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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  March 30, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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president says he will shut down the border next week. teresa may's deal, apartment rejected her plan. britain has two weeks to come up with something to avoid crashing out with nothingments also ahead this hour, the state of georgia and the abortion law receiving pushback, even from hollywood, you will hear from both sides who support and hose that bill. live from cnn, world headquarters in atlanta. welcome to our viewer all ore the world and here in the united
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states, i'm george howell, cnn "newsroom" starts now. it's 5:00 a.m. on the u.s. coast, the u.s. president is threatening to shut down the southern u.s. border. he says he's ready to do it as soon as next week. mr. trump demanding that mexico stopped undocumented immigrants from coming into the united states. he says border customs and enforcement personnel are overwhelmed at their breaking point and that the crisis is getting worse. the agency expects the number of children arriving at the border without a parent to surpass the levels during the 2014 unaccompanied minor crisis. the u.s. homeland security secretary is asking her department's employees to volunteer for border duty. christian nielsen says the border protection agencies are fought equipped to deal with the migrant surge. in the meantime, president trump has another -- has issued rather another issue on his plate. it's the mueller report. caitlin collins has this.
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>> reporter: president trump giving the all clear. >> i have nothing to hide. >> reporter: voicing confidence in bill barr after the attorney general announced congress will have robert mueller's redacted report within weeks. >> i have great confidence in the attorney general and if that's what he'd like to do, i have nothing to hide. this was a hoax. this was a witch hunt. >> reporter: barr telling lawmakers the white house will not see the document before they do and trump is deferring to him on asserting executive privilege. despite calling the special counsel's investigation a witch hunt, trump saved his harshest word for mexico. >> i'm very upset with mexico. >> reporter: repeating his threat to shut down the southern border, but this time with a deadline. >> it is a very good likelihood i will be closing the border next week. >> that will be just fine with me. >> reporter: trump warned if mexico doesn't stop undocumented immigrants from heading into the
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u.s., he will halt it for trade. >> we'll close it down for a long time, i'm not playing game. >> reporter: he pardoned a crush of asylum seeking families put immigration enforcement at its breaking point. >> this is an unfortunate step and very challenging for our law enforcement officials to digest. >> reporter: also one day after trump told a crowded michigan those playing violence and poverty are sometimes faking it. >> they're all met by the lawyers and they say, say the following phrase, i am very afraid for my life, i am afraid for my life. okay. and then i look at the guy, he looks like he just got out of the ring, he's the heavy weight champion of the world, it's a big fat con job, folks. >> reporter: his first lateral rally since the counsel's 22-month investigation. >> after three years of lies and smears and slander, the russia
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hoax is finally dead. the collusion delusion is over. >> reporter: as trump took a victory lap around democrats. >> the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding -- which are dig lus bull -- >>. >> reporter: taking polite in going after the house of the chairman in particular. >> they're an artificial respiratetors right now. they're getting mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, little pencil neck adam schiff. he's got the smallest, thinnest neck i've ever seen. >> reporter: now, the president has threatened close down the
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border before. he's never offered a time line like he did today. right now there are still questions circle i swisrling around the white house what they will do, it would, of course, affect businesses, factories, those communities down there on the border that cross over so frequently. right now the white house is not commenting on whether or not the president's threat also applies to air travel. kaylin collins, cnn, the white house. >> kaylin, thank you. the attorney general promises the mueller report is coming out within weeks. that's not good enough for democrats. they gave william barr an april 2nd deadline for the full unredacted report and they expect him to keep it. laura jarrett has this. >> well, april is shaping up to be a busy month over here at the justice department as attorney general bill barr informed lawmakers on friday that he intends to release the special counsel's report on the russia
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investigation mid-april if not sooner. the big question, just how much will actually be released? barr said both he and the special counsel are working together scrubbing the report for grand jury information as well as information related to ongoing investigations. but one issue barr tried to take off the table was executive privilege, telling lawmakers that there are no plan foss share the report with the white house ahead of time. meanwhile, democrats on capitol hill are pressing full team ahead trying to see that full report, calling on barr to work with them to go to get a court order in order to see grand jury information. whereas, the top republican on the senate judiciary committee, senator lindsey graham saying he will accept barr's offer to testify on may 1st. laura jarrett, cnn, washington. >> laura, thanks. let's talk about all of this with amy pope, a national security council under president obama, he is with the chatham
