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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 29, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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up? >> cake. >> he is not worried. >> seeing ourcome into the. >> no. i don't feel like i know enough about the guy. i feel like i read stories. go to cnn thanks for being with me on this friday afternoon. stay right here. things can be found out. i don't know. the lead starts right now. i feel like i look and i'm not a democrat but they sorltover explained he not sure what lane she in and how he can do. breaking news, new details >> we'll check in with you in on plans to release the special six months. >> thank you. >> so the trump administration counsel's redacted report to congress. sharing nuclear secrets with the attorney general says the another company and keeping it president won't be getting his from americans. find out why next. hands on it first. hello to quae at marco's. hello to the best part of the day.... with italian quality pizza. get two medium, one-topping pizzas for just $6.99 each. every store. every day. the italian way. hello primo. approved by the trump white house that critics fear could
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set off a middle east race. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. welcome to the lead. it lets you know when you go too fast... i'm in for jake. breaking news in our politics ...and brake too hard. lead. the mueller report will be ready with feedback to help you drive safer. for release by mid-april and giving you the power to actually lower your cost. maybe even sooner. barr said his team along with unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. special counsel are making redactions right now. we are also learning the report now that you know the truth... is nearly 400 pages long not are you in good hands? counting exhibits. with expedia, laura joining me live now. i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. tell us what we are learning. >> the attorney general trying so even when she grows up, to take the issue of executive she'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure. privilege off the table. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. there have been some speculation and debate about whether the white house would try to shield only with expedia. parts of this report using the select hotels to your existing trip. grounds of dpektive privilege. ♪ ♪ it's taking over bill barr saying not so. ♪ there's no escape in his letter to congress he ♪ you better get moving says although the president would have the right to exert ♪ ready or not ♪ it's about to go down here it comes now ♪ executive privilege he has ♪ get ready stated publicly he intends to ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ oh oh oh oh
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defer to me. ♪ get ready accordingly there will be no plans to submit the report to ♪ moving ♪ ready or not ♪ get ready ♪ oh oh oh oh oh the white house. he goes onto explain the report is being redacted as well as ♪ hey ongoing investigations also to protect the peripheral rights of third parties. sort of a curious line there. he also tries to defend himself overt he took 400 pages and condensed them down saying that's not really fair. it was supposed to be a summary of principle conclusions and everyone will be able to read it on their own. >> is the attorney general expected to testify about the mueller report? >> absolutely. he realizes the public interest and what he has to say about it is very strong. [laughter] he is offering two dates in this ♪ new letter to congress may 1st and may second. ♪
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"i'm okay." ♪ ♪ almost 400 pages we are told about this report. it seems as though attorney general barr is trying to be transparent as possible here at least at this moment in time. i would ask all of you if the timing matters for this transparency and sort of what the effect is of that having had this summary out already. >> i think it does. there are long redactions. if it were on the democratic side it would not take this long. so i think that we have to be mindful of that.
