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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 5, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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imposter learned about the off the ballot it? i doubt i don't think missing boy's story from watching a "20/20" episode. i'm brooke baldwin, thank you for being with me. she could win in 90% plus districts in the country. and we have to be mindful of we're going to go to washington that, too. >> the trump war room tweeted n now. out, anti-semite al sharpton "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. >> joe biden makes some called jews diamond merchants, wisecracks and his critics say he just doesn't get it. "the lead" starts right now. president trump right now is visiting the southern border but will make time to speak at his convention today. after blindsiding his own trying to rain on the parade. is that effective with any administration by ditching a key percentage of the electorate? >> yeah, i think there's a lot nominee to lead i.c.e., moments of republicans that look at al before the guy was supposed to fly with trump to the border. sharpton and remember his role in the race riots in brooklyn in the former vice president, joe biden, stumbling out of the the early '3090s as something tt gate in his first public speech since women complained about his gets discussed frequently. handsy behavior. he's said he's regretted the the bad jokes that the 2020 role that he plays. it strikes me as fun that so world are buzzing about today. many will go to a convention plus, buy now, pay later. organized by someone that will president trump being accused of packing the federal reserve play a role in a real race riot. board with his cronies. these are the folks that could >>ly i will save reverend decide the future of your money.
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sharpton is not an smytanti-sem. any suggestion of that -- this >> announcer: this is cnn goes to show that the trump war breaking news. >> welcome to "the lead." room doesn't have real things to i'm jake tapper. go and talk about, so they are right now president trump is in california to visit the border grasping for straws. with mexico. any minute, he is expected to >> everyone, stick around. take a tour of a new section of six months after jamal khashoggi's murder, saudi arabia is detaining two americans and border eventsing. it's not only -- it's not the it's a replacement border fence that officials say has been only u.s. ally that feels like it's okay to grab americans and planned dating back to 2009, throw them in a cell, lately. before donald trump was even running for president. why is that? stay with us. and there's a real divide within the trump administration about whether this fence is actually with uncontrolled moderate-to-severe eczema, the trump border wall, as it or atopic dermatitis... says, on that plaque, bolted feel like you're itching all the time. into it. reading that it is, quote, first and you never know how your skin will look. section of president trump's border wall. because deep within your skin... this barrier has been planned, overly sensitive immune system... in some way, shape, or form for ...could be the cause. at least a decade, but trump is, so help heal your skin from within. of course, the one who pushed with dupixent. for funding and made it a dupixent is not a steroid,... ...and it continuously treats your eczema... priority. thus, the money was finally allocated in 2017 with a design ...even when you can't see it. that the president approved. at 16 weeks, nearly four times more patients and border agents do give the president credit for making this taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin a priority, which in their view, compared to those not taking it. neither obama nor bush did ...and patients saw a significant reduction in itch. significantly. now, detractors, however, they do not use if you are allergic to dupixent. can point out that this is not being paid for by mexico. serious allergic reactions can occur,
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and a running joke among border including anaphylaxis, a severe reaction. agents, i'm told by a good tell your doctor if you have new or worsening eye problems, source, is that the self-congratulatory plaque will including eye pain or changes in vision. serve as a decent foothold for if you are taking asthma medicines, those looking to hop the fence. do not change or stop your asthma medicine and then there's this. without talking to your doctor. this fencing is decidedly not an help heal your skin from within. ask your eczema specialist about dupixent. immense concrete wall, as trump promised it would be, on the campaign trail. the president was convinced by new lower price. experts in his administration wow. that's a lot of asparagus. that bollard fencing was smarter yeah, you said get a bunch of asparagus. than a wall, so he went with that. and you can give him credit for oh, you... that. but at the end of the day, we a bunch. have a fence with a plaque on it i... thought you kinda... calling it a wall. a bunch. which however you slice it, it's get 2 medium, every day at marco's, 1-topping pizzas for just $6.99 each. kind of strange. perhaps in a similar vein, the because it takes two... president's visit today comes after he retreated from his to make a great everyday value. threat to close the southern every store. every day. border altogether and after he the italian way. suddenly withdrew his pick for hello primo. i.c.e. director. cnn's kaitlan collins is in san ysidro, california. if your moderate to severeor crohn's symptoms and kaitlan, why is the president now backing off this are holding you back, threat to close the border? and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough >> reporter: well, jake, the president says it's because mexico is apprehending more it may be time for a change.
