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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  March 29, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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president on obstruction. going to assert executive nevertheless, the president misled a rally last night that privilege not to protect conversations that were designed the report did exonerate him. to advise the president, but to he also said he knows a lot avoid the release of information that will be inconvenient or about wind and bragged about how smart he is, which is exactly embarrassing for this president. what smart people generally do, i think that's the fight we're going to have. >> we will see if that happens. right? >> the trump administration has moved to eliminate all of what we know so far is we are told the white house has not seen the report yet, that is obamacare, invalidate it really. and that would impact millions what we are told by the white house. we are also told it's possible of americans with insurance as well as with preexisting that barr will not show the conditions. the president has claimed that report to the white house before he will protect people who have submitting it to congress. preexisting conditions. instead, what he would do is but now he has actually not said maybe identify areas where he ever how he plans do that. believes executive privilege he also -- he plans -- his plans could come into play without the white house actually having to have endorsed the plans -- the exert it. so we'll have to see what path plans he's endorsed in the they take. but i agree these could be real past -- wow, somebody very elite issues to discuss coming up. wrote this. congressman himes, thanks so would allow potentially huge much for being with us. >> thanks, john. the mayor of chicago has a message for jussie smollett, pay increase in premiums with those with preexisting conditions. up. can the empire actor be forced overnight they blocked a move to get around the standards put in to pay for the investigation into this alleged hoax? that's next. place by obamacare.
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we have a lot to talk about with healthcare and beyond. joining us is michael smerconish, host of smerconish as well as david challian, cnn's political director. we will add susan glasser as soon as we can. technologically. michael, let me start with you. in terms of the president, i guess shifting the conversation from the still yet to be seen mueller report to healthcare, how do you think that's going over? >> i think he's involved in a very aggressive attempt at inoculation. and the i temattempt is convinc (thunderclap) his base that they know everything they need to know on if your day doesn't unfold as predicted. unfold this. new neutrogena® makeup remover single. those 300 pages based on the four pages they saw from bill and remove 99% of makeup. barr. it's twofold. it's not only that he's 100% rain or shine. conflating no collusion with no neutrogena®. conclusion about obstruction, i think i said that right, but
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also it's a dual approach where the big drug companies don't see they see us as profits. he, with sean hannity's assistance and facilitation in we're paying the highest prescription drug prices that lengthy interview on in the world wednesday night, they're seeking to rewrite the origin of the so they can make billions? americans shouldn't have to choose between entire probe. they're seeking to convince people that it's all about the buying medication and buying food for our families. so-called dodgy dossier, it's it's time for someone to look out for us. all about this illicit relationship between agents strzok and page, and you never congress, stop the greed. hear any reference made to cut drug prices now. papadopoulos who's tip really was the beginning in july of 2016. but you know what? the reason i say i think it's effective is it really requires serious attention and read-in to ferret out all the mistruths that are being offered. and they're offered in such rapid fire and they sound so convincing. and then we look like a bunch of nerds sitting around picking through slowly one by one and saying that's not true, that's not true. but frankly the facts are not on their side. >> it's a shrewd political lay
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by the attorney general to put i got it! those four pages out and in this what? what? l.a. bookers book apartments and vacation homes vacuum the president is filling it and filling it with things as easy as hotels. ridin' scooter! that are flatout misleading. l.a. baby! l.a. baby! in some cases he claims total be a booker you're welcome. exoneration. he was not exonerated on at obstruction, not at all. brushing only reaches 25% of your mouth. you're welcome. and on the idea of collusion, listerine® cleans virtually 100%. yes, the evidence was not enough helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. to prosecute on either never settle for 25%. conspiracy or cooperation but we always go for 100. don't know what the level of communication there was. bring out the bold™ so it is clear what he's trying to do there. less clear to me, david, is what the president is trying to do with healthcare, because while i think he's trying to inoculate himself with the mueller report, to an extept he's trying to inoculate himself on healthcare. let's listen to what he said at the rally last night. >> remember this because it's very important. and i'm speaking now for the republican party. we will always protect patients with preexisting conditions. always. always. >> david, he likes to say the words preexisting conditions, but as far as i can tell, he has
