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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  April 25, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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2, and with that, the caps eliminated. this is the first time in nhl history where all four division champs failed to make it out of the first round. somehow the boston bruins are still in it, and they'll probably find a way to win it all. he wins everything except beard game. >> i shaved my playoff beard. joe biden, the big political story of the morning. let's get right to the breaking news. good morning and welcome to your new day. it was thursday, april 25, 8:00 in the east. we do begin with breaking news. former vice president joe biden is running for president, or as he would say, literally running for president. he made the announcement just a short time ago and immediately becomes the frontrunner in the 2020 democratic field, which is now the largest in modern u.s. history. >> the video he released this morning goes directly after president trump. it zeros in on the president's
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response to the deadly rally in charlottesville two years ago. >> charlottesville is also home to a defining moment to this nation in the last few years. it was there of august 2017 we saw klans and white supremacists and neo-nazis come out in the open. they're crazed faces illuminated by torches, veins bulging, and bearing the fangs of racism, chanting the same anti-semitic vile heard across the nation. they were met by a crazy group of americans and a violent clash ensued. and a brave young woman lost her life. and that's when we heard the words of the president of the united states that stunned the world and shocked the conscience of this nation. he said there were, quote, some very fine people on both sides.
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very fine people on both sides? with those words, the president of the united states assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against it. and in that moment, i knew the threat to this nation was unlike any i had ever seen in my lifetime. >> well, the former vice president is already building up a major base of support. he's gathering endorsements from a slew of lawmakers this morning. we'll speak with one of them straight ahead. but first, let's get to arle arlett saenz. >> joe biden is gearing up to bring that message to voters. tomorrow he appears on "the view" and then monday he hits the campaign trail with his
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first stop in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, an early union event, and then he'll be hitting all those voting states in the next few weeks. the current rollout, the launch for joe biden, is may 18, pointing out that pennsylvania is the birth of democracy. joe biden making it official today, hoping his third run for the white house is the charm. its the latest chapter in the 76-year-old democrat's long political career. his life started in scranton, pennsylvania where biden traces back his blue collar roots. >> everything important in my life that i learned i learned here in scranton. >> reporter: his family later moved to delaware where biden first took public office as a county counselor and then a long shot bid with a delaware senate seat, winning at 29. but shortly after that, tragedy
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struck. >> i got a call from home saying your wife and daughter have just been killed, your sons may not make it. they were blroadsided by a semi truck. >> reporter: the president commuted each day, often by train. he later married jill jacobs and had another daughter. >> no man deserves one great love, let alone two. >> reporter: ted coffman was biden's chief of staff for nearly two decades, witnessing the highs and lows of his career up close. >> he's got character. a lot of character comes with age, but a lot of character comes from being through, you know, incredibly difficult times. he's very comfortable in his skin. >> reporter: in 1987, biden launched his first run for president. >> today i announce my candidacy for president of the united states of america. >> reporter: but his campaign tanked after charges of
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plagiarism. 20 years later, biden made a second run at the white house. but after a poor showing in iowa, dropped out again, later landing in a different spot on the 2008 democratic ticket. >> the next vice president of the united states of america, joe biden! >> reporter: the oftentimes blunt biden at president obama's side as vice president for eight years. the two forged a close friendship, cemented even deeper when tragedy hit a second time. >> my father, my hero, the next vice president of the united states, joe biden. >> reporter: in 2015, biden's eldest son beau died after a battle with brain cancer. >> beau was my soul, beau was my conscience. >> reporter: the grief impacted his competition in the 2016 race.
