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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 28, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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warrant is that they didn't have probable cause. this is what his lawyers are claiming, of the human trafficking. >> sure. we'll follow it, bob kraft, and as it relates to this florida spa in jupiter. jennifer taub, thank you very much. "the lead" starts right now. it's more than 300 pages and we've only seen about 60 words of it. "the lead" starts right now. breaking today, new details on the detail that robert mueller went into in his report in possible collusion and obstruction. we've only seen a tiny fraction of it so far. adding extra vines to his vineyard, and extra floors to trump tower, bombshell report revealing how trump's company may have allegedly cooked the books and what investigators could be looking at right now. >> plus flooded communities facing toxic drinking danger, is
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a crisis looming for millions across several states? >> welcome to "the lead." i'm brianna keilar in for jake today. right now president trump is about to leave for his first rally since the report was given to attorney general bill barr. so far we've only seen a few partial quotes. democrats are intensifying their calls to see the report. speaker pelosi even called barr, writing a summary for congress, quote, arrogant and con condescending. and even without the full report, president trump is ready to go on attack. >> reporter: the fight to release special counsel robert mueller's full report took a heated turn today. >> we don't need you interpreting for us. it was condescending, it was arrogant and it wasn't the right thing to do. >> reporter: house speaker nancy
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pelosi, aiming her ire at attorney general william barr, who will determine how much of the report will go to congress. >> soonter they can give us the information, the sooner we can all make a judgment about it. >> reporter: cnn has learned mueller's confidential report on the russia investigation stretches more than 300 pages. barr's four-page summary offers few details, describing it as divided into two parts. >> this was an attempted takeover of our government, of our country, an illegal takeover. >> reporter: president trump firing back during a phone interview on his favorite network while also looking to settle scores by taking aim at democratic congressman adam schiff. >> schiff is a bad guy. he knew he was lying. he's not a dummy. >> i've not had an opportunity to respond at all. >> reporter: schiff under fire, for continuing to insist that the trump campaign corluded with the russians. >> you can see evidence in plain sight on the issue of collusion. >> reporter: this even after the attorney general's letter to
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congress quoted mueller's report saying it did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with russian government in its election interference activity. >> in a way you could say it's a crime what he did. he was giving -- making horrible statements that he knew were false and, frankly, i heard they should force him off the committee or off the committee chair. he should be forced out of office. he is a disgrace to our country. >> reporter: republicans on schiff's committee agree, urging the chairman to step down. >> we have no faith in your ability to discharge your duties in a manner consistent with your constitutional resourceability and urge your immediate resignation. >> reporter: schiff hitting back. >> you might think it's okay that the president called on russia himself to hack his opponent's e-mails if they were listening. you might think it's okay that later that day the russians, in fact, attempted to hack a server i don't think it's okay. >> reporter: pelosi defending her committee chairman and
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turning her attention to the president. >> what is the president afraid of, that he's afraid of the truth, that he would go after a member, a chairman of a committee? i think they're just scaredy cats. >> reporter: getting that full report is sure to be a fight. house judiciary chairman jerry nadler spoke with the attorney general wednesday evening and said barr will not commit to releasing the full report. we're learning from our colleagues on the hill that the main issue is the amount of grand jury material in that report. they're going to have to, you know, fight over whether they're going to get a court to agree to make that public. bri? >> sara murray, thank you for that report. manu raju asked speaker pelosi a very pointed question today. let's listen. >> are you ready to accept that there was no collusion between the trump campaign and the russians? >> what i'm ready to do is act for the people with a bill to lower costs for prescription drugs and health care. >> in case you weren't sure,
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jackie, she didn't want to answer that question. she answered the one that she wanted to. >> it's an example of what the gift the trump administration gave to the democrats by refocusing on obamacare and health care. that's something that they want to talk about. that's something that they know was beneficial to them in the 2018 midterms. so it allows them to pivot off of the mueller investigation, which is more complicated. >> they can't entirely pivot off of it, though. we haven't seen the report. >> that's the point, right? >> we've seen a few quotes from the report. >> barely. partial quotes. >> partial quotes. >> so the revelation today that it's at least 300 pages long probably helps explain the poll results we've seen the last couple of days, cnn poll and cbs poll, very small percentage of americans say this is the end of the story, that trump has been cleared of all the questions raised about him, which is a logical response. four-page summary of a report that's over 300 pages. it can't be okay, there's nothing here, folks. that's it. there has to be, obviously, a
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lot of evidence and information on a lot of different questions that people have. and i think until americans see all of that, the cloud will not be fully dispelled over the white house. >> i'm on board for as much of the mueller report coming out as humanly possible, because we paid for it. i'm also happy to talk about this story because it's good news. it's very good news for america that he did not collude with a hostile foreign country to become president, that he was not a foreign asset. that's good news for our country and system of government. and i think, look, some people say you set the bar too low, mary katharine. i didn't set that bar. they said the special counsel would find these bad and treasonous things about the president but he didn't. those are the top lines and i look forward to learning more. i supported this investigation throughout and i'm excited to hear not only the top lines but the rest of it.