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people, preventing them from coming up to the u.s. border. but also, he's heeding warnings ask your doctor about entyvio®, from not only business leaders, the only biologic developed and approved but also republican officials, just for uc and crohn's. who have been telling the entyvio® works at the site of inflammation in the gi tract, president for days that closing down the border would be and is clinically proven to help many devastating economically to the patients achieve both symptom relief and remission. united states. it was going to affect ports of infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen entries like the ones behind me, san ysidro, one of the busiest during or after treatment. in the western hemisphere and entyvio® may increase risk of infection, responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in trade which can be serious. and also thousands of people pml, a rare, serious, potentially fatal brain crossing back and forth every day, going to their homes, going infection caused by a virus may be possible. to their offices. responsible for communities like tell your doctor if you have an infection this. and it would greatly affect them. right now, jake, the president experience frequent infections or have flu-like symptoms, or sores. seems to be heeding those warnings, for now. liver problems can occur with entyvio®. >> i never changed my mind at if your uc or crohn's treatment isn't working for you, all. i may shut it down at some ask your gastroenterologist point. >> reporter: president trump on about entyvio®. the border today after backing entyvio®. off his threat to close it. relief and remission within reach. >> i would rather do tariffs. >> reporter: though officials insisted he'd follow through -- >> it certainly isn't a bluff. you can take the president seriously. >> reporter: -- the president now says he'll give mexico a
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year to stop the surge of central american migrants and drugs crossing the u.s. border. >> if they don't, we're going to tariff their cars at 25%. coming into the united states. >> reporter: today, trump praised mexico after blasting the country last week. >> because mexico has been absolutely terrific for the last four days. they're apprehending everybody. >> reporter: a dhs official tells cnn, mexico has apprehended 1,000 migrants a day, double the levels from last week. on his flight to the border town of calexico, trump tweeted, he'll be visiting a portion of the new wall being built. but what he'll see is a far cry from what he promised on the campaign trail. >> i'll tell you what it's going to be made of. it's going to be made of hardened concrete. >> reporter: trump will be standing in front of an upgraded section of fencing that already existed. that fencing is now 30 feet height, and bears a plaque with the president's name. >> i think part of that's just
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a -- it's an optic, to have the president stand in front of the wall indicates immediately to any viewer that he's at the border. >> reporter: trump's visit coming just hours after the white house suddenly withdrew the nomination for the director of immigration and customs enforcement. >> ron's a good man, but we're going in a tougher direction. we want to go in a tougher direction. >> reporter: three sources tell cnn, senior adviser stephen miller directly lobbied the president to pull ron vitello's nomination, arguing he was soft on closing the southern border. the move blindsided dhs officials, who until friday morning thought it was a clerical error. a source telling cnn, even dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen was unaware the nomination with us being pulled and still hasn't our world lead now. the state department confirming officially been told. to cnn that two u.s. citizens are among those who have been now, jake, ron vitello is a arrested and detained by saudi authorities after a crackdown on 30-year veteran of border patrol the kingdom's critics on and he was scheduled to be with the president on this trip thursday. this seems to be the first massive roundup of saudi today, by yesterday he was told
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he was not going to be coming dissidents since right after the murder of "washington post" any longer and now today he journalist, jamal khashoggi. finds out he is no longer going but as cnn's michelle kosinski to be the i.c.e. director, reports, saudi arabia is hardly either. >> and kaitlan, one source close the only autocratic regime to detain americans since president to the white house noted that they had just burned a lot of political capital for his trump took office. nomination, apparently for >> reporter: if you thought the brutal murder of "washington nothing. >> reporter: yeah, dhs officials post" columnist jamal khashoggi by saudi officials would keep weren't the only people blindsided by this. the crown prince on his best republican lawmakers were, too, people who have been trying to behavior for a while, it didn't get this guy confirmed to this last long. position. now the kingdom has rounded up a and also, this is someone who's been leading the i.c.e. agency group of activists, including since last summer. and now they're deciding to two american citizens, a withdraw his nomination at a time when enforcement officials journalist and a physician. say that their system is at a seven people in total according breaking point. to cnn sources under arrest, all writers and bloggers interested that's the confessiusion here. but also, there's some inside in social reforms and women's the white house, too, jake. rights in this latest saudi because some are wondering, if crackdown. >> don't given, don't despair. stooem we will not. >> reporter: just this week, stephen miller is saying this guy isn't hardline enough to secretary of state mike pompeo represent the president in this spoke to family members of capacity, then who is going to be able to do that? who is hardline enough to meet american hostages, like journalist austin tice in syria the white house's standards, that can also get confirmed by and those who have lost loved ones like otto warmbier in north congress? jake. >> kaitlan collins traveling korea. >> i want you all to know that i with president trump, thank you am not here today to instill in so much. joining me now is republican
