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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  March 28, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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he's won lotteries at least three times. >> there are more people in wisconsin than just him, john. >> you say. i think he's the winner. we could have an exclusive interview with the powerball winner jim sensenbrenner tomorrow on "new day." >> i like this. fact-free. newsroom with jim sciutto starts right now. a good thursday morning to you. it is opening day for baseball. poppy has the week off. president trump announcing the fbi and justice department will review the decision to drop all 16 charges against actor jussie smollett. he calls the situation outrageous and embarrassing. the "empire" actor was accused of staging an assault on himself. chicago top officials maintain the allegations were a hoax. adding to the confusion about the case, the state attorney for cook county kim foxx said she
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believes her office could have proven that jussie smollett was guilty. >> based on the facts and the evidence presented in the charging decision made by this office. they could prove him guilty. >> cnn is following the new developments. it is confusing for me and has to be for folks at home. everybody involved say they believe he's guilty yet the charges were dropped. >> right. that's the big story here. everybody seems unsatisfied with the way this ended. you are seeing everyone take out frustrations publicly. the only thing that didn't happen publicly is why the charges were dropped. that happened in secret. we were told about the emergency hearing on tuesday. we all rushed down to court and then jussie smollett gave that statement which didn't seem to satisfy many people in the public in terms of how we arrived to the situation. first of all, a lot of this
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developed during your hour of the show. let's go back to january when we found out according to a police report that jussie smollett said he was walking back from a subway when he was attacked by two men. he said they put a noose around his neck, punched him, screamed racial and homophobic slurs at him and said this is maga country which made everybody pay more attention to the case. 12 detectives worked around the clock on this to figure out exactly what happened. almost a month later, so many shoes started to drop here. we found detectives circled two men they thought were involved in the case. they started giving information after they were sweated in a box for hours. they started telling police the information they needed to hear. they believed jussie smollett set this whole thing up. they went before a grand jury. the grand jury helped them get to the 16-count indictment. there was the push back and
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forth between jussie smollett and the police department. jussie smollett and his team said in court they wanted cameras there so everybody could see he's innocent. they haven't even stopped at this point. just about a half hour ago one of his attorneys talked about this case and what's going on so far. >> we have nothing to be concerned about. there was nothing on our end to request this, to do anything improper. nothing improper was done to my knowledge. >> this is what we know. from the very beginning we didn't believe jussie smollett would go to jail. you are talking about someone who's been upstanding in the community. a lot of people here believed in jussie smollett. the police department for his part felt like it had the information and a strong case. we started hearing yesterday from sources that the fbi could take a look at this. we weren't at the point where we could get to reporting it.
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now we have trump confirming it for all of us. let's not also forget a month before this happened there was a letter sent to the "empire" set. they are still in favestigating that portion as well. shoes continue to drop. one other thing, the case was sealed after the charges were dropped. so many people paid attention to that portion of it. we do know today at 9:30 there will be a court case. we could get information later on. got to hold on for this one. >> ryan young, thank you for that. let's bring in joey jackson. you will sometimes see the feds getting involved in a crime where there aren't more serious crimes. you get into civil rights violators or something. how unusual would it be to get involved in a case like this. >> everything is unusual. from a federal involvement perspective, the federal government has a role as it relates. you heard ryan young speaking about a letter jussie smollett
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has alleged to have sent to himself. you put it in the stream of interstate commerce, into the mail. that's where the federal case is. if anybody gets it, the media may not. the federal government will in their investigation. that's where the role is. in terms of investigating the propriety of the local charges, the state, look. the federal government does what it does. let's talk about, if we could, what the state did. people are upset because of the lack of transparency. if you want to cut a deal with jussie smollett because he's a first time offender, a person who's done things for the community, you think this is appropriate, do that, by all means. don't disguise it in the manner in which you did and really suggest and otherwise dismissing the charges. say, look, we believe this disposition is appropriate. he's a first time offender, so
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to speak. we'll forfeit the bail. have him do community service. based upon his past community involvement it's good. >> that happens all the time. local prosecutors make judgments and say we believe it is a crime. when you look at the broader response to crimes like this often folks don't go to jail for this. they do it across the board. >> we being defense attorneys, we march in prior to indictment. before a case is indicted, once it is indicted it is in a world of its own. you want a deal, you come in. we can speak about diversion, alternative sentencing. we can speak about anything. once you go into the grand jury you marshall the police, the witnesses. generally it's a done deal. not that the case isn't resolved but it generally wasn't resolved this way. >> feds get involved. it involved using the mail system. charges likely there.
