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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 27, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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student that her mother said she suffered from ptsd. the lead starts right now. >> we now know the instant reaction to the mueller news. the lead starts right now. breaking news brand new polls giving us a snapshot of what america thinks after the mueller report summary as democrats plan to see all of the report before pliends are made up. >> a rising star that she is joining forces with joe biden because you don't run for second place. plus congress holding hearings today after two deadly crashes cause a historic grounding of jets. new details on how boeing says it is sol everiving the problem. welcome to the lead. we begin with breaking news. a brand new cnn poll out right this moment revealing what americans think about robert
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mueller's findings, what they think congress should do now and what it means for president trump and their vote in 2020. let's get right to phil at the magic wall. so phil, the president has claimed this was a total exoneration. what do americans think? >> the basis of that was bill bar. 56% say no. 43% said yes. it an interesting element here, 58% of independents polled said they agreed that no, it does not exxon ra exonerate the president. when you dig down deeper you go into a smaller trench individuals polled said they heard a great deal about the
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report. the numbers invert. after 56% said they believe it exonerates. 44% said no. one of the big questions going forward is what is going to happen next particularly on capitol hill? people were asked about that question specifically. what should congress do with the report findings? 57% said hold hearings on those findings. 43% said in the investigation entirely. 57 pk also agree they should hold hearings. it is not only to receive the full mueller report but also to hear from individuals involved with it. right now the country broadly is on their side at least according to this snapshot. >> what does all of this mean for president trump as he is going into 2020? >> everybody talked about this over the course of the last two years during the course of this investigation. what does it mean for president what does it mean politically
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for the president? a lot of theories it is baked in at this point and the numbers back it in at this point. how will it effect your 2020 vote? look at this. 86% say it will have no difference at all. so it does seem to be the numbers are pretty baked in. everything splits pretty sharply. 86% say no difference. >> all right frm thank you so much. so what is the take away not just for president trump but for democratic candidates too? >> i think for the president he hoped that it would sort of exonerate it means that it no
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question about it. is it simply a wash it does not mean everything improves around here. i think the biggest indicator is the economy still. the metrics in the economy. that's what the smarter strategist inside both sides are talking about at this point. we never know what a campaign will end on. the last several campaigns have started on something entirely different than they ending on. we don't know what it will be about at the end. good news and bad news for the president. it is, you know, it takes time for the public to absorb what it all means. >> and do that point you look at do you want hearings to be held? a majority want congress to hold hearings. we have also heard democrats say we just need to move on from this. we need to focus on agenda
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items. >> i think you can do both. sheer how. none of this should be surprising in terms of the think it makes no difference. there were many times i was sitting meeting with democratic strategists and we were saying why doesn't anyone care about the russia investigation? it didn't register on polls in 2018. no reason to believe it would have clanged by now. in terms of hearings i think the key is to keep the hearings and discussions and debates in washington in the halls of
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congress. of. >> it will be tempting fur some of those to take on his style, his principals as they discussed what they are bringing to the table. >> absolutely. i think that it's worth noting there is no one democrat that will be the anti-trump candidate. it will be everyone standing up on that stage. they will have to find a way in terms of distinguishing themselves not running against the president and going back to the democratic notion that he isn't fit to be in officer. it is important to point out as much as the white house tries to point out in the eyes of the american public they are not necessarily ready to mover on.
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it is a determination that he made and she a political appointe. there are a lot of questions with respect to russia as well as why special counsel was unable. the obstruction piece made that determination. it seems like some of this is certainly baked in. i wond fer something we heard from graham. he said simply to release the mueller report. let's remember we don't have a mueller report. we have a four page letter with the quotes of a few lines and sum marization. he thinks this report is going to come out some time in april but is the nar tifr already set and do you take it at his word? >> it has been set.
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it is so quick to claim victory. they know if they can get that in it will be very hard to find it later. it is a hard thing to pull right now for the reason you pointed out. we don't know what is in the report. so i'm looking at that 50% that think they should hold hearings. we know the obstruction question is open. the criminal collusion question is closed. what is it that the public wants to know more about? the length of the talks that went on during the campaign. i think it is something as it relates to president trump's stance towards russia as well as security issue as it pertained to kushner. >> what do you tlhink? >> i think she raises an
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interesting point. it kind of goes through a lot of legal issues here. >> can we put it up? it says americans should expect far more than merely that he not be criminal if the charge were unfitness for office the verdict would be guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. >> and in addition to that strong end point he makes the point that the bar here was the legal question. so the conspiracy to defraud the united states, that was always going to be an incredibly high bar. even though it isn't a criminal level. >> there was a patternover context between members of the trump campaign and moscow.
