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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  March 27, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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and we have a lot of news. up next, cnn has learned that the trump administration attempt to strike down the affordable care act has sparked debate. bill barr and alex azar or opposed to invalidating healthcare without a viable plan. president seems to be moving full steam ahead. he's trying to declare that the gop will become the party of healthcare and we'll need to see if his supporters will need to see a plan to match that rhetoric. >> millions with healthcare because of medicaid expansion, this is a matter of life and livelihood. but, yes, there are politics at play. if you hear an unexpected loud noise, it might very well be democrats sleeking with delight. the congressional leadership was looking to turn the focus from the summary of the mueller report to pocketbook issues.
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we saw it right here on new day an almost literal human pivot from the house democratic whip. >> a mueller report has been done. that's a chapter that's closed and i think that last night this administration opened a new chapter when it moved to completely invalidate the affordable care act. and that, to me, is the number one thing on people's minds. >> now, it should be noted that there still are plenty of people reading that russia chapter. the chair of the house intelligence committee adam schiff tells "the washington post" than you doubtedthat undo there is collusion. and we heard overnight from george conway who is the husband of the president's counselor kellyanne conway, he flat out declared the president guilty. guilty of being unfit for
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office. let's begin our coverage. cnn's joe johns live at the white house with this healthcare debate which seems to be an internal debate inside the trump administration. >> reporter: that's for sure, john. this was a surprise move by the justice department giving house speaker nancy pelosi and congressional democrats just the opening they needed to shift the national conversation away from the mueller report and back on to their number one issue that hits millions of americans right in the pocketbook. >> the gop will never stop trying to destroy the affordable healthcare of america's families. >> reporter: democrats seizing on the trump administration's effort strike down the entire affordable care act seeking to put healthcare at the center of political debate heading into the 2020 campaign. >> trump position ties a two-year anchor around the neck of every republican for the next two years. >> reporter: the justice department deciding monday that the entire law should be
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invalidated, including provisions protecting at least 52 million americans with preexisting conditions. president trump throwing his support behind the decision. >> the republican party will soon be known as the party of healthcare. you watch. >> reporter: but inside the white house, an official tells cnn that doj's decision was a source of heated debate. "politico" reports that several cabinet members including attorney general william barr and house secretary alex azar argued against trying to strike down obamacare because republicans do not have a viable replacement plan. moderate senator susan collins who voted against the repeal effort telling reporters she was surprised and disappointed by doj's decision. >> this is something i vehemently disagree with and i hope that the courts do not go along with what the justice department has requested. >> other republicansdown playing
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concerns about the impact that repealing obamacare could have on millions of americans. >> oftentimes unless the congress is forced to act, it doesn't act. we'll put out a plan that we think will drive down the cost of care for the people that we represent. >> reporter: a recent cnn poll shows that health kwcare was a issue ahead of the vote when president trump promised to protect sick americans. >> we will also protect americans with preexisting conditions. we're going to take care of them. >> democrats now going to hold the president to his word. >> we're going to remind the american people time and time again of that broken promise. >> reporter: house speaker pelosi also unveiled the democrats own plan which she said would reduce premium costs and strengthen protections for preexisting conditions. she said they would adoopt a wat
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and see attitude. back to you. >> joining me now is rachel bade, a congressional reporter for "the washington post." rach rachel, great to see you here. so post barr report, as we wait for the mueller report, it seems both pearce aarties are turning healthcare. they think it was a winning issue in 2018. so are all the people in the caucus, all the democrats on board with this new plan? >> absolutely. trump gave nancy pelosi a gift. democrats have had a tough couple of weeks. there's been a lot of infighting with ilhan omar and her comments about israel, we've had a divide in the democratic party, and then they got the news that mueller didn't find evidence to charting president with either obstruction or some sort of conspiracy with russia, and so,
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you know, the news the next morning, tuesday morning that the white house and the trump administration is going to try to completely axe obamacare, perhaps not surprising, the timing was perfect for the democrats because this is one issue where they can unify. this is something that they won their majority non 20won in 201. they flipped 40 seats. kevin mccarthy who's a minority leader in the house, a very close ally of president trump's, he was asked about this yesterday morning and he typically answers questions pretty readily. he said i'm not going to comment. reach out to my office. and that in and of itself told you that this is a problem. >> why do you think the doj did that now? >> totally perplexing. perhaps wires got cross dollars. the white house was doing a victory lap -- a multiple victory lap -- multiple victory