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senator john kennedy of louisiana. senator, thank you so much for you any false hope. joining us. we appreciate it. as kaitlan just reported, the sometimes our best simply is not enough. >> reporter: the trump administration has made some white house suddenly withdrew energetic efforts to bring americans home, more than a the nomination of ronald vitello dozen in the last two years. and some tough cases. to lead i.c.e. finally freed from north korea, he was on track but senior venezuela, egypt, the coleman family from pakistan, pastor adviser stooemephen miller convd the president to pull the brunson from turkey. nomination because he didn't the president clearly revels in think vitello was tough enough. what's your take on all of this? these successes. yet, still, many nations remain undeterred to arrest more the president apparently did this without consulting americans, both friends and congress, without consulting secretary nielsen? foes, saudi arabia, turkey, >> well, the president, jake, is russia, china, iran. entitled to surround himself not long after trump publicly with advisers of his choice. said the arrest of a chinese telecoms executive on u.s. i don't want us to take our eye off the ball here. charges might help in trade we're at the breaking point at talks with china, as if this was politically motivated, cnn the border. learned there are now multiple in march, we had 100,000 people american residents believed held come into this country in china's vast internment illegally. that's the most in ten years. camps. >> because trump is showing we're on track to set records disdain and disrespect for the rule of law, that there's not going to be any repercussions if here. and i -- look, personnel, that's they do the same. up to the president. >> reporter: some analysts say the administration has been but the new head of i.c.e., alone, can't solve this problem. inconsistent. >> the administration, while
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doing well in some areas, has the united states congress is not done well in others. going to have to help. and frankly, we need help from and therefore has a mixed our central american friends and reputation. >> for example, not yet opening from mexico, as well. a hostage-only communications >> well, you're kind of making my point, because this is, channel with iran. obviously, a time -- there's a a former administration official says the u.s. has been insisting humanitarian crisis at the that the at least five americans held there need to be released border. it is a difficult time. before there can be discussion the u.s. government is facing of anything else. a stance some experts feel won't this very challenging situation. work. and trump's refusals to hold and then, for whatever reason, north korea's kim jong-un this nominee, this -- to be head responsible for otto warmbier's death. >> he tells me that he didn't of i.c.e. is kind of ig nan know about it and i will take him at his word. >> reporter: or the saudi crown prince for the murder of jamal khashoggi send the message that some things, no matter how brutal, can be explained away mousily thrown by the side of for those at the top. the road. yes, the president can do this, but isn't the way this is being the saudis aren't commenting on the americans held there, but as done without consulting you and your colleagues in the senate, for americans detained around without consulting secretary the world, it's tough to know nielsen, doesn't that kind of undermine the whole argument exactly how many there are. that this is a real crisis that some aren't made public, some are released after a short amount of time, but experts on we're in? >> well, jake, i'm hesitant to this subject tell us the best comment, because i just don't know why the president did it. estimates they go by is that i don't know the background. i mean, you know, if it's mr. currently 3,000 americans are
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held globally and about 100 of miller had second thoughts, he those are considered hostages. probably should have expressed jake? >> michelle kosinski, thank you those thoughts as first thoughts very much. a little while ago. two of president trump's latest picks for financial seats but the world's not going to give a whole new meaning to the spin off its axis, here. we do need a competent person, phrase, "keep your friends close." stay with us. [farmers bell] an aggressive person, who's head of i.c.e. but we've got bigger problems than that, frankly, right now at the border. and i know we've been through this in the last six months where the democrats say, we don't have a problem at the border and the republicans say, we do. we've got a problem at the border! >> absolutely. >> it's not like the problem we used to have. >> yeah, absolutely. >> but we've got a serious problem. >> sure, especially with all of these families coming and there isn't the housing to take them all in. and keep them. i want you to take a listen to (driver) relax, it's just a bug. the secretary -- go ahead, sir. that's not a bug, that's not a bug! >> well, i was just going to (burke) hit and drone. seen it, covered it. say, there are two problems. number one, our asylum laws need we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ to be changed. number two, you know, rather than cutting off the money to el
