conspireing with russians. >> yes. we are working the see what the full underlying information is. i don't think we have gotten all of the information. we do know that there were over 130 contacts with trump campaign officials and russian government officials. >> now somebody crimes against the american people. at the center of all of that either knew nothing or even if
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he did is not responsible for the actions. what happened to the idea or if you're the candidate. anything that you learn in the mueller report change that? >> republicans refuse to allow us to have a discussion about the thing that is were out there. this is to say -- >> so now that you -- >> now the democrats are in charge? >> now that we are in charge i feel luke we have a responsibility to connect the investigations. 81 subpoenas for information. it is provided to the multiple investigations going into almost
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every organization that's out there by people not by congress. >> i think people want to go to the end of the debate. i want to start at the beginning. it is something we were never allowed to do under republican rule. it is to take in all of the information and lay it out for the american people and then to come to our own conclusions. as you know, even if we wanted to impeach i don't think that's where the democratic party is we want to stand up for the institution. no matter what it is ultimately a political process. we need to lay it out and see where it leads and then be committed to putting country over party and really stand up for the constitution.
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>> i would love to see that. >>. >> let's get the whole thing released. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and look, we keep checking our phones to see if the president is going to tweet about something other than it being a nice morning. he is on the golf course. why is he being so cautious? the former trump campaign adviser on the end of the mueller probe coming up. anna, do you have those plans? yes! i just wanted to show you something i've been wor... ♪ james r. and associates. anna speaking... ♪ james r. and associates. anna. ♪ [phone ringing] baker architects. this is anna baker. at northwestern mutual, this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow is important, but you're ready to bet on yourself today.
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reporters tracked every single move of that. i'm honored to have several of them here with me to talk about it. cnn's russia investigative team. senior justice correspondent and carl burnstein. thanks for joining me. >> thank you. 22 months ago special counsel probe started. sit ending without a single criminal indictment of conspiracy on the underlying mission. >> it is the hardest question i was facing.
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>> and so and whether or not and paying. >> it was it is weaponizing it is what was all of that people
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are convicted. how were they lying? >> so many lies. >> people raising. >> it in this report. you know, making things worse for himself. >> he really has. >> and mueller was never impeded in his investigation. >> trump, in the beginning trumps be in contact with the russians. donald trump was refusing to knowledge he was meddling. >> they didn't have a good
7:23 am
explanation for it. dona donald trump has been so large over the. there must be something going on here. >> it is absolutely that the you when ever decisions are necessary for national security purposes. americans need to accept because what we really need to know now
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is what is beneath it all. how are those decisions reached and what is the underlying information? >> we have it going on in district of columbia and southern district of new york. it is more facts that have arisen, his relations with other people. we are in the midst of a sifciv war. it is having a real civil of the united states bipartisan. it is absolutely essential even know and maybe the mueller report, maybe some republicans and some democrats can get together and find a basis for a civil discourse in a real investigation that will go to
7:25 am
the heart of this matter. we still don't know what the president's relations were, why they were, why he lied about these matters related to russia. >> we have all covered over the past reporters instincts. with and maybe we should be in florida. it was such a moment. >> we are part of what happened in the beginning. we were first to report on the indictments and rick gates and we were kind of there when the last thing the fbi agents, the arrest of roger stone. it doesn't happen without this
7:26 am
entire team. we have a lot of people who have been staking out mueller's office. >> every single day. >> and the details they would feed back is so helpful. it was essential to keep things moving. this was probably is most secretive in our careers. >> i don't know if it was so hard and difficult. you have been covering the justice department. sit investigations under the sun. a lot of investigations. some times you it is not true.
7:27 am
it is helpful. >> this jus the investigation change reporters relationships. >> after what happened to the fbi director they are aa little afraid to talk. are we going to be accuse ofrd leaking? are we going to be brought up on charges. >> and the conversations and that's important. carl, i want to bring and department officials said that it is complicated.
7:28 am
>> it is a huge story with a huge sprawling investigation by the special prosecutor to say to other jurisdictions and the reason to see every bit of these underlying documents and the full mueller report is to avoid the drip drip drip so people can take a step back and look at all of the evidence and say oh, here is what happened. here is who these people are. here is an explanation for this, that or the other thing. here is an explanation that does not wash. we need to information. we are still operating in the dark both in the media and the people of the country.
