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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  April 2, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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east. up first, president trump doing an about face on healthcare. now he says the republican plan to replace obamacare will not be announced until after the 2020 election. just last week the administration agreed with the judge's ruling that called for the entire affordable care act to be struck down. the white house and congressional supporters have been scrambling to try to figure out what they could replace it with, but overnight the president tweeted that a vote will be taken right after the 2020 election when he believes the gop will win back the house. >> not so fast on healthcare reform. also new this morning, white house whistleblower, a rare and threatening occurrence for this administration. a current official on the record raising new concerns about security clearances. initially some 25 people had their clearances denied because of a range of fears and disqualifying issues, but these concerns were overruled. this morning house democrats will vote on at least one subpoena to dig deeper, including on the top secret clearances for the president's
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son-in-law jared kushner and daughter ivanka trump. now, the chair of the oversight committee calls this issue here a million times more serious than questions about hillary clinton's emails. joining us now is jeffrey toobin, former federal prosecutor. abby phillips and van jones, cnn political commentator. abby, you cover the white house, the president has been telling us he wanted republicans to be the part of healthcare, mark short told us there would be a healthcare plan this year and then overnight the president with an announcement that cuts mark short's legs out from under him, said that there there not be a plan that will be voted on until after the 2020 election. explain. >> well, he's being maybe brutally honest here about what this is all about which is that the president and some people close to him believe that having healthcare as an issue basically promising voters that they are going to solve this issue the day after the election is
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something that is advantageous to him. there is no intention on the part of the white house to deal with healthcare before that point, to deal with healthcare anytime this year or really anytime next year, as long as there is an election being fought. so the president is trying to signal here, but he's also making it very clear that they are not actually going to put forward a plan, that there is, you know -- according to our reporting -- no working group. he named a handful of senators last week that he said were going to be working on this issue. none of those senators knew what he was talking about because there is no plan, there never was a plan and that's why there was so much disagreement within the white house because a lot of officials were essentially saying we're playing with fire here. if we successfully invalidate this law people will be left with absolutely nothing and president trump is saying, well, that's fine, as long as we do it or deal with this issue after november 2020. the problem for him is that i think democrats are going to take that and they are going to say, game on. this is a good way for them to
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fight over the issue of healthcare. they think that that is -- that is high ground for them and that they can make a better argument to the voters. i think we'll see, but i think trump is coming to this fight holding literally nothing in his hands and democrats are saying here are all these various things that we want to do instead to make healthcare better. i think that's why republicans are so worried on the hill. >> before i get to the guys, do you know who waved him off this idea? just a few days ago -- i mean, this is such a stark reversal from a few days ago when mick mulvaney his acting chief of staff really wanted to announce it before the end of the year and now it's so different. who got to the president? >> i think, alisyn, this is just the reality that mick mulvaney and mark short were saying that there was going to be a plan by the end of this year and that was never really true. there was never any infrastructure there for them to come up with something by the end of this year. what the president is basically saying is we don't have a plan and we are not going to for a long time, and that's honestly the truth, and i think that it's just a case of the president's
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advisers trying to put a positive face on this kind of bad situation, and the president just saying, well, i'm going to make the best out of it and say we're going to deal with it after the election kicking the can down the road to a future point. i don't think that there was ever really a plan to do something by the end of the year, despite what mulvaney and mark short said. >> imagine that. >> sometimes it's stunning when you hear the truth. it's disorienting. >> so when they said there was a plan, there wasn't a plan. >> i guess not. >> okay. jeffrey toobin -- >> you know, one second. i mean, you know, healthcare is not just like this political issue. there are people who die because they don't have health insurance, there are people who declare bankruptcy all the time because they don't have health insurance. if this lawsuit succeeds as the administration wants it to succeed, insurers will no longer have to cover people with preexisting conditions, young people will not be able to stay on their parents' healthcare until they're 26 years old. i mean, this has real impacts on