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plants capture co2. back up. >> well -- >> you know, you could -- you what if other kinds of plants captured it too? could drive over -- around d.c., pick the first person sleeping if these industrial plants had technology under the interstate and say, that captured carbon like trees can you draw up some asylum we could help lower emissions. laws? and theirs would make better carbon capture is important technology - sense than the ones we have right now. and experts agree. >> i know you're speaking that's why we're working on ways to improve it. hyperbolically. i think statistics show most so plants... people do show up for their can be a little more... hearings. but i take your point, central like plants. american and asylum laws, that is the situation. ♪ you talked about a summit. homeland security secretary k kirstjen nielsen actually had a summit last week in honduras -- >> i know, it's not enough! the president needs to do it. >> she was on chris cuomo's show last night. i want to see what you think about something. let's roll that sound. >> in this environment right now where you want focus on the kids and the families, why is the president going down to view fencing and not going to see the kids? >> well, i think part of that's just a -- it's an optic. >> now, i know you're talking about the humanitarian crisis, i'm talking about the humanitarian crisis, both of us have been talking about it for a
1:12 pm
long time. the president is very fixated and focused on the wall. now, i understand in his view, the wall is part of the solution to the humanitarian crisis, because it will deter people from coming. but don't you think there's also this other side of it, and if the president went and met with these refugees, that might also help get something done? >> well, yes. the short answer, yes. look, we do need a wall. but a wall alone is not going to stop the problem. we do have some unsavory people coming across the border, gang members, drug dealers. but we've got a lot of people coming from central america out of fear, not hunger, fear. their countries are being run by gangs. i saw a recent survey done by vanderbilt university, something like, depending on the country, between a third and a half of the people in our central american countries have been victims of crime within the past year. and usually, it's extortion.
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and so they're leaving. and that's why i want to see -- and i'm glad that the homeland what do you look for i want free access to research. yep, td ameritrade's got that. secretary, homeland security secretary went down there, but free access to every platform. the president -- this is a job for the president. he needs to call a central yeah, that too. i don't want any trade minimums. yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. american immigration summit, i want to know what i'm paying upfront. invite the president of mexico, yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything? the presidents of the northern hm. well i say no to kale. triangle countries, say, look, mm. let's sit down. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, you've got a problem in your country. it's causing a problem in my but that seems like a lot of work. no hidden fees. country. we're willing to put up some no platform fees. no trade minimums. and yes, it's all at one low price. money in return for specific td ameritrade. commitments. we did the same thing in 1999 ♪ with plan colombia with colombia. now, that's the root of this problem. we also need to ask for some cooperation from our democratic friends. we need to change the asylum laws. they make no sense. >> okay. senator kennedy, stay right in our money lead now, the there. we have some breaking news. and i want to get your reaction dow gained 40 points at the closing bell a short time ago to it. some lawyers hired by president after hiring leaped back to trump have sent a letter to the life. treasury department after a key today's jobs report showing the house democrat demanded economy added close to 200,000 president trump's tax returns. jobs last month alone, a great cnn's pamela brown joins me now. rebound from february, when only
1:14 pm