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she not one of the criticisms of him is she a bias narrator. he defended the firing of comey when he was trying out for the job. it gives them a lot of bandwidth. they will be seeing how he uses the categories of redaction. >> can he hit the market of transparency at this point in time? >> why not? at the end of the day it duoes take a little bit of time. all members would actually like to see as much of this as possible when all democrats are unified in saying more transparency makes it public. i understand it's not at a level democrats would like. they have been calling for this before the report was initially
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released. i think it's not on the timetable. >> the redactions, the summary allowing the narrative to kind of be -- >> it is to very much. >> i feel like focusing is some approval from the white house? what kind of silly. the trump administration issued at least seven authorizations it is an investigative matter. it is less important to me i allowing u.s. energy companies think for 400 pages to take the to share sensitive technological time to make sure it's not details without any guarantee jeopardizing national security that information won't be used that shouldn't be jeopardized. to develop a nuclear weapons i think it's perfectly fair. program. alex reports. this idea that barr will put out a summary is crazy. his folks are not going to allow it is one of the most strained a false narrative. >> but he made a conclusion. and pif toll moments. saudi arabia to receive american unclassified civil nuclear technology just five months after saudi journalist was killed. u.s. intelligence agencies believe the order came from
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crown prince. he got out of having to testify. when we are talking about we have seen roughly 500100 words yesterday it was 300 and now we think it is about 400 pages. if they go to russia and china i also have to believe they want for their nuclear partners i can assure you that those two to see all of the information they want congress to continue countries don't give a tinkers. to press. the narrative does matter. >> it contained energy. i will give you the summary saudi arabia has no nuclear before the end of the weekend. weapons for now. they say it could change if iran we were all sitting here waiting builds them. for that summary. by law they must agree to again, 50 words out of now 500 control to prevent them from developing a nuclear weapon. so far saudi arabia has not pa pages we learned. agreed to those conditions. we don't know what the rest of >> it appears this is an end run paragraph said around why was it
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around the law. zb secretary of state pompeo that bob mueller. >> and in mid-april we will grilled about the authorizations know. >> no. in mid-april we will still see on capitol hill. >> we treated iran like an some version of what bar decides enemy. if saudi arabia and held bent on to show us. developing a program that is uncontrolled and designed to make them a nuclear state or a >> right. possible nuclear state will we treat them as an enemy. >> we are working to ensure it is something we understand and doesn't present that risk. >> white house senior adviser it has a lot of discretion. took a quiet trip to the we already flow senator gram and i'm sure democrats will go up. kingdom. the brother of the crown prince any of these will be in full who was the ambassador to the public viewing. this span about how of course he u.s. when they tried to coin is going to tell us everything vince him his friend told cnn it we need to know. would be safe to return to saudi >> is this a deep throat type of arabia.
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situation? the. >> i'm suggesting there are rick perry was asked parts we may not see for quite specifically whether the authorizations to sell that were some time. >> let's talk about that. approved after october 2nd. we'll have the most opportunity that's the day he was killed by to have and everyone wants it to a saudi hit team in istanbul. be released and it will. perry responded saying he didn't know saying we sign a lot of papers. >> all right. thank you. let's discuss with former cia and fbi official phil mud. you did serve as a consultant to the saudi interior ministry from there what i have heard we know there were some conversations between doj abd and mueller 2010 to 2011. several weeks ago. what does this say that nuclear secrets are being shared, that some suggested that's why he had the american people haven't it about john mccain. known about them? what does it say about u.s. foreign policy? >> i guess there's a couple of questions you would ask. we want to make money. we want to sell stuff including the saudis and we want to confront the iranians. >> while there may be things it is in the arabia peninsula.
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that don't rise to the legal it is in the said di governmeud. level there could be unsavor ri things in there that do not play well for the president. she not going to be able to make the murder ed a citizen five an argument about executive privilege. that is key isn't it? months ago. >> yes. he wrote the united states it sounds like it is. newspapers. if you're going to give a however attorney general bar, benefit to the kingdom what are it's his hand picked person as you asking of me in return? it works always for attorney general. he has shown himself to be a we gave him something. i don't know what we got. defender of donald trump's actions including firing comey >> is this a sign with the interest of trying to have at at the time writing a 19 page least an ally up against iran memo. >> and that is a way of there potentially being a nuclear power is this a sign scrubbing executive privilege? that the u.s. is foregoing >> he made a decision that mueller didn't decide in the leverage especially as you look me memo he released. at how they have been treated by that's why i'm concerned and the trump administration? people should be con redactions. >> i think it is. i'm not sure why we gave up that it leaves him on enormous amount leverage. to talk about what you get for of redaction. >> i would say to comey, i think providing nuclear technology it they are unified in not liking doesn't seem to me out of the question to say look, we want to remain partners. we don't like the iranians.
