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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  April 13, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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managing stress can also bring on much more serious ailments. >> yes. when people talk about the mind/body connection we use it as a nebulous term. we see that. we can find that. you have to heal the mind to be able to heal the body. >> i love that. i can't wait to see the other episodes. you're in italy, poland. >> italy, turkey, norway. i think you'll love this. >> i can't wait. dr. sanjay gupta, always great to see you. >> thank you. >> the premiere of "chasing life" tonight at 9:00 eastern on cnn. hello again and welcome. we're following breaking news. the clock is ticking on a new deadline for the irs to turnover president trump's tax returns. house democrats sent another letter demanding the documents in ten days.
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the house ways and means committee chairman richard neil said he's within his rights on this request. trump and his allies say democrats will never see the tax returns. lauren fox is following this for us. the back and forth is just the beginning, isn't it? >> that's right. we ex president elepect a prolo fight. richard neil sending a request again for ten years of the tax returns, personal and business. in this latest request richard neil said i'm aware concerns have been raised regarding my request and the authority of the committee. those concerns lack merit. he goes on to say i expect a reply from the irs by 5:00 p.m. on april 23, 2019. pl if you fail to comply, your
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failure will be interpreted as a denial of my request. that's very important language here. as they sort of lay the groundwork in their preparations to go to court, that's essentially they're looking for a refusal from the administration. then next steps on capitol hill could include a subpoena or they could go right to suing the trump administration for these documents. all of that is still up in the air. richard neil has been setting the groundwork to go to court. he knew this was going to be a long court battle. while he was getting pressure from liberals on his committee to try to make this request faster, there's been a couple months where liberals have been demanding these answers. richard neil waited to make his request until earlier this month. obviously he's trying to send a ground for what he wants so when they go to court he's ready to
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go. >> lauren fox, thank you so much. nancy pelosi tweeted president trump for referencing parts of a tweet. trump's tweet shows video of the burning towers. listen. >> far too long we have lived with the discomfort of being a second class citizen. frankly i'm tired of it and every single muslim in this country should be tired of it. c.a.r.e. was founded after 9/11. they recognize some people did something and all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. >> the backlash to her comments were swift. "the new york post" had this cover criticizing her remarks. democrats coming to omar's
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defense saying her words were taken out of context and have condemned trump's tweet as disgraceful and wrong. one quick fact here c.a.r.e. was not founded after 9/11. it was followed in 1984. >> speaker pelosi became the latest democrat to lineup in support of congresswoman omar. speaker pelosi writing the memory of 9/11 is sacred ground. the president shouldn't use the painful images of 9/11 for a political attack. this comes after congresswoman omar has received death threats.
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many of her previous comments have come under scrutiny. democrats arguing president trump could be inciting violence. republicans argue that congresswoman omar could have minimized the threats of terrorism. >> sarah, trump is being accused of playing revenge politics going against his own administration officials. trump says he wants to release immigrant detainees into sanctuary cities and it's something he's seriously considering. he's even calling out states by name. >> that's right. president trump signaling some aggressive shifts in his immigration policy. he's said they're seriously considering this plan to bus migrants to sanctuary cities for release. customs is saying their
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facilities are at capacity. he said he was considering doing that after white house officials have said this idea about the sanctuary cities came up informally during a meeting and was dismissed. president trump thought the opposite. take a listen. >> we are looking at the possibility -- strongly looking at it to be honest with you. california is always saying we want more people and they want more people in their sanctuary cities. we can give them an unlimited supply. let's see if they're so happy. >> this dramatic plan comes amid a massive reorganization at the department of homeland security. the secretary now replaced by someone in an acting capacity. president trump trying to take a more aggressive stance to what he is describing as a crisis on
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the southern border. >> sarah, thank you. joining me now jeff mason, lisa lehrer and susan hennessey. these attacks on congresswoman omar play into the president's base. how important is this for the president? does he feel this is so important heading into the election cycle? >> i think we're seeing the president take a lot of steps pushing the norms of the presidency, whether butting up against legal challenges or sort of pushing the bounds of what was considered polite and civil in washington particularly with a congresswoman who has already received death threats. a lot of these moves are did he seen designed to motivate his base. re-election is on his mind. when it comes to congresswoman