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but i think there were some who ferventally hoped to a different end to this. i say that based on throughout this ride side eye, occasional hate twitter i got on expressing uncertainty, caution or that we should measure the credibility of our public servants. of course, we should measure that against the president, who isn't that credible as well, which we've done ad nauseum. adversaries of the president can go about the business of beating him in an election, a more healthy indulgence than the past two years. they can spin conspiracy theories about this or move on to the next theory. but since caution has served me well for the last two years, i'll be bringing them to the next conversation. >> if you trust bill barr and you trust that quote that he pulled, then you believe that
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collusion, that's a shut case. right? >> correct. >> when it comes to the obstruction piece, the mueller report did not exonerate him. he punted to bill barr, who made the decision. >> he may have punted to congress and bill barr may have decided -- >> correct. and to that point, speaker pelosi said, because bill barr wrote this four-page summary. speaker pelosi said that it was condescending, if he was punting to congress instead. it's unacceptable that barr won't commit to making public the mueller report. do you feel it's coming out one way or another? >> it's not coming out in full or any time soon. we've seen 64 words out of what we're hearing is a 300-page report. ware told about the mueller report as if we have read the mueller report. nancy pelosi hasn't read the mueller report. i doubt donald trump has read
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the mueller report. he is saying complete exoneration for himself, even though mueller said it's not exoneration. trump is already lying. he will tell a few more at the rally, i'm sure. to come back to your point, i agree with you that the bar was set too low by his opponents, john brennan and others putting their eggs in that basket. when you talk about beating him in a fair election, what mueller did say is that the russians interfered in this election, and donald trump told us the last two years that they didn't. he stood next to vladimir putin and said i trust putin. it might be a 400-pound hacker on a bed. how about an apology from donald trump for getting that story completely wrong, now being confirmed by mueller? we're cherry picking mueller, depending on where we are. >> this is new details about the call between jerry nadler and the attorney general bill barr. one democratic staffer is telling cnn that the primary obstacle to getting the full mueller report is that presence of grand jury information that nadler offered barr the opportunity -- i should also say
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nadler offered barr the opportunity together to get a court order to release the grand jury information to work together to get a court order to release the grand jury information. >> you're not just going to get -- it's not going to be like the starr report. in part because the law is different. mueller reports to barr, not to congress. some democrats out there might have second thoughts about releasing the starr report in full once it dropped sight unseen. so this is a long process. the idea that this was going to get done by april 2nd, which is monday, i believe. >> tuesday. >> tuesday. sorry. i don't have my calendar in front of me. >> i only know because i'm off the 1st. >> that deadline, saying it was a hard deadline, that was going to be tough, i think. >> the starr report was released, right? and the idea, if you analagize
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this, the idea that we would accept the attorney general's 64-word summary. yes, he has been able to portray it, spin it in the way that he wants but the country is not taking what they have -- >> it's not even analogy with the starr report. imagine mueller came back and said yes, he was guilty of criminal conspiracy. >> but he didn't. >> but do we get to see the underlying -- >> congressman adam schiff, chair of the intel house committee predicted that robert mueller himself will eventually testify before congress. if that is the case, what do you want to know? what are your questions for mueller, especially keeping in mind there may be a whole lot from the report that we're not going to see. >> look, i think the biggest question still is the question
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of the degree to which there was interaction between the campaign and the russians. adam schiff today listed a whole series of things in the public record. bob mueller decided that, in his phrase, did not establish, i believe is his exact phrase, a criminal conspiracy. i think people are going to want to know above all, even more than the obstruction questions, what exactly were the contexts? why did paul manafort share information with the ukrainian contact? what was behind this pattern of interaction, which is unlike what we've seen in previous presidential campaigns? adam schiff went through the stuff that's in the public record. now according to barr, he reached a definitive conclusion about that. what was the actual contact and why did it occur? i think that would be the question. >> why did they lie about it again and again? >> and the president's role in all of this. we don't really get straight answers about that, ever. particularly in an on-the-record setting. that would be just on every
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front. what is the president doing here? where was he here? that would take up a lot of my questions. >> in defense of the summary, i think mueller very helpfully for everyone pushed back on irresponsible at buzz feed. if bar, by the way, were mischaracterizing him and he would say something about it, but i look forward to, i think mueller probably skewering everybody. >> the building is like 68 stories or 58? vineyard 2,000 acres or is it really 1,200, depending on who you ask? new documents that show just how much president trump reportedly inflated his net worth. plus why president trump and president obama's chiefs of staff are agreeing about a story that's grabbing the nation's attention? biopharmaceutical researchers.
