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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  April 25, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. good morning. welcome to your "new day." we begin with breaking news. former vice president joe biden formally jumping into the 2020 race for president. biden immediately becomes the frontrunner of the 2020 democratic field according to the polls. his campaign video takes on president trump and his response to the charlottesville attack >> in a surprising dramatic way. he's set to do his first interview tomorrow. we have all the details of where the former vice president will go in his first campaign stop. cnn's arlette saenz has the breaking details from wilmington, delaware. he tries to reframe the entire campaign in a new way in this
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video. it's fascinating. >> reporter: yeah, joe biden is drilling in on the moment in charlottesville, the clashes there. and president trump's response directly saying this is a battle for the soul of the country and the nation's character is at stake if donald trump is re-elected. take a listen to the message he laid out in the video this morning. >> charlottesville, virginia, is home to the author of one of the great documents in human history. we know it by heart. we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. we have heard it so often it's almost a cliche, but it's who we are. we haven't lived up to these ideals, jefferson himself didn't. but we have never before walked away from them. charlottesville is a defining
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moment in the last few years. it was there in august of 2017 we saw klansmen and neonazis out in the open. their crazed faces illuminated by torches, veins bulging, chanting the same anti-semitic bile heard across europe in the '30s. they were met by courageous americans in a violent clash. a brave young woman lost her life. that's when we heard the words of the president of the united states that stunned the world and shocked the conscience of this nation. he said there were, quote, some very fine people on both sides. very fine people on both sides? with those words the president of the united states assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against it.
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in that moment, i knew the threat to this nation was unlike any i had ever seen in my lifetime. i wrote at the time we are in the battle for the soul of the nation. that's even more true today. we are in the battle for the soul of this nation. i believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an abhorrent moment in time. if we give donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation. who we are. i cannot stand by and watch it happen. the core values of the nation, our standing in the world, our very democracy, everything that's made america america is at stake. that's why i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the
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united states. folks, america is an idea. an idea that's stronger than any army, bigger than any ocean, more powerful than any dictator or tyrant. it gives hope to the most desperate people on earth and guarantees everyone is treated with dignity and gives hate no safe harbor. it instills in every person in this country is belief that no matter where you start in life, there is nothing you can't achieve if you work at it. that's what we believe. above all else, that's what's at stake in this election. we can't forget what happened in charlottesville. even more important, we have to remember who we are. this is america. >> reporter: joe biden is clearly framing the message he'll carry throughout the campaign. he'll be in philadelphia for a private fundraiser hosted by an executive of comcast featuring a
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pennsylvania delegation. he's picking up endorsements from bob casey and senator chris kuhns. some of the early endorsements coming out this morning. we have been getting a glimpse at what the next few weeks will look like for joe biden. tomorrow he'll do the interview with "the view." on monday he'll hold his first big campaign event in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. that will focus on middle class working voters. then he'll barnstorm the country over the next few weeks. he'll head out to iowa, south carolina, new hampshire. even out west to california, nevada and then the final wrapping up of the rollout, the launch will be may 18 in philadelphia, pennsylvania. the biden campaign is pointing out that's the birthplace of democracy. really trying to hone in on the importance of what's at stake in this election. john and alisyn? >> thank you very much for bringing all of that to us. joining us now to discuss it, we
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have david axelrod, former senior adviser to president obama and host of "the ax files." alex burns, national correspondent and cnn political analyst out with a big story about joe biden this morning. nia henderson and david chalyan. you have watched joe biden's launch video using charlottesville as a metaphor for what he believes the race is about >> alisyn, for the longest time people have been saying joe biden would be a great candidate against donald trump. can he navigate through the primaries. he decided to go right to the main event. kind of consign everybody else to the kids' table. he's trying to give people a preview of what a fight between him and trump would be like. i think it's smart. he has to sustain it. this is the first step.