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laps after the mueller report and you thought that was something they would have continued that story zblooin they could have stretched that out. >> they could have stretched that out for a long time. >> by think the president operates under if he says it it is rule. if he says it people will believe. so he's trying to have the republicans grab the mantel of healthcare. is there a plan now? >> the problem is they have tried this before. just in the weeks before the election we saw a number of republicans in tough positions saying i voted to protect preexisting conditions when in fact they had voted for the obamacare repeal effort and that meant getting rid of that. so trump thinks he has some sort of magic if he says it and clearly i'm going to say i'm going to protect preexisting conditions but also get rid of obamacare and people will listen. this has been tested in the suburbs and it blew back on the
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party. >> fascinating. rachel bade, thank you very much. john. thanks, alisyn. more major news overnight. the police department in chicago is calling for a federal investigation after prosecutors dropped all charges against jussie smollett. it comes just weeks after smollett was indicted on 16 felony counts for allegedly staging an attack on himself. cnn's ryan young is live in chicago. ryan think there we all thought we couldn't humanly see anymore twists in this case and now this. >> reporter: yeah. so many twists and turns, john, if you think about it we may still never know all the details to it because so far this court case has been sealed. the chicago police union calling for a federal investigation into the handling of empire actor jussie smollett's case after prosecutors abruptly dropped all s 16 felony charges against smollett for allegedly staging a
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hate crime against himself and fieth a false police report. >> we want to make sure that the justice department takes a very hard look at what went on with that case and also what has occurred today. >> the union zeroing in on the state's attorney kim fox who recused herself of the case in february. text messages obtained by cnn shows smollett's family friend and former chief of staff for michelle obama tina chin reached out to fox about the investigation. they denied the actor played any role. smollett maintains his innocence. >> i've been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one. i would not be my mother's son if i was capable of one drop of what i had been accused of. >> reporter: but the stunning decision to essentially let him off the hook drawn immediate backlash from chicago's mayor and police department. >> this is a whitewash of justice. a grand jury could not have been clearer. >> do i think justice was
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served? no. what do i think justice is? i think this city is still owed an apology. >> reporter: prosecutors have not given a detailed explanation for why they abandoned the case, saying in a statement the decision was made after reviewing all the facts and circumstances of the case, including smollett's community service and agreement to forfeit his $10,000 bond to the city of chicago. lead prosecutor joseph ma gats said that smollett had no previous record. >> our priority is the driver of crimes and violence smollett is neither one of those. >> reporter: they say dropping the charges did not exonerate the actor. >> do you think he was charged with what he was doing? >> yes. we stand behind the decision to charge him and to indict him. >> reporter: john, the big question now will one more shoe drop? because the osunday diiro broth
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will they ever talk? we'll have to wait and see. >> zero people are going to be unwilling to predict where this goes from here. joining me now is joey jackson, a criminal defense attorney and cnn analyst. i'm not sure this is a legal term but the social and societal response to what happened yesterday seems to be wtf? >> absolutely, and that's the appropriate response. he did it and the prosecution decided that this was the appropriate disposition. now, the confusing elements of this is just come out and say that. say that, listen, we believe we went too hard on him, a 16-count indictment was not appropriate given what occurred here and under the circumstances we don't think he should swallow a felony. he's a young pfaff an-american m african-american man and a
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felony would decimate him. they did not did that. he comes out and says i'm innocent, this would never happen, and that's just not appropriate. is this the proper resolution? perhaps it is. but to suggest and hood wink the american people not to alert your superintendent when they've diverted all tops of resources, no wonder why the mayor in addition to the superintendent were none too pleased. >> let's break that into parts. number one, alternative prosecution or disposition? >> yes. >> prosecutors can find a different way out than taking cases to court. and in this jurisdiction, in illinois, apparently 5,700 cases in the last two years have been solved this way. so there are examples of things like this sort of happening. >> that's right. what happens is they generally happen prior to indictment. when you have a case and you're handling it and the facts sore compelling you might go to the prosecutor and say there's an alternate way to resolve this. we do not have to go down the
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path of 16 felonies and as a tlauflt let's talk about community service. let's talk about the forfeiture of bail. let's talk about my client's prior commitment to community and all that he or she have done. then you do it. you kont don't go guns ablazing count indictment and say oh, never mind. and by the way the mayor finds out and the superintendent finds out when all of us do. >> the other two things that are so strange here, number one, blind siding the police as they did. and, number two, jussie smollett's continued proclamation of innocence here, which is, in many ways, embarrassing i think for the prosecutors. >> let's dissect that. in terms. police being blind side, it's not unusual when a police believes how a case should be resolved and a prosecutor.