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bliel there was not an ability on behalf of special counsel to establish a criminal conspiracy we don't flknow what they made all of those. so i think that it is clear as a desire to know more about what it amounted to. >> i think all that is very 2e6r tempting but what i'm going to be fascinated by watching are they going to be drawn into this? voters that i have seen out there, it has been a huge economy. you spent the week out and voters aren't talking about it. back here they are. i think the presidential
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candidates will not get sort of drawn down that rabbit hole. i think it is possible for him to do that as once. she has already but sending it out. we don't know. it is sort of a disconnect to keep an eye on. >> it is a move that launched fireworks between the attorney general and president trump's chief of staff. details released about boeing's attempt to fix concerns with their grounded new jet
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. >> i want to bring in barbara star. tell us a little bit about travis at kins and the ceremony. >> sure. always such a moving ceremony when a family is presented with
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a medal of honor. staff sergeant was killed in action in iraq northwest of baghdad in june 2007. his family is receiving his medal of honor today under the most extraordinary circumstances of his service. he was on his team in roural iraq. staff sergeant atkins moved forward. he realized one had a suicide vest under his clothing and literally and that is an under state engaged in hand to hand combat with his insurgent to keep him from detonating his suicide vest. now president trump about to speak. >> i'm sorry to interrupt you. let's go to president trump and listen in. >> members of congress and distinguished military leaders, we are here today to award america's highest honor to a
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fallen hero that made the supreme sacrifice for our nation, staff sergeant travis at it kins. please welcome the entire atkins family to the white house. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you. joining us is his son, trevor.
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we are glad to be joined by his parents, his mother, his father who joined as a paratrooper in the vietnam war. thank you very much. thank you. [ applause ] >> his uncle and both are military veterans of great distinction. thank you very much. thank you very much. to the entire family we can never measure the depth of our gratitude or full magnitude of your loss but we can pay ever lasting tribute to staff sergea sergeant travis atkins his truly
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immortal act of valor. thank you. we are also joined by today's ceremony by acting of defense, clarmover joint chiefs of staff, somebody doing a fantastic job joseph dunford. thank you. vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. paul, thank you. sk tear of the army, mark, mark. thank you, mark. ar ar army chief of staff mark milly. thank you general, thanks, mark. chief of national guard, bureau general joseph and sergeant major of the army daniel daley. thank you. thank you all very much. great people. they are doing an incredible
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job. i have to say that. thank you as well to senators steve and john tester. thank you. thank you. john, thank you. and representatives jim banks, greg pete staber and michael walltz. thank you. thank you. [ applause ] >> finally to be in the preview of five previous medal of honor recipients. william, ronald sure and brian thanker. thank you very much. great people.
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they will be written forever into america's heart. travis grew up on a farm in montana. he was also and always most at home in the middle of the wilderness. he loved the wilderness. he loved to comp aamp and fish hundred dollar and he loved to race that snow mobile as you know, right? after travis graduated high school he worked before he joined the army at the age of 24. when they reunited with their son he told them this basic training was the best time i have ever had in my life.
1:22 pm
nofrds in other words he loved it. he excelled in the army. he always chose the infantry. he wanted to be on the frontiers with his fellow foot shoeldiers and they were all his great friends. in 2003 he served on his first deployment in iraq with historic 101st airborne division and participated in iraqi freedom. after he completed the heroing deployment travis returned to civilian life but not for long. the fact is he was board. you know that. he was very boarred. he wanted back in. as his mother said. he loved the army and loved everything about being with the trooped. he just loved it.
1:23 pm
in 2005 he reenlisted and joined the legendary tenth mountain division we are he was honored to visit last year. in august of 2006 travis left his sencond deployment to iraq. he was stationed to terrorist activity known as the triangle of death. not a good place. in a town auoutside of baghdad traifrs and his three man squad received a report that several suspected terrorists were walking towards an intersection near by. nothing good was going to happen. they all knew it. travis directed his squad immediately to the location.
