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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  April 5, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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and so, yeah, this is joe biden stepping in it again after he stepped in it before. >> we'll see what comes of it. nia-malika, thank you. i appreciate it. inside politics with john king starts right now. >> thank you, erica. and welcome to inside politics. thank you for sharing your day with us. the economy roars back after a february slump. 196,000 new jobs in march. good news for workers and the president heading into a new election. plus, nancy pelosi, first it was back off on impeachment and now she says fixing obamacare is much better than promising medicare for all.
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a supportive union audience, part of a joe biden effort to show he remains a 2020 force. >> whoa. thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. please, thank you. this may go to my head. when you retire, you deserve every damn penny you work for, not a penny less. i mean it. i mean it. i'm tired of it. >> and we begin the hour right there with joe biden's attempt at a campaign reset even though he is indeed an unofficial 2020 candidate yet. he's speaking at a place he feels most welcome, a big union conference. blue collar appeal is what biden sees as his calling card, but a week of controversy has democrats wondering. wondering more is probably the best way to say it whether he's a good man but perhaps a bad fit
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for the moment. several have quoted women saying biden has made them uncomfortable at events. he put a video out saying he gets it and he'll be more respectful. yet he thought this was funny after sharing a hug with a union worker. >> i just want you to know i had permission to hug lani. i don't know, man. >> he did not otherwise address the controversy in his remarks to the international brotherhood of electrical workers, focusing more on his argument against president trump. >> how do you think we promote the great middle class? i've been saying this for 45 years. unions. unions. that's a fact. unions. some politicians are afraid to use the word "union." not me.
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unions built this middle class! >> with me today to share the reporting and their insights. you saw that right off the top. a video the other day saying i get it. he embraced the union leader, makes what he considers to be a joking and after i think we have the former vice president calling children up on stage for hugs and handshakes and did it again. >> by the way, he gave me permission to touch him. i get -- i've talked to a lot of people around the vice president. he doesn't think he's done anything wrong. he says he gets it. he doesn't get it if he's not understanding the women think their space was violated, that they were disrespected. they're not going to find that funny. >> you say disrespect. earlier in that speech he was talking about blue collar workers, how they treat wait
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staff. he says it matters how we treat people. exactly. it matters how these women feel. it matters if they feel like they were disrespected by the vice president or former vice president. that's what matters here. and this -- his jokes today run counter to that web video. there's no other way to see that. >> there's the issue of respect and the other thing they often have about joe biden. unlike any other democrat out here, i've been the vice president. he can make that argument. but there's the argument, does he have to discipline? he had to know walking onto the stage the moment and then he makes what he considers to be a joke which i suspect a lot of other people, especially the women involved, are going to find offensive. >> i think the touching issue is far from biden's only problem. he's run for president several times.
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democrats generally don't run candidates -- or don't nominate candidates who have run before. they haven't done that for a long time. it's very telling that barack obama is not backing his former vice president. instead obama and his former aides have been very warm toward obey ta o'rourke. and finally the lack of discipline. there's a time for jokes and a time for seriousness. and i think a year from now if biden had shaken people's hands and recognize it's a new era where we don't rub everybody we meet or rub people's shoulders casually, i think you could make a joke about it. there's a difference between inappropriate shoulder rubbing and rape which we've seen in the me too movement. a year after modifies your behavior would be okay, but putting it out two days after you put oud a video is tone deaf. >> lack of discipline is one thing we're seeing and the big
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question, whether or not biden can go beyond his base. can they go beyond the white sort of -- white male union worker voters that they're trying to court. you know, this type of joking. >> on average 60% of those voters will be women. he leads among female staff. if you look at the democratic polling, he's the early runner. again, the campaign has an early controversy. he's not even an official candidate yet. he put out this video the other day trying to convince everyone i got it. >> social norms have begun to change, they're shifted, and the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset, and i get it. i get it. i hear what they're saying. i understand it. i'll be much more mindful. that's my responsibility.
