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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  April 5, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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hello, i'm erica hill in for kate bolduan. right now, president trump is on his way to visit the u.s. border with mexico. back in washington, the attorney general and the president's legal team are gearing up for two big fights. on the mueller report, house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler is demanding the justice department produce all communications between bill barr and the special counsel. sources tell cnn some members of the mueller team were unhappy with the attorney general's four-page summary of their nearly 400-page report. because it didn't properly convey just how damaging their findings were for president trump. >> and then there's the issue of the president's tax returns. the white house is threatening to block democrats' demand for six years of filings, as the president himself suggests the justice department could get involved. cnn's abby phillip is at the white house. right before leaving this
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morning, the president was asked again about his tax returns. what's the latest from the president? >> well, erica, the president hasn't said a whole lot about this issue, but he has reiterated one thing, which is that he is under audit and while he's under audit, he does not believe he needs to release his tax returns. he's responding to what is not actually a request to him. it's a request from the house ways and means committee to the irs directly. and here's how he responded to another question from reporters this morning about what he thinks about the possibility that his taxes could be released under the law that the ways and means committee is citing in order to make this request. >> i'm under audit. from what i understand, the law is 100% on my side. >> but erica, it's really not clear whether the law is 100% on his side. the ways and means committee is citing a part of the irs tax
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code that gives certain congressional committees the right to request an individual's tax returns. nancy pelosi said yesterday those kinds of requests have never been denied, but in this case, it would be up to the trump administration to handle that. one interesting point is that "the new york times" is reporting that president trump weighed in on the nominee for the attorney for the irs, who would be dealing with these kinds of requests. he asked mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader, to speed up this individual's nomination, and it seemed to be an effort for trump to put someone in that position who might have -- who might see it his way. this is someone who's had some minor dealings with the trump organization in his past life before being nominated for this post. and so the implication here is that president trump has known this is coming down the pike, that democrats wanted to see his tax returns for a long time and
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has been trying to slowly get in position so when there is a legal fight over this, he might be well positioned to win it. we'll see what happens now, but clearly, this is headed toward a big fight and potentially towards the courts. >> abby phillip with the latest from the white house. thank you. >> for a closer look on what democrats in congress want, let's go to manu raju on capitol hill. manu, let's start first with chairman nadler and what he wants from the department of justice. >> well, one thing they want is the release of the full mueller report and the underlying evidence, as of course, the judiciary committee has authorized a subpoena for all that information. nadler has not served the justice department yet. nadler told me that he's waiting, trying to show accommodation to the justice department before ultimately deciding to serve the justice department in case this ends up in court so they can argue they did everything they could to convince the justice department to comply. in the aftermath of these reports showing some tension among some people on mueller's
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team with the justice department, nadler is demanding all communications between the justice department and mueller's team over the release of that report. he sent a letter to bill barr yesterday demanding this information. that is not a subpoena threat at the moment, but potentially, they could turn into one. at the moment, that's where things are. they're trying to pressure the justice department to release the full unredacted report, but as we know, there's no sign yet that the justice department is going to listen to that request and no sign they won't redact at least some portion of the report, the big question is how much of the report will be behind those black lines, erica. >> interesting to see. also, manu, michael cohen writing a new letter to congress. he wants a little more time. what is he asking for specifically? >> yeah, he says that he is urging, his lawyers sent a letter to congressional committees yesterday, democrats in particular, saying that he
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needs their help to persuade the southern district of new york to delay his jail time because according to this letter from cohen's attorneys, he has more information that could be helpful to their investigation. some files that he discovered on a hard drive, apparently could be helpful to what the democrats are investigating on the hill. he laid out a number of things he could be helpful in. and in this letter, it says this. it says we hope that this memorandum demonstrates that mr. cohen needs to be readily accessible and immediately available to provide ongoing assistance to congress in order for it to fulfill its executive branch oversight responsibilities. erica, no word yet from democrats about whether they will agree to try to persuade federal prosecutors to delay jail times. republicans pushing back saying this is an effort by cohen to try to get out of jail.
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we'll see what information he has to provide and how democrats ultimately respond. >> thank you. joining me now, gloria borger, and cnn political commentator, joe lock hart, who serves as press secretary under president clinton. i may be a little cynical, which happens sometimes, especially in this business, but this letter from michael cohen, this promise of oh, i've got more, we should just wait, it feels a little 11th hour desperate. joe, how do democrats handle that? >> i think it's a tf one for democrats because i think there's a little bait here for there may be something very interesting, but i think democrats have so far been very careful about calibrating their response. this is a little bit of a trap for them, i think. i fink if they start weighing in with sdny and trying to keep michael cohen, who was convicted of very serious crimes, out of jail, that opens them up to legitimate criticism. while it may be tempting, if they were listening to me, i would say stay away from this.
