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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  March 30, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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stay connected with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. the collusion delusion is over. >> what we have right now is the four-page barr report. what we actually need is the mueller report. >> the question is obstruction of justice is still on the table and that is something these committees will get into. >> there's ample evidence of collusion in plain sight. >> the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public. >> so, mexico's tough. it can stauop them, if they don stop them, we be closing the border. >> if they don't, we will be closing the border for large sections of the border next week.
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♪ >> announcer: this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. good morning, so glad to have you with us here. so mid-april. >> yes. >> that is when the justice department now says congress, the public and white house will all get their first look at the redacted mueller report. >> attorney general william barr has said the process has begun help with help from robert mueller. they finished going over the nearly 400-page report before april. and barr said he'd be able to testi release it to congress. >> meanwhile, president trump says if mexico doesn't step up he's closing down the border and next week. we'll start with the mueller report. the president said he has nothing to hide, but then followed up what seens like a
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warning. >> we're live in west palm beach, what are we hearing from the president as he seems to be switching gears here. and good morning. >> hey, good morning, victor and christi. yeah, president trump was responding to democrats who are calling for the full mueller report to be released by april 2nd. that's a deadline set by representative jerry nadler. physical the president talked about his trust in attorney general william barr in the process of redaction. let's listen to what the president told reporters yesterday here in mar-a-lago. >> i have great confidence in the attorney general. if that's what he'd like to do, i have nothing to hide. this was a hoax, this was a witch hunt, i have absolutely nothing to hide. and i think a lot of things are coming out with respect to the other side. >> reporter: you hear the president there say he has nothing to hide. but he doesn't like the idea of push by democrats of releasing the report almost in full.
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take a look at the tweets the president sent out he writes robert mueller was a hero to the democrats until he ruled that there was no collusion with russia, so ridiculous to say. after two years after an insurance policy was made by a dirty cop, i got the answers i wanted, the truth. the problem is, no matter what the radical left democrats get, no matter what we give them, it will never be enough. just watch, they will harass and complain and resist, so maybe we should just take our victory and say no. not sure with the executive privilege over the report that attorney general william barr has hinted that the white house has the right to do. as for the information that barr is currently looking to redact. it falls into four buckets. first, there's grand jury material, by and large, that the public cannot see. then intelligence-gathering
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information. information about sources or information-gathering materials, a method. and ongoing investigations. and i want to read the last one, this is interesting. he writes, information that would induly inspring on the reputation and interests of peripheral third parties. unclear who he is referring to or what interests he may be looking to protect. we may not find out for months or years. >> thank you. cnn legal analyst joey jackson joining us and daniel lipmann, co-author of "playbook." let's go to the mention of the tweet from the president, up until that letter from attorney general barr that said he would
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not give opportunity to the white house, the president released report. then we have a tweet where the president saying maybe we should just take the report and say no, we've got a country to run. is this just the president groaning, for the change of support for the release? >> i don't think he's going to block the release because barr, his own attorney general has said this is coming down the pike in a few weeks. i think the real question is whether justice department lawyers and officials are going to make redactions over and beyond what should be excised to protect real secrets. are they going to try to protect the president by taking out stuff that the white house would have considered privilege? and, you know, our politically appointed officials, what role do they have in the process? is it just career officials doing this, or is barr's top
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deputies going to be in the report making these redactions? that would raise a lot of red flags. >> well, joey, let's start there. because is it typical for these redactions for executive privilege to be asserted by the government's lawyer, who is the attorney general, instead of the president's lawyer, who would be white house council? >> that is an excellent distinction that you make. and the answer is, no, it's not typical. but then again, there's nothing typical about this process at all, right? we're in uncharted water, not entirely, right? we have watergate. and on that issue, victor, it speaks to the issue of transparency. you heard boris sanchez tick off the four different areas they'd be looking for for the lawyers not to the release to the public. one is centering around the whole grand jury information. let's remember whether it's ongoing information or reputation issues or anything