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people's lives. donald trump can say, well, pay no attention until 2020. we will deal with that like at some point. i mean, this is like people's lives, healthcare, and the idea that you can somehow say, well, just never mind for two plus years, i mean, how stupid do they think people are? >> and the court could decide this, it's not going to happen tomorrow but the time frame is before 2020. >> well before 2020. you know, this is like -- this is people's lives. that's the thing that -- you know, this is not russia and, you know, collusion. this is people's immediate concerns and i just don't understand how you can even pretend that you can put it off for two years. >> van, i mean, people will be able to make their voices heard at the ballot box, i suppose. >> this is one of those things that's baffling. in some ways, you know, trump was kind of stepped on his own victory lap, he was doing a victory lap about the mueller report, et cetera, and then in the middle he kind of throws
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this gauntlet down around healthcare. in a way at least right now it seems like a gift to democrats. i don't know if he thinks that because democrats have gone so far left on medicare for all or medicare for all who want it, that that creates some opportunities for him. i'm not quite sure what the rationale here is, but i do know that for the 20 million people who have the ability to see a doctor or take their kid to see a doctor because of obamacare, who did not have that ability before, it's a gun to their head to say we're going to do something, but we don't know what. i think we saw in the 2016 election we were -- you know, we were talking about everything, mueller report, we were talking about north korea, everything in the world. when people went to pull the lever in those voting booths across the country, healthcare was the number one issue on their mind. so this is an issue and they elected democrats. so i'm not quite sure why republicans want to talk about it, but i'm glad they do. >> we had senator tim kaine from virginia on last hour, he was eager to talk about it as much as he possibly could.
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>> and he laid out his plan in layman's terms that he does not want medicare for all. >> it was the public option from obamacare that was discussed years ago and was considered too liberal at the time. it's fascinating now that the public option which was so threatening to so many people is now seen as the middle ground. >> that's the moderate point of view. i think when they say medicare for all who want it is another way of saying public objection but still sounding cool. >> i want to talk about security clearances because this was interesting yesterday. 25 people initially had security clearances designed but were overruled and that's according to a whistleblower, a named on the record human being, tricia newbold who works in the office that oversees them. they were denied initially for a range of issues including financial issues, possible foreign influence, a number of things, but overruled by someone else in the administration. how do you see this issue? >> well, it's important to say that the president of the united
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states does have the legal authority to overrule the recommendations of the people who do the screening. that is legal. it is customarily not done. it is a norm that the president does not do this because these are -- these are serious issues. this just underlines, again, the problems with nepotism. that the reason people don't have their close relatives, their son-in-law, their daughters in the close business relationships, especially in the white house, is that you don't know that decisions are being made on the merits, as opposed to because of family considerations. why does jared kushner and ivanka trump have security clearances if they are said not to be deserving of them? this is why we have congressional investigations. i guess we will find out perhaps. >> abby, thanks to this whistleblower it's beyond jared and ivanka. we have heard -- we've heard them deny, we've heard the
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president deny that this happened, but we know this to be true, that they did get security clearances over the objections of the professionals, but there's 25 people and, you know, congressman elijah cummings says that all of this -- the amount of people that have access to secrets and to classified information he says is a million times worse than anything hillary clinton ever talked about on her emails. >> well, it's interesting to see this come out and confirm a lot of the reporting that had happened at the time where, you know, about a year -- a year and plus into this administration there were dozens of white house staffers operating with interim security clearances, meaning they hadn't actually gotten their security clearance, but were gaining access to classified information on an interim basis. the white house could never really explain why that was the case. why were so many people unable to finish the process of getting their security clearances, and
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why were -- why was that process being held up for so many people? and it seems that this is the missing piece of this, which is that the career officials were raising red flags about a lot of these people. it was slowing down the process and then at some point they were -- they were waved through despite the objections of those career officials. i think that's the underlying problem for this white house. they never had a great system to deal with this, there were a lot of people who weren't vetted before they were offered jobs to come into this administration, there were a lot of people who had problems in their backgrounds, who had potential conflicts, who had potential ties to -- or connections with foreign governments that maybe they didn't disclose in their forms, which would have been disqualifying to people in previous administrations who were just allowed to come in because there was such a desperate need for people to work in this administration at the beginning. i think that that's a really serious question for this administration about access to classified information. in the case of hillary clinton's emails, there was a suspicion