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>> interesting to say it could be a trap. as we look at everything else happening, that has just been laid out for us, democrats turning up the pressure when it comes to, they don't want to just see the president's personal tax returns. they want to know about his businesses too. there's also new reporting from "the new york times" about the president wanting to make sure that the chief counsel was installed at the irs even before bill barr as attorney general, that it was so important to get him there. the white house and the president are not backing down in this fight. where do democrats take it? >> well, first, why am i not surprised that the president wanted to install somebody he knew, who had once worked with the trump organization in that position and that he was eager to do it. if you look at the timing of all this, as "the new york times" piece points out, it was around the time the democrats starting saying we're going to get your tax returns. we need to get your tax returns. i think that the democrats found a very narrow way, they were very careful about this. they found a very narrow way to
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ask the president for his tax returns, to ask the irs to release it. they believe they're on solid ground. the president says they are not on solid ground. obviously, this may end up in court. we just, you know, we don't know at this point. the danger here for democrats, to joe's point, is you can't be seen to be overreaching on everything. and they're investigating on a multitude of fronts right now. not only in terms of the mueller report, but now in terms of the president's tax returns. and so they have to be -- they do have to be careful about this. and not to appear to be fishing on everything. >> so to that point, we know that in polling, 67% of americans say the president should release his tax returns. there's an appetite to see what's in there. but to gloria's point, joe, is this the smartest fight right now for democrats to be picking? >> well, i would say the flip
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side to the democrats being careful about fishing is the trump administration can't be stonewalling on everything. and it really does create this atmosphere that they're hiding on every front. i think gloria makes the right point. democrats were very smart the way they went after this. they didn't say we want every tax return ever. you know, and without reason. they found a section of the irs tax code that allows them to get this, a very limited amount, and they're doing that. i expect the administration will block this. he has his man there now. and it will go to court, and if you listen to the legal analysts who have been on the air talking back and forth, it's a pretty easy case, i think, for the democrats to win. and you know, one of the things about fishing is, you know, it seems legitimate when the other side is pedaling so hard to stop you from catching anything. the think the democrats are helped immensely by the strategy
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that the trump administration has taken, i think across the board. they ought to just pull the band-aid off on some of these things. it's very painful in the short term, but politics is a business where the subject changes very quickly. >> especially these days. >> and with the way they're doing it, this is going to hang around until election day. >> yeah. >> and i don't think that's a recipe for success. >> and on the release of the mueller report, don't forget, the house voted unanimously, and they don't vote unanimously on naming what day it is. they voted unanimously to release the mueller report. 80% of the public wants to see what's in the mueller report. and so i think the democrats on that are on terra firma. the public is with them on that. >> the way we're seeing barr dig in, right, the changing of the messaging from the president, that's not a surprise. it should not be a surprise any time the messaging changes from the president, but the fact there have been these deadlines thrown out, and there have been demands thrown out and now the
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latest letter from chairman nadler, kn the doj responding. the fact is, barr is not biting. he's not moving. >> no, but don't forget, on the redactions, he has mueller sitting on his shoulder. we don't know if he's there every minute, but he's working with mueller. i presume mueller and his team want their summaries out of what they did in the report, and they want more rather than less. mueller wasn't born yesterday. he's been around washington a long time. i presume they wrote a lot of this report knowing it would be released to the public. >> written in a way that it could be. >> yes, exactly. scrubbed, prescrubbed. >> remember, what congress is asking for now is not to release this to the public. there's absolutely no precedent to hold back this information from congress. congress gets briefed on the most sensitive national security issues on an almost daily basis. and they are coequal branches with the executive, and there is a level of trust. there will be a debate on what goes to the public, but what bill barr is saying right now is
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i'm not going to let congress see anything i don't want congress to see, and that position is not sustainable. >> there's also a question of how much you can say about the president, whom you cannot indict. so remember jim comey, who came out there and -- i'm sure you remember, he didn't indict, you know, hillary clinton but he said she was reckless. so is this equivalent to that? >> that's the question that keeps coming up. just really quickly for both of you because i love to have you both weigh in. who do you think is winning the messaging war here with the american public? is it donald trump and his camp and republicans? more the president than republicans, i would say, or is it the democrats? >> most of the public still believes the president is not an honest person. however, i think when trump came out and said i was exonerated, it had a lot of impact on people. i think the way it's impacted people is they have turned the page. maybe they don't believe him, but they have turned the page. >> i think it depends on the