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sometimes those disagreements are handled and sometimes they're not, but they're discussed. but to even have any line of communication, that's like wow. so thereafter now you get to the point where you sit down with the defendant and you say, look, this is what we're going to do because it's appropriate because you do have the rest of your life to live and we value as a prosecution and society contrition. we value you have the abilititor rehabilitated, we're going to let this go. but then you don't come out knowing that the prosecution says you do it but we're going to resolve it this way and say hey, i'm innocent, i never put anyone through the fire like that. that's hogwash. we know it happened, they just decided to resolve it in this way. >> joey jackson, so much more to discuss and so much more to understand. and i don't still think we know everything that's going ton here. joey jackson, appreciate it alisyn. >> that was super helpful and i'm still just as confused. meanwhile, it's a critical day on capitol hill for boeing.
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transportation officials set for a grilling about the max 8 fleet. but, less than 24 hours ago there was another emergency involving one of the jets. this time here in the u.s. jessica schneider is live for us here with more. what happened, jessica? >> reporter: it's a big day of scrutiny for boeing. we'll hear from the acting faa administrator along with officials from the department ever transportation and ntsb and remarks of the opening statements that we've obtained, the acting faa administrator is expected to acknowledge that the agency's oversight approach needs to evolve after those two fatal crashes noveling the boeing 737 max and he's expected to also defend that certification process which has been heavily scrutinized for that so-called self-certification that boeing is allowed to conduct. and lawmakers are expected to press the faa on why it waited so many days to ground the 737
3:16 am
max planes in the u.s. the faa expected to defend that decision since the agency says it wasn't seeing any systemic performance issues. at about the same time this senate hearing this afternoon, boeing is inviting 200 pilots and industry stakeholders to their facility just outside of seattle where they assemble those airliners and it's in an effort to kb effort to begin restoring confidence in its product. this will have the planned software update which the company plans to submit to the faa by the end of the week. this is a software update that could resolve those issues that aviation authorities believe led to the crash of that lion air flight back in october. so as for this senate hearing, boeing will not be answering questions today on capitol hill, but the intention from this subcommittee is to have boeing reps testify at some point soon. and of course all of this happening amid this backdrop of
3:17 am
this emergency landing of that southwest airlines flight. it was a boeing 737 max, it happened in orlando last night. now this flight was being ferried to california for storage while these planes continue to be grounded. the flight had no passengers but, john, the pilots actually reported an issue with one of the engines after takeoff, no doubt that will be scrutinized as well amid all of this scrutiny for boeing. john. >> every little thing that happens with a max 8 from now on will be scrutinized. jessica schneider, thank you very much for that. big political news overnight. joe biden trying to address one of the most controversial chapters in his past. how he handled the clarence thomas hearings and the testimony from anita hill. but some of his new language has invited some new controversy. heading into retirement you want to follow your passions rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and
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♪ ♪ our new, hot, fresh breakfast will get you the readiest. (buzzer sound) holiday inn express. be the readiest. new this morning, former advice joe biden is expressing regret over how he handled the clarence thomas hearing where anita hill testified back in 1991. this comes as the speculation grows about his potential run for president in 2020. but, the language he is now using is especially careful and notably unsatisfying to some
3:22 am
zra democrats. arlet saens joi arlet sainz joins us now. >> now, joe biden was chair of the senate judiciary hearing back in anita hill testified alleging that clarence thomas, then the supreme court nominee had sexually harassed her and last night he took this on saying that hill had to testify in front of a bunch of white guys who didn't fully comprehend the issue of sexual harassment and how to deal with that. take a listen to what he had to say. >> we knew a lot less about the extent harassment back then over 30 years ago. but she paid a terrible price. she was abused through the hearing. she's taken advantage of. her reputation was attacked. i wish i could have done something. when anita hill, when anita hill came to testify she faced a committee that didn't fully understand what the hell it was all about.
