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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  March 29, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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they have never had a plan. >> republicans are very nervous. it's not a winning issue. >> announcer: this is new day with alisyn camerota and john berman. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world, this is new day, it is friday. >> naughty language friday. >> no, we're not going to say naughty language today. it's march 29th, 6:00 here in new york. president trump on the other hand, taking a victory lap in his first campaign rally. he claimed, quote, total exoneration. he also warned the investigators behind the russia probe that they would be held, quote, accountable. he used crude language and name calling and he blasted democrats who continue to investigate any wrongdoing around him. and the calls continue for the mueller report to be -- the full mueller report to be made public. cnn has learned that the mueller report is more than 300 pages long. what will those pages reveal? >> what kind of crude language? >> i'm not saying. you're not going to get me to
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say it this morning over breakfast. >> the president did use crude, naughty language at the rally. and there's little doubt he understands those words. but there are growing questions about whether he understands the words he's using in the healthcare debate. his administration has moved to eliminate obamacare, all of it, which would impact millions of americans with preexisting conditions. and overnight the president used that word, preexisting conditions, it's really two words, he said he would protect people who have preexisting conditions, but as far as we can tell, he has never explained how. in plans he's endorsed in the past would allow potentially huge increases in premiums for people with preexisting conditions. and overnight a federal court blocked a different move by the administration to get around standards put in place by obamacare. let's begin with boris sanchez live at the naughty white house. boris. >> reporter: not so naughty this morning, john. president trump was in a celebratory mood last night
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feeling vindicated at his first rally since robert mueller finished his work. but we still don't know what is in mueller's report and there's no clarity on when we may actually see it. >> the collusion delusion is over. >> reporter: president trump triumphant about the end of special counsel's investigation mocking the reports and falsely claiming that the report clears him of wrongdoing. >> total exoneration. complete vindication. >> reporter: the president basing this claim on attorney general william barr's four-page summary of mueller's 22-month long probe which found no evidence of conspiracy with russia, but did not exonerate him on obstruction of justice. sources tell cnn that mueller's report is more than 300 pages long bolstering democrats demand to see the full findings. >> show us the report and we can draw our own conclusions. we don't need you interpreting
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for us. it was condescending, arrogant, and it wasn't the right thing to do. >> reporter: president trump slamming democrats for than i ongoing investigation into his administration. >> the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous bull [ bleep ]. >> and rid kulg house intelligence chairman adam schiff who's standing by his claim that there is evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. >> little pencil neck adam schiff. >> reporter: the president piling on after republicans on the against committee wrote a letter calling on schiff to resign. >> your actions both past and president are incompatible with your duty as chairman of this committee. we have though faith in your ability to discharge your duties. >> schiff refusing to step down, laying out facts that are already public about the russia probe. >> you might think that it's okay that the president's
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son-in-law sought to establish a secret back channel of communications with the russians through a russia diplomatic facility. i don't think that's okay. i think it's immoral, i think it's unethical, i think it's unpatriotic, and, yes, i think it's corrupt. and evidence of collusion. >> house speaker nancy pelosi defending schiff. >> what is the president afraid of? is he afraid of the truth? that he would go after a member, a chairman of a committee? i think they're just scaredy cats. >> he also offered to repeal and replace obamacare, but the administration has not provided any specifics on the repeal end of that. president trump is of course spending his weekend at mar-a-lago. it's ab ean easy day for him as takes a tour of lake okeechobee. >> john, do you think that the
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president and bill barr, the attorney general, have done a successful job of convincing many americans, certainly republicans, that the mueller report is over when, in fact, there are 300 pages yet to come that no one has seen? >> i think the president really understands news cycles, media spin, and the presentation of the bar memo has been designed to drive the conversation over a period of weeks. it has worked with republicans. there are no signs it's worked with the overwhelming number of the american people because, as you point out, in that four maj memo you had two sentences directly taken from the mueller report out of 300 pages we know now. 300 pages. i'm guessing there's a little bit more information. i don't think it will contradict the top line findings, but there be more detail to sift through as we all should. >> i want to play a portion of the president's rally last night in michigan because i think it is very instructive to hear the we in which he tries to convince
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people of his message. it's almost hypnotic. listen to this. >> remember this, because it's very important. and i'm speaking now for the republican party. we will always protect patients with preexisting conditions. always. always. >> remember this, because it's very important. don't believe anything else you hear. >> don't believe what you hear, don't believe what -- only believe what i say. the president is wrong. he's trying to convince his base that he is telling the truth. he is nomt. the administration's justice department is right now taking action backing -- switching its position in a court case to take out all of obamacare, including preexisting conditions. and they admit they don't have a plan to replace it. >> they say that by the time the court case goes into effect, they will have a plan.