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the man. we want to give you nuclear technology. you just murdered a citizen. we will apply sanctions against zbli also absolutely the you. president's per ogtive to fire i don't see why we don't have any member of his cabinet. i understand the circumstances our cake and eat it too. were not what one would normally i don't think it's a bad idea. expect. my question is why don't we make i think that's what he was arguing. them hurt in exchange of their >> he was not saying this is all murdered somebody who was an a great way donald trump fired him. he was saying he has the author? bhu do we have our cake and eat authority to do that. >> i think if he were firing the it too? i don't get it. >> thank you for your incite. epa administrator that is one president trump threatening to shut down the u.s./mexico border. we have a look at what's really happening there, ed. >> reporter: people are asking thing. is this real or man faufactured? he is threatening to shut down the southern border. i'll have that story coming up. the united states accused of sharing come of america's top nuclear secrets with the same
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mcman is a trump cabinet original and headed to the president's outside political group. as abby phillips reports as one i will close the border if gets ready another is trying to grin and bear it. mexico doesn't get with it. >> after a week of publicly and >> calling the border a privately disagreeing with several cabinet members. >> i have overridden my people. cascading crisis asking if it >> president trump is losing one of the few member of his team he was to fully shut the border. never publicly disagreed with. a senior official said not as of small business administrator who now. tell us what you're seeing once ran world wrestling there. >> well, over the course of the last week we have seen senior entertainment is leaving to take a senior role at america first, trump administration officials sound the alarm about what's happening here on the southern an outside political group that
1:16 pm
supports the president. border. this is after the president's critics say they don't see that public split with another member of his cabinet education secretary and her plans describe federal funding for the special urgency. every day this week they have dropped off on the doorstep in olympics. >> i just told my people i want brownsville, texas. to fund the special olympics. most are werequesting asylum. he johns of volunteers scramble to help mothers and fathers with their children. >> we see that it being a tool with the clearing cloud of the in a larger political gain game mueller information president trump gearing up for a fight that is completely to what the with democrats over health care. communities here want. >> good neighbor settlement is one of several shelters helping suddenly release this week by customs and border protection. the agency says it can't handle the masive number. >> it was at the breaking point. it has group of republicans include border. >> they are on pace for on rehe rick scott working on an thinks and encounters for more
1:17 pm
than 100,000 migrants in march. it would be the highest number in a decade. department of homeland security secretary is warning the system is in free fall. president trump says the tensover thousands of migrants are carrying a big fat and alternative. the president renewing his fight for a border wall. tltenning to control illegal immigration. >> and we are on track for a vowing to shut down as early as next week and admitting shutting million illegal aliens trying to down the border could trade. rush our border. >> all trade. it is an invasion. mexico is making absolutely a >> we met her and her daughter at the daughter in brownsville. they asked we not show their fortune. we'll keep it close far long faces because they fear being time. i'm not playing games. >> he has made this threat to returned. she says she fled her home close the border before. he never actually done it in country because they feared part because lots of people here being killed. gang members murdered her mother in washington in his administration including many last year. lawmakers have told him that her daughter says three police doing that could cause economic officers unleashed a brauzing attack. kicking and punching her for reasons that were never clear. that's when they decided to
1:18 pm
damage. it is to deal with an influx of leave. advocates say it is not a con imgranlts who are crossing illegally. as of right now they have not job but real teem facing life yet closed any parts of the border. >> i asked the deputy director and death kwens kwonss. >> we know what's happening. >> they say the trump today. he completely sidestepped the question. that might tell you what they do or don't want. thank you. >> let's talk about linda mcmann administration is trying toamil over to this pack. is this a smart move for her? paperwork. >> this is one of the migrants here that asked us not to identify her. these are the forms they are given. if you look closely it is supposed to be a notice giving them a date and time when they supposed to appear. here they are not getting toez it is sort of a landing place is dates. >> they say there is no a pretty common step for the manufactured crisis and there is a real humanitarian and security trump administration. i don't think it raises any kind of unusual concern. crisis unfolding. it's not as though she is levering under any cloud of