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think tank, joins us now in london. good after the you. >> thank you. >> the mueller report is expected to be released in mid-april if not sooner, likely to be heavily redacted and this latest tweet from the u.s. president is very telling. let's take a look at this because i want to key in on one word. let's read it. the problem is, no matter what the radical left democrats get, no matter what we give them. it will never be enough. just watch, they will harass, complain, resist. the theme of their movement. so maybe we should take our victory and say no, no capitalized there. we got a country to run. that's the word that i want to key in on here. what do you think the word no means there? is it no to harassment? a no to releasing the mueller report? >> i don't see it as no to releasing the mueller report. i see it more as let's change the topic of conversation. we know that's a tactic the president frequently uses when he is uncomfortable with the
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stance or the facts behind certain allegation. the mueller report is a mixed bag for him. on the one hand, it's help. because it does say he was not involved with conspireing with russian nationals in his campaign. it is a much murkier question when it comes to the role that he or his colleagues played in obstructing justice. what this suggests to me is that the president is worried that that report will actually reveal far more about his misconduct than he is comfortable with. so he wants to change the conversation to something else like shutting down the border. >> so a change of topic is saying, here's the question, though, will even the partial release of this report again likely to be heavily redacted? will it make a difference here to quell questions? >> i'm not sure. it depends how much has to be redacted. and it's fair for the attorney general to redact some of the material under the grand jury laws, the witnesses are entitled to secrecy in terms of the
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information that they give and that's an important part of our justice system. we want people to be truthful and forthcoming. so that's totally legitimate. the question is, how will the democrats in the house take the final version. does it give them enough information to either make a meaningful investigation on their side or get answers to some of their questions and inevitably the democrats will want to do more and won't be content with the version of the document they see. >> all right. i want to touch on the border issue as well. you say it's diverting attention, the u.s. president has been chiming in on that. border officials saying their resources have become strained, mr. trump saying he will shut down the surgeon southern border. he had this to say about the crisis. take a listen. >> they set up their caravans. in many cases they put their worst people in the caravans, they will not put the best in.
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they get rid of their problems. they march up here, we're not letting them in the country. the border patrol, the job they have done is incredible. the job i.c.e. is doing is incredible. we have run out of space, we can't hold people anymore. mexico can stop it so easily. >> is this a manufactured crisis as critics say or is this a real problem that has been gradually building to a breaking point? >> look, the president has turned it into a crisis. there are serious problems in the northern triangle, violence is at unprecedented levels. there is tremendous amount of narcotics flowing through there from smempblthere from south america. we are seeing people are fleeing the instability, the corruption, to the point that many of them are putting children on the road by themselves to get some out. because they're so afraid. so that's where the crisis is.
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the problem is the president has addressed the crisis by shutting down mechanisms for people to reach safety, bullying mexico into action, stripping funds that were going to central america to address some of these problems. the bottom hein is unless you address what is happening through the region through a common sense solution, you are going to continue to face people who are fleeing what is a very dangerous situation. that's human nature. >> amy pope, we appreciate your time today. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> there has been so much talk about the crisis at the u.s. southern border. cnn goes there to get the latest on the current immigration situation and if it really is a crisis. plus, three strikes is an out. that's at least the case in baseball. but will that prove true for the british prime minister teresa may whose brexit deal just failed for a third time in parliament. we are live in london and brussels with that story. stay with us. ahh potluck.
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the ayes to the right 286. the nos to the left 344. so the nos have it, the nos have it. unlock. >> and that was the moment that sent brexit even into more chaos on the day that britain should have started a new future. lawmakers voted down the prime
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minister's deal for a third time on friday. now the uk has two weeks to come up with another solution or risk crashing out of the eu with no deal on april 12th and despite this latest setback, teresa may says her government will press on. listen. >> mr. speaker, i fear we are reaching the limits of this process in this house. this house -- this house has rejected no deal, it has rejected no brexit. on wednesday it rejected all the variations of the deal on the table and today it has rejected approving the withdrawal agreement alone and continuing a process on the future. this government will continue to press the case for the orderly brexit, but the result of the referendum demands. >> european leaders are concerned and frustrated with the results of friday's vote. the eu counsel president donald tusk has called for an emergency summit on april 10th and a
2:16 am
spokesman for the european commission said this, the eu will remain united, the benefits of the withdrawal agreement, including a transition period will in no circumstances be replicated in a no deal scenario. many deals are not an option. a spokesperson for the french president said this, the idea of a long extension involving uk participation in the european elections can only be considered if the alternative plan is credible, supported by a majority in the british apartment and an extension is not automatic. the frustration over brexit spilled out onto the streets of london as you see there on friday. at least five people there were arrested during a leave protest. thousands of people came together around the houses of parliament demanding that lawmakers make brexit happen with or without a deal. let's go live to london. cnn producer selma abdul aziz is on the story.