1:24 pm
they walked towards the two suspicious men and he knew right from the beginning as travis began to search one of the insergeants the man resisted and became totally violent. travis engaged him in hand to hand combat. as travis wrestled to get his hands behind his back. the man began to reach for something. he realized the man was wearing a suicide vest. just as the terrorist was about to set off the debtly explosives travis wrapped his arms and his entire body around him and threw him to the ground away from his troops who were right next to him. he put himself on the top of the enemy and he shielded his men from certain death. the terrorist detonated his suicide vest and travis was instantly killed.
1:25 pm
in his final moments on earth travis did not run. he didn't know what it was to run. he did not hesitate. he rose to the highest calling. he laid down his life to save the lives of his fellow warriors. in so doing he embodied the deepest meaning of the motto of the tenth mountain division. he climbed to glory. now traifvis is looking down fr above on all of his fellow warriors, on his great family wrapped in glory the loving glory of almighty god. we are grateful to be joined by the three squad members that travis saved. private first class michael kistal.
1:26 pm
michael, where are you, michael? please stand. stand. thank you. [ applause ] special and ao. thank you very much. appreciate it. today we are privileged also to be joined by more than 50 soldiers from the tenth mountain division including those who served alongside travis, knew he was brave from day oneme. they loved him. they wanted to be here. will you please stand? [ applause ]
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your lives of service do honor to our country to army values and your fallen brothers in arms like staff sergeant travis at kins. s he is looking down. he loved you all. just a few days before that june morning when travis left on his last mission he called his son, trevor to wish him a very very special 11th birthday. he didn't know he would speak to his dad for the last time, but
1:28 pm
isn't the 12 years since he has always known his father gave his life for our nation and for our freedom. he knew his father was a hero right from the beginning, long before today. trevor said he wants our nation to remember his dad as the best father and best soldier that anyone could ask for. trevor that is exactly how your dad will be remembered. he will be remembered as the best father and the best soldier. you can't get better than the congressional medal of honor. you can't. thank you very much. i would like you to come on up. please come up. please come up.
1:29 pm
[ applause ] every time we see our stars and stripes waving in the sky we will thank of traifrs and every american hero who gave hair last breath to defentd our people and our great american flag. now i'd like to ask the military aid to read the citation and i would also like perhaps in honor of your father perhaps you could say a few words. would you like that? please. >> thank you everyone for being here, first off. it is an absolute honor to have every single one of you here. it is something that i can't really put into words.
1:30 pm
it's something that's surreal. i still haven't accepted it yet. everything you said has meant the world to me and it clanhang my life every every day. the medal is something that i take a lot of pride in but it's the words that are the real prize and what really means the most to me. when it comes to my dad, he always had the funniest stories about you guys and seeing you guys throughout. i was a young kid but he let me know. no. i just feel so close with you and to him every story i get the hear. i'm glad you got to enjoy his love and his energy. thank you. >> beautiful.
1:31 pm
[ applause ] >> the president of the united states has awarded in the name of congress the medal of honor to staff sergeant travis w. atkins. he distinguished hips by acts of gallantry at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty on 1 june 2007 serving as a squad leader with delta company 14th infantry regimen second brigade combat team in support of iraqi freedom. while manning a static observation post in iraq atkins was notified four suspicious individuals walking in two pairs were crossing an intersection not far from his hoe sigs. atkins movered his squad to interdict them. one of the individuals began behaves erratically causing him to disembark to conduct a
1:32 pm
search. he then engaged the individual he intended to search in hand to hand combat. when he noticed he was reaching for something under his clothes he immediately ed him in a bear hug he threw him to to ground away from his fellow soldiers. he pinned him to the ground further sheltering his patrol. he then detonated a bomb killing staff sergeant atkins. he acted with complete disregard with his own safety giving his life for his country. staff sergeant atkins, spirit and steadfast in keeping with highest traditionings of military service and reflect great upon himself and united states army.