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never not once in his own words explained people with preexisting conditions equal to the rates of other people when the republican plans he's endorsed in the past specifically allow those rates to be increased. >> right. you're totally right on the policy. also, as the president knows, it is currently law of the tloolan protect people with preexisting conditions and his administration through the department of justice filing earlier this week wanted to uphold a court ruling that would completely gut the entire law. so his administration's stance at the moment is to get rid of the law of the land right now that does, indeed, protect preexisting conditions, as you know, not have a replacement. here michael was spot on when he was talking a moment ago about the president playing to his base here. chicago's mayor has a new i have spent the last two years plus of this administration ever demand for empire actor jussie day looking for where is the smollett after all of the
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charges against him were president trying to expand abruptly dropped without beyond his base? what is he doing today that i explanation. >> when he does pay the city see that he's making a move to back on just purely what the actually broaden his appeal? taxpayers have fronted, in that and the story of this presidency is that there isn't much of memowrite, i'm that. and so this weekend, when when sorry and i'm accountable for what i've done. >> all right. joining us now is joey jackson, he's a criminal defense attorney he did get good political news from his attorney general in and a cnn legal analyst. and josh campbell, former fbi that four-page summary, there whereas a moment of what is donald trump going to do with supervisory special agent. and cnn law enforcement analyst who is on the ground for us in this moment. chicago this morning. i think where he had clues all joey, can the mayor of chicago week long. but i think we got our answer do that? loud and clear last night in michigan at his rally. can a suspect have to pay restitution in the form of $130,000 to a city that, you know, the mayor believes was duped? >> all right. here's how this goes. restitution is commonly something that is used in a criminal case but it's part of any plea disposition. zblch susan. what do i mean? >> that's what i wrote in my in the event that you cost the city money for anything, the city through the district
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piece. attorney, here the county most would have said they are attorney has a right to ask for bringing the country together of that back. as a condition of the plea they that long and divisive would say restitution amount is "x." investigation. remember when clinton was in the here they did not to do that. what they did is he forfeited senate trial after of this the $10,000 off of the $100,000, fight, his white house aides had a no gloat rorul gloat rule. did his community service. >> but $10,000 is not enough. >> we get it. but on the process. he can his community service that can he e we didn't know about. >> two days worth. donald trump has gone the >> said he's a good guy, opposite route. it's not a surprise to anyone represents the community well, which by all accounts is true. who's been watching him, but it was never conditioned upon that rally last night was really the plea. a demonstration is that trump to the heart of your question. now the mayor stepping outside even more than feeling of that plea arrangement is now vindicated, i thought he seemed sending him a letter through his in a very vengeful mood still. attorney saying pay up. i don't believe that they'll get a dime for this. and, again, remember the skeep there's not a provision in the law that provides for criminal defendants in a case to have to of th scene of that rally in michigan pay back because they're falsely crucial to his re-election reported. >> but you're calling something chances could be could he repeat a plea agreement. with a plea agreement you have to admit guilt. the unlikely feat of winning that's the opposite of what he did. >> exactly. michigan which he won by 10,000 what i'm saying is you can get restitution through a plea votes. agreement. to the extent that this is not he's under water by 15 points in being called a plea agreement, michigan pits don't think there was really a plea agreement, but were a lot of swing voters that would have heard anything that would have caused them to take they were not transparent in as
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another look at president trump much as conveying that to us and it wasn't put in that $130,000, last night. i don't think they're going to get it. >> and he didn't admit guilt. >> i don't think that this letter while it's good public police sit publicity, i don't think they'll consistent see any difference see the light of day on that between donald trump post money. >> josh, the president yesterday muellernd donald trump plea announced there's an fbi investigation looking into this case. what have you learned? >> well, there are a lot of questions that we still have when it comes to what the mueller. zblrg one of the other things was this funding for the special president did. and what i suspect, if you go back and look at his tweet that he sent out essentially saying olympics. the trump budget by name and that the fbi is reviewing this definition the president signs case, it was sent at 6:34 in the off on had included $17 million in government funding cuts for morning and folks that i've been talking to inside and outside the special olympics. law enforcement, no one believes the president comes out that the fbi was updating the yesterday and says this, president at 6:34 in the morning on the jussie smollett case. what people suspect is that he michael. >> i've been to the special olympics. was probably parroting something i think it's incredible and i that he saw on the news. just authorized i funding. i heard about it this morning. and this is obviously concerning because the president of the i have overridden my people. united states isn't just any passive observer of the news, he we're funding the special is in control, essentially, of olympics. >> it was astounding, michael, the justice department and the