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>> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> reporter: now after months of deliberations, biden is giving a third run for the white house a go. his more than four-decades-long career is set to face a fresh look from legislative excesses like the violence against women act -- >> i wrote that act myself with my own hand. >> reporter: -- to his experience on the foreign stage. but other areas of his career will renew scrutiny, like his crafting of the 1994 crime bill and his handling of the 1991 testimony of anita hill. >> do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you god? >> i do. >> reporter: as he prepares to take his frontrunner spot in the democratic primary field, those close to biden say he's ready for the challenge ahead. >> when joe biden looks in that mirror, he's not going to stop doing this because it might be hard or he might lose or anything else. he does it because he won't feel
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right about himself. >> reporter: joe biden has already earned some high-profile endorsements. his home state senator chris coons is endorsing him as well, as well as senator bob casey. just a few high-profile endorsements they'll be running out in the coming days. they're trying to show their strength for biden as he is currently the frontrunner. one big question is will he be able to maintain the frontrunner status. john and alisyn? >> here to talk about this big moment in the race, jeff zeleny, malika henderson, and jonathan martin, national political correspondent for the "new york times," also senior political analyst. david gregory, in the news this morning, not just that joe biden got in the race. we knew that was coming but the way he got in and the message with which he chose to enter the
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race. we will not forget charlottesville. he said the soul of the nation is at stake. >> right, and i think that was using this iconic moment of charlottesville as a cudgel against president trump, saying to primary voters that this is who trump is, that we have to take the fight to him and that trump is counter to what america is. so it wasn't about personal biography. people know who joe biden is and what he's been in politics. and it was also a message designed to reach out to the progressive wing of the party, to minority voters, to young, socially conscious voters to say this is what matters, questions about race baiting, about immigration. that's where we have to define this race. and even though he, biden, doesn't represent the future, right, you always think about going forward in politics, not backward, he is essentially saying, i am uniquely qualified
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to get off the bench and stop the madness of donald trump as president. and as david axelrod said in the last hour, if there is a stature gap here, he wants to exploit that, to immediately become the frontrunner to suggest, look, i can do this. it's me, joe biden, and then there's everybody else in the democratic field. >> so jonathan morton, there was reporting that behind the scenes his team was trying to debate what their first video would look like, what the message would be. it seems as though they decided to go for the jugular with going right to the charlottesville images. >> we had a story on tuesday night reporting that one of his new ad people who is known for his creative spots, for example, he did the m.j. hager spot which you guys have seen, of course, on the air. mike putnam created kind of a scranton joe video, showing biden in his old house in scranton. it was more biographical in nature. that didn't go over well with the biden team and biden
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himself. they wanted something more in this moment. biden is passionate about the events in charlottesville and he's been consumed with this the last couple of years, pushing jon meacham's book the last year. his long-time adviser gets what biden is really passionate about, and it also doubles as something else, guys, and that is going over the democratic primary nitty-gritty and going over what they're most consumed with, and that is beating trump. this is not a normal election. if it was a normal election, he wouldn't be a candidate. his whole case is this is a national campaign, and that's why you need me in this moment. >> we need to win on the guy who can win. it's a pretty simple message. jeff zeleny, you got fresh reporting from an interesting aspect of this. it was not in that video. joe biden didn't wrap himself in the obama presidency, but it is
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an area where there are people thir thinking he can make inroads, saying it is the obama-biden generation. >> he was barack obama's running mate for eight years, his partner for eight years. he was indeed a very active president, in the room for every major decision, in charge of key pieces of the portfolio. one thing that we're not going to see today, of course, is an endorsement from the former president. for one, it probably wouldn't work, anyway. we saw in 2016 barack obama barnstorm the country for hillary clinton. that didn't work. so endorsements have limited value, and in this case, probably more so. barack obama, i'm told, had several conversations with joe biden. they know joe biden has to win this on his own. but he did issue a statement through a spokesperson this morning praising joe biden and saying it was the best decision he ever made as a running mate. now, as we go forward here, there is no question -- i was