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that maybe she had left it open to foreign governments. in this case it's known that there were people who -- who career national security officials and career clearance officials believed were -- should not have access to this information, were given access any way. in some cases on an interim bases. some of these people didn't get clearances but some eventually did over those people's objections. >> van, you know, you are a guy who wants to focus on policy, would like to see democrats laser focused on policy like healthcare and criminal justice reform. what's the right amount of oversight on this? house oversight chair elijah cummings is going to issue a subpoena, they will vote on it today but he wants to get people to testify. how much focus should there be on the security clearance issue? >> democrats have to walk and chew gum at the same time. on the one hand they have to be focused on 2020 and issues that voters care about, which i don't think is going to be a big voting issue, it may add to intensity for democrats who are already committed, i don't think it's going to be a big voting
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issue. that said, there is a constitutional responsibility for oversight and i think in the administration behaving in this way would get oversight from the opposing party. i think that's appropriate. you know, i do think we have to always remember how disruptive the entire political system, both the trump rebellion on the right and the sanders rebellion on the left were in 2016. so you literally had, you know, norms being upset throughout the entire process and the trump administration arrives in washington, d.c. frankly without the full support of the republican establishment, many have been running for the hills even weeks before the election. so there was a kind of a catchers catch can feel about how the transition team was put together. they threw out chris christie and started over from scratch. we are in the after shocks i think of the 2016 election and the disruption of donald trump in ways that we sometimes
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forget. i think congress has to catch up to some of this stuff, figure out what was going on. that 25 number seems like a very large number, but we don't know what it's compared to because in the past there rlg has not been as much focus i think on this particular issue. i think having family members in the white house brings more attention than it might otherwise. >> van, abby, jeffrey, thank you very much. at this hour it is unclear if president trump will follow through on his threat to shut down the southern border with mexico. what do his fellow republicans want him to do? we will ask next. and a manhunt is under way for a hit and run driver who slammed into this nine-year-old girl who was just playing in her yard. the video is incredible. we can tell you the girl survived, incredibly. we will speak with her mother ahead. -it's our confident forever plan. -welcome to our complete freedom plan. -it's all possible with a cfp professional. ♪ -find your certified financial planner™ professional at
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5:18 am
of mexico. secondarily, i think we are really in a fight right now with central and south america for the heart and soul of what the future of that region looks like. we've d we've neglected our hemisphere for so long and we are seeing in the results not just in the migration issue but in chinese influence in central and latin america. the more we put up closed borders or withdraw aid from those areas, we're actually leaving a vacuum for china to come in and fill because they're happy to write whatever check we pull back from el salvador, for instance. >> let's talk about that. that's another thing that the president is considering is punishing those countries where migrants are coming from, el salvador, guatemala, honduras, by cutting off aid. what do you think happens if he does that? >> i'm not a huge fan of it. look, i understand the kind of thought behind it because we're giving money to these countries, we're expecting to have an outcome as a result of this
5:19 am
money and we're not seeing this outcome, in fact, we're seeing from a lot of these countries almost encouragement for people to leave and come here because they get rid of their unemployment issue in their mind. if you're unemployed, go to the united states. while i understand that i think that a longer term investment in the region and this is something i've been complementary of in this administration is a seemingly a pivot back to had hemisphere when we look at venezuela and cuba and things, but that also includes development in central and latin america because it's when they have hope and opportunity in honduras, for instance, that they stay in their country. my guess is the vast majority of the people coming here actually would prefer to be able to stay in their country but they feel like they have to come to the united states for an opportunity and while i'm all for border security, i certainly have a heart for what's happening there. >> yeah, i mean, what's interesting is that the leaders in el salvador believe that the aid has worked. i will read to you what the vice minister of justice said just yesterday about the threat of aid going away. the decision to cut funding contradicts the results of what
