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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 26, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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drop off the devices at offices. officia officials offered up the buy back plan. they have run out of the $150,000 set aside for that program. thanks for being with me today. we'll see you tomorrow. the lead with jake tapper starts now. the lead starts right now. is the devil in the details? president trump today doing a victory lap even before we have seen the full mueller report. they have saying we'll see it in weeks not months. he doesn't have name recognition. i mean it literally. he is having a moment. how did a passenger jet end up landing in the wrong country?
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welcome to the lead. i'm in for jake today. we begin with politics lead. it is expected to take weeks, not months for bill barr to make a version of the report public. a justice department is telling cnn president trump is apparently not ready to let it go. several advisers tell cnn president trump plans to turn the investigation and abizations of wrong doing. many are calling for the full report to be released even as they say it's time to mover on. collins reports the president and his campaign think they have struck political gold. >> the mueller report was fwrgr. >> president trump turning his victory lap into a strategy today. >> it should never happen to a
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president again. we can't allow that to take place. >> telling cnn after two years on defense the president now plans to weaponize robert mueller's findings against democrats and those who ordered the investigation. >> it went very high up and it started fairly low but with instructions from the high up. >> the president also taking aim at the media claiming for two years they pushed the russian collusion dilutielusion. senator graham calling for nfrgs into the obama justice department and hillary clinton. when it comes to the warrant the clinton campaign, counter intelligence has been swept under the rug except by a few republicans in the house. those days are over.
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>> pelosi said we cannot make a judgment on the basis of an interpretation. he believes the president is above the law. some democrats say it's time to move on. >> and i believe a mueller report has been done. that's a chapter that's closed. >> and focus on other fights to come. >> we have real work to do. every week we get off on some subject that doesn't matter. the working people are in the midwest. >> not all democrats are on board with that game plan. freshman is pushing ahead with her was lugs to impeach the
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president despite what the party's leadership has said. >> it is not on the table until it is on the table. >> now, during that lunch today the president told senators he felt he got a clean bill of health from the mueller investigation and also added that he is still okay with it being released. as far as that release goes a justice department official told cnn right now there are no current plans for the white house to get an advanced copy ahead of that public release. >> all right. kaitlyn collins. thank you. we are hearing that it's going to be weeks, not months for this report to be publicly available. i wonder does president trump take this win and use this for his agenda or does he squander the capital by gloating? >> is that a real question or a rhetorical one? >> it is a bit rhetorical. >> let's see.
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donald trump spike the football claim victory -- >> does it squander capital that he could otherwise spend? >> he feels sit a big victory for im. i think mueller having found no collusion is a big victory for him. this has been something that has been an oeb sessibsession for t two years. no way he is going to say next. let's focus on more important things like the policies that effect america. no. he will spend some time on this. >> could he do both things effectively do you think? are you concerned that at this moment he is riding high. he should take this and do something productive for the republican party? >> no question he certainly has an extensive amount of political capita out of this. i believe the quicker we turn away from 2016 and turn towards making sure we have voter
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integrity and making sure the integrity of our elections in 2020, that's what we need to shift our focus to. >> i think a lot of people would agree with that. >> it is far too sensible for him to adopt. he is right. i think back to what president reagan was cleared. he said we need to get back to business. i work and he helped write the statement he gave after the senate found him not guilty. he said we have work to do. heal the nation and move forward. the difference is those two men were agenda driven presidents. he is more attitude driven. you the attitude is self-centeredness. there is nothing he would rather do than wine about the investigator. >> what about democrats? how should they be handling this as they look to move forward because it's not a great few
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days for them. >> well, i mean there's a lot of disagreement about this. so i tend to think that they -- i have always said i think for impeachment it is an incredibly high par. there would have to be some really clear slam dunk reason. you know, and so it doesn't look like that exists. now, we don't have the report. i do think the report should be released. i think the democrats should be careful that you don't want this to turn into something that looks like they are digging and digging and digging and trying to find something. we do have an election coming up. so there is an opportunity for the voters to weigh in on this. so i think it could end up distracting from voters that are interested in particular issues and turning it into donald trump being persecuted. there they have to come to the conclusion he is not getting impeached, right? even if mueller found collusion the likelihood he would have --
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they would be able to get 67 votes in the senate was impossible. without collusion it's even less so. donald trump is not getting dragged out of the white house in cuffs. the only way donald trump gets out of the white house is if he is voted out. that's what democrats, if you want donald trump out of the white house that's what you have got to concentrate on. >> is there utility in getting to see the mueller report or is it -- >> for history. >> it certainly -- let's exonerate him. we have 65 words for him. that's it. we don't have a mule are repoel. we don't have a sentence. not even one from mr. mueller. we have to see it for history's sake. >> there are fragments of sentences. >> a few fragments. they very helpful to the president. if you're a partisan for the president you would want the whole report now.