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talking to an adviser of joe biden and they said what he's trying to do is shake the conscience here and refocus the debate that there is one thing this 2020 election is about. it's not about medicare for all, not about the green new deal, not about inmates voting, it is about defeating donald j. trump. so that is what joe biden is trying to do today. of course, he can't hit the fast-forward button through this primary. but he's trying to reframe and refocus democratic voters on the big picture here. and change comes in many ways. change could be a younger candidate, a female president, or it could be change from what the current situation and station is. and that is what the biden folks hope he can deliver for change. but for all the talk today about how he's going after trump, he still has to go on the campaign trail, and joe biden's biggest challenge often has been joe biden. >> it's such an interesting time, right? so if joe biden is going to be
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the change agent, you know, he's 76 years old, people have known him for decades, and in this, the most diverse field we've ever seen. but who knows what voters want? because in the polls, they often say their top thing is who can win. >> that's right, i think that is what they want. in the polls we've seen so far, and again, it's early, biden has had a pretty steady lead there in the upper 20s, 28, 30% or so, and you've got bernie sanders in there as well. that, of course, comes from some name i.d. but it also, again, comes from what a lot of people think, which is that joe biden has the stature, he has the record, he obviously has the obama connection as well to go toe to toe with donald trump. and you see in that video, that's essentially what he's saying, that he has the character to go and make the case against donald trump who he's saying doesn't have the right character, doesn't embody the american spirit in the way that joe biden is arguing that
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he does. you know, jeff says there that his campaign feels like he needs to refocus and reframe the debate. i don't think that's going to be too hard, because that's where a lot of voters are. they're very pragmatic, particularly if you think about older voters which i think is a real strength of joe biden. there is no real need to refocus. there is a sense of urgency and even desperation among democrats to figure out who is the person to be able to beat donald trump. and in many ways the idea is that there is somebody who can not only talk to white working class voters in the midwest but also rally other parts of the base, particularly african-american voters in the south, to get through the primary. >> i think we should focus, too, on the nitty-gritty here, right, which is this focus on pennsylvania. he's going to be talking about senator casey who is endorsing him. that's western pennsylvania. where is his first fundraiser going to be? it's going to be in philly with david cohen who is the general counsel of comcast which owns
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nbc, who is a big time fundraiser for the democrats. so it's a bit of shock and awe to say to other fundraisers in the party, this is where your priority needs to be. i also talked to a democratic strategist yesterday who said, look, biden is like trump in a crowded field as he was in 2016. which it's not a one-on-one race, it's who can be over 30% and biden is likely to be over 30% all the time, and ultimately that's the key to victory. but the urgency of stopping trump is also an answer to progress i ha progressives in the party who are not in sync with biden and he's not in sync with him. medicare and other priorities are going to have to take a backseat to getting trump out of office. >> winning is confidence, and that's how he can reach them.
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pennsylvania is where they come from largely, but there are other states that are interesting. south carolina, which is a state which a lot of people are leaning to, kamala harris, cory booker, among others, because it's a large american vote, is also a good state for joe biden. >> we have the schedule for next week, john, and i can tell you after he goes to iowa, chgs twh the first state, he's going not to new hampshire, he's going to south carolina, which shows the value he places on south carolina. it is the fourth state on the calendar, but for biden it may be the most important state. it's where he has the deepest connections of all the early states, and to your point it's the first state with a real presence of african-americans. if biden proves there that he has real appeal with that community, that is going to be an enormous advantage for him going into super tuesday, and it could be a real challenge for other candidates in the race. if he does not fare well in south carolina, and other key