5:20 am
we have accomplished together. the fact is that migration from el salvador is declining thanks to our work. the truth is that we are really appreciative of these partnerships, they had made a big impact here. the question we have now is would we stop doing something that is working. similarly the commissioner of the customs and border patrol says what el salvador is doing is working, both on the security front and on the economic opportunity front. so it just seems like this is using a large hammer for something that is more nuanced. >> and i think there may be some success in el salvador, maybe not in honduras or guatemala. it's putting these three kind of triangle countries together may be a mistake, but let's keep in mind when it comes to el salvador, too, we have a new president that's incoming there and i have a lot of optimism for him, but the current president of el salvador just derecognized recently taiwan's independence and they did that because china started investing a bunch of
5:21 am
money in el salvador. so the idea that el salvador has been big friends of united states isn't true, but i think to look at -- it's kind of like with terrorism issues, it's hard to prove where you've been successful in counterterrorism because there has been no attack, it's the same when it comes to aid to central america, there may have been way for migration than there would have been without it. it's hard to prove. >> steven miller one of the president's top advisers says that the families that are showing up on the border that their claims of asylum are meritless. do you agree that they're meritless? >> it depends. literally i'm not going to take a big hammer on all of this because there are some that may not have merit and some that do have merit because, you know, if you are leaving a situation where your neighborhood you fear for your life and literally you've seen people die, then you have merit. now, you also may have merit to make that claim in mexico because according to international asylum law you're supposed to do it in the next country. i think we need to be very judicious about our asylum laws here, we need to have compassion, but i think as i've
5:22 am
said on your show before, when you have the cartels recruiting people to bring them into the united states and these people are paying their entire life savings and many are getting sexual assaulted or dying on that journey, that's not compassion. i want to build a ball, i want it secure, but i also want an immigration system that's welcoming that keeps up with the fact that we have to have growth in this country and does it the right way. >> it's funny that you say the word judicious. yes, they do need to be adjudicated that's the only way to find out if they're meritless or not meritless. >> yeah. >> so keeping them at bay and shutting the border, you will never know if their claims have merit or not and some people have suggested having more judges to do just that. i do want to move on because we're running out of time to healthcare because of course you are on the committee that oversees the health and human services department and so when the president tells voters trust republicans, we will come up with a plan after 2020, should voters trust him? >> well, i don't know. we failed at this before, as you know, we had a plan that i thought was actually pretty good
5:23 am
out of the house, went to the senate, it failed there. so we've shown that we couldn't get that done. now, i frankly think it's time, i've said this for a while, it's high time for republicans and democrats to try to get out of this only win and the other side loses way of healthcare. let's try to find areas where we can agree and fix this problem, but honestly probably until next november it's not going to happen but i think we need to have these conversations for sure. >> i appreciate your candor on that and it sounded a couple days ago as though the president wanted to have those conversations and wanted to come up with a plan and then he just last night said we're not going to do it until after 2020. it sounds like i don't know if reality struck or why he changed his tune. what's your sense? >> i'm not sure. i'm not sure, but i know this, i know that something has got to be done. obamacare is the law of the land and i look at this and say if there's areas where it's failing and i think there are, we should all try to find areas where we can fix it. real people's lives are being impacted right now and i don't want medicare for all but i also understand there is a role for
5:24 am
the government on healthcare. i think 80% of americans agree with that statement, let's find how we can fix it. >> congressman kinzinger, we always appreciate you coming on "new day." >> you bet. we know president trump likes to golf. well, there is a new book out this morning about how he goes about playing. let me read you one quote, to say donald trump cheats at golf is like saying michael phelps swims. he cheats at the highest level. much more on that next. ok everyone! our mission is to provide complete,
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has obtained security camera video that captures the murder of rapper nipsey hustle. also overnight several people were injured after this massive stampede that broke out at the vigil for the rapper in california and police are asking for the public's help to find the killer. cnn's nick watt is live in los angeles with all of the breaking details. >> the tragic irony here is that nipsey hustle was supposed to meet with the lapd yesterday to talk about ways of curbing gang violence in los angeles. he died by the bullet on sunday.