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how often is that? >> certainly the federal government has a role as it relates to that. they could pursue did i want of what the state does charges related to using the mails for fraudulent purposes. that's within their jurisdiction. if they want to do it that's their preoh rate of growrogativ. i think there could have been and should have been more tra e transparen transparency. we want to resolve it in that way. why do you take this felony to the grand jury to begin with? tell the public this is what we believe to be appropriate disposition. don't be cryptic or be pushed to say we think we could improve the case. we should have resolved it this way. >> you have brothers who are jussie smollett's alleged accomplices here. they haven't spoken to the public yet. they may tell their side of the story. you are looking at embarrassing circumstances for the prosecutors there. this isn't going away.
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>> they have testified in front of the grand jury. having told that story, they are free to be interviewed about the specifics and dynamics. what his role, jussie smollett's role. how they conjured up the story. we'll be hearing from them moving forward. >> i know you'll stay on it. good to have you on. now to the white house. we now know the president overruled his own cabinet secretaries deciding to push for the total elimination of obamacare and did so with no alternative on hand. aides say they expect to send a, quote, fresh health care plan to congress some sometime this year. what will it look like? boris sanchez joins me with more. it seems unlikely with a divided congress that they could pass a health care overhaul in the coming year.
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are you hearing from the white house broad outlines of what their proposal to replace obamacare would be? >> not yet, jim. in fact, the chief of staff to vice president mike pence essentially said the white house would be coming up with a plan they hoped to get to congress within the next year. inside the white house sources say there really is no plan. it is being figured out as we speak. it is surprising that it would be a priority and some republicans of the house have expressed are surprised to see the president would try to elevate this considering the democratic majority in the house would put forth an effort to repeal and replace obamacare. that's a reason they won. the president is fixated on this. you will recall he was bashing senator john mccain last week for his vote against the slim repeal of obamacare. it's something he's focused on.
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it is a campaign promise that the administration has now failed on twice. so the president wants to focus on it going into 2020. even if it fails again, he could go back to supporters and effectively say, look, we battled on this and democrats blocked us. still, details on what would be different in a plan this time around are to be figured out. jim? >> it's the trump argument to say we battled on it, democrats stood in the way. for this question how voters respond. thank you very much, boris sanchez. i want to bring in anchor of "the washington post" power up. the president has repeatedly said the push to outlaw obamacare will lead to republicans becoming, in his words, the party of health care. have a listen. >> we are going to be the party of great health care. and the democrats have let you down. they have really let you down. the republican party will soon
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be known as the party of health care. >> still going to have great health care. the republican party will be the party of great health care. they are going to have pre-existing conditions absolutely. >> does the party, the president have any plan to back up the president's claim? >> they certainly have plans. wishful thinking, at least. at the moment we haven't heard of ji legitimate proposals. we have seen with the president when it comes to appealing to a sense of trying to fulfill campaign promises that always wins out over other advisers advocating otherwise. you have the president go up on the hill. he's right in saying health care will be a big priority for voters in 2020. it's something that pushed democrats over in midterms. the caucus was completely surprised that the white house is bringing the issue to the
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forefront. the white house is saying they plan to bring a plan forward for the next year. the details remain largely absent. they aren't excited about the opportunity to try to put a plan forward. there is a credibility problem that republicans only stand for repeal and not replace. >> you mentioned how this worked for democrats in 2018. more than 40% of voters said health care was the top issue for them. polls show on the screen among the voters, 75% back democrats. just 23% for republicans of those who listed health care as the number one issue. do republicans want to make health care in a political sense that the finding issued. that's a losing issue in 2018. >> it's something we'll grapple with. the reality now is the parts of
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obamacare left are protections for pre-existing conditions. no caps on coverage. allowing adults under the age of 26 to get coverage on their parents' plan. those are the most popular parts of obamacare and the parts democrats are defending. when you have republicans unable to say as many of them were during the 2018 midterms they can't ensure protections for pre-existing conditions. that's not a popular stance. joanie ernst said the reason the two republican incumbents were unseated by two young democrats was because those democrats hammered away on pre-existing conditions that they were going to protect them. it's especially popular amongst female voters which the president already struggles with. >> understood. it's going to be an interesting fight. that fight inside the republican party, it seems. thank you very much. a new poll but not a new
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even before throwing his hat in the ring joe biden is out in front in the 2020 democratic race. a quinnipiac poll just released shows joe biden with a ten-point lead over bernie sanders. the 2020 race is fast approaching. harry enzen and rebecca buck join me. rebecca, are you still sitting on the ramparts of the castle here. joe biden's advisers say he's going to get in and soon.