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details about how president trump possibly inflated his net worth, among them a winery in virginia, golf course in southern california and skyscraper in manhattan, according to a new report in "the washington post." i want to bring in kara scanell. >> michael cohen had testified that donald trump inflated his assets when he testified on capitol hill. "the washington post" dug into this report and dug into records that are in the public record. trump tower in new york city in trump's financial condition statement he said it was a 68-story bronze glass structure on fifth avenue. washington post digging found it was actually 58 stories. golf course in los angeles, they found that the trump national golf course, this is in the report, it says it was zoned for 75 homes with unparalleled ocean
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and golf course views and at june 30th, 2011, there were 55 home sites for sale. "the washington post" digging found only 31 home sites for sale. another example they found looking at the 2012 statement of financial condition, that said that there was a 2,000-acre vineyard in shar lotsville, virginia, that donald trump owned. it is only 1,200 acres. and then that donald trump has a brand value of $4 billion. that number just appeared almost out of thin air. it wasn't in any of the previous financial statements, provided for at least these past few years. it's not uncommon for there to be some squishiness around valuations but these are pretty black and white figures and even the accounting firm highlighted a couple of red flags in here. they said this wasn't even audited, this was donald trump's determination of what his financial valuations are. and they also said it deviated
1:20 pm
in a couple of different ways from u.s. accounting standards that they said were significant and pervasive. and because of that, they said users of this financial statement should recognize that they might reach different conclusions about the financial condition of donald j. trump if they had access to a revised statement of financial condit n condition. the trump organization has declined to comment but this is of interest to a lot of investigators, the house committee on oversight has asked for ten years worth of information and communications with the trump organization and investigators in new york are also interested in this. >> kara scanell thank you for laying that out for us. this all comes as the white house official tells cnn that the trump administration has no new proposal to replace obamacare. a plan will be introduced to congress some time this year but they've provided no new specifics or details on timing. kaitlan collins reports that the
1:21 pm
battle over what to do with obamacare is dividing the west wing. >> i wish it didn't take so long. >> reporter: president trump isn't putting the mueller investigation behind him. >> it was a cloud. it was a cloud that most people didn't believe, fortunately. >> reporter: some allies wish he would focus on it a little more. instead, he is plunging his party into the perilous health care battle once again. >> the president will be putting forward plans this year that we hope to introduce into congress. >> reporter: sources tell cnn the white house currently has no plan to replace the affordable care act if a lawsuit overturning it succeeds. that's a lawsuit the justice department threw its weight behind this week over the objection of the attorney general. >> going along with texas, we're winning the case. >> reporter: aofafter a bruisin defeat in the midterm elections, republicans are reluctant to have this fight, while rejecting confidence in front of the cameras -- >> the president and i are very
1:22 pm
clear. we believe obamacare has been a failure to the public. >> reporter: gop is skeptical behind the scenes. one republican senate aide telling cnn they are eagerly waiting on the white house's proposal that brings republicans the consensus that has otherwise alluded us for over a decade. democrats are eager to exploit the party's tension. >> the president wants to go back to repeal and replace again? make our day. >> reporter: now brianna, even though the white house has no proposal in the works, i'm told you can expect the president to tout it here in grand rapids, michigan. it's the president's first rally since the mueller report and we're also expecting another victory lap. >> and in operatic fashion, we should say, kaitlan, thank you.