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messaging. he's won the messaging war, he's always won it with his own base. he's lost it with the democrats and progresses, which it didn't matter. i think he's lost it with the people in the middle. let's remember, the day the mueller -- the barr letter came out, let's not call it the mueller report, came out, he claimed total exoneration. the next poll that came out, three or four days later, said 29% of americans -- only 29% of americans, his base, believed that he was totally exonerated. so on his best day -- >> and the letter said he was not totally exonerated. >> on his best day, he still had less than a third of the public who believed him. i think to what you need to get re-elected, the middle, and either the left or the right, he's lost the messaging war. >> appreciate it. thank you. coming up, joe biden makes his first public appearance since multiple women alleged inappropriate contact by the former vice president. so will he address the issue this morning? plus, a rare admission from
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minutes from now, joe biden will be speaking to the elect c electricelectri electrical worker union in washington. his first appearance since alleged inappropriate contact with women surfaced. will the former vice president and possible 2020 candidate address the issue? we'll find out once he takes to the microphone. it will be interesting if he mention his twitter tangle with president trump. the president posted a video
8:19 am
mocking biden. biden tweeted back, i see you're on the job and presidential as always. joining me, "new york times" correspondent alex burns and cnn political reporter nia-malika henderson. nia-malika, as we look at this, it's not clear joe biden is actually planning to address what the rest of the world has been talking about for the last several days, doesn't he need to? >> you would think he would need to address this at some point. of course, he had that video. it came up short for some people because it was a non-apology apology. sorry not sorry thing going on there. and i think it just highlights the odd position he's in as candidate in waiting presumably. you look at the sort of top words of his video, essentially says you'll be hearing more from me in the weeks to come. so here he is about to give this speech to these union guys, unlikely he will mention it or make any reference to it, but at some point, he will certainly have to, and you imagine those first interviews that he does
8:20 am
once he announces, if he announces, as everything points to he will at some point, this will be something he'll have to address. listen, it will likely be something that hangs over any campaign he launches, because all eyes will be on him as he's out there, if he runs, on the stump interacting with voters. >> the president having a field day with this, which is not surprising. inirony, however, appears to be lost on the president in the way he's weighing in. he also had this to say when he was asked this morning about joe biden. take a listen. >> i don't see him as a threat. i think he's only a threat to himself. >> alish, does the president have a point there? is joe biden right now the biggest threat to joe biden? >> the president has a point about that. the president is not being on the level when he says he's not concerned about joe biden. we know from our reporter and from cnn's reporting that the president is very concerned about joe biden. his advisers see biden as the kind of candidate who would perform well in the areas the
8:21 am
president demolished the blue wall of the midwest in 2016. absolutely, the biggest unresolved question about joe biden's potential campaign other than whether he will launch it, is just how he will perform on the campaign trail. we haven't seen joe biden in the kind of freeform gaggles with reporters that we have seen folks like beto o'rourke and elizabeth warren and kamala harris. when you're suddenly surrounded by tv cameras or talking directly to voters and someone is throwing the clarence thomas hearings at you or your record on school busing or abortion or all the stuff over the last week, we have no sense of how preparedio biden is for that moment. >> this has been discussed not just over the last few weeks but really for months as people have been gaming whether over not joe biden is going to get in. there's been talk about how extensive his record is, which he likes to play on, but is also a lot of fodder for people to dig through, and even the most recent issues. maybe you couldn't predict lucy flores, but there was cringe
8:22 am
worthy video before me too that was going to be brought up. >> one of the most frustrating of the joe biden not quite campaign for people who are supportive of him. the sense he's taking his time to decide whether to run. he's had a long runway to figure out how to deal with the things you're talking about is he's not made the best use of it. >> nia-malika, we're waiting to hear from elizabeth warren who is going to call for an end to the filibuster this morning. she wants democrats to get on board. how do you think that's going to play out? >> you know, we'll see. as she's linking to this historic fact that the filibuster has been used, she'll say in this speech, basically to block advances in terms of civil rights. i think she's going to specifically refer to some lynching legislation. you know, she is the policy leader in this campaign so far. policy after policy, whether it's this idea of ending the filibuster, something that the president himself actually agrees upon, other democrats say
8:23 am
be careful what you wish for, elizabeth warren, because obviously, if it's republicans in office, they can use it in the same way that democrats could use in office as well. so we'll see how she is received at this event. obviously, this is a cattle call for a number of candidates to try to connect with african-american voters. she's had little success so far in terms of polling. she's down in the low single digits. we'll see what her fund-raising is so far, but she's intent on being a policy leader, and really bold policies. changing the electoral college. this one here about ending the filibuster. breaking up big tech companies. we'll see how she wears with voters going forward, particularly how today she's received with african-american voters. hasn't had much success so far and much sort of engagement with african-american voters, particularly in massachusetts, but this, i think, will be a big test for her. we'll see how she handles it. >> good to see you both. thank you.