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fbi. so when he says that there's an what he tried to do there. he said i authorized the fbi review, that the fbi is funding. he doesn't get to authorize acting here, you would hope that funding. that is actually the case. congress authorizes and but folks that we're talk to, a lot of eyebrows being raised as appropriate eights funding, number one. he said he overrode his people. far as what he put out there. there's that issue but then also on the ground we don't yet know no, his people put out his what an fbi investigation would look like. would they be looking into budget which called for jussie smollett and his actions? $17 million in funding. >> would they be looking into and now he back tracks, but he the actions of the prosecutors as it relates to this case? tries to put it off on other so many questions we don't have people and cuts the legs out answered but in a very flammable under from are the secretary of situation. i think the president came and essentially lit a match. >> but just to be clear, josh, education betsy devos who was trying to defend this all week. >> we all know the good work of is it true that the fbi is looking into it as the president the special olympics, it's a said or not? >> they're not saying. very high profile program. so, you know, obviously standard therefore, i don't believe that practice for the fbi is to secretary devos would have made a move against the funding of the special olympics without nier neither confirm nor deny an some form of acknowledgement and investigation. we haven't heard either way. clearance from the white house. there could be a number of ways so my suspicion, and it's a they could possibly be involved hunch, is that she probably made if you look at possible wire fraud violations. this decision in consultation so there might be a federal and then once the president saw nexus. but having been in the fbi, just which way the wind was blowing because someone comes to you saying we have information and we want you to look into it, if
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on this, sought to ride to the rescue of the program that a local law enforcement partner says look into it, technically perhaps his white house approved the cutting of the funding to you might be reviewing what they give you, the information and begin with. >> david, nobody's taking the facts. that's a far different characterization than saying the responsibility so now betsy fbi has launched an investigation into a certain devos says i didn't want it, case. and as of right now we have no though she didn't say that in the hearing. indication that that's the case. now she says i'm so glad the >> there is -- there is no president got on board and we're place, i don't think, for the completely like minded on this. fbi with regard to the state charges, right? i didn't want. . what is the fbi going to do some president says i did not want they're going to look and see if this. i overrode myself. the state prosecutor, did she who's responsible for having cut make miss steps? this is a local issue. the president deals with federal this? >> she said she had been fighting behind the scenes for law and issues affecting the country. this funding and she said flat local prosecutors are elected to out that she was not the person do things. so while the president, while other people in the country may feel it was not an appropriate that was responsible or actually disposition, it was strange, made this cut. but she was defending the they were not transparent, the president doesn't have any authority to tell the locals indefensible. we're talking about such a what do. >> but it sounded like an announcement on twitter. >> yes. >> you're saying that was not true what the president wrote? minute noo >> i don't know what's true, minuscule amount of money when you're looking at the budget what the president's doing or overall. the fact they allowed this not. what i'm telling you is there no controversy to exist at all is is no place for a federal investigation as it relates to how the state handled the befu charges. the only place for a federal befudd he willing. she says i'm so happy we're on investigation, as josh the same page. mentioned, is on the issue of they were not on the same page because of the president's own whether he sent jussie smollett
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doing. a letter to himself that may >> susan, you talked about what the president was trying to do have been false. at the rally last night and i do >> mail fraud. think there's some sound, which >> to the extent you sent it through the u.s. postal service, some people find laughable, but that's mail fraud. but investigating a local you could also look at it as the way he talks and the way he is district attorney because you trying to define himself against don't agree with how they handled the case sounds like other people. politics to me. the people he calls the elites. >> well, the president was vague i want to play the sound when he and didn't explain what he meant so we don't know. brags about how smart he is. >> if you look at the case, the president has a vested interest because one of the aspects of this suspected hoax was the fact that, you know, the attackers >> they say the elite. they're the elite, i'm not. mention maga country, make well, i have a better education america great again. than them. i'm smarter than them. which if you're the president i went to the best schools they that's going continue to fewer rate you. but it's this collision of didn't. politics and law enforcement. much more beautiful. and even if the president feels much more beautiful apartment. slighted, he's the commander and chief, the nation's top cop much more beautiful everything. essentially as the person in charge of the justice department. even if you feel personally slighted, you have to understand and i'm president and they're that words matter. not, right? when you blast something out on >> i do not give that an "a" for twitter and say the fbi is looking into something, if grammar. >> well, no. that's false, what does that do >> if that's the best the best for the american people their confidence in the system of schools can do, i'm not giving justice? >> just one very quick thing that an "a" for grammar. because the illinois bar >> university of pennsylvania association sense a scathing has always been a little bit letter about how the state's