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in a new quinnipiac poll. then bernie sanders and beto o'rourke. but pete buttigieg is gaining ground in nationwide attention as senator cory booker lays out his promises on a center stage for the first time. >> reporter: no secret that senator cory booker wants to kick president trump out of office. but the 2020 hopeful stopped short of advocating for impeachment. >> i'm going to commit to you that we are going to beat donald trump. we are going to have this nation through the electoral process and him packing from the white house. >> as for whether he could move in with rosario dawson. >> you said she would be an incredible first lady. >> let's not get ahead of us. right now, she is an incredible
1:29 pm
girlfriend. i'm very lucky. >> if booker or any other democrat plans to take down trump, they've got work to do, according to former white house chief adviser steve bannon, who told cnn -- >> i don't see anybody else in this field taking on donald trump. he is going to be very tough in this campaign. >> reporter: senator amy klobuchar announces his $1 trillion infrastructure plan. >> i put together a plan that is paid for. it's not just a mirage. the president keeps talking about infrastructure but hasn't put the money down that you need. >> reporter: she plans to pay for it in part by closing loopholes and increase the corporate tax rate to 25%. >> it went all the way down to 21% and every point is $100 billion. >> meanwhile, pete buttigieg is getting more attention from voters. in a new quinnipiac poll the south bend mayor is on the rise up to 4% support, edging out
1:30 pm
booker and klobuchar. buttigieg has not jumped into the race officially but another is. all of whom lag behind a man who remains on the bench, former vice president joe biden is still a commanding favorite with 29% of the would-be democratic vote despite not havie ining ded his candidacy for president in 2020. brianna, joe biden is not the only wild card still in this race. the only person possibly getting in, in the weeks to come, former virginia governor terry mcauliffe, cnn reports, is leaning toward jumping into the race. it really shows how early it is, how many variables there are and how much can change in the weeks and months to come. brianna? >> rebecca buck, thank you so much. we should note it's still
1:31 pm
very early. how many people are going to get in this race? it's so early in 2020, yet at the same time when you're looking at this key time, as people are trying to establish themselves, what stands out to you? >> obviously the size of the field. the biggest field since 1976. it will challenge what we've seen over the last several cycles. look at the four contested democratic primaries since 2000, the total number of states won by a candidate who did not first win iowa and new hampshire is five out of 200. so, historically, this is whittled very quickly. we are all expecting it to be different. we're expecting three or four candidates viable through the early states going into super tuesday in early march but that's not guaranteed. the other thing that really stands out to me is that you have the most diverse democratic electorate that we'll ever have. likely in 202040% of the voters will be nonwhites, 60% of the voters will be women. kind of the hidden dynamic in
1:32 pm
all of that is that it's older than people think. 60% of democratic primary voters are over 45. that is a competitive advantage for joe biden, very strong with older voters while other candidates are most strong with younger voters and that younger tier is pretty competitive, buttigieg, beto, kamala. biden doesn't have quite as much company on that front. >> you predicted last week that mayor pete buttigieg, and i can say it right sometimes and then not the next. buttigieg. i feel like we should be able to say his name. >> mayor pete. >> was it you -- i heard someone report they felt he was getting a lot of attention from older voter voters, to your point, ron, not just younger voters, a flip from
1:33 pm
bernie sanders. >> third in the iowa poll. doing well in this quinnipiac poll. he's getting support from across the board. people seem to love him wherever they are on the left, right, center political spectrum. last week, bill cristol and i were agree iing on mayor pete. he's a progressive, doesn't pull any punches when it comes to trump and pence and he's radical on democrats want candidates to be radical on, premium court, electoral college. can he win the presidency? right now it would be weird to predict that. then again, look, 2016, 16 republicans ran and the guy from "home alone 2" won. anyone who wants to make predictions, good luck to them. >> buttigieg can literally be like i haven't even started yet. he is earning it, because he's interesting. he's not taking short cuts. >> when you look at a few percentage points it still matters at this point in time. >> when somebody pops the top of
1:34 pm
the polls, it has a way of snowballing. people like to see somebody like that. >> biden is on top of the poll -- on top of the polls right now. and i also thought -- but he hasn't endured the vetting that a top tier candidate has ever. i know he was vice president. i get that. i know he was on the ticket, ran twice and lost. but he has never had the glare of the spotlight. and i know ron, you were talking about this before the segment. i know some people don't think the anita hill question is going to matter. he still hasn't addressed it in a way that makes any sense. >> it makes it worse. >> he has made it worse. >> wish i could have done something. >> you were the chair. >> you were the chair. so, that's the problem. a whole new crop of voters that haven't seen that ever. >> i covered the '88 race and the 2000, biden's. he has not been a good
1:35 pm