5:29 am
we now know multiple gunshot wounds to the head and the torso. just a warning, video in this report is graphic. los angeles police now identifying a suspect in the killing of nipsey hustle. 29-year-old eric holder is wanted in connection with the rapper's murder. security camera video just obtained by cnn shows the suspect walking up to hustle and two other men as they stood outside the rapper's store, firing at them multiple times before running to a nearby alley. fleeing in a car driven by an unidentified female. the "los angeles times" citing law enforcement sources say the gunman and hustle got into a fight before the shooting. the medical examiner said that hustle died within an hour from gunshot wounds to his head and torso. >> i've never been like all distraught over somebody like this, a rapper, do you know what i mean, it was more -- he was more than just a rapper. >> the beloved rapper's
5:30 am
community heartbroken in the wake of his death. >> he is someone who put our community on the map. people thought that our community was just about violence and nipsey put a change to that. he was willing to partner to change things to this community that we are now going to lose. >> a massive crowd of fans gathering throughout the day to honor hustle, then say os erupted monday night. hundreds of mourners scattering across the parking lot where hustle was killed after police say a disturbance incited panic. aerial footage captures the crowd fleeing in all directions, shoes and smashed candles left behind, at least 19 injured in the sam peed. one person was critically wounded after being hit by a car. >> absolutely chaotic. mass panic. >> mourners carrying the injured as firefighters treated people at the scene. police dressed in riot gear rushing in, trying to disburse
5:31 am
the crowd and breaking up fights that broke out amid the on fusion. >> and then los angeles wakes up the lapd will be holding a press conference at 8:30 when they say they will give us an update on the investigation. they are appealing for the public's help on trying to address that suspect. they are trying to address a surge in gun violence in los angeles. nipsey hustle just one of 26 people shot in the space of just one week. john. >> wow. nick watt, thank you very much for that story. on a different note, president trump has spent 177 days of his presidency at one of his golf clubs, that's about 20% of the time he has been president. so he plays a lot of golf and according to a new book he doesn't just play a lot of golf, he cheats a lot. joining us now is award winning sports writer rick riley, he is the author of "commander in
5:32 am
cheat: how golf explains trump." rick, always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> to speak to you. i confess i picked up the book, i was skeptical, 244 pages on the president cheating at golf, then i read it and i think i got it. you're not just saying he cheats, you're saying he cheats. i mean, he cheats on all of it. >> he cheats like a mafia accountant. he cheats crazy. he cheats whether you're watching or not. he cheats whether you like it or not. he tried to cheat tiger woods in a match and tiger hits it like this, he hits two balls in the water, doesn't count either, and pretends that he almost tied tiger woods. so it doesn't matter who he is, he has to be the winner. what really bothers me is that he told people on the campaign trail, i don't know if you remember this, but he said i'm a win, i've got 18 club championships and that's against the best players in the club. but i knew he was lying because he told me how he does t whenever he opens a new course that he buys he plays the first
5:33 am
round by himself and calls that the club championship. puts his name on the wall. sometimes he wins club championships from another state. >> is there a time he was in philadelphia and claims he won a club championship in bedminster? >> yeah. >> what happened? >> the club championship is going on at bedminster,'s playing in philly at his club there, finishes his round and say what won the club championship, they said joe schmoe shot 74, he said he shot 72 today he was like make me the club champion. the guy was like what? he said, yeah, make me the club champion. so they take joe's name down and put trump's head up. he says i won club championships and wouldn't tell you if it was the senior championship. his handicap he says is a 2.8. >> let's hold on on this. let me read part of this. you write to say donald trump cheats at golf is like saying michael phelps swims. he cheats at the highest level. he cheats when people are watching and he cheats when they
5:34 am
