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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  April 5, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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the latest inisn't just a store.ty it's a save more with a new kind of wireless network store. it's a look what your wifi can do now store. a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. you are watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin thanks for being with me on friday. the 2020 battle lines are being drawn, president trump versus the democrat is front-runner and joe biden. the issue here, allegations of
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inappropriate touching and just making women feel uncomfortable. in biden's first public speech since the allegations the former vice president decided to make a joke about them and he did it not just once, but twice. >> i just want you to know, i had permission to hug lonnie. >> i don't want you to have to stand all along but it is up -- by the way, he gave me permission to touch him. >> biden and president trump are already going head to head on this whole thing. here is what the president said this morning when reporters asked him about this biden controversy. >> what exactly is offensive by joe biden's behavior and are you the right messenger for that. >> i think i'm a good messenger and people got a kick out of it. he's going through a situation, let's see what happens. but people got a kick. we got a sort of smile a little bit, right.
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>> do you see joe biden as a threat. >> no, i don't see him as a threat. i think he's ome a threat to himself. >> what is your reaction to president trump taunting you on twitter? what do you have to say to him. >> this doesn't surprise me. he doesn't have time to do his job. but, look, everybody knows donald trump is -- so i don't have to say anything more, i don't think. >> cnn political reporter arlette saenz is with me now. and there the vice president was after the speech trying to clarify the right word. what was the thrust of his message there? >> reporter: well, brooke, during the speech you heard people in the room laughing when the vice president made those jokes. but it was very clear to joe biden and his team that they didn't exactly sit well outside of the room. so they decided to hold this impromptu gale with reporters that we didn't know he would address head on but he said he
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didn't intend to make light of anyone's feelings about their interactions with him. and take a listen to what he had to say. >> it is important that i and everyone else is aware that any woman or man who feels uncomfortable should have the right to say, hey, i'm okay with that and hopefully we'll get to the point even before -- you have to a i'm uncomfortable. no matter what. and i -- i really do understand that. and so -- but it's, you know, one of the things that -- like for example, what made me say it, i wasn't joking. the president of the union put his arms around me. that is how it has always been in government a long time, you know. that is how people react. and but -- >> do you think you owe the
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women a direct apology that have come forward so far? >> look, the fact of the matter is i made it clear if i made anyone feel uncomfortable, i feel badly about that. that was never my intention. >> right after that comment i directly asked him that some women do want to hear you say i am sorry. so i asked him, are you sorry for the way you made them feel and he said he was sorry he didn't understand but not sorry for his intentions and not sorry for his actions. we'll see whether that is enough of an explanation for the former vice president as he's continuing to grapple with these claims and more women are discussing it and, brooke, i had the chance to ask him flat out when are you get fo-- getting io the 2020 race and that is a big question and he said it is coming pretty soon. >> wow,arlet excellent questions. let's discuss this. amelia henderson is with me and gloria borger. and gloria, there is -- a lot of
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i didn't intend to make light or make women feel uncomfortable, how damaging is this politically for him. >> well the fact that he jokes about it today is a problem. these women obviously felt badly about it and he says i'm not sorry for my of my intentions. i am not sorry for anything that i've ever done because i've never been disrespectful intentionally. that is his word. intentionally. and we know who joe biden is. he likes to hug people, et cetera. he's not being accused of harassment, but he needs to understand and be able to say, i'm sorry at least to these women who were offended. >> it is just a couple of days ago when you and i were talking about this video tweet, this is a week for him, and women coming forward saying they pead him feel uncomfortable and so he made this video. watch. >> the social norms have began to change, they've shifted and the boundaries of protecting
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person space have been re-set. and i get it. i get it. i hear what they're saying. i understand it. and i'll be much more mindful. that is my responsibility. my responsibility. and i'll meet it. >> nia, that former vice president sitting there on that sofa, he talked so much about he appeared authentic, that was the beginning of the right things to say. how much does what he just do today undo that? >> i think it completely undoes what he did on wednesday. and remember, that wednesday response was essentially the fourth response to come out of the biden camp. there were two statements from kbil russo who is his comes director and then one statement from joe biden and then finally a wednesday video so we've had a fifth and sixth response at this point. and one of the things it does tell you about joe biden is that he really isn't up to speed in terms of the right response to
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this issue. he doesn't seem to have the right team around him to give him a sense of how he should respond. and the kind of discipline one would need to kind of stay on a message that people liked. people did think that message on wednesday was sincere, that he did, in fact, get it. and then he goes in front of that audience, which again was likely mostly male audience, it is construction workers, i think it was the electricians union so there he is making light of e ok he's done in talking to men about that -- to go in front of that audience and say, to hell what those women were saying and to make light of it and then to say, oh, no, i wasn't really making light of it when you could clearly see there in the video as he's talking about the young man there and he sort of -- sort of pats his head but doesn't pat his head.