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>> that sounds very coming for the, this particular air sandwich i'm giving you right here, it will be very satisfying. look, the president has committed to this. president is -- the administration's own actions contradict it. do you believe what he says or do you believe what they do? >> or do you believe your own lying eyes? >> correct. >> back to adam schiff. you heard him there, a portion of him confronting his republican colleagues calling for his resignation. we have a little bit more of it. watch this. >> my colleagues may think it's okay that the russians offered dirt on a democratic candidate for president as part of what was described as the russian government's effort to help the trump campaign. but i don't think it's okay. i think it's immoral. i think it's unethical. i think it's unpatriotic. and, yes, i think it's corrupt. and evidence of collusion. but i do not think that conduct, criminal or not, is okay. and the day we do think that's
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okay is the day we will look back and say that is the day america lost its way. >> what's going to happen to congressman schiff as the chair when your republican colleagues call for you to resign, then what happens? >> look, they are raising the issue. they can try all sorts of maneuvers. at the end of the day demanding that schiff resign is like demanding a pony. it's not going to particularly happen. that said, schiff, i think, makes the mistake by continuing to try to hang his hat on the word collusion. i do think from the top line of the barr memo that's been taken off the table. there's still plenty to investigate and part of what they're trying to do is say that any other investigations, any other court cases, whatever they find is irrelevant because of the top line barr memo. that's not true. but by continuing to hammer away at the word collusion i don't think schiff is doing himself any favors. and probably there's some democrats wishing he'd move on
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from that. >> thank you very much for the analysis, john. big breaking news in the boeing voftion. according to the "wall street journal," preliminary findings reveal the cause of the ethiopia airlines crash was in fact the same issue that likely took down the lion air flight last october. this is a big deal because it indicates a systemic issue with a 737 max 8 plane. it has all to do with the stahl prevention feature. robin is live there with the breaking details. robin. >> reporter: well, the stall prevention feature called the m cat, that's what everyone is talking about, this very technical m cast system, automated system, intended to make the max 8 avoid stalling. so if it malfunctions it sends a stall that went perhaps already apology ha
3:10 am
happening, it would have made the nose tip down without the pilots knowing what was causing it. we sat down with several people close to this investigation who tell us that the m cast, the mechanism, this feature is not part of the quick reference handbook which is the handbook, the bible really, of pilots and crew members. so if it's not in that quick reference handbook then in case of an emergency they cannot see what the problem is. of course airlines flight 302 taking off crashing six minutes after takeoff, that would definitely indicate that they did not have very much time at all to figure out what was the problem. now, as you said, this is a preliminary find according to "the wall street journal." normally reports take up close to a year. but 157 lives lost here in eeth oumuamuaians. british, french, america, people from 35 different countries and some family members still here trying to gather the remains of
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their loved ones to take them back to their home countries and they say it might take up to six months for dna identification. alisyn. >> thank you very much for the update. president trump reversing his administration's position on cutting funds for the special olympics. this is after his education secretary betsy devos defended the cuts. lauren fox is live open capitol hill with more of this embarrassing mess. lauren. >> reporter: that's right. it was a tumultuous week for betsy devos as she went before the house and senate committees defending this $18 million cut to the special olympics. then last night the president just reverses course. here's what he said. >> i've been to the special olympics. i think it's incredible and i just authorized a funding. i heard about it this morning, i have overridden my people, we'r budget process works, alisyn,
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but betsy devos had her own statement respond together president afterward. she said, quote rirm please and grateful that the president and i see eye to eye on this issue and that he has decided to fund our special olympics grant. this is funding i have fought for behind the scenes over the last several years. but that's not what we saw on capitol hill as she was being grilled by lawmakers all week this week. my colleague ryan nobles caught up with her yesterday and she was standing waiting for a notoriously slow elevator on capitol hill, he's peppering her with questions trying to get answers. here's what happened. >> madam secretary, you said today you were not the person that proposed this funding change. can you explain who in your administration did? madam secretary, have you spoken to the president about this at all? if there's some misunderstanding, madam
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secretary, this is the opportunity to explain it to us. >> reporter: and we should say the president's budget is a statement of policy priorities. we never expected it to be passed on capitol hill. we never expected it to be law. but it just shows you how special the special olympics are to so many people up here on capitol hill, that they were defend -- those cuts were attacked by both republicans and democrats and the president ultimately had to reverse course. john. >> that's right. and the important thing here is they're trying to trick you into thinking they were not supporting these cuts. this was the trump administration budget proposal, the third year running, that they wanted to cut funding for the special olympics and the president now is disavowing it after receiving that criticism. lauren fax on capitol hill, thanks very much. the city of chicago is now demanding that jussie smollett pay $130,000 to cover the cost of investigating what they say was a staged hate crime.