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1:39 pm
we are learning new details about the heated debate over the decision to back a justice department move to try to invalidate the health care law. >> obamacare is a disaster. >> part of that is happening in the west wing. a move they are full against and got in a dispute with policy officials pushing the obamacare elimination plan. the president making clear who he sides with today. >> we think it will be upheld
1:40 pm
and do very well in the supreme court. >> it is part of the plan to put health care front and center in the 2020 election claiming for the second day there a row. we are going to be the party of great health care. neither have offered a new plan which provides health care to 20 million americans without offering details trump says he has a plan. democrats have been handed a political gift. >> they want to repeal and not really replace. >> whether it will unite them is a different question. democrats on what to do there a
1:41 pm
post mueller world. others push ahead with plans for impeachment. >> it is so important i make sure i check this president. >> swatting that down. >> a state put out by the justice department. i'm told that they still have the reservations about whether or not how it is going to succeed but essentially at this point they are getting in line with the boss's orders. >> all right. thank you so much.
1:42 pm
what is the president thinking because he doesn't have the house. the number -- this is a very basic math problem. it will not work unless he is going to not replace getting rid of obamacare with nothing should the court's rule in the favor. >> it is taking something away from people, taking something away from something democrats enjoy. even if republicans controlled the house the senate would still be a question here. there is -- there was legal advice given to the president as she was reporting but it was also political advice. don't do this. why are you going to do this particularly on the day after he declared that he was exonerated. i find it very confounding if a past is prolong it did not work in the midterms last year it is a gift for democrats. how they handle it is an open question. >> republicans don't want to have this fight.
1:43 pm
he said it doesn't make any sense. there have been multiple to bat this down and he has not. >> certainly republicans on capitol hill have expressed frustration because they did not see this move coming from the president and they don't have a replacement plan in order. forget the fact that you no longer control the house. republicans controlled both chambers of congress. they failed to pass the noon come up with in summer of 2017. in fact they have openly said they don't flow what the president is proposing as an alternative. at this point they stand to lose a great deal because if you look at the eyes and public opinion you have specifics showing that 52 million american adults under the age of 65 for preexisting conditions, that was a big part. the president is giving them something else to run on in
1:44 pm
2020. >> i is hard to imagine what is at stake here of all of these people losing health care if it is successful, if this court case is successful. it is hard to imagine democrats and republicans coming together even with people losing health care to work out a strategy. is it not? >> it is a little hard. we are certainly in presidential campaign season. there are members congress who were newly elected. we don't know. maybe we'll see. i think ultimately this announcement also unifies democrats at a time when they were -- there were divisions about health care. there were divisions about medicare for all versus fixes. we have seen it on the presidential campaign trail. nothing is more unifying than as when someone is trying to take something away you're seeing them whether they will work with republicans if this is a
1:45 pm
completely eliminated. i guess we'll see. >> you're going to have such great health care at a tiny fraction of the cost and it's going to be so easy. >> we will always protect americans with preexisting conditions. we are going to take care of them. >> the republican party will soon be known as the party of health care. >> amanda, when you listen to those quotes what kind of problem does that create for republicans in terms of what they could actually deliver should they come up with some sort of plan if they even could what is the problem for republicans? >> the cost of health care comes down. whoever can win that fight can win with voters. i want to revisit this. there are a lot of republicans that care about the constitutionality of obamacare. the only reason it was upheld is
1:46 pm
because the court ruled that it could. the individual mandate is gone. trump issued executive order and congress got rid of the tax that the penalty was imposed to uphold as constitutional. yes. i'm interested in having the court justify how it remains constitutional without that individual mandate. politically do a lot of voters care about that? i don't flow. i would guess that they are saying we deserve an answer. >> do voters care and is it problematic that people would lose health care? >> yes. we actually explore the drivers.
1:47 pm
>> it was discussed. >> i covered obamacare. it was discussed. >> sure. >> not much was done about it. >> the problem is people don't know what they are going to get. >> right. >> they don't know they are going to get cancer. they don't know they will have a child with asthma. you can't do it for all. the benefit is that it allowed people to have a safety net bout knowing what they are going to get. stay say abrams shook things up with her control. ngs and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life.
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cut drug prices now.
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>> in our 2020 lead you don't run for second place. that from democratic rising star. former georgia gubernatorial can the i dat saying she is just as capable of winning as anyone else. you have been following abrams. what have you learned about her next steps here? >> we learned she is keeping her options open in every way. >> i think you don't run for second place. >> with those words. >> wow. >> and with that smile. abrams closing the door for all of that talk with an early partnership with joe biden.