pamela, what are you learning? 33,000 jobs were added. >> well, we're learning that the lowest number since 2017. lawyers that the president has the unemployment rate also held hired to represent him in this strong at 3.8%, the same as tax fight just sent a letter moments ago to the treasury february. president trump today pumped up department, pushing back on this those very promising economic request from the house ways and numbers while also trying to means committee chairman for the president's tax returns over the direct the otherwise fiercely last six years. these are lawyers from consavoi independent federal reserve on economic policy. mccarthy park law firm, saying >> i personally think the fed the chairman does not have a should drop rates. legitimate purpose in requesting i think they really slowed us the president's tax returns and down. there's no inflation. >> critics say the president is that this would set a bad trying to stack the federal precedent, saying this is all about politics. here's one of the sentences from reserve's board of governors, the letters, jake, saying his request is a transparent effort which is specifically designed to remain free of political pressure, in order to keep the good times rolling while he's in by one political party to harass an official from the other party, because they dislike his office and in particular, his politics and speech. 2016 economic adviser, stephen so, basically saying that even moore and herman cain of 999 if they do say they have plan presidential fame, faces legitimate purpose here, that the president seen many times on really, it's all about politics cable news. and not liking the president, let's go to cnn's cristina because he's in a different alesci. and how are three picks being party. it also notes the fact that the viewed in the business community, more in herman cain? president's tax returns are under audit, according to the president. now, as we know, jake, tax >> well, there are serious concerns about both men's
1:15 pm
returns can still be released, even if they are under audit. qualifications and whether they can make objective decisions in and they also asked the treasury the best interest of the u.s. economy and ignore pressure from department to consult with the their friend, president trump. department of justice on this both economists and executives before doing anything, saying that this is an unprecedented that i've been speaking to have been expressing skepticism. request. and an administration official last night, i asked jpmorgan ceo telling my colleague, jim jamie dimon whether moore and acosta, that lawyers are willing to fight this all the way to the supreme court. it appears, jake, this fight cain are right for the job? just beginning. >> pamela brown, thank you so >> i know them from seeing them much for that breaking news. let me bring back senator john on tv. i've never sat down and had a kennedy from louisiana. long conversation. senator, your reaction to the they don't seem like the right president's legal team's letter people to be on the fed. to the treasury department? >> some background, moore was an adviser to trump's 2016 >> jake, i will be very blunt. campaign. he's better known as a political pundit than an economist. chairman neal, powerful man, he also worked here at cnn as a head of ways and means, i know contributor and had fiery exchanges, defending the president. as for cain, he's also known for he's an adult, but i don't think he's like a real adult. a presidential campaign, his he says that he needs trump's own. just last year, cain announced a political action committee to tax returns. counter the so-called resistance to president trump, saying it he says it's policy, not had become unhinged and absurd. politics. he has said, i think on cnn,
1:16 pm
that the reason he needs them is but unlike moore, at least cain has some experience in the that he needs to determine how federal reserve system, but the one thing that might jeopardize well the irs is auditing his potential nomination, sexual harassment allegations. he's denied them, but just taxpayers. i can't believe he really thinks the american people are going to today, an attorney representing fall for that. one of the accusers issued a statement. she says, anyone who uses their it must really suck to be that position of power to take dumb. advantage of a woman does not look, this is very simple. possess the character, betti mr. neal wants to screw with the president. he doesn't think the president integrity, or values required to ought to be president. reserve on the federal reserve board. i tried to reach representative well, you know, words can't cain and haven't heard back yet. express how much i don't care. it's not mr. neal's call. jake? >> cristina alesci, thank you so the american people have chosen much. donald trump as president. appreciate it. tune in this sunday morning to if you don't like it, in two state of the join. my guests will be the white house director of the economic years, you can vote against him. in the meantime, don't screw couns with him, let him try to be council, larry kudlow michael president. now, mr. neal is not in good bennett, and congressman adam schiff, the chairman of the faith. nobody believes he's in good house intelligence committee. that's at 9:00 a.m. at noon eastern on sunday morning. you can follow me on facebook faith. and twitter @jaketapper. this is wildly dishonest. you can tweet the sho this is thoroughly in bad faith. show @theleadcnn. we actually read them. our coverage on cnn continues and i don't blame the president right now. for pushing back. there's no requirement that he have a great weekend.