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my responsibility, and i'll meet it. >> and yet in his first public event after that, again, he's in a friendly audience, he's with a union leader and then with the kids, he thinks nothing of it. but the point of the video is i'm going to get the other side, understand the other side, but he doesn't. >> if that video was one step closer to having women heard, then those jokes he made, politically tone deaf were three steps bad. he erased any good he might have done there. >> it's funny. he jokes a couple of days ago at a campaign dinner for republicans that the far left was doing this to try to hurt joe biden, that this was being pushed by the far left, they were bringing up these controversies with women that
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they saw as a threat. but this is a reminder this is joe biden himself putting his foot in his mouth just as he has before. these comments, absolutely his own error on his own part, not the far left. he ooh is got to find a way to move past this. >> what we've heard about trump is that people over the age of 70 generally don't change, and i think the same could be said of biden. it he's 76 years old. it's hard to change in meaningful ways? the other thing we've heard, he said, he's done, i prefer people who don't get hurt. he starts with a good reservoir of good will. the question is, one, two, three, can we beat president trump. the specifics of this issue, does he get it? does he get it?
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then there's the bigger question of discipline. the other thing is you have president trump, a dozen women have accused him of conduct far more egregious than anything that has been suggested by joe biden. he's on that acce"access hollyw tape where if true would be felony sexual assault. yet the president, no barriers, tweets yesterday mocking joe biden, i just get it, and then it's a doctored video showing him being hugged. and then, are you, sir, the best messenger for this? >> i think i'm a very good messenger. he got a kick out of it. people are going through the situation. people have got to -- you've got to sort of smile a little bit. i don't see joe biden as a threat. i don't see him as a threat. i think he's only a threat to himself. >> who gets a kick out of it? >> i don't think it's any -- go
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ahead. >> no. people in the newsroom. when the president first said it you start to laugh, but then you think what is it about. it's not funny. people should. get a kick out of it. >> i don't think anyone would disagree the president needs to sit this one out. he doesn't come from any high ground. and look at what women have accused him of, all sorts of things. i have talked to democrats this week who are worried if you have someone on your ticket like joe biden, you both have this problem. yes, i ooh is not the same thing. it's not even close to what the president has been accused of. but, again, it's something and it's something that doesn't necessary will i have to be on the table because you have all of these other candidates. >> when it comes to women and any sort of assault they have
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experienced, the president has weaponized that and made that incredibly political not just with his own accusations against him, but, remember, he extended a hand to ron moore who made advances toward underable e ed girls. >> and brett kavanaugh. he was the first one to say he was being harassed and his family was suffering and basically empathizing with kavanaugh. he totally ignores it and turn as blind eye if it's a republican ally or himself. >> one of the debates on team biden is weather that video would be enough or if he would have to do some interviews and other conversations. i think we know the answer. remember, a lot of people are in
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the race. there's a conference in new york. their focus? a man they would like to beat. >> we have an administration that suggests we give a teacher a gun instead of giving them a raise. we know we're looking at injustice, not justice. >> the bertha movement, remember that? and how ugly was that? >> donald trump and the republicans in congress are doing everything within their power to normalize hatred, racism, and bigotry! bounds of convention...reede it's performance, born of refinement. the 2020 lexus rc f track edition and rc f. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. ♪ pardon the interruption but this is big! now at t-mobile buy any samsung galaxy s10 and get a galaxy s10e free!
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20/20 messaging gifts to the president and republicans. they called me care -- she says i'm agnostic. show me how you think you can get there. i think if it's the affordable care act, and if that leads to medicare for all, that may be the path. you can't get to medicare for all unless you have some of the resources of the affordable care act. slow down, everybody. that would be a gift to them. let's strengthen and fix obamacare. >> yeah. she's been doing some interesting things in the house over the last few weeks in that she's throwing up a caution sign to the 2020 presidential field and say, look, guys, you can't go too far to the left because
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that could potentially hurt us in taking out trump. the word "agnostic" stands in stark contrast to the presidential candidates tripping over themselves trying to say they're the biggest proponent of medicare for all. but she doesn't think medicare for all will help people in the same way the obamacare act will. she brought in big guns to talk to some of these new profile freshmen who are supporting it. he says, listen, you've got to look at the price tag. you have to be honest with voters how much this is going to cost and even though you have a liberal bold idea, when you look at how much it's going to cost, you may not have that much support from the left side of the base. >> if you can do it, number one. nancy pelosi is kind of like mitch mcconnell. don't make us vote on it, mr.