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it wasn't a joke. he planned it. he did it not once but twice and it went over okay fairly okay in that room but then outside of the room it didn't go over so well. this speaks to his lack of discipline and lack of focus. and if he runs, i think it is a preview of the kind of candidate joe biden will be. he will be sort of unfocused and think he is the best spokesperson at any and all times and that he is sort of clever enough to get around some of these issues. >> the president himself this morning as he was leaving for california, you said it, he said when he was -- back and forth with the reporter trump said biden is a threat to himself. >> right. >> and you say he is. >> i think trump is 100% right on that. joe biden can be his own worst enemy. and i think that -- i would assume his staff was saying to him, you've got to apologize to the women who felt offended and don't joke around this. this is serious. and biden was probably pushing
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back saying, i am who i am. and to a degree he's had decades in public life and you can understand -- i can understand joe biden saying, look, i'm not harassing anybody. i gave this woman a hug. or i kissed her on the head. that is who i am. that is what i've done my entire life and that is what i do when i comfort -- >> but at what point does the man just need to say i'm sorry and move on. >> yes. and then move on and then cut it off and now it is drip, drip, drip and that is the problem and it is biden himself. >> nia, go ahead. 30 seconds. >> it could be so easy to basically say i'm sorry, i made you uncomfortable. lucy flores and the number of other women that have come out but he's so in love with his own record and in love with his own sort of treatment of women and who he sees himself as. he's unable to admit any regrets in this area. he essentially said that. he didn't have any regrets at all. and we'll see if he finally comes to the point where he can
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humble himself and actually listen to these women, lucy flores who has a very -- a incredible story in terms of how she felt in that moment with joe biden. he can pick up the phone and call lucy flores and apologize. we'll see if he does it. >> nia malik henderson and gloria borger. thank you so much. speaking of the president. any moment now the president is set to meet a town on the southern border and as he's backing down his threat to shut the border and what he's saying now. and he's blasting the new attempt by the democrats to get his tax returns claiming the law is on his side but what we're asking today is, is it? and her man cain anyone? he dropped out of the race amid sexual assault allegations and now the president wants him on the federal reserve. what is going on here? you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. rselves on making it easy
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we are back, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin n. a couple of minutes the president will land at the u.s./mexico border where he plans to tour the area marked for the new barrier wall but as he's backing away from the threat to close the border this week, instead giving mexico a quote/unquote one year warning and now he says he never tried to change his mind at all. >> and i'm telling you right now, we will close the damn border. >> there is a very good likelihood that i'll be closing the border next week. >> we're going go give them a one-year warning and if the drugs don't stop or largely stop, we're going to put tariffs on mexico. and if that doesn't stop the drugs, we close the border.
11:16 am
>> i don't think we'll have to close the border because the penalty of tariffs on cars coming into the united states from mexico, at 25% will be massive. >> i never changed my mind at all. i may shut it down at some point. but i'd rather do tariffs. so mexico, i have to say, has been very, very good. you know that over the last four days. >> abby phillip is our white house correspondent with me live. and i never change my mind? >> reporter: yeah, that is the way that the president is framing it but we know that is just not true based on what he was saying last week and what he's saying today. last week he said that he would close the border as soon as this week. his top aide, chief of staff mick mulvaney said on sunday the president would close the border unless something dramatic
11:17 am
happened and now he's suddenly giving mexico a year to respond to his demands to do more about immigrants coming up from central american countries through mexico to the u.s. southern border and to deal with the drug issue. but clearly the president is somewhat defensive about what is going on here. he doesn't like the narrative that he has walked this back even though that is clearly what is happened. and it happened in response to a lot of people both in the white house, on capitol hill reiterating to the president how damaging closing the border could be to the u.s. economy. it would damage mexico's economy, too. but the united states relies on that kind of trade going back and forth across the border so the president is now trying to sort of shift attention back to something that he's been talking about for a long time. which is the border wall as he goes down to california where he's going to be touring a part of the border where there is a wall, or where there was fencing and now it has been replaced with what he is calling a wall.