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turn over his taxes. if i were running for president, would i turn over my taxes? ly si will see you on sunday. yeah. but there's no requirement. happening now, breaking and trump said, i'm not going to turn over my taxes, they're news. being audited. attacks and defend. president trump digs in against democrats' demands for six years the american people knew that when they voted for him or of his tax returns. his lawyers have written to the didn't vote for him. department of the treasury, he won the election. citing legal arguments why the and mr. neal, you know, i don't president should not comply as mean any disrespect, but he's an administration official warns of a long court battle ahead. not fooling anybody. he just wants to get these taxes bordering on confusion. to screw with the president. >> well, you say -- president trump visiting the >> you can vote against him, but border with mexico and a section enough is enough. of the border barrier, he's backing down on threats to close >> you said you don't mean any disrespect, but you said, "it the border but for claims, and must suck to be that dumb." i'm quoting him now, our country is full. let me just take the opportunity iced out. to say to chairman neal, if he hours before he was supposed to accompany the president to the wants to come on the show, he is border, the nominee more than welcome to come and defend himself. but we're running out of time, senator kennedy, and i know you want to talk about this new legislation that would stop government employees from using ndas, nondisclosure agreements from silencing workplace sexual harassment and sexual assault
1:18 pm
victims. i should point out, your bill would just protect government workers. does that go far enough? >> i wish we could go further and maybe eventually, we will. it's real simple. it says, if you're a federal official or a state official and you're accused of sexual harassment and you settle the lawsuit, you can't keep it quiet, unless the victim wants to keep it quiet. no nondisclosure agreement unless the victim agrees. if you're spending tax mary money, taxpayers needs to know, even if they -- even if you're not spending taxpayer money, voters still need to know. just because you're accused of something, doesn't mean you're guilty. but these facts -- or at least the allegations need to come out. and i think it will cut out a lot of people acting like pigs. >> all right. republican senator john kennedy from the great state of louisiana, thank you so much for your time, sir. we appreciate it. >> thanks, jake. joe biden making not one,
1:19 pm
but two jokes about getting permission to touch people in his first public event since allegations of inappropriate contact. >> by the way, he gave me permission to touch him. >> could this hurt the former vice president even before he jumps into the 2020 race? stay with us. ♪ smooth moderate to severe lines around the nose and mouth with juvéderm® xc. tell your doctor if you have a history of scarring or are taking medicines that decrease the body's immune response
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you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist. in our 2020 lead today, it was just two days ago that former vice president joe biden sent out a video on social media addressing the fact that multiple women had accused him of touching them noe inappropriately. i get it, mr. biden said. today, she joked about it, not just once, but twice. >> i just want you to know, i had permission to hug lonnie. he gave me permission to touch him. >> as cnn's arlette signs now reports, biden is also insisting that his intentions have always been good. >> reporter: today, a partial
1:24 pm
apology from joe biden. >> i'm sorry i didn't understand more. i'm sorry not sorry for any of my intentions. i'm not sorry for anything that i have ever done. i've never been disrespectful intentionally, to a man or a woman. >> reporter: the former vice president still grappling with how to respond to claims that he made women feel uncomfortable in their interactions and acknowledging that more people could come forward. >> i wouldn't be surprised, but i've had hundreds and hundreds of people contact me, who i don't know, and, you know, say the exact opposite. >> joe biden. >> reporter: as he took the stage at his first public appearance since the allegations, biden gave out a hug and made this joke. >> i had permission to hug lonnie. >> reporter: and then did it a second time after calling a group of children up to the stage. >> by the way, he gave me permission to touch him. >> reporter: but shortly after, biden scrambled into cleanup mode, telling reporters, he wasn't making light of people's
1:25 pm
feelings. >> i hope it wasn't taken that way. >> reporter: biden's interaction with voters in the spotlight as he gets closer to that 2020 bid, hinting it's not a matter of if, but when. >> i think it's going to have to change somewhat how i campaign. it's not a bad thing. it's a new thing. it's important. >> reporter: and saying he wants to be the last two announce. >> i get a shot and then we're off to the races. >> biden's already drawn the attention of president trump. >> no, i don't see joe biden as -- no. i don't see him as a threat. i think he's only a threat to himself. >> reporter: he's hitting back. >> he doesn't have time to do his job, but look, everybody knows who donald trump is. >> as he prepares to enter a crowded democratic primary field, biden also made it clear how he'd brand himself in the campaign, saying he's an obama/biden democrat and proud of it. >> arlette signs, thank you so
1:26 pm
much. let's bring in the panel here. and i want to note that lucy flores, the former nevada assembly woman, reacted to the vice president's jokes. he got a lot of laughs, the vice president, when he talked about how he got permission to touch people. he was in a friendly union crowd, the electrical workers union. lucy flores was not laughing. she tweeted, quote, it's clear joe biden hasn't reflected at all on how his inappropriate and unsolicited touching made women uncomfortable. to make light of something as serious as consent degrades the conversation women everywhere are courageously trying to have. what do you think, jen? >> well, clearly even those of us who love joe biden will admit the humor today was a miscalculation. and you saw him come out and work to clean that up quickly afterwards. he's not always going to get it right. and that element of today was not right. but what we're seeing him work through publicly is what i think even a generation of men is working through. and maybe even men younger than that. what is appropriate, what isn't