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else, there's some degree of judgment that has to be used, right. so, these are not categories, if you see grand jury material, you stay away, if it's an ongoing investigation and reputation, it cannot be released. so there's some discretion that relates to. i should say and we should know there is some precedence to releasing the entirety of the report, or at least grand jury information as it relates to the house judiciary committee that was seen and done in 1974. so, as this process plays out, victor, i think the democrats are going to could insist let us see everything. principal conclusions are just not enough. >> jerry nadler responded that congress requires the full and complete report without redactions as well as the underlying evidence by april
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2nd. that deadline still stands. so what happens on wednesday, april 3rd? where do they take this legally, what are their options? >> yeah, i think the option is, obviously, precedence to the courts, right? the reason that might not happen at least immediately i would suspect there would be ongoing discussions, those papers are filed on wednesday and thursday, but by friday, there's a resolution as to ultimately we will release the report, then it renders your legal argument moot. but i think the democrats' position is clear. and that position is we want to the see everything. i think there's a reason for that and basis for that. principal conclusions alone are not enough. the fact is you can look at material, daniel can look at material, and we can reach different conclusions based on our analysis and assessment what we have before us. so i think underlying material is very important but i believe the path forward appears to be the court, unless the democrats
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get each and everything so they can really be transparent, right, and we can all see and make judgments ourselves as to what a principal conclusion is. >> listen to this exchange between our wolf blitzer and representati representative mazie hirono. >> the house committee is a committee. >> so it would be okay to share this information with the house judiciary committee but cannot be made public, senator? >> the house judiciary committee is entitled to a nonredacted version. they're entitled. i'm not saying that the isn't he committee would get that low it would good. >> why should the house committee be entitled but not the senate committee? >> because anything related to
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impeachment starts at the house. so, they need the full report. >> so anything that deals with impeach mament starts with the house, which we know. how does that reconcile with what we heard from democratic leadership about impeachment? >> yeah, they don't want anyone talking about the "i" word. they want do get this report, find out what's in it and move on, if there's nothing that warrants further inquiry. so, they want to talk about health care beating back trump's nonproposal on that. they want to talk about trying to get an infrastructure package. hr hr1 which is their ethics bill that they wanted to talk about to clean up washington. and they don't seem to have enough support in their republican senate for impeachment, given that mueller did not find conspiracy or collusion. there was not, you know, most people are not trying to impeach the president over obstruction,
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at least republicans. >> yeah. interesting that comes from a democratic senator. not a democratic member of the house. we'll have on, too, this morning. we'll ask them as well. daniel lipmann, joey jackson, thank you both. lawmakers just passed the anti-abortion bill known as health beat bill. the governor says he will sign that legislation. >> this house has agreed to the senate substitute to house bill 481. >> the vote by the georgia state house to sign this bill. >> do not need to sign this bill because you did this in your first year, you signed this bill, you are done. >> known as the heartbeat bill, it makes it illegal in the state
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to perform an abortion once the heartbeat is deekted which sources say is around 6 weeks. opponents say many women don't even know they're pregnant at 6 weeks. under the bill, victims of rape or incest would be able to receive an abortion up to 20 weeks if they file an official police report. >> what gives this body the right to substitute its choices for the women who will no doubt bear the scars, the consequences and who will face death and now likely prison? it is not for the government or the men of this chamber to insert itself in the most personal, private and reaching decisions. >> governor brian kemp has said he will sign a bill into law and after lawmakers voted he tweeted this. georgia values life. we stand up for the innocent and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. the legislature's bold action reaffirms our priorities and who we are as a state.
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his opponent stacey abrams tweeted this, with one horrible exception, georgia didn't jeopardize stability, opportunity and leadership for dangerous legislation that treats the lives of women as political pawns. the state faces backlash. rosie o'donnell, mia farrell and sean penn joined 40 others in opposition urging the governor to veto the bill. we cannot in good conscience continue to recommend that our industry remain in georgia if hb 481 becomes law. >> the aclu says it will go to court if kemp signs this bill, if the governor signs it. we're going to talk with georgia state representative erica
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thomas. president trump threatens to close the southern border if mexico does not stop migrants but that move could have serious repercussions. we'll talk about those next. also, jussie smollett back in chicago. chicago wanted him to pay $130,000. also, it is officially pollen and allergy season, and that ought to prove it. look at all of the pollen being swept off the trees from the hospital overhead. where allergy sufferers are seeing the worst conditions. re . made with ingredients you know and love. like whole nuts, real fruit and a drizzle of dark chocolate. do your tastebuds and your body a favour. do the kind thing. i get to select my room from the floor plan... free wi-fi... ...and the price match guarantee. so with hilton there is no catch. yeah the only catch is i'm never leaving.