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president trump, because we won't vote on it anyway. has she lost her gavel? if you look at the 2018 election results, her point is let's stick with what has proved to work. >> nancy pelosi lost 60 house seeds in 2010 over this issue. she has really sacrificed to get that legislation intact and to become a future person in the health care system. you look at how president trump is using this in the early days of the campaign. he's saying the democrats themselves think obamacare is fraud. they want to replace it with medicare for all and that's socialist. meanwhile the president has stepped on it. he says we're going to replace obamacare even though we don't have a plan. i hear pelosi saying let's keep our focus on trump without
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creating a distraction. >> what she's also saying is don't decide what do based on twitter, based on how the activists are based, emailing you, calling you. think about the entire country. look at the 2020 candidates. if you go to the websites, those who are all in, they're supporting a version of met care for all. the three democrats who say no, no, it's too much, it's too liberal, or the country is not red for it. you have seen this playing out on the field. pelosi is trying to put this train on a different track. >> she also knows who brought the majority back and it's not at the liberal members. it's the members from the seats who are middle of the road.
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and they're not going to go medicare for all. when it first exploded into an issue, those members, blue dog members were like i'm more aca, let's slow down. >> the thing is she has to slow down. alexandria ocasio-cortez, heres he her speech. >> i didn't believe in it then. i don't believe it in now. it divides the country unless there's some conclusive message. >> that's why we caucus. >> you have a different opinion? >> i happen to, yes. >> we watched this play out when it was the republican party. is she managing in this better
9:22 am
so far in the sense that she has many critics within the conference, but so far she seems to still be in charge. there are often questions whether boehner or ryan were more in charge. >> she seems to have better control of the caucus than paul ryan ever did. i think as the 2020 election cycle heats up for the democratic party there, it's a race to the left. as you said it's not those far left seats that are ever going to be in trouble. it's going to get harder and harder for her to imagine. >> the other thing is whoever emerges as a democratic nominee will inevitably become the party's chief messenger and that could really drive the house democratic conference to the left. >> that might make it more interesting. john delaney is a former congressman. he's running. look at this t-shirt.
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robust jobs report that reports last month's anemic numbers were a blip. they added just shy of 200,000 jobs last month and the national unemployment rate remains well below 4%. music to the president's ears who will ask you for four more nears. >> the economic numbers came out. they're doing very, very good. a lot of companies will be announcing shortly they're moving back into the united states. they're all coming back. they want to be where the action is. >> cnn's christine romans breaks down the new numbers. >> john, a strong month. a bounceback from march. the bounceback in march, 196,000 net new jobs. the unemployment rate at this generational low of 3.8%.
9:29 am
wages, 2.8%. that's headed in the right direction. office jobs tend to have higher wages. health care, we've seen strong health care performance for years now. watch this manufacturing number, a decline. that could be troubling for a white house to focus on job creation there. watching construction and manufacturing jobs in the beginning of the year to see if they can continue to be robust. again, this is a sign that corporate america is hiring. despite whatever you hear about slowing growth at the end of last year, 2.2%. companies are still hiring strongly. john? >> christine romans, appreciate that. we have to spoke. joe biden is speaking in washington. let's go live. >> uncomfortable in that regard and i hope it wasn't taken that
9:30 am
way. you know, i literally think it is incumbent upon me and i think everybody else to make sure that if you brams someone, you touch someone, it is with their consent regardless of your intention, even if you're trying to bring solace or welcome. it's my responsibility to do that. >> what's your reaction to president trump taunting you on twitter? what do you have to say to him? >> it doesn't surprise me. he doesn't have time to do his job. look. everybody knows who donald trump is. i don't have to say anything more, i don't think. >> would you come forward and say they felt -- >> say again? >> do you expect a lot more people to come forward? >> i wouldn't be surprised, but i've had hundreds and hundreds of people contact me who i don't know and say the exact opposite.
9:31 am
look. it is important that i and everyone else is aware that any woman or man who feels uncomfortable should have the right to just say, hey, i was uncomfortable with that or hopefully we get to the point even before that to say i'm uncomfortab uncomfortable, no matter what. i really do understand it. so -- but it's -- you know, one of the things that -- like, for example, what made me say it, i wasn't joking. the president of the union put his arms around me. that's how it's always been. i've been coming here for a long time. that's how people react. >> do you think you owe those a direct apology, those who have come forward?