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leaders like kamala harris and cory booker steal his thunder with the black community, probably curtains for joe biden. >> so, jeff zeleny, what do you think this does for the dynamic of the rest of the race. do all the other candidates now have to respond to biden, or do they just stay on the track they were on talking about their pet issues? >> for now they will give him his moment. they have no choice, frankly. one thing joe biden has done here is sucked all the oxygen out of this very large race. for the moment the race will be focused on him. i talked to a couple strategists for other campaigns this morning, and they said they respect joe biden, but they're going to allow this to play out a little bit. joe biden, what weav've seen so far, has been a prerecorded ad. he's not answered a question from a voter or reporter, he's not encountered a protester. he, of course, knows how to do all of that. he's been at this longer in the field than everybody combined. but he's going to get tough
5:18 am
questions from voters. when it comes to the unscripted moment of this, they are going to allow it to play out. but i do not think you're going to see, at least from the very beginning from most democratic candidates, much heat or questions or skepticism or criticism of the obama/biden legacy. i do think that will come particularly from bernie sanders, elizabeth warren pointing out specific parts of the obama record that may not have been as strong. but don't forget, barack obama is incredibly supportive. so if you take him on, his record on and joe biden, you're taking obama on. it's tricky terrain here. for now i think people are going to give him a bit of space and see what he does with it. but this shakes up the race in -- it hasn't been shaken up like this before. it changes everything. we'll see what joe biden does with it? >> mia, the last word? >> this is the final piece with joe biden. his record will certainly get
5:19 am
some scrutiny. you saw elizabeth warren throw some shade his way when she talked about the crime bill that he backed. all of these will be in the ether particularly with activists. but i think joe biden's bread and butter are those moderate voters who in some ways feel the conversation around the green new deal, whether it's black lives matter, that is something that can be put on the back burner with the notion that the most important thing is to defeat donald trump. and they in some ways see that joe biden might be the best to do it. >> all right, guys. thank you all very much for all of the analysis on this breaking news morning. so joe biden is already lining up endorsements in just the first two hours of his campaign. we will speak to senator bob casey of pennsylvania who was among the first to endorse. he's next. the question is... is fast enough? ♪
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prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. breaking news. former vice president joe biden is running for president. tonight joe biden will attend his first fundraiser in pennsylvania with many top democrats in the room. joining us now is one of the first lawmakers to endorse joe biden, senator bob casey. he will be at the fundraiser tonight. bob, great to have you. you and senator chris coons are some of the first to endorse. why is joe biden your man? >> well, because i have confidence in his leadership,
5:24 am
and i've known him quite a while. i know his character, i know his commitment to the country, and especially when you consider what's at stake in this race for the middle class. look, we just had a president sign a tax bill in 2017 which, in my judgment, is a corporate giveaway to the very wealthiest in america and multinational corporations and very limited relief to the middle class, which is a big middle finger to the middle class. joe biden would never sign that kind of tax bill. he'll fight for the middle class, he'll work to raise wages for those struggling to get to the middle class, he'll fight for our kids, and i think he'll restore the world because we've suffered in how the world views america and how we can lead in a very dangerous world. i have a lot of confidence in his leadership. >> what do you see as his biggest challenge?
5:25 am
>> probably it's a long campaign, and this is a different campaign than we've seen on our side in a long time. the prior two nomination campaigns were basically two-person races. this is wide open. so there are a lot of candidates. but i think as time goes by, i think the american people who know a good bit about joe biden will once again see his leadership, see his commitment to the country and the middle class and protecting the vulnerable. i think this launch this morning where he talked about charlottesville, one of the worst moments in american history, maybe one of the worst moments in an american presidency where the president should have led. the president should have brought the company together and condemned white supremacy and he didn't do it. i think his leadership is critically important and i think we'll see that in the campaign. it will take a while, it's going to be a long campaign, and we're
5:26 am