6:19 am
what's our latest reporting? how soon? is that 100%? >> that's right, jim. our latest reporting, mostly from our great colleagues is that the hamlet act is sort of over for joe biden. he's pretty well decided he is going to jump into the race. the polling reflects he's a front runner to strt the race. endorsements for the launch. raising money from the beginning. basically showing they are the front runner in the race. in terms of timing, we are looking at mid to late april. the latest estimates from our reporting. some democrats wonder if it's too late.
6:20 am
the big question for joe biden, can he make a strong first impression to show he's in the driver seat in this race. >> you have another poll that shows biden well ahead of the pack there. 29%. 19 for bernie sanders. kamala harris had a great start to her campaign. how much is straight up name recognition. >> joe biden and bernie sanders, especially joe biden are well liked by democratic voters. it comes down to is the opening day for joe biden the best day of his campaign or can he offer a message that doesn't just remind them of the obama years but as a candidate who could take on trump. >> the three leaders are white men. particularly in a year where you see a lot of push among the democratic base for a woman, a
6:21 am
person of color is this surprising, locked in? >> it is surprising. they are a gay american and an african-american american woman. we'll see what happens when the candidates are better known. not particularly well known at this point. >> another candidate trying to distinguish herself from the field, senator amy klobuchar in revealing this trillion dollar infrastructure plan, infrastructure priority for both parties, priority for a lot of americans here. an attempt really to show -- i suppose to bring it back to the issues for her campaign. >> absolutely. running on a promise she can work across the aisle to get things done in washington. sort of this mid western ethos
6:22 am
she brings to the race. her team believes that message can play well in iowa, for example. it could stack up well against donald trump. someone like amy klobuchar is low dro ma with reporting about her staff. that just competence really. you could go back to jimmy carter in 1976 who had a similar message in that crowded race. that's what amy klobuchar is trying to accomplish with these policy proposals. really, these policy proposals are beating around the bush. because the defining question of the democratic primary is ultimately going to be electability versus donald trump. that's the question that democratic voters are asking. >> yeah. they put it at the top of the list. final question before we go, it is baseball opening day. i'm next to a fellow mets fan. apologies to the 330 million people in the country. your prediction for the world
6:23 am
series? do the mets have a chance? >> i think they do have a chance. the prediction for the world series is the astros taking on the dodgers. we have seen that match-up before. then the other thing i would point out for the mets, i think they'll make the playoffs. i looked at a lot of projections. a lot say win the wildcard. one suggests they win the division. so the mets have a real shot here. >> fantastic. apologies to everybody else in the world for asking the question. rebec rebecca, i know you are a nats fan. >> that's right. >> our sympathies. >> the top democratic on the house judiciary committee says the report everybody wants to see may not be made public. that means you and i can't see it. how will he and i fight the attorney general to get the mueller report released? and new numbers this morning on wall street show the gdp in the fourth quarter is in line with expectations with growth for the year expected to be just under 3%, near president trump's target. ♪
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this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving simple. easy. awesome. stay connected with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. when the attorney general gave congress his four-page summary of the mueller report, there was a deadline of tuesday to see the report for themselves. now the chairman says bill barr won't meet that deadline and they may not see the full report ever which means you wouldn't. kara, how long then if they are not going to meet the deadline. is there a new deadline? >> well, there isn't a new deadline that's set.