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>> one fragment is not particularly helpful. he is not exonerated when he comes to obstruction. >> maybe that's why barr is covering it up. 455 pages including all of the grand jury material. by the way in watergate the same thing. judges have at least in the watergate case they have said we will wave the secrecy. if public's right to know is more important. we have to put the information out. >> in the sake of transparency it is important to see what is in the report. it seems whatever the democrats receive is not going to be as much as they would like to see. do you see a problem for them as they try to get as much information as they can on this topic and are trying to move on? >> ledge is lgislature has the opportunity to provide check and balance. we are seeing a lot more of the
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former than latter in both cases. i think that restoring balance is absolutely essential. i think we would be better served by making sure it has gone through methodically. in order to stay out of trouble and stay away from violating someone's rights i believe because we have ongoing investigations, because we have grand jury testimony that general barr said he would be working to make sure that they do this properly. someone is going to go too fast and this would be to the transparency we are all looking for. the president said he has no problem releasing it. i personally believe if you are innocent you nothing to hide. >> there is also the integrity aspect. even if mueller found out there were no collusion we all know all intelligence knows that russians tried to collude, tried to influence the elections, tried to interfere. we have elections in less than
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two years. i think everybody in government and every level executive and legislative to make sure our elections are sound and safe from foreign interference. >> you heard it from the president's own intell chiefs. plus, feeling cold war vibes, why russian troops are now in america's backyard. come on...come on... come on...come on... come on... (buzzer sounds) to keep your sandwich freaky fresh®, jimmy john's only delivers within 5 minutes of the store... no! and not farther. it's nothing personal. it's because sandwich. i'm a fighter. always have been. when i found out i had age-related macular degeneration, amd, i wanted to fight back. my doctor and i came up with a plan. it includes preservision. only preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate
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behr ultra, a top-rated interior and exterior paint. paint, prime, protect - all in one. now that's some great paint! find it exclusively at the home depot. ♪ just hold on, i'm comin' ♪ hold on, i'm comin' ♪ hold on ♪ don't you worry, i'm comin' ♪ here i come the republican party will soon be known as the party of health care. . >> interesting timing considering his administration just announced a major reversal on obamacare. asked a judge to a court's ruling and throw out the entire affordable care act. it is a political gift for
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democrats looking to move on from the mueller report capitalizing on the announcement and unveiling a new health care plan of their own. it could define the 2020 race. >>. >> this is actually an opportunity for us to speak to the american people. they say one thing and go do another. >> to call for the elimination known as the perfect pivot point to refocus back on health care. one of their bread and butter issues. >> it is why democrats are here on day one. the trump administration's move laid out in a legal filing on monday continued a remarkable shift from their position in the
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past. >> jeff sessions saying parts of the law could not be defended but the rest of the law could stand. >> the health care of millionsovmillions of americans is in great many could lose coverage for kids remaining on their parents plans. coverage for those with preexisting conditions and access to mammograms and cholester cholesterol tests among many thing have come to rely on. >> we will fight with every
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breath that we have. >> many ran and won on health care. >> focused on kitchen table pocketbook issues involving lower health care costs and increased pay for every day americans. >> right into the hands of president trump's 2020 democratic opponents eager to take this on. >> leaders should stop playing politics with peoples public health. >> and democrats up here feel it was essentially perfect timing for them. they are eager to move on past the mueller report and past that fallout and show they are working on their own priorities not just oversight of president trump. as far as what is next, this will play out in the fifth circuit court. it is known as a very very conservative court. it could wind up in the supreme court in the end. >> thank you for that report.