9:32 am
>> the fact of the matter is if i made you feel uncomfortable, i feel badly. it was never my intention. >> sometimes people want to hear you say directly i am sorry. are you ready to say that? >> i'm sorry i didn't understand more. i'm not sorry for any of my intentions. i'm not sorry for anything i've ever done. i've never done anything unintentionally to a millimeter or woman. that's the reputation i've had since high school, for god's sake. >> you said you're not changing your brain, wearing any funny hats. is this full episode of this past week going to change your campaign? >> i think it's going have to change somehow the campaign. everybody wonders why i take the selfie. it's so they don't put it on instagram. you have to wonder, you know, what are these being used for.
9:33 am
and so it's all changed. it's changed even with you guys. come on. each of you are aware of them in your personal relationships changes. it's not a bad thing. it's a new thing. it's important. and i'm sure it's going to take a while for it to settle out. it settled out for me. >> when are you going to announce you're entering the 2020 race. >> i've been told by the lawyer i've got to be careful what i say so i don't start the clock ticking and change my status, but i am very close to making a decision to stand before you all relatively soon. >> how relatively soon? >> within days? weeks? >> what's the holdup. >> holdup? putting everything together,
9:34 am
man. putting everything together. even if i knew i was going to run for president back in thanksgiving, i would be the last person to announce, so -- give everybody else their day and then i get a shot and we're off to the races. >> would the lack of a formal operation this week make your response trickier? >> no. >> i'm sorry. i didn't hear you. >> is herman cain qualified for the federal reserve? >> i would pick someone else. >> thank you. >> you say you're the most progressive party. >> i said liberal. i didn't say progressive. did i say progressive? here's the thing. i wish i had been labeled as a
9:35 am
-- i was never labeled a moderate. if you look at all the traditional liberal organizations, i have never walked away from -- i'm not sure when everybody else came out and said they're for gay marriage. i'm not sure when everybody came out and talked about a lot of the thing i've talked about, but my point is the definition of a proi depressive now seems to be changing. that s are you a socialist? that's a real progressive. or do you believe in whatever. i was talking about up until this last time around, the traditional judgments of whether you were, quote, a liberal, what's your position on race, women, lgbt community, civil liberties, i'll stack my record on those things against anybody who has ever run, is running now, or who will run. >> would you suggest the party is moving to the left or --
9:36 am
>> look. we'll find out whether i can win in the primary. >> thanks. >> let me say one last thing. here's the deal. if you guys -- if you look at all the polling data and look at all the actual results, the party has not moved to way -- i don't want to characterize it, whatever characterization you just made. the fact of the matter is the vast majority of the members of the democratic party are still basic basically liberal to moderate democrats in the traditional sense. when you look at -- i tenored 65, 66, 67 campaigns on the ground. show me the really left, left, left wingers who beat a republican, a republican. so the idea of the democratic party has stood on its head, i
9:37 am
don't get. byarties should welcome, should welcome -- i don't know how you want to characterize it -- the progressive left. you should welcome it. we should have a debate about this. it's not a bad thing. but the idea that the democratic party woke up and everybody asked what kind of -- i'm a joe biden democrat and i'm prout proud of it. >> former vice president joed biden. ending with i'm an obama/biden democrat and i'm proud of it. there's controversy over several women who have come forward by saying he has made them feel uncomfortable, touching them, in one case kissing the back of their head. the vice president says he gets it, he'll be more respectful, he feels badly, sorry if anyone
9:38 am
felt -- let's talk about it at the table. the former vice president at the top of his speech made what he thought to be a joke. he embraced a union president, a man, walked over to the union microphone and said, i've asked permission before then. i've watched him. they do hug, they do embrace. they've known each other for year. they are friendly, supportive. the joke about it seemed off tone, tone deaf. i'm being kind when i say that. he's saying, come on, it's not a joke. i'm being familiar there. what you see there, joe biden handling a conversation, friendly. >> i think hunter said this. it's a discipline question. it's a question of the political tone deafness which is what you said the last time we talked a