6:29 am
manu raju spoke with jerry nadler yesterday. nadler revealed he spoke to bill barr for the first time since barr handed his summary over to congress on sunday. during the call, nadler could not get bill barr to commit to releasing the full mueller report and said he would find it to be ununacceptable. let's hear what he said. >> i am most concerned that when i asked whether we could commit that the american people and the congress would see the entire unredacted report and the underlying evidence he would not make a commitment on that. that's not acceptable. >> so nadler saying there it is unacceptable for that. we are also learning from him that bill barr said he would not give the white house a sneak preview of the report before he sent it to congress. doj lawyers working with some staff from mueller's team are continuing to go through the report, scrubbing it for classified information and materials that might be related
6:30 am
to the grand jury criminal proceedings. as of now there is no deadline. but the democrats seemed to acknowledge that bill barr won't meet the april 2 one. >> adam schiff of the house intelligence committee said he wants mueller to testify so members can ask how he came to those conclusions. does that happen? >> right. adam schiff said he wants to see the full report. wants to see the underlying documentation. his investigation as a member of the intelligence committee into the issue of collusion is different from robert mueller's. he says his investigation isn't about prosecutable crimes but getting to the bottom of the manipulation campaign spear headed by russia. one reason he says that the way he's going to do that is if he hears from robert mueller directly. here's what he told cnn last night. >> he's going to have to come in and testify. at what point that takes place, whether it is before or after we get the report or the underlying evidence may depend on how much
6:31 am
bill barr stalls in providing that report to the public. >> there is a lot of suspicion by democrats, especially in the house about bill barr's summary of this. because barr wrote a memo before he was in the administration questioning the theory of the obstruction of justice inquiry. so there is a lot of distrust here. the democrats want to hear from bill barr and also from robert mueller to see bill barr's summary of the conclusions is accurate. we'll see robert mueller called to testify. >> good to have you walk us through it. thank you very much. joining me now, democratic congressman jamie raskin who serves on the judiciary and oversight committees. thank you for your time. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> first question, you now see bill barr will not meet jerry nadler's deadline. do you trust that barr will make the report as transparent as possible? >> the first thing is we need to have the report turned over in
6:32 am
its entirety as quickly as possible. certainly by the april 2 deadline. i'm very disappointed to hear the attorney general is somehow wavering on that. they were able to come to a conclusion about the ultimately legal question raised about whether there was obstruction of justice overnight. yet they are not able to turn the report over within a week. that's not acceptable. i don't think there is anything there that will be more damning or rep rehenceable decision than to throw people off health care this week. all we have is the four-page press release the attorney general put out at the beginning of the week. >> that's a fair point. it's his summary and interpretation. your chamber of congress voted 420-0, all republicans and democrats, to make the report public. on the senate side mitch mcconnell, the majority leader is blocking a vote on it there.
6:33 am
has he effectively killed the effort by congress to force this report into the public eye? >> it's a public document. it has to be turned over. we did have a unanimous bipartisan vote that it must be turned over as quickly as possible. as the week goes on it seems the smell of a whitewash and a cover-up is getting thicker. it is almost as if they wanted to establish a certain imprint in the public consciousness about what this is and how they are going to try to drag out the process for many weeks of releasing the report. that's not an acceptable way for the department of justice to be proceeding here. it seems to be a complete thwarting of the whole design of having a special counsel. >> let me ask you this. is the issue of impeaching the president a dead issue? >> nobody has been talking about it. the media is obsessed with the idea. >> i'm not obsessed.