candidate. not only anita hill but going back to bussing and crime and welfare that are more difficult to explain in a democratic party whose coalition is substantially different than it was in the '70s and '80s, but having said that, there is still -- we just have to keep in mind that there are still a lot of, as i said, middle aged, middle of the road, middle of the country voters. and that is a base for biden that could be more substantial and enduring, even though i wouldn't use the word commanding for a 29% front-runner. he is a front-runner. obviously there's opportunity for others. >> jeb bush was a front-runner. always good to be the front-runner. >> crime bill might even be more of an issue for him than the hill issue. this is why cory booker, speaking of town hall, is smart to make marijuana policy a bit of a proving ground for criminal justice reform. in searching for enthusiasm with
1:36 pm
the younger voters, he can go up against a kamala harris and say i know you've evolved on this but you haven't answered about your record. she hasn't been asked questions about this. talk about biden and say you need to answer for mass incarceration. he has said a few things but are things that will need to be answered. >> he is authentic. this has been part of cory booker for a very long time. he was critical in passing criminal justice reform. he was really pushing the bill. >> let's listen, actual ly, to what he said and what it's maybe going to bode for the future here. >> i passed a comprehensive criminal justice reform bill with other senators on both sides of the aisle, first time since those horrible crime bills back in the 1990s, pass this had legislation, working across the aisle to move forward. >> paging joe biden, right?
1:37 pm
paging bernie sanders. he voted for the bill. paging kamala harris and her record of criminal justice. >> he wrote the bill. if you look at some of the clips of biden speaking in the early '90s, it makes hillary clinton's predatory style look like nothing. >> virtually every black mayor in the country supported that bill. we're talking about a very different era when the murder rate was vastly higher in all of those cities. >> good luck selling that now. >> i'm not sure about that. good luck selling that now to a younger generation of democrats who look at this party today and can't imagine how someone had those positions. for an older generation of democrats who realize that the three election of the '80s, the democrats won the highest share of electoral vote. >> how do you explain it? >> that may be different. >> how do you explain it? how do you explain it? looking at the anita hill answer, that was hardly a good first try. how does he explain himself? >> i mean, he could say he has worked on a couple of things.
1:38 pm
did he work on sentencing reform during obama's tenure. he will have to count on mostly cover from the obama years when he wasn't doing all that much legislatively, to sort of wash over that. and i'm not sure that the younger people are going to buy t you do have a point, specifically marijuana polling, this is the policy that booker is pushing to get this out there and it is buzz worthy. >> you could individually pack each one. when you put it together, it's like hilla like hillary 2.0. >> whether the advantages biden has in the poll ons trump and particularly on that straightforward path of recapturing the three states that broke off buys him some grace on which the party has pulled away. >> and the point i want to make is that in those blue wall
1:39 pm
states, this marijuana polls specifically behind those states. that will matter. >> black voters have voted with the winner in democratic primary since 1990. if you're joe biden and you're looking at candidates who are going to peel away a lot of white liberals, you have to hold a solid share of black voters. there are not enough white moderates by themselves. and so it's really critical. he's now polling 40% of african-american voters. ultimately obama got to 80. >> how does biden navigate? maybe it's a different situation because the opponent is donald trump. how does he navigate explaining himself on, as we said, this issue after issue after issue? how does he do that without looking like he is completely out of touch with where the democratic party is? >> i think that's the test, that he can have a good explanation
1:40 pm
for his previous record. >> that he can have one? >> that he can, that he will have a good answer. that is his biggest challenge. in these trial runs, if you will, we've seen that he hasn't. you can only evolve on so many issues before you look inauthent inauthentic. >> that is one thing that voters are looking for, authenticity. >> he's joe biden. >> bidenisms and gaffes and you can't go to 7-eleven unless you have an indian accent. i think trump would enjoy going up against biden. >> some of the stuff he said, is that going to fly? i wonder if he's up against -- if he's up against cory booker, who has made it clear he's drawing this line in the sand on these issues, how harsh is cory
quote quote
1:41 pm
booker and others? if you can hold on a moment. moments ago, president trump spoke, as he was departing the white house. let's listen. >> we're opening up car plants in michigan again for the first time in decades. they're coming in. really, pouring in. car companies are coming in. toyota just announced $13.5 billion coming into our country. and michigan is booming and ohio is booming. and north carolina, south carolina, florida. a lot of places. we have a lot of car companies. we have a lot of companies coming back into our country and this has been happening pretty much since i've been president. it's really amazing what's going on. but again, because i'm going to michigan i will tell you, we'll be speaking about it tonight. we have companies coming back in, car companies. it's a great thing to see.