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it makes you wonder, john, why president trump would do this. he has his victory lap. he is celebrating and then restarting the fight on health care. as you heard democrats are like thank you about this. >> well, it's certainly a gift. nobody can deny that. i have spoken with the president. he wants to republican party to be part of that. i believe it is a necessity. we need to make sure we cover preexisting conditions and we also need to make sure we are doing so in a matter that the patients and doctors have a power. threatening private health care insurance and medicare for all is medicare for none. we need to make sure we do it in a pragmatic way to make sure that all americans are covered in a free market. >> this was the biggest issue in 2018. there are two seats where i live
1:20 pm
and in south florida that are held by democrats that used to be held by republicans because of this. they stuck to it. they focused on it. it was laser focused on health care. people care about this. people are deathly afraid literally deathly afraid that they will lose their health care that they will lose the ability to have preexisting conditions and still get insurance. if donald trump wants to campaign on this i think democrats should welcome it. >> it is not repeal and replace anymore. when grow to the courts, the courts can't create a better health care system. mine are very different. that is what it is for. the judicial process, what they are asking the courts to do is throw 23 million people off their health care with nothing to replace it, to tell all of us we don't have the right to health care like being a woman which was a preexisting condition. women always had to pay more
1:21 pm
than guys. it is a catastrophe and a really cruel thing to do even if you better ideas on health care. i don't think the president does but he might. republicans struggled even if he promised to protect people with preexisting conditions. it is not part of the plan before the courts. >> it's not a winning issue for republicans. we saw it was a winning issue for dem ocrats. even when they were in control of congress they weren't coming up with plans. they weren't coming up with plans to cover preexisting conditions. they weren't coming up to keep people on their parents health care. they weren't coming up with plans to cap expenses. all they have done, all of their plans have been about displant
1:22 pm
8ing obamacare. to claim let's let obamacare go away and we'll take care of it why would anybody believe that? it has never been a priority for them. when voting to repeal they didn't have a plan. so it's like i think voters know that and they know democrats are the ones proactively running on this as they did in 2018. >> i would say not so fast. i think the american people have been lied to by both parties. it is because there was a time i remember we were told if we liked our doctor we can keep him. we like our health care we can keep it. we also have the republican party that says both parties have failed the american people with health care. i believe that we need to fix the parts that work and then ke keep -- >> yeah. but you're not going to get that. you overturn it in the courts.
1:23 pm
the trump administration cannot leave clean hands. this is their doj pushing for it to be overturned in the courts. you no plan there place. here is the problem. a lot of people have issues with it including me and you. it's like the corn flake commercial, they like it. they like it. try taking something away that people like. you think a replacement of obamacare would get passed with a republican senate and democratic house and donald trump in the house? >> the congress is impotent. it is the job of the legislature to pass legislation, to pass laws and take care of people. they have failed the american people. i believe congress needs to step up. all of these presidential candidates, a lot of them have
1:24 pm
been in congress for years and years and years. what have you done? >> were are having a talk here. wait until parents start showing up with kids that are dying, with kids that are terminally ill and who depend on this health care. >> you heard me say that health care is vital importance to get it done. >> but actually the democrats weren't incompetent. they passed obamacare. i wouldn't call him impotent. it passed and the point is people want it to be improved. i have criticized a lot of parts of obamacare. people say improve it. make it better. let's make changes and do it. it's not the position of the republicans. the position is to repeal it. i think it's -- i don't even
1:25 pm
feel like what i'm saying is partisan. i feel like i'm stating facts. this is what happened. voters know that and they know that the people saying we want to make obama dpcare are democr. >> any changes to health care will be unpopular when passed. it narrowly got through with democrats that control. it is under obamacare and there's 250 or 320 million americans who protected by the preexisting conditions.
1:26 pm
it is going as far as he can possibly go to take your health care away and replace it with nothing. >> who is that to trending on google? that's coming up next. i really didn't expect to learn so many interesting details. ancestrydna was able to tell me where my father's family came from in columbia. they pinpointed the columbian and ecuador region and then there's a whole new andean region. that was incredibly exciting because i really didn't know that.