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boeing now acknowledging to "the washington post" that regulators have recordered the fix of a second flaw in the
8:29 am
flight control system of its 737 max planes. the planes have been grounded after two fatal crashes less than five months apart. boeing's ceo has made a statement that is actually raising more than a few eyebrows. cnn's drew griffin has more. >> the ceo of boeing making a rare admission, acceptic blame for two of its airliners that crashed. >> it's apparent in both flights, the mew nuverring augmentation system known as mcas activated in response to erroneous angle information. it's our responsibility to eliminate this risk. we own it. and we know how to do it. >> the video message from boeing comes after a devastating preliminary report laying out that a software issue apparently caused the crash of an ethiopian airlines flight last month. the report also suggesting the same issue may have caused a lion air flight to go down last year. the preliminary report finds the pilots did everything required
8:30 am
to try to bring the plane back safely, but ultimately couldn't control it. former boeing operations analyst rick ludky said during development of the 737 max, boeing had a mandate. make sure any changes to the plane would not require additional pilot training in a simulator. >> unprecedented. never happened in the past that i'm aware of. we were very uncomfortable with this. >> he said boeing managers told him they even sold the plane to southwest airlines with a guarantee. a rebate of $1 million per plane if simulator training was required. the flight control analyst says the demand to avoid simulator training known as level d took over design of the aircraft. >> throughout the design iteration, all the status meetings with managers, that was something that was always asked. you know, are we threatened? are we risking level d? if you are, you have to change it. i think philosophically, it was the wrong thing for the company to do, to mandate such a
8:31 am
limitation. to strongly avoid it makes sense. but to prevent it, i think you can see the line from that to these accidents. >> federal investigators are now trying to determine if boeing's cost saving moves could somehow lead to criminal charges. both boeing and southwest airlines refused to comment on their business deal that was referred to in this piece, but in the meantime, we're learning what is causing the delay in getting boeing's software fix to the faa. it was supposed to be sent last week, but cnn has learned there was a glitch in integrating the software with other boeing programs, which has now caused a delay. drew griffin, cnn, outside boeing's facility in renton, washington. >> a lot to process in that report. just ahead, president trump says he wants former presidential candidate herman cain for a seat on the federal
8:32 am
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8:37 am
3.8%. that's all good news for president trump who praised the strength of the economy in just the last hour as he waleaving the white house. almost in the same breath, though, he managed to ding the federal reserve. take a listen. >> well, i personally think the fed should drop rates. i think they really slowed us down. there's no inflation. >> joining us now, cnn global economist analyst rana foroohar. let's tackle unemployment for the moment. was last month just an anomaly. we're doing all right? we're doing great, actually, if you look at that number? almost at full employment. >> the devil is in the details. for starters, i look at three-month averages. you never take one jobs report and say this is where we are. if you really dig into the details of the job report, there are worrying signs. if you look, about half of the growth is coming from really low-wage industries. home health care, restaurants, hotels. you know, sort of low-wage $15
8:38 am