2:17 am
the possibility of crashing out of the eu without a deem, even higher now. >> reporter: that's right, george. thus seemingly never end story continues. you are right, brussels says a no deal scenario is more likely than ever. they are prepared for the uk to crash out. however, as with more things, brexit, it's more complicated. all options are still on the table with brexit. let's talk through what could happen in the coming days. as you said on monday, parliament meets ago ento try to find an alternative option to brex brexit. they did this last week. they had eight options available. they turned down all eight. there were two likely to succeed potentially and that is a potential second referendum and a customs union, so it is possible that they could come to a consensus on one of those two options, another potential option, may said as you heard there, that she feels she is
2:18 am
reaching the limits of the potential in the house of common sense, analysts will tell you, she has absolutely lost political capital, political will, she has already offered to resign. a general election is a very real possibility in this country. so that could happen. the third option, a very lengthy extension, that would require her to go back to brussels to demand that lengthy extension and, of course, on april 10th, the other eu 27 states will get a stalemate. we have already heard there from macron, unless there is a clear way out to brexit, he might not agree to it. other nations may not agree to it. so that's also a difficult one. here's the fourth one, i know this one will sound crazy, bear with me. there is talks today on local media teresa may could bring her withdrawal agreement to parliament for a fourth time. now, whether or not the speaker would agree eto'o that, who knows. however, that's another thing being discussed today in the media.
2:19 am
so really the only thing that is certain is uncertainty, george. >> selma, thank you. let's talk more about all of this now with ryan heath. ryan is politico's senior eu correspondent and joins this hour from brussels. good to have with you us. >> good morning, george. >> so ms. may's deal was defeated by a smaller margin. many are writing the deal off as dead, what do you make that ms. may could continue to push this deal for a fourth vote? >> i think she will try to do that. i think this has been the plan all the way along. the idea was to grind the parliament down. the unexpected factor was that mrs. may didn't expect the speaker of the parliament to come up with obstacles saying it was impossible to go back for these extra votes. now, it's not necessarily likely she will get what she wants after going back a fourth time. she is getting closer each time. so for a person with few cards to play.
2:20 am
you see the attractiveness of that option. if we go into that general election territory, she is a lame duck. the new change uk party didn't have a leader. uk democrats don't have a leader. it's a virtual leaderless election. it's a nightmare for everyone if they go down that route. >> again if she pushes her deal again against other alternatives, if it fails again, there are reports it could lead to general election. if that comes to pass, would that create as you say more chaos? could it, in fact, loosen the knot here and maybe open up some possibilities around brexit? >> it would. so by rejecting every option, parliament has effectively put all of them back on the table again. now everything is at that total stand still. so i think for me the big question around the general election is will they conduct it before the 22nd of may, which is that ultimate brexit deadline that eu leaders set at their last summit and should the election occur before then, will
2:21 am
they be able rush through some very kind of quick decision that doesn't do through parliament again, but does go through whatever government is elected to come to some kind of final conclusion. now, i sat down with michel barnier, the chief brexit negotiator for the eu yesterday. he laid out a couple very important points. he said if there is a no deal brexit, it will be border checked immediately on the border in ireland. if the uk decides to go for the long extension, it shouldn't think that is a way out of this irish backstop issue or it will be able to negotiate a trade deal, it will just be the same as what we have been doing now. going on this loop on how the uk is willing to withdraw and the trade deal the off the table until they are actually out of the door. >> what is the mood there in brussels for the uk to turn back to the eu and ask for more time and if it's granted an extension that will be longer, certainly an extension that would require the uk to come one a plan and
2:22 am