9:39 am
few minutes ago. yeah. that's a joe biden who would do very well on the campaign trail. it's just can he help himself from these other bidenisms. >> if he hadn't said something that sounded toe deaf, especially the women who have been in the news in recent days, at least have found that tone deaf. if he haddenle done that, gave a speech and said, yeah, i feel bad aboutly about that. you can see how passionate i am. then we'd be having a different conversation. >> he was joking around on stage but it wasn't funny. it didn't land the way he intended. if coming out and talking to reporters is one of his strengths, why did he wait a week to do it? there was a week that he was putting out these statements
9:40 am
that were ineffective and then he put out a video that was poor production, looked like it was shot on a gopro. so he let others control it. finally when he came out and talked to reporters, he handled it very well, but he should have done it several days ago. >> i think it's worth noting even when he apologizes he keeps pointing out he had hundreds who reached out and said the exact opposite. even though he's trying to apologize, he's still defending himself and his actions. i think that balance could get frustrated for people if he keeps saying, there were hundreds who do like it when i hug them. >> one of the things you hear from people, particularly those who worked with him talk about all the good things he does, what a good man he is. when he does the joke and the two jokes during the speech,
9:41 am
that's what he undermines because that's what we're going to talk about. >> he said it was never my intention. maybe it's not about intention. it could be about his actions and how it plays out. >> he's right about the progressive record. that he nudged president obama to come out for same-sex marriage. >> this is something we've been through before not only with bill clinton but now with donald trump. bill clinton's personal behavior is one thing, but his public policy proposals are really pro women. and with donald trump, pro-lifers and a moral majority say his personal behavior might be one thing, but he's right on the policy. it's something, very easy for people to be hypocritical about because they look at public policy. >> with the vice president is
9:42 am
cnn's arlette. take us inside those conversations. >> reporter: >> arlette, can you hear me? >> reporter: that's right. sorry about that, john. he came out on stage. you heard him make those jokes and then immediately kind of surprised reporters right after that speech and came out and talked to us and right off the top there acknowledged that perhaps that those jokes had been misinterpreted. he was trying to make it clear that he gets it.
9:43 am
you've heard a lot of women, at least lucy flores said, yes, it's a good start. but he doesn't come right out and apologize. i asked outright does he want to apologize. what he said is he apologizes for making people feel uncomfortable but he doesn't apologize for his intentions. he mefr meant to make these women feel uncomfortable. one other thing i got to ask him about is when is he going to enter the 20 race. he was very careful even noting the lawyers have advised him to watch his words, not to trigger any type of early announcement. he's hoping to address reporters in the near future and americans in the coming weeks about a possible run. right now it's going to be a matter of time as we see how all of this is going to play out and whether he's going to be able to
9:44 am
overcome these allegations. >> arlette saenz. stay close. to the last point -- a couple of points, the vice president coming out. it's not unusual to stop and talk with reporters. the president does it. it's a good thing. we want transparency. and candidates keep away from reporters which in some cases is the right thing to do. they clearly decided we're going to go right out there and talk with people. if they took offense to it, we're going to address i. number two, the whole dance about when am i getting into the race. he's dancing around. >> good luck being the last person to announce. who nose. is there a bottom? >> 17 already. two or three out there. his opinion, i'm the former vice
9:45 am
president, i want the stature of being last, i guess? >> i guess. but how much damage can be done between now and then. there's so much uncertainty now when there wasn't at the beginning of biden's -- it was -- there were other considerations, and now it seems like there's vetting going on, problems building up, and he doesn't -- the campaign infrastructure kind of clicked in this week. but to eliana's point, it isn't clicking in like it would be if he was an actual candidate. >> he has remarkable strengths and weakness abouts and question marks. next we'll get into the news we were trying to discuss before the former vice president was speak. great news for the country and economics. and you look amazingly comfortable.