1:19 pm
they were mass releases intended scandal. it sounds like someone that is deciding to do something else. to the already fragile >> if she has been in the administration and she hasn't infrastructure. >> so you think it's deliberate? had a scandal why not stick >> yes. >> and this threat by president around? >> because linda mcman, she is trump to shut down and close ports of entry sent shock waves across the border. you can see there were millions of people that use those kind of bridges and paths to cross back and forth every day. the country. they depend on it. >> very good point thank you. she has got big plans ahead for her and for donald trump. i think it's a great move for her. i think it makes a lot of sense and i think it's great. join us 9:00 a.m. on sunday. >> okay. so lest talk about betsy devoss. that's it for the lead today. follow me on twitter. this is after a dust-up with the president over special olympics. >> i'm glad you're education secretary are you? >> i am indeed. most days i am. mueller report released. >> maybe not this week. bill barr says the mueller
1:20 pm
report is nearly 400 pages lodge >> quick on her feet there to inject a little humor. she had to defend the cut of and being scrubbed for sensitive special olympics funding in the information. it will be ready for release for budget and the president just said he was overriding her. mid-april. >> he has no plans to send the report first to the white house. he vows to make it public and >> it seems like she knew she says he is preparing to testify was fed up. the president didn't know. before congress. the democratic house judiciary you know, these budget says he still wants the complete report by next week. documents, there is statementovstatement of values. are we really trying to say they he warns he will close the southern border next week and didn't have any idea what was going to be in the budget? it came as a total surprise? keep it closed if mexico doesn't that's not good. immediately stop all illegal if it didn't it set him up for immigration. blast behind the new threat and new his favorite thing which is to come in and be the good guy and oth override his people. >> so when he says that he said i didn't know about this until thursday you just don't -- >> really? >> you just don't take him --
1:21 pm
>> he's not someone known to tell the truth very often. i think it's -- >> he doesn't look good admitting that either though. >> but just massive documents across -- that span the entire federal government i can see him not knowing it. was it bone headed? absolutely. it is to your point a statement of values. it looks pretty stupid. congress would have never gone along with it. at the end of the day it is embarrassment. it so the pick the new state department spokesperson. it is a pretty prominent role. it ortagus is replacing. you served in this exact role. i wonder what you tli about this pick and just this constant polling from fox news for these positions within the trump administration. >> i don't know her. i think it should be separated
1:22 pm
from a concerning alignment i think we should give hear shot. many people are concerned by the media happening between fox news and the white house. >> if i could say i am someone that knows her. to sort of classify her as a fox news contribute to i think really undersells a lot of what she will be able to bring to the administration. she is c to be a good spokesperson but being able to pivot. it won't be about her own views but about the views of the
1:23 pm
administration. it includes top key communications jobs, other departments. are there any risks associated with this? >> not for the president, no. >> it is his network. he is not a huge fan. that's okay. for him he loves fox. there is absolutely no downside. >> he watches a lot of cnn. >> that is absolutely true. he absolutely does as made clear by his tweeting. at the end of the day there is no downside. if you look at republican voters get a lot of their news at the end of the day there is lot of good solid and people. i don't think there's that much downside. it is about what she can do.
1:24 pm
>> i mean more broadly. >> if you look at her jobs she had worked in governments before. she is somebody that has become and -- >> this one makes more sense. >> it does. i think fox anchors are talking for the administration. that's unacceptable. i don't think it should reflect on her and her ability to do -- or us allowing us to do this job. >> show me the money. someone is preparing for a buzz kill. this isn't just any moving day.
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i think things are m coing out with respect to the other side. >> are you talk to go president putin? >> he said he had nothing to hide. what did you make of what he said? >> he also said i think there will be things coming out about the other side. now, the absurdity of that because russia did help donald trump get elected to what degree it is hard to know.