weren't. whether you are his pharmacist or tiger woods, if you're playing golf with him he's going to cheat. the book is filled with stories, you talked about the club championships, but of people in some cases famous people golf if i think with the president or before he was president with donald trump and he's cheating. mike tirico, tell me that story. >> so tirico and two other announcers are playing with trump at trump philly and tirico is against him in a team game and he hits the shot of his life on to the green, blind par 5, when he gets there it's not near the green, it's not on the green, not near the pin, it's in the bunker. well, it turns out trump kicked it into the bunker so that he could -- i mean, can you give the guy the shot of his life? how important is it for you to win? you're worth billions. at what point is it like it doesn't matter to him? but it does. i played with clinton when he was president. >> he cheated. >> he cheated but in a differently different way. he would hit his shot and then hit five or six more because he
5:35 am
was confounding by golf, but he wasn't trying to make you lose. he would always play his first ball but he was just trying to get the game. it's like a guy that goes to the bank to steal the pen versus the guy that goes to steal the money. he really needs to win, i've never seen anything quite like it. >> donald trump is a very good golfer. >> yeah. >> all right. but he claims to be a 2.8 handicap. >> right. >> explain that. >> so in golf, you know, you and i can play if you're really good and i'm terrible then you've got to give me shots. so i get ten free shots. well, trump says he is a 2.8 which is really, really good. to give you a little idea jack nicholas is a 3.5. jack nicklaus. so you can go on the website that shows anybody in the country you can see their hand cap, he is a 2.8 but it has taken him eight years to get the 20 scores so he's just cherry-picking his best rounds. he can't cover a 2.8. no way. everybody that's played with him, the pros, dustin johnson, they all say he is about a nine
5:36 am
or ten, so why does he have to say he is a 2.8 when he's really a 10? >> isn't 10 pretty good? why does he got to say 2.8? >> you can ask why does it matter that donald trump cheats at golf. you write golf is like bicycle shorts, it reveals a lot about a man. >> it does. what it repeals about him is he has to win no matter what. it's not that he loves golf, he just loves beating you. so these guys always say he's fun to play with, always wins but then he doesn't even take your money. it's not about beating you out of the ten bucks, it's about showing you that he's better than you. when he always say i'm the best player among all the rich people, nobody can beat me, he's played on television ten times, pebble beach pro-am seven times and the lack tahoe thing, stormy daniels' deal seven times. he has never made the cut at pebble beach and at tahoe he has never finished in the top half. when there's rules guys and
5:37 am
cameras when he is he's not that good. when it's his course, his caddie, his world he's pretty good. >> he is good at golf just not a 2.8 and people do like to play with him. >> they like to play with him. i play with him, it was fun. he doesn't putt outs, you sometimes putt out. he took a gimme chip in with me. have you ever heard of this? we're playing a bet, i'm in there for a par 5, he is off the green in four, he says i guess that makes this good. he hasn't even gotten to the green. i said did you just take a gimme chip in? well, yeah, i would have made that. come on. >> we're constantly fact checking the president and calling out when he says things that are untrue or flat out lies. what's his response you are not the first person to say he is a cheater. what's his response to the claims that he cheats at golf and the proof that's in this book. >> every time he says i never cheat. i snuck into the bedminster "caddyshack" in new jersey with all the caddies. i said the president says he never cheats. they all go, no, he never cheats and then there was this silence. i said, oh, you guys cheat for
5:38 am
him and they all laughed. they have three or four balls in the pocket, this he throw it out of bunkers. he kicks the ball out of the rough so many times the caddies call him pele. >> you have a challenge for the president you want to play him. >> i want to play him. >> you are a 4.5. >> i think i'm a 4.5. he is a 2.8. if he plays the 2.8 and i played i will pay him for 100 grand, either of our charities but the rule is can't play his course, can't use his cheating cad ease and there's got to be a rules guy with each of us and i will play him all day. >> rick riley, the book is "commander in cheat: how golf explains trump." thank you for being with us. mr. president, we will see if you respond to the challenge. president trump online, too. just kidding. we will see if he actually takes you up on that. now there is this video you must see, a nine-year-old girl was playing in her own front yard when a hit and run driver
5:39 am
came crashing in at this rate of speed. we cannot believe it but we can tell you thankfully she is okay though police need your help, they have not captured this driver. we will talk to the mother trait ahead. here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters costa rica paraíso. meet sergio. and his daughter, maria. sergio's coffee tastes spectacular. because costa rica is spectacular. so we support farmers who use natural compost. to help keep the soil healthy. and the coffee delicious. for future generations. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee roasters. they're america's bpursuing life-changing cures.