going to have a nominee at the end of this process. no matter who the nominee is, i think we'll be able to defeat donald trump, which is an urgent task. >> on that note, president trump just tweet birthday this. welcome to the race, sleepy joe. i guess he's already come up with a nickname. i only hope you have the intelligence, long in doubt, to wage a successful primary campaign. it will be nasty. you will be dealing with people who truly have some very sick and demeanted ideas. but if you make it, i will see you at the starting gate. that's just one of many messages, i'm sure, from the president. how do you think he will deal with those? >> i don't think that's surprising but i don't think the election can be decided on what donald trump tweets. it's like an individual who is less than an adolescent. but what i think most people are
5:27 am
worried about are issues like health care. joe biden not only fought for the passage of the affordable care act, and that was hard, but he fought to defend it ever since. to prevent the did he secimatio medicaid, the program that makes sure your parent or grandparent is taken care of. he will fight for a corporate agenda and that corporate agenda is very simple. rig the tax code for the generous among us, and take away the protections of that same health care bill for 150 million americans. joe biden is going to fight against that and i think those issues will be most prominent. >> speaking of the wealthy among us, let's talk about the fundraising. you're going to a big fundraiser tonight at the owner of comcast's home. joe biden seemed to be sounding the alarm about that in his call with fundraisers. he said, the money is important. we're going to be judged by what we can do in the first 24 hours,
5:28 am
the first week. people think iowa and new hampshire are the first test. they're not. the first 24 hours, that's the first test. we've got to get through this first. so how much do you think he will be able to raise in the next 24 hours? >> i have no idea. but, unfortunately, our system is such that you've got to have the resources to be able to get your message out. and especially when you're running against an incumbent president. president trump has that whole corporate agenda now. those big corporations are going to be rewarding him mightily by giving them almost $2 trillion -- that's with a t -- $2 trillion over 10 years and giving a bonanza of tax relief, and i think it was an objescene tax bill, by the way. so the raw corporate power that
5:29 am
normally runs washington will help donald trump. but i think joe biden can get the message out on this broken middle class and all the protections for tens of millions of americans. >> senator, let's talk about this moment in time. what makes you so confident that a 76-year-old white man, that this is his moment. in the moment of the most diverse field ever. and speaking of endorsements, i mean, thus far, you know, they come from lawmakers who look like you. do you know of any leaders of color who will soon be endorsing vice president joe biden? >> i'm sure there will be. obviously we're only in the first few hours of a campaign. but, look, i don't think this campaign or the decision voters will make in the primary election or general election will be about age or some kind of chronological determination. people are going to make a
5:30 am
decision about whether or not you want to stay on the path we're on, which is the middle class gets the short end of the stick, not just through the tax bill but through all kinds of other bad policy by corporate republicans and this president, and taking away the protections of health care, destroying our ability to be able to tackle and combat climate change. so if you want to stay on the road we're on, you're going to support president trump and you should go out and support him. but if you want change, i think vice president biden offers that change. his record, his ideas that he'll outline in the campaign. and i think it's going to be an election about whether you want change or not more than it will be about someone's age. >> all right, senator bob casey, thank you very much for sharing with us your position on your friend joe biden and your early endorsement. great to talk to you. >> thank you very much. and john, we just -- we were talking about his big video this morning. >> charlottesville.
5:31 am
>> all about featuring charlottesville. we have made contact with heather hire's moms, who was killed in charlottesville. she will be on our show. a member of trump's transition team says the president should be impeached. why is he saying that now? we'll ask. so...your student loans are holding you back? it's time to refinance with sofi. with lower monthly payments, you could save big. see your rate in two minutes. ♪ so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more
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a former staffer on president trump's transition team says the mueller report convinced him that it's time for impeachment. j.w.vorette writes in an op-ed for the atlantic that the pattern of obstruction may have successfully impeded the mueller investigation from uncovering a conspiracy to commit more serious crimes. at a minimum, there is enough here to get the impeachment process started. j.w. verret. thank you very much for being with us, professor. you have worked on presidential transitions in the past. you did quit the transition
5:36 am