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omar part of what sparked interest in her were her comments perceived as anti-semitic. the president believes he can pull more jewish voters to his side. this is a way to remind those voters that he is -- as he would like to be looking out for their interests. >> susan, what about the imagery? in this video we're not airing it out of respect and deference to so many impacted by to 9/11. why is there not a criticism of the president for using those images, weaponizing those images as he tries to demonize a member of congress? >> it's difficult to genuinely believe this response is
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motivated by a real sense of wanting to honor the victims and the memory of the 9/11 attacks. using these images in this way is quite irreverent and sack religious. the president has been irreverent on this topic. his response makes it more clear this isn't about genuine outrage at congresswoman's omar's comments. this is attempting to use a bad faith argument to further soak internal divisions within the democratic party. >> jeff, congresswoman omar quoted a line from president george w. bush saying the people that knocked down these buildings will hear all of us soon. then asked if he was down playing the attack in that
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statement and, you know, what if he were a muslim. how detrimental is this controversy for omar or does it backfire for the president? >> well, it's hard to answer that kquestion, fred. it's possible it could backfire for both. for president trump if we look at his history from the time he began as a candidate to now in the middle of his presidency, many of the things he says that people consider outrageous and offensive don't end up backfiring, at least not with his base. lisa is right to say he has his eyes and his head focussed on the other hand on that going into 2020. you see that on immigration issue and this issue as far as stoking racial divisions and his desire to gain some more jewish
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votes and create divisions in the democratic party. it's hard to guess what's going on in president trump's head or anyone's head, but the evidence suggests that's what he's thinking. >> the president said the administration is strongly considering bussing undocumented migrants into sanctuary what does the president gain from this, particularly when the white house said, no, that's not a consideration? >> look, it's hard to see this move as anything but a political stunt. the president's major goal, the thing he ran on was coming down on undocumented immigrants coming into the united states, taking a hard line approach to immigration. this move would make it harder for authorities to arrest and deport undocumented immigrants. they would go to sanctuary cities. it would cost a huge amount of money to figure out the transportation logistics to get
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these people all over the country. from a policy standpoint it doesn't make sense which is why you see people in the administration saying without their name attached this is not something they're actively considering. clearly the president believes it makes sense politicly. part of that is i think he needs to find a way to make good on this promise he made, that he'll find a way to solve immigration. you feel like he's setting up this fight to argue this -- to make the political argument that he's being stymied. >> take a listen. >> he doesn't think immigrants are human beings and, two, he doesn't have to apply the law with regard to his treatment of them. there's a level of uncaring and cruelty to the president that is
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off the charts. >> doesn't the president need to grow this base and this us versus them, why does that promise to allow him to gain more traction heading into a possible second term? >> clearly this is the president's strategy, not really attempting to grow his base, but doubling down on energizing his base to turn out and exhausting the other side. this is an example of the fact that the president is not putting forward a tenable policy. presuming his base is genuinely concerned about immigration, border security is a concern of both sides. moving forward with controversial policies, trump is trolling the other side, putting out this outlandish ideas that wouldn't help solve the problem, but would exacerbate the issue and make things worse, further
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overburden immigration enforcement. there's an element of cruelty. the idea that these individuals, their human lives are political pawns. the president mocked the idea of people sort of raising genuine asylum claims and that the united states is obligated under international law to hear and grant asylum requests. to take these very vulnerable populations and act as though moving them into areas with the intention of overburdening the resources of those locations, you know, it's cruel and it's irresponsible. >> jeff, it had been reported that the president really put in charge of his whole immigration policy, stephen miller. is stephen miller driving this train or is it at the direction
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of the president? >> the president doesn't like to give the impression that anyone other than him is driving the train. stephen miller is the hard line adviser behind immigration and many of the other policies that president trump is pursuing. he is the one who is certainly one of the main drivers and one of the people who has the president's ear. >> jeff mason, lisa and susan appreciate it. cory booker set to take the stage in a few minutes. he's kicking off a rally in newark, new jersey. later pope benedict is breaking his silence speaking about the child sex abuse scandal. who he says is to blame coming up. match guarantee. so if you find your room at a lower rate, hilton is like... we're gonna match that rate and give you an extra 25% off.