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back now to the other big political news today, the unemployment report. the labor department reporting the economy added 196,000 new jobs last month. that's a big number especially after an anemic jobs report last february. wages also went up a bit last month and the wage growth has been another positive sign in the economy. it's good for the american worker, also good for the american president who's about to ask you for four more years. let's get back to the conversation we were having before the former vice president joe biden came out to speed. when you look at the numbers, is it all aye, all nay. >> it does allay concerns about
9:51 am
the weak numbers last month for february suggesting that that was a blip rather than the start of a recession. i think it's still in the background, but overall, we're in one of the longest economic expansions on record. it's a pretty good report. there was one item that i find worrying and that is the slowdown in factory hiring. it suggests that the president's trade war and effort to help manufacturing might not be going as planned, that the tariffs the president has put on to help the companies are actually weighing on them. >> he's talking tariffs again in the case of mexico but he hopes in the next few weeks to get a big deal with china, number one. to the manufacturing job, i want to put this up. since the president took office, remember, he won pennsylvania, michigan, ohio. he said i'm going to bring back the factory jobs. 453,000 growth since he started.
9:52 am
in the last couple of months, you see a decline, 5,000 down since january. the overall number is good for the president but as we get closer to the election, you want the red arrow to flip. >> that's right. we even seen warning signs with the automobile factory and other factories closing down. we saw one in ohio. and i was in michigan last week. many mentioned the economy and specifically manufacturing jobs as a reason they voted for the president and gearing up for the 2020 election we know wisconsin, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, these are the states that are going to matter a lot. >> the president is very confident. i think it's one of the reasons he back aid way from the border closing. closing the border, we do over
9:53 am
$6 billion with mexico annually and it would have had profound effects on the economy. i think that's something that concerns the president. similarly at the end of may, he has to consider whether he'll impose auto tariffs. he's warned between fulfilling campaign promises on getting tough on immigration and getting better deals with allies and keeping the economy strong. >> keeping the economy strong because like any american president, he's going to look people in the eyes and say, are you any better off than you were four years ago. the president said he would bring back manufacturing jobs. he did. he cut taxes. you can debate whether they went to the businesses or middle class. here are two he hasn't been able to do. the trade deficit. it hasn't been easy. he sate it would be easy.
9:54 am
growth. gangbusters growth. that is a struggle. >> yeah, that's right. we did see recently fourth quarters for adp revise downward and suggest that the president isn't quite meeting that growth. if you look out to the future, it looks even harder to sustain with the effects of the tax cuts working their way through the system. growth will naturally start to slow and you don't see the firepower in terms of the stimulus for the president's tax cut. >> with this president, there's always the question of whether he can stay focused on the economy, no matter how good it is. we saw that was a huge problem in 2018 because you never know what else is going to come up. >> to that point he's apparently watching television. he's on his way to the border event. he said, i will be speaking with
9:55 am
electrical workers. they will be voting for me. you're right. his impulse is to stir things up. in this case, he wants to have an argument with former vice president joe biden. >> it shows biden can compete. biden can play in that field. biden is a threat to trump. he can eat into trump's base. >> he said he wasn't a threat but clearly by his twitter feed, he considers him a threat. >> when that look at the democratic field, that would be the one. okay. the supreme court is asked for a third time to weigh in on the bump stock ban. now at t-mobile buy any samsung galaxy s10 and get a galaxy s10e free!
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topping our political hour, they say they won't jump in. bump stocks, you recall, allow shooters to fire rifles continuously. if youer er a gunman massacred 58 people in las vegas because of a bump stock. mike calico hen wants to stay out of prison. he's asking the president for
9:59 am
help. his lawyers wrote to lawmakers asking them for a reduced term and a delay to reporting to prison. this morning president trump said his hard drive is old news. >> and was it a fluke or a serious threat. the president and the secretary of state think very differently about a chinese national lying her way past secret service to the mar-a-lago compound. this morning mike pompeo says this episode tells us a lot more about china's intentions. >> i think this tells the american people the threat that china poses, the threat they're making here in the united states not only against government officials. but more broadly. >> senator elizabeth warren wants to filibuster. it would mean a drastic change in senate rules and it would allow democrats to pass sweeping bills with a simple majority if they controlled the senate in
10:00 am
the future. thanks for joining us. don't go anywhere. a lot of news to cover. blow a brianna keilar starts right now. >> i'm brianna keilar live from cnn's washington headquarters. under way right now, up first, it's not a laughing matter. joe biden says he gets it but he almost immediately proves he doesn't get it. this happened a few minutes ago. he was hoping he might diffuse the comments. this was at a speech. >> put your hands together and give a warm welcome to the 47th vice president of the united states joe biden.


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