11:18 am
we're back to the same kind of talk about the border wall being the tool that he wants to use to stop this flow. but it is clearly a president who backtracked significantly just in one week on the issue of closing the border with mexico. >> kaitlan is down there and we'll keep our ears to the ground there. meantime, there in washington, house democrats have found this tiny irs code that enables them to demand six years worth of president's tax returns. and the president was asked about that today. what did he say? >> reporter: well, the president has been not saying a whole lot about this. he's been sort of deflecting some of the questions. but today when he was asked by reporters about the issue, he reiterated his talking point about being under audit which is the reason he's refused to release his tax returns up until this point. listen to the response to questions as he was leaving the white house this afternoon. >> i'm under audit.
11:19 am
but that is up to whoever it is. from what i understand, the law is 100% in my -- >> reporter: the issue is that it is not clear that the law is 100% on his side. this is something that isn't tested and not been tested and it would be tested given that the administration seems to be indicating that they are going to fight this request which has been made, i should note, not to president trump directly but to the irs. one official telling jim acosta, this is a hill and people are willing to die on it. so it seems that they are gurting for what is likely to be a major fight down the road but this is dealt with through the irs and through potentially the treasury department. it is not clear whether they will win. but it could be a month or even years-long fight before anyone gets to see president trump's tax returns. >> abby phillip, thank you very
11:20 am
much. house democrats are pressuring the trump administration on another front as well. the judiciary committee chair jerry nadler demanding the justice department hand over all communications between bill barr and the special counsel after several investigators on mueller's team say that barr mischaracterized their findings. a source tells cnn that barr left out crucial evidence about obstruction of justice. so jennifer rodgers is a former federal prosecutor and cnn legal analyst. so start with this one. so chairman nadler said all communications. what are they looking for? >> well, in the first instance they're looking for written communication, memos, letters and emails back and forth and those sort of things they want. but then communications also means verbal communications. so that is where you have to get testimony because they want to know what was said in meetings and phone calls between the attorney general and the deputy attorney general and mueller and his team about the report. >> okay. so that is the communications
11:21 am
there. on the tax return point, because we know the democrats and ways and means want six years worth and we've heard president trump talk about everything from you can't have them, i'm under audit to it is too complicated and no one cares and yesterday he said, spoke, they'll speak to my lawyers and they'll speak to the attorney general. what does the a.g. have to do with it? >> i'm not sure. i'm not sure the president knows either. listen, the tax return thing is as abby was saying not fully litigated out. we don't yet know what the result will be of that. they an oversight role here. they're all sort of potential conflicts of financial interest the president has that conflict with possible policy making he's been doing so i think they have a legitimate oversight interest. what is interesting is that six years happens to be the statute of limitations for the crime of tax fraud. so some might say they're looking for six years because they want to poke around for criminal liability there. so i wonder why he's fighting so
11:22 am
hard against this. because this is not the sort of thing that you say it is so important as a presidential matter, as a policy matter to keep the tax returns private so i think that is more of his own personal interest in hiding what is in his tax returns. but we'll see. i think eventually the house will get ahold of them and hopefully it will be worth the wait. >> and as abby points out, the request is not -- it is specifically to the irs and this could be months possibly years worth of fighting to get their hands on them. jennifer rodgers, thank you very much. and as we mentioned, the battle over the tax returns just getting started and president trump saying the law is 100% on his side. next hour we'll take you live to the u.s./mexico border. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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xfinity, the future of awesome. we take you back to the fight over the president's tax returns. democrats say they are on solid legal ground. and requesting the irs release trump's tax returns, six years worth but congressional republicans are accusing democrats of weaponizing the irs to bring the president down. so with me now, democratic congressman lloyd doggette on the house ways and means committee. congressman, a pleasure. welcome. >> good to be with you. >> and let's remind everyone, this is the president this morning saying the law is on his side. >> i'm under audit. but that is up to whoever it is. from what i understand, the law is 100% on my side.