7:29 am
it is in our political. >> again, we have our amazing stake out at any moment. the justice department and i'm sure you have some in your pockets. so we have had these and had the indictments. we want to know what were bob mueller's primary conclusions. this really is just a starting point. this is going to be the beginning of a political and legal battle. i think no matter how full some
7:30 am
robert mueller and william bar think they may be in these top line conclusions we have already seen both sides say they want to see the full report and they want more information. it will be the most kplun ca communication we have seen in two years. >> it is a theory that barr will be a lot more fulsome. that is one of the things, his pledge for transparency. >> we were a lot more optimistic that he gave signals he was going to do this quickly and he was going to try to put out as much information as possible. that line about principal conclusions, the fact will be an interesting day if it comes today. >> and the fact that ted cruz said with no caveats this should be transparent and the report should come out and mark meadows
7:31 am
saying that. let's be hopeful. thank you everyone. it has been great hanging out with everyone. we should say thank you to our fearless leader. thank you so much. now, what was it like to be interviewed by the special counsel and know that the investigation is over? how does that feel? we'll talk to somebody that was in the room with him next. wednesdays. at outback, they're for steak and beer. walkabout wednesdays are back! get a sirloin or chicken on the barbie, fries, and a draft beer or coca-cola - all for just $10.99. hurry in! wednesdays are for outback. outback steakhouse. aussie rules. tit can't be found on. just any map. a place miles from the beaten path.
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let's bring in former trump campaign adviser. we hope you'll be a lot more descriptive on this day. we have been following the case
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so closely you have been living it. with this mueller report being filed it's an important signal for us. i'm one of does unsover witnesses who have gone through this. as just a witness i will be ab to press play as soon as this is all out there. i wanted to let it all hang out. don't waste time. get it out there. two years is too long. >> you have said there's a lot to hang out. you as somebody that is witness what was the interview like? >> i'll tell you. speaking of the materials that i may release, when i sat down
7:36 am
with the prosecutor that interrogated me he had two stacks of paper on either side they were dealing with, you know, three ring binders. they came at me with everything that they had they had everything. they showed me cap pis of of my text. i didn't know they were in my phone. it is one thing like i was. those are very political. you know, it's all about destroying one party or the other. it isn't about getting to the bottom of everything. doj and special counsel is everything even though i was a
7:37 am
witness in a special counsel environment they can turn you from a witness into a target immediately so you're always working with these guys with the understanding that anything can happen. that's why the legal fees were so much. >> so based on the questions and the fact that they had so much we know what they concluded with regard to criminal indictments that that's been done and most importantly there are no indictments on -- specifically on the notion of conspiracy and anybody in russia. that's not only what this report is about. how is your sense of the mueller report or what is your sense in terms of how critical it will be knowing what you know about what happened? >> well, i'll tell you, i said this all along, i have told the
7:38 am
mueller team this of all of the people that worked for donald trump i believe i had more contact with russians than all of them combined. i lived there for seven years. i married a russian. i was always going to be in this jackpot. it's like being in a mine field all the way through the whole thing. it was very clear they were focused on russian collusion during my questioning and in fact i know that they were interviewing witnesses last week about potential russian collusion. that have been all about that all along. they don't appear to be moving at least not to president's
7:39 am
campaign. even though we wouldn't know everything because the doj would never indict a sitting president as we all suspect, you know, i don't think there will be anything about obstruction either. i think we have to were ri about the southern district of new york. it will be an interesting report. not a lot of them there. >> so given what you just said should the president have not gone after the report in the special counsel as aggressively as they had trying to under dpts mine the legitimacy that might not hurt him. >> i think the president has been aggressive. people have been aggressive with him. as you know, if he feels like he has been punched he punches back twice as hard. some times i disagreed. love him or hate him. what they had done to roger stone with that raid, what they
7:40 am
have down paul manafort, i haven't -- i've not been a big fan of this investigation. but say whatever you will, this is the most impressive array of investigatory the american government has assembled in the 21st century. thank you for joining me. >> thank you very much. >> more about the mueller probe is coming up next. it stronger. faster. smarter. because to be the best, is to never ever stop making it better.
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so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪ do you think the mueller probe is legitimate? >> i did when i came in but i don't. >> that was rudy giuliani a year ago telling me it is in the legitimate and he is expected to issue no further indictments. will they regret saying that and
7:45 am
other attacks on the investigation? we are back. i'll put that question to you. >> i think it actually validates it. nothing they went forward on, they didn't even attempt to interview the president. >> well, they did attempt it. >> not really. not on the subpoena. they didn't go the route. >> they had to go to court and ended up in supreme court. >> yeah. the fact all of them were indicted don't you think it was
7:46 am
to see how russia has been interfering in the election? >> absolutely. >> so why did you say i was not going to pursue a subpoena and why did he choose not to do so? was it because it may have been because you can't indict a sitting president? was there something else you were look for? that's as important. it with was an investigation which all of them are. it is hard to condemn it.