an hour jobs. that's not what you want to see. meanwhile, manufacturing, which the president is boasting about bringing back manufacturing jobs. manufacturing is falling. that's the weakest it's been since we had a little mini manufacturing recession in 2015. so really digging into this, this still leaves me worried about where we're headed, and i think the likelihood of a recession in the coming year is still pretty high. >> okay, so as we look at that -- >> sorry to be a downer. >> i appreciate you being a realist. that's a good thing. the president, meantime, saying this morning he wants the fed to lower interest rates. >> of course he wants the fed to lower interest rates because lowering interest rates creates a kind of sugar high in the economy. and a lot of people felt that we should have been tightening rates years ago in order to prepare ourselves for a coming recession. you want to have a lot of firepower when that happens. you want to have the fed in a position where they can lower rates when we really need that extra juice. unfortunately, the president has not wanted to take his foot off the gas. you can understand why. he first wanted to get through
8:39 am
the midterms with lower rates, hoping we could push the economy more. he now wants to try to get to 2020 with the economy still being on this sugar high. ultimately, that's going to increase the pain if and when the correction comes. >> in terms of the federal reserve, president trump now, we're learning, has nominated herman cain to the board of the federal reserve. for folks who may not remember him. >> the pizza king. >> godfather's pizza. he also did serve as the director of the federal reserve in kansas city for eight years. >> yeah. >> there's been a lot of pushback, though. >> a lot of pushback. >> jamie dimon even saying i don't -- let me quote him properly here. he's not necessarily the right guy for the job, not a direct quote. your thoughts? >> i'm not crazy about it. i'll tell you why. the fed is at a really difficult moment right now. the federal reserve is a collaborative organization. i know it seems like there's none of those left in america, but the fed is actually a body that has to get together and agree on things. if you have someone like cain or
8:40 am
stephen moore that are perceived as being proxies for the president, some folks that will be very political, that's not a good position for the fed to be in. >> the pushback is you don't want the appointee to be too political. that makes sense. at the same time, do you want everybody to be in lockstep because then there isn't any collaboration happening? >> you don't, but you want folks to be intellectually nucheral. that's the reason the fed was able to save the economy post the financial crisis is they weren't political. they didn't get tied up in arguments. they could make policy as they saw fit. we need to keep that independence. >> when you look at what jamie dimon said to say, that he doesn't think he's the right person for the fed. is that a real concern for the fed? is that concern about potential financial oversight that could come with these two? >> no, not at all. in fact, i think in some ways jamie by saying i don't want two people that are very likely to want to cut interest rates in
8:41 am
the fed, he's talking against his own book. he would do better if interest rates were low. big banks do very well when interest rates are low, but i think jamie cares a lot about the economy. i think he cares a lot about america, and he's saying look, i don't think these two people are qualified at this time. there are so many qualified people out there. we need to look for them. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. when he is not pounding his gavel, this week's cnn hero is pounding the pavement. three times a week, every week. superior court judge craig mitchell wakes at 3:30 a.m. and runs through l.a.'s notorious skid row neighborhood to try to change the lives of those struggling with poverty, homelessness, and addiction. >> running is a mechanism for the participants to build relationships. this is the one time i'm at the front of the pack. lawyers, social workers, people from all different walks of life, running with people who are recovering from addiction and homelessness.
8:42 am
>> good job. >> we affirm. we listen, we support. it shows what open minded people who really care about each other, how they can treat one another. and it's a lesson in and of itself. >> to experience juch mitchell's transformative running community is & to nominate someone you think is a hero, log in to drivers just wont put their phones down. we need a solution. introducing... smartdogs. the first dogs trained to train humans. stopping drivers from: liking. selfie-ing. and whatever this is. available to the public... never. smartdogs are not the answer. but geico has a simple tip. turn on "do not disturb while driving" mode.