11:28 am
>> congressman, how would you respond to the president? >> this is a president that no matter what the issue, he always considers himself to be above the law. the law could not be clearer. a near century-old statute that said the internal revenue service and the treasury department shaz -- shall produce the records we request. i don't know there is any reason confusion over the term "shall" but in this case the chairman of the ways and means aid narrow r more narrow than i would prefer in terms of both years and the scope of returns that are requested. and he is provided in the letter the reasons why we need this information as a part of our work assuring confidence of americans in our tax system which is so very important. and so this president can either permit his officials to fulfill their ministerial function, a very simple thing, they are expecting this, they ought to be able to get this back to us in a
11:29 am
matter of days, if not hours, or he can obstruct. and that appears to be what he's doing, is he wants to obstruct the compliance with the law just as he's been guilty of obstruction in so many other areas. >> let's be careful on obstruction. we -- nobody knows what -- why mueller punted on obstruction and we're waiting to get that mueller report, a., and b., if i may, hours or days, we'll wait to see if they honor your request. but i do have to ask, because you are on ways and means, specifically what are you -- what are you looking for within these six years worth of tax returns? >> let me be clear on obstruction. i think every american has watched what happened over the last year plus and could make their own judgment whether there is obstruction. now whether there is beyond a reasonable doubt for a criminal prosecution, that may be another question but i think there clearly has been obstruction
11:30 am
repeatedly obstruction from president trump. that is not the focus of our investigation. we want to explore whether this audit has been done properly and whether there is a need for change in the audit standards, we really just want to hold president trump to the richard nix nixon standard he. he wanted to show the american people he wasn't a crook. the irs praised him -- >> despite the fact he was under audit. >> he was under audit but under audit the internal revenue service praised him publicly but when we got the returns and looked at them, it turned out he owed about half a million dollars in taxes and deserved no praise whatsoever. i don't know what it is that president trump is hiding. but this narrow request will allow us not to put it on the front pages of the "times" or on your program, until there has been a thorough review by experts protecting the president's privacy and determining if there is any public reason for us to disclose them. >> sure. and then obviously -- if i may
11:31 am
jump in, obviously the trump administration would take issue with the word "hiding" and the president said i'm not under audit and speak to his lawyers. let me add this color. a trump official saying this is a hill and people would be willing to die on it not to mention republicans are accusing your own party of weaponizing the irs. >> there is no weaponization at all. they did in fact weaponize the irs a few years back when they exposed the records -- the tax returns of a number of irs employees. but this narrowly crafted request is designed to fulfill our legislative responsibilities, can be done privately to review it to determine if there is any basis for releasing it to congress, a judgment we have not made yet. and it ought to be complied with. the republicans, of course, blocked six times over two years my motions to try to get these returns. they've had one excuse after another. the trump family may have gained
11:32 am
as much as a billion dollars from the recent trump tax law. so he has much reason to protect himself and we have much reason to explore whether we're assuring the confidence that american people must have in the tax system and how the tax system is designed and whether it has been influenced in improper ways by the trump family trying to seek personal enrichment. clearly his businesses are very intermingled with the public trust and he apparently believes that every government official is first and foremost a trump employee rather than a employee of the american people whose first responsibility is to the public trust and to our constitution. >> well, the nation will be watching, congressman doggette, if you could get your hands on the tax returns. appreciate your time. thank you, sir, very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. just ahead, president trump recommending herman cain for a seat on the federal reserve. why my next guest said that is a bad move, even calling some of
11:33 am
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president trump is making his next move to reshape the world's most powerful central bank, recommending herman cain for a seat on the federal reserve board. cain is the former pizza executive who dropped his bid for the 2012 republican presidential nomination amid sexual harassment allegations but still the president thinks cain is the right guy for the job. >> i recommended herman cain. he's a very terrific man. a terrific person. he's a friend of mine. i have rim -- recommended him for the fed and i find him to be a truly outstanding individual. >> with me now, washington post opinion columnist kendra randel and her story trump's next
11:38 am
possible fed nominee can't understand basic policy issues. you lay out the argument why he shouldn't be on the fed and talk about what you describe as his baggage. >> so he has this personal baggage. of course the fact that he's been accused by four women of sexual harassment which if true i think should disqualify anyone from a very senior government position. but even if it is not true, there is plenty of other reason to be very concerned about putting this guy on the fed. chiefly that he does not understand pretty basic economic policy issues and again, the fed, the most important central bank in the world, these are among the most economic policy jobs in the world. >> was he not on, because his supporters would point to -- he was director of the federal reserve bank of kansas city from 1992 but 1996, but you say -- >> so those jobs are honorary advisory board that go to local bankers or business people. >> honorary. >> the most important job is
11:39 am
choosing a fed president -- a regional fed president which is an important job but he was not involved in that process because of the terms of his tenure. my real concerns are about his policy positions including fact he wants to bring back the gold standard which basically every actual economic expert shoots down. pretty much unanimously. there is survey data of economists on that. beyond that, his famous 999 plan relied on magic math and taxes -- >> 999 -- >> and after he ran for president he was banning followers who signed up for his email list with one weird trick to get rich quick and to cure their erectile dysfunction naturally. so a fair amount of online scams and one of the feds jobs is bank supervision which includes protecting -- enforcing consumer protection laws so there are reasons to be concerned about what he has said and done. and beyond that, he's flip flopped in terms of the policy
11:40 am
stances. when a democrat was president, he was very concerned about inflation. he was in favor of raising interest rates. things that would potentially slow down the economy when it was not doing so well and needed lower interest rates. now that trump is president, he was on the record a month ago when he was asked -- his name had been floated for this job and he was asked do you still favor rating interest rates and he said, no, i'm worry about deflation which is the same imaginary boogeyman in a steven moore, trump's other pick for the fed has been claiming. >> i was going to ask you that, do you think having herman cain's name out there helps or hurts steven moore's chances. >> it is hard to say. on the one hand steven moore has had personal baggage come out about his divorce and doesn't help his case but it is not my main objection to having him on the fed and moore has not been accused of sexual harassment, maybe that is the bar these days so that makes him look good.