because then-candidate trump rubbed you the wrong way, but you were supportive of the trump administration and the policies that they were implementing. is that all true so far? >> that's right, i think a trump practici pragmatist is probably the best description. >> but something changed. something you found in the mueller report changed, and now you think impeachment is the right way to go. why? >> it's suitable to start impeachment proceedings. that was what was left by mueller after restrictions were placed in the policy. he outlined about 12 claims of obstruction of justice. that was all he needed to get the impeachment process started because the impeachment process is sort of like a grand jury process. there is more here to get that started. >> you said you went from trump team member to pragmatist to advocate for his impeachment, because i think many other republicans are starting to make
5:37 am
a similar transition. do you really think that's the case? because the polling seems to show that most republicans are firmly behind the president. are you talking to republicans who say they're starting to flip? >> i've gotten a lot of feedback from my friends who work on capitol hill in the administration who say they're glad i'm doing what i'm doing. i don't know if they're ready to come out publicly about it yet. some of them won't be able to. but at the end of the day, the mueller report is the top selling book on amazon. let's give the american people, including republican voters, a chance to digest it. some of them don't read as fast as i do, i guess. >> some in the administration are reaching out to you, saying they're glad you're speaking out about this. >> yes, absolutely. >> in the administration? that's interesting. >> yeah. >> they would be in favor, then, of an impeachment? >> i'll just say most of them say, we're glad you're doing what you're doing, we're proud of you. >> i'm going to lean on your expertise now, because interestingly enough, the democrats have not started a
5:38 am
formal impeachment process, but they do want to go forward with hearings. you're not supportive of hillary clinton, are you? >> no. >> hillary clinton says we should find a middle ground between running and impeachment. let's have don mcgahn testify. the president doesn't want don mcgahn to testify, but just this morning the president claims on twitter that he never asked mcgahn to fire robert mueller. the mueller report says just the opposite, but do you think don mcgahn should testify? >> i think it would give him an opportunity to speak up for himself. i think it's incredibly unfair and dishonorable of the president to call don mcgahn a liar and then forbid him an opportunity to speak up for himself in a public forum. i think someone who doesn't give his staff that kind of loyalty doesn't deserve it in return, to be frank. >> you've said that don mcgahn, of all the people in this report and connected to the transition in the administration, he is the one you respect the most? >> i respect a lot of people in the administration, but i certainly respect his work on
5:39 am
policy issues, and after reading the mueller report, i think he's provided a textbook case for what a good lawyer should do when faced with a bad client who wants to break the law. >> do you feel the president has waived executive privilege when it comes to don mcgahn testifying before congress? >> 30 hours of testimony seems to be enough for a waiver to me. not only that, the second order issue you would get into in something like that is, does executive privilege even apply even if it wasn't waived because it can't be used to hide criminal activity. but even before we get to that, there has certainly been a waiver after 30 hours of testimony. >> you can make the case, i think, that the tweet this morning waived executive privilege. he said, i didn't tell don mcgahn to fire robert mueller. i think the only way to find out would be to ask don mcgahn. >> exactly. >> do you think politically that democrats risk too much by launching informal impeachment
5:40 am
proceedings? >> i think that risk aversion is based on using the late '90s as an analogy. that was 20 years ago, before the age of social media. that was a different president who was very good at comebacks in public approval ratings. that was a different set of facts, though i think they were very serious and worthy of impeachment, were not near as serious as the obstruction and treason here. different facts, different man, different time. i think the republicans are drawing the wrong comparison. >> what are you calling on republican members to do? >> i'm not asking them to jump out ahead of this before it's time, i'm not. frankly it's the democrat leadership's in the house's job to start this process. they need to have the guts to jump on this. all i'm asking is as the hearing goes forward, ask honest questions. don't just do block and tackle with the president to try to
5:41 am
prove it to him when he watches it on tv. i think we saw it with the cohen hearings, just ask real questions. >> or just ask questions, which is also good advice to members of congress in a hearing. sometimes they forget the question. good to see you. thank you for being here. >> thank you. we're hearing about another major intelligence failure before those deadly bombings in sri lanka. where were these signs missed? and sunday night at 10:00 p.m., join w. kamau bell for "united shades of america." very excited kamau is back.