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ryan young live in chicago with this morning's latest on this story. ryan. >> reporter: yeah, john, which way will the story turn next? you never know. everyone's sort of pointing fingers at each other. last night on don lemon's show, they had new information. she said this was a hoax the entire time and she called the smollett's claim of white face that they kind of floated yesterday that maybe the two men had i painted their face white during the attack was an outward lie. so now you have that assertion going on. then you have the president and mayor of chicago going back and forth with this with the mayor saying sit on the sidelines of this one. all in all, they want jussie smollett to pay the city back for all the work the 12 detectives did around the clock to try to figure this case out. listen to some of the rounds of sound from yesterday in terms of the back and forth about who should pay next. >> given that he doesn't feel any sense of contrition and remorse, my recommendation is when he writes a check in the memo section he can put the word
3:15 am
i'm accountable for the hoax. >> he said he was attacked by maga country. you ever hear that one? maybe the only time i've ever agreed with the mayor of chicago. >> reporter: and the no, i prosecutors bar association actually put out a statement which in part reads over the past few days regarding the cook county state's handling of the jussi somali e smollett case they don't condone any part of this. they thought it was not as ethical as they thought it should be. now you have someone else weighing in, alisyn, to all of this and we're told there will be a protest out in front of courthouse by police officers on monday. so this is just not over just yet. >> ryan, you're doing great reporting but somehow we get more confused every day. it is so confusing what's -- what's happening here. but thank you, we will check back with you throughout the
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3:20 am
tell us what the dlirchs between 300 and 4 is. >> i can do math, that's a little over 1%. people have been calling barr's version cliff notes. i think that's unfair to cliff notes. they're usually one-third or one half of the actual book. i think barr went way outside his lane here legally and politically as well. if you look at the regulation and the whole point of the setup, it to take the political chain of command out of it. it's to send it to somebody who does not report to the president, robert mule, he are let him make the key decisions. and the regulations say prosecution and declination decisions are to be made by the special counsel. now, we know he declined on what people call collusion. we know he said it's a very close call on obstruction and i think the best reading of that is he intended to send that to the one body that can do something about it, which is congress. he can't indict, only congress can impeach.