6:34 am
some of your colleagues are still mentioning it. many of your colleagues raised that. now that we have seen the summary of conclusions n your view is it a dead issue? >> again, i don't want to read the cliff's notes version of macbeth. i want to read macbeth in all of its gory detail. we learned it's 700 or 750 pages and it was reduced to a couple of sentences by the attorney general. look, impeachment should be neither a fetish for anybody here and i don't think it is, nor taboo. the republicans impeached bill clinton for telling one lie about a private act of sex that he committed. that's not going to be the standard the democrats ever use in congress. we would only be looking to impeach a president, any president for high crimes and misdemeanors like bribery, treason, offenses against the republic. it is part of the constitution. we should neither spend all of
6:35 am
our time obsessing nor try to excise it from the constitution. we have a constitutional oversight function far broader than that. we have to find out exactly what took place. the public paid for the report. give us the report. >> yeah. politically, set aside the constitutional and legal issues. politically is it time for democrats to move on from this issue and focus on what you brought up yourself early on, issues such as health care? >> we are defending pre-existing condition coverage against the administration's attempt to thwart it. we are trying to lower prescription drug prices every day. we want to give the government the power to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices in the medicare program which is an authority we have in medicaid and in the v.a., but the republicans don't want it because they are caught up in the special interest agenda. >> that sounds like yes. >> well, the point is we have been doing it all along. whether the republicans are obsessed with it because they appointed the special counsel or the media is obsessed.
6:36 am
we don't need to get into that. we have been working on the people's issues. we passed the toughest gun safety law in decades. to close the internet loophole, close the private gun show loophole. if people want to pretend we are obsessed, fine. we are doing the people's work and will continue to. part of the people's work is oversight. we won't be coerced out of that function simply because of the attorney general's press release. >> let me ask you, a new poll from quinnipiac ranking the democratic 2020 candidates so far. we'll put it on the screen. joe biden, 29%. bernie sanders, 19. beto o'rourke, 12. other candidates behind. kamala harris and others there. is vice president joe biden, former vice president the candidate most likely to beat donald trump in 2020, in your view? >> i don't know the answer to that. he's a formidable candidate.
6:37 am
it reminds me of what happened in 2018. everybody was saying the democrats are disorganized. chaotic. a lot of the congressional districts we had 10, 12, 15 candidates. we had our primaries and we are an open party where everybody comes and says what they believe. the final analysis, we picked the best candidates across the country. we won back the house of representatives. we plan to do the same thing in the senate and with the white house. we are not afraid of real democracy. >> final question -- >> on the republican side they are trying to drive out primary opposition to donald trump. they have become a party that operates like a religious cult. >> three white men at the top of the list is notable as well. in a year when there is a push from many in the democratic base to have a. wo, -- a woman, a person of color. do you think that disappoints democratic voters? >> you raise an interesting
6:38 am
point. one of the great points of pride for the party is that we now have over a hundred women here in the house of representatives. we have this magnificent diversity that's reflected here. our party is open to everybody. i don't think our party is opposed to white men being involved in politics. i hope not. we have lots of great progressive white male politicians doing a great job. i don't think anybody discriminates in one direction or the other. we've got a robust field of fantastic diversity. we're going to come up with a great ticket. >> congressman, we appreciate you taking the time. >> the pleasure is all mine. >> british prime minister theresa may is putting it on the line, offering to step down now to save her brexit plan. will it work? we'll be live in london with the latest on an amazing political crisis there. ♪ that's some great paint. ♪
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the future of britain, one of america's closest allies is uncertain now as the brexit deadline looms in days. now in a last ditch effort to save the twice failed brexit plan theresa may is offering to resign her leadership. cnn international diplomatic editor nick robertson joins us from 10 downing street, the home of the prime minister in london. she's offered to step down and all the various plans can't get a majority in parliament. what happens next? >> you know, you would think as a prime minister if you're going to lay your career and your political capital on the line you would get something back. the reality is she doesn't seem to be closer yet to getting her brexit deal with the european union past the so-called meaningful vote. we heard from the leader of the
6:44 am
house from the conservative party speaking today. when asked, are you going to have a vote on friday, eventually the answer came out that, no, there doesn't appear to be a vote. what we saw last night with the s so-called indicative votes, eight votes from no deal to no brexit at all. a couple for close almost neck and neck. but actually nothing came forward with a clear majority. you can say from that and particularly the way it broke down over party lines nothing has become clearer. you have a prime minister who said i'm going to step down. she doesn't have the support to get a deal through. the deal isn't through, the clock is ticking. two weeks and a day and we are out of the european union, so far without a deal. >> just a quick follow there. what are the chances now of a second referendum? this has been hanging out there as a possibility. is there a chance that becomes a reality or is it more likely for
6:45 am
no deal and drop out of the union? >> there's big oppositional, broad cross party opposition to a no deal. there isn't a definitive mechanism. it hasn't been stopped in its tracks. the issue of a second referendum which would work like this, whatever parliament agrees on if and when it eventually agrees, the rest of the country gets a vote on it. that got the highest number of yes votes last night. it lost by 27 votes. but it got the highest number of yes votes. you go, gee, maybe there is a way for the prime minister to work this in to her planning and that can bring people on board. you know what? almost no one from her party voted for that. if she was to adopt that idea, that would split her party. as we just said, she's said she's going to resign and step down. what prime minister would ever step out of office with their legacy being not only failed brexit but dividing the party?