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it was good. i think it was very powerful and smart. >> some people say it's obvious you have to beat donald trump. that struck me about this video. leaning in to charlottesville. over the entire three minutes of it, ending almost with the phrase, we cannot forget what happened in charlottesville, saying we the democratics need to win here and i'm the one who can. >> what i found surprising is how singular the message is. think about every other presidential candidate talking about health care, climate change, pay equity that are debated day in, day out you hear in town halls. joe biden will get to that. to have not only the strategy but the discipline to say, i will solely focus on this notion
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that i am the person you can envision in the general election against donald trump and beating him because of who i am, my stature and experience. joe biden is telling the voters he'll get to those issues. no doubt he'll be asked about them. as much as he'd like to fast forward through the primary, that's not the case. he'll have to share a debate stage. he'll be tested, poked and prodded by voters and he has to fight for the nomination inside the modern day democratic party. we'll see how he does it. to come out of the gate with this focus and discipline on where he wants to keep the message, i found surprising. >> there was a big debate about when to do this. everybody was waiting. there was thought it would happen yesterday. that would have competed with the she the people conference
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talking about women's rights and equality. he wanted to have a moment that was his own. he has achieved it >> there was discussion with the organizers of she the people about joe biden pushing this to thursday so he wouldn't compete with that forum that focused on women of color down in x the. he's looking at an electorate in 2016 that was 25% african-american. much more if you look at southern states like south carolina, mississippi. that will be the electorate down south. then overall, if you look at the voter who is showed up again in 2016, 60% were over the age of 45. those are the voters hillary clinton did well with. this ad today is directed at those kinds of voters, the
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moderate voters, folks who aren't necessarily the activists and driving the conversation. it was an emotional ad and it will resonate with folks who see joe biden as somebody who could go toe to toe who has the stature on issues and doesn't need to introduce who he is to voters at this point. voters know who he is and voters have an emotional attachment to joe biden. you talk to voters and particularly older african-american voters and they like joe biden. this is true of older white voters as well. he's reminding voters of the kind of presidency obama had, the vice presidency he had. it draws a great deal on nostalgia, on the kind of america that people remember. >> it's interesting. it seems to me there are parts
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of the video that could reach people beyond what might be his base. if you frame it along the lines of, as he says, i knew the threat to the nation was unlike anything i had seen in my life, that's something people across the democratic spectrum can agree on >> sure. he's setting himself up as a voice of historical authority. if pete buttigieg says this is unlike anything i have seen in my lifetime, that's not saying the same thing >> saying less than half as much. >> right. >> but the ad does feel to me like the political equivalent of a book on father's day. it's heavy on thomas jefferson and what america used to be able to be. everything nia said is dead on. can he speak to the individual subsets of the democratic party in a way that feels personal and immediate? i don't think joe biden being joe biden needs a laundry list
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of policies on day one. you have people shaping the debate along specific lines related to race, gender. i don't know that he needs to compete with kamala harris or cory booker in terms of specificity and raw personal authenticity on the issues. he needs to show that he gets it. that's something we'll see in practice on the. campaign trail >> i have to disagree on one point. i don't see how you could do anything that goes more directly at some of the constituencies of the democratic party than putting charlottesville front and center. this will resonate deeply with minority voters and with young activists who think of charlottesville as iconic negative events.
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it will have a pull to those more traditional voters and the older voters >> david, your thoughts? >> i agree. the other question. what alisyn was saying about the pieces of the party, it's one thing to come out with a strong video that can make the appeal out of the gate, be disciplined and focused when you're straight to camera. joe biden will meet the reality of the campaign trail. he is in a different party than in 1988 or 2008. and how he's going to engender enthusiasm. it's one thing to garner the respect of people. he can touch them emotionally. he has to engender enthusiasm among the democratic base for the candidacy. for me, that's one of the questions that hangs over, can somebody who's been on the stage as long as he has do that in this day with this field of 19
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others, many of whom are fresher faces >> can he be disciplined? even if the story, the set-up story in politico, he was quoted as telling supporters, leaders from around the world are just urging me to run to save the country. that's things belong in the bubble box. sometimes one of biden's shortcomings is that the stuff from the bubble box just comes tumbling out. >> next time he's a disciplined candidate -- >> which is why he hasn't gotten out of the iowa kcaucuses. >> he's saying this time is different. it might be a message to himself. other democrats all want to beat donald trump and they all think it is important. but they are not running quite as directly against the president. in some cases they are avoiding