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attorney handled this. chagrinned that donald trump is through the repeated misleading and deceptive statements to the such a prominent alumnist. public on illinois law and you don't see them showing him circumstances su circumstances surrounding the smollett dismissal, the state's attorney has failed in her often. the president often uses a fundamental ethical obligations version of this riff in his to the public. what's going to happen to her, rallies. at one point last year i joey? >> that's huge. what happen to her this is something that will be decided in the ballot box. ultimately that's where it goes. i don't see any formal actually salt a actually sat and listened to a discipline. i think people are upset at the dozen of these speeches he had lack of transparency. given. you would see this as a regular if you want to resolve a case feature of his rallies going and it's a plea and alternative back all wait to 2016. resolution, just come out and he thinks it resinates. say we believe this is it's obviously one of the most appropriate to resolving this case and we're ending it here. unlikely aspects of donald trump don't hood wink everyone. that the rich man populist. that's what she did. that's problematic. >> all right, joey jackson, josh you saw the people in the background clapping and campbell, thank you both very laughing. the showman here feels that this much. john. this is one of the most is a good line and that it's a amazing stories about math and key part of his appeal. biology that you will ever see. but, you know, i'm remembering >> is that what you see here? michael cohen's testimony up on >> math and biology. nine nurses at a maine maternity capitol hill where he talked about the great lengths to which word defying the odds. donald trump ordered him to go i'm just going to tell people in order to cover up his grades here, they're all pregnant. they're all pregnant at the same
4:12 am
and his academic record. time. you know, he does seem like >> at the same time. >> this is amazing. >> how did this happen, john? someone who's a little bit insecure. >> michael, we're out of time >> i have an idea. you've tried moisturizer after moisturizer but the president also said last night, i know a lot about wind. do you have anything you'd like to say on that front? >> only that an hour and 20 minutes into that speech last night that i sat through i would agree with him. >> all right, guys, happy friday. thank you. >> and be sure to watch smerconish tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m. eastern time only on cnn. we do have breaking news. "the wall street journal" reports that officials investigating the plane crash in ethiopia have reached a preliminary conclusion that a stall prevention feature was automatically activated before the boeing 737 max jet went down minutes after takeoff. robin is live in ethiopia for us but one blows them all out of the water. hydro boost from neutrogena®. with the breaking details. with hyaluronic acid to plump skin cells tell us more, robin.
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so it bounces back. >> reporter: alisyn, while this looks really bad for boeing, it neutrogena® could be looked arizona a double edged sword. because heil many questions will be asked as to why often the lion air crash which was also -- which the findings also found to be an m-cast failure, why it occurred again, it was allowed to occur again within ethiopian airlines if this preliminary report turns out to be true, but the double-edge sword comes in at least they do know now exactly what the problem was and it was not another problem with the boeing 737 max which, as we know, airlines across the world have grounded. 157 people killed in that plane crash on march 10th. people here in ethiopia still reeling from that news. eeth yomian airlines took us on a tour of the simulator of their 737 max and told us numerous things about the simulator and one person with knowledge of the investigation said there was nothing written in the quick
4:14 am
reference handbook, which is basically the pilot's bible for that aircraft about the m-cast, which means if that system fails, if that system goes down in some way and gives the plane faulty information, that the y pilots have no quick way of fixing it. plane's nose would have been pulled down and the pilots would have been fighting it until they hit the ground. six minutes, we understand it took six minutes for that plane to crash. now, ethiopian officials, airline officials are in a meeting today and we're told that they will at some point be giving a statement, as i said, a lot of people, families, still here grieving, still waiting for their loved one's remains. >> robin following is investigation very closely for us. cringe-worthy tension inside a house hearing calls for resignation face calls of a cover-up. we'll talk to a member who was inside that room to get a sense
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of what it was like next. ( ♪ ) only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. all right. you might ask how this could they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. happen. i sort of think i know. tylenol®. nine nurses who all work at the baby delivery unit at the same for fast pain relief. neighbors... loved ones. hospital in maine, they are all living with diseases like cancer, epilepsy, expecting their own babies
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mental health conditions and hiv. within a few months of each maybe you're one of them. other. cnn's erica hill live in but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, portland, maine, to help me understand a little bit better most effective therapies... how this all could happen. therapies that keep them healthy. erica. >> reporter: i'm going to only are medicare cuts that save less than one percent help you understand one part of that. this is not a biology lesson worth the risk to millions of patients? just to be clear. but nine firsts had a simple president trump promised plan. to protect medicare... they wanted to document the fact that they were all expecting at we need him to keep his word. the same time. they're also really good friends. but take a picture, add a little facebook and, well, you probably know the rest. this and even this.hark, i deep clean messes like this. this week they officially became but i don't have to clean this, known as the nine. because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair, >> i have a friend in australia who reached out to me and was while i clean. - [announcer] shark, like, you're famous. the vacuum that deep cleans, now cleans itself. but our manager said that she knows of someone in poland that's seen it. i've heard it's on an italian podcast. it's wild. >> russia, germany, britain. >> france. >> italy. >> india. >> gotten all kinds of -- >> we're seeing languages we don't even know. >> reporter: we sat down with seven of the nine moms to be who were still processing the attention that brittany's photo