11:41 am
on the other hand maybe you have republican senators who say, wow, trump wants to put two hacks on the fed and the fact that cain, who has long been viewed as an unserious person, including by republicans, the fact that he's mentioned in the same breath as moore could potentially reduce whateverest meme they have. but my main concern is quite similar, they will politicize the fed which needs to be politically independent in order to function. >> could i just say, i hope the bar is much higher than not having sexual harassment -- >> i agree. some knowledge of economics would be ideal for these jobs. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up next, airplane giant boeing in trouble again, a day after the ceo took responsibility for two recent deadly crashes. the new setback that could keep the 737 max 8 grounded for much longer. [knocking]
11:42 am
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boeing has just been hit with another setback. trying to get the 737 max back in service and the faa has ordered boeing to fix a second software problem with the flight control system. boeing officials tell cnn this is separate from the anti-stall software known as the mcas now under investigation and this glitch is relatively minor. but keeping in mind the context of all of this, this comes on the heels of the company ceo taking responsibility for both ethiopian airlines and lion air crashes in the last few months acknowledging the mcas failure contributed to both of those
11:47 am
accidents. >> we at boeing are sorry for the lives lost in the recent 737 max accidents. it is apparent that in both flights the maneuvering augmentation system known as mcas acted in response to erroneous angle of attack information. it is our responsibility to eliminate this risk. we own it and we know how to do it. >> attorney fred teasy is a former commercial pilot, former federal prosecutor. he's with me again. polling isn't giving detail but the "post" is reporting the second issue is with the flaps and other flight control hardware that is critical to flight safety. can you just give us more on that and explain why that is significant. >> sure. absolutely. so anybody that has ever flown on a commercial airline if you look over the wing, the flaps are these things that come down the back and front and what they
11:48 am
do is they allow the wing to make more lift when the airplane is flying at slower airspeed so it could stay in the air. so everything is done by computer and computers regulate when the flaps could go down and how fast the airplane is going and so all of the things are kind of being checked by the computer systems that are on the very sophisticated airplanes now. and as a result of some of what i understand to be going back and kind of checking everything, they found another error. which you don't like -- on some level of the flying public you don't like to hear about it but on other level as a pilot with 35 years and thousands of hours, it is good they are finding the problems now. >> but boeing is a giant in the aviation industry. how significant of a ding is this to their reputation? how do they come back from this? >> it is a tough hit. but i got to give the president a lot of credit. i was sitting here thinking about it, i have to go back to
11:49 am
the johnson&johnson tylenol scare who came out and said we own this and take responsibility for this. i teach my kids this. when it comes time, you can't nibble. and boeing has a tremendous safety report, the 737 is the most ubiquitous airplane in the sky and the fact of the matter is for decades their commitment to safety and commitment to engineering, my first case broke in the late '80s, i reviewed the design developments for the 737 and boeing approach to engineering and fixing problems was just stellar. and this is been a tough hit for them. but long-term they will recover from this. >> what about the faa? how big of an issue could this be for the faa and the regulation and how they oversee manufacturers? >> well, i mean, i think the faa is suffering a black eye. the faa has done a great job in our country. we haven't had any major loss of life accidents in this country
11:50 am
for almost a decade. but now, everybody is questioning the thing what they are called designated examiners and for years faa allows people including employees of boeing to look and sign things off. that system works great up until something goes wrong. and now that something has gone wrong and there is a problem, people i think are justifiably saying let's look at this and make sure this is being done right and things are being followed. again, for a decade, it was never an issue. now it is. and so it has got to be lookedality and taken care of. >> fred tecce. >> thank you. >> days after the university of north carolina put its hall of fame women's basketball coach and her entire staff on leave, we have details in the investigation and the racially offensive remarks players said she said. and the president is wheeled down in southern california ahead of a visit to the border.