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talking -- sherrod brown said we have to talk about other things. joe biden is doing the opposite of that >> i think that's right. even pete buttigieg who doesn't want to engage. the other candidates don't want to be dragged into the mud with donald trump. there you see joe biden. the theme was donald trump's character. joe biden contrasting what he sees as the american character. joe biden and the democratic party values embodying it. there you see a contrast with joe biden saying in an un-american way that doesn't comport with american values going back to thomas jefferson and the declaration of independence. that was an effective ad. he'll at least be able to touch on some of the issues that
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folks, the black lives matter crowd, the activists, identity politics sector of the democratic party. he at least gives a nod to that especially when he says thomas jefferson didn't always live up to the ideals. everybody knows jefferson had slaves. he's doing it in subtle ways. he doesn't need to get all of those folks. the democratic party is primarily older and the african-american voters who will be voting, primarily older, african-american women as well. the folks who i have talked to have a great deal of affection for joe biden. there is energy there. we'll see how he does in places like south carolina and pennsylvania as well. >> isn't he built for that? built for campaigning? he gets energy from it in the way donald trump does. he's a natural born extrovert. likes to glad-hand the people as we know >> he certainly has the
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personality. we'll see if he's still built for it. both because he's an older man than last time he ran a campaign and the politics have changed. it is one thing to totally nail the 90-second video or to go on a national broadcast television show and be a sympathetic character with your former colleague's daughter on the view. it is another thing to have people shoving a camera in your face and shouting questions. another to see your worst moment amplified by a viral video. joe biden has more room to make mistakes than other candidates in the race. americans have a clear sense of who he is. they do have a sense that once he's touched the hot stove a hundred times, people get it's part of who he is >> hasn't president trump widened the lane? >> sure. if your central case is there is nothing more important than
4:18 am
beating donald trump and i'm the gho guy to do it, you can't look sloppy. if people think he's lost a few step steps, there is some moment in a debate. anything that undercuts the electability argument is dangerous to him >> you referenced his age. one thing the video does is create a rationale for why he's coming off the bench and getting back in the game >> he says it. >> you know what, i'm the only one that can deal with this. i'm coming back to take care of it. >> that's one of the questions. is this a last attempt to get the presidency that he's been after for decades or is it larger and the answer today was it was larger >> i want to say the counter title to the candidacy can be pennsylvania. i can win pennsylvania. he's trying to say that by where
4:19 am
he's going tonight >> which feeds into the notion of i am the one to defeat trump. this comes down to pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. yes, philadelphia fund-raiser tonight collecting casey's endorsement. going to kick off in pittsburgh. come back to philadelphia at the end of the three-week launch period. i would also note to david's point about coming off the bench this is why joe biden's entrance into the race today has already fundamentally changed the race. this will be a definitive day in terms of the prejoe biden period and the post joe biden period. this campaign with 19 others was waiting for this moment. now that the big dog is in the race, the race will take on a new shape. >> yes. sometimes when you add one more dancer to the conga line it changes the whole dance. that's what we'll see today. thank you very much for the analysis of the breaking news. we have other news.
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president trump is, again, vowing to stonewall all house subpoenas. that's more than we heard yesterday. he's refusing to allow any of his aides to testify before congress. what will democrats now do about the oversight role? that's next. biopharmaceutical researchers. pursuing life-changing cures in a country that fosters innovation i
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this morning there is a test to constitutional norms inside this country. the checks and balances set up in the constitution itself are being tested by the president's new stonewalling strategy giving congress nothing it is asking for. listen to what he says >> we are fighting all the subpoenas. look, these aren't like impartial people. the democrats are trying to win 2020. the only way they can luck out is by going after me on nonsense >> the trump administration informed the house oversight committee steven miller will not testify on the immigration policy and john gore will not
4:25 am
comply with a subpoena to face questions about the census. we want to bring in david gregory, also david chalyan and nia henderson. former adviser to president obama and host of cnn's "the ax files," david axelrod. they won't comply. it will go to court. can somebody go to jail over this? what's the upshot? >> theoretically somebody could go to jail. they are in a big game of stall. we don't really know. it's unprecedented to see the bho white house take a blanket position on these subpoenas and requests. oh it's interesting to me to hear them say it's a partisan house and we won't comply.