the eu may attach conditions? >> the movie i think is total exasperation. the general election may be considered a plan by the eu, but they're divided. so angela merkel effectively speaks for the majority at the moment, which is to try and be flexible. to try to come one a solution. emanuel macron speaks for a growing plirt, which is lack -- minority which is lack of patience and rip the plaster off, the band aid off, whatever you like to say in our own country and get on with it on april 12. >> that will be a tension point at that april 10 meeting. of course, you need a consensus to get the eu to do anything and there isn't a consensus at the moment. >> so granted a longer extension, it would essentially open the window for more debate, alternatives, such as a second referendum and even possibly revoking article 50, which would essentially call brexit off, right? >> exactly. i think the most likely
2:23 am
scenario, though, in that long extension is that the uk would work very hard to come one a solution at the irish border and really, that's time to sort of put their money where their mouth are. they haven't been able to do that over the last two years. if you get them 18 months, maybe there is a technical solution there. there might be a mo majority in apartment for something like the customs union, the you caning leaves, they get control over some legislation, they can't do the trade deals. i think if you are going for an extension and you can't do any of those two outcomes, that will be in the leaders' mind next week. >> the other thing you mentioned the growing minority of nations that say, hey, enough is enough. let's call this off. do you see that growing with so much uncertainty? >> absolutely. and this is where teresa may has got to come up with a credible plan. she can't do her usual thing, which she's done at least three
2:24 am
consecutive summits, she turns up, gives a long presentation of talking points that everyone has heard in the media before and refuses to answer questions directly. she has to come one a concrete set of steps such as general election. such as i'm revoking the article 50 notification. here are moy time line for doing it. if she doesn't do that, that's when the patients will snap and emanle who macron will win and angela merkel will lose here grip over the summer table. >> thanks for your time. >> thank you. the u.s. president re-visits his border rhetoric. >> so mexico is tough. they can stop them. if they don't stop them, we're closing the border, we will keep it closed for a long time, i'm not playing games. >> but the president's latest poll could severely impact thousands of migrants seeking asylum. you will hear from some ahead.
2:25 am
in gaza, an anniversary that has the israeli military on heightened alert. you are watching "newsroom."
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. welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world, you are watching cnn "newsroom" live in atlanta. i'm george howell with the headlines we are following for you this hour. british lawmakers once again voted down the eu withdrawal agreement. now they are at greater risk of crashing out with no deal. the deadline is april 12th. in the meantime, thousands of pro brexit supporters took to the streets angry there. on friday the date the uk was originally supposed to leave the eu. in algeria, hundreds of
2:29 am
protesters clashed with security forces in that nation's capital. police used water cannon you see here to disperse the crowds. the starts have been calling on the nation's ailing president who stepped down. the u.s. attorney general william barr says that he will release the mueller report by mid-april if not sooner. in a letter to congress, he says that he and robert mueller are redacting the sensitive information from the nearly 400 page report from russia's interference. democrats want the unredacted report by tuesday. now that the mueller probe is over, mr. trump is focusing his attention on the southern border. he's threatened to shut down the southern border, that is unless mexico stops letting undocumented immigrants cross into the united states. the president says the crisis is growing as the number of migrants continues to grow and border protection officials say they can't keep up. for children making the
2:30 am
hazardous trek from central america to the united states it is especially hard. you may remember a 7-year-old in debris she died after she and her father were detained at the u.s.-mexico border after traveling from guatemala. autopsy results show the girl died from a bacterial infection that spread to her lungs, adrenal glands, liver and spleen. border officials say they did everything in their power to save the girl. her story is not the only story raising concerns over the migrant crisis. thousands of migrants cross the border seeking asylum to escape dangerous situations back in their home countries. and a closed border could have dire consequences for them as our ed lavandara explains. >> reporter: every day this week, buses have dropped off nearly 100 central american migrants on the doorstep of the good neighbor settlement house shelter in brownsville, texas. most are requesting asylum.