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fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay. we have right now two big caravans coming up from guatemala. massive caravans, walking right through mexico. so mexico's tough, they can stop them. but they chose not to. now, they've got to stop them. if they don't stop them, we're closing the border. >> you heard there, president
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trump threatening to close the southern border as early as next week unless mexico stops migrants from entering the u.s. >> the department of homeland security is requesting assistance from the defense department and they want to add 218 miles of new border along the border. >> customs and border protection is projecting more than 100,000 unaccompanied children are going to be stopped at the border by the end of september. >> cnn's ed lavandera spoke with migrants and agencies helping him. here's his report. >> reporter: every day this week, buses have dropped often migrants in brownsville, texas. most are requesting asylum. but the scene is sparking frustration among immigrant rights advocates as legions of volunteers scramble to help mothers and father with their children. >> what we're seeing our community is being instrumentalized as a tool in a
3:20 am
larger gamer which is completely empathetical to what people here want. >> reporter: good neighbor shelters one of many helping migrants. the agency says it can't handle the massive number of migrants crossing the border. >> immigration system was at the breaking point. that breaking point has arrived this week at our border. >> reporter: cdp say border patrol agents are on pace for 100,000 migrants in march which would be the highest number of monthly legal border crossings in a decade. warning the system is in free fall, and president trump says tens of migrants claiming asylum are carrying out a big fat conjob and threatening to close down the border to prevent illegal immigration. >> we're on track for millions of illegal aliens.
3:21 am
>> reporter: we met she and her daughter in brownsville, they ask not showing their faces because they fear being returned to el salvador. she pled their home country with her daughter because she feared being killed. gang members murdered her mother last year. her daughter said three police officers unleashed a bruising attack on her in january, kicking and punching her for reasons that were never clear. that's when they decided to leave. advocates say this is not a conjob, but real people facing. >> we are not ignorant in the rio grande valley. we know what's happening. >> reporter: with mass releases of migrants or housing migrants under a bridge in el paso and giving families confusing paperwork. this is one of the migrants here who asked us not to identify her, these are the forms that are given once they're released from custody here. if you look closely here, this is supposed to be a notice to
3:22 am
appear giving them a date and time when they're supposed to appear in immigration court but here they're not getting the dates. president trump says there's a humanitarian crisis unfolding. critics say the trump administration is trying to bolster its case for a national emergency to build more border wall. with the president's threat to close down the border that's sending shock waves. see that bridge in the future, that's the bridge that people use to get back and forth to see family and friends to get to work, to get to school, that sort of thing. they're the lifeline of these border communities and shutting down these ports of entry will have a devastatine ining effect. ed lavandera, cnn. >> thank you. say migrant prevented i.c.e.
3:23 am
officers from arresting him in his car. when they pulled him over what they claim was the paperwork, he pushed back citing the constitution. >> those are not warrants of arrest, sir? >> yes. >> warrant of arrest of alien not signed by a judge. it's not a judicial warrant. i have no obligation to abide by that warrant. >> that is a warrant. >> no, it's not. it's a department of homeland security order. >> well, that activist's name is brian mccormack, we'll is speak with mccormack in our next hour here on "new day." so, the charges are dropped. will actor jussie smollett have to pay up is now the question. chicago's mayor makes good on a demand to recoup more than $130,000 the city says it wasted on the alleged hate crime. plus, more than a dozen parents were in court accused of paying their kids' ways into college. and now investigators are
3:24 am
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the cook county state's attorney is facing mounting criticism over the dropped charges for "empire" star jussie smollett. kim fox wrote an op-ed where she said she offers a nonpolitical view of the case. >> and she writes, quote, in determining whether or not to pursue charges prosecutors are required to balance the severity of the crime against the likelihood of securing a conviction for a variety of reasons including public statements made about the evidence in this case, my office believed the likelihood of securing a conviction was not concern." >> meanwhile, outgoing mayor rahm emanuel has billed smollett for the cost of the litigation.