1:53 pm
>> if i will enter a primary then i will enter a primary. if i don't my job is to make sure the best democrat becomes the nominee. >> for now she is leaving unanswered big questions as a leading voice in the democratic party. >> i'm thinking about everything. it is a senate race. >> yes. it is possibly running for president and my responsibility is to take seriously the opportunity to give credibility to those who are asking me, but to make sure i'm the right person, it's the right time and it's the right job. >> one thing is clear, abrams is everywhere. after narrowly losing the governor's race she to introduced herself to the nation. >> i'm stacey abram and i'm honored to talk about the state of our union. >> and is playing a role in the 202 presidential race. call it is stacey abrams primary, a recent lunch touched
1:54 pm
off speculation and headlines like this. if biden wants to win he needs abrams now. abrams ha abrams has also met with booker, harris and elizabeth warren as well as hickenlooper and spoke by phone with major pete buttigeig. he says the attention showered on his presidential campaign after losing to ted cruise hasn't gone unnoticed. >> i think race plays a part. i think region plays a part. >> i want people to understand it does not diminish my capacity for it to run for this job. >> interesting words there that she said herself that others have been talking about. why has she not been getting as much attention as o'rourke is.
1:55 pm
>> so she is saying as well she thinks a woman or a snominority will win the primary. she doesn't should he. >> exactly. i'm told by a number of people that do believe she will likely run for the senate. it is something she said i have not thought about but something that presents itself. who knows what she thinks of all of the bright lights now. she is on a bit of a publicity tour if you will. we'll see. as of now most people think likely the senate. >> i want to talk a little more about the former vice president because of excellencomments tha biden has made. he is talking about how he handled. let's listen. >> a lot less about the extent
1:56 pm
of harassment back then over 30 years ago. she paid a terrible price. she was abused for the hearing. she was taken advantage of. her reputation was attacked. i wish i could have done something. to this day aregrelt i couldn't come up with a way to give her the kind of hearing she showed. >> i wish i could have done something. what did you guys think about his attempt of this as how much of a liability is this? >> i think the challenge is the vice president is framing it as if he wishes he could have done more as if he wishes he wasn't there a position to apgt clully do more. he did not call om other accusers that had similar miskug. he didn't let experts.
1:57 pm
he is the rorjal author. he lead efforts to combat sexual assault. there is more on what he would have done differently and knowledge the treatment of anit hill. >> i wouldn't expect he will give that exact same answer again. i think he was acknowledging it was poorly handled. he was quite specific in talking about how they handled it as a courtroom and ask if she was on trial as well. no question he and his aids know it is an issue he will have to talk about. giving a little bit of a credit
1:58 pm
how this view evolved. we are seeing him play out how he will answer that question. >> the question is it's almost like when you give an apology i'm sorry you felt that way. ie wonder if he is creating distance i wish i could have done. he could have but he didn't. he is creating distance with his language in terms of his responsibility for the moment. >> i think joe biden is having a problem that a lot of democratic candidates are having that anything that's been in public more than ten years will have a hard time living up to the standard of wokeness they have floating out the thing about stacey abrams. this speaks to the difficulty of people that are establishment type figures.
1:59 pm
the records are hard to defend. i think we have seen a trend like donald trump and barack obama who is a new senator because explaining all of these things get so tiresome. they can't get out of that cycle. >> that's the longer you have been in public office the harder it is to run for president. that's something she should take note of. it has never worked in the past. ask bill clinton. she will run she should probably run now. >> there is a long list of things they will have to explain including some of the obama administration's record. >> obama would survive this. >> it is a different moment for him.
2:00 pm
>> all right. tune in tonight with cory booker. that is at 10:00 p.m. eastern. follow me on facebook and twitter. our coverage on cnn starts right now. happening now breaking news, heated obamacare debate. we are learning about high level ka concerns for eliminating all of the affordable care act. we are told vice president pence raised red flags. exonerated? our new cnn poll shows most americans aren't buying the president's claim he has been vindicated by the mueller report. we are breaking down the numbers. police reports released. details immerging in the case of smollett. the attorney general may be asked to investigate why all of the dlarnls were dropped. the outrage growing in chicago and across the united states. >> and boeing


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