3:23 am
to this day, i regret i couldn't come up with a way to get her the kind of hearing she deserved. >> biden did face criticism after those comments especially from people on social media saying he could have done more because he was the chairman of the committee at the time. in addition to the comments about anita hill, he also talked about violence against women saying that americans need to change the culture, saying that has been a white man's culture dating back centuries. one big question is whether biden and anita hill have spoken directly about that hearing nearly 30 years. right now that's unzbleer isn't it stunning we don't have the answer to that simple question, whether or not they have spoken with that. arlette, great too have you here. >> we have rachel bade, a "washington post" congressional reporter and a cnn political analyst.
3:24 am
john avlon, the words from the former vice president there are was clearly a planned event. he went there with the intention of trying to clear some of this up, but he says i wish i could have done something. to this day i regret i couldn't come up with a way get to kind of hearing she deserved. not i didn't, by couldn't. well, he was the chairman of the committee. i'm an expert in contrition having to apologize for a great many things. it's not that he couldn't, it's that he didn't and he didn't choose that language last night. >> that's right. think he's still -- this is unfinished business. this is something that still obviously hangs over the head of his career but more importantly a potential presidential campaign. he's unwilling to say he didn't because he's in the senate particle parliamentian way. but it comes down toy had no idea i would be running for president 20 years later. he's getting to this awfully
3:25 am
late. >> rachel, i find this to be a fascinating cultural moment and joe biden is right in the middle of it. are we going to hold all of our candidates this year responsible for what happened 28 years ago? i mean, the way he treated her during the hearing as well as all -- the way all of the senators did has not aged well. in the rear view mirror it doesn't look well. but it was 28 years ago and so much has changed in just the past two years. how are we supposed to process this? >> right. think that's how he talks about this, that's why it matters so much. he started to talk there about, you know, back decades ago we didn't fully understand what sexual harassment is. and if he keeps with that kind of talking point, the contrition, this feeling that i didn't understand and i am sorry, then can very well find a way to sort of navigate this path going forward. this is the beginning for him. he hasn't entered the 2020 field. he's going to have to answer for
3:26 am
this over and over again. and long term politicians have a problem where once they apologize they start to move on and start to get defensive. perhaps that what you're starting to see, oh, i wish i could have done something. no, you should have done something. he's going to have to remain apologetic throughout this entire campaign or he's going to have a problem. >> president trump is known as someone who does not apologize and he uses that as a piece of strength to show i don't have to apologize, i can be strong by what i said by my past actions. >> he certainly has his own bag of issues with sexual harassment, et cetera, et cetera, that's a different tact, you're right, that he takes. >> his issue here isn't donald trump, though, in the immediate sense. his issue is the 76 other democrats standing on stage with him at the debates, many of whom have made the me too movement part of their campaign and all of whom are significantly younger. a part of a different generation
3:27 am
that i think does understand the language of this. john. >> look, there's no question the rest of the -- the rest of the field is of a totally generation. we've never seen a generational spread like this in a field. it's something he's going to have to deal with. one of the thing that donald trump's done with apologizing is he's made it look weak and it may play well with the democratic base, but the democrats are going to apologize for everything, not only their own actions but their place in history and all manner of historic sins and trump will use that as a blud general becaugeo he's take ten off the table for him and made it appear as a source of strength to his base. >> let's move on to waiting for the mueller report. we thought we were done waiting for the mueller report but we're not because we haven't seen the mueller report but we have the barr report. well, george conway, conservative attorney, who is also the husband of kellyanne conway, the president's
3:28 am
counselor, has some thoughts. here's what he says. his report doesn't exonerate the president, there must be something pretty damning in it about him even if it might not suffice to prove a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. one more thing from george conway. reading that statement together with the no exoneration statement, it's hard to escape the conclusion that mueller wrote his report to allow the american people and congress to decide what to make of the facts and that is what should, must, happen now. toluse, he's just wondering what's in. way the rest of us are. >> it's fascinating that you've seen this celebratory response from the trump camp when you actually look any lang wuage th was quoted by barr it said he was not exonerated, it said there was a difficult issue, there's support for both sides and the attorney general weighed in. and you hear from george conway that he believes that congress should be the one to weigh in