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jersey senator cory booker. he's expected to take the stage about an hour from now. rebecca buck joins me from newark. rebecca he's been doing lots of town halls and now this is his first meeting with the masses right there on home territory at least in new jersey there in newark. >> that's right. this was supposed to be a big hometown kick off for cory booker, sort of a jump start to the second phase of his campaign here in the second quarter. i have to tell you looking at the crowd here behind me, looks like it might be more of a false start for booker. the program is just kicking off. they're running almost an hour behind. newark police tell cnn they were estimating the crowd could be as big as 10,000 people here.
9:21 am
i don't know if you can see, there clearly are some empty spaces in front of the stage and the crowd is nowhere near that 10,000 people mark. it begs the question, is this going to be a sign of a lack of support for booker? surely we've seen in poling that his numbers have been in the low single digits. his team spoke with reporters this week and his campaign manager said they deliberately tried to build up slow and methodically. do they need a break through moment sooner rather than later to show they're a serious force in the campaign with such a big crowded competitive field with other candidates like mayor pete buttigieg? they were hoping this rally would be a moment in the spotlight to keep them in the conversation. unfortunately it looks like the conversation is going to be
9:22 am
about the lack luster crowd. it's still early. certainly not meeting expectations here today so far. >> then, rebecca, does it say something about home field disadvantage? meaning everybody in your neighborhood and town feel like they already know you so they don't turn out as a result? >> i mean, you know, they've been touting this as a hometown advantage. cory booker posted on instagram with that caption earlier today. he's been promoted this on social media and in the area here as well. think back to kamala harris and the start of her campaign showing more than 20,000 people. and beto o'rourke he drew hundreds of thousands of people. you would expect for a former mayor of newark -- cory booker was mayor for two terms.
9:23 am
he still lives here in newark. you would expect a much bigger crowd for a former mayor here. >> rebecca buck, thank you so much. we'll be attending that rally with you as soon as it happens. up next former pope benedict is pointing the finger at who he believes caused the child sex abuse scandal plaguing the catholic church. details right after this.
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former pope benedict is breaking his silence on the child sex abuse scandal plaguing the catholic church. benedict claims the crisis was caused by the sexual revolution of the 1960s a. he's writing among the freedoms that the revolution of 1968 sought tonight for was all out sexual freedom. the mental collapse was leninke to a propensity to violence. that is why sex films were no longer allowed on airplanes. since the clothing equally evoked aggression school principals made an attempt to introduce school uniforms with the view to facilitate a climate of learning. part of the revolution of '68
9:29 am
was that pedophilia was diagnosed as allowed and appropriate. i want to bring in mitchell garabidian. he's an attorney representing clergy around the world for decades. he was portrayed in the film "spotlight." mitchell, good to have you. your reaction to this 11-page letter, what are your thoughts? >> i have a lot of thoughts. first of all, it's absolute nonsense to think that the sexual revolution in the 1960s caused an acceptance of pedophilia. that has been found nowhere. it doesn't exist. it shows you how out of touch the catholic church is with regard to the structural problem, the internal problem they have with pedophilia. the pope's statement is a slap in the face to many victims.