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the university of hartford student is charged with attempted murder for allegedly stabbing two classmates while acting out a movie scene for drama class. jake wasker is being held on a million dollars bail. the three students were working on a group project when police say he took the assignment too far. one of the stabbing victims is in critical condition, the other is in stable. baltimore's mayor is taking an indefinite leave of absence as she faces growing backlash over a book scandal. the medical system in that state has paid pugh half a million dollars since 2011 for books for baltimore school children. pugh currently returned $100,000, canceled the book deal and resigned from the health system board. pugh's office relouised a
5:44 am
statement saying she is battling pneumonia and is focusing on her health. caught on video. wait until you see that. okay. there was a large wave that was triggered by that glacier collapse. it sent tourists in iceland scrambling for higher ground as you're about to see. they were admiring the glacier when a large section of the ice began to break away, you can hear rumbling that sounds like thunder as pieces crash into the water and swipe a close call. no one was hurt or even got wet. well, at least there is no global warming, you know? >> be careful around a glacier. >> i have to say that's an indication of some melting happening. surveillance camera captures the terrifying moment that a young girl playing in her yard gets mowed down by a car or hit
5:45 am
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♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. a manhunt is under way this morning in georgia for a hit and run driver who plowed into a nine-year-old girl who was playing in her front yard. miraculously the girl survived. we must warn you, the security video you are about to see is very upsetting. here is ladariana holmes, playing outside in the front yard of her georgia home. from the top of your screen you see a black car karine into the yard and ram right into her. moments later you see someone get out of the car and make a run for it. she suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured skull and a broken pelvis. she is expected to make a full recovery and with us now is her mother, charlotte bolton, and her attorney chris stewart. oh, my gosh, this is heart stopping video, charlotte.
5:50 am
so tell us what happened. your daughter was outside plig in the yard, you were inside the house with your husband, then what happened? >> i heard a very bad sound and my house shook like an earthquake. i immediately knew something was wrong. i screamed, my baby, because i knew she was on the porch. i ran down. a lady was -- had got my baby from between the car and my house and placed her and her friend on the ground, and she was lifeless. i was screaming. my 12-year-old son and another gentleman started doing cpr on her and that's when i started working on her, i felt a heartbeat. >> oh, my gosh. >> her dad then came outside, picked her up, drove her to the hospital. everything was happening so
5:51 am
fast. the gentleman in the yellow -- one gentleman did run immediately, there is a gentleman in a yellow shirt, he was the driver. >> did he run or did he stay? the gentleman in the yellow shirt, did you see him or did he run away? >> i didn't see anything until i looked at the surveillance camera over and over again. him and another gentleman was getting something out of the car, back and forth, inside the car. once he retrieved it he put it in his pants and he walked off. he then jumped in my son's car, drove to the emergency room and they let me in to see my baby while they worked on her and assessed her. >> and what condition is she in this morning? >> she's been upgraded from critical to stable right now. she's in a lot of pain. she sustained a skull fracture, her pelvis is broken in three places. she is in a lot of pain, but she is in good spirits.