3:21 am
barr then stepped out, intercepted it, put his own spin on it and he's sitting on it. >> 300 say lot of pages, not as much as the starr report, but it's a lot of pages. >> people don't like that feeling. i know when you try a case to the jury if they feel like you're keeping something from them, they will rebel on you. and that lessen holds true, the longer he sits on this the more the political pressure is going to build. >> what's stunning is that it took them 48 hours to make an incrediblyno pursuing obstructi this was left open by mueller but the redaction of the 300 page document is taking exponentially longer. that's why people are asking rightly questions and those questions won't be answered until the report is going to be released. >> margaret, we are going to see the report, yes? >> i think we see we're going to see a lot of it, but president trump is doing in his own fashion what most any president would do, which is take the time in between then and now to maximize his ability to
3:22 am
re-define or to define what this found. and i say the way his own special imprint on it. indeed, any president would be trying to take advantage of that moment in time, but he's really doubling down and you see it with this sort of coordinated effort with house republicans to try to force adam schiff to resign. all of the sort of stuff is that he knows he has a limited amount of time and if he can completely exhaust people about this topic or get his own kind of version of what the report says stuck before the actual release details come out, he may have a chance to minimize the impact of the political -- >> fallout, sure. >> findings of the report. >> we don't know what we're going to see. we don't know how much he will redact, if he will summarize, he hasn't ruled out doing either of those things. until we see it we don't know. until we see it we won't know what went behind it so we will rejerve judgment on that. >> yes, we are. >> in the subject of what is not known, let's talk about healthcare and what is not known about what the president thinks
3:23 am
about parts of the healthcare plan. he continues to say as last night you played the sandwich with john avlon earlier, that he is in favor of great healthcare, he's going to deliver on healthcare and he always, always, always will protect people with preexisting conditions but we don't know how. we don't know how he intends do that. and i submit that he has never once given us any statement that he understands the int kasiraka of protecting people on healthcare. >> he used to offer this expansive nature of healthcare and now his administration is pursuing a very extreme anti-obama line. clearly the animus against obamacare is the run through. because the aca was originally a republican-proposed plan, let's not forget that. but now the administration is all in in terms of trying to remove the preexisting conditions after the republicans campaigned on it and the president continues to promise that he's for it against the
3:24 am
evidence of his administration's actions. that, you know, they can say they're going to propose a plan but they've had almost a decade do it as a party. so the president would seem to be lying to his base. >> margaret, i think what's interesting is hearing how majority leader mcconnell is trying to deal with this, because this has been tossed into his lap. he doesn't want this hot potato. and so he said to "politico," i look forward to seeing what the president is proposing and what he can work out with the speaker. i think that's so interesting, because generally, you tell me if this is a wrong supposition, doesn't mitch mcconnell generally get in line with what the president wants, be it a border wall or whatever, generally at some point he falls in line with the president's agenda, but not today he's not. >> typically what you would see or hear from leader mcconnell at this point is nothing because those conversations would be going on behind the scenes and he knows it's less effective to negotiate behind the scenes when you have public signaling. so when you see this kind of
3:25 am
public signaling, it's them telling the white house cut it out, we don't think this is good for us. and you are seeing some senate republicans, i talked to lindsey graham yesterday, sort of testing out what the message would be if they had to talk about this on the campaign trail for 2020, the failures of obamacare, the limits, how some exchanges in some states are really troubled. but for the most part this is something that republicans, especially house republicans in any swing districts that are left are very nervous about. the democrats were able to use it more successfully and it seems like a risk to them as long as they can run on the economy or decline of isis or some of these other issues that seem like stronger rishs are they don issues, they don't want to talk about this at this point. >> we're going to talk about some of what the president said in his rally. >> i have a big eraser. >> i want to start with s.-70, which is something that alisyn described as the breaking wind news. >> in hillary got in you
3:26 am
wouldn't have that stat, i can tell you right now. you'd be doing wind, wind mills, and if it doesn't blow, you can forget about television for that night. darling, i want to watch television. i'm sorry, the wind isn't blowing. i know a lot about wind. >> oh, so good. >> stephen colbert needs to send flowers to the president today as a thank you for that line. >> i know a lot about wind. >> ellie, do you know a lot about wind? you're a lawyer have some the answer is yes. >> i can give you the scientific break down. it's air that moves. that's what i'm here for. >> you know what's interesting there, the election also was how many years ago at this point? >> ten, 12? i don't remember. and he's still talking about hillary clinton. that's fascinating. all right. the second sentence we want to
3:27 am