3:29 am
the city sent smollett a bill for $130,000. it's due in five days. >> to contradict earlier statements from her whether her office would have won a conviction, what is the conversation there? >> yeah, it's a little bit strange, isn't it, in that op-ed that you just read from, it almost appears that kim fox is siding with jussie smollett's legal team. they have come out and publicly criticized the chicago police department, saying that the police will try this case in public. but that does convitradict what she says to reporters just a couple of days ago, take a listen to that. >> jussie smollett had not been found guilty by a court of law. we believe that the facts were sufficient to charge mr. smollett for the crimes. this office believed that he could prove him guilty. >> now, when the charges were dropped against jussie smollett, kim foxx's office, she recused
3:30 am
herself from the case. but her assistant said, listen, this happens tens of thousands of times a year that a case like this goes to what they call alternative prosecution. but listen, kim foxx is under huge pressure here. she's got the president donald trump tweeting this is an embarrassment for our country, and calling for the fbi to review the case. as you mentioned rahm emanuel has been very public, vociferous in the criticism of how the case has been handled. he called it a whitewash of justice. superintendent eddie johnson famously said he and other police in chicago were pissed off. sticking to that jussie smollett orchestrated this. jussie smollett claimed that two men threw a noose around his neck. now, there is no more potent symbol in american history than
3:31 am
that. and of course, smollett at one point claimed that his attackers were wearing maga hats. this is a huge high-pressure national story. and, listen, kim foxx is also coming under pressure for legal groups who are saying that the dropping of the charges was abnormal. you know, listen that side of the story, the political side is going to roll on. as you mentioned rahm emanuel is also demanding that jussie smollett pays the city back for hours of overtime, the two dozen detectives involved in the investigation. what recall rahm emanuel has written is a hoax. >> nick watt, thank you so much. in the wake of the massive college admissions scandal it's apparently now getting even harder to get into school
3:32 am
according to "the new york times." several elite schools are reporting a higher number of students applying but record lows for those getting accepted. this week, yale and usc reported their lowest admissions ever. >> meanwhile, 15 parents accused of paying their kids' way into court they include a napa winery owner, a hot pockets heiris. >> reporter: more than a dozen parents making their initial appearance in the federal courthouse in boston. for the most cases, the proceedings were procedural. but in some cases we learned a little bit more from these parents' attorneys about the defense they're going to put forward. all in all, some are saying they're going to fight the charges. i also spoke to one attorney who said his clients have actually been in discussion with the attorney's office with regard to plea agreements. but they're also going to fight the charges to see the cases
3:33 am
move forward. these parents are being accused of page various amounts of money to paying for their children to get in elite schools across the country in this huge college admissions scam that broke loose a few weeks ago. the architect behind that scheme, rick singer, he said he earned $25 million over an eight-week period. we also learned a little bit more about how investigators learned about rick singer. on thursday, the former yale women's soccer coach went before a judge, pleaded guilty to two felony counts and cooperated and have been cooperating with authorities for the past year. we learned in court that authorities first learned about singer's name during a sting operation. he actually was accepting a bribe from a parent who wanted to get their child into yale and singer's name came up in the
3:34 am
investigation. investigators say that this scheme and singer weren't even in their radar. more charges could be coming in the next month or so. and we know next week will be a big week in this federal courthouse. more parents will be appearing including felicity huffman and lori loughlin and others. >> and that soccer coach rudolph meredith is going to be sentenced on june 20th. he faces up to 20 years in police. . president trump is spending another weekend in his private club in south florida. once again, residents are picking up the tab. how the costs could be pay for the budget cuts. following the story of tricky dick explores richard nixon's rise and fall and political destruction. and features never before seen
3:35 am
footage. here's some of it. >> people say come down having run for president almost made it, run for governor, and the answer is i'm proud to have run for governor. i would have liked to have won. i believe governor brown has a heart. even though he believes i do not. i believe he is a good american. even though he feels i am not. i wish him well. and for once, gentlemen, i would appreciate if you would write what i've said. for 16 years, you've had a lot of thought. you've had an opportunity to attack me, and i think i've given as good as i take. but as i leave you, just think how much you're going to be missed. you don't have nixon to kick around anymore. because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference. thank you, gentlemen, good day. >> watch "tricky dick" tomorrow
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with upgraded 4-in-1 technology. your detergent, stain removers, and odor fighters all fit, in the palm of your hand. #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide. president trump has reversed his position, or at least his administration's position on the funding of the special olympics. originally, his administration wanted to slash all federal money, more than $17 million for the organization. >> but then you look at it and you think, you know what else is expensive, trips to mar-a-lago. >> pricey. >> yeah, here's john avlon. >> president trump is waking up at mar-a-lago this morning after performing a slick '70s style j-turn for the special olympics. the administration was calling for the complete elimination of the special olympics budget reducing it to zero dollars.