2:31 am
the scene is sparking frustration against immigrant rights advocates as legions of volunteers scramble to help mothers and fathers with their children. >> we see it's instrument annualized as a tool in a larger political gain that is a completely anti-thet cal to what the communities here want. >> reporter: good neighbors settlement is one of several shelters helping hieg grants sudden -- migrants suddenly released. the agency says it can't hand tell massive amount across the border. >> the immigration system was at the breaking point. that breaking point has arrived this week at our border. >> reporter: cpb officials say border patrols are on pace of encounters with more than 100,000 migrants in march, which would be the highest number of illegal border crossings in a decade. the department of homeland security today is warning the system is in freefall and president trump says the tens of thousands of mike grants requesting asylum are carrying out a big fat con job and is now
2:32 am
threatening to shut down the board tore control illegal immigration. >> and we're on track for a million illegal aliens trying to rush our borders. it is an invasion, you know that. >> reporter: we met velma and her daughter in browns victim. they feared being returned to el salvador. velma says she feared being killed, gang members murdered her mother last year. her daughter says three police officers unleashed a bruising attack on her in january, kicking, punching her for reasons that were never clear. that's when they decided to leave. advocates sa i th-- say this is a con job but real people facing real consequences. >> we are not ignorant here in the valley. we know what's happened. >> reporter: advocates sa i the trump administration is deliberating creating sense of
2:33 am
chaos, with mass release of migrants under a bridge in el pos za and give -- el paso and giving the families illegal. paperwork. >> if you look closely here this is supposed to be a notice to appear giving them a date and time to appear in imgalatian court. here they're fought getting those dates. >> reporter: the trump administration says there is no manufactured crisis on the southern border and there is a humanity and security crisis unfolding. critics say the trump administration is trying to build a case for a national emergency to build more border wall. the president's threat to close down the border is sending shock waves throughout these border communities. you see that bridge in the distance, that's what millions of people use to get back and forth. people use that to get back and forth to see family, friends, to get to work, school that sort of thing. >> that irthe lifeline of these border communities and shutting them down, these ports of entry
2:34 am
will have a devastating effect. ed lavandara, cnn, browns victim, texas. >> ed, thank you. parts of venezuela are again without power. it is the third blackout for that troubled nation this month. and it comes ahead of planned protests set for this weekend. venezuelans received some good news after meeting with both presidents nicholas maduro and his rival, the national assembly president juan guaido. the red cross announced it has now permission to deliver aid. guaido is calling it a defeat for the president there, maduro, who has prevented aids from coming in. maduro claims vic they're of china and russia sent aid to that country this week. the border fence between israel and gaza, who has become a flash point in the coming hours, thousands of palestinians are expected to join a protest there. these demonstrations have been going on now for a year. since they started, some 200
2:35 am
palestinians have been killed in clashes with israeli troops. but it comes at a sensitive time. hamas has been holding talks with israeli and says those talks are in final stages, unrest at that border who had jeopardized the progress. our michael holmes is following the story in gaza. michael, we understand, just moments ago you saw tear gas at that location. tell us more. >> reporter: yeah, there has been a lot of tear gas here. george, the protest doesn't officially begin for another hour. there are already hundreds of palestinians down here. earlier, we saw several of them, dozens go up to the fence, the israelis have been firing tear gas ever since, hamas has been keeping this as a peaceful protest. >> that serves their protest brokered by egypt with israel to try to bring an end to the suffering here in gaza and ratchet down the violence that has happened. this is the one anniversary,
2:36 am
first anniversary of this march of return that has been going on every week here for a year. the anniversary today hamas calling for a million man march, but won't get anywhere near that already, thousands of palestinians are at location, there are many other locations along the fence. in the last hour or so since i spoke to you. there has been a lot or activity. there has been live shots fired, nobody injured here. they have been elsewhere, we are told. but the tear gas has been flowing and second before you came to us, tear gas landing further back from the fence area. it's actually been landing up to 500 meters from the fence area as well, dispersing people. we just got a good whiff of it ourselves. we saw people scattering as well. but the problem here, hamas wants to keep this as peaceful as possible to help those negotiations and show that they can control what's going on here, but we saw earlier the line of, i don't know if you can see any of the orange vests,
2:37 am
there is a lot of orange vests out here, they were keeping a line to stop people from going up towards the fence. we saw as we were standing there, dozens of people broke through, the emotion takes even, they ran up to the fence and there have been cloud of tear gas ever since. as i said, the protest doesn't begin for another hour, so i imagine that the job of those crowd controllers, if you like, is going to become far more difficult, perhaps near impossible. so as the day unfolds, everybody is hoping it's not the bloodshed we have seen in past protests every week where over the last year you have seen 200 or so palestinians killed and thousands wounded as well. there seems to be a growing apprehension, a growing tension here. we are near the west bank. as i said, there are many other locations along the israeli-gaza border where this is happening. israeli force versus several lookout positions or firing
2:38 am
positions in the berm behind me. there are also jeeps along that fence which have been firing the tear gas. there have been clouds. i don't see any -- there is actually some more just behind me, but it's got to become a very active day i think, george, it's been quite tense here at the moment. it will only get worse. >> we wish you safety, michael, as you continue to follow this story. you and your team again seeing the situation changed certainly within the last hour. you mentioned the gentleman, the hamas crowd controllers that were in the orange vests. i see fewer of them now and as you pointed out, more people showing up and clearly the situation is evolving, michael, thank you. we'll stay in touch. the governor of the state of georgia is expected to sign one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation. coming up, why some conservatives say that bill doesn't go far enough.