diagram here after the breaking wind news, this is s.-71. this is the president explaining his critics is. >> they say the elite, they're the elite, i'm not. well, i have a better education than them. i'm smarter than them. i went to the best schools they didn't. much more beautiful house. much more beautiful apartment. much more beautiful everything. and i'm president and they're not, right? >> that doesn't sound like someone at all with a complex. >> no. >> hold on a second. i do want to dive in. i went to the best schools they didn't? i don't know, i think he should resubmit for the grade. i don't think that's gra matically correct. >> i'm sure. not gra matically correct. >> he talked about gretting great grades and stuff. we don't know that he did, right? >> right. >> his lawyer, michael cohen,
3:28 am
wrote a letter insisting that they never release them. >> under any circumstances. >> and margaret, you talk with the presidecover the president and day out if the does seem that he is obsessed with making sure people understand how smart he thinks he is. >> it's sort of an interesting theme and countertheme because i think there's a connection between the wind clip you showed and the i'm not an elite clip you showed. and that is that the president knows when he's talking to his base these were to themes that resonate, the idea that he can kind of -- he's more in keeping, you know, spiritually with the working man or something like that. and also that things like coal, oil, you know, energy, you know, fossil fuels, that that's the real trustable energy, not things like wind and sole larar. i think this is telling people in grand rapids, michigan, i'm
3:29 am
you're guy, not whoever the democrats are going to give us. >> he won michigan by just over 10,000 votes. he needs to hold on to michigan. the idea that the president who lives in a guilded tower on fifth hour is part of the working class has been a great magic trick. >> there is a skill in that. >> and it also shows how much of our politics are really about culture and less about facts and policies. but that clip shows just the deep boundless need, the deep insecurity behind this president. we get you're president, mr. president, you don't need to keep telling us, we know. you came in on air force one. >> he knows a lot about wind. >> more on -- never mind. >> thank you all for that. we are just hours away from a new vote on brexit. you are looking at live pictures from parliament. so what does this vote mean? does it mean that the resignation of treesa mheresa m eminent? we have a live report next.
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so much chaos, so much uncertainty in britain which could have a huge impact on europe's economy and the world economy, yet a new vote on brexit. perhaps this could spelt end of theresa may's time as prime minister. we are waiting for that vote in the next few hours. joining us now, kninic robertso live on downing street. >> reporter: good morning. four hours until that vote now. an emergency session of parliament. normally the mps would be back in their constituency on a friday. theresa may has tried to make this easier on herself to split this up vote into two parts. there's the divorce from the european part and there's the future relationship part. today they get to vote on the
3:35 am
divorce part only. difficulty for theresa may is this is the bit that there's the most opposition too. backstop, the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. it went down to a historic 230 defeat in january, 149 votes against just a couple weeks ago and the assessment today is it will probably go down again because some of her own mps won't vote for it. the opposition is against it and a northern irish allies are against it too. what does this mean? if the vote goes down on the 12th of april before the 12 willingth of april, britain has to tell the union does it want to leave with no deal or does it want a long extension towards the end of this year or even next year? if the vote goes through, then theresa may is on a very, very bumpy but still a glide path to leaving the european union on the 22nd of may. i say bumpy because none of this is simple.
3:36 am
alisyn. >> oh my gosh. this is the rubik's cube of diplomacy. but keep us posted. investigators are trying to figure out how a 10-year-old girl died in a classroom fight in south carolina. kayleigh hartung is live in front of the school in walter burr borrow with the latest developments. >> we don't know what led to a fight between two fifth grade girls and what transpired during that fight. what we know is when emergency personnel responded to this school on monday, they found her unconscious but still breathing. they brought her to a local hospital and then airlifted her to another in charleston about an hour from here and on wednesday she died. authorities and the school board, they are staying tight lipped saying this is an ongoing investigation involving two juveniles. but her mother tells me she believes her daughter was a
3:37 am
victim of bullying. i spoke with her yesterday. she's not ready to speak on camera and she's not ready to publicly answer any questions. but her father, her daughter's grandfather, shared this sentiment with us. >> far as violence or anything like that, she never would do that. i miss her. we love you. we could do everything we can do for justice for -- >> reporter: the family is planning a celebration of her life next week and in the meantime, john, this community is trying to shocking news that a fight between two fifth grade girls could result in death. saw yesterday parents screaming questions at school board members, questions that went unanswered. but also members of this community holding hands in prayer, several hundreds of them hoping for healing. >> all right. this is a horrible story and something the school and that community certainly needs to address. appreciate it. president trump has moved to
3:38 am
strike down obamacare threatening coverage for millions of americans. so will this make the republicans the party of healthcare as the president has promised? we'll dig inside the numbers next. that's what happens in golf nothiand in life.ily. i'm very fortunate i can lean on people, and that for me is what teamwork is all about. you can't do everything yourself. you need someone to guide you and help you make those tough decisions, that's morgan stanley. they're industry leaders, but the most important thing is they want to do it the right way.