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rjs if you are not sure how to announce pete buttigieg's name
1:31 pm
now might be a time to learn. his google searchings are blowing up. his fundraising numbers are getting a boost. cnn tells us how the afghan war veteran and road scholar is capitalizing on his new momentum. >> she is having a moment and even he seemed surprised by it. >> it is heading in and it happened very quickly. >> he is capitalizing on his rising star from his latest appearance on the view. >> the last time indiana mayor and presidential hopeful was here we are like pete who and how do you say that name? >> to the morning talk radio show. >> pete buttigeig. >> hauled in $2 million from
1:32 pm
fundraising e-mails on top of the 6,000 it raised after a cnn town hall appearance earlier this month. >> i know it's more traditional to maybe come from congress to have a background in washington but i would also argue that we would be well served if washington started to look more like our best run cities and towns rather than the other way around. >> google searches have also increased since the town hall. he is seeing larger crowds like in south carolina this weekend. >> part of it is offering both reforms such as the supreme court and eliminating the electoral college. >> one thing i believe in a presidential election the person that gets the most votes ought to be a person that wins. >> it's not just his policies attaching attention. the m he talks about his personal faith along with unity even when
1:33 pm
it comes to politics of chick-fil-a. >> do what do you think of chick-fil-a? >> i do not ie proapprove of th politics but i do approve of their chicken. >> he could be the youngest openly gay afghanistan war veteran. he speaks several languages including norwegian picking it up because one of his favorite authors only had one book in english. >> and he says there are some downsides to getting too popular too fast. it means he will have to increase his staff and meet new funding goals but he has a long way to go. he is polling it about 1% nationally and he hasn't technically announced he is running for president yet. we should be expecting that
1:34 pm
sooner rather than later. >> all right. thank you. can you all say it? >> buttigieg. >> it is not hard. >> buttigieg. >> putigieg. >> butti or -- >> i'm blaming it on my accent. >> look how many times people have booted him. today he is getting more air tension than bernie sanders. he has more google searches if the last two weeks than in the last year. what is it that is capturing the attention do you think? >> i was cohe'sing when he was there. i think what's capturing the attention is he is completely
1:35 pm
new, completely out of the box and so very different than what we are used to. he is charming. he has this you know, almost like an innocence about him. at the same time he is an intellectual. he is a road scholar. he really does speak all of those language ts. he answered better than george w. >> so he is -- i think people find them refreshing. >> how do grow from the major of a town of of 100,000 to someone generating that attention? >> the current guy was firing people on a card board set. he was predenditending to be. my party usually likes the outsider, the younger candidate. you think of all the way back whether it is jfk, bill clinton, barack obama. they were all young and all
1:36 pm
anti-establishment. he fits all of that. i think that's what is driving this. you say he's too left or too right. that's not what it is. it is the personal qualifications. >> so is it a moment or more than that do you think? >> right now it's a moment. it could turn into something more. i think it's interesting. one of the interviews said the people that said he is the most skeptical are the younger people. they like you are the older people. i think that paul is right. democrats do tend to like younger candidates and people who have fresh and he is not jaded yet when you watch him doing interviews. he is talking like a normal person. he is very fluent not in just all of these languages bull at all topics. it is how he has a lot of thoughtful answers. i think even in the joke he made about chick-fil-a that's the
1:37 pm
kind of tenor you want to have, someone that also speaks about his faith who thinks there should be a religious faith. >> not jaded but he had a good -- i mean i know it's a click fi chick-fil-a question. >> he had a number human instinct. i think that normal human instinct, that insurgency, that's the type of thing that gets traction in this country if you're democrat. a guy running in michigan that had the similar profile which is why i can disagree with mayor pete's politics. i can be so proud of him for standing up. i can tell you he is one to watch because overcoming odds and being able to put country before party, these are things that are hallmarks. >> yes. and it is quite you noounique.
1:38 pm
he speaks to middle america which is something that democrats are looking for. i think it's going to be more than a moment because he is now qualified. he reached enough donors. he raised enough money. he is qualified to be part of the debate. you know, i think he's going to be a star. >> i want to stop on that for one second. in all fairness appealing to middle america is not going go too far. it is advocating disenfranchising. >> i'm not sure republicans want to go right now. i'm telling you, i'm in florida where they are doing all they can do to try to stop felons from being able to vote. i'm not sure voter disenfranchisement is the issue that trump republicans want to put their money on. >> you're talking to a black man that has a history. >> i think i realized that.
1:39 pm
you're talking to a brown woman that lives in florida. legislators. >> and we should not abolish the electoral college because of what's going on in your state. it is a vital part of your system. it is a democratic republic. we must respect the college to make sure we do have a popular vote but we also have it so folks don't continue flying over. >> and voter disenfranchisement after what we saw happen in georgia is a very difficult path for republicans. >> we have breaking news right now. the faa says a boeing 737 max plane had to make an emergency landing in florida. drew is joining me now. what can you tell us? >> that this flight 8701, nobody was on board. this was southwest basically trying to move another 737 max which is grounded over to california where they are storing them.
1:40 pm
we are told that they declared an emergency shortly after takeoff, reported engine problems. it would initially be different than the other problems that crashes. again, this is very initial from the faa. a troubled airplane had to turn back and land safely with just a crew on board at orlando's airport after having engine problems taking off from orlando. this happened just before 3:00 this afternoon. >> all right. drew will continue to track that for us. a bit of a deja vu. it is making military moves in america's backyard.