4:26 am
anyone with a recollection of history understands during the obama years they pummelled the president and the white house with subpoenas and requests. sometimes there were negotiations that ended in sworn depositions rather than open testimony. here's the deal with donald trump. people say where is the line. the line is whatever he can get away with. he thinks he can get away with this. >> no one has gone to jail for contempt of congress since the 1800s. >> somebody can get away with it. >> for the last 150 years no one pushed hard because of the norms. david, president trump, if he's proven one thing he doesn't care -- take it for what you will. people call it his not so secret super power. he doesn't care about norms. >> the irony is in the mueller investigation, he and his team of lawyers decided to cooperate with mueller to a degree that
4:27 am
now don mcgahn, his former white house counsel was responsible for a lot of damning information against trump in the mueller report. he was against that kind of cooperation. tough to say we are not going to cooperate now on subpoenas when he cooperated in a fullsome way before. i think this is good politics up to a point for president trump who is making the case right after the mueller report comes out that this is presidential harassment. during the obama administration they were making the same arguments against the republicans even though there was more cooperation. under president bush it was the firing of u.s. attorneys when democrats got control of congress in 2006. this swings back and forth. the courts have to decide and there will be a lot of debate until then. right now, i think trump is
4:28 am
trying to build momentum off the mueller report to say it has to end. at some point this has to end. he'll have a big constituency for that as his opponents will have the constituency to keep the fight going >> what about that argument that david gregory points out which is exactly what president trump seized on. let's stop this. we don't want it to be this interminable investigating season. don mcgahn testified for 30 hours. we're done >> that doesn't have anything to do with steven miller coming before congress. it doesn't have anything to do with somebody coming before congress and talking about the census and changing the census and adding a citizenship question. it seems they are taking it much further than essentially saying folks involved in the mueller investigation shouldn't come before congress. this is basically drawing a red line, so far at least on any requests that the house is making to hear from folks in the
4:29 am
trump administration about certain policies. i think if you are democrats you're hoping you can get other folks, other documents that don't necessarily have anything to do with this white house. deutsche bank maybe. you saw them cooperating with sdny. perhaps cooperating with the oversight committee and the house. we saw flashes of this as david gregory pointed out with other administrations. this line in the sand and really a stonewalling on pretty major issues. immigration policy and what steven miller would have to say about that. as well as the census. these are major issues. i get that donald trump likes to be in the fight. you imagine that, okay, steven miller comes before a house committee. there's a fight and an explanation of what they think the policy should be on immigration reform and why would that be bad?
4:30 am
they are making an argument for why it should happen. i don't know why that would be a bad thing for the trump administration >> and the president is making the excuse for not cooperating on issues surrounding obstruction because the mueller report already did it. well, the mueller report explicitly says that congress is the one that gets to decide on these issues and should decide on these issues >> right. he, of course, is saying, wait, wait. bill barr exonerated me from obstruction of justice even if robert mueller did not. you're right to point it out. it is in black and white in bob mueller's report pointing the evidence collected and detailed for congress to take a look at, preserving information for other future, perhaps legal action down the road. i think politically, this stonewalling is, as nia was
4:31 am
getting at, donald trump relishes the fight. we know his strategy going into the re-election campaign is about igniting the base. that's been his entire political strategy for the duration of the presidency. taking on the democrats like this serves that strategy. >> also, he's not doing seminars at mar-a-lago on separation of powers. he doesn't care. >> i have to be clear about this. he doesn't understand the separation of powers. yesterday he said the supreme court will weigh in on impeachment which it doesn't and can't. >> he's pushing on an open political door. he knows at best democrats are wobbly on the question of impeachment. where they seem more comfortable is let ee's just keep the investigation going which allows him to argue they are harassing him. he knows republicans aren't united on this in the senate. meaning they are united in his favor, not to push against him. that's what he sees as the
4:32 am
opportunity to fight here. yet he'll meet with nancy pelosi apparently next week to talk about infrastructure week which might be coming back. >> can't wait for that. >> hillary clinton, david, who has some experience with impeachment by proxy has an op-ed in the "wall street journal" about how she thinks democrats should proceed. she writes the debate about how to respond to russia's sweeping and systematic attack and how to hold donald trump accountable for obstructing the investigation and possibly breaking the law has been released to a false choice. immediate impeachment or nothing. history suggests there is a better way to think about the choices ahead. she talks about the substantive hearings for the record. if for nothing else, you have the truth. the sunlight is on them for the record forever >> she's articulating the position that nancy pelosi has been selling to her members to
4:33 am
try and quell this movement toward impeachment. there is something to it. there is an incomplete record. as has been pointed out, the invitation from mueller was for congress to complete the job and really examine a fairly large body of evidence around this obstruction issue. what's interesting about hillary clinton's piece, other than that it's hillary clinton is she was a young lawyer on the watergate committee back in the '70s. she has some background in these matters >> fascinating. she's connected to three impeachment issues. being on the committee then. her husband was impeached and now being part of the election which is under investigation. she has a unique perspective. david, david, david, nia >> which one of these things -- >> thank you very much for being with us. we have been talking about the presidential stonewalling. what will democrats do about it? what next? what's the next move?