3:29 am
and decide whether or not this is an impeachable offense and whether or not congress should weigh in because president trump could potentially be guilty of obstruction of justice. and he's writing in this op-ed piece in the post that we should not expect the bar to be he's not gaflt crime beyond a reasonable doubt, there should be a much higher bar for presidents. and that's an argument a lot of americans are willing to accept because we don't expect our presidents to just not be guilty of crimes, they also have to be moral leaders and above reproach when it comes to crimes such as obstructionch justice. >> unless you think that it's only fierce trump critic george conway who has picked up on the language from mueller that he does not exonerate the president here, rudy giuliani called it a cheap shot. so both sides of this debate are looking at that language and they know it's important, rachel. i think we know that there is significance in that language, we just don't know what the significance is just yet?
3:30 am
>> yeah, that's exactly right. the democratic party sort of being up on the hill the past 48 hours it's interesting to see the split. you have people like adam schiff who is the democratic chairman of the intelligence committee who has sort of doubled down on this collusion, and maybe there was collusion and pointing to the technicality that even though it didn't rise to the level of a crime, perhaps there's some damaging information on the president that could meet the threshold for impeachment proceedings to begin. but i will say democratic leaders starting with nancy pelosi, are very much sending the signal to the rank and file that we need to stop talking about this. there was a meeting in pelosi's office the day after this report came out where members from very much both sides of the caucus, both progressives who had supported impeachment before and conservatives from trump districts, including one who actually leads the democratic campaign re-election effort agreed that we need to stop talking about this, we need to move on from the trump/russia collusion angle and i think that that's -- i mean, that's a
3:31 am
divide in the party. and right now pelosi seems to be winning. but you look at comments adam schiff has made and you see them dowling down. >> it's hard for some democrats to stop talking about it when they haven't seen it. so the timing is really vital here and we're told it will be in a few weeks, within a few weeks. all right. thank you very much. despite reports of a ceasefire, israel and gaza are still exchanging gun fire. the latest in a live report for you next. what makes these simple dishes the best simple dishes ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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despi haps now, the fighting is intensifying between israeli and gaza. they responded to rocket attacks by pounding hamas targets. phil is live there with the very latest. give us an update. >> reporter: it was another night of weapons being fired into and out of gaza.
3:36 am
a small number of rockets were fired from gaza toward israeli territory. they were shot from the sky. as you touched on, israel bombed two military targets connected to the military group hamas there. even before this, in the previous 24 hours, israel said it had unleechd the greatest firepower since the war, and that was back in 2014. they are also boosting the number of troops, tanks, and other armored vehicles along its border with gaza. this major escalation all started monday morning when a single rocket was fired from gaza and it flew a long way into central israel where it struck a family home injuring seven people including children. and israel says hamas was responsible for that. there is important political context here. there are parliamentary elections in two weeks. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is fighting to say in power, and security, as always,
3:37 am
is the number one political issue. so he must now walk a delicate line between showing that he is in control of security, punishing hamas, defending israeli lives, but at the same time not taking steps that could see this develop very quickly into a mar intenore intense con >> thank you very much. now to 2020. one candidate is going to be very happy with his mid-week great. chris will tell white house it is next. i deep clean carpets and floors, so i got this. yep, this too, and this, please. even long hair and pet hair are no problem, but the one thing i won't have to clean is this because the shark's self-cleaning brush roll removes the hair wrap while i clean. ♪ - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself. get fructis treats 1 minute hair masks.