5:42 am
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new developments in sri lanka this morning after the deadly bombings targeting churches and hotels. catholic services across the capital city of colombo have been suspended until next monday out of fears of another attack. our ivan watson is live in colombo where, ivan, i understand you just spoke to sri lanka's prime minister. >> reporter: good morning, john, that's right, and some pretty startling revelations about what he described as a breakdown of the security apparatus in this
5:46 am
country. i asked him about the profile of the suspected suicide bombers that killed at least 500 -- more than 500 people on easter sunday. take a listen. >> middle class, upper middle class, educated abroad. that is surprising because they have been looking at other places for possible isis connections. but these people also know and were being monitored. >> they were being monitored? >> yes. >> and they still carried out the attacks. >> reporter: let me correct that. they killed at least 359 people, john. now, he went on to say that he believes he has met at a social function the spice trader, mohammad dibrahim who has been
5:47 am
suspected of aiding the terrorists, two of his sons were believed to be two of the suicide bombers and police think they arrested one of the sons where they raided him and found explosives there. so lots that go into the killing last sunday and threats now causing catholics to suspend all services until next week. >> thank you for that reporting. appreciate it. the boy scouts made alarming revelations that sexual abuse was more widespread than previously known. what we're now learning about that. first, more than 1 million americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year which could mean, of course, changes to your diet or the diet of someone you love. in this food as fuel, nutritionist melissa drayer
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we're learning new details this morning about the scale of the sexual abuse scandal that is rocking the boy scouts of america. new court documents suggest thousands of volunteers and former leaders were involved in abusing children over the course of seven decades. erica hill joins us with more. oh, my gosh, the scale is incredible. >> we are learning about these records. we are learning how long they have been keeping records, back to the 1920s to make sure anybody accused of inappropriate behavior with children could not rejoin as a volunteer. newly revealed court testimony shows more than 7,800 former boy scout leaders were removed from the organization over the past 72 years for, quote, reasonable allegations of child sexual abuse. >> whethn we got this informati, we had to sound the alarm. >> that information exposed as
5:54 am
testimony in an unrelated case is part of the organization's private database of banned volunteers. records which also identify more than 12,000 alleged child victims in that same period. it's unknown how many other potential victims and abusers have gone unreported. the attorney who shared the information represents sexual abuse survivors. >> there is and has been a wholesale coverup by the boy scouts of america. >> the findings, part of testimony from a doctor, an expert hired by the boy scouts in 2011 to review their database of banned volunteers and to offer recommendations on how to best protect children from predators. on a call wednesday, she defended the boy scouts saying the reported abuse rate in the organization is, quote, far less than the rate of incidents in society and stating clearly she found no evidence of a coverup. in a statement to cnn, the boy
5:55 am
scouts expressing support for victims. nothing is more important than the safety of children in scouting. we are outraged when individuals have taken advantage of our programs to abuse innocent children. at no time have we knowingly allowed a perpetrator to work with youth. we mandate all volunteers and staff members nationwide immediately report any abuse allegation to law enforcement. >> if they felt that way, they wouldn't have kept these secrets, they wouldn't have hidden the files, they wouldn't have allowed children to remain at risk. >> in february, andrew cuomo signed the child victim act which allows victims to file after the statute of limitations has passed. new jersey lawmakers passing a similar bill last month. >> we absolutely anticipate governor murphy signing this bill whoand giving the victims this great state where i was born and raised the voice.
5:56 am
>> the new law is prompting survivors and those who represent them to encourage others to come forward. >> this is far from complete. this work is just begun. >> on that call yesterday, dr. warren and the boy scouts saying they expect her full report, which she's begfinishing up, shd be out later this year. i want to point out, we asked why this information was not public. part of what they said is their threshold is lower than law enforcement. if it's reported, it doesn't have to be a conviction or crime for those people to go on their list. >> these numbers are staggering. erica, thank you for that reporting. joe biden is running for president. it's official. how will this impact the race? new developments in the fourth hour of his candidacy next. every day, visionaries are creating the future.
5:57 am
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very good thursday morning to you. jim jim sciutto. poppy is off today. biden is in. the longtime senator, two-time -- two-term vice-president launched his third attempt for the democratic presidential nomination early this morning in a video that frames 2020 in visceral, emotional terms. >> if we give donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of the


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