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the white house is defying congressional investigations in ways never seen before. the president is promising to fight every subpoena coming from the house of representatives. so what can democrats do about it? what will they do about it? joining me now is catherine clark, vice chair of the house democratic caucus. thank you very much for being with us. what next? >> oh, well, thank you, john, for having me. this president is setting the stage. he's saying he's going to continue to obstruct all of the congressional hearings that are going forward. for a president who just claimed on twitter that he's the most transparent president, his actions speak far louder. we will continue to pursue our investigations >> how?
4:39 am
>> we respect the rule of law. we will enforce contempt >> how? >> if that won't -- well, there are procedures for that. contempt is serious. it is $100,000 fine. it is up to one year in prison. we need u.s. attorneys to bring those prosecutions. >> they won't. >> if the president interferes in that. then we'll be able to have impeachment on the table. it's not like that's not within our power. we are trying to make this case to the american people, the full scope of what's happening with this president. if he continues to oh instruct it we have to ask what's the response from the republicans. their silence is complicity. are they okay with the president saying, you know, he can totally overlook congress? he can overlook the
4:40 am
constitutional duties and responsibilities and roles? we are going to be pushing on them -- >> i have answers to some of these questions. assume the republicans are not going to join in with the democratic efforts to have these people come testify. number two, yes, congress can hold these people defying subpoenas in contempt and one option would be to have the department of justice prosecute them. that will not happen under the barr justice department or during this administration and historically has not happened when there have been administrations of different parties than congress. the third option is to press for civil contempt. that's happened in the past. no one's gone to jail for contempt of congress in over a hundred years. no one's been fined in any serious way in over a hundred years. how can you force this issue? >> we have never seen a president like this.
4:41 am
we have never seen a president who so flagrantly decides that he's above the law and that he can do what he wants. you know, we do have tools. yes, these have not historically been used. but we have never had a president who has issued a blanket statement that nobody is going to respond to subpoenas from congress. so i hope you're wrong. i hope there will be u.s. attorneys that will step up and do the right thing. you know, i hope attorney general barr will remember he works for the american people. he is not the personal attorney of the president. but if all of that fails, if all of those protections of our government fail, we will pursue impeachment. we won't have any other choice. this is up to the president. i don't think we can just say we are going to let the republicans off the hook by saying, well, they haven't done anything to
4:42 am
date. this continues to be precedent-busting times. we need republican counterparts to understand they took on oath of office and need to uphold it. this is way past politics and any one congressional election. this is the foundation of the democracy at stake >> hillary clinton wrote an op-ed in "the washington post" and said it is a false choice between nothing and impeachment. she says hearings, fullsome hearings where people estify. that seems to be what you and the democratic house leadership are pushing for. >> i do agree with her. it is a false choice. we have tremendous power as investigators under article one. it is our constitutional
4:43 am
responsibility for oversight. we just got a redacted copy of the mueller report last week. we need to look into what happened with security clearances. what's going on with the deutsche bank? how can we protect our elections from foreign interference that we know is an ongoing push of russia's. there are many things we can do that may lead us to impeachment or may not. but we know that we have a president who is unfit to hold this office. every day that he leads with obstruction, we have to lead with the rule of law and lead with protecting our democracy >> this morning, an hour and 43 minutes ago former vice president joe biden officially entered the race for president. he released a campaign video. i'm not sure you had a chance to see it yet. it frames the race around charlottesville saying we must remember, we can't forget what happened in charlottesville. he said, i knew the threat to this nation was unlike any i had
4:44 am
seen in my lifetime. what do you make of his entry into the race and the way he's framing it? >> we all remember hearing the words from president trump after charlottesville which was such a shocking and sad occasion. to hear him say there are very fine people on both sides was a defining moment. he keeps showing us who he is. we have to believe him. i think with all the democratic candidates we are seeing they want to restore the moral integrity of the white house, of the oval office and of our country. the quote that joe biden used to open his video reminds us that these truths may be self-evident, but they are not self-executing. >> right. >> what we are seeing from the democratic candidates are
4:45 am
looking to the american people, not only for those higher moral values that we know we share, working towards the american ideals, but also is fundamentals of what are the challenges facing families? the high cost of child care and student debt. looking at how we can better raise wages, rebuilding our infrastructure, protecting our electrical grid. these are the issues that people care about. they understand the threat to the climate. they want their government to do something about it. i'm proud of the democratic candidates that are stepping forward and saying at this point in history with this president i'm throwing my hat in the ring to change the course and to bring us back to the country that we aspire to be. >> catherine clark of massachusetts. love seeing the john hancock building in the picture. thank you very much for being with us this morning. alisyn? >> thank you, john. >> joe biden joining the race. what will it do to the other