1:42 pm
[ inaudible question ] >> i've been going through that for two years. it's much more than that. if you look back you can probably look at the insurance policy area in terms of timing. it's a disgrace what happened. this was a terrible thing that's been put on to our country. nobody has ever seen anything like this. never happened before. beautiful conclusion, i haven't seen the report. beautiful conclusion. and there was no collusion at all. there never was. everybody knew it. i wish it could have gone in one week instead of taking almost two years. but the result was great. no obstruction. no collusion. no anything. it was a great thing but it took a long time.
1:43 pm
[ inaudible question ] >> well, i can't tell you whether it had an impact on other countries, including china. i can tell you this. countries are reacting very well. we're doing very well with our trade talks with china and other talks with other countries. our country is doing great. if you look at -- if you look at other countries, if you look at what's happening, the economies of other countries, we're leading the world, economically. we're leading the world as far as our economy is concerned. we have a strong dollar. things are going very well. one of the reasons i'm going out tonight from michigan, so much industry and car companies to
1:44 pm
michigan. so we're very happy. [ inaudible question ] >> the special olympics will be funded. i just told my people i want to fund the special olympics, and i just authorized a funding of the special olympics. i've been to the special olympic s. i think it's incredible. and i just authorized a funding. i heard about it this morning. i have overridden my people. we're funding the special olympics. [ inaudible question ]
1:45 pm
>> a very nice lady. a friend of mine. i hope she does well. i hope the brexit movement and everything happening there goes very well. theresa may is a very good woman. i'll tell you what, she's strong. she's tough. and she's in there, fighting. i like boris johnson a lot. [ inaudible question ] >> i've taken care better care of puerto rico than anyone ever. 29 billion to puerto rico, 29 billion to texas. puerto rico has been taken care of better by donald trump than by any living human being. and i think the people of puerto
1:46 pm
rico understand it. you do have a mayor of san juan that, frankly, doesn't know what she's doing and the governor, you've got to spend the money wisely. they don't know how to spend the money and they're not spending it wisely but i'm giving them more money than they've ever gotten. frankly, the people of puerto rico, i really have a great relationship with them. and when it comes time, they really do appreciate it. [ inaudible question ] >> obamacare has been an
1:47 pm
absolute disaster. i've asked john barasso, senator, joe cassidy, terrific health care person, rick scott and others to take a look, form a really great plan. we're winning the lawsuit to terminate obamacare in texas. we are winning the texas lawsuit. right now we're on the winning side. hopefully, we'll win the appellate decision. cost of obamacare to people far too much. the deductibility is ridiculous. it averages more than $7,000, meaning it's unusable. obamacare has been a disaster. we will take care of pre-existing conditions better than they are taken care of now and i already got rid of the individual mandate, which was the worst part of obamacare where you had to pay for the privilege of not getting bad
1:48 pm
insurance. so we are working very hard on that. john barasso, rick scott. we put together a group of four or five, and bill cassidy is a terrific health care person. they are going to work together, come up with something that's really spectacular. maybe we'll even get support in the house from democrats. but it's going to be far better than obamacare. if we win on obamacare, it will be terminated in the court. and we'll see what happens. [ inaudible question ] >> we're working on a plan now. there's no great rush from the standpoint we're waiting for decisions from the court but we've already won the case for the determination of obamacare, against obamacare. now we'll go to the appellate division. we'll see what happens there. i think we'll win. it's in texas. wait, wait. then it goes to the supreme
1:49 pm
court of the united states. if the decisions are held up, if we win on determination of obamacare, we will have a plan very better than obamacare including pre-existing conditions, which i've always been in favor of. >> what is the fbi going to do about jussie smollett? >> i think the case in chicago is an absolute embarrassment to our country. i have asked that they look at it. >> you asked? >> i think that case is an absolute embarrassment to our country. and somebody has to, at least, take a very good, hard look the it. [ inaudible question ] >> the president speak iing as
1:50 pm