9:30 am
the pope's statement doesn't explain how tens of thousands of children were sexually abused by priests were supervisors allowed it to happen before the 1960s. the pope's statement doesn't explain how after 2002 when the u.s. catholic conference of bishops put norms in place for the safety of children allowed children to continue to be abused. the abuse is still going on. victims are coming to me who have been abused in 2002. in haiti i represented 133 victims most of whom were sexually abused after 2002 at a jess wit run school out of mall that. what's interesting is the letter frames the problem in such a
9:31 am
light that it portrays the church as the victim. because of the sexual revolution clergy sexual abuse occurred. that's what the pope is saying. he's also blaming the children. what you said in your -- what you just read states because of the way children dressed, high schoolers -- >> they brought it on themselves. >> they caused it. they provoked it. >> pope benedict is going to be 92 next month. he has been on the property of the vatican for the last ten years. he writes this letter and apparently this letter gets the approval from pope francis and his assistant administrator or secretary, pope benedict's secretary take, why do you believe it was beneficial to get out? how would this benefit the
9:32 am
catholic church which would be saying they're trying to get to the bottom of healing? >> to put it into context, first of all, there's a major battle within the catholic church between the conservatives led by pope benedict and the liberals led by pope francis. the ultra conservatives are speaking out through pope benedict right now. the whole mindset is similar ymc of how out of touch they are with sexual abuse. they don't get it. the letter doesn't make sense. it's an embarrassment and shameful. >> how about for all of these people that you represented, people who have been abused, who have been traumatized over the years growing up with sharing their experiences and now to
9:33 am
read a letter like this with this kind of tone? >> it's a revictimization. many victims don't want anything to do with the church because of the attitude of the church. this letter reinforces that feeling. many victims who want to get back into the church now feel olymp like they're being insulted and victimized. their desire to get back to the church has been greatly reduced because of the letter. the letter makes no sense. it's typical of the catholic church to blame themselves as the victims, to blame the children, to blame society. it's just continuing on. it's indicative of how empty the catholic church is with regard to protecting children, how little it cares about protecting children. >> if this letter is also, you know, a product of --
9:34 am
representation of what you just mentioned, the real dual between the conservative and the liberal and francis represents the more liberal, do you believe that the release of this letter was really done behind the pope's back, that, while he may have read it, he wouldn't have possibly endorsed these writings or supported this point of view? >> it's politics. right now you have two presidents within the catholic church. one president is office is pope francis citing one opinion. another president is pope benedict. he's retired, but speaking out. he's being active. this is just what the catholic church doesn't want. it creates more confusion. pope francis hasn't made any advances with regard to
9:35 am
pedophilia in the catholic church, but this letter is a greater setback. >> mitchell, thank you so much. >> thank you. still ahead it's a shocking statistic. native american women far more likely to be murdered than people in other demographics. what members of congress are doing about it next. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ready to treat differently with a pill?
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9:40 am
american women in this film. here now is cnn's scott mclane. >> reporter: no one has heard from this woman. police in kent, washington have an open investigation, but clues are scarce. >> how do you move on? >> reporter: the mystery of what happened to this native american woman has tortured her family and there are countless other cases like this across the country. >> i want her picture here to. >> reporter: native american women murdered or missing with little attention. in some places native american woman are ten times more likely to be murdered. one statistic pegs the number at
9:41 am
1,600 in 2016 alone. >> what are we missing? what's happening with our native women that they're being victimized to the level they are? >> reporter: one bill aims to get the information. this woman's cousin disappeared in washington last objecctober. her family thinks she's been killed. >> the tribes are like the wild, wild west. >> reporter: tribal police have declined to comment. senator murkowski said many women disappear from remote reservations. other times cases get lost in a
9:42 am
jurisdictional crisis. she thinks some women are discounted because of their race. >> it doesn't mean that we should give up or that the system should not work to investigate to find out where that woman has gone. >> reporter: alyssa was caring for a young daughter and a dying mother. a year before she additidisappe she was picked up for prostituti prostitution. >> i think they wrote her off as a prostitute. >> reporter: kent police said they don't discriminate. a new law might find the crisis of missing and murdered native women and bring closure to the families. >> we're not going to stop looking for her and give up. >> reporter: cnn, kent, washington. a massive leadership
9:43 am
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit welcome back. president trump's purge of leaders at the department of the homeland security has alarmed democrats as well as several of his republican supporters. several top officials were fired, resigned or are expected to go soon. the shake-up leaves vacancies at the top of the homeland security and the secret service. some worry the department can't
9:48 am
function properly if the departures continue. the president denies he's cleaning house and dismissed talk of elevating hard liner stephen miller into the secretary role. trump said the departures are not a big deal because he's calling the shots when it comes to immigration and homeland security. >> stephen miller is an excellent guy. he's a wonderful person. people don't know him. been with me from the beginning. he's a brilliant man and frankly there's only one person that's running it. you know who that is? it's me. >> let's bring in former secret service agent under president obama jonathan rackrow. the president said he's in charge of dhs.