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president trump says he wants to make the republican party the party of healthcare, but what does that mean? and politically is that a winning strategy? there's something about harry. so let's get the forecast with cnn's senior politics writer and analyst harry enten. happy friday. >> happy friday, last friday of march. april's on its way, baseball is here, and let's talk about president trump and health care, shall we? >> please. >> please. i got to be honest with you, folks, i don't know what the heck the president is doing by bringing this back in the news because this is just not a winning issue for him. democrats are far more trusted in healthcare than president donald trump is. we have this nice little thing, not much of a difference, but it's a 23 point margin. this was a poll taken after the midterms. this is not a winning issue for trump. but more than that, let's take a look. going into the midterms, right, democrats easily won those midterm elections, gained 40 house seats net gain.
3:43 am
healthcare was the most important issue. health care was fading from the news. it was fading from the news. so what does the president decide to do? he decides to bring it back to the news and it fades to fourth. he don't understand. >> he's trying to change it so they grab the mantle. >> the problem is when you've looked at the republican plans, they don't have the support the democrats -- >> right. it's not -- look, we have recent polling on obamacare from the kiser family foundation. it is more popular than unpopular which if you know something about politics, to find something with a favorable rating is like finding a pot of gold in the middle new york city. 49% to 42%. compare that to the gop alternative. remember in the summer of 2017 they were floating a healthcare act? look at these numbers. i don't understand this. does he expect that this new
3:44 am
thing he's going to float is something more popular that already has a net positive favorable rating? >> i rarely see harry's mind to this degree. >> i'm honestly offended as a political analyst. >> we had this slide up that says that the president's approval rating stayed stable, 43% today, 44% a year ago. in 2017, it dropped down to 37%. this was the one tha moved the numbers, people. the one thing. and it moved it in the negative direction. it's just -- uhhh. >> give us an update on where the democrats are and then we want to make fun of the british. >> you were talking yesterday beto o'rourke, he was moving up in the polls and we do see in fact the month before he launched he was at 0%, now he's at 3%. but o'rourke is doing better. we see bernie sanders doing
3:45 am
better the month before he launched. kamala harris also doing better, she's dropped off a little bit. she was up in the double digits now she's at 9% versus these official candidates haven't done that much better than where they were before they launched. >> in the it could be worse category. >> one last thing i want to point out, biden, 30%. who knows what happens when he launches. look at this. we love it. it's a little thing. in the could be worse category, we talk about politicians being unpopular, nancy pelosi, approval rating, but look over here where they're dealing with brexit, folks, this is bad. you got a red pen, even better. minus 33 for theresa may, minus 44 for jeremy corbin. we should be fortunate that our politicians are up here. >> you know who loves the british system of government? alisyn. >> i love harry and meghan. i love harry and meghan and i love love.
3:46 am
that's what i love. >> this is what you get. >> look how happy she looks. >> you know, i love prince harry, he shares a name with me, why not. >> you're right. there's something about prince harry. >> he can come join me one time right, folks? >> thank you very much. former soccer coach at yale pleading guilty in the college admission scandal. how prosecutors say he cashed in on this scam next. plus, these nurses at a maine maternity ward have a lot in common with each other and with their patients. what's going on in this maternity ward? >> well, i think -- >> what's happening here, john? i look forward to you explaining it to us coming up on the show. complicated relationship with milk? pour on the lactaid, 100% real milk, just without that annoying lactose. mmm, that's good.
3:47 am
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all right. late night comics took on the jussie smollett saga and the potential for break dancing as an olympic sport. >> that's not a joke. >> in 2024. you've been waiting for this moment. >> exactly. >> here are your late night laughs. >> so now jussie's lawyer says he might have thought those nigerian guys were white guys because they were wearing makeup upp under their ski masks?