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into your xfinity x1 voice remote. or as j-lo likes to call it, your v-mo. welcome back. the u.s. state of georgia is one step closer to passing one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation. georgia's house of representatives voted to approve the state's so-called heart beat bill on friday. the republican governor of the state is expected to sign it. the bill would ban most abortions from as early as six weeks into pregnancy when doctors are able to detect a fetal heart beat. opponents say the bill would make most abortions illegal before women know they're pregnant. the american civil liberties union plans to sue if the bill becomes law. they say it is an unconstitutional infringement of people's rights. earlier, they explained what
2:43 am
they're fighting for. listen. >> what the aclu believes is that every woman has the constitutional right to make their own decisions about when to start or expand a family. and so whatever beliefs, religious beliefs you may have about the practice, we want everyone to be able to have the freedom to make their own decisions about when to start to expand the family. that's all we're asking. >> if georgia's governor signs house bill 481 into law, it would be among again the most strict laws on abortion in the united states. kentucky, mississippi, they vote past similar laws, neither is in effect yet. they face legal challenges from reproductive rights groups. other states, florida, ohio, texas are also expected to approve fetal heart beat laws this year. with us on set today, we have joshua edmonds, joshua is the
2:44 am
executive director for the georgia life alliance and supporter of the heart beat bill. absolutely, so, this again would be one of the post-restrictive abortion laws in the nation and as it heads to the governor's desk, he is expected to sign it. listen. >> georgia is a state that values life. we sealed the vulnerable and shelter the innocent. i applaud the health and human services committee for as advancing legislation to protect the unborn. i encourage the house and the senate to do the same. this is a powerful moment in georgia. it's bigger than politics and partisanship. let's see if you like today and ensure that all georgians, including the unborn, had the chance to live, grow, and prosper. >> so, josh, what on the other side of the coin, though, there was this from setacey abrams, let's look at this tweet where she said there is no leadership in damming women to the whims of
2:45 am
yet another test of our humanity. hb 481 is bad for women because reproductive injustice is real. it is bad for business, because women won't forget and it is a stain on a state that once knew how to light and lead the way. the question here, even you have said this bill is not perfect so what is behind the need to change the law here in georgia? >> you know, the premise of this legislation and all legislation like it around the country is that when you have a detectible heart beat in the womb, that there is the presence of a whole unique living person and science tells us that at the moment of conception, there is a new genetic and unique human person in the womb so this kind of legislation seems to protect women's rights in the womb within they are living and need to be protected under law from anything that would prevent them from a life of health around potential. >> -- and potential. >> there are pushback from the aclu saying it is a weight of
2:46 am
time and taxpayers money, it's taking up time in the court and taxpayers pay for that. >> anyone can be sued by anyone that disagrees with it. our laws in georgia will be believed differently. the state supreme court are different from other states that have passed this law and our 11th circuit federal appeals courts are different as pell e well from some of the other states that are facing this kind of law. we believe the makeup of this particular bill is going to be a novel question when it gets before the courts. it won't be handled the same way. >> there is the financial repercussion at the state of georgia, the city of atlanta can face, specifically from hollywood, a billion dollar industry here in atlanta when it comes to making films. and the writers gild of america east and west put forward a statement. i want to read part of this, it says, it is entirely possible that many of those in our industry will either want to leave the state or decide not to
2:47 am
bring productions here. so what's your response to the possibility of money and jobs being lost? a billion dollar industry to the state with this bill? >> as our house speaker said yesterday, georgia has been the number one state for business for several years running. we have been very friendly to the film industry as well as other industries. when you look at legislation like this that seek to do to protect the innocence of children in the womb. we can't be dictate wad we do based on threats coming from out of state. so we want to make sure we are considerate for people that bring business to georgia. we want to make sure we don't have the influence of money dictating what our lawmakers on both sides of the aisle do when they think it's right. >> how solid is the science around heart beat at six weeks? >> the overwhelming consensus in the medical community is that a heart beat is detectible six weeks into the womb and earlier, the science says between six and eight weeks, the chances of a
2:48 am
miscarriage when a heart beat is detectible goes down significantly. the chances of carrying your pregnancy successfully to term are about 98% successful between six and eight weeks when there is a detectible heart beat. >> joshua, we continue to follower your time. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> stay with us. we'll be right back after the break. & you start to panic... don't. because your cto says we've got allies on the outside... ...& security algorithms on the inside... ...& that way you can focus on expanding into eastern europe... ...& that makes the branch managers happy & yes, that's the branch managers happy. at&t provides edge-to-edge intelligence. it can do so much for your business, the list goes on and on. that's the power of &. & when this happens you'll know how to quickly react... ( ♪ ) only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol®.