3:41 am
there are others for secretary betsy devos for hearing impairments special needs and even the blind. devos said the department had to make some difficult, quote, decisions with its budget and that's no doubt true. let's put that in context and we're going to do it by minting a brand-new currency, mar-a-lago. what is mar-a-lago, just the cost of one of donald trump to his gilded palace in florida. which cost taxpayers $3.4 million each time. think about that number because the president goes there a lot. some 51 nights over 19 trips. that translates to 69 million taxpayer dollars just to get the president to and from florida. consider the administration contributes $17.6 million to the special olympics budget. that's only about five mar alagos. that's not health and human services budget cuts programs for autism.
3:42 am
this is three times as deep. a whopping $51 million. for those playing at home, that's about 15 mar alagos. what about the cooperation for public broadcasting. the administration has been trying to kill the company. mr. rogers had to step in to save it. to save the company that brought you sesame street and arts and culture for all americans at home would cost about 36 m mar-a-la mar-a-lagos. finally, how about hurricane relief until puerto rico that president trump keeps threatening? it turns out the total of the aid is about $41 billion with a quarter being delivered today. to make good on the current would cost about 9,000 mar alagos. trump has spent more than a quarter of his presidencies at one of his resorts.
3:43 am
watching cable news, mr. president, one of mr. trump's favorite pastimes is golf. he played five days in november last year. this matters because president trump criticized president obama for how often he played golf. by estimate, all of president trump's cost $31 million. trump's trips alone are creeping into that category. $61 million to date. so as the education secretary said in difficult times, difficult decisions have to be made. but budgets are moral documents. so it's worth looking at the tense of millions of taxpayer dollars being spent on the president's leisure and asking how those mar-a-lagos might be better spent and that's your reality check. >> and president trump is waking
3:44 am
up in mar-a-lago, after pulling a '70s j-turn calling for the complete elimination of the special mrgs olympics at one po and their budget, of course, we know that has been reversed. so, it is beginning to look a lot much like spring across much of the country. what caused clouds of pollen? if you have any question as to why you feel so miserable, this should show you intangibly why. clouds of 3 s of pollen explod the trees there in west georgia. and protect your wealth. w fidelity wealth management. woman: this is your wake-up call. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock.
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all right. this video alone makes you just want to cough and sneeze. those are clouds of pollen that are just whipping off of those trees. this is in west georgia. gusts created by a passing helicopter is what knocked that pollen off the branches.
3:49 am
and that trail of yellow dust left behind. >> it all landed on my car. >> and mine. >> all of it. >> so nasty, isn't it? >> meteorologist ivan cabrera joins us now, just the beginning of pollen season. >> just the beginning when you wanted spring, right? spring has arrived. with that yellow, interestingly enough that yellow that cakes on your car, it's actually not the worst of it. it's the particulates, what you can't see, and it's media to high over the last several days and that includes today. look at savannah, on monday, anything over 300 is extreme. 16.75, it's doing a little better. checking records that number had gone up to 9,000 in 2012. so, it can get worse. it's not going to. we have a frontal boundary
3:50 am
pushing east. it's going to bring severe tomorrows but rainfall. that's going to wash out 0 the pollen in the east. let's focus on the lower mississippi valley and looking at showers and thunderstorms here that will continue. look at this. drive 110 miles to the north and west, it's not raining, it's snowing. and accumulating in places like kansas and nebraska. but this is the area ahead of all of that has the potential for damaging winds in excess of 60 miles an hour. we have hail in the forecast as well as that front continues to push to the east. it is a cold front bringing rain. look at these temperatures, guys, we're dropping 20 degrees from today's high to tomorrow's high in many areas across the east. but anyone that is not happy with the pollen just hang in there one day and i think it will be better for you. >> all right. thank you so much. there's hope there. ivan cabrera, thank you. march madness, living up to its name in the sweet 16.