6:46 am
so i'm not sure what legs the referendum vote has. it could change. not clear today. >> country or party, right? nic robertson, it will be active there. we'll come back when there is news. a rare look inside a tra training simulator for a boeing max 8 plane. - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this. this and even this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair, while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, now cleans itself.
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you and i have all likely flown this plane and now boeing has failed an overhaul to the software system marking it's most direct attempt to fix the element of the design that has
6:51 am
been i6mplicated in two deadly crashes. lawmakers grilled about the decision to defer the safety certification to boeing. faa acting chief also defended the agency's delay in grounding the 737 max fleet after the ethiopian air crash and after many other countries did it before the u.s. >> i can't speak to the reasoning that the other nations took. i know that in communication with those countries and our request what data might they have, they did not have any data for us. >> well, they had enough data to make a decision before the u.s. the department of transportation's inspector general said the agency's reaction had quote shaken confidence in the faa. robin creole when an ethiopian airlines chief pilot on an
6:52 am
exclusive tour of facilities including simulators used for pilots. it's the only one in ethiopia for the 737 max 8 aircraft. >> reporter: we're strapped in for a flight on board an ethiopian airlines flight simulator at the airline's aviation academy. this is the only simulator in ethiopia for the boeing 737 max 8 the aircraft that crashed two weeks ago killing all on board. the simulator we are told was purchased in january this year. chief pilot takes us through a brief preflight check list before takeoff. within minutes our simulator flight has begun.
6:53 am
flight et 302 took off in a similar way. from boeing international airport nestled in green and gold hills. it was at this point six minutes into the flight and still climbing to cruising altitude that ethiopian airlines crashed into a field. how and why this happened is still under investigation and it was also at this point, the 13-minute mark, that lion air flight merely five months before began its tragic and deadly descent. our simulated journey, however, continues safely. on board november's lion air flight the automated antistall system was trying to force the nose down.
6:54 am
chief pilot shows us the flight manual for 737 max 8. the manual contains everything the pilot needs for a flight. a source with knowledge of the aircraft says there is no information inside about the new system. a pilot on board a flight encountering problems could have found all kinds of emergency procedures and system descriptions, but, according to our source nothing on the mcass. inside this simuto omoothly. chief pilot flies the plane effortlessly. if an actual flight were to experience a failure, the pilot would be left wrestling the airplane. these levers particularly, the pilot pulling up, the system pulling down in a tug of war, one that according to our source, the aircraft doesn't know to stop fighting.
6:55 am
cnn, ethiopia. >> imagine what the pilots faced in real life during those crashes. this isn't just any moving day.
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just one particular ticket in wisconsin matched all six numbers in the $768 million powerball drawing, the third largest jackpot in u.s. lottery history. do we know anything about where this was bought? >> we do. just in the next few minutes they will announce which store it was bought at. we know it was bought in new berlin, wisconsin a population of around 40,000 people. we spoke to caroline in the
7:00 am
rainbow diner who saw the ticket seeing sold in wisconsin and said her heart was racing and realized she had to go to work. we spoke to an anonymous source who said it is all anybody is talking about. the odds of winning this jackpot, one in 292 million. now, most people who win do take the cash option which in this case is $477 million. and also five other numbers, five other tickets, six other tickets matched five balls so they win a million. two other people had the power play. it's not all over if you didn't win the whole thing. i have no friends and family in wisconsin. this ticket matched one number. >> nearly a half a billion dollars. thanks very much. very lucky person.


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