was leaving for grand rapids, michigan. he said he was cleared by the mueller report on obstruction. that's not true. a small smidge that we have from it in the barr letter. while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him. on puerto rico, that he said they're not spending money wisely, he has misstated the amount of money by a factor of six that they had received and that hud is partially to blame, large chunk of the blame for not getting the money to them. not to fact check but the special olympics will be funded. that funding had been pulled through the department of education, at least according to the budget, a priority list, and then on the issue of health care, he said they're working on a plan right now. that's a bit of a headline. and talking about where this health care bill is being appealed, he said it's in texas. it's actually in new orleans. that's where the court of appeals where it's being appealed will be. let's open this up for
1:51 pm
discussion. he has intervened with a positive headline for the special olympics. he has insulted -- he said he treated puerto rico the best. what do you think? what was the biggest takeaway for you? >> i think puerto rico would object to that. jim acosta had an interview that might be contrary to what the president said there. listen, i'm actually really anxious to e-mail senators scott, cassidy and barasso to see what is being crafted. it was our understanding that this was a big surprise earlier this week, that they were going back into obamacare war. because i think a lot of republicans, at least the ones i spoke to, thought they were beyond this. in part because of what happened in 2018. >> he put it in his budget. it's interesting when he says he's developing a plan. the budget has a plan. it says repeal aca, replace it
1:52 pm
with the grand cassidy block grants, block grant medicaid and cut combined spending for aca and medicaid by $775 billion over the next ten years. that is the plan that the administration has endorsed as of three weeks ago. and i think if you're asking what is the most significant, there's no question that reopening the battle over the aca, both in his budget and now in the lawsuit is the most significant in terms of 2020. it was the single most important issue for democrats and their gains in 2018, particularly in clawing back some ground among those blue collar whites, especially women in the midwest. and he has now -- whatever plan the democrats come up with, i would argue that the most important health care proposal of 2020 is already on the table, it's from donald trump and it's to repeal the aca. >> i want to say one thing really quick. there's a big debate in the party about medicare for all, what to do, single payer.
1:53 pm
>> pre-existing conditions. >> that is true. >> but also run into the idea when you do medicare for all you do take away and sometimes literally outlaw people's current plans. >> now we're talking about republicans again. >> of course. >> because of the administration. >> yep. >> the special olympics headline here, where he said he has intervened and betsy devos had been grilled by congress on this. she was saying look, philanthropistes fund this. they don't need government funding. it's going to be okay. it's not like we're getting rid of the special olympics. they're going to be okay. but the uproar was huge. what do you think of him doing this? >> no surprise that he wants to throw betsy devos under the bus. he has made it clear in public and private that he's not the biggest fan of betsy devos. i like his phraseology. i've overridden my people. it's i'm here to the rescue. i'm the only one who can help you. i alone can fix this.
1:54 pm
>> and for me, offensive and discussing to hear him talk about puerto rico, i have the best relationship. 3,000 people died in puerto rico. we saw him throwing the paper towels and blaming them for their own demise. he tried to illegally transfer money from puerto rico to u.s. mainland states. it's an outrage. jussie smolette, he's getting very worked up as are many republicans, saying it's an outrage that he was released without charge. a guy who wasn't charged is still guilty of a crime. i wonder where else that could apply in the news agenda. >> there is irony in that, for sure. he was really leading into beautiful conclusion. there was no collusion. that's what he said. >> yeah. >> frankly, it is a beautiful conclusion. he has a way of putting things that will be something we say all the time. i would advise and i know it sounds like concern trolling.
1:55 pm
i would advise democrats to -- we have a presumption of innocence in this country, a two-year investigation. he interviewed 2800 people, 500 warrants do we think that adam schiff with less good motives and less information will find more information that will finally show us the thing? to me that does not seem likely. and i think it doesn't work as a pitch. >> first of all, campaign in 2018, that's what they talked about. and in 2020, health care will be front and center no matter who the nominee is. >> we will be back with more.
1:56 pm
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