3:51 am
coy. >> yes, victor india, incredibl. and i have comedy for you this morning. out of all people, you will not believe who is looking to be the victor in the cnn bracket challenge. my goodness, i'm feeling like that kid right there. oh. ♪ -it's all about the big picture. with miguel, our certified financial planner™ professional, we looked at business insurance, our mortgage, even our plans to adopt. -it's not about this fund or that fund -- it's about us. -welcome to our complete freedom plan. -it's all possible with a cfp professional. -find your certified financial planner™ professional at the big drug companies don't see finthey see us as profits.ional we're paying the highest prescription drug prices in the world so they can make billions?
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at subaru, we're taking on distracted driving [ping] with sensors that alert you when your eyes are off the road. the all-new subaru forester. the safest forester ever. refugees coming to america have escaped turmoil in her countries to try to build a better life. but upon arrival they uncovered some obstacles. this week's cnn heroes
3:56 am
unlaunched culinary careers. meet carrie brody. >> what we're teaching our students isn't just life skills and it isn't just cooking. it's the idea that you are human and you have value. that's something that people have tried to step away from others. >> what's the team looking at? >> cake. >> awesome. >> that experience of watching our students transform. of seeing our students come into their own inspires me. >> to learn more about carrie's program and to nominate someone you think should be a cnn hero. go to is duke a team of destiny? >> i'm told they're a team of destiny. >> i'm today, i'm toldayld he s. coy wire. >> yeah, duke is so talented and fortune seemed to be favored.
3:57 am
that's so unfair for everyone else in the tournament. they squeaked by last week with virginia tech with a chance to tie it. the hokies dropped the play. and it's like an invisible force here not letting duke's opponents hit last-second shots. the hokies everywhere stunned. that miss is going to haunt hill for quite some time. think about that. duke win 75-73 on another miss by an opponent with a wide open look at the rim. more drama, houston with a chance to go up three over kentucky with 30 seconds to go. p.j. washington, no, he comes up with a monster block. a huge play after missing the first two games with an injury. and kentucky needs a hero, how about the 19-year-old freshman tyler hero. the game-winning three. houston nearly pulling off a 13-point comeback but kentucky rolls into the elite eight.
3:58 am
auburn was having a devastating game. but then a devastating injury. being taken off the court. that is incredible. that moment galvanized auburn. they hit 17 three-pointers and trampled the tar heels by 17 point. the first number one seed of the tournament has fallen but so has auburn's star player so it's a bittersweet win for the tigers as coach bruce pearl's emotion says it all. >> the best player. he's hurt. he's hurt. so -- so, we're going to rally. >> auburn goes to the elite eight for just the second time ever. the last time 33 years ago.
3:59 am
look at the scene back on campus. students rolling the famous toomer's corner. the elite begins with gonzaga, texas tech. and purdue. i want you to know we are in the presence of greatness. out of all of the 400 people in the cnn challenge, you are in .5%. >> i have no idea what i'm doing. >> i ran into one of our producers in the elevator, i'm not going to say who, he says, i don't think victor is picking them himself. >> i am picking. >> here's what i did. i poured a glass of gin, and i
4:00 am
just picked schools. >> being first place out you avenue 2,000 people has 70 points. he has north carolina winning it now. they're done now. >> apparently we have to drink when we make our picks. >> it's gin. the collusion delusion is over. >> what we have right now is the four-page barr report. what we actually need is the mueller report. >> the question is obstruction of justice is still on the table and that is something these committees will get into. >> there's ample evidence of collusion in plain sight. >> the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public. >> so, mexico's tough. it can stop them, if they don't stop them, we're closing the border. >> if they don't, we will be closing the border for large sections of the border next week. ♪


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