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brought their way. >> there's probably been a few people who have said to you is there something in the water here? is that getting old? don't you get the one of those travel sites? they tell you that, but when you book at, [ laughter ] >> you still laugh so that's you get the price match guarantee. so if you find your room at a lower rate, hilton is like... good. lonny, i hear reality shows has been calling. what would you think about a we're gonna match that rate and give you an extra 25% off. reality show for your guys? what would travel sites do if you found a better price? >> um, i'm not sure the world's ready for that. that's not my problem, it's your problem. otherwise my life is really get outta here! whoa, i really felt that performance. boring. so i'm not sure how exciting it it's just acting, i'm really good at it. would be. >> how many of you, this is your book at and get the hilton price match guarantee. first baby. if you find a lower rate, we match it and give you so three new moms. 25% off that stay. the rest of you can offer a little advice or not, depending on what they want, right? does anybody know what they're having? yes. >> yes. >> how many boys? how many girls? are you guys making plans for play groups after, you know, arranging marriages? definitely. i mean, i'm one of the only known girls in this group, so she'll have a lot of boys to
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choose from should she choose boys. but we're definitely talking about play groups. we're definitely talking about getting together when we're actually on maternity leave, going to the beach. >> reporter: the nine make up 10% of the labor and delivery nurses at maine medical center. their due dates range from april to july. some of the hospital's busiest months for babies. all of you. >> our manager and our scheduler how you live, have been amazing with just what you love. that's what inspired us to create america's most advanced internet. planning all of the leaves. they've covered all the shifts that have to be covered for internet that puts you in charge. while we're all out, which is that protects what's important. really nice. >> reporter: for your patients it must be interesting. holly, how many of them in the it handles everything, last week or so have actually and reaches everywhere. seen the picture? >> all of them. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. >> all of them. >> yeah, all of them have asked simple. easy. awesome. either me or one of my xfinity, the future of awesome. colleagues who are working at the same time like are you one of the nine? my son sees the articles or pictures and he goes, mama, you're on the phone. my 2-year-old actually was
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rubbing my belly when the first newscast went up and so that was a special moment saying, mama, so what a moment on capitol that's baby weston on the tv, that's mama. so it was just a sweet memory that i think i'll personally kind of just keep really close hill. more tension than you almost the whole time. >> and i think this experience ever see. republicans in the house against being pregnant altogether has committee to his face called on made us closer. the democratic chair adam schiff we were all friends before, but it's made us closer. to step down from his post. then in equally strong terms the >> oh my gosh, erica, this is chairman responded. such an incredible story. >> my colleagues may think it's have doctors at that hospital figured out what's causing these okay that the russians offered dirt on a democratic candidate pregnancies? >> reporter: well, they tell us, for president as part of what the nurses tell us that they've confirmed it's not something in the water, just to be clear. was described as the russian government's effort to help the but i do want you to know we trump campaign. but i don't think it's okay. took every precaution and so none of us drank the water i think it's immoral. yesterday because i'm done. i think it's unethical. i don't know about you, but i'm i think it's unpatriotic. done. i should point out too, one of the nurses we spoke with just and, yes, i think it's corrupt. finished her shift behind me and evidence of collusion. about 45 minutes ago. there are 80 of these nurses in but i do not think that conduct, the unit in total, 10% are criminal or not, is okay. and the day we do think that's expecting, tle they work 12 hour shifts, two to three hours a day, which some of the moms will okay is the day we will look tell you is perfect training for back and say that is the day
4:20 am
those late night feedings and america lost its way. sleepless nights. >> joining us now is democratic >> wonderful news for all of them. i'm thrilled to hear from you an congressman jim heinz from explanation about what all this means. >> i think i have an idea that connecticut. he's on the intelligence i'll try to explain to you, but. committee. he was in that room while this >> erica, great to see you. was all going on. congressman, what was it like? >> reporter: talk about it on a break, alisyn. >> john, you could cut the >> great story, erica. thank you. now to the special olympics. tension and the emotion with a president trump is reversing his knife in that room if the was just remarkable. position on whether to fund it. john avlon's reality check has come up with a new unit of the republicans very publicly criticized and called for the resignation of chairman schiff of course in an echo of something that the democratic leader had done. but after almost two years of currency that could pay for the special olympics. . called the mar-a-lago. that's next. called the mar-a-lago. sin shenanigans by nunez, in the that's next. moment of so-called victory called for adam's resignation. now of course what adam did was we could help lower emissions. carbon capture is important technology - in unbelievably articulate terms, he reminded them of thg and experts agree. that's why we're working on ways to improve it. they for the good about an hour so plants... after the barr letter came out. can be a little more... maybe the president's actions like plants. didn't rise to the level of a criminal conspiracy and i don't ♪