9:49 am
how dangerous is that? >> i would hope the president is being hyperbolic there. the department of homeland security has a very wide spectrum of responsibilities that the president's not thinking about in this instance. the president is really solely focussed on immigration right now. he's directing his attention and the media's attention to this crisis on the southern border. how do we resolve that? he's trying to focus on those resour resources. unfortunately that creates a greater risk in the department of homeland security. >> what kind of risks? >> then you start looking at -- put immigration aside. there's the strategic planning that's necessary by fema to prepare for the upcoming hurricane system. we've talked about the risk of cyber intrusion into our country.
9:50 am
dhs is focussed on monitoring the risk of cyber security. there's regulatory components of the department that are necessary every single day. there's law enforcement functions beyond immigration with the u.s. secret service as well as the u.s. coast guard. there's a big responsibility that this department has and, you know, not focusing on or adhering to the entire spectrum of responsibility is a risk. >> how does having acting directors, acting secretaries, acting deputies, how does that hamper security? >> it hampers it significantly. i liken the position of acting sort of like a substitute teacher. an acting secretary does have pretty much the exact same responsibilities and authority that a confirmed secretary would have, but they're temporary in
9:51 am
nature. people aren't really focusing on what they're doing. they're almost a place holder for those 210 days they can be in office. they don't provide the long term strategy that a department like the department of homeland security needs in its necessity to move forward with all the components that it has. i think there's a big risk of having not only an acting secretary, but different components that are -- that have someone in charge that's in an acting capacity. >> jonathan, thank you. >> thank you. still ahead will weather be more of a factor as the top golfers in the world enter round three of the masters. we're live at augusta next. 300 miles an hour,
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the third round of the masters is under way in augusta. tiger woods is in the hunt. the four-time champion sits one shot back of the leaders heading into the weekend. it's the scare that tiger had on the course friday that left so many fans holding their breath. cnn sports correspondent joins me live from augusta. take us back to that moment. >> frederica, of all the golfers for this to happen to of course it happens to tiger woods as he is making a run for his first major. the security guard who slipped into tiger said luckily he birdied the hole. tiger a crazy good shot. see the security guard slipped and ran into tiger. made a birdie on that hole and then on 15 that long birdie
9:57 am
there. after that, tiger talked about what happened. >> it's happened. i've been run over before. it all good. feels good to be back in contention in a major championship. this is my third in a row. look at that board. we're all bunched together. myself and phil, we're on the older side and we understand how to play the golf course. >> if you look at that star-studded leader board, it's the first time ever at any major that five guys that have all won a major share a lead after any round. nine guys at the top separated by just one shot. that's the most in masters history. adam scott who won back in 2013 is at the top of the leader board and he said he's never seen anything like this. >> this is really stacked. i think it's going to be an
9:58 am
incredible weekend no matter what happens now. there are so many great players with a chance. as a golf fan, i like it. as a player i would rather be six in front or something. >> there's so much excitement today. tiger tees off at 2:05 eastern. with him in contention there's an electric atmosphere out here. i saw two fans hugging each other after tiger hit the birdie on 15. that's how much joy he brings to all the fans. >> it's amazing to see the crowds that just follow him. even at this point in his career, he's been around for a very long time, but he still has tremendous fans. what about the weather there? it's overcast. are people nervous about the threatening weather? >> yeah. we've got pop up thunderstorms right now. luckily none have hit the course
9:59 am
yet. we should be fine today. tomorrow is the issue. we could have our first masters monday since 1983. fingers crossed that doesn't happen. >> andy, thank you so much. nearly 40 million people from texas the alabama are under some kind of severe storm threat today. we're talking about tornado, damaging winds, baseball side hail. ivan cabrera is tracking the system. >> all of what you said has been confirmed with this incredible storm system. we have a tornado watch issued including eastern texas and into louisiana. we're going to do a local forecasting here. it's worth it with this particular storm. we zoom in on franklin, texas. this storm moves off to the
10:00 am
north and east. a dangerous tornado has produced significant damage. a particularly dangerous situation, life-threatening situation, considerable damage to homes, businesses and complete destruction. we have considerable damage and the potential of injuries with this particular cell. these will continue. this is going to be a tornado outbreak. we're just in the beginning of it. this will go on until 8:00 p.m. and then some. the area you see here, particularly louisiana and into western mississippi that's the bull's eye for not just isolated tornados, likely tornado which could be significant and violent. >> thank you for the warning. keep us posted. welcome again. thanks for being with me this


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