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harvard could be the latest school dealing with fallout from a possible scandal. i want to point out, this is completely separate from the ongoing college admissions scam, the criminal case, the one that involves lori loughlin and felicity huffman. when we talk about harvard, this has to do with the school's head fencing coach who sold his home to a man who had one son on the fencing team and one who was applying to the school. the father bought the house at nearly double its assessed value and the younger son got into harvard, got onto the team. can we draw a connection there? that's the big question. brynn gingras has more on this. it certainly sounds shady if nothing else. >> shady, fishy. that's where we're at right now, that side door we heard singer talk about in court. separate case, as you said, but very interesting. let me break it down more. peter brand is harvard's longtime fencing coach. the university really credits
8:48 am
him with unprecedented success. in 2016, he sold his house in a boston suburb for almost double what tax records show the property was worth. now, the buyer, well, he was a wealthy businessman. his name was zao. and he had a son on the harvard fencing team, as erica said, another son in high school. after brand made that sale to zao, brand bought a condo in cambridge in the town where harvard is located, for $989,000. i have to look down. a lot of numbers there. that's just $500 shy of the amount that zao paid him for his home, and $300,000 more than the condo's asking price. now, of course, a listing real estate agent will say it's not uncommon in a competitive market to sell a house or buy a house for much more. >> a pretty high margin, though. >> exactly. the other thing that's fishy is 17 months later, zao sold brand's home for way under -- >> at a loss. >> at a loss, $300,000 at a
8:49 am
loss. there's a lot of fishy details here, and then of course, as we sort of laid out for you the son was already a fencing team member. then his son who was in high school went to harvard on the fencing team, according to the "boston globe," who was the first publication to actually report all this. again, a lot of fishy details. now harvard is investigating. i want to bring up a statement from the harvard dean. she wrote, regardless of what we eventually learn about these allegations, this is not a time for complacency. where there are opportunities to clarify practices and strengthen procedures, we must act on them and do so with a sense of urgency. so again, not part of this big college admissions scam, but certainly raising eyebrows. is this happening in other ways, real estate? are we seeing other ways parents are trying to get their kids into school? >> which is fascinating, which is why we saw the democratic lawmakers in california say we need to look at legacy status for how kids are admitted, donations, whether that comes into play. there's a lot here and
8:50 am
turning now to another universe coach who is under investigation, university of north carolina's hall of fame basketball coach is accused of making racial remarks and pressuring players to continue playing. they suspended hatchle and her entire coaching staff. the allegations are troubling. what are some of the details about what is being alleged here? >> hey, erica. these are stunning allegations that have been made against the women's basketball coach who has been their coach for more than 30 years. they've spoken to six parents of players on the team saying she made these seriously alleged comments saying, quote, they'll be hanged from trees with nooses if their performance didn't
8:51 am
improve and she forced some players to compete through very serious injuries. earlier this week we learned usc opened an investigation into the coach and her administration but it was unclear why this review began. a statement from the university simply said it was due to issues raised. at that time she released a statement saying, my goal has always been to help them become the very best people they can be on the basketball court and in life. i loev each and every one of the players i've coached and they are lime fakly to me. the way he explains it is saying that the team was preparing for conference play and the coach was trying to warn her players that their opponents would be tougher competition than the teams they had played out of conference. he said her comments were something along the lines of
8:52 am
they're going to take a rope and string us up and hang us out to dry. he also said that hatchell would never try to convince someone to play that the medical staff didn't clear. there's no timetable, but unc says the investigation will be thorough and prompt. >> thank you. we just heard moments ago from former vice president joe biden addressing these accusations about his conduct. so what did he have to say? stay with us. needles.
8:53 am
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simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. workers and has already somewhat made reference to what everybody else seem foss have been talking about for the last several days. take a listen. >> and i just want you to know i had permission to hug lani. we had permission. but -- by the way, he gave me permission to touch him. >> so there were two references there. the first was i understand it was reference to a union leader who had introduced the former vice president and then also saying again he had permission to hug the child you saw with him there on stage.
8:58 am
there was question about whether or not this would be addressed and if so how it would be addressed. making light of it, i don't know, sort of leaves me scratching my head. >> yeah. it kind of undoes the video, right, and the sort of work that he did in putting this issue in a different light, right? in the video he basically says this is a serious issue and people have a right to their personal space, basically parroting what nancy pelosi said. he's making one big joke. this is joe biden. he keeps stepping in it. when you think of last week when the lucy flores story broke, this is the third time he's addressed it. there was a first statement and then two statements and a
8:59 am
finally one that's as close to an apology as we're going to get, which makes light of it and probably puts him a step backward. >> to your point, too, as you sater ler just in the hour it was the non-apology, the sorriest non-sorry. he got flak for it. and to come out and have this tone deaf joke, it makes you wonder who he's listening to. >> yeah. and does he listen to anybody? is there anybody with in sort of sophistication with this issue in terms of how to handle it? we knew it was going to be a question in the case of joe biden in terms of running. again, it wasn't about hugging. it was about him smelling her hair and kissing her on the head. there he is making light of it. the person he hugged was a man. the child was also a young boy
9:00 am
and so, yeah, this is joe biden stepping in it again after he stepped in it before. >> we'll see what comes of it. nia-malika, thank you. i appreciate it. inside politics with john king starts right now. >> thank you, erica. and welcome to inside politics. thank you for sharing your day with us. the economy roars back after a february slump. 196,000 new jobs in march. good news for workers and the president heading into a new election. plus, nancy pelosi, first it was back off on impeachment and now she says fixing obamacare is much better than promising medicare for


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