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so what's the difference? it was funny because when we would call what is collusion that you see? another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" >> well, collusion is working we're the webber family. we're the tenney's together. we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. collusion is inviting the russians to come to your office, ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. as the president's son did, in expectation that they would give you dirt and saying that that would be a great thing rather than calling the fbi when the russians offer you that. now maybe don junior was super naive and thought that there wouldn't be a quid pro quo. but the point here is that conspiracy is the crime. collusion is not a legal term, ♪ it is not a crime. you'll make my morning, buty the price ruin my day.ou? we concede because we respect complicated relationship with milk? bob mueller in the face of all pour on the lactaid, 100% real milk, of the damage and invective that the president through at bob just without that annoying lactose. mueller, we respect his mmm, that's good. decision. but remember, the attack on adam schiff, if you read the letter asking for his resignation, it itso chantix can help you quit "slow turkey." said that you have said that there is evidence and you have along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. not provided it. now, the quote you just read me with chantix you can keep smoking at first does not say that there was no and ease into quitting evidence. >> no, it doesn't. so when the day arrives, >> it said that they did not you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye.
4:23 am
establish that there was a criminal conspiracy. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix. those are two very different things. >> we haven't seen what they you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. have in terms of evidence. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes there is a later quote in there. in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, i should say that a definition of cooperation, which isn't new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, collusion here, i do want to read to you, is that or life- threatening allergic and skin reactions. coordination they define as an agreement tasered or expressed decrease alcohol use. between the trump campaign and use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. the russian government and election interference. the most common side effect is nausea. so when they say no coordination, they say there talk to your doctor about chantix. wasn't even a tasset agreement to interfere in the election. thanks to priceline do you concede that point? working with top airlines >> i have been saying for years to turn their unsold seats into amazing deals, right now that there -- that it family reunion attendance is up. we're all related! was going to be very unlikely yeah, i see it. and because priceline offers great deals that there was any sort of by comparing thousands of prices in real time, formal quid pro quo. sports fans are seeing more away games. did don junior go into that various: yeah-h-h! is that safe? meeting in his office thinking oh, y... ahh! that the russians were going to hand him something with no not at all. no, ma'am. nope. expectation for anything in and more people than ever are enjoying romantic getaways. return? that is something apparently (romantic music) that bob mueller did not think that's gross could be proven in court. priceline. every trip is a big deal. now remember, there's a reason
4:24 am
why we haven't seen this report yet. >> yes. >> when the evidence, because there will be a lot of evidence - [woman] with shark's duo clean, i don't just clean, th♪ 's gross comes out, it will not look good i deep clean carpets and floors, so i got this. for the president and, of course, this is something that they're trying to distract away yep, this too, from, the letter that you're and this, please. reading from also said that it was -- it was basically even long hair and pet hair are no problem, but the one thing i won't have to clean is this ambiguous on whether there had because the shark's self-cleaning brush roll been obstruction of justice, a very serious crime. removes the hair wrap while i clean. >> right. >> the republicans kind of hit ♪ their high water mark of - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans political victory on this because what comes next is not a now cleans itself. good thing for the president. >> it specifically says, it specifically says that the report does not exonerate him on obstruction. as to what the evidence will show, we don't know because we president trump reversed his haven't seen the report yet. position on funding the special there are 300 pages of it, who olympics. knows what's in those 300 pages. originally his administration thought $17 million was too much to pay for them. you point to three broad issues do you know what else is where you have serious questions and you still want to learn expensive? more. trips to mar-a-lago. number one, you're on the intelligence committee. john avlon has the reality check there was a counterintelligence on this. >> president trump is waking up at mar-a-lago after pulling a investigation. nowhere in this four page of the slick j-turn when it comes to barr summary do we get any sense money for the special olympics.