7:47 am
>> and you were not only chairman of the intelligence committee you were an fbi agent do you think it should everything? >> no. i think we should see as much as humanly possible. i think i'm an old fashioned justice department. i think justice should be blind. people that were nonindicted probably is the right not to get dragged through this political mess. number one they should be protected. secondly, any counter intelligence, remember, it was a counter intelligence investigation. we knew that the russians, it is widely known by both parties that the russians were trying to influence the 2016 election. he was asked was it comply sate
7:48 am
targeting the 2016 election. he answered that i think in that report. there are certain things that likely should not be disclosed in this report. i do think they will have to take the time. >> did he answer that by not issuing criminal indictments can we not make that conclusion? >> i think you'll have to fully see the report. there was no indictment of even the people that had the ability to indict, they didn't do any of that. i think they made naive decision ability this. it didn't appear they were conspireing to work with the russians to do this. the report says they weren't colluding. they weren't conspireing to impact the election.
7:49 am
i think it's an important piece. hopefully congress hopes to focus on what are they continuing to do? >> and there is the as the democrat at the table. i want you to listen to what several of the presidential contenders thoep run against donald trump are saying. >> what we have been waiting for the is the mueller report. >> we have to wait to see what the mueller report says before making any conclusion. >> and they are rightfully saying let's see the report. number two, if the report doesn't lend to the notion of conspiracy i kind of think from a political point of view it
7:50 am
will free up the democratic candidates to focus on the fact that there are children in cages or that the trump administration has slashed medicare and medicaid funding, making student loans. >> let it go. >> i'm just saying in the context of what matters to real people if you look at the polls of what the top issues are russia investigation was, you know, a 12 issues that were tested we'll see this report as mes of it could be. >> it also could be that there will be a fight. listen to what the house
7:51 am
judiciary told me last hour on that. >> if we have to, yes. we will issue subpoenas to get that investigation. >> and you're going to be willing to take it up to the supreme court if you have to? >> absolutely. >> not surprised. the only wrestling match here will be with congressional republicans it will be with barr's idealistic sense of the role of the attorney general. how much of this should i properly release? i don't think he will be influenced by president trump or anybody. i think he will make the decision in the two areas. it's the only point of disagreement. >> in many ways the collateral
7:52 am
damage. if there's not criminal conduct at stake with hillary clinton. unfortunately the underlying theme about it, the reason you have polling nothing will matter unless americans have the right to clohoose. if there are foreign entities that is a problem that will continue. remember when we heard n information about people provided to the kremlin? what happened to all of those things? it will be as important as why was there still an incentive to suppress information ? that is what makes it from mueller and the congress. until all of that happens it will be wholly unsatisfying to
7:53 am
if ig yur out if it remains black lines. >> and problem is that some times both parties have done this. they keep things quiet under the guise of oh, it's dallclassifie. >> again, i don't think it's fair to anybody in america and we should do this whatever your political leanings are to drag somebody out if they are not indicted, if there could be information that isn't flattering. i think that's wrong. ily say it is important if it was about donald trump clugd with russians america looses. russians have been doing this for about 70 years. they were getting people pitted against each other.
7:54 am
they were pitting them against black activist groups. we should be outladies araged b. >> we'll continue it in the green room. the president is in florida now no more answers than the rest of us. how he is handling the weight? brand new details next. their gps took them to places out of a storybook. and they called grandma when manny felt sad about not being able to swim. overall, they shared 176 pictures. but when the moment came, they held their breath, and watched their son learn to believe in himself. dad! dad!! can you drive me to jessica's house?
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pg&e wants you to plan ahead by mapping out escape routes and preparing a go kit, in case you need to get out quickly. for more information on how to be prepared and keep your family safe, visit president trump spending the weekend where he has been remarkably quiet. kaitlyn joins me now. you new reporting about why that is. >> they haven't seen it yet. >> it hasn't stopped him before. >> it hasn't been the president is being told he should feel good about this. they haven't seen it. they have not been briefed on this report still even though mueller submitted on friday.
7:59 am
that's the reason you haven't heard a lot from the president. there is a sense of urn certainty. the president has voice skepticism he doesn't know what bill barr is going to do next. they didn't know on friday that bill barr was going to put out such a lengthy letter including he hoped to brief lawmakers by this weekend. they thought it would be this statement. i think a lot of that has to do with why. they have trying to sit back and wait and see what's going to happen. >> right. again, the difference between all of the other times he has not waited and now is that it's the end. this is no joke now. >> the president is in good spirits that the investigation is over. he feels the sense of reservation. they don't know what will come from this he wants to see what
8:00 am
this indictment is going to say. >> they didn't know what the attorney general would do. that's protocol. when you talk about a president and attorney general it gets a little dicey. >> thank you for watching. we are going to be back right here at noon. reliable sources starts right now. rjs this is a special edition. george conway and good news about local news. lots to get to but our eyes are on this build, the justice department building in d.c. where bill barr is back at work. you can see him arriving a short
8:01 am
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