1:31 pm
? with respect to you both the intelligence committee did bring up various to answer some questions. they will be unveiling reports themselves. i think if we look at what happened in the 2016 election there are a lot of people that have 20 answer for what happened. that's including people in the obama administration as well. i think we want to have a full account of what happened. it makes perfect sense. >> i have to say what you just said is pretty offensive. >> why? >> the obama administration was
1:32 pm
in. he gathered and asked them to dig deep and get everything in public so that the future administration and all of the intelligence community could help president trump. what president trump and his team did is have all sorts of sketchy meetings. we know about his business ties. there are lots of questions. >> we heard it was mcconnell. he said -- >> hold on. >> president obama said he went to the bipartisan leadership of the congress and said we should put this all out in the public. who didn't want to do it? >> yeah. >> he does not run the cia. he does not run the defense department, the state department, any of the executive
1:33 pm
branch. he runs one-half of one-third of the government. what was asked back in september was if by the obamaadministration. it is to say be vigilant in making sure elections systems were secure. >> and we have to leave this part of our conversation there. in our 2020 lead money is talking. democratic candidates facing one in the presidential race. this is the first fundraising deadline of the 2020 cycle. >> we will put together the strongest grass roots movement in the history of american
1:34 pm
politics. >> raising money on the first day of the campaign they are scrambling to meelt the first fundraising detd line on suddnd. >> raising money so this is a topic that we don't like to discuss, but you can't win an election without knowing how to raise money. >> suddenly harris is trying to lower expectations telling donors we know some of them will have outraised us. i can guarantee we won't be at work. as fundraising appeals pour in it's not how much they raise but how they raise it. >> and today this very day i'm not off doing a fundraiser behind closed doors with a bunch
1:35 pm
of millionaires. i'm here with you. >> swearing off high dollar fundraising events trying to match the they have seeing in the opening round of the race. >> a lot of fundraising that goes on. it's not just about getting the most dollars. the more you help the better. >> the recent has to capture enthusiasm including a high-rise apartment at the trump international hotel in new york. the first quarter fundraising period will offer how the candidates are catching on among those inspires to send in small contributionsment they are limiting the kind of money they accept. >> i will not take money from corporate tax. they must have at least 65,000 to reach the debate stage. the qualifying for that debate
1:36 pm
stage is for con day dats. it could certainly clang the order before that. after talking to several donors this week a lot of them are sitting on the sidelines watching this play out. one said i'll probably give money to a bunch of them. >> a bunch of them. >> enough to go around. thank you much. what do you think of senator harris? she raised a million and a half dollars. it's not like she raised very much. you look at bernie sanders. she is managing expectations, what do you think of that? >> i think it is smart. at this point most americans aren't really paying attention.
1:37 pm
we know you had a good list. that he h these are all of the little indicators i was looking for. i would remind it was john mccain. >> and john edwards that raised in the first quarter and blew everyones minds. i think i have heard the same thing as jeff's reporting. a lot of high dollar donors are holding fundraisers for different candidates. low dollar donors are doing the same thing. a lot of democrats are sitting and waiting.
1:38 pm
you hear them talking about who is the most likely candidate to beat donald trump right? >> look, at the same time mayor pete because i can't pronounce his last name, he has been shooting up in the polls. it helped him raise money and that's how the process should work. more people are getting to know him. >> and let's listen to may the mayor. so he goes up to california to meet voters. he comes down on what coastal leadism and he said he feels like from the middle of the country. let's plan. listen. >> i see a lot of people kind of shaking their heads and asking how, you know, people especially working class people that work
1:39 pm
for conserve tifrs, how can you vote against your self-interest? don't you know you're voting against your interest? if you say that they could very simply turn around and say so are you. things like he's the sort of the person i think republicans ought to be quite nervous about. to the fundraising point he was able to raise a lot off of these sort of viral moments. rather than thinking we always think how much did you raise last quarter i think what will be important over the course of the next year, year and a half watch how much they raise off of
1:40 pm
these moments in the debates when they give speeches and something happens and it goes viral and they raise the money. i think it will be the fuzz raising for sure. >> do you think republicans should worry about mayor pete? >> i don'ton't know.
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