1:41 pm
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secretary of state mike pompeo is warning russia to back off. saying the kremlin sent military hardware and troops over the weekend at the same time that many world powers are backing opposition leader. it is sparking renewed fears of a confrontation between slaush and the u.s. >> the trump administration calls this a wreckless administration. their presence confirmed by both countries down played by russia. the mission show a mystery. >> we do send military planes to
1:46 pm
this country the same way americans do all over the worl. it is not a big sensation. >> i seemed to huddle on the tarmac although they would not confirm a true presence to cnn. the follow up has already started. pompeo said in a statement that the u.s. will not standby as russia exacerbates tensions in venezuela. russian foreign minister filed back accusing the u.s. of organizing the cue in venezuela and one russian lawmaker seemed to off an ultimate tum. >> we have to do just one single l and equal thing, to stay out and by that we will have a
1:47 pm
chance to avoid direct conflict between the united statesover america and the russia. saying it is the legitimate president and the u.s. backing opposition leader. >> that stand off continues but stakes are get are ever higher. >> russia's economic influence help helped sustain. >> posted and analyzed by the intelligence company show what it claims are russian air defense systems being deployed for the first time in venezuela presumably on alert for a u.s. military attack. >> all offensive weapons. >> the defense hardware and troops bring back memory of some
1:48 pm
of the presence during the missile crisis. >> do you believe russia is becoming more and more influential in venezuela? >> he defected from the maduro government or closely with former venezuelan president as he cultivated a closer relationship with russia, one nurtured and encouraged he says by cuba's castro lead government. >> russia is a great broker. they have economic interests in the country. >> reporter: i know you can here the echo of the cold war. many concerned about a possible confrontation. we are on day two of another massive country wide blackout. it is water or food in the next
1:49 pm
few hours as the government said another day business as usual will not happen here. >> thank you for that report. joining me is phil mud. why are they so concerned about propping up maduro, the embattled president? >> i think it's to redress h humiliation. you look at how putin viewed the world that saw it in a climb to the soviet union. it has been a decline of global influence. what do you do? you try to look for opportunities around the world where america is vulnerable and take advantage of those opportunities. iran, syria and venezuela. the problem with that is russia has a second rate military and third economy.
1:50 pm
if you want to go to the kentucky derby in the americans show up with brits, jer plans, south koreans and everybody else and if you're russia and you show up with syrians, they are trying to ri reassert themselves. they have a long way to go. >> he warned about exacerbating tensions in venezuela and supporting maduro. how does it change the potential use of these options? >> i think we are over it's stating the options we have available here. let's go back. if you want to put men and women and the american military at risk, if russia is sending military assistance are we talking about sending it down there to face the russians? we can talk about this and try to threaten the russians.
1:51 pm
to be clear i'm not sure we should. look, there's a potential that the opposition will succeed. if they succeed we should support them. how much a time and effort do we want to put down there? pompeo is to put down there. i doubt it. >> all right. phil mudd, thank you so much for that. we appreciate your perspective. no. they did not board the wrong plane. the plane landed at the wrong airport in the wrong city in the wrong country. how in the world does that happen? ♪ just hold on, i'm comin' ♪ hold on, i'm comin' ♪ hold on ♪ don't you worry, i'm comin' ♪ here i come we want your sandwich to arrive freaky fresh®, so we only deliver within 5 minutes of our stores. and not... farther.
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they landed with visionings of beers and brats and instead they got whiskey and kilts. passengers on the flight to germany thought it was a joke when the captain said welcome to. the flight not only landed at the wrong airport in the wrong country but went basically in the totally wrong direction. richard is joining me now. so did they just put the wrong destination into the gps or what? >> some how the private company that's subcontracted around this
1:57 pm
flight some how they just duplicated the last flight of the night before into the next morning. when the pilots turned up they saw her so they flew. what's in the clear is how the passengers wasn't there any announcement made. apparently not. it was an early morning flight. the pilot wished them well. they went on instead of some passengers did notice. they didn't seem to go over any water. they noticed there was too many mountains. no. they went. >> we laugh right? it is funny. they got the scenic route i guess you could say. is there any safety risk here? >> no. >> no? >> no. for one simple reason.
1:58 pm
>> was air traffic control caught off guard? >> no. because the air traffic controllers know where it is supposed to go. it receives a flight plan that is supposed go and the plane turns up. the issue is as follows, why weren't announcements made so the passengers could have realized? why didn't british airplanes notice one of their planes was going in the wrong direction and three how did the flight.
1:59 pm
>> how do they make sure it doesn't happen again? >> you look and see what they did. i'm guessing somewhere right at the very basic level somebody will not have building a wrong way. you know what it's like it is rather than having it down loaded automatically. >> and you just make the announcement as you pointed out that's very important. thank you so much, sir. you can follow me on facebook
2:00 pm
and twitter or tweet the show at the lead cnn and our coverage on cnn continues right now. >> charged with lying to police. i'll talk to calling it a white wash. great report after months of tossing around phrases like witch hunt and hoax president trump calls robert mueller's report great. he falsely claims it exonerates. giuliani is here in the situation room live. we peel and repeal as the trump administration to a