1:27 pm
appropriate, and how to deal with it in public. he does deserve credit for being a part of the conversation, to acknowledging he was going to do wrong, saying he's going to do better, and saying he's going to change how he campaigns. we'll see. i also believe that saying he'll change the way he campaigns changes the way he operates. but he's a tactile guy. that's how he's always operated in politics, and that's going to be more challenging for him, too. >> simone, what was your reaction when you saw the vice president joking about this? >> i cringed, much like, i'm sure, many people at the table today cringed. and i agree with jen. but look, i think that -- i do believe the video was sincere, his comments after today were sincere, and he is publicly working through this. voters will have to decide whether this and the many other things that are deal breakers for them. but breaking news, joe biden has not even announced his candidacy for president yet, if he is going to announce it. so i think this is something that will continue to come up. and i have confidence that the vice president is going to get it right. donald trump, though, on the other hand. look, i've always said people that live in glass houses should
1:28 pm
not throw stones, rocks, or bulldozers. and donald trump has no room in this conversation, when he has not worked through being credibly accused of actually sexual assault. nobody is accusing joe biden of sexual assault. so i think this is a worthwhile conversation to have about the spectrum of what is and what is not appropriate and about consent and what not, but this is not the same thing as donald trump and i think we have to make sure we have nuance in our conversation when discussing that. >> amanda? >> i think the thing that's been rightly asked is, why can't joe biden just apologize? i think he can't apologize because, "a," he doesn't think he's done anything wrong, and he can just not change. he isn't a person who has a filter. i think in the glow of the obama presidency, people forgot how gaffe-prone he is. hi, here's your reminder. perhaps his staff should institute a biden rule, don't touch someone unless they touch you. unless someone nuzzles your neck first and sniffs your hair, you
1:29 pm
won't get in trouble if they do it first. >> and he made those jokes on stage and then hep went outside and repeated that it's on him to be aware of how he treats others. take a listen. >> if you embrace someone if you touch someone, it's with their consent, regardless of your intention, even if you're trying to bring solace, if you're trying to welcome them. and it's my responsibility to do that. >> i just think joe biden is a decent man. our current president is not -- has not behaved decently towards women, one or two former presidents did not behave decently towards women. joe biden is not like bill his will fade away, ump. because there's no real ill intent there. and whatever you think of joe biden and whether he should be the next president of the united states, this is really, i think -- it's not a bum wrap, people are entitled to say that he made them feel uncomfortable. i'm not going to sit here and second-guess other people. but the idea that joe biden in
1:30 pm
some fundamental way is disqualified for public office because of this, i think, is not the case. >> there aren't that many people saying he's disqualified for public office. lucy flores doesn't think he should be the nominee, either. >> i think there's a thing with younger women. i forget who expressed the sentiment online, but they want someone to campaign and run for president that is us, not just listens to us. i think women are sick of having to explain to men why this is a problem. why do we have to keep taking the time out to say why this is wrong, why this makes me feel uncomfortable. it would just be better to start with someone fresh who already knows these basic things. >> as simone pointed out, president trump might not be the best person to be making light of all of this. here is what president trump said, he was asked i his respon. >> no, i don't see joe biden, no. i don't see threat. i think he's only a threat to himself. >> but he's done a lot more than that, to make light of the biden
1:31 pm
situation. and as simone pointed out, there are at least a dozen women on the record that have come forward with serious and credible allegations of sexual harassment, and in some cases, sexual assault. >> that's right, about president trump. and i would love to see the outrage coming from many in fact republican party who have been so outraged about joe biden about president trump -- >> present company excluded, obviously. >> leaning on president trump to excuse bad behavior from other people just gets really -- >> to be clear, no one is excusing bad behavior. everyone, all of the democrats have consistently said, even nancy pelosi was like, look, don't touch people. respect people's personal space. but joe biden, look, the president of the united states of america, donald trump, has been accused of being a sexual predator, of sexual assault. nobody is accusing joe biden of being a sexual predator or sexual assault. >> and i think symone made a very important point earlier, which is the danger we go down here, which has been concerning a bit to me this week, is grouping everything together. sexual assault and rape is not the same as an uncomfortable moment of having your hand touched.