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. pope francis heads to morocco this week where he is set to meet with immigrants. moments ago, the pope left rome, he was invited by the moroccan king to boost an interreligious dialogue. about 90% of morocco's population are muslim. u.s. president donald trump has decided not to impose more sanctions at this time on north korea. the announcement caused a great deem of confusion inside the administration because more sanctions were being prepared. in the meantime, south korean intelligence reports a rocket launch facility in north korea is almost functional again. here's cnn's brian todd with that. >> reporter: a perilous crossroads has now been reached in the delicate relationship
2:53 am
between kim jong-un and president trump. kim resumed his rocket launch facility. kim wants promise to dismantle the place. last summer it looked like he was. one mobile building on its trackings had the roofs and walls taken off. over the last month, it appears they have been added back on. the building has been moved back into position. >> this sense of very, very negative signal. if they launched a satellite launch, it will be a very negative nal that i think will drive trump crazy. >> reporter: so far, no response from the white house or the state department to the activity at that site. although the north koreans claimed it is used for rocket launches which put commercial satellites into space, those launches are a major security concern for the u.s. and its allies. >> the rockets are so-called long range ballistic missiles. the satellite pay load are testing for weapons.
2:54 am
these are weapons, the u.n. security council over the last ten, 12 years, told north korea they must not do this. >> reporter: there comes a month avenue the failed summit in hanoi. president trump walking away when kim pushed for all sanctions against him to be dropped in exchange for shutting down one major nuclear facility. analysts say it was a setback kim likely didn't expect. >> i do believe he was humiliated in hanoi. remember, it took 65 hours to get there by train and then 65 hours to get back. i mean, this was billed as a big summit between leaders of two great countries and he's going back empty handed. >> reporter: with tension in the air, south korean president moon jae-in is now scheduled to meet with president trump in washington april 11th. for now, president trump says he'd prefer to hold off on imposing more sanctions on kim's regime. >> i think it's very important that you maintain that
2:55 am
relationship as least as long as you can, but we get along very well. we have a very good understanding. so i didn't think that those sanctions were necessary at this time. >> reporter: one expert calls the state of the relationship between trump and kim, this no man's land a quote freeze for freeze situation. north korea has frozen its nuclear and missile tests. while america has frozen its military exercises with south korea. this expert says this is not a good situation to be in. >> they feel it's a bad idea because the north koreans stopped testing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles but do nothing in this arrangement to give up nuclear weapons or verification they have frozen, in fact, there is multiple pieces of evidence showing they continue to expand their ars nam. >> reporter: freeze roar freeze is dangerous on the american side. analysts say with the joint exercises between the u.s. and south korea frozen, america and its ally are losing their
2:56 am
military edge each day, losing their readiness from a possible attack from north korea. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> brian, thank you. let's end the show on a positive most. a baseball card from the 1920s that turned into a grand slam for its owner. grand slam home run. take a look at this, the original babe ruth playing card is estimated to be worth 1 million to $4 million. the owner who paid $2 for that card recently had it tested for authenticity. he was thrilled to find out it was legit and even more astounding that it could be worth more than a million dollars. amazing. thanks for being with us for cnn "newsroom." i'm george howell. for our viewers, "new day" is next. for our viewers around the world, erin burnett "out front" is ahead. thanks for being with us. ♪
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simple. easy. awesome. stay connected with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. the collusion delusion is over. >> what we have right now is the four-page barr report. what we actually need is the mueller report. >> the question is obstruction of justice is still on the table and that is something these committees will get into. >> there's ample evidence of collusion in plain sight. >> the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public. >> so, mexico's tough. it can stauop them, if they don stop them, we be closing the border. >> if they don't, we will be closing the border for large


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