4:25 am
of what that counterintelligence his administration has been taking heat for calling for the investigation found, which would complete elimination of the special olympics budget, reducing it to zero dollars. presumably entail what the russians talked to the trump campaign about and what that the special olympics have survived, but there are other communication involved, correct? controversial cuts from education -- kids with hearing >> that's exactly right. and some of that may never -- impairments, special needs and well, we'll certainly no time the blind. devos said the department had to soon be made public. because of course remember, make, quote, difficult decisions with the budget. mueller was investigating the that's no doubt true, but put full nature of the russia attack those choices in context. that. could involve information which we're going to do it by minting is classified and sensitive and a new currency, the mar-a-lago. so we may -- well, i should say just what is a mar-a-lago? the public may never see the well, it is the cost of one of full extend of that donald trump's trips to his counterintelligence conclusion. guilded pleasure palace in but it is obviously important for us to know so that we can defend against it in future. florida. according to "the washington post" costs taxpayers $3.4 >> and then, again, you brought million each time. up a second area is evidence of think about the number. the president goes there a lot. collusion. what evidence do you expect to some 51 nights over, 19 trips. see? >> well, john, a lot of it is in that's $69 million taxpayer plain sight and a lot of it is dollars just to get the president to and from florida. what adam ran through in his speech yesterday. consider the education it's the ming in trump tower. it's the fact that george department contributes about $17.6 million to the special
4:26 am
papadopoulos took a meeting with olympics overall budget. a russian in europe. that's only five mar-a-lagos. which is why this investigation that's not all. all got started. it has nothing to do with the health and human services steele dossier, it has to do program cuts budgets for those with one of the president's national security advisers or i with autism. that's a whopping $51 million. should say candidates national for those playing at home, security advisers taking a that's 15 mar-a-lagos. meeting with the russians. michael steele having conversation that's lies about. what about the corporation for michael cohen lying about public broadcasting? conservatives have been trying russia. again, let's be very clear, this to kill the company that built big bird's nest. is evidence, it is not even mr. rogers had to step in. conclusive evidence, and we accept what bob mueller's conclusion is that it's not the trump budget wanted to cut evidence that rises to the standard of a criminally all but 30 of the 65 million chargeable conspiracy. >> will you call on congress to dollar budget. take action, to ask a judge to so it would cost about 136 make the grand jury evidence and mar-a-lagos. finally, how about hurricane relief to puerto rico. testimony public? president trump keeps >> yes. threatening that. i think, john, we've got a do you remember the storm that couple of routes here. killed 3,000 americans, despite one of course is to subpoena the donald trump's denials? entire report, to subpoena bob it turns out the total is $41 mueller to come talk about the billion with a quarter delivered report. what you talk about there asking to date. making good on the current a judge to make a judgment on the grand jury information is an allocation would cost 9,000 option as well. mar-a-lagos. what i worry about here, john, there is a reason the mar-a-lago
4:27 am
is a tempting meter of is that you can bet the fact measurement. everyone is entitled to r & r. that we haven't seen this trump spent more than a quarter report, you know, two milliseconds after it hit the white house, that tells us one of the presidency at one of his thing which is that it is not resorts. good morning, mr. president. exonerating the presidehe white one of his favorite past times is golf. he played about once every five days last year through november. trump constantly criticized president obama for playing golf. by some estimates, all of president obama's personal trips over eight years cost a little more than a hundred million dollars or 31 mar-a-lagos. trump's trips to mar-a-lago are at some $69 million to date. in difficult times, difficult decisions have to be made. budgets are moral documents. it's worth looking at the tens of millions of taxpayer dollars spent at the president's leisure and asking how mar-a-lagos might be better spent on americans in need. that's your reality check.