5:52 am
she is a strong little girl. she's talking, she is laughing, she is joking. she's talked to her friends. another little girl got hit as well. once she regained consciousness she had a bruised hip, she hopped across the street. we have had a wide outpouring of love and support all across the world. ladariana wanted into he to tell everyone thank you so much for your prayers, your well wishes. all of her new friends that she has gained all around the world, she wanted me to say thank you for contributing to her go fund me that's in her name that's, you know, po pay for her unpaid medical bills, her rehabilitation and long-term care. i'm very grateful for her attorney, mr. chris stewart, his staff, everyone has been so wonderful to my family. >> oh, my gosh. charlotte, you are so strong. i mean, to be able to be this composed after an accident like
5:53 am
this and to have been able to know what to do for your daughter and work on her and get her the medical attention right away, drive yourselves to the hospital after something like that, it is remarkable. mr. stewart, what is the status of the investigation of looking into this -- where this driver and who this driver is this morning? >> we're just hoping that he turns himself in. i mean, he is caught on camera taking part in this horrific situation that turned into a miracle for this child. i have just never seen anything like this in my entire career of handling these kind of cases. theres no explanation of why she is alive. >> it is so heart stopping that video, i can't believe that she survived. >> if you didn't believe in god, you do now. >> for sure. you're hoping the driver turns himself in, but can they tell? this is good video. do police have a suspect? >> they do and they're following up on that right now.
5:54 am
i can't mention the details of what's transpiring yet, but they have a very solid lead on what the driver was doing and where he was. >> charlotte, explain why you had that camera set up to begin with so that we could see what happened there. as i understand it, you and your husband were considering getting rid of that surveillance camera, but you had kept it. so tell us the story of why that was rolling. >> someone had stole my son's bicycle out of the front yard and my husband said, i'm going to get cameras for the house. it was something as simple as that. we were -- he canceled the i cloud service that records the cameras and this was just two, three weeks ago, and i told him, we need those cameras back running, and if it wasn't for that, we wouldn't know anything. mind you, this car was deep in
5:55 am
my house. deep in my house. my basement is destroyed, there is a big hole in -- my whole basement is gone. there is a big hole in my house and my daughter is lucky to be here. >> oh, my gosh, that's -- that's an understatement. it was horrible for you to live through, but when you watch that video that we're all now watching, what was your reaction when you first saw that? >> shock. my baby tried to run and i think that's what saved her and her tiny frame. i can't watch it. i can watch the suspects, but the impact is heart wrenching. i cannot watch it. >> i don't blame you. i can't, either, i've been averting my eyes. mr. stewart, tell us about the go fund me page. obviously this family needs help with what will be long term medical care. so why can we find the go fund me page? >> it's under her name, ladarihanna holmes. everyone feels to bad for them.
5:56 am
my law firm is doing this case for free just to help them. their house is destroyed. they will have some serious medical bills from this situation, so everybody is just trying to support this family. they didn't ask for this to happen. >> of course. >> and it's a miracle. i mean, this is a miracle. >> absolutely. charlotte and chris stewart, charlotte bolton, we're thinking of you, we're thinking of laderihanna, please keep us posted as the investigation unfolds. we want this suspect to be found. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. all right. new developments in the republican healthcare plan, the president says you will have to wait to see it, maybe until after the 2020 election. that's next. you're turning onto the street
5:57 am
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top of the hour, good morning, i'm poppy harlow. >> and i'm jim sciutto. we're back next to each other again. >> can you believe it? hey, stranger. >> one week after president trump promised that the gop would become the party of healthcare and that he had a plan in the works, he punts. was there even a plan? he is now saying that republicans will wait until after the 2020 elections to vote on a plan to replace the affordable care act. >> so what happened to that republican plan? did the president just tee up a winning battle for the democrats? that's the key question this morning. let's go to the white house, joe john i


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