1:32 pm
we all -- there are many, many women who experience sexual assault and rape. i don't think they see this as speaking on their behalf. and so i think we have to have a nuanced conversation about it and not group it together. >> it's a shame when that happens. >> absolutely. stay with us. she's gotten the biggest applause at the convention that almost all democratic presidential candidates are attending. the problem is, she's not running for president. stay with us. -we bought a house in a neighborhood
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more on our 2020 lead. democratic candidates today flooding a new york conference room for a chance to stand out to a key democratic demographic. some 12 of 17 2020 hopefuls made it a priority to stop at reverend al sharpton's annual gathering. a leader of black voters to hear how these candidates would look out for them if elected. the candidates are well aware 2 obama in 2018 -- in 2008. >> no justice -- >> no peace. >> no justice -- >> no peace. >> reporter: a string of 2020 presidential candidates today, courting a key democratic voting bloc. >> i will not back down! >> reporter: making their case at the national action network conference to the african-american community. a powerful constituency crucial to the outcome of the democratic primary. just today, seven presidential hopefuls addressing the crowd, following five others earlier in the week, all focused on key
1:38 pm
issues, like racial inequality and criminal justice reform. >> let's talk about what justice looks like. it looks like leaders having the courage to understand we need reasonable gun safety laws in this country, including universal background checks and a renewal of the assault weapons ban. >> the boldest policies we're talking about right now can't just be about sentiment or about acknowledging the past. they need to be about actually balancing the economic scales and confronting the bias that persists right now in the present. >> reporter: massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, for the first time, calling for eliminating the senate filibuster, saying the tradition has been used to block racial progress. >> for generations, the filibuster was used as a tool to block progress on racial justice. and in recent years, it's been used by the far right as a tool to block progress on everything. we should get rid of the
1:39 pm
filibuster. >> vermont senator bernie sanders rallying the audience by slamming president trump. >> it gives me no pleasure to tell you that we have a president today who is a racist, who is a sexist, who is a home nobody, who is a xenophobe, and who is a religious bigot. >> south bend mayor, pete buttigieg, forced to explain his controversial comments from the past that all lives matter. >> what i did not understand at that time was that that phrase, just early into mid-2015 was coming to be viewed as a sort of counterslogan to black lives matter. since learning how that phrase was being used to push back on that activism, i've stopped using it in that context. >> reporter: host al sharpton asking every candidate whether they would sign a bill that would create a commission to study the issue of reparations. the overwhelming response from the 2020 contenders -- >> yes. >> 100%, of course!
1:40 pm
i support congresswoman jackson lee's hr-40. >> yes, i would. >> i already support that bill. go hr-40. >> and i will sign that bill. >> yes, i'm going to pass this! come on, now. >> the conference, an important campaign stop for democrats, hoping to court african-americans, who make up about 20% of democratic voters. >> reporter: this conference is just a reminder that all of the democrat candidates are trying everything that they can to try to set themselves apart in a field that is growing. >> mj lee, thank you so much. a cnn exit poll showed 89% of the black vote went to hillary clinton in 2016. in 2012, 93% of the black vote went to the black candidate, barack obama, the incumbent president. this voting demographic is almost certainly going to go over women for the democrat, especially with president trump in office. but i guess the question is turnout. >> yes, turnout is the key question. and in 2016, i know a lot of folks talk about these
1:41 pm
disaffected working claesz voters, people talk about white working class voters that defected to donald trump and they really talk about 8% of the electorate in 2016, which were obama/trump voters. but the untold story, i think, was that black voters did not come out in the numbers that they needed in places like wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. 100,000 votes was the difference between hillary clinton and donald trump being president. democrats understand that this time around. but more so, the person who can capture the hearts and minds of black voters is the person, in my opinion, that will be the democratic nominee. so lots of these folks are in the fights for their lives. that's why the national action network conference, showing up in places like the quad cities, iowa, going to wayne county, where detroit sits in michigan, are really important. going on a southern tour, like elizabeth warren has done. so i'm excited that folks are really fighting for the plaque vote, jake, because black voters are not just going to turn up and turn out for anybody. they are waiting to see. >> it's interesting, this is the most diverse field ever. two of the candidates are black, at least one is latino, one is
1:42 pm
asian american. but even with all of this and with a lot of candidates, as you saw there, i think pandering is a fine word to use in this context, just agreeing to what the crowd wanted, none of them got the biggest welcome and the biggest applause at the convention. take a look at who did. >> the people sussed out congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez! >> that's right. it's the hometown crowd for congresswoman ocasio-cortez. but does it also push to the popularity of the policies and her fighting spirit? >> you know, i think her policies certainly have a following in the democratic base, that's true. we've seen that with the green new deal, but i also think, as a personality and as a person whowho has charisma and is bringing excitement back to democratic politics, that's something that should be welcomed in the party, whether you agree with her policies or not. and i often think that's something that should be reflected when you see excitement in these rooms. she's become a representative of
1:43 pm
accessibility to government and politics, which is ultimately a good thing. >> i think aoc should just run for president. >> unfortunately, she can't. >> why not? >> she's 29. >> who would her
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