3:51 am
first of all, that's not white face, all right. that's joker face. all right. that's not how white people look. no one sees that and goes, oh, hey, is that kyle? >> the president of the ioc said adding break dance cog help us connect with the younger generation. yes, the fresh new trend of break dancing is really heating up. when buga and sh, ba carry that torch into the arena it's going to be lit. >> break dancing at the olympics. i like that idea. mostly just because i want to hear olympic announcers commenting on break dancing, yeah. you know, they'll just be like and there's the lock. waiting now for the pop. and oh, there it is, this fool knows what's up. >> that's exactly what it will be. >> it is. you know, he does great impersonations. can he do lots of different voices. his book that he reads on
3:52 am
audiotape is fantastic because he does all the different voices. >> and he reads it for you. >> yes. >> so you don't have to. >> that's right. >> that's fantastic. from the sweet 16 to the elite 8, whatever that means, the bleacher report is next. ♪ to walk along the lonely street of dreams ♪ ♪ here i go again on my--- you realize your vows are a whitesnake song? i do. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. this and even this.hark, i deep clean messes like this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair, while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, now cleans itself.
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fight both fast tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums tums chewy bites with gas relief march madness back with the beginning of the sweet 16 last night. purdue survived a late comeback to upset tennessee. great games. andy scholes here with the bleacher report. andy. >> good morning, john. with purdue beating tennessee, greg's perfect bracket is no more. nieg he wi he was the first one to make it through the sweet 16 picking every game correctly but his vun over as is tennessee. but this game was a thriller. the boilermakers build an 18-point lead before they made a huge comeback in the second
3:57 am
half. an tennessee was actually leading by two with just seconds left in this game. carson edwards three here in the corner, no good, but the refs called a foul. very questionable call. edwards would hit two of the three free throws to cause overtime. and purdue goes on to win. four more spots and the elite 8ing on tonight. zion williamson takes on virginia tech. opening day in baseball, already providing a candidate for catch of the year, brewers up by one, two outs in the ninth, jose martinez hits a drive to the right, but lorenzo climbs the wall, robs him of a home run to end the game. afterwards cane and his 4-year-old son are letting the cardinals know they're not getting the win today.
3:58 am
>> no, not today. so, yeah. tell them. tell them. >> cameron. >> what else, not today. >> not today. >> i love of that guy. i feel like not today is going to be on a t-shirt in milwaukee. >> you have to say it like that, not today. >> exclamation. >> it's the best catch i've seen all season, no question about that. absolutely the best catch all season. thank you so much for that and thank you so our international viewers for watching. for you cnn talk is next. for our american viewers, the president is talking to his fans at a rally but, will the full mueller report reveal things we do not know? new day continues right now. the collusion delusion is over. >> what is the president afraid of that he would go after a chairman? they're just scaredy cats. >> just outrage is overblown.
3:59 am
>> the republican party will become the party of great healthcare. >> trump is putting his own party's represent pewdation at risk. he should be working to make health insurance more affordable. >> i'm liking to see what the president wants to use for a direction. >> when he writes the check, he can put the word i'm accountable. >> nothing improper was done. >> he said he was attacked by maga country. that's an embarrassment to our country. nps this >> announcer: this is new day with alisyn camerota and john john. >> good morning and welcome to your new day. overnight the president used a swear word. one swear word. but more importantly, robert mueller used enough words to fill up 300 pages of his report. more than 300 pages. cnn has learned that mueller's report was more than 300 pages long. attorney general william barr's summary, just four pages. and among the only words that were included that specifically mueller brought out were that he
4:00 am
was not exonerating the president on obstruction. nevertheless, the president misled a rally last night that the report did exonerate him. he also said he knows a lot about wind and bragged about how smart he is, which is exactly what smart people generally do, right? >> the trump administration has moved to eliminate all of obamacare, invalidate it really. and that would impact millions of americans with insurance as well as with preexisting conditions. the president has claimed that he will protect people who have preexisting conditions. but now he has actually not said ever how he plans do that. he also -- he plans -- his plans have endorsed the plans -- the plans he's endorsed in the past -- wow, somebody very elite wrote this. would allow potentially huge increase in premiums with those with preexisting conditions. overnight they blocked a move to get around the standards put


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