4:46 am
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oral combination treatment the latest inisn't just a store.ty it's a save more with a new kind of wireless network store. it's a look what your wifi can do now store. a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. former vice president joe biden one hour and 49 minutes ago officially entered the 2020 race for president. he can now logically be seen as the frontrunner. how does it change the race? what are his strengths and weaknesses? senior political writer harry
4:50 am
epp joins us now. >> is it really breaking news if it was one hour and 49 minutes ago? >> of course it was. >> where is joe biden in the polls? >> i looked at the early states and caucuses, primary and national, and we saw pretty much universal support. he's 30% nationally, 26% iowa, 24% in new hampshire, 26% in nevada and 36% in south carolina. and he's been this way since virtually the beginning of the year. you can say, what about jeb bush, he was supposedly frontrunner? this is one of the worst comparisons i've ever seen from a polling angle. biden is doubling up on bush nationally, and if you mash everything together, you see the same doubling up. biden is much stronger in the polls than jeb bush was at this time in the candidacy. >> so you're saying anyone who
4:51 am
uses this comparison is a dummy? >> what i'm saying is anybody who uses this comparison should know that biden is in a better position than jeb bush was. >> next? >> we can go over this from 5:00 yesterday, and someone who is polling nationally, 20 to 30%, has won his nominations nationally about 35% of the time. >> but bernie sanders is also polling in that way? >> he's right around in this kind of nugget. he's right around 20%. people who were polling there were about 20% of the time, so biden is ahead of where sanders was. >> you talked a lot about what makes biden a strong candidate,
4:52 am
that there are more older democrats than people realize. however, there are some weaknesses in the poll that you've noticed. >> there are some weak ones and i would start with this one. this is a real question for me, and we've kind of spoken about this, and that is joe biden, of course, will be over 75 come election day and inauguration day. to me, if you look at the polls, and nbc news asked this, enthusiasts are comfortable with a candidate over 75. only 33% of democrats and 37% of all voters are comfortable with that. are they putting that in the polls, and if they're not, it could be a little falsely high. we know the parties will rally around biden. he's also gotten a slew of endorsements from the pennsylvania organization. but senator grassley who has been reviewing this found that only about 20% of them right now
4:53 am
are considering supporting biden and that's down considerably from the end of last year. of course, there is a question of is there a grassroots appetite? if there isn't, that could potentially be a negative for biden. >> this notion that biden would be the most moderate centrist candidate in the field, the numbers bear that out, right? >> we see that biden, if you were to do it on a scale where zero is the most liberal and 100 is the most moderate, biden is at a 70. it is considerably further to the center than, say, bernie sanders or elizabeth warren or kamala harris, but this, i think, gives you an idea of where the biden coalition is, why he's doing better with moderate voters, it's because he has the moderate vote.
4:54 am
>> do you ever some shaving to point out? >> it should be shown that the people who have some whiskers is more popular than ever. 72% of american males have said they either had a beard or mustache at some point in their life back in 2018. >> so there is a constituency for that? >> there is a constituency for that. women specifically feel they prefer a clean-shaven man. >> there you go. you win. thank you, you're really full service. >> i try my best. there are numbers for everything. so the defending stanley cup champion stunned in game 7, double overtime. the bleacher report is next.
4:55 am
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. so there's playoff intensity and then there's hockey game 7 playoff intensity. coy wire has more in the bleacher report. coy? >> this nhl could not have been more unpredictable. it was a wild game 7 in the capitals' home last night. the hurricanes were on the brink of elimination, but they bring it back to tie it with this. all jordan stahl saw was net. with about two minutes to go, the caps could have taken the lead, but watch the effort from brock again. carolina forces overtime, and then double overtime where guess who does what? brock again with the game winner. that goal is the longest game 7 in history. the underdogs move on to face the new york islanders in round
5:00 am
2, and with that, the caps eliminated. this is the first time in nhl history where all four division champs failed to make it out of the first round. somehow the boston bruins are still in it, and they'll probably find a way to win it all. he wins everything except beard game. >> i shaved my playoff beard. joe biden, the big political story of the morning. let's get right to the breaking news. good morning and welcome to your new day. it was thursday, april 25, 8:00 in the east. we do begin with breaking news. former vice president joe biden is running for president, or as he would say, literally running for president. he made the announcement just a short time ago and immediately becomes the frontrunner in the 2020 democratic field, which is now the largest in modern u.s. history. >> the video he released this morning goes directly after president trump. it zeros


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