4:28 am
>> interesting to see if the coins get minted any time soon by the u.s. government. you're right. budgets are moral decisions. you get to know what the priorities of a government are. that's the issue here. >> you look at the trade-offs. if the coins are made we'll distribute them. they might be chocolate. >> delicious. thank you very much, john. >> record flooding in the midwest destroyed homes, ruined farms and livestocks, killed people. now the floods are threatening the water supply. scott mclane is live in omaha with the latest on this. you have found out disturbing things here. >> good morning. there is still plenty of misery to go around in nebraska. you can see how high the water level is and how much damage was done. this is lake flooding. they are pumping the water out of here across the road to the river side in order to get rid of it. it is a slow process. the last thing these people need
4:29 am
is one more thing to worry about but they do. public officials here and across the midwest are warning flood victims about the potential for contamination of well water. >> it's real muddy. be careful. >> reporter: for thousands of nebras nebraskans it doesn't get worse than this. >> that's not your shed? >> no. >> you don't have a shed? >> no. that came clear from over there. >> reporter: she got an unwanted backyard makeover and almost eight feet of water in the basement of the lakefront home south of omaha. >> the white spot on the pipe. >> reporter: and spent a week cleaning up. she's still without power. one of thousands of nebraska homeowners with a private well at risk of contamination. >> we can't. the water is contaminated. >> reporter: there may be more than one million wells across ten states threatened by
4:30 am
contamination. largely thanks to record flooding that soaked swaths of the midwest this year from minnesota to kentucky. >> if the water gets above this then the water can get into the well. that can contaminate it. >> reporter: frank drills and maintains wells. lately he's been busy. >> i will put you on the list. you're not going to be too high on the list now. >> reporter: flushing wells with chlorine on properties where clean water isn't the most obvious concern. >> never seen it like this before. there are thousands of wells that have been affected by it. they know how much damage is done. >> reporter: the contamination is charged by pollutants carried by the flood water. fertilizers and mature from farm land, gasoline, chemicals and human west from broken septic systems. drinking from a contaminated well is a recipe for -- >> diarrhea.
4:31 am
if you are exposed to bacteria. there could be choliform, e. coli bacteria in there. >> reporter: sue dempsey is responsible for drinking water quality in nebraska. they are helping people get their well water tested. uncommon in a state where abundant, clean ground water is taken for granted. >> the first round of sampling we had 277 people come in and get test kits. about 30% were positive for bacteria. >> you don't want to drink the water. >> definitely not. >> reporter: the bottom line for flood victims is if your well water is cloudy, smells off that's a sign probably that you have contamination. if you don't notice a change with your water, it's still important at least to get it tested before you test it. in nebraska and in missouri, the state is offering to do it for free. >> that's a great report. thank you so much for the story. i'm sorry for calling you by the wrong name going in.
4:32 am
thank you very much for finding out what's going on there. appreciate it. >> what's more mysterious this morning -- the mueller report or the republican health care plan? >> maybe it's in the mueller report. part of the 300 pages that we don't have yet. >> that would explain a lot. "new day" continues now. >> after three years of lies and smears and slander, the russia hoax is dead. >> show us the report. we don't need you interpreting it for us. >> there is obvious evidence in plain sight of collusion and obstruction. >> obamacare has been a disaster. we are working on a plan. >> they have said repeal and replace for a decade. they have never had a plan. >> republicans are nervous. this is not a winning issue. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." it is friday, march 29, 8:00 in the east. while you were sleeping,
4:33 am
president trump again falsely claimed total exoneration into obstruction of justice. this happened at the first campaign rally since the investigation ended. mr. trump warned the investigators behind the russia probe they would be held accountable. calls continue for the full mueller report to be made public. cnn learned the report is more than 300 pages long. what will the pages reveal? >> the president also talked about health care overnight. his administration has moved to eliminate obamacare immediately impacting millions of ame
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