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democratic senator cory booker steaks center stage tonight at a cnn town hall. this really could be the most important moment yet for his campaign. rebecca buck live in south carolina with a preview. rebecca. >> reporter: that's right. cory booker will be taking the stage behind me tonight in orangeburg, south carolina, where our very own don lemon. this is going to be a very important night for booker for a couple of reasons. first of all, we're just a few days away from the fundraising
3:42 am
deadline. a very important show of strength for these candidates. we'll see if cory booker, like other candidates will be able to use this cnn town hall to boost his fundraising numbers, especially among those key small-dollar donors. the second big question for booker, can he introduce himself to a bigger, broader national audience? if you look at our recent cnn polling which at this stage really reflects name recognition nationally, cory booker standing strong but in the single digits. so the big question for him is can he tell his story? can he introduce himself to a national audience tonight to try to start building support and building mow meamentum in this ? these are things we'll be watching tonight. tune in tonight at 9:00, john. i'll take it. let's look big picture, which of the candidates made the grade? let's ask our evil teacher.
3:43 am
let's get the grades with chris. great to see you. >> nice see you in person. >> you're a tough grader, that's all i can say. but somebody -- >> somebody has to be. >> somebody did get an "a." you are giving mayor pete buttigieg an "a" for this mid-week grade. why? >> he's having a moment, "new york times" profile, vanity fair profile. raised 500,000 in a day last week, as rebecca mentioned with his town hall with name. he is the hot thing in the race right now. now, it's march 2019, not march went 20. you'd rather be the hot thing in march 2020. buts a the mayor of south indiana. i guarantee that cory booker would like to have the last ten days that buttigieg haas. >> but you give beto o'rourke a "b." >> yeah, i think compared to pete buttigieg, he's a lil
3:44 am
behind that. weird statements he made about his wife, never want that. but he spent the whole week going to iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, and states in the midwest, he ends in el paso to sort of formally kick things off. raised a ton of money. i think that he's proven he's going to be an energy guy, he's got charisma and he'll be in the mix. >> because buttigieg get to e got an "a," you're giving -- >> that's right. i'm not going to give out 10 "a"s, it's more work. >> on the other side, president trump you're giving him a "c" this week. why? >> if i did this -- if we did this segment tuesday morning. >> it would have been an zbla"a >> "a" plus. it's william barr's assessment mueller report. that said, it says that there was no established collusion or coordination, that's a win, win, win for donald trump. but then his administration
3:45 am
announces that they're going to push for the repeal of obamacare. terrible issue for them. they got swamped on the issue in 2018. and his response is, republicans are going to win and be the party of healthcare? how? there's no plan. it makes no sense. so "f" for that, "a" for mueller. >> got it. joe biden, he's not in the race but you can see. >> i feel like every week we say he's not in the reiss race. part of the problem is he's not in the race. the race is happening around joe bide ebb, he biden. last night we talked about it. he's speaking and talking about anita hill, wish could have done more. it's ary mind reminder that he lots of years in the senate and things are going to come back and look a lot worse in 2019 than they did in 1989. he's still front runner that's why it doesn't go lower than the "c." but every week that goes by it seems like there's another story
3:46 am
and he's apologizing. but it doesn't look that great in the modern democratic party. >> what did hick eenlooper do t you? >> i'm loathed to give people "f"s, let's leave it at that. i gave him a "d" and here's why. he was actively terrible in our town hall. his answer on why don't men get asked if they're going to have a woman vp, like i get where he was heading or why don't women get asked why they have a men vp, i get where he was heading, i get it, but it didn't do well. he also came across of whatever the open cyst charismatic is. >> oh my gosh. >> and his op-ed yesterday on the green new deal, he's coming out in opposition to it. here's the problem, joe biden is in that pragmatic space, john hickenlooper ain't beating joe bide tone that space. i just don't see the lane that he's running in. you've got to have some theory
3:47 am
of the case, and i don't see a theory of the case. >> we're going to look forward to your grade on cory booker because tonight is the town hall. >> it would be an incomplete. i didn't put him on the list because this is the big event of his week, rebecca is right. he's got to show a little something because we think he has that capability. he is charismatic, can he demonstrate it on a national stage with don. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thank you, thank you. >> you can watch cnn's town hall with senator cory booker tonight hosted by one don lemon at 10:00 p.m. eastern. john. >> i'm taking chris's class pass/fail. that's the only way i'm getting near it. >> auditing it. >> totally auditing it. all right. patriots owner robert kraft pleads not guilty to his prostitution solicitation case. we'll tell you why he's fighting the charges next. they're our parents...