11:51 am
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit breaking news, president trump, here he is, just arie -- arriving in california in el centro, california, ahead of the tour of the border. we will take you there and talk to you about what it is he's doing in just a moment. but first let's get to this controversy surrounding the university of north carolina women's basketball team. so we are now starting to get hints as to why this week the tar heels put the entire women's basketball coaching staff on leave. according to the washington post players were accusing sylvia
11:56 am
hatchell, the hall of fame women's basketball coach making what they call racially offensive remarks and pressuring some players to continue playing even though they were seriously injured. so let me bling in usa today sports column industry christine brennan. and you know unc is my alma mater and i read this in the "post" and they write that the racially offensive remark include, quote, one suggesting her players would get hanged from trees with nooses at an upcoming game if their performance didn't improve. now i read the coach's lawyer said those comments are incorrect and misconstrued saying they will take a rope and string us up and hang us out to dry. tell me how much you know about this coach? >> brooke, i have covered sylvia hatchell, she's been around as the north carolina head coach since 1986, won the national championship in 1994 and one of the teams marion jones, the
11:57 am
olympic gold medallist disgraced for steroid abuse. and she's well-known and respected and 67 years old so her entire career over 40 years of coaching women's basketball and been in the limelight and watched. this really surprised me. i did not -- as a journalist covering her over the years, certainly would have no idea what is being said in team meeting and practices, et cetera. i think the bottom line is if the investigation from new york finds she, in fact, said words like noose, rope, hung by a tree or whatever, i think she would have to be gone. i can't imagine an educator and coach in 2019 surviving something like that. >> yeah. as we also mentioned, she is accused of pressuring players to continue despite injuries. quote, one later learned she needed corrective shoulder surgery. another learned she had a torn tendon in her knee, a third said hatchell had cast doubt on whether she had suffered a
11:58 am
concussion and in this report this morning i read, christine, that several players have applied to transfer schools. so, what do you think needs to happen? >> well, again, she has an attorney and there is an investigation as you know from unc. so they will get to the bottom of this. the numbers, the strength in numbers of the team certainly speak volumes when you are hearing it from more than one disgruntled player but if players are not happy and we know from the past, men and women's basketball, and sometimes they are angry if they are not playing and whatever but you have to throw that in the mix. but the numbers and the amount and intensity of the comments, they are something that obviously have to be looked at and as i said, if they are true i think she's gone. and the issue of concussions and the issue of injuries and playing through injuries, the playing stuff thing from t the '50s and '60s are long gone. there is the question of the team doctor, is it the doctor's fault as opposed to the coach's
11:59 am
fault. there is more investigation to be done here. but on the same day the women's final four is being played in tampa, notre dame, connecticut, oregon and baylor playing, the greatest day in women's basketball each year is today and unfortunately journalistically we have to do this, brooke, but unfortunately this is topic of conversation and that is too bad for the sport of women's basketball. >> may the best team win. christine brennan, thank you. >> thank you. we continue on. you're watching cnn on this friday afternoon. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being here. we begin this hour with president trump touching down just moments ago there in california as he prepares to tour the border and meet with immigration officials. he's there touting the completion of what he said is the first segment of his border wall. we will fact check that in just a moment. but it also comes on the heels of his threat and then reversal to shut down the u.s./mexico border. and he added this today before leaving the white house.
12:00 pm
>> i never changed my mind at all. i may shut it down at some point but i would rather do tariffs. so mexico, i have to say, has been very, very good. you know that over the last four days -- >> cnn white house correspondent kaitlan collins is in san ysidro, california. and so what exactly is the president doing there today, kaitlan? >> reporter: well the president just touched down and he's going to go tour what the white house is touting as a new section of wall but brooke, it is a part of fencing that already existed but it has recently been renovated and it is about 30 feet higher than before. that is what the president is going to go see and it has a plaque and he's touting what he campaigned on, when you see the president in front of the wall, it will look different than what he promised on the campaign trail which is this concrete wall made of