3:48 am
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new england patriots owner robert kraft pleading not guilty to soliciting prostitutes and
3:52 am
he's asking the court for a jury trial. martin savidge with the very latest. >> reporter: this is not a surprise from the legal perspective that his team would enter a plea of not guilty. they've waived any arraignment and they're essentially asking for a jury trial here. it's clear that his defense team now is going to fight all of these allegations that have been made against him every step of the way. some have said, well, that's a little bit different because the charges against him are not that severe. he's got basically two misdemeanor charges of soliciting for prostitution. they date back to a probe that was underway of sex trafficking and human trafficking in south florida. he's captured on video paying for a sexual act at an illicit massage parlor in early january. the most he could would tas if found guilty was potentially community service time, a fine of $5,000, maybe a year in jail although no one expects he would
3:53 am
get that. he was offered a plea deal reportedly about a week ago but his defense team turned that down. that would have dropped the charges against him. he would have had to pay a fine, do the community service and attend courses on the problems of human traffic. it also had something in there he would have had to sign a document saying had he gone to trial he would have been found guilty. and that's the problem. the nfl has its personal conduct policy, it's still on hold. they're wear thing to see where this plays out legally but that's where he could face the most severe punishment. john. >> thank you very much. the president wants republicans to try to repeal obamacare again. no, he is asking a court to basically invalidate all of obamacare immediately. democrats see an opening here. why is the president deciding to do this now? coming up. there is this place... it can't be found on just any map. a place miles from the beaten path.
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all right. the comics take some jabs, john, at president trump and jussie smollett. here are your late night laughs. >> he's been going on what everyone is calling his victory lap. although he's a 72-year-old man, it's less a victory lap and more of a winning shamable. and i've got to say being told you've not betrayed your country is a pretty low bar for a victory lap. if i don't run anyone over in my car tomorrow, i expect to celebrate with ice cream cake. >> earlier today, prosecutors in chicago dropped all 16 felony charges against the actor jussie smollett for filing a police report about being attacked. smollett isn't being charged with a crime, but he hasn't been officially exonerated. so if nothing else, he is now qualified to be the president of the united states. >> so jussie was set free, but
3:59 am
he's not innocent, but he's also not guilty. what? we need someone to figure this out. mueller we've got a new case for you and this time just tell us what happened. >> exoneration in this 2019 world, it's a totally new thing, i have to say. >> well, at least it's a punch line and it gives them ample material to work with this week. >> all right. thank you to our international viewers for watching. for you, cnn talk is snext if the for our u.s. viewers, the focus shifts from the mueller report to a new battle over healthcare. new day continues right now. >> gop will never stop trying to destroy the affordable healthcare of america's families. >> if the courts overturn obamacare, you're going to see the republicans and democrats come together. >> the idea that people are playing politics yet again is the height of irresponsibility. >> i'd like to take the law off the books and replace it with another laup. not going to work, will never work. >> he agreed to do community
4:00 am
service, forfeit his bail and we agreed to dismiss the indictment. >> i would not be my mother's son if i was capable of one drop of what i was accused of. >> if he wanted to clear his name, the way do that was in a court of law. mr. smollett committed this, period. >> good morning and welcome to your new day. john berman here in new york, alisyn is in washington where i miss her terribly. new this morning, the trump administration is to throw out all of the affordable care act essentially now. that is the position the white house is taking in federal court and it puts healthcare for millions of americans in some level of uncertainty and also jeopardy. so what developed overnight is fascinating. cnn has learned that this decision sparked a heated debate inside the president's cabinet. "politico" reports that attorney general bill